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«Lmpi.wrwow ■■ i
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VOL. IV. - NO. 9.
Professional Cards.
ag tttte te yailssua af Hal 11 aaad ah 11
SaaWAßJtn I»oca No p> A. F. &
ia tta taß reery auad aadfaarthTaats
day aaghta at T jol W. H Band VJL
Sl & Baaaa. &W.R. D. Taylor.}. W..
& B. Sec., t D. Caaatarphra.
Taoaa.. Mc.G. Taylor. S. D.; H. M. W
ras. J- D.;T. C. Conk aaad A. F. Tsyte.
Bio a oa do. B. W. Oawy. Tiler.
Pall Term . .
Monday. September lsL
aoard can be bad ia fiiaaa Faailiet ai
R. J. Peel. Prin.
Hi; Bn.
0 4 F3VLEI, limpr
it t* 28 Prat Street. . * .
Thoroughly ICentivaleal aitr
pat in Kinit-CIaJV Order.
Baahna UabHaMn //•
aockr Mart. a.c.
Practical Sheet fletal Warter.
Tha Booftag. Cadbaing aad Tian»
Flats a Sfaecaoly. aiao Tia Boofa Fiiati il
1 win poatiedy be oa hoard
to furnish tte Fanm with
daring tte Sruoa of 190 J.
V ymm want the Best Material sad tte
test Work. Call aa or address
Rocky Mount. N. C.
r—T wwn
MittataHOa ntaaasaaeaMn^
aqiep of tte jaaa aplpagl. paortM
*a! l!!i
YEARS... /f
m 4 VBGX CahrVHr looked at (be
UU raid ttoy hid hrmaght hiT,
IVi ate ure ■ ttrtlr cry of Jcy.
•ywlij tirimM." iad bow many
jnn tad tt bna An dw had m
Mat! 8* anj H waa top la
1 HIII. aad kr waitins tktn while
aadr nadj la f* 4m
She harried. The gtnaa ithi'M Ml
fca|j an Hid tjn aad ckak* that
nn red. kto ftagot the jrean aad the
dMtn iai 1 they wd torr made la that
Mulhi of hen. er ahe would ant let
knrtf thlah. tar OahrMle had partly
ha 1 aid thr Irsano af patting adte the
th»a»ht «r theae thlac* that haft.
Mr. dke raa half way doora tte
ataln aad oloppod. puphig owt the
Tor Amm Htmmtim«,*iauD
tall taanr Imrr at the foot of the
I*Bistre, hi wteae apilflrd hand war
thr lawrfcligkt at the yt. lata the park*
■he raald nut are him from lhar. fat
the parte- waa dark. « he ait Uddrn
to aUhr part of M.
Rto raa all the way down and en
lie araae. adrsreed and. taking bi
by thr elbows. pusb-d her lark Into tt>
mure t rill la at light af tbe upliri.«l Jrl
la thr tea
lie looked down at I rr.
-| want to arr joa." he arid. "*I warn
ta are how thrae haw JU.I hare dealt
with that lira at j of jroaia**
Site fared •aafflnciiiagty. sinrr rb
aiaat. the Hgtit of tbe lan?|>. togrtSar
with the aearrkUght fiance at his eye*
The glance soflrard It idovnl
Thnvh half rtaard Mda br MUUIIIKIJ
nmnM bar. Ula down drofafaed tends
"Yoa are beautiful aa erer." be roa
Haded. Aad star laughed
"Aa If that mold br." the bush tva
bag Into a sigh. "after all these yearn"
iir M hrr toa dlrso.
Tow. aft down by w." he Instated,
-and let's talk abotrf It-aboat th>«r
rare aid days wbeo I oaed to be with
"Bat Bnt" eke mnHdd him. **tak»
t ytar oirmat and bat. llrrr. M
ne help yoa- Aad atay aa boar «
"Or three wfß be aorr Utr It. If I
"Yoa any." ahe bached back fMa
the had. where ate had cone to ha*:
ap hie mat aad bat Had ~
Be baaed forward Hsta-nlngly.
"There b aae thing I bare heard
through all theae yearn." be aaid ta
ha softly whea ahe tad taken tbe aqt
by bb aide.
• "Aad that laT
"Toar bash."
She la* I K. thinking tew Ka eete
tad atayed with hta throagh the
fan heaathh aaty. reverently, waa
Hr ratte tegara toyed wtfh thr
Jrwrbd cords of a poanpoa ahe ware.
Ma whirled theae stoat. drat tbb way
aad thra that.'
"Those dear oM daya." ahe hrgna.
"whea yoa war ay popM-tboar rot
■ithag aM daya! What fan they aerrT
"Aad faary yoar bring a teacher
yaak with yaw ahat hair rarhd abaad
yoar fter aad yoar pretty goarae and
paar prettier ways aad yoar big eyes
aad ynar bagh a boat errrythtog. year
* m -Tt troth." an Id ate. "aay
raaailiai 1 doraat lacerate me ao tnarb
aa to the art I taacbt Bat of aB the
Mods I enr perpetrated npoo aa aa
oaaapsrltiac palllc that laiuff of traaehtag
aateakal drawing waa thr moat aw
erafL wanb fail ne wk a I think of H;
they actnaDr da."
"Iby fall ae. tea," be assured her.
"ta- I waa the victim. the nL- r e-t'm.
Whea I ftt* of the emney I "h« r'rl
tj paid oat for thr tern as of aboht»
ne drew hack ha- head In sqUher
"tey It If yaa want lor aherrt d "I
daart care. It b only Jaat. Far arath
lag—for ahootntety uathlng"
"Why. whea I think of It. I"-
"T aa(y vkh I bad 9 tn pay aS arer
agaia." he tebted. canoeing bar with •
Ma cyeat
"That goes ta atear the rretlaao ttar i
arttr mt yoa," ate aaetied. tat waa
qaiet a attlr aldli. thlnktaag. warmed
by ha gbare
"The add atadbk" ata aoouaeacad lp
ffijc (Mtqirtst.
aad hp. "wt-h ka wide Berth wt-idow, 1
with it* lumen «a the sill that yoa i
aad I w'aUnd."
"At mmt s9 w* rfH" he h-tfrrapfed.
, "was ta water thsir terra"
"Aad thr taMr yea woaaM drag
la Iw yoar eMtnaf|| traa nj:—that
bare; teetlMr tahke that took cp *ll tbe
> "1 ted M threw." he apokvir*d. "I»
1 eaaae It was tte aaly way I could serin i
, ta get the aorth of aay a»«qr. Tell I
; at." atra|ghfa 10a— Ma .lf. her 1
tfanlj. luta bar lafclty hi tte eye.
! -ddywuecer hrwref aairtealtal draw
bar baCher yaa strack ttet aaadraayV
"Vorr er twires." ate acknowledged.
"Ufa* I I ft rtty. wU-re
I waa atadybg. I teSd tte ward."
tter er twbwT* he graaaed. "And
thea to teach W. Of aB tblnga! Be
rbanlral drew dag ~
"1 wrote t*» My teacher la Wash Inn
too." tiatrrCr raatiaai d. rzpblning.
"asking her If she tta«ht 1 nioU
atndy M op ft iaa a book aad teach It
that oayr
"Aad what dU ate reply?*
"Ttet V 1 laald I awakd he a woader
worthy of Iraaaßaß h a aMeatew. aad
If I aaLindtd ta let far know, herauar
the thtag tin 1111 be Bitb ateat of a
"And yaa attempted R after thatr*
*1 attraapted B after that." ate aa
aertrd. "aad with aaneaai."
Ma a*a|ipad a aenooaiUag band on a
"With aattiaa*" he repeated, a grl
aaara eaatrartlag the neda af hb n«n
taaaaare. "Ttar boors I apeaal la rack
tat aay Waa ahh.pnddraaa of me
chanical rtiaolaaga ba| laadbb- h> aulre!
Tteae ■ rahiqe I sprat la drawlaag dl
agraaaa oa h arfc yaa. ataadnsg by.
trytaa hard la koak ahrT
"Aad aB tte ttee knaalat lean than
yaa did"
Tone' I ah alj pa aae bettor and
aay knowing a«ahbg at aIL And ibr
paar aid paftaor roaaiag la frooi lila
rtewea aaw aad again to hrtp me out.
Thea locaß It a aaarri as*"
1 ral B a iMasfc" she tvaanned
be oady t>e gksd to |ay the nnaiey all
orrr agsla." -
"Toa are right." he aaoa nied after a
peefcai of ihaaghL "It waa a survrsa."
Tte profnsorr ate qoiotbwd. "Do
yoa thlafc be ercr tnagbl on?"
"If he didn't, he hadn't the penqti
rarity I pate Maa cmßt for. and ao far
aa pmqdraartty waa nartmd tbe |>n>
fraaaur waa cB right, lie knew n tiling
or two wbrn te roald think of tlo-m.
lie often |r>>ml It. I adaall nerer ft
grt bna br eaae sm|ertrdly down
li*t-» the Hhr at Iniartitlaar uaae diiy
ai 1 f -and f-or of an badly rttcagitl In
. pfayfox a game of rard*
«rtla. ww. la an academy uf rrligkma
priaKjiiaa w» aartrt! And waaaat ail _ |ty the aide nf each
atnik-r of aa was a b atl - of IWT."
"Tea And what did 1..- do?"
a r|elh d ewry bast near of th. in
with the rinftla of an -. Y-« ccti rut
aiwaarcd that tterr was n a doal>t almut
lie prraplcadty of the |oof« waul ."
"If he hadnt w.en cHi iioid nibra-
I f'rpair bina rrrryth;:-x but that."
"It was a nabur matter. He waa a*
gnnd aa pnML There was no flat In
htaa. Ho yoa nnnln how n-gubr!y
every fhrtaennaa ttar we made litin a
llttb* prcanat. aad I waa tbe s|xikra
"PtrntaMy that was why he M yoa
Rte (liptd hrr itW band over h«r
left, whlrh reotcd oa tier knee. A iia
aanaad da abed
"ISear old feilow!" ahe nannnared.
11-r Angers atawrd white In 11K- dim
fcrlt of the famff hajL Ihadlng over,
te looked at tteat
"It's the aaaae lit Ike ctaatcr ring." aald
te "teal MT
"The very aaaae." teidli; ap Iter liand
for h*n to are:.
"I maember. I awe II one*. Have
yoa fnncnttrar*
—Who waa HI" ate ajarrieaL
"At aaw of tteaar faaanoa prrarntntlon
ape er he a Toa let Me wear it on my
Bttle linger. It auahbri at tte atbera
wotrr tu ws MB waa 10 wira THE
Taa pat Kaa yooraotf. In the middle of
tte epceeh I aeariy forgot what I was
going la a!ght of it."
Rar tarred her ryes mm h m
"Why?" she naked waaderinrly.
"Beeaaar tt waa yuwi and Lecaoae It
via yoa arte pat R oa."
Bte baked away from hian.
*T crrer thooght yva caurd ao mnch,"
aaid she. "as ttet."
"You wouldn't think Toa were will
ftilly bond"
"No. yoa are wroos. I was cot. I
aterr»H hare brra -fa«i to know. It
aalght hare aa rid nr baitadKt."
-Ilearlartea. gbHer*
"Yes. besrSsetara. IKd I soctrecd ao
wee la hHt££r fi*ta? Oh. If yoa only
laee: Why tbiak. fan- one ttatag. of go
big atiaU! fun city to
that Bttb aaateiß fawn ail r-Sauk walks
aaad a las iaa oa 111 a aaol «!aA and ryrionra!
I'roa the orat haatlfai of cities to-
Xteot bTa talk aboatU! Xot only thut.
tat ka ta aada is pa la oertala tinhap
plna-M there, to be drnrrrd lark tn
chains that all the morv 1.-eottme tfcoT
wire ut.sueu -ut Itrta UH* fleah. burtics,
lUr tinkers had cHurbrd Into her
Taking them np he straitened
llxin out and raised tbcin to bii !!i*-
"If It hurts you now. then fiun't b-t'r
t ilk ul»ut It," to aald >aoiiblni.iy. as to
j s child.
| With big. aad ryes s!u> stared tu roar
at the mirror of the mantel.
Tto ouly thing that k«t»t me alive
through that awful time." she went
os, "waa that little claaa at tlie acsde
nty. I threw myself into the fun of it,
and I wasn't 00 lad a fraud as 1
•reined, either. " Wbnt 1 lacked In
knowledge of mcrtianlenl drawing I
made up in art. I antlerstuoil art. I
drew will. I imbued wx-iL I had coma
from an excellent teacher. I had paint
ed In Kallerlea. My worst sin was
against yoa."
"I K>n't k-t that worry you. I waa
gtad enough to help you water those
flowers, aa I hare told you."
**lf yon roald have known tow I
mated Into tto fnn of It in mder to
forget, you woubl have lieen s'lll more
glad. Ito you mneinlrr how lliiMr
Itaiiua used to ai«-nd bis hour of dtaw
"I only reuiemt«r tew Imllcnant I
waa that he should have au toar af
drawing to spend."
"He never drew a tte. Ite merely
repeated i|Uitatlons frotn Hhakispiare
to catch me. He auide nae tdl him
wbnt plays they were from. Ard
wasn't he rejoiced when I made a mis
take when unfortunately I hit on tto
wrong piny! He har|icd oa It for weeks
and weeks. What fun!"
"It acema to BMV" te mased. "that I
rceucinlicr 0110 day when yoa and I
were In tto aludto. Just you and I alone.
We had left an unfinished mechanical
drawing on tto talaekboard and wen>
watering tltoas Uowera. and- Havo
you forgottenf '
"I am afraid I hnvc. Tell me."
"I leaned forwanl close to yon. So
clone that I came uiar to toui iiliii; your
"Yin, yes."
"tinly those iliort etiris of yonrn pre
| vented It. those dear little ciiils that
adood liiialiy about yiair bind, making
UK L>UTEW 11 EII TO iini.
It look like the bends of wnx ilolla you
acc In the windows of toyshops rlinost
too big for your ahouldiis, liut pretty
•a pretty."
"It in a rial pity Ihcy don't wear
Short hair noiv. I'd cut it off ugnin auil
curl It since you lik«' it an. Hid you
think It ciirlnl naturally f
"I didn't eare liow It curled ao It
"I nearly hurticd my off nnd
my earn keeping It curiail," ahe aa
sorted. "Once I alropiHsl tlie curling
Iron on my bare shoulder, and the
foir atayed there for mouth 1. Then,
when you touched uay cheek, what
"Nothing. That was the worst of
It. Nothing at ull. I'ut that waa tbe
neari'st I ever came to kissing you."
"Why did you want to klsa me 7"
"You ought to know." ,
Interlacing her lingers, ahe rlanped
them atmut her knee;, rucking lack and
forth allghtiy.
"But I d'dn't know!" ahe algtod.
"Oti. if I had known: If | bad known!
Why didn't you tdl oeK
"You know why I didn't tell you.
You were engaged to to married to
anither man."
"Ilut It was an anhappy eogagemrot.
Anally broken off. If I had known,
what harm csild K have door J I uoubl
have ke|>t the tbouglit In my beort all
these years, and It would bars wanned
B luayto."
"I went away partly beranae of It."
"WithiHit letting me know."
"A d-*n ttmea 1 was upon the point
of telling yoa."
"Then, since yoa couldn't tdl ma,
why didn't y«»a write?"
"When I cams to aay goodhy. I aald
something aboot writing, hat you
seemed Indifferent."
"Never Indifferent; Jaat occupied with
my own unhappineaaa, with my desper
ate effort to believe In this man to
u hum I waa engaged, to make of liim
my Ideal man. h.-ld to blm aa I waa by
tbe tins of betrothal, wlilcb aboakl In
my eyca lie binding as marriage, know
ing him nil the time to be false. Never
Jndiffcrent 1 I n tnember now when yoa
"went n way. I grieved after you. You,
loft an ache In my life. If yoa bad
only aald y«.u cared fur mer
wit only cared for you then, but
{nil theae years I have kept yon In my
heart. And now that yoa are free"—
Ilcr eyes dilated, listening.
"And uow that 1 am free," she re
"1 hare come to claim yoa." |
Tic drotr hrr to him, laid her head
against bii shoulder end smoothed
ILatk her hair.
"I w!!l make tt aU up to yoa." bei
premised, his tones deep sod tender. I
**! will wipe out every memory af your
Food For the Aood.
Food for tlie ncinl. lu-a-orrtlng to a
prominent Kuflladi Hiithority, should
roitKi-a In tlio 11 nt 111 of fruits mid xege
taltb-j. «h tlie Jidda iUkkolvc out tbe
liiiae salts f '>iu tlie t!unia ami no pre
vent too curly auiluiKH of tlie Joint,
mad other parts. Ten nnd mfTee are
Inst avoided, 11 H I hoy nniw pnrilysls or
wnnt of proper control over the lltnlx.
Fork, will, -ho«ne uml HUK-li lli-hli Imkl
must lie avoidinl, as u hnivy mt-nl of
any of ttiese fooils la lUildc to linlure o
stroke of a|iO|ilexy. All M should Im>
ilinide, plainly cooked hiul taken In
cnat moikrutlon, lest the illgeotive
l;ana lie overtaxed, llreakfast may
consist of porridge nml milk, vhole
wheot bread and milk or whole wheat
Iriad and fruit and n cup of cocoa or
irUk. Dinners may consist of veseta
iiie snip and bread, macaroni, veneta
iiba and some simple plainly txiokiil
iHuitlesh dish; for dessert, aiewed fruit
and bread or plain rice. anco. tnpioca or
macaroni pmldlng. If ilesh or Hah to
eaten. It alumkl IK> of the must digesti
ble Linda, aa lean lieef or muttou or
boiled or l>aked white men ted Hah. and
thro ID moderation. Hopper may con
sist of whole wheat lireud nnd fruit or
MM onions, celiry or licet root nnd
a rap of cocoa or ttil'k nnd wnter. KSMI
should not lie tnken for nt lenat threo
hours before KOIIIK to IHHI.
When you feel dull after eating.
When you have no ap|ietite.
When you have a had taste in the mouth
When your liver in torpid. I—,1—,
When your bowels are constipated.
When you have a headache.
When you feci biliona.
They will improve your appetite,
cleanse and invigorate your stomach.and
regulate your liver and IM>WCI». Frire J5
cents per box. I'or sale by N. 8. Peel a
Mcl>uflic's Witch I'azrl foot Healer
ii one of tlie finest baby powders known,
cures prickly heat and gives instant relief.
nffrrttaa a ftMtleaaarnt.
"On one occasion," ri-mnrked n well
known Hetliodlst minister who had
lieeii a circuit rider In the mutinlahiH
of North Carolina, "a man from a
neighboring county r\\ onped down on
our side nnd earrliil of the wife and
mule of one of my church members.
Tliw* wan nn l:nmeil!atOii|;ltatlon. nnd
In tlio midst of It I ariiyd. A consul
tatlon was held, find It waa decided
that I piiouhl go ns peacemaUer nnd
nm'wiKKfidor. and eff'-ct ti settlement.
Juat before I atartisl the bereaved lniß
I and called me to 0110 side for private
"'I reckon, parson,' he ,all, that you
oushtir to know my foeliu : B In tbU
" "Of course—cert a Inly,' I pas -nted.
" 'Well, I tell you what you do. I>on't
to brash nbout It ner foeety, f:ir I'm a
man nv iK>acc, but ef he'll give you |l"
In money for the mule you needn't tor
say a doggone word about tlio ole wo
man.' " , u .
Heavy eating is usually the first cause of
iudigeotioli. Rejieated attacks inflame
tlie muruousmembruMaljning the ittom
ach, ex|s»ses the nerves of the stomach,
producing a swelling after eating, heart
burn, headache, sour risings and finally
catarrh of the stomach. Kodol relieves
inflammation, protects the nerves nnd
cures the catarrh. Kndol cures indigstion,
dyspepsia,all stomach troubles by clcana
ing and sweetening the glands of the
ftomach. S. R. I!'. Jigs.
Strike. Arr Old.
Striken, now ao prevalent, nays the
London Chronicle, are commonly
thought to to n nineteenth century
production, but It Is only the name,
said to to of American origin, that is
modern. Their |wwer an wage raisera
waa tried at least as far back as the
sixteenth century, for tu tto "Calendar
of Btats Papers" la a totter from Kir
William Kits William to Mr. Secretary
Cromwell containing the statement
that "tto workmen at Dover refused
to work except for stxiience a day.
Two of tto ringleaders had teen some
time of tto black guard in tbe king's
No moral Imputation was conveyed
In calling them black guards. All that
was Implied was that they formerly
guarded the pots, IKI lis and other uten
sils of the king. It WHS A much Inter
generation that turned tto term to
purl loses of abune.
A child, of Mrs. Geo. T. Benson, wheu
getting his usual Saturday nightbatli,
stepped back against a hot atove which
burned him severely. The child was :n
great agony and his mother could do
nothing to pacify him. Retnenil.ering
that she had a Wile of Chanilierlain's
would try it. In less than half au hour
after applying it the child was quiet and
asleep aud in less thaif two weeks was
well. Mrs. Ilenson is a well knownrcuf
dent of 1 e'lar, Va. Tain Palm is an an
tispctic liniment and especially valuable
for burns, cuts, bruises and sprains, l-'or
sail: by N. S. Tcel & Co.
Once give your mind to suspicion
and there is sure to bo food enough foi
la tos sniiefct night the air la
, filled with aoundrf for the wakeful eai
that is rssw! .-co tu listen. ~
One Square, one insertion , 7. . 7£ Cents.
" '■ two insertions yT""\ j*. f1.25.
" " one 'month _// I ./] . /i.oo.
" " three nrtlHlfis . N
, " twelve " S-i2.iv. -
For larger advertisements IJlieral Contract* will be Ml
itlSMkllra Ihr New T«rk-OM
MS* It nnd.
The owners of racing nttlomnbllM
have brought that machine, which
might lie twrfnl, Into audi dlcr: ;>ute
that It In pleasant to Cid one of theiu
engaged In useful public wnkt. t'olo-
K»1 Dlrtltuwn of Fjir'.nirlleld. >lnm,
left recently on an niito>:iol.lle tr';> to
riiiciigo wliVli promise* to strengthen
the movement for good 1 o:\ih-. taja Uio
J'.rooklyn Kagle. He Is trmscu'r of
the New York and Chicago Uoafl hkho
elation, whk-li hope* to harp 11 Hue of
smooth, hard highway* connecting the
two cities. The distance Is sonic KVi
mile*, of which only to» miles are of
good macadam. The association, which
nuniliera some 2,000 meiulicra. will ask
the next legislature to liond the stnte
of New York to build a -hhl state
highway, nnd Mr. Otckinson pmiia
contldent of state lielp In Ohio. I mil
ana lie regards as the enemy's country.
There Is no Mint smooth.
lianl highways would lie of Immense
bcneilt to furmcrs mid not I «• mi rely *
Mnvriilem* for tin* owners of no to
mobiles and bicycles. It htm IN-CII
shown over and ovrr again that the
farmer coubl draw four time* as I wavy
loads to market witli tlx- «|HIII of
horses over 11 |iruperly made road u*
over the litngv ron'ls |!in>iij;li even,
level country. The roads ought to In
made oud kept In reputr from local
taxation by the tow tin and counties
through which they run. Hut co «|KT
ntlon lietween auch iu-lgh'.M>Hug divi
sions la the matter I* more dilliciilt to
fwuro than uniform divorce law*
among the atatea or uniform trust leg
tslutlon. One long, flue road us mi oh
Joct lesson might be worth even (date
co-operntlon for Ita effect UIKJII other
If the nutomoblle can tw used to pro
mote Interest In that movement. It in a
good thing, but farmers are not going
to vote taxes for roods which would k
practically speed course* fur these nin
chine wagons and on which it would
I e dangerous to drive their family car
ryalls. Colonel Dickinson ai d his as
soclaHon should take the racers of
their favorite machine In hand. If
they could suppress those public tail
sauces, their good road movement
would thrive better.
It Lara the Dust ruil I* a Fowt-rfal
.. >: - Dlilblei'lnnt.
A correspondent contributes the fol
lowing to the liukerslicM Cnlifornlnii:
Among the many advai;ta;;e« nrlslirg
from the use'of oil In the manifold
ways In which It Is being made to con
trlbute to the welfare of thc/iHi ple of
the state I have never yet Hccnjiieloil
«i| what, from one ita:id|wiTt. mVy In
considered the most Important of all.
1 refer to the Increased liealthfuluess
tliat Is certain to be observed i:i tli
communities where oil Is used as a
dressing for street surfaces.
The street has always been aiul, but
for crude |x>trolcum, would always ru-
I'jaln a thickly aettlid place which col
liH-ts the dirt, the tilth anil the disease
gerth, only to turn them back Into the
nt:nos|ihere bearing more of |M)ISOU und
danger than when llrst di'|Nisltel, with
the result that humanity, cooped up in
towns and cities, has hod to struggle
for life. Inhaling air which Is charged
every breath of It with Illness und
An Important change In nliont to l>e
brought alMiut In this regard umvit
tlngly and entirely without design by
the discovery tlint crude oil will lay
the dust more cheaply ami more effec
tively thon ony other menus. The
method Is being adopted merely lie
cause of these two reasons, but the
fact that the oil Is one of the best dis
infectants known to science accom
panies It onil will finally bring to the
fortunate people who live In localities
Where the modern dust killing method
Is practiced greater measure of
health than has ever been their store
Law ■••■lallM Itr Width of Tires
"■ !■ Maa*fl(haarlln.
In 1000 the legislature of the state of
Massachusetts passed an net to regu
late the width of tiro on ilriift wagons,
wlileb was to tnke effect on 3mi. I,'
l'jn2. This law la one which should
le widely copied by other state*. It
provide* that;
"On ami after Jan. 1. In the year
1902. It shall lw unlawful, except no
provided In section 4 of this Hit. to
use upon any rond. street or way In
this commonwealth a draft wagon or
cart having tires of Iron or steel or of
any substance equally l;urd which are
less In width than one and one-ho If
limes the diameter of the axle meas
ured at the shoulder thereof. liut In tio
ease shrill a tire more than four inches
In width be required, and wagons or
carts built with wooden or hollow ax
les shall have tires not less In width
than the diameter of the axle meas
ured nt the shoulder thereof.
"This act chnll apply to nil wagons
end carts, the silt* of whlcli arc two
Inchon or more Iti diameter, measured
lis aforesaid, nurt to nil stagecoaches,
tiillyho coaches. targe* and otbrr pus
pucer vehicles not built to run on Iron
cr steel rails and constructed to carry
eight or more persons.
« "Who-ver violates any provision of
Vhia act shall be punished by a flue not
exceeding $100."
Oil Sprinkled Rnvila f
Ksporlments In sprinkling 1- roads wllb
erode petroleum In Prance have so far
been attended with excellent results
end are being contluued. The longest
Ktretch of road over wtilcti ott has been,
sprinkled la near Kt. Cermaln. where
the surface Ims been hardened and
made dustl"*s. while the gray color la
r?stful to the eyes. The road can lw
swept as easily as an asphalted street.
WHOLE NO. 165;
IProm the Atctiinann, Kan.. Daily Globe.)
This is the season when the woman
who knows the Iwst remedies for croup
is in demand in everv neighborhood, One
of the most terrible thing in the world is
to be awakened in the middle of the night
by a wlioo]) from one of the children. Tli*
croup remedies are almost as rare to be
in case of croup, as a revolver is
sure to lie lost in case of burghus. There
to be an old fashioned remedy for
cronp, knovn v> hive syrup and toln.faut
soi ie modern ti.others say tliat Chamber
lain's Coegh Remedy i» l*tter, and (loea
not cost so much. It cause! l the patient to
"throw up the phlegm" quicker, and
gives relief in a shorter time. Give thia
remedy n« rorn «s the croupy congh ap
pears nnd it will prevent the attack. It
nevc( fails and is pleasant and is safe
to take. I'or sale by N. S. Feel & Co.
A C«p of (nVrr.
An Ideal *nj> of coffee can. It b raid,
be made only In one way. The coffee
must lie of the l«*t quality and moat
be roasted. (.-round Immediately and
tlsed n* i;ulekly an |>oxsihlc. Conuote-
B ura In coffin* assure us tint It Is out
i f th» npiest lon to make this licvcrage
Dissolutely perfect out of factory .roast
til coffee that been allowed to
stand In ojien air any number of
hours. In addition one might ray that
such a thing n K a »itp of good coffee
from tliaf which I* purchased ready
ground la quite an ImiKisslhlllty. Tha
tine aroma of the terry evaporates In •
very short time. ——
If von have a IKUI cold you need a good
reliable medicine like Chamberlain'a
Cougli ki to loosen and relieve it.
mil to'allay the irritation and inflam
mation of the throat and lungs. For aale
l>v N. S. Peel A Co.
Buy Mcl)uf(!e's"No. 16' for La-Orlpp*
or Influenza. It is guanantced to cur*
>r your money will tie rtfen led. .
PRICK /1.00
A Mrnnicp rnlenljttf on. !
Taking the length of tlie permanent
railways 011 the surface of the globe at
nearly UO,Oi»i geographical miles, wltb
n daily averu.'e of ten trains. It Is esti
mated that the tctnl loss differed by
wear and teareach day by the metal
lic rails of (' e earth Is about UOO torn
150*) tons are lost I:i the forin of a
'fiUe powiler and are carried I melt to
' the earth In the shape of soluble Iron
salts. „
s 1.1 jjur UiiiW i' Pfcytltiaat call g
Is riclarJa* fur-n. I tea:: beaten j>
3 changing red blood yellow under jf
if' microscope, u works lay :r-d K
| night. I : lrw, ii turrsyoarfrm- E
r? pkvion jellw. Chilly * athinj K
§ eens..t(ons ne«p dvwn yowr f
! backbone. You feel tfeak taJ I
will slop the trouble raw. li
3 enters the Mood ai one: jad ■
i drives out the ytll'j-R' poison. L
8 !f neglected a id when CbiUs, 8
9 Fevers, Night-Sweats and a zen- L
9 eral break-dow i« cofre laier on, fc
15 Roberts' Ton.i w»IS curs you K -
8 then but why v.rjt ? I*rcv»nt P
I future sickness. The mum;fee- I
H turers know all ahoul this yel- E
9 low poison and l;ave
I Roberts' Tonic to drive it out, u
nourish your system, re*t-»re C
appetite, purify the fc'ocd, pre- I
vent and cure Chills, I ever* and *
Malaria. It hi cured thous- E
a ands It will cure you, or yoar S
S money heck. This Is fair. Try f
0 it. Trice, 25 ceuU.
For sale by Anderson, Ilassell & Co., and
Itli Gur£»nus. • ■ -2
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what yoo eat* .if
This preparation contain* all of th 4
iigcstants and digests all kinds Of
f(»Kl. It Rives instant relief and never
fail* to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you wnnt. The most sensitive
Jtomachs can take It. By its UM m*cy
thousands of dyspeptics hiw kWi
cured after everything else failed. SB
unequalled for the stomach. ChllA»
ren with weak stomachs thrive on IK
First dose relieves. A diet unntl
Cures cSI stomach troubl—
Prfpnrflonly by E.C. DlWirrft Co.. HdMB
Tk) sl. botUo contain* IV% times Uie 30a. Mb
- i ii i i |
c x^"' EWCg \
p inyi» i» oh *nl deMrtvtJoa mv £]
filckljr o»i> oplukMi fr»® whether Mi
I V..1111 "! Cn»pw>gma
t»(i)iairit'tlTf«N'U.imiuL l!a**ibr*«#n PeMelß ■
■••lit ft». MWHf
)Vtt*ti?« *A*.cn tlirouch ftluim A Co. I•«•€•• f
tstsAiil * i# hoat cwn. tiUit
Ickatific Jlmericait *
A vwi v>-*«lr r.toftnitad > |i
cr.utU'»i of *» r J"" 11 * 5 - 1 «■"»•*. ?3 m IJ
fi-r: timr m*y%tk*,sL bonlfcyart

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