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From the Ist Monday in December lfos tof
the Ist Monday In December 1906 j
Continued from last Issue
133 J. D. Bo wen Services Co. Home «5 oo
134 |. A. Robuck Lumber & Rep. on bridge 47 63
135 Fannie Slade Supplies to poor a 75
M 136 A O Powell r „ 400
137 W. E Manning Lumber for Bridge 8 80
Ships V. R. Taylor Supplies to poor • 3jV' ai 00
139 G. W. Griffin 3 days com. 4 days Co.
Home, 1 day bridge, 142 mile* 33 to
*4O Ale* Haislip Work on Bridge l 50
; afi I4t H L. Brown Lumber tor Hridg# t 25
>42 N. M. WonJey Services building "Bridge 160
143 R. H Salabnry 9 daya com. $lB, 33 days
B*idgea $46, and 490 miles 8850
144 C. O. Carstarphen & Co. Supplies to Jail 271
345 •••• " '• " Co Home 2894
146 *« •« " " u Poor 11 ob
147. Anderson. Crawford & Co " " 16 00
148 A. S. Roberson ft Co. " 3000
149 Baker & Roberson " " ~ 750
150 R. W. Salabnry & Brb. " " 33 50
151 Slade, Jones & Co. " 15 50
152 Dr. W.'E. Warren Services Supt. Health 20 00
553 J. C. Crawford Sbff. Jail fees 37 35
154 J- H. Page Cnvyg prisoner to Wsshington 750
153 S. R. Biggs Sup. to poor & Med. C. H.
and Jail '365
156 Walker Evans & Cogwell Co. Sta'y for Co 460
157 Edward & Brougbton Blocks & Dockets 895
138 Harrell Ptg. House Co. order books sta'y 500
139 The Enterprise Printing & Stationary 33 25
160 W. C. Manning Services Clk. as per bill 27 90
i6t J. D. Bowen Services keeper Co. Home 26 70
16a H. C. Rogeraon Lumber for Co. Home 63 01
163 T. C. Cook Shoeing Horses 1 95
164 J. C. Crawford Jail fees 53 70
163 Dr. W. B. Warren Snpt. Health and
vaccination 117 40
166 S. W. Mi/.ell Supplies to poor 7 00
167 Anderson Crawford & Co. " •' " 16 00
168 C. D/Carstarphen & Co. " " 1100
169 ""I " " " " Jail 163
170" **\ ** *' " "Co. Home 2878
171 FanniV Slade " " Poor 275
17a J. A. Rpbbs Stationary and Stamps 2 30
173 Staton « Daniel Lumber for Leggetts '
Foot way 8 00
174 J. L. Hassell & Co. Suppties to County 2t 16
175 " " " . " " " " 10 67
176 Cording Bros. " " 800
177 J. B. Harris & Co. •' " " 800
178 Stston & Dsniel Lumber for County >4 40
179 Dr. M. I. Fleming Vaccination 32 60
180 J. C. Crawford Serving papers for County 420
181 S. R. Biggs Vsccine points and Sup. to. " i
Poor Medicine Jail _ 146 75 i
182 Boyle Mfg Co. Lumber for footwav
Whitley Bridge 21 87
183 W. C. Manning Services as Clk. to Board 10 to
184 G. Slade Witness fees Mch. Term 1906 4 17
185 Margaret Melson " " " " " 360)
186 Moses Rogers" " " " " " 175'
187 Will Conner 1 55
188 G.W.Jones 360!
189 J. A. Jones " 360;
190 W. T. Hyman " " " " 365
191 Wis. Jones " " 360
192 Owen Jones " 3 60
193 Don Fleming " 340
194 Rich Fleming 3 60
193 R. B. Jones 3 63
196 A. E. Downs " " " " 135
197 Julia Peel " " " " 130
198 Ed Peel " " '* " 310
199 W. B. Daniel 44 «««««• a9O ,
200 W. E. Daniel " 290
201 Mc. G Taylor" " " " 60
202 W. M. Dutraw" " " " « 190
203 B. F. Casper " " " '* 190
204 Charlotte Cobb" " " " " 217
205 Julia Blount " " " " " 217 ,
206 D*isy Stubbs " " " " " al7 ,
207 John Peaks " " " " " 225 ,
208 Jesse Williams " .'* " " " 210 j,
209 Jno. S. Cherry " " " " " 345 ,
210 J. P-Cherry " " " " " 230 ,
ail R. O. Congleton" " 243
213 Bphraim Tavlor" " " " " 170
*l3 Fannie Parkins " " " " " 180
214 Ludnds Purvis " " " " " 143 ,
213 Fannie Bell " " " " " 143
216 Henry Slade " " " " " 143
217 J. 8. Cook u 210 ]
L. C. Robertson "" " " " alO ,
. 219 J. B. Speller " " 210 ,
220 Annie Bailey " " " '' " 210
221 R. J. Mizell " " " ". " 2So ;
222 W. C. Mizell " " ****** 280 ;
223 L. B. Harrison " " " " " 4 io' ;
224 Roae Clark •" 1 50 ;
223 Abbay Clark 1 60 •
4 226 David Haislip «' " " - 160 j
227 Sam Arriugton " .*•***** 120 ;
228 Hal Biggs " " " " no;
229 jane Hassell 1 " " " ** ** 110
230 T. J. Latham " " " " 110 ;
231 Heury Knight " 550
232 W. F. Parker " ** 5 50
233 Thoa. Coffield 3 jo
234 Alonxa Everett " " " " 550
235 Lena White " 3 50
8«u i»m rmi>.
Jfc C. Johustoti or Coletnan, T«*„ who
liWt'Mi fiwn U t Brown of Date-
Tan, HI., the richly brad weanling aolt
m Crescendo Parol*, oot of Chart, 22T.
baa now boogbt, for abow ring aa wait
M racing purpaaoa. from tb* BUM
«brooder tke brown any Bwoet Parol*,
by the iaoe ctiamptoo aire of etrty
wood. Parole, WB, out of the yonf
mara UoqM. by Edgar Wlttoa, J32;
•eeond dam Many Marshall, dam of
*•* and fail slater to Major Marshall,
*"■ *
Bah *brtgad* M
Hauuah Mordecai 3 4®
! I%R. T. Andrews " " 133
J4l Bid Bowers " " " " r' 137
. 4.- K4 Whitfield " " " " " 135
*•l2 C- C. Daniels Solicitor " " " 30 cx>
244 J. A HobbsClerk " " s8 77
245 I. C. Crawford Sheriff " " " tj 55
246 T. K. Dardcn T V ft>
»47 W. H. Rohert««»n j. p •' " *' " 3to
248 A. L. Mixell 1
249 B F.Godwin *' " ** " " 1136
ty> J. T Hyman " "
231 S. L. 9pm i ?n
25 2 J. R BalUi.i
w«. 1 on
254 C. N- BeHa nv ComstnWt " " " 65
253 !. H. Page .!«y©
236 L F. G«od»Ml, ' 3 5°
SffJ F. M Harrell 'l.. 73
858 B. F. Otsper * 93
239 Joseph Bullock " •••«.« JSO
260 D. D Stalls " " " " 93
261 D S. Powell " " " " 320
262 J. W. Bailey Lumber Harris Mill bridge 500
263 Fannie Slade Supplies to poor 375
364 Dr. B. L. Long Services vaccination 38 60
265 Phon Co (field Wit fees Coroner's inquest 60
266 Liuie Coffield " " " 60
267 Alonza Everett " " " 60
268 W. F. Parker " " " 60
269 Ed. White ' " " " 60
270 Henry Knight '• " " 60
271 Joseph Bullock Serving papers " 3 20
272 R. A. Bailey "as coroner "C. Moore 883
273 Dr.R. J. Nelson Post Mortem En. Carrie
Moore 10 00
274 Lena White Wit. Coroner's Inquest 60
273 Peel & Ward Lumber for Co. Home 88 *9
176 J. H. Tucker Painting Court House Hall 370
277 C. N. Bellamy Conveying prisoner to jail 200
278 B. W. Foreman material Brown's bridge 230
279 J. S. Wynn, 1' Whitleys " 200
280 Anderson Craw ford & Co. Supplies to pool 38 23
281 Slade Jones & Co. " " " 3100
282 J. L. Hassell & Co. 8 59
283 " " " " 10 38
284 C. D. Carslarphen & Co. " " " 11 00
283 " •' •' " "C. H. 652
286 •' • " " " "Co. jail 1291
287 " " " " " " " 2069
288 A-G. Powell •;** " "poor 800
289 Dr. W. K. Warren Sen ices Supt. kealth 10 00
290 M .W. Ballard Supplies to-pour * 41 00
291 H. D. Taylor Services Offices Grand jury 800
28' J. C. Keel " conveying prisoner jail 2ou
j93 B. S. Spruill Boarding Jury 320
294 Walker, Evans & Cogwell Co. Books
and Stationery 16 63
393 Simpson Hdw. Co. Muresco for C.'H. 7 50
296 J. A. Hobb* Cltrka iec* 8 55
I 297 N. T. Perry Repairing C- H. Walls 410
! 298 S. R. Biggs Med. tor County Sup. to poor 12 80
299 G. W. Griffin 3 days Coin. Sb, 4 days
Bridge SB, 136 miles 30 80
300 J. C. Crawford Jail fees aud Sbff. fet> 114 40
301 W. C. Manning Services as Clerk 4 60
302 J. D. Bowen " " Keeper Co. home 25 01 >
' 302 Stanley Ayers Supplies to poor 500
1 303 Lilley & Martin "" " 2500
304 Warren W. Walters " " " 1400
| 303 J. B. Harris & Co. 400
306 A. J. Roberson Lumber and Repairing
Warrington Bridge 27 82
307 Javan Rogerson " Bear Grass footway 400
308 W. N. Griffin Bridge A shingles Co. H. 42 32
309 J. D Bowen Service* Keeper Co. Hoinc 2$ 00
310 Ward & Peel Lumber for Co. Home 19 8y
311 Redmond Harrison" " Footway 500
313 A. Burnett Work on Conoho Bridge 73
313 R. T. Taylor Repairs to two Bridges 29 00
314 " ". " Suppbea to poor 16 00
3'3 Slade, Jones & Co. " " " '3 3°
316 J. L. Hassell & Co. aud
Fertilizers 47 90
317 S. W. MizeU 700
318 P. Sherrod 3 S3
319 Harrell & Ross " " " 16 50
330 Brown & Hodges •' " " 13 00
321 T.C.Crawford Telegrams for Co 604
323 The Enterprise Stationary for Co 4 23
323 Fannie Slade Supplies to poor 27/
324 Harrison Bros- & Co. " " 1300
325 C. D. Carstarphen &Co " " " 13 50
316 Jno. E. Griffin Lumber and labor
Nowell's Bridge 31 40
327 G- W. Griffin 1 daya com $4, 1 day
bridges and 56 miles 8 80
328 Walker, Evans & Cogwell Co B case 13 00
339 J. A. Hobbs fit on b case and sta'y a 83
330 C. D. Carstarphen & Co. supplies Cb h 21 44
331 J. G. Godard brick for co h 43 50
333 J. C. Criwford Sh'ff jail and s fees 38 01
333 Dr. B. L. Long Med ser a pox cases 33 00
334 S. L. Wallace supplies to poor 7 00
333 Harrell P'tg house blanka tor co 1 08
336 Anderson, Crawford & Co sup to poor 16 03
337 Edwards & Broughton Com min dock 8 30
338 J. E. Roberson fr. repairs on bridge l 03
339 J. M. Sitterson board jurors 9 73 !
340 Dr. Win. fi. Warren Supt. health and
fumigation 13 00
341 W. H. Robertson Jr. Wit fees
March Court 1906 3 03
342 S. S Hadley Rebate on taxea improp
erly paid 6 50
343 W. C. Manning services aa clerk as
per bill 27 13
df 1W BTW WMWIWar C toUKpa
tkm. Tbe interesting featnr* In tbia
connection I* that tb* wheelmen carry
two boxen, a folding ladder, two lamp*,
atx axon, a aboval and a ram, together
with a box af email toolo-brawny
boys. evidently, wbo would not object
If they were ordered to carry a folding
bod for the comfort of the poaatble
ouo««r uv«aar *■ «•*««*.
Jack Owaley, the famous halfback of
Tale lu tke year* WW, MB. 1W» and
1004. Ilk* a good many other eaatem
gridiron *tars, haa goo* to tb* Pu«et
sound country to nettle. Owsley M to
grtmiiaTTng OwrfJeyiis acted *a coaco
for the last two years at Tata, and
mnch of tb* erodlt for tb* grant work
*f Tom Uwrltn'a taam of laat year
waa given to Owsley.
tear ftasgt ante ■*** Hales.
A» a raonit of the European trip of
William K. Vanderbltt, Jr.. wbo sallsd
from New Tork recently, the raise of
tbe next Vandarbltt cop rac* here may
be aoodlAwl Part of bts errand abroad
te to "con suit with tb* foreign dab* on
tb* *ob}*ct.
||* Filaesss Teals. , t
i Vance Naekote boo reoold hi* neaat
purchase. Princess X*nia, 3:1*%. by
Jay Bird, te L ■rtilnslagir, Ylanaa.
WUMM K*K Uawla
Many people baring yarn or wool
ikivh (knit ov crocheted! tad that
tbtr atretch out of afcape and preeent
a bopeieealy etringy appoaranca after
Lar jroor abawl oat perfectly flat on i
• place of cloth aufflclently large to
cover It aad baata with heavy thread
Mraral time* around until held firmly
la place. Carer rlili another place of
cheeaecloth and baste thla enoagh to
bald well la plai- v Wash la good auda
of wool aoap, r iuecalng rather than
rabhlnc Ulnae veil, preening out aa
aiacb wili i- aa y m can without wring
ing. Rang oa lire to dry. Whan prop
. arij dry ignore .overlng, and you will
find your aha wMm perfect eeodltioe.
light aaa fluffy aad not atntebed at
I alL—National Magaaine.
ta KM* Carl la gab.
Into a half plat of violet toilet water
pat flve-clghttia of a dram of carbonate
of potaab, a quarter dram of powdered
cochineal, half a dram of ammonia wa
ter. one ounce of glycerin and three
quart era of aa auace of rectified spir-
Ita, with two drama of extract of rlo
let It will be heat to hare thla pre
pared by a druggist, aa It should atand
a weak before flltaring. When the hair
la perfectly cleaa apply thla aad roll
«a klda. The coil will atay la seven!
rer the ffaded Carpet.
There are maay thlnga aaed for re
atoring color to p carpet the glory of
which baa departed becauee of age aad
hard uaage, aad one of the beat of
thaaa la ox gall. Oae gill to a gallon
of cold water la all that la Beaded la
the moat aarioua caeee. Rub the carpet
all over with thla mix tun, ualag a
brush for the parpoae, and rubbing un
til a lather la formed. Then waah o C
with clear water aad nib aa dry aa poa
■lble, ualng aoft, clean raga.
Ceaafevtable Crib.
In constructing the majority of the
aa called crlba for babiee the maaufac
tarara hare entirely I oat alght of the
w '
own roa Tan BAIT.
comfort of the child. Too many of
them are made for appearance rather
thaa for ease. Thla cannot be aald of
the ooe ahown here, aa It la aa cumber
aome and ugly aa It la aura ta be com
fortable. The Inventor, aa Indiana
man, evidently endeavored to devtae a
crib that would fulfill Ita mleeloa.
Enough apringa are provided to heap
the wicker baaket In motion for a long
time after It baa beea given a atari
Aa Importaat although email addition
la the rollara on the bottom of the
frame. There la thua provided aa eaay
method of tranaferriag the crib from
one room to another. The buay bouae
wlfe only need atop occaalooally la
bar dnllea to give tbe baaket a period
ical puah, the apringa doing tbe raat
Te Uraak Yellowrd While aUk.
-When either white allk fabric or em
broidery baa become yellow from care
laaa waablng. It may be hleach-d la the
following wanner: IHaaolve two ouncee
each of aalt and uxalic acid In alx
quarts of cold water. Soak the allk in
this until the fallow ting.- dlaap
paara. Thla will take about an boar hi
ordinary caeee. Immediately riuaa la
aareral clear watera to remove every
trace of the acid.
■faM Maarers.
Hold a brulaed finger la a cup of hot
water for a few mlnutea aad It will
prevent farther trouble. The water
atxrald be aa hot aa It la poealbla to
atand It Qatheringa aad ruuarouada
can be auoaeaafully treated la the aame
fNMk ftigta
To oae agg, well beaten, add atiebalf
pint of aw eat milk and a pinch of aalt
lata thla dip dry alleaa of bread aad
fry Ilka griddle cakaa la a little hot
batter until nicely browned oa both
atdea Serve with maple el nip.
Bmm rtmmtm.
A cheap aad clean fartlllaer for booae
plaata la household ammonia la weak
doaaa, aay tea dfopa to a plat ef wa
ter at drat, lucre aaed later aa tbe
plaata get aaed to It te.a acaat tea
spoon fal to a plat
Nl«aiif Wall Paver.
If a patch muet be applied to wall
paper, let tbe new piece lie la atnmg
aa alight aatll tbe colon are faded ta
match thoae on tbe wall; then tear the
adgea add the applied piece will aot be ,
eo coaaplcaoaa.
gerveas HMiawkt.
For a aervoua headache a flannel
cloth dipped ta hot water and placed {
fliat oa tbe tamplaa aad tban on tbe
back of tbe bead at the baae af the,
hrala la eare te give reUaf. I
kttallN •> Crop*.
Oa every farm there ahonld be a rag.
alar rotation of cropa. aaya a "Vermont
farmer la American Cultivator—that la,
the mowing flelda and tillage land
ahould be under a regular aystrm of;
cropping far beat roaults The lenttli
of thla rotation will depend on tbe size
of the farm, tbe character of the eoll
and the cropa to be ralaed.
The flrat year from nod the land
ahould be devoted to tbe cultivated
cropa. auch aa corn. |K>tatrw«. heana.
etc.. that are preparatory la character.
With tbeee there ebonld lie nu-rui fri
tillaatlon and good cultivation, which
will put tha land In eulUble condttioa
for a grata crop and seeding down to
The writer practicee a the yenr ro
tation, oae la cornfield and fodder, one
la grata, oata and barley, with graae
aeedlng, aad throe In graae. In thla
way get excellent crope of good hay
during thla time.
Keep the Flar* Thrivla*.
Hacceaaful pig railing In cold weath
er requlree warm, dry quartera. with
eklm milk aad aome grain. With tbeee
the bualnaae can be made both aucceaa
ful aad profitable. It la not beet to
undertake to keep more than can be
well feu and cared for, for excellence
In quality la aa peri or to mere numbera.
Feed regularly and only what will be
eaten up cleaa. for aa overfed pig will
aot do aa well, neither will any other
animal After two monthe old the pigs
can safely be fed a little grata, la
creaalng gradually the amount with
age and growth, endeavoring to keep
them ta a growing and fattening con
Supply plenty of bedding, which la
aeceaaary for tbelr comfort and of ad
vantage to the owner In tha large
amount of excellent manure that can
be made by tbeee buay workers.—
American Cultivator.
■eee aa the VUraa.
While I would not advlae any one
to take up beekeeping unleea be haa a
natural ability for It, I cannot help but
think that many of our young mon
might do-bo to a good advantage,
writes a New Tork farmer In American
Agriculturist. I don't expect every
one tbat takea It up will be as success
ful aa aome have been, but I am aura
a large per cent of our farmers might
keep a few colonies very profitably. If
aome would give their sona a little j
more encouragement to take up aome-1
tiling of thla kind It would many timee 1
be much better for both father and son.
Tbe (lrat expense Is small, mi l If It I
should be tbe means of keeping the 1
boy on the farm It might In- n blessing
In disguise.
If or** Mod fow Ha).
Timothy sell* for n higher prli" In the
murker tUnn other hay and In regarded
aa being particularly adopted to horses
It l» flefl.-lent In protein uu I for that
reason aliotild lie r«l with a grain ra
tion of a nltrogenoiiH nature. Tor
horeea no better l-asm for a ration «'bu
be found than timothy hay and oats
It la lea* valuable for cattle and wheep.
Clover hay la next to timothy In com
mon use, ami tbe two are more often
found mixed titan either In found alone,
The nitrogenous nature of tlie cloveva I
aids In supplying lb* detMen.y of
protein In the timothy. Clover In mors
valuable than timothy for cattle and
abeep, but Is not considered eo satis
factory for boraea.
ratlealaa Waterfowl.
la feeding waterfowl for market pur
poaaa mixed or maah food abould be
provldal Whole corn or grata of any
kind la a wasteful kind of food to
aae In fattening waterfowl. The Wa
terfowl do not have a crop and gliiard
connection, as do cSfekena. Maah or
mixed foods are much more eaally con
aumed, digested and assimilated by
waterfowl than whole corn. Quite of
ten docks, both young and old, more
especially young ducks, are deetroyed
from eating too much whole corn. This
happena when they have bad a surfeit
of young, unfilled corn. It quickly
awella la tbe crop and ofttlmee doea
graat Injury to tha ducka.—Feather.
Peek Pa«k*4 la BHae.
Bob each place of meat with fine
eommon aalt and pack closely In a
barrel. Let atand ovarnlght Tbe next
day weigh out ten pounds af aalt and
two ounces of saltpeter to aach 100
pouada of meat and dlseolre In four
gallons of boiling water. Pour thla
brine over tbe maat when cold and
cover aad weight down the meat to
keep It under tha brine. Ifeat will
pack best If cut la pieces about alx
Inches aquan. Tbe pork ahould be
kept la tbe briae till used.-Nebraska
Ml Mates.
Suckling sows require extra good
feeding with aome aacculeat foods,
elope, etc., or they loae fiaab rapidly
aad go down below normal condition.
Brood aowa three to six yean old
grow tbe etrongeet and beet pigs,
which havs mon vitality to reelat die
mi gormi.
All waste from tbe kitchen la whole
aame and auttable aa food for pigs, but
a swill barrel that la never empty Is
a bad thing to have around.
Bterlaat Bssl Cera.
It Is unwise to store seed corn In
J>arrols or boxea, aa It will gather mois
tan even though It appears to be thor
oughly dry. Thla la especially true
daring tbe fall and winter months.
Cold doea not iajuro the vitality of'
core whan It la thoroughly dried and |
kept dry. bat oo the other hand. If al- j
lowed to gather moisture freeling will;
reduce tbe vitality aad may daatroy N
mum?. Pnfaaeor J. G. Haidan, lowa
fcperianat Stattea. .
Abnl Pes-alaa Ptirln.
YOUIIK IWlers will I* mirprlsptl to
hear pei hup* (lint most of tli* no called j
"Persl.iu Inject powder" now Bold and
uaed to this country I* the product of i
j ■ sln'.'le farm CWM) norm in extent In i
the stale of PnHfwnla. *ny* tho Chi-!
: cago New*. It it produced fr-vn n
plant closely resemtiloa the Held ,
daisy and depend* for It* ofHettcy on *
greenish retretnblc oil, whlctj. though
harmless to other kind* of animals.
Miffoojit** liiwrts Not mony .venrsfttfo
Inacel powder coat uhotit sls or tW n
|H>tu)U, today It lx tiil(l-for -10 cent* or
less. In tlio-o' flay# the sonrce of the
Ntipplv nud the nature of the |iroduet
were a myatery It hnd been In tine tu
Aaltttls 'otiiitrte* CrntatK*, belus
exported from Tianxcjtuennifl. where
the native* did a law and ptoutnble
business In Ita manufacture. Kveutual
ly an Armenlau merchant discovered
the aecret. which wa« that the powder
wa« the pulverised flower heads of a
apeclea of pyretlirum that grew wild
in the mountains. Many attempts were
made to Introduce the plant Into the
United Btatea. bu' at first without Hac
cess because the »ecds sold to Ameri
cans bad been baked to prevent them
from sprouting.
Top Right Corner.—Right side up,
business or 1 wish your friendship; up
alde down, write no more; crosswise, I
send a klaa; horizontally, do you lore
Bottom Right Corner.—Right side op,
you are cruel; upside down, can you
not trust me? horizontally, you art
Top Left Corner.—Right aide up,
good by, sweetheart; upside down, I
love you; crosswise, my heart Is an
other's; horizontally, I bate you.
Bottom Left Corner.—Right side up,
I seek your acquaintance; upside down,
I wish you Joy; horizontally, will you
meet me?
Middle Right Ride.—Right side up,
write soon; upside down, I nin sorry.
Middle Left Bide.—Right side up, ac
cept my love; upside dowu, I am en
gaged; horizontally, 1 long to see you.
Middle Top.—Right side up, yes; up
side down, on conditions.
Middle Bottom.—Right side up, no.
The Lmdr and leopard.
One day n worthy housewife In Kttf
flrland came out from-hor cooking and,
standing on the of rock at her
bnek door in a mviVtly natural way,
emptied a p,wv/>' boiling disli miter Into
the rank herlvt«e lylnw. It Toll, splash,
on (lie liiKk a sliop'Di? leopard, vrlio
jumped righ' no In the a'r i ; a*
the roof of the lint What might Itavn
happened next. who ogji say iii;t the
ctatonislied woman dropped the tin pan j
with a citing upon the fork, and the I
leopard took one leap down tho hill j
The pan followed, and llie leopard's {
downward leap* became lunger audi
swifter an' tli«> pan bounded after It j
Iron. roek to tm'fc When IH*I.S«SI> the j
leopard «ii• at the bottom of the in- lilt 1
and the pan waa Unoeklmr away on I
Uio other cide. The leopard could have I
eaten the old woman with pleasun:, hut I
n pan that (1 ist scalded and tleo ''linivfl [
Mm wal something If cotihl not face !
Trick* In %r»tlin>etle.
If you were nsk«l to subtract 4"
from 4!> and have 15 n» a remainder
you would UM likely to way that the
proposition Is either a "cm ii ' or an
Impossibility. Hut here it i-. set down
In plain flgures. and J.JII will llnd that
It la neither one nor the other:
Here, you se» are the nine digits
from 0 to 1 written down In that order
and below them nre the same digits
from left to right, uud you will »ee that
each line make* 4, r >. and you will Hnd
that the rcuinluder— the third line
adds up 45.—Baltimore Sun.
Jaat One Oar,
This has been such a beautiful, beautiful
And I am so happy tonight.
This morning I woke when the man In
the moon
Was stealing away out of sight.
A-maklng such far«a and looking so pals.
Bo terribly washed out and white.
That I just had to laugh at his poor
faded grin,
Though he | seemed In a pitiful plight,
Cor I felt very aure whan he'd had a
day's rest
He'd appear quite as saucy and bright
When breakfast waa over I went for a
Way off to the end of the world.
J couldn't see one single bit of our house
'Cept the smoks falrlea twisted snd
And flying so high that I knew 'twould
be fine.
For thst Is a sure sign, they eay,
If the smoke goes straight up to the top
of the sky
No storm clouds will dare come to stay,
Tha earth smelted so good that it really
just seemed
That the flowers, still hid underground.
War* sending up messages perfumed and
aw set
To say that they soon could bs found.
I did truly see quite a bit of green grass.
And I heerd such a beautiful sound.
Do you thtnk 'twas a robin? I didn't
quite know
Whether ihey could be coming around.
1 went hunting for pebble-1 p!ey they
are gold— *
And rubles snd emeralds'snd pearls,
And I play I'm a fairy with oceans n
wealth »
To showsr on poor llttls girls.
Thaas poor tittle girls ara just thin
stumps of trses.
With nsw ysllow shsvlngs for curls.
It'a nice playing fairy and making folks
Sums time, when I'm grown up. I'll be
A real, truly fairy with real, truly gold—
-4 I guess I sm sleepy, dear met
And I haven't thought over one-half of
the things
That I'm glad about—now. let me see—
rm falling snd falling and falling to
And the moon man just peeked through
tha tree.
—Washington Star.
Your money back.—MUMatiaadeertfa
|«W is the kind that fall back toyoa
tha money you IniaaF. enaea in («■
paper aasnreeytmproai|«7itona . .
Office: Jeffreys l':ug Store.
j OvvtCF Horns; Btoto A jto9p, M. jj
Willianmton, N. C. * Hi
! Phottr No. 7.
Night A dress: Atlantic Hotel.
1 will lx' in Plymouth the hrst week la
every other month.
W. E. Warren. j. S Rhodes.
Bir,;s' Dure. STORI!
' Phone No. 20
Office: Wheeler Martin's office.
'Phone, 23.
Office formerly occupied hy J u
Phone K«. 77.
»#-l'rsc«lc«- wherever ssrvkea are tlealtcd
-iictal attention given to riamiaiag and mak
-I title for purchasers of timber and timber
Special attention will be siren to ml esute
schauges. If you wlah to huy'or sell land I
*n helnvou- cwi - SHOKM/
' Plionc 31
Money to loan.
RoprcßscNvii.r.c, N*. C.
D. C. MOORING. Prrnirictor
Rate? f: no per diy
I A Hotel in Kvery l'/irtic
>l!«r Tlip iravehuK public will find it
I 1 ai«t convenient place to »top.
Provide for'
the Winter
Have you a supply of good
fine Wood? If not Kive
your order to
Phone nt Parmtrs X- Merchant" Bank
ocky Tea Nuggets
A Bw tor ttonj P- »pje
Ooi J« a H aito Vigor.
ir - 'ifle for ludlrj*tion.
* KMIQUV Trouble-. nmplM*. Impure
" IUI Br**tth, HmvoU. ftemdieti*
■ Vt'sßfx'lcy T«» in t«h
--f »iro, w ©•ui? % Ik>t. by
ieLiPrta Dura Oomw, Wt«.
Williamston Telephone Co.
Office over Bank of Martin County.
Phone Charges:
Messages limited to 3 minntea; extra
e liarge will positively be made for longer
To Washington »j eta.
•• Greenville »S "
" Plvmouth as "
" Tsrboro "... 1$ " |
' Rocky Mount 55 " ,3
" ss-otla!i(J Nerk JJ 3
" J-ituesville .. 15 " >'J
" Kader Lillet 's ?5 " a
T. G Sutou ... IS " M
" I.L. Woolard Ii " |
O. K. Cowinif 4t Co..J* "
'• Pormele - 15 " ;
" Robersotiville »5 " S
" Everetta IS "
" Gold Point « " ; ;
" Geo. P. MeNnnghton IS " !
" Hamilton to " ;J
For other points in Eastern Carolina,
ace "Central " where a 'phone will, te S
found for na* of non-snbacaihsgs

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