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%IMM» ll*
VOL. VIII. - NO 26
f .
rls on# of tbe moat Incongruous
situations imaginable tlmt the
Church of the Holy Sepulcher In
Jerusalem, which contain* what In
bellevad to be tbe tomb of Clirlut,
ahould be guarded constantly by Turk
ish sokllers, who are Mohammedans,
(utterly disbelieving In tbe religion of
Christendom. Yet there are coinpe
tent and conaerratlve authorities who |
hold that tbe guard of Turkish soldiers
la necessary under the circumstances.
William K. Curtis, the newspaper cor
respondent, who vlalted Jerusalem In
11102. wrota:
I "Perhaps after all It la an evidence
of the wiadoin of Providence that tbe
central and anpreme shrine of tbe
Christian church should be In tbe poo
aeaalou and under tbe authority of
Islsm. The bltterneaa of tbe envy and
rivalry of tbe aecta la po great that
nniw. of theui could be tniitinl to treat
L9YT KiA^6^BA- ®MsS^^^^^L^B^^Pk-n|HR
©J em
Efflsto 0 Haft*
[Copyright, IDO7, by Helena gmltb Dayton.)
fm IXE linn lieen a 1
trying life.
Will, what plan
could oue ex- j
pect when ao
many come to ,
look and an
few remain to
buy ? No luit |
ever hail more
hairbreadth es
capes, both I
blond and bru- i
nette. than I,
for, beautiful
at wan Madam 1
Mode'* Ulfplny, I was acknowledged
queen. I do not say till* egotistically, ,
for a (lance at the priee that always;
t urged in* would convince any oue 1
that I was brimful of style. ,
! 1 shared a green nook In madam's
display parlor with a lingerie creation. ]
but I never WW her when she wasn't |
v-■■■■' /Bed at the preference given nie. ;
■ tfliere was another tragedy In poor :
lingerie'* life besides. Uer price tag I
came between her and the only fir I
.who ever truly loved her!
It was during the rush one after
noon that madam called an apprentice
from the workroom to assist. It was
iter duty to flit about and supply sub- j
jeots for madam's elo|ueuce. I was ;
brought out, the customers being par
ticularly smart. It was stupid of tHat i
girl to leave ine on a table with several'
plebeian toques, and. though I quivered
with anger at the Indignity, neither |
madam nor her experienced allies paid i
the slightest atteutlon to my plight
They were too busy selling my Inferl
ors. ,
j And there were such rude remarks!
"What have we here—a New England
boiled dinner?" asked a coarse straw.
"No." replied a saucy sailor, "It Is a
Bice wedding cake. But I'm afraid it
•rill spoil on our hands.'* Then every
body laughed.
"• | 1 Ignored them until they were tired
of sticking conversational pins. A lit
tle hacks bout of brown straw seemed
Inclined to be friendly, and I was rath
er won by the frank admiration with
pbk.-b she regarded me.
"Are yon * special order?" queried
the little toque.
» This question gave me rather a
start—l bad never given much thought
to the subject Still one couldn't TJO
en forever without making a market-
Best season I would be passe!
"Oh, I'm Intended for a princess." I
said airily, "though I don't mind ad
I |
! the others fairly If any of them were
; In control, and, although thetr man
{ iters are often offensive, tbe Moslem*
i for a thousand year* have always act-
I ed Impartially and kept tbe scene of
tbe burial aud the resurrection of the
Saviour open to art on equal term*."
The year be/ore tbe visit of Mr. «*ur
tla there was a riot between Greek and
1 Franciscan monks at the entrance to
the church, twenty of the Franciscans
being knocked down by atones thrown
from above by the Greeks and one.of
the latter being badly hurt. Tho Turk
ish soldiers are there to preserve order
aud aoMhat each of the varloua Chris
tian sects la protected. Thus on I'aliu
Sunday, Kastor and tbe other holy days
there la presented tbe remarkable spec
tacle of an armed guard of unbelievers
at tbe Church of the Holy Sepulclier,
while processions of priests of the
faith enter and pass out of the edifice.
| mlttlng to you I have ambitious for the
"It must be splendid to be a picture
hat," sighed the backubout. "L>o yon
suppose any oue will ever take a no
tion to me?"
"Oh, some quiet llttlo person who
must buy something sensible," 1 an
swered. "I declare It must lie prosy
' not to possess a flower or bit of frivol
' Ity. Why, if yon were caught In a
| storm you wouldu't l>e hurt a bit. llow
j uuluterestiug!"
"1 prjfyer to t>e sensible,.Y retorted lb*
; toque, with spirit. A second look hint
ed she was a saury pluf'e. So muuy
hats flare up nt nothing!
! "Walt and the glorious creature
1 who buys me." I smiled, serene In my
. Imported label, t
Aud then appeared a vision. ' My
Ideal! Surely she would recognise
I that I hail been destined for her queen
(ly head.
; "Thnt's my princess," t whhqiercd.
"She has come for me!"
I "I'll wager my crown she's after
i me," declared a (lalnsborough on the
, nnt bible. I
Ignored this
I 'r** ? comment. Such
MKp conceit la amua
£>r' _ J 'J''* B goddess
K xSH wandered
Jn U\ al*>ut madam
I f \ I \\\ hovering near.
' \ \\s smiling and
iWgL/ * persuasive.
I \ said madam,
i I IWW || taking me teu
-1 Vf |{ trova
J I /hiy standard.
' you. Tour type of l>eauty"—
j "Take It away! Take It away!" cried
the young woman imperious!?. - "I'm
tired of showy hats, and I've dozens
such Ifroni Paria. But now this one,"
I and she took up that odious toque, "is
a dear—Just what I want." She perch
ed It ot« her bead with tr tilt. It Is pa
thetic to see one ao beautiful larking in
taste, isn't It?
"I'll take It," she said briskly.
I never saw madam more chagrined.
I Suppose the young woman didn't
have the priee to buy me. Still—she
tipped the toque— I'd just like to see
any one try to tip rae!
I became cynical after several simi
lar experiences. Madam did not put
me back in uiy old place, and I saw
more people. Oayety began to tell on
me. I confess I lost some of my fresh
beauty. 1 began to hear rumors of a
change lu style. That Is a dreadful epl- j
detnie which I've never known a hat
to survive. The first symptom Is a re
duced priee. It stamps one as a victim
of this awful plague. . - -
It's humiliating to remaio unsold aft-'
er Easter Sunday and to witness con
temporaries make brilliant matclxy
and go from the shop In atate in mad-
Wftt suttxsxist
For centuries the cross and tbe cres
cent waged war tor tbe possession of
Jerusalem, anil both are atlll represent
ed, though an Indefinite truce baa been
In the accompanying picture, which
j Is from a recent photograph, the swar
thy soldiers of the sultau of Turkey
are presenting arms as a procession of
Christians, headed by eminent church
dignitaries, emerge from tbe building.
Tbe Church of tbe lloly Sepulcher
was built by tbe Emperor Constantino,
Its site covering both the place of cru
cifixion and the burial plait* of Jeans,
according to traditlou. l-'rom time to
time diligent and devout researchers
disputed tbe authenticity of the alto,
but In ISSH evidence was discovert*!
which caused luost scholars to admit
that In all probability the church Is
bnllt upon tbe actual ground where the
crucltixlon and entombment took place.
am's famous flowered boxes! I grew
bitter. Women flirted with me, and
several came again and ugaln to see
me, but that was as far as any affair
ever went!
A few days after Easter a qui r cou
ple wandered Into madam's exclusive
shop. Little flakes of rice that baa
been part of a hailstorm at some rural
station still clung to their garments.
The two gazed about in awe. I never
saw a Woman so pathetically unattrac
tive. Ilitr dingy lialr was drawn tight
ly back from her forehead aud her col
orlng was nondescript. A large ma
genta bow beneath her chin brought
out all tlie defects. She glanced timid
ly at a few quiet little hats while her
companion shifted from oue foot to the
other and stared at me!
A bonnet that Is always poking fun
at lue remarked, "At last the princess
has come!" This vvus considered rather
amart of her.
Pretty Marie, the haughtiest sales
woman In the shop, was walling on
the poor little bride. Marie perched
hat after hat ou her own fluffy, pompa
dour, but each time the man shook his
head. The wouian would have accept
ed anything rather tlinu put the con
descending Marie to any trouble, but
the man was evidently selecting the lint.
see somethin' guyer now," he
commanded. "Solly hero wunta the
best you've got. somethin* nobby
that'll take the tuck out of 'em up at
Bice's Corner*. What's that one there?
Looks like the old south meddor In
posy time."
lie pointed at me.
Bally was startled.
"I'd look like u tree toad under an
■ m apple tree with
that ou." she
"No oue 4vould
TSA/S wj) look prettier In
1 jro wS fv|l It." lie declared
l /fyi* loyally, takings
I ° 1 shabby wallet
'( a Z» J from his pock
j # 'l/ A '^ ,,ere WM,i, H
'P~v\ sudden hush. It
y V>' 2k. w oulil be such
a shock to him
T \ when he heard
V, y I the "price. Kv
U / IUL—~ ery oue looked
"no OXE WOVLD j.ootc on ln keenest
I'HETTIEU." amusement, for
It was our dull time, and diversion was
welcomed. But there was no surprise
on his face when Marie coolly named
my valne. I never saw a hat so cheer
fully settled for, I admit. Madam al
most fainted when she sailed out and
saw me perched on that uncomproinia-
I log head.- I struggled when 1 was put
on, but ill to no purpose. Nor shall I
ever be reconciled to my wearer. As
we went forth Into the glare of the
spring sunshine from madam's shop
every one but the man and his uu
lovely wife knew the tragedy. They,
•las, know nothing of the eternal fit
, nesa of bats. ' ~
-- ' ' ,
Ty]£r * l * i&r/r TT(h LJO
Efflsto 8 GSffte
Easter Egg§»
[Copyright, IKWT, by C. N. Lull*.]
/VJjJ,N. fS? ANY very pretty
/ \ /£» little gifts may
/ WW, /Crl fashioned
I S j from eggshells.
I a NjW-' | ■ They are easy
vI I to make, re-
VI It quiring no ex
\ cfi£> /cm* P p, " , l ve decoru
\. /" tlon, which Is
i the fault with
many things
With Inexpensive foundations.
One of the easiest things to do with
Easter eggs Is to paint them, and tills
Is done with water colors, The hair Is
palutcd In any preferred color and the
features drawn In any way tho..artist
may decide, ('bluatuen. nuns, fero
cious ttusslaus or Indeed any kind of
face uiay be drawn. A round of card
board cut out to tit around the tup of
s whole shell makes a presentable hat.
A small three curnered tile Is useful
In cutting the eggshell Into different
shapes. Baskets ure formed by tiling
oft the shell to the shape marked out
by n pencil, and the work Is very easy.
These eggs should not lie boiled, while
the others, which are to keep their
•huge, should be bulled very hard.
A Crochet needle and n little colored
silk, u walnut half shell and two tiny
china dolls make a perfect balloon. A
three legged kettle Is made by t-ulting
bits of pasteboard Into the shape for
the feet, soaking them In hot water
until they can be molded Into any
form nnd theu gluing them to the bot
tom of the kettle. A soft wire forms
' cuora , rT .
THE handle. All these ITR» to bold HIIIIIII
A very dainty fancy IN the vnse
with u spray of arbutus or H daisy In It.
This requires nine slender sticks, rlx of
cNfiiiil length and three twice nx long
MM the others. ltiimhoo IK the prettiest,
but straw* will do, as the content*! are
uever weighty. Three short silk cord*
oud tassels also are needed. Tie the
three longest sticks In the middle with
colored cord and thou separate tlieni to
form u tripod and fasten the shorter
ones at the ends. Thin makes a little
stand. The cord and are fay
tened at the upper part, which
pretty finish. The empty shell Is twen
decorated to represent a Japanese vase.
Holes may he drilled In three empty
shells, with the tops chipped oIT Irreg-
KASTKIt 800 L A' BS,
ularly and fastened together by a wire
or string, and they may he prettily or
uamented or left plain, to contain mus
tard, salt and pepper
A tulip may he made by stringing a
piece of wire through the large cud,
while the small end Is cut by the tile
to the shape of a partly unfolded til
Hp and then painted In tulip colors. A
glass dish, deep and whole, is partly
filled with water and an egg weighted
slightly at the larger end A neck and
head to represent a swan are made of
white cloth rolled Into shape while wet
with starch, ind this Is fastened to the
giunll end of the egg, which must be
lighter than tho other end, HO that the
glued neck lifted out of tho
wiitl'i'. A paper tail I* fastened at tlio
buck, unci lid til must bo high enough to
be k|it dry. A mallard duck, mado In
tho Hit mo manner, In also very pleas
lug, especially to tbe young folks, ns It
seems to swjm about in tlio water
when they blow upon It.
A piece of cardboard cut In a shield
shape four Indies long lias the lower
half of a half of a shell Killed to It.
The upper edge of tho shell has a piece
of ribbon Killed to it, and this, passed
through the cardboard, helps to keep it
solid. Itelow is a small rounded square
of sandpaper Kluod fast. A hole In tho
top with a ribbon to hang It by finishes
this little match holder.
There Is really no end of odd and
artistic fancies that can be worked out
for the decoration of tables for Easter
and for tho pleasure of the children.
The Turks say that whosoever gives a
child an hour of pleasure gains a thou
sand years of paradise.
Jteneath the slurs of dawn tlio Saviour
And east tho trammels of tlio tomb
That wo might kneel In simple gratitude
At Eastertide.
We, tun, Khali rise u&ain at. break of duy
To the dear heaven where his saints
And meet the risen Lord to whom we
At Eastertide.
Ills tranquil lilies silently unfold
Their dewy eups, and field and moun
tain aide
Thrill with thflr bursting buds of white
and guld
At Eastertide.
They, (no. have sprung new risen from
the tomb,
Type of tho life for which our Saviour
The n will wo bind his holy cross with
At Eastertide,
Your money back.— Judicious ad vertis
">K U the kind that pays back to you
the money you invert. Space in thia
paper assures you prompt retnraa . .
Professional Cards.
Office: Jeffreaa Drug Store.
OFFICE HOURS. 8 to 10 A. M.; 7 to 9 P. M.
Williaiustou, N. 0.
Office Phone No. 53
Night I'hone No. 63
flSfc dkn ™ t
1 will tie in Plymouth the first week in
every other month.
W. li. Warren. J. S. Rhodes.
'Phone No, 24
Office: Wheeler Martin's office.
'Phone, 23.
Office formerly occupied by J. I). Higgs.
Rhone No. 77.
Practice wherever atrvicea »re dcairtd
4|xcial attention nlven to dauiiuiug and ntak
UK title for purchatera of timber and timber
tan da.
Special attention will lw given to real catale
:*i'h«unea. If you wi»h lo buy or aell land I
r-i PHONK4/
'Phone 31
Money to LOA^.
1). C. MOORING, Proprietor
Rates fj. 00 per day
Special Kates By the Week
A Pirsi-Closs Hotel iu Kvery Partic
ilar. The traveling public will find it
1 uiost convenient place to stop.
In Gase of Tire
yoti want to be protected.
IN case of death you want
to leave your family some
thing to live on. ln case of
accident you want some
thing to live on besides
'tt Us Come to Your RIKIII
We can insure youjagainst
loss from
Pi re, Death and Accident
We can insure your Boiler,
Plate Glass, Bnrg
lar.Y. We also can bond
you I'or any office requir
ing bond
4one But Bist Consults Rurisutid
Godard Building
Williamston Telephone Co.
Office over Hank of Martin County.
Phone Charges:
Messages limited to 5 minutes; extra
charge will positively lie made for longer
To Wasbiugton 25 eta.
" Greenville 25 "
" Plymouth 25 "
3" Tarboro 25 •'
" Rocky Mount 35 '*
" Scotland Neck 25 •*
Jamesville 15 "
" Kader Lil ley's 15 "
"4l. G. Staton 15 "
" J. L. Woolard 15 '•
J" O. K. Cowing &Co 1$ "
" Parmele 15 "
" Roberaouville „.... 15 "
" Kveretts ij «•
" Gold Point 15 "
" Geo. P. McNaughton .....*2?,.,. 15 "
" Hamilton 20 "
Ql'or other points in Baatern Carolina
see "Central " where a 'phone will he
found for uae of noa-subesrtber*.
V."i: si

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