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W. I* SMITH, • - - ' Kdito *
Katcrad at tk« roM OOcc at WllltamMo.
».C | "
FRIDAY, JULT 80, 1906.
About a year ago our town com
missioner! passed au ordinance de
claring it a nuisance for all cattle
one year old or over to run at large
in the town between the hours of
eight o'clock at night aud seven
o'clock in the morning, and mak
ing it the duty of the town con
stable to impound all cattle found
running in the town during such
hours, for which he shall receive
from the owner of said cattle one
dollar each and twenty-five cents
per day for feed and all necessary
For perhaps one or two weeks
after the publication of this ordi
nance you could hear the cattle
owners speaking of shutting up
their cattle at night. But after
this tthey began to see that the
"cow ordinance" was only a bluff,
as some cattle had l>een running at
large all the while, aud iu 110 in
stance had the owner had to pay
the penalty. Today we are In as
bad. or worse fix in regard to.the
cow question than we were when
our sage commissioners saw the
necessity for the making of the or
On the night prior to the writing
of this article, between the hours
of nine and ten o'clock, we took
occasion to stop and count twenty
five head of cattle, within the
requisites of this ordinance, lying
and standing In the crossing of
Main aud Haugliton streets, at the
Hassell House.
An ordinance which is not en
forced Is worse than no ordinance.
We advocate an ordinance taking
the cattle off the streets altogether,
but if we cannot get that let's see
that the one we have is enforced. to see that
the laws are enforced? In this par
ticutar instance it is plainly set out
that it is the duty of the constable.
When he has failed to perform this
duty, then it is up to the mayor to
take the matter up with the com
missioners. Then the commission
ers must either ignore the law they
have made or see that it is en
forced. If these officials will not
enforce this ordinance the people
have a right to demand it done.
The will of the majority of the
people be obeyed
Thomas Taggart never realized
how Important he was until every
body started demanding his resig
Tom Taggart doesn't really
gamfife. He lets the suckers 011
the other side of the table do the
Speaking of courts, the court of
Publicity now seems likely to ac
quit White and find Thaw guilty
of an unprovoked act.
Even if Pennsylvania employees
cannot keep their stock, they re
tained it long enough so that it
will keep them.
Secretary Taft iutimates that a
would be better in some way if all
the federal officers in North Caro
lina, were filled by Democrats, aud
newspapers that have been called
upon to print the allegations aud
* denials of the Rupublican faction
leaders in the State will heartily
agree with him.
People who are talking about
restricting wealth and keeping
tho- who have an unlimited sup
ply -oflt out ~df the u. S. Senate,
should remember that oar benign
and thoughtful constitution we
cannot enact class regulation
against the downtrodden million
aire or any one else. . 1
| i> • • |fl|JL _ r ft". x
In the discussion of campaign
policies and officers there is one
thing that should be giveu very se
rious consideration. Kach town
ship is required to elect three mag
istrates for a term of two years.
Bach town having one thousand
and more inhabitants is entitled to
an additional magistrate for each
one thousand. At tbe elections here
tofore held magistrates have been
elected but some of them failed to
qulify, consequently the couuty
has been totatlly wanting in these
officers, except where some who
have desired such positions, aud
were not chosen by the people,
have applied to the Legislature aud
Governor for appointment.
This is not as it should be. By
such procedure the office has been
brought into disrepute and self re
specting worthy meu have often
hesitated to qualify for such of
fices. For all matters of coutro
versy growing out of contract re
lations the justice of peace has
jurisdiction up to S2OO. If the
amount becomes $2Ol or more, it
is taken to the Superior court,
where the matter is determined by
judge aud jury. The magistrate,!
is then, judge of a court next toj
the Superior court. How essen
tial it ts then to have a justice of
the peace of intelligence and abil
ity to understand the laws, and
with character and Courage suffici
ent to execute his judgment.
With such justices the litigants
are satisfied when their rights haye |
been passed upon, and the costs of I
small matters does not exceed the
amount involved. With weak men
as justices it is only a formal step
to a higher court. That is only a
{tribute paid to weakness and
prejudice. As a result people often
suffer their rights to go unsettled
rather than take chances with ap
peals and ruinous costs.
The criminal jurisdiction is sim
ilar, and there have been cases
whete j>eople have been prosecuted
through the nialace of the justice
and who determines liis judgment
when the warrant is issued. The
defendant, iu such cases, never has
a hearing; he is denied his consti
tutional right.
This is a serious subject and we
hope it will receive the proper con
sideratiou. Now, what is the
remedy? We are not inclined to
dispose of the matter with saying I
that a change is necessary, but we
are going to offer this suggestion:
Thar at the primaries, and before,
inquiries be made of the best cit
izetis as to whether they will quali
fy and serve before they are nouit- j
natcd. Aftet the man has been
decided upon, make him say he
will serve or your time is wasted i
aud you are liable to have a mail
as justice of the peace that you |
wouldn't vote for.
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edy that digests w hat you eat and
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rose—and that remedy is KODOL
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after your meals and see what it
will do for you. Sold by S. R.
B 'gg 9
Iu regard to the proposition that
he is the greatest man living, the
President has heard from almost
everybody but the Japanese who
still think that some of their war
heioes answer to the specifications.
Oil! 8' YlllS 011-
"1 am only 81 years old and
don't expect even when 1 get to
be real old to feel that way as long
as 1 can get Electric Bitters," say 9
Mrs. E. H. Brunson, of Dublin,Ga.
Surely there's nothing else keeps
the old as young and makes the
weak as strong as this grand tonic
medicine. Dyspepsia, torpid liver,
inflamed kidneys or chronic con
stipation arc known after taking
Electric Bitters a reasonable time
Guaranteed by S. R. Biggs, drug
gist. Price 50c.
Remarkable Renaissance is Now
Well Under Way.
Wort on ma fcqnal to fifteen
Oent. • Df tpw VUM Dae to
Employment otf Utfl Number «ff
"Women—Gotten Fl—frtrmi Bs.
The United States Consul at Mi
lan report* a most remarkable re
birth in Italian Industries, say* the
Hew fork Press. He palate a pic
ture at tile possibilities that indi
cate* a dofrtro on the part at the Ital
ian people to go far beyond anything
commercially and industrially in
their past. The atory at what the
ponlnHul* once was, an told by Ma
caulay in hie cesar on MachiviavelU.
is to be repented by the oitlea of
, Piedmont. Tuscany and. Lombard/,
at least the consul seems to think *O.
He point* to the reaouroee ot the In
dustrial cineaea in oheap even skilled
labor Women work at cotton and
allk weaving at prices one would
hardly credit, when ten to thirty-live
cents a day are the wages paid. Wtlh
thee*, and with a people long uaod to
labor, with fairly well trained
manses ot men and women, the fac
tories are holding their own at bourn
and ready or getting ready to lowed*
markets km b*M bf fbm Bogllsh,
Qermans and French. Consul Dun
ning Sddff
'''Rhe fundameotal qondttlon fac
ing that portion of the American as
port trade deslrlous of entering Italy
Is the wld» difference In tlvß ooat «f
labor In the two oountrle*. American
manufacturers dealing, or Intending
to d«al, wth the consular district ot
Ml inn ought tp buro always In mind
that condition and the supplement
ary fact thai the Inhabitants of Um
bardy are hardly surpassed by any
other people In mental and ipanual
cJovcruesa. Ability t# meat a large
portion of their owp wants with
tin 11 own handiwork, sn|l »t s ooat
of production mudo low by an over
nroductlve population, renders tbe
Lombard quite as Independent la
those daya us bo was sts hundred
years i\gu One 'it {be main factors
Ip tbp Ipw coat of production In tba'
Italian field Is the work of women,,
tgkei) advantage of In an unusual!
"The district Is overflowing with
reeotircea, chief among which Is to
be iwteeined the abundant and low
priced labor qf man, women and
children, and of woman In particu
lar tn (hla regard Lombardy differs
not at afl from what weknow *0 be
giuxl commercial history la Amerl-
Qau manufacturing ouatera. Tbe teu
tons which ha*u beeq studied and
learned at I«wreno& Oaookton, Mee-
Waterbury, Troy, Rochester,
Patersou, Lynn and other towns at
(hat typA tn America will be applied
tn the l.ombardy of tbe early future
M the local manufacturers And
themselvoa driven harder by foreign
competition l.ombardy
ably alma to bo the supply house of
Italy Mow nearly It approaches to
that e*tat« seems to me to be no
smull concern to ua
"Taking for example, girls under
IB yeare of age. It appears that In
factories employing 30 operatlvea or
lees they numt>er 80 per oent. of tba
total number of persona on tbe pay
roll and receive ap average wage of
11 American cent* a day. In fac
tories employing from 10 to 100
operatlvea the percentage (ft girls
under 10 years Jt ago la 37, with an
average dally mgn Slightly leas than
the other ooae —a little over 10
cents In factories employing from
10U to 600 operatives 14 per oent.
arr (rtrle under 16 year* old, with
average watte qf nearly 11 cents per
day Wben fnore than (I(SO operatlvea
are employed the number of those
beinrt of qourse small -the percent
age of girls under IB years Is 11,
and their average earnings are 14
cents a day. Thus In Italy It seems
that the larger factories offer the
bent conditions for young girls and
Rlvo steadier labor and are not shut
down so many days In a year tfi the
smaller shops Incidentally, the cot
ton mills j>ay better wages to girls
than prevail In the silk manufact
uring Industry.
''As to tho average day's wtkgew,
1* 8 per cent, ot women workers
earn sums up to the equal of IS
ceuts a day; 80.4 per cent, earn
from IS to 30 cents; 41.7 per cent,
aarn from 30 tp 80 centa, and 10. B
per cent earn from 80 to 40 centa.
The pcrcobtage of women who earn
more than 40 centa a day Is only I I.
Qood domestic servants are hired at
from 18 to |B a month. Oar man
girls, known as Superior cooks and
maids, can earn as much as 1 7 a
month. All the above flgurca apply
to Lomltardy alonet**
Heckling John Burn*.
When heckled about receiving
£I,OOO a year, John Burns at one of
the Hattcreoa meetings said he Was
engaged at a Job 00* where the gen
eral rate of pay was *I,OOO. lie
was not going to take law than tha
union pay. But t woroqn called»
"How do ye spend f1.009, JohnT"
and quick as a flash ouw tha an
swer, "Ask tbe mlssua* The heok>
ling stopped amidst a roar of laugh
A Dundee Hrtkv
A (Jrodger built qf oak, II feat
long, |1 feet w|de, and drawing V
feet I Inches of wgter, I* no* Iq
la Dundee Harbor, ft has bean In
was In th* ms place for over 100
yoara and Hs engine la said to have
bnjwlk by James Watt.
A Hard Lit
of trouble to contend with, spring
from a torpid liver and blockaded
bowels, unless you awaken them
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antest and most effective cure for
Constipation They prevent Ap
pendicitis and tone up the system
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AUuu'nta aud AuSerlii||K of HifrfM
Vmt«Mm« * Omi HnrlA.
0) auviwme capuln*. of (lk| world
th*r* are tut *ti or *evim and aparce
fr oo« tbeis exhibit* conlu*
(t lb health teat color*, **y* the Lon
don Tlma* In amtouah tor aenrty all
of tbom tone form of narre disorder
tark*, Y>roteaqu an the (rtatfiment
■mint, efrltetiay. maalfeat In K'eater
qr !**• degree, raroirtia upon their
desllnto*. Charlemagne, Che fraat
Mid wte« captain of (1M Frank*. who
"anatched, from darkaea* ail th«
land* he conquered,' and who reared
•n empire tfutt no hand tunt his wm
able to control, la almost the sole ex
ception.. What aaya the bead-roll? -
At SI Alexander the Oreut, who
had reckoned hlniaeU a god, died
during, or Juat after, one of hla fren
etic orgies. Cueaar, the foremost
man 'of the (indent world, had
strange* oonvuMons In hla into*
reara-aud It th.a the dngcer
of Urntul saved htm from declining
Into madness. Marlborough who was
iAurrlnl to a violent woman., and
whrwe \*»lr son (Hud la boyhood, was
epUetic Tlurlnti his 10 last years of
life ,
The'adventurous and daring Ctlve,
world famous and the ronqnoror of
liiltrf * at 40 wua decidedly a nuero
path. , hi* memorable duel with a
brother *iofllcer he mlawd his aim,
llunij. a#ay hla weapon, and cried:
"fllioßt and be damned I I said you
cheat»4„ and 1 w»y so still." Cllve
wait * pfeiaalonate, morbid, gouty and
an rTidumeater At 49, rich and of
uostliitnd reputation he sommttted
.Welling was rtlmlnrtly eplletlc
Hie fainting (Its after Waterloo were
frequent, aQd It wan an attack of
•pUepay*thgt onrrted him off The
Romanoffs have been neuropathic
tornftftly three eenturles, and on*
Of the;, eplletlc lit* of Peter the Oreal
ly "hAi to have Inaled three daya"
ClihrMa V ishoae mother waa In
sane, (Tad fltw In hk) youth, and was
•rrofolon* Frederick the Oriskt
(froiff the fare of whose fat bur,
wbeo Ik) took n walk, aaya Macaulay,
"every, human being fled"), reared
In a perfect hell of a |>alac«, had a
certain general unsoundness of
tnlnd, to wbloh mercy was altogether
foreign. ' Tho slock of Oliver Orom
voll out not overhenlthy, and of the
neuropathic tendencies of the Pro
tect or himself there Is sufficient ovl
deife. ' Mahomet'- but lei Mahomet
rout. * *
Joan of Are, the divine glrl-wom,
•n, mer nnd soldier, who came from
her ahoopfolda c 4 lx>rralne to make
victorious the orlllamme of France.
Joan hoard voire* and saw visions.
»nd was kissed, she said, I>y the oa-
War's Want* of (tood Mm.
ftvniy ow who has no me to a rea
sonable maturity mug have had »t>-
pnrtunlty to •banrva l or himself how
great Is th« loas when a
Ortß rate man die* prematurely,
•ay* Harper's Weekly If he leave*
a family, he ktavH* It bereft of hi*
nare a«4 hi* training and eipoeed to
perlH from whloh he might hsv*
shielded It. If he leaves no family,
there'l* (he Incalculable loas of (h*
children he might have had. Sum*
fatttffrleM famllte* turn out well In
■pit* of their handkwp, hut thi) tin
bogotton fanilMe* of dead fathers aro
a total loss. What our country.
North and ttoutk, suffered from the
declihatton nf M* vory best slock In
the olvlt war eannot be sompul>d.
Oh thta tendency of war to wa*te
the IndUpoiisable beat blood of na
tion* President David Starr Jordan
batag anfery Interesting argument In
favor Of pcaew. lie ho* h>i>e* (hav
the % present oantury will sue the
permanent establishment of pence
tor mankind The perils of peace to
nation* he make* nothing of as com
pared with the perils of war. Hla ar
gument I* all biological
80 -called "decadent" nation* are
none other, he dec Urea, than nation*
lhat'the beet Hook ho* boon killed
out Of, leaving the perpetuation of
tlMwraoe to Inferior Individual*. Ho
maintain* that nelttur adversity nor
luxurr destroy* a race; and that
Jinnuratton* true to the tyi>e will fol
ow generation, unleaa the beat Indi
vidual* are killed off
QrooOe, he say*, died because the
men who made her glory had all
pusrtw) and left none of their kin.
and therefore none of their kind
Rome fell because of the extinction
Of her beat. The peaceful struggle
for v e*l*t»noo, Dr. Jordan think*,
puts a premium on the vtrtlo virtues
The beet men get ahead In time of
peace; the Idle, weak and dissipated
$o to tha'Wall. "Other things being
equal," he say*, "the nation which
ha* kndwn the least of war Is the
one moat likely to develop 'the
strong bkttaltoaa' with whom victory
mu*t rest." (
An Actor 1 ! Diet.
It 1* said that Kean, the actor, ata
mutton before playing the part of a
lover, beat before playing that of a
murdbnrw* and pork before assuming
tk* character of a tyrant
Thl* may of ooaree be either story
qr fact, but U la a well-known truth
that beat will aupport the body under
more mhaunting labor than will
•A former private of Laaoera, who
had served twenty-Ore year* in the
and had been under Are
plnetjr-ftro time*, AM the Other day
while In the enjoyment of a penglon
of It cent* a day.
There af« now tone 10,000 mod
ern plow* |n use In Oreece, against
14,000 antiquated ones. Oreeee I*
said to-offs* a very good market for
the tale qf agricultural Implement*.
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«i v., o
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J y\, . ,
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1 • -4--;- *
• v
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hand picked prices. No stems. No
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Literary CommrrcUl
Clinical Doiwitlc Science
SdeuHflc Mannual Tralnlnf
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of other colleges. Well-equipped Training School for Teachers. Board,
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CHARLES D. McIVER, President,
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Morgan is Coming Back.
GENTLEMEN:—I his is to announce that I vxpect to be located in the Farmers Warehouse, recently
built by Mr. Eli (iurganus, during the > oming season, and earnestly ask you for your patronage during my stay
with you. As you all know, 1 was v. ith y ti four years ago in the warehouse business and done every
thing in my power to >;et you good prices for your tobacco, as 1 always thought what would be to my
customers' interest would be to my interest, and therefore 1 can assure you that if you will
Sell Your Tobacco with Me
this fall, I'll pay strict attention to same anil sec that you get the very top price for it Thanking you for
your past patronage and ask you, one and all, to try me again this fall mid I will do my utmost to please
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you, and hope we can be beneficial to each other in the Tobacco business. I have many very good friends
in old Martin and intend to stand by them and see that they get what their Tobacco is worth.
Your friend,
And now to the farmers I would like to say, He'll go on the market from beginning to end
Ou Second of Anst U our Opneaing Dajr; Anil get bent price*, he's the farmer*' friend;
Wbin you come to town don't forget to !«top He'll get on hi* knee* aad say to the buyer,
And sell jow Tobacco with Morgan, the sorrel; top; Mr. A. T. C. you muat bid up a little higher;
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And you, Mr. Boyd, who i* very »ly,
Say to tac farmer* Tobacco ia too high;
Hut vou bny all you can and pack H awav nice,
And when the farmer* have all aold. you put up the price.
truly yours, E. G.
■ , TWIIOO Mtw nont.lM J* trtal Urn. wklck MCa lor SO carta.
In Case of Tire
you want to -be protected.
lii cue of death yon want
to leave your family some
thing to live on. In cast- of
accident you want some
thing to live on hesilie*
borrowing. *
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loss from
Fire, Death and Accident.
We can insure your Boiler.
Plate Glass, ' Bmg- x '
larv. We also can I toad
you ior any office requir
ing bond
HMW lit lilt CIMMteS iteMlSHlil
Godard Btfilding
Having qualified a* Rxecutor to the
will of J»hn Harrell, deceased, I hereby
give notice to all parties holding ac
counts againnt the said catate to present
them within one year from this date or
this notice will b plead in law of their
recovery. All parties indebted to the
tald estate will please settle the same.
This the 9th (lay of June, 1906.
DAVIII 11AKK1UX, Rxecut->r.
Having (jiasMH a» adiimrfLtratiH of
W. A. Johneaa, deceased, late of Mart
tin county, N. C., this is to notify all
persona havlag vlatnts ngains. the estate
>f said dectasad to enhlkut them to the
undersigned «• w before the Brat day
of June, ift], m this notice will I*
pleaded in bar at their recovery. All
persona indebted to said estate will please
make immediate payment.
This 31st J May, 1906.
>. A. NBWKU.,
6-l-6t Administrator.
Runaway Boys.
My two sous, Joe Prank and George *
Thomas Gorham, aged 14 and 11 year*.
They are light complected, and wore
light clothes and brown hats yrhen they
left home Sunday, June 3d. Any one
knowing where they are will pleaae noti
fy me by wire if convenient, otherwise
by mail,
6-8-tf J. R. GORHAM, Colored.
»afe, Quick, Reliable Regulator
Superior In Mhar reiMdlS* SnU Si hiss Sill—.
v*». *vv :'i j rr.,^
_ aaa «vh m«u. faeaHWUMiMMMS
•r. UVrsaM. rktUMrkls, V*.
For sale by J. W. Watts St Co.

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