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BKMUT bark.—Judicious advertis
ing » tfc* kind that pays haelt to yon
the Moaqr you invest. Space in this
paper assure* yon prompt returns . .
VOL. VIII. - NO 20
Tha Perehsron Draft Horss.
Tbe Percbaruu iiorse 1* a French
bred bora* suit lias lieen developed
tlirough many years of careful breed
'ug by farmers of central and southern
France. Of all tbe draft braetls be
li probably the most popular In Amer
ica today. While be poeseestv a mar
rive frame, weighlug a ton or more, bla
conformation la such aa to give him
excellent action, making him extreme
ly well fitted for IIW on city transfers,
where great strength rotublued with
reasonable speed la needed.
#Keitber ia be less well fitted for farm
work, since be |iosse**es strength, e»-
aMing him to do heavy work with
e«ae. and bla rapid walk Is very desir
able both on the road and in tbe plow.
Tbe modern Perrlierou la abort legged,
cloaely and strongly built, with broad.
' deep, well rounded body, broad croup
and full quarters.—Farm Progress.
Spelts aa a Dairy Peed.
Professor ft haw, who for several
years waa Identified with the Mlnne
aota station and la now one of the edi
tor* of the Orange Judd Fanner, Is of
tbe opinion tbat emiuer, or speltx. is
equal to barley. In an article In tbat
paper be say*:
"In tbe regions where It grows well
speltx Is likely to lie fed freely to cows
lb milk. The Itanes know full well the
▼aloe of barley lh milk production, aud
they use It accordingly. They feed it
much along wltb oats, and speltx may
b* fed with advantage In the same
way. Equal parta oata and spelta are
g--»'. for milk production. Tbe asmc la
tnse of these eralna fed in almost any
Kind of eomWbattou, but wbeu the two
are nearly In equilibrium the re
tnNi are u»iull.r more satisfactory."
, Warklaj Butter,
the la worked to expel tbe
earptus ruolMun. to incorporate tbe
•alt and te glre the nutter a compact
OvflrweHthtf Injures the tex
ture Bail wakes the butter appear
gr«»*y When possible. It is desirable
to work tbe bstter a little and then
allow It to stand for a couple of hour*
or until tbe nest day; tbeu Uulab. If
- there is uot a suitable place to keep
tbe hatter In between workings. It is
better to finish It right up The work
lug should he stop|ied wheir ihe butter
Itreeks, with a alight tendency to bold
together or string out lu abort pin
points. Aa Moon as It passes the stage
where It hreaka with a clean break,
•top working. More butter Is Injured
by overworking than by Insufficient
Working.—Bulletin Put-due Station.
Hog Wisdom.
- dive the brood sows warm, dry sleep
ing quarters. Be sure tbat there are
MO drafts lu tbe (tens. Hogs are sub
ject to pneumonia If ex|>o*ed to cold
and drafts.
I»ok out for drafts of Icy wiud un
der the floors.
Do uot attempt to keep a number of
brood eofrs In tbe same |ieu. As they
grow heavy separate them, t.'rowdlug
may cause aliortiqp.
If yon are troubled with lice on tbe
hogs, use kerosene emulsion. Spray
the bogs and spray tbe |>en.
In order to make a success of hog
raising every animal must lie atten
tively watched and every small detail
of tbe business carefully attended to.—
Farm Journal.
Poultry Pickings.
Yon never *nw a scrawny hen laying,
•ays Farm Journal. It la the well fed
lieu, tbe one tbat look* neat and trim.
Husty Iron placed in tbe drlnklug wa
ter at this season serves au excellent
purpose as a tonic.
It is a mistake to think that common
or mixed chickens are more profitable
than pure bred varieties.
tiood birds cost high. Bear this In
mind when purchasing new stock,
tiood ones sre the cheapest (n tbe end.
It Is Important tbat the Interior of
, the houses. Including tbe floors, be dry
and tbat plenty of fresh air can get
Into tbe pens without drafts. •
Bread Is Net Only Paster.
one sees a great milk and but
ter "record of a herd of cows of a given
breed he most not conclude that all
be has to do to achieve similar success
la to buy a herd of tbat breed. He
most retneml>er that tbe cows must
have the Individuality of tbe record
makers and tbat be mast possess tbe
ekll! for management tbat the owner
of the record makers does. Breed Is
only one of many factors tbat make
for success.
Protect the Pigs.
Special care must be used lu prevent
ing cold drafts. A cokl draft on pigs
will carry them off faster than any
other kind of exposure. Protection
against exposure is In fact tbe chief
and moat effective remedy for cutting
down tbe annual spring loss of pigs.
The diseases they contract at this pe
riod usually /rlgluate lu bad colds,
which develop Into more serious mala
Remember to Salt the Cows.
The carefully kept cows on tbe De
troit dairy farm receive four ounces of
salt dally Mixed with their feed. They
eat their food better, and the owner
thinks they do better when they have
thla amount than when tbe allowance
la smaller. The cow* are fed three
times a day. and the salt Is divided lie J
tween the three feeda.-Kjtfin I'r.igress.
Oat May Per Cows.
Too tor ton, many farmers are find- .
tag that nntbraahed oats, cut when the
state am"
Kelly Anxious te Fight.
ITngo Kelly. tin- great middleweight
lighter, in making a very loud noise
|ust now. He la so anxlon* to fight
Ibat he la with difficulty coaxed to go
to (ml »t night.
Kelly's muuager and n representative
*f Tommy Kyan met in Chicago re
tently and opened bids for a Kelly-
Ityan bout. Tliey were lnclln«>d most
favoratdy toward an offer o( |l.\ooo
from the Itb.vollte dub of Nevada.
Tbe weight for tbe Bynn-Kelly fight
will he 158 pountj* ringside aud will he
•v •
Itt'lKl KELLY,
the llrst middleweight championship
coutest si nee Fltxslmmous defeated
]>enipNey for the title.
Kyan la of course the favorite be
cause of bis extended experience, but
Kelly Is a very formidable lad. one
with plenty of courage aud strength to
match Kyiin'e su|ierlor skill and gen
Kelly Is set on meeting "Philadelphia
Jack" O'Brien, and many people there
are who will wager tliut the Quaker
caunot knock out the Kelly boy or win
from litm on |s>luts. Kelly, In fact, has
three or four Irons lu the lire, and It
has been hinted that he would call off
the match with Byun If a match with
O'Brien liecatuc possible.
If Kelly, however, defeats Ityan,
O'Brfen will have to meet lilui.. The
SHy QunVer will not then lie In a posi
tion to say, "lo get a reputation."
McKinney's Get Givs Promise.
Sweet Marie's sire. McKlnne.v, 2:11'4,
Is fast coming to the front as u re
markable sire of extreme sliced anil
seems destined to hei-ome the founder
of another great branch of the Wilkes
family. The prc.tnluence Into Which
McKlnney has forced himself was
mostly due lo Ills own Individual mer
it*. Ills get have demonstrated their
speed ability a* well as their race horse
qualities. In regard to their prepo
tency. however, bis sous and daugh
ter* nre mostly too young for their
offspring to demonstrate their ability.
Thawing a Motor Cycle Carbur«t«r.
For tbe Information of motor cyclists
who cling to their mounts during the
freexlng months It piay be stated that
trouble with the carhurctor, nrlslug
from the cold, must be handled wltb
good, practical sense. If you are In a
hurry, tbe only safe way to proceed
Is to swathe the carburetor In cloths
which have been dlp|ied Into hot water
and well wrung ont. Of course there
are other ways of applying artificial
heat, but they are apt to convert yonr
property Into a fond memory.
Baseball In Pompaii,
Harry Ptilllnm Is still glowing over
tbe good time be had abroad. Tbe
leader of the National league forces re
calls one strange incident of the visit
to Pompeii. "While I WHS deep lu the
study of the ruins of that ancient city
au American tourist learned who I
was. Wltliout any ceremony he made
a dash for me and put tbe question,
'Who wou the world's championship?"
and I had to tell blm that the Chicago
White Sox got there. Think of talking
tmaatiall In that old city!"
Hook Kayss Wins Australian Titla.
I lock Keyen. ill* Auxtrnltau fighter,
wbe rnnde a rntln-r Indifferent allowing
(luring his receut vlalt to the euwt, won
the lightweight rliuui|p|Mislil|) of Aun
tralla by defeating Bob Turuer. The
Imttle took plat l * at tbe «ayety thea
ter. Sydney. Honors w«rt fairly even
throughout die tight, but In the ninth
round Keyed landed on tbe |«»lut of
Turner'* Jaw, staggering blm. Tnrner
was hetple** m tbe next round, aud tiio
fight wa« stopped.
Dunn to Manage Baltimore.
John Dunn of laat year's Providence
bnoeball club baa I wen chosen manager
! of tbe Baltimore Kastern league club
by tbe director* In |rfaee of Hugh Jen
nlng*. who becomes manager of tbe
Detroit American league team. It wa*
announced that two new player* bad
been secured for tbe Baltimore club In
tbe person* oMjhunill. third baseman
Toronto i\fm ba*emnn.
Pilous, 2:09'/«.
Pllatue. 2«0»4. owned by tbe Fraiiklla
rouuty stud. Winchester. Tenu.. did a
•ne business In tbe stud tbe p«ut year.
Chlters had no definite occupation,
iwt his nerve* were shattered. That
was Ills occupation.
"What do you think Is the matter!"
pays he to Andrew Ijeecb.
"Do yon driuk tea," asked the doc
tor, eylug him Inqulsitorlally—"after
noou tea V
"Yes." says Chlver* anxiously.
"\N'ltll cream V
"Why, yes."
"That'a tbe mischief. It Is the cream
tbat Is wrecking your gastrlca, irty
Off goes poor Chlver* at once to IMr.
Ilolus Mcdorge.
'Doctor," aays he. "I'm feeliug very
poorly. Should you aay. now, tea was
Ixul for me?"
"My dear air, that de|>euds. Take
plenty of creniu with your tea, aud It
will do you 110 great barm."
Chlver* then looks In on the cele
brated homeopath. Dr. Dodgem, quite
tbe rising man on digestion, you know.
"l»octor, pray tell me (he truth sltout
"Tea!" says I>odgcin. "Tbe most In
sidious of itolsous!"
"What—with plenty of creamT"
"Wltb or without. Nothing can make
It wholesome."
Olivers took to coffee. As he felt no
better, he consulted Katlerplasm, M.
D„ the family doctor, who asked blin
"Eujoy your food? Sleep sound?"
"Neltlier," says poor Cblvers.
"If yon slept, you'd eat. Do yoti
drink coffeeT'
"I do In preference to tea."
"At night?"
"Just so. It's coffee keeps you awake.
Wsnt of sleep naturally weakens the
80 he left off coffee and took cocoa.
Cblvers bad never smoked, but now
he felt a sort of craving that he could
not allay, and, a friend offering blm a
cigarette, lie tried It, and It seemed to
do him good, but bis uppetlte did noit
Improve. He fancied be slept a little
lietter, but he couldn't quite decide, so
he called In Dr. No. fi and explained
his sad case.
"Ih> you smoke?" said the great spe
cialist, whose ncute nose hail detected
a faint aroma of tobacco while feeling
bis pulse.
"Ye*. Ia It laid?" Inquired the In
"Bad! At* yon aware that Sir Ben-
Jauilu Brodie proved that a few drops
of tbe liquid sediment of the noxious
weed would Instautly destroy n full
grown eat?"
"But—but," urged Cblvers, "I'm uot
a full grown cat.' K '
"Ulve up tobacco!"
Cblvers gave It up. But lie still felt
very low. He thought he would ask
old Kutterplasui. M. I)., the family
practitioner, to dinner aud confide to
blm Ills perplexity- 110 tea, no coffea,
no tolmcco, aud getting weaker every
"Oh. take a glass of wine! You're
feeling 'run down.' You waut a fillip.
Take two glasses once In awhile."
Cblvers took two and felt better, but
the next day he received a pamphlet
Issued by the Society For tbe Total
AiHilitlou of Hops aud Wines, which
proved that Indulgence In alcohol
tempted tbe best men to commit crimes
of violence aud hurried thousands Into
lunatic asylums.
Then Chlver* met a friend who |ier
suaded him to become a vegetarian,
after which he declined more rapidly
than ever.
""Come ttp to Scotland, old man. A
little yachting around tbe Hebrides
do you all the good In the world; sen
air, you know."
80 Clilvers went on Isiard the Sky
lark. She was cutter rigged and only
twenty-flve tons. She bad not been out
more than two hours when she struck
on a rock, t|iid, as It was evident that
she wits fast sinking, they had Just
time to haul to tbe ls;at that was tow
ed astern and Jump In—all four of
them—with a pint of rum and a bis
The weather was fairly good, but
there were six hours oMiard rowing be
tween them and land, no mistake.
Well, that wreck cured Cblvers. Aft
ter seven hours' buttling wltb n strong
current that set out to sea the ship
wrecked crew grazed the shingle.
Carriage* conveyed the crew to Slog
gers' "shanty," as be called bis elegant
highland aliode. A splendid collation
had lieen prepared. Including a fine
Scotch leg of mutton, boiled with cu
por sauce. Cblvers forgot tbat he was
a vegetarian.
"Lord, how dry rowing makes one!"
be exclaimed, und they filled blm up n
foaming lienker of brown ale. Clilvers
forget that be was a teetotaler and
drank it off.
As they sat by the log fire Sloggers,
Balson and Batoon lit up and offered
Chlver* a cigar. He forgot the doc
tor's warning about tobacco and smok
ed It. Later on they Joined the ladle*
In the little coxy wood walled drawlug
room looking over tbe brink of a preci
pice right out to sea.
ftloggers' pretty young wife dl*|iens
ed tbe aromatic Souchong In dainty
enps of biscuit cblus. while lief
aprlgbtly younger sister offered cream.
Next day ftloggers said: "Cblvers,
my boy, we're old friends, and I want
to do you a good turn. There's noth
ing really tbe matter with you, or If
there was tbe shipwreck's cured jou.
"All yon want are fresh air, an active
life, something to do aud est and drink
what you like. You sluili be my high
land agent, steward, overseer—call It
what you will. Try It for a year."
Chlvers grasped ftloggers by the
hand.—New York World.
Happiness Is a; wonderful tblng. The
only way you can really bave it Is to
give It to some one else.—Loa Angeles
I Timed.
llltneis' Veteran Senator.
Shelby M. Oullom, who has been
Tutted States senator from Illinois con
tinuously since 18S3. will continue In
tbat capacity, lie has Just been elect
ed for the fifth /erm. The seuator Is
In his seventy-eighth year and has been
In politics over half a century. He
has lieeu twice speaker of the Illinois
legislature, served In the natloual house
of representatives from IBIS to 1871
xnr.Mir u ctriMMt. *
and has twice bfen governor at the
Itate. lie Is one of the big guns on
the Itepublican side of the senate and
Is credited with unusual tsct aud skill
In |K>lttlcul mailers. This story I* told
of blu:
Several years apo. after n call on
President lloosevelt, lie wna asked.
"Did you suggest to the president any
candidates for cabinet positions?" "1
never offer advice to the president,"
replied Mr. Cullom, "regarding cabinet
position*. I did that once, and I will
never do It again, When Orant was
In the White House I thought I saw a
chance to get an' Illinois inn 11 lu the
cabinet, so 1 suggested his name to
tirnnt and pointed out some of bis
good qualities. Grant arose from his
tabic aud. stepping up to me, placed
Ills hands on my shoulders and looked
me squarely In the face. Then he said
seriously, 'Culioitl, 11 president wants
to lie Just ns free from Interference or
advice when lie selects a member of
Un cabinet ns he iln-i when he picks
out his wife,' 1 would like to see au
Illinois man In President Roosevelt's
cabinet, but If lie wants any Informa
tion or advice from me he must ask
for It. and be has Hilled to do so up to
One on Dspsw.
Mrs, liepew, wife of the senator,
tells with glee a story of her wedding
tour. They had among their fellow
passengers a stodgy, slow wltted
Scotchman, who liked the conversation
of the orator, though lie did not know
him. "That's ns Chnuncey Dcpew al
wnys tells the tale," suld Mr. Depew,
finishing off one of his stories. "What
like Is tills ('hamicey Depew?" asked
the Scot. "My dear," said the liuroor
b»t, turning to ills bride, "what does
liepew look like?" "Very much 11s you
do, I Imagine," answered the lady.
"Surely, madam, you do your husband
an Injustice," answered the Scotchman,
with a gesture of expostulation and
protest,-  'hlctigo t 'hronlcie.
The Governor of Jamaica.
Blr James A. Swettenbum, governor
of Jamaica, whose curt request tliut
Itcar Admiral lhivls withdraw bis re
lief parties from Kingston astonished
the civlllxed world, lias been In the
colonial sen-Ice of fireat Britain for
nearly forty years. During Ills resi
dence In the Island, It Is said, he has
contrived to render himself unpopular
with (lie nnth% horn residents. This Is
due, It Is alleged, to bis autocratic man
ner and Ills Insistent refusal to make
himself part of the life of the |MHiple.
fliwernor Hwetleiilinm, who Is sixty
one years old, entered the Ceylon civil
■•rvlce In 1808 and remained in rarl
•im grfidc* of ('pylon service for flftocu
years. lie won auditor general of the
Island of Cyprus from 1884 to 181(1 and
auditor general of Ceylon from 1801 to
INTO. Then lie wus made colonial sec
retary Ht Singapore and from JBOB to
11100 was acting governor of the Strait*
Sir Alexander got hi* decoration and
bis knighthood for colonial service and.
was then sent to Jamaica, where he ar- .
fired In the fall of 1804.
Old Chsst Qsms.
The "ihest" may lie arrange*] In any
way that will hide oue of the players.
Tbe game Is baaed on tbe old poem,
"Mistletoe Bough."
Th« mistletoe bung In the castle halt.
The holly branch shone on the old oak
The baron's retainers were blithe and
A-kreplng the Christmas holiday.
The "retainers" all form a rlngabotll
the "lover," who Is blindfolded. Th«
retslners sing:
Here we are so blithe snd gay.
Keeping our Christmas holiday.
One will hide In the chest hereby;
To gums who It Is yon must surely try.
With that one of the retainers rum
and hides In the Improvised chest. The
"lover" Is led lo It, snd he may ask
questions of the hidden one. who may
reply by "Yes" or "No," disguising the
voice. By these answers the "lover"
must tell who the retainer Is. If li»
falls he must Iry again. When he suc
ceeds the hidden person l>ecomes the
Chinsss Hsvs Plsnty pf Tims.
Time, either his own or limt of oth
ers, luis absolutely no value to a China
man. The |teople do not observe a
weekly day of rest. Nothing urgei
them to set apart a certain portion of
work to lie accomplished between Hun
days, each day and hour having Its
share. Children attend school from
daylight until dark, with no recreation
and no recess except that needed for
refreshment, and this every day In the
year but oue—New Year'* day. Thus,
at an early age they gain the Impres
sion that time is limitless.
Hie divisions of time are Indicated
with sufficient exactness In China by
the terms "morning" and "evening."
If one promises anything for the morn
ing he will be prompt If lie keeps his
word any time liefore noon. They are
amused at the foreigner who values his
minutes and liecomes Impatient when
he Is made to lose even a few of thcui.
Intelligent Sparrows.
An eyewitness relates an Incident
that shows how close Instinct some
times comes to reason In birds, says
Chicago News, A bill poster had drop
ped a lot of paste on the sidewalk near
a wall, und tt hungry sparrow had got
himself so mixed up In It that Ije could
uot get out. Ills struggles attracted
the attention of a score of other spar
rows, and they were busy lu their ef
forts to release him. One after anoth
er they would fly lo a nearby fountain
and flutter In the water for a minute.
Tty'ii they \\ould go to their paste Im
prisoned companion and scatter on him
the water from their feathers. In a
little while they had In this way dis
solved enough of the paste to free the
prisoner, and then they accompanied
lilni to the fountain, where he took a
good bntli, shook himself vigorously
and flew off in high glee.
Miniature Marvels.
Almost nuy commonplace object mag
nlfled under a go«sl lens will reveal as
tonishing 111111 unexpected form, struc
ture and life. For Instance:
Insect* of various kinds may lie seen
In the cavities of a grain of sand.
Mold I* a forest of beautiful roses,
with branches, leaves and fruit.
Butterflies arc fnlly feathered.
Hairs are tubes filled with pith and
ornamented on the outside with scales.
The surface of the human body Is
covered with scales like a fish. A sin
gle grain of sand would cover Iff) of
these scales, and yet a scale covers
about Mxi pores. Through these liar
row openings the perspiration forces
Itself llkf water through a sieve.
Each drop of stagnant water con
tains 11 world of creatures swimming
with ns much freedom as whales in
the sea.—Circle.
A Dangerous Work.
Few kinds of work have been con
sidered more dangerous limn cutting
steel. The force required Is very great
and the particles set loose by the saw
most harmful to the lungs of the
workmen. But recently a new process
lias been discovered which
work both easy and safe. A flame of
oxygen gas driven 111 a thin Jet cuts
through the Iron and steel with won
derful facility, tbus removing from
tbe path of tbe workman In his indus
try 11 terrible menace to health and
Where Clothes Come From.
T.lttle Mary nskNl her brother where
he. bought Ids new clothes. Just to
tense lie answered:
"My coat came from Dacoata (Da
kota*. my shoes from N'aishoeia, my
socks from Woonsocket, my collar from
Colorado, my hat from Cape Ilutterus
and my shirt from the Chinese latin
When Is the urileut lover like a tai
lor? When pressing his suit.
How can 11 person fall upstairs?
When In the second story.
P.apid Convalescence.
At nine pool Tom was sick In t>»d.
A towel wrapped about his head
At ten the pain I* somewhnt less.
But still he feels too 111 to dress.
Kleven-Thomas thinks that he
May possibly got up for tea.
He takes some nourishment at noon
And hopes he msy feel better soon.
At one he grosns and says perhaps
He msy be getting a relapse.
"It's wonderful." he says st two,
"What good fresh air will sometimes do!"
At three, to see him slide down hill, V '
Tou wouldn't knop he'd been so 111.
N. B.—This Illness, I've heard say,
Need not be feared en Saturday.
—Baltimore Young Folks' Herald.
To Imitate Ground Qlasa.
Tlo 11 lump of glazier's putty In •
ple»-e of mitalln ami gently dah the win
dow pane wltli It until It Is evenly cov
ered. When dry It will lust n long time
without WIIRIIIUK off, HIUI when It bin
worn away It can lie renewed.
Should It IH> desirable to clear tho
glaxH.nKuln. aoak the surface with llu
need oil, ami after an hour or two wipe
off the soaked putty with tissue paper
and wash Ihe window with strong soda
Another method of rendering n win
dow opaque la to fasten to It tlsxue pa
per which haa lieen brushed over with
tlie white of an egg. The chief advan
tage of tlila plan Is that faucirul de
sign* can l>e cut out of the pa|>er he
fore It Is stuck to the Riass. hut when
once It haa dried on it is very difficult
to remove. „
Lotion For Oily Bkin.
When the skin grows oily through the
winter the following lotion will be
found retlulug and helpful In closing
course | Hires: Half an ounce of oil of
roaemary, two drams of petit grain,
three drams of tincture of tolu, half a
pint of orange flower water and a pint
and n half of rectified spirits of wine.
Use after the face bath at night, al
lowing It to dry ou tho skin. It hai a
wonderful effect In refining tho com
__To Wash Laca Tiss.
Make a lather of good soap and hot
water, then squeeze the lace through
and through the latter several times,
taking care not to wring It.
Illnse In milk, when the lace will be
come quite crisp without being too
stiff. If a cream shade Is desired, ndd
cold .tea to the milk till the proper
shade la obtained.
Iron on the wrong Hide on some thick
soft material.
Sod* Crackara.
Sift together n quart of Boor, one toa-
Hpoonfnl of KHln ami liulf nteaspoouful
of unit. Hub this Into one tnblespoonful
of lard mid butter mixed, using the tips
of tin' lingers. Heat one egg and ndd,
together with hotter mill milk, enough
to nuike n very SiltT paste. Bent until
light and btlsrercd. Roll rather thin,
out Into squares, prick with « fork
and hake ill n hot oven.
Child's Bed Strap.
Nothing causes the busy mother more
anxiety than to leave the little ones
asleep In lied while she quickly runs
to the store to purchase the hotiachold
needfuls. The fear that they will
awoken, crawl out of bed and get Into
dangerous mischief is continually on
her mind. A handy device to have In
such emergencies is KIIOWII here, an
apparatus for holding the children 111
lied. It consists of a bed strap, which
Is arranged across the lied and strap-
Jied beneath the mattress. Attached to
the bed strap Is a baud or belt which
moves freely on the lied strap, 'l'he
belt Is placed ampul the body of the
child, permitting It to move freely
from one side to the other and IIINO a
limited up and down movement. Nev
ertheless the child cannot work free
of the strap and climb over the top of
the crib.
Onions on Toast.
801 l OIIIOIIH until done and press
them through a rlcer. Season with suit
mid white pepper. To two cupful* of
the onion pulp and one half cupful of
cream add the yolks of two eggs beat
en well. Cook thorough and until the
egg thickens, then pour ou to thin
slices of buttered toast.
Sickroom Precautions.
Never wash cups, plutcs, spoon* and
knives that have lieen used In the sick
room with those used by the family,
Infectious diseases, as scarlet fever,
etc., have been known to spread In that
way. Do not eat lu the sickroom or
partake of anything that has stood
Clipping tha Hair.
ITalr should be clipped two or three
times a year .to remove split end# and
promote growth. If the hair Is braid
ed loosely lu two braids and the baud
drawn up over each braid the loose
ends will stand out lu a way which
makes theiu easy to clip.
To Revive Black CJpth.
Boil two and a half quarts of water
with one-quarter of n pound green
vitriol, one pound logwood and one
hulf pound bruised galU for two hours,
then strain and brush over cloth with
the liquid.
For the Toothache.
Try alum Imi led in small quantities
for toothache Hold in the mouth, but
do not swallow. Alum can alao be
used effectually to «top bleeding.
V our money buck.—Judicious m&rt
»»K the kind that pays back t
the money yon Space in
paper aaaures yon prompt nwu
Professional Cards.
Office: JefTrasa Drug Store.
OFFICR llotms: 8 to 10 A. M. ; 7 to 9 r. M.
Wiiliftmstou, N. C.
Phone No. 7.
Night A! dress : Atlantic Hotal.
I will be iu Plymouth the firat week ia
every other month.
W. U. Warren. J. s. Rhodes.
'Phone No. 2q
Office: Wheeler Martin's office.
'Phone, 23.
Ofßcp formerly occupied by J. D. Biggs.
Phone No. 77.
«-Pr*-iic* wherever Mrviccs are dc*tr*«
tprcial attention given to eiamiuing and mak
Mil* for purrhoaera of timber and timber
Special Attention will be given to real estate
*ichange». if you wish to buy or sell land I
»n fceHwm- PHONIa/
H. I>. WINSTON S. J. Kvp.krrr
'Phone 31
Money to loan.
RonußsoNvn.i.K, N. C:
It. C. MOORING, Proprietor
Rates $2.00 per day
A I'irst-Closs Hotel iu Rvery Partic
ular. The traveling public will find it
1 most convenient place to stop.
Provide for
the Winter
Have you a supply of good
Pine Wood? If not give
your order to
Phone at Farmers St Merchants Bank
Rocky Mountain Tea lluggett
A Baajr Modialoa far Buy Ptopl*
Bring* Ooldao Health and HaaaWM VlfW.
A "w'lMi* for Constipation. ImliirMtloo, Lira
nl Ki'lin'v Trouble*. IlinplMi, KCMUIU, Impura
''"'•l. Had Brenth. Sl nsrirfah Bowel*, Hsadacba
nit ttitckacll*, It'i H »'ky Mountain Tea'la tab
■i rum. ?W rent* a box lignum* niad« by
liiu Darn (•hiii-AIY, MIXIIod. TVl*.
Williamston Telephone Co.
Office over Dank of Martin County.
Phone Charges:
Messages limited to 5 minutes; extra
charge will positively lie made for longer
To Washington * 25 eta.
" Greenville 35 "
" Plymouth 25 "
" TarUiro 25 "
" RiK-ky Mount J5 "
" Scotland Neck 25 •'
" Jameiiville. IS "
" Kader Lillet's 15 "
" I. O.
" I. L. Woolard\... 15 "
" O. K. Cowing St Co 15 "
J" Purrnele., 15 "
Rol>eitoiiville 15 "
" Kverettt 15 "
" Gold Point IS "
" Geo. P. McNaughton 15 "
" Hamilton ...s 20 "
For other points in Bastern Carolina
see "Central" where a'phone will b«
found for use of nonwbacribara.

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