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    VOL. 111. - NO. 49.
ihMf Engines and Boilers. ' / / \ II
\vS>\ /rsy I
■ v, > Buggies, Wagons, Harness, /
f-a i B " • \ Quits and Ammunition. / A / "TP fcj
IDC 0 \Q\ PAINTS //sy f> I
is | yc/mMS
IP a J % /k/JtK s 1 %> w !
IDC a | > e w M > I
I"• 'So /J*-/ xfx\ , ci I
I f 1 McG)rmick \e\ 2 I
I I Harvesting Machinery. ml
I ar m Implements. I
I ■'■/&/ m iLDI.W MATERIALS. i ||
I / / IN NEV-' l-'AN,K'Bi:ii.!)ING « S '\ 3
| J. PAIL SIMPSON, Manager |
Ts be Grswi la Forth Carcilna -el
m- • lateral u tite Farmers
The follow special was print
tjin the Hal a Post from V."
iagtoa a few * i\s ago. It will be
oC special int> - tto farmers :
The eahur- of Sumatra tolmcco
"is North Ci;; .I iua, the growth of
■hkh has yi;'' fl net profit of one
thottssad an -ere in other States,
wssdneossc' - 6 day by Represent-
■ • with Piofessor
Whitney of * 1 - department of a.T
risalUMc. -is was tin: ,'e. ire of
N«rth Caro'.ni to
'^finrl 1 — tes with the growth rf
CakM and 5v.; ;atra tobacco in his
. district. He had benrd of the ef
fortaof (he di-pirtment of ?gricult
are ia expe- with the
|uwtkaf tht-c fine toSie-.t. in the
States *f Qou 'iicticut, Pe:injylva
afa aa4 where most remark- j
able —cll—' h«s been obtained.
Professor Whit
" aey that his district rfh possibly
~ bW- coo producing scc
- tasa ia the South air! hi expressed eould fje sent
■ hess4syth» ■ of liutnicti:ig
w the farmers 1 pja p to grow this ex-,
tra qtplity at tohacco^
Wnfcwr ' '"'v y'-i answer was
very'lavoral-: r bat he is handicaf -1
ped ia his ftecco culture experi
ments .by reason of the fact that
- W Mcl at the last session
io UB am;ilt provision for this
- «orf. ** ' .
in the cnltun.
- aI Svastrs JJuxi -were first I*-
" gaa hi Cam -/letit, then ia Ohio
"•aad ' lit Sa s rr
' salted an.l n the growth of th»s
. lulstgu is a - ' e:ab!islie»l indus
try h>aash %' in a gtttrs. Three
- exp ita am* -to iScTic and !
Cfcit i petted
",oob aa'acri .' . c r i .
It jraa l iU.on or the 
parttaeul fc» a parlypf
petts to Xona '_:no!i«a this yeai !
;t . - I .- gr > 1 ' :
to b g n (xp-riiwrii dth 1-cth
, Cu'-a and Hinili tpNiccO* . !• _t
the fail tire of Connie la make the
necessary appropriation jmcWed
this. However, l'mfcsajr Whit
ney sent a lot of C«!ian and Suma
tra tobacco seed to Pioftj*6r Kil
gore lo j»; euerimentcd with on
the U :t farm of the State agiicul-
department _in, !•", j K ., malic
county. It is UMler.tund that a
cc.p ffagrean, ami it is Pro
fessor Whitney's in: ntioa to send
lan expert lo the State togive in
! -Iructior; in curing this crt p. Only
an expert can cr.rr Sonjitsa tol*ac
| co, for it has to through a pro
cess ot kracntatiM.
Profe«-or Whitney toid r.ic that
the section beginning in Wake and
fxttmlirC direct to . Cravin wax
possibly the best adapted to the
growth of Snraatr.l tn'iacco in
North Caro'ina. He frankly stated
that upon the result of the experi
ment at the test farm depended tbe
future culture of Sumatra tobacco
in North Carolina. If it is suc
cessful next years party of experts
will be - cut to the State.
to my frien'dt.
It is with joy I tcl! you what Kotlul
dial fur I was IrjuUcd with any
ktoawch frv several a%bths. rpiittini;
to «k t,AJ * -f 8 * "* > .*"'T.n*nV
cannot tell the good it has Joac nie. A
nrtghlxji Lad dyspepsia so that U had
tried must no) thiag- I told bun to wae
KwW Wonb o t jnlltak have come i
tone fnitt him Iccanc I recuromeedcd
it.—Geo. W. Fry. Viola. lowa. Health
and I tivafcth. r.f ariad and body, depend
oa the iltkA, and no: activity of
the flix?«tive o:ps& IldU the Rrrat
rni'E lrcdivc tonic, enfes all stomach
ami l-m*l tmulJci, dy*pt-;>-
mi~>. Ki«W iij'ib ssjr food yirr,
cat. Take a dice t'UT meals. & K.
a » ' 1
Notion Ddar.
"fc'hat Ls the matter willt Bill-?" i
"Worrying jrerbMiao^Tjfiw
I JWn't Lnor. Le baJ any hnsi T I
• K; be b-*a i.- ilx. I
i Chap®. Hjix, N, C , Aug. 16,
The following inK-re-iting infor
mation is takvii from the recent ar
ticle entitled "Rond building with
Convict I.ahor in the Southern
jStates," by Prof.. J. A. Holmes,
and will lie of mini mi to those fa
j teres ted in the Good Roads amend
nicnt i:i North Carolina :
Portable frianr. on wheels arc
now in use hi Several I.xilities.
These movable jails appear to
solve the problem of preventing the
escape of convicts employed at
great distances from their prison
proper. In exterior appearances
they are freight car bodies provided
with barred windows, and mounted
ujion wagon trucks. As the road
improvement progresses the-/ are
drawn forward by horses ami col
lected in some convenient grove or
open field, selected as tbe temporary
prison camp. Morning »n«i even
ing cfihvicts are marched along the
road from and to their quarters.
To facilitate their being safely
guarded during the night without
too great risk and expense, each
prisoner, when be goes to bed. has
either one foot or one hand x.taua
clrd loosely to a chaiu or rod from
which he can lie easily released
following morning.
1 iers of banks inside comprise
the sleeping quarters. These sir
easily and cheaply made comforta
ble. Ample afforded
in summer and during the cold
montfcfi tUrre ia a stise ki each can
Ojle of ilscse portable prisons,
wlwl can I** »SsjifcteJ intCsr.'
! i Jttljwis, js is use on the
|' ''"4 rosi; w Satlh Caro!:"*n
i ( of "tic! incnHe jails can he
■ hti.e.l t» wcgpuhtt fifty 1
j • r. >. V- ;ud cnls are of ]
| HjH-1 !a section, j
-The roof i-ori, is a'.-or
1 Migrf lints are tis>«U
iu Glaicsi r" V 1 "
I Women pr -oneis d» the cooking
etui washing of ->me migratory
prison camps. Tb'R wbrK is us
ually done, however, by trusty
ma:t con\"icts. and in some cases it
is performed by hind lal>or. The
younger pi i-oticr-. are usually as
signed to tasks as the carrying of
water or the running of errands.
A ball and chain arc attached to
convicts who show a desire to es
cape. While tliL-se encumbrances
make it impossible for a prisoner to
run tapidlyr they do n t seriously
hamper his movements during the
regular road work.
J Critics of the convict system of
road bcilJing say that it offers to
many opportunities for,the escape
of prisoners; as a matter'of fact,
however, the annual escapes amount
to less than two men out of each
hundred Almost 300 counties
representing ten States, employ
convict labor upon their roads.
This furnishes an army of
■4.377 road builders, each of whom
costs his State jj'i cents a day.
I Were he left in tlie county jail be
wonkl cost 1 % cents more a
"lay He is a cheaper article toil
ing upon the roads titan languish
ing in a cell or jail van!. All told,
the cost of convict labor in these
Stabs ranges from one-third to one
-1 half that of lured labor employed
in the same work. '
The Southern States employing
convict road builders are Florida,
Kentucky, Ixwisiana. Mississippi,
I North Carolina, Sooth Carolina,
Tennessee. Texas and Virginia.
!la the twe Carolina* and Georgia
such a p> rfcction of systems is
reached tb »t large o inp. arc oper
ated ?t cost of only 20 toy) cents |
;tr convict r*r day. Provision"
re p::rchisrH for th: prison cur.:;,. ;
at-V.hofe:3i i.' competitive
fue com-jto do their •wMcQcjgingj
u-.vl washing. (jwuig totheasssHyj
:;iai of the cantps and
Jt of.exircie tj til? j-r«s
--cu;s thcccst of medical itlci.lkm
is almost nothing.
Another virtue of th? system is
that the prisoners, i.fter injuring
their cor:immiitk-> the commis
sion of tlu-ir crinu-. r.:id after ad
disig to its fiiianci-d burdens by in
curring expens? for t! cir capture,
conviction awl puiv ' m.-nt, are
put in a position t- 1 em-fit that
community. Having served an af
prctiliceship in th li.nulling of
road building matlii: .ry the con
vict leaves prison with a training
which enables him to« trn a better
living titan he probably made be-j
Only prisoners con- Vted of mis
demeanor . can lie a?s: ;iied to work
on the public road ■ of Virginia,
West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennes
see, Louisiana, Missi -ippi, Texas,
Florida and (leorjia. The terms
of such convicts do not usually ex
ceed one year. In Alabama an
able bodie l male fri oner whose
terms do not exceed two years, may
be sent to the roads. In South
Carolina the limit is five years and
North Carolina ten. *•'
An experiment is now being
made in some Southern counties in
the employment of the roads of
captured, bet unctii.\ icttd prison
ers, unable to give baiLlfthe
prisoner be acquitted at his trial he
is paid for his services. If con
victed his period of labor on the
roads is deducted front his term.
Many convicts in the Southern
States are employed on farms, in
factories or in mines, lieing worked
under the lease or contract system,
or in some cases under State con
California convict, quarry an J.
crush Stcme for use H permanent
road building. Tb tis half of
what it wcul 1 be w 'tired labor.
Strong stockades s' . ronrd these
guanlu, the c-r. tot quarters.
Th- ;.rce;itige c." capes is no
larger than that e:: cricuced in
jail; proper. I
There arc over JL",:XXJ prisoners
in confinement witliin this country.
Seventy six tho»i*=and of the* are
men, rj.nw white. Thrre are
seventy-three thn-isin.l inmates of
alms honwt, 41.*».■» of iriMman
m.-n. With snc'i a force every
county in every State might «lcvelo;>
its highways to the highest degree
of perfection.
Whence came sprightly step,
faultless skin, ruh rosy complexion,
smiling face. She look sand feels (food.
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New Life Pill RCOTM.—*II (npn» ac
tive, iligc&tion goul, no be*"iaches, no
chance for "blues." Try them yourself.
Only 2Jc at any drug store.
Jurors for September Conrt.
S. J. Pern - , John H. Riddick.
Win. A. Stubhs, John A. Ward.
Wm. A. Cherry.
Simon D. Criffin, Wm. G. Hard
ison, Geo. R. Hardison.
John W. B.iiley, H. R. Jones.
Wm. J. Cowing, Win. D. Perl, L-
T. Holiday, James T. Harrison.
J. 1,. Kverett, W. 1.. Kverctt,
Ahner liverett, W. T. Grimes, W.
C. Powell, W. A. James.
J. R. Legget, J. A. Pierce.
P. H. Davenport.
S..W. Casper, Alex Haiftlip.
John D. Biggs, Jr., H. D. Cow
hig, W. C. Kirhy' Jos. L. Roher
son, W. R. White. Wm. M. Wil
liams, S. N. Yarrell.
Augustus Clark,Cornelius James,
Jos. B. lA-ggett, Jr., Mc. G. Wymi.
Jamesville—C. J. Askew.
Williams— R. B. Rolierson.
Griffins—Geo. W. Griffin.
Willianistou—Heuiy D. Cook.
A. I'. Taylor, W. J. Whilaker, K.
M. G. White.
Cr>:« Kt».«ls—John B. Bur
roughs, J. 11. I). Peel.
Robemniville —Henry T Brown,
J. 11. Whitfield.
Poplar Point—W. T. Ambrose,
Re'ltlitig Knox.
Hamilton —Julius 11. Purvis, I*.
1,. Perkins, Harry Waldo.
Goose Nest—ll. F. Hymau, J
C. Uoss.
There nre times «ticri your liver net 1 > a
tonic. Don't give jmrgatives that KT'l*-'
and weaken. DeWitt's Little Karly
Uisers expel all poison from the system
and act as tonic to the liver. W. Scott.
531 Highland Ave., Milton, Pa., says: "I
have carried OeWitt's Little Karly Ris
ers with tne for several year* ami w«>til«l
not lie without them." Small and easy
to take. Purely vegetable. They nevci
ri|>e or distress. S. R. Cißgs.
Solving a Froblem.
In a speech in London the other
day the orator told an admirable
story of the advice given by an
Englishman, a Scotchman and an
Irishman respectfully to a gentle
man whose servant was constantly
breaking articles in the household.
,Xhe Englishman in his blunt, hon
est way said to the employer, "Oh,
get rid of him —dismiss him." The
Scotchman's advice was, " the
money out of his wages " "But,"
said the master, "he breaks more
than his wages amounts to."
"Then," said the Irishman, "raise
his wages."
Twice in hoq/ul, P. A. Gulled#*, Ver
bena, Ala., paid • vast sum to doctors to!
cure a severe case of piles, rsstisx 24 tu
mors. When all failed.Riicklen's Arniaa
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tkm, conquers kills Tains. Best
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Couldn't Miss It.
Miss Hoyle—Yes, he kissed are
when we went through that dark
tunnel. I don't sec how he man
aged to find my mouth.
Miss Doyle—That was probably
the 'first thing lie struck. —N. Y.
WHOLE NO. 153.
| Kki n-MfVI"? tnpr.K Vn jr> .% p.
A. M., :n ! - in rr-j !ir mttimrtrrHiaa
in f'f ' .; T.iea.
v. • • . W it £
s. tk. i\r»v. •».*>. w, M. r». t :j. v.,
B. R.-I -• .be*.
Tr. as., >l.- (}. T >i. S, I,it. lit. Bar-
J. P.; T C. C-*.fc «> IA. P. Taylor,
SU--w.ll as, k. v. . cUai*j» TM»*. .
f~ts »»•«? 'kmi J
*• >t (•:?*'«:■ tti'v
j Bikr'Jt ft;. It x'ff -Ls i tjf *ad I
J E Jrst, :t Ira* y^j-cra»- B
I plsx! y rllov, Ch!F;!, -. A~r% I
£ seiyttcr-i creep *r»ir
g! on'! Bo Vaa fiCt £&.' 2743 9
3 5::: ;■> i- -u^cl
s will * ■?-* i . ,rr. tt 9
J er!ir» A.- ,V.•.? .1- t.»; PI
S dih •, ' > ' y,- v/ jytbf.a. |J
sii I snj fr.. n :™i- '**, H
« Pti v . ". hi-gv.'. .-• sasSjiseo- i
gj Ss«i : . • : . mJ,
a Roittrts' Tonic v. i I c;-ri > eil
Jj thin—tut wlij wii*?
n fgtiire Kii~liiK3. i fie ranuhc
■ turers k::uw 3:1 »bo9l Ihrs yef
f l w powri and have ptriut«l
iK.ibttU' Tonic to rtrrvc it eat,
acuifch yos:r sv a !nn, t.itare
apprttte, ,»rify the r* I *-
v«nt an J cure Cliilis. I - vera and
Miliaria. It has corcl thous
ands—|t «i!i cure you, or y oar
mon.-y buk. This liWr. Try I
It. Pricq, 2i ce-to.
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Hn-scll & Co.
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dlxeslants and digests ail kinds at
food. It gives instant relief and never
fails to cure. 11 allows you to eat all
tha fowl you want. The tu«r;t seosltiva
4-1/una.-h« can takv it. By
-thousands .of dyspeptics hare been
cured aftor everything else failed. la
unoi!iatied for tl.o stomach. Child*
,en with weak-stowaehn-thrwe on >W
First (lose relieves. A ri'ot :»*infce«^iy«
Clres all & fruiMm
fsr «*■ *
'ktMK i'l tXvtlu LW.Uilns J': lUDTSIIIf fliC- J4b
> H UJC :►
. , '• &.V VBAIIS-.
V . % *r. r«cs
%-U v i - f •
v - " " T SI
T-i'd -v .4. 1» JTa
rard * r,
.» - . ts • . *
4 CIU iS
»• v' : v t v Ccm ofTi &£•
An , r. ■ rif
- . *•* r ■{* "- -• *' V-r M
iavof.ti i. i- in .r i/ pito; «' r
'tkfr.#»»«lrt?T« flr'-i-'L- \ »• t> « f"4» f.t
•«" * t r - k m r - fc. •
N-- & Ok. rcolf«
jff#. icatj, ' 1
A *~nr 1 «>inr»ly l
*,f «»'V l*:r\ At* |3 a
t c r: f -nr | L
H!iN!)aCv 3 "-^
wii ' SL, WI!T:!:IIM,DLC
■ "ii
JloT»ri*'r fi* c. nji:i4.' >:h! u *p-l
IWo p. ■~f >• .lu'ti H. «,»»! .*«k- 3 I
1 TSI "r -.t ■» F.SI-1
I TtCM u* I
a ■ 1 1" i 'MMCDIATI 1
IrPE« '•'. •> 1 ' •' i!*»i
I Us*.- l~, ! 'r\ I n.l A'.vk f-, Ctt? {
IcLMrr mn.:-,.-'r. 'l.» (U.
I JL- e t:-; 1»U :J I
i'.r'flijf t.SnTK if%2 l •
|oh». U.O PaSs«l oiile:. Wishjsq ioa. D.^i
) anr'hinz jftu mrunl or improve; ak» art! 1
{ PBOlEcriOt. Send model, sketch,orpkota. j :
) for free niiniutir.a ami advice. i 1
i W ,RO.A B SBRUW& GO. \
 Palcat Lawyers. WAS HI iiCTON. D C. j !
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New Idea «
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•II liiiist;, It* Talk, I. T. j|

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