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VOL. VIII. - NQ 39
Preaches to Rockefeller.
Her Charles P. A tod, who recently
UMUMd the |a- orate of the Fifth
Avenue Haptit church. New York,
came from Penhroks chapel. Liver
pool, the seeuad la i'g—t Protestant con
gregatl 11 tu the British empire. HU
Sew la p>p Uariy called "Rocke
feller's '•lrirch," presumably because
John D. Uockefelh-r and hU fatuify are
members of it ami his son la the leader
•f one wi' Its] classes.
Dr. Aked It f-»rty-two years of aft.
He was born in-Wittingtiatil, England,
and educated In H commercial school,
the Midland B. J«I l>-t coik»ge and the
University college. Karly In life he
waa auctioneer to the sheriff of Derby
ahire, which |>oat he cave up In order
to atudy for the ministry. He has vis
ited the failed titles several tluies
and la the author of several books and
many religious, papers. In 1003 a lung
affection caused him to. tQ&k* a long
sojourn in the Alps. m
He la an athletic type of man, and
hla manner reminds many of President
Boosevelt It la told of Dr. Aked that
when be waa about to take the pastor
ate of Pembroke chapel, Liverpool, be
went flshlug at 3 o'clock one morning
and, flutllug a suit of clothea on the
bank, Jumped In to save a supposed
drowning man. He brought out the
man's dead body.
As * result of the incident Pembroke
;ha pel ou the morning that Dr. Aked
preached hla first sermon was crowded
to the doors People wanted to set a
preacher who bad gone fishing at S
a. m. and who had-Jumped Into the
water to save a man.
A Writer Described.
This description of "Deacon" House,
a writer on the Topeka Capital, is
given by Editor Amrine of the Council
Grove Guard: "House grew up on a
Kansas fsrm. He reminds yon of the
old school definition of a line, 'Any
thing having but one dimension,
length.' He la six feet two Incbfs, the
latter being waist measure. He Isn't
thin; be Is Jnst simply a wafer, and It
Is the nature of wafers to have no
thickness. Houae Is the first and orig
inal man whose legs are plpesteipn.
> All others are Imitations. They say lie
keeps up his garters by using library
paste."—Kansas City Post.
Assistant Secretary ef the Treasury.
Beekman Wlnthrop, who was recent
ly appointed an sisistaut secretary of
the treasury, haa for uearly three years
paat been governor of Porto Blco.
In the aaalgiunent of duties among
the three assistant secretaries Mr.
Wlnthrop will have charge of matters
oonnscted with the collection of in
ternal revenue; the revenue cutter serv
ice, the selection of sites and the
.1 awarding of contracta for public build
ings; the public health and Marine hos
pital service and other dutiee of leas
Mr. Wlnthrop takes the place of As
slatant Secretary John H. Edwards,
• »"»***
who will hereafter have charge of the
finsaciai divisions of the treasury de
partment He will also have under his
Jurisdiction the bureau of the mint and
the bureau of engraving and printing
Although a young man-bo Ja not yet
thirty-three—Governor Wlnthrop baa
had a larfte experience la the affairs of
o«r Insular poaas—long. ' He Is a nstlve
of Mew Jstaey, a graduate of Harvard
law school and a member of the New
York bar. In 1000 be went to the Phil
ippines as private secretary to Govern
or Taft. Ha was aoon made assistant
Third Bass maw Stsinfeldt.
Harry Stelnfcldt, the clem- and bard
hlttlug third twsemau of tlie Chicago
club rf the National league. w.\s borti
Kept. LD, IST'I, at St. Louts. At uu early
age his pareutN took up a residence at
Fort Worth. Tex., wuere be learned to
play ball while attending school.
HU first professional engagement was
with the Houston club of the Texas
m - ■Nt'
a A MUX S ramrkUDT.
league in 181K5. He participated In six
ty-six chatnplousblp games that year
and made an excellent record as a
fielder. He filled various infield posi
tions, chiefly that of short, where lie
played In forty-eight games,
Bteiufeidt liegan the season of 18UG
with the Fort WortlTvlub of the Texas
league, but finished It with the Galves
ton team of the |ame tongue.
In the fall of IKIMI he waa drafted by
the Detroit Western league club and
played short field throughout 1807. The
Cincinnati club then drafted him for
IPPB and thereafter steadily beld htm,
playtug him at various Infield positions
until the fall of 1006, when be was
traded to the Chicago club, for which
club be played brilliantly in 1006.
Rowing at Jamestown Exposition.
According to the pisus spproved by
the regatta committee of the James
town international rowing regatta, the
regatta will lie held lit the Jamestown
(Va.) exposition Aug. 14 to 17. The
most lin|>orfant feature will bo the In
tercity contests, which will replace the
Intercity races, so customary at tbe
national remitU All crows will hs
entered from cities instead of clubs,
and each oarsman competing In the
regatta will be required to wear the
coat of arms of the city be represents
on the Itosom of his rowing Jersey.
Tbe programme will be copflned to
seven and |>oss!hly eight events, and
all Junior contests will be eliminated.
With the exception of an eight oared
intermediate race, all the events will
bo for senior oarsmen only. The events
follow; K
Mingle sculls—For National Associa
tion of amateur Oarsmen champions.
Hlngle sculls—Open to all oarsmen
who have never won a National Asso
ciation of Amateur Oarsmen cbampton
Double scuils— Intercity.
Four oared shells—lntercity.
Eight oared shells—lntercity Interme
Bight oared shells—lntercity, senior.
Octuple sculls— * sterclty.
Bight oared sli 'lis—For school boys,
•hot, but Lost Fish,
John Smith st the Jefferson club,
noar Harpers Ferry,. Vs., tells of a
large black bass that hs snsgged on
two different occasions, and both times
the llah was so weighty that It broke
bis Hue.
On the principle that tho third time
come tbe cbarm be went after Mr.
Bass sgaln with a new silk tine, and
he carried bis revolver, with the view
of shooting it should he bo so fortnnste
i aa to hook It again.
Sore enough, he did get It on the
hook and, drawing its bsad out of the
water,, fired st It, but Instead of bitting
tbe bass he struck tbe line, and the
monster escaped for tbe third time.
Americans Likely to Be Barred.
Tbe rumor that Frank Greer, tbe scali
er, might row for the Diamond senile
at the Henley regatta In England, for
which Constance 8. Titus hss declared
his intentiou of entering, will probably
end fa talk. A well known oarsman
says that tbe Boston Athletic associa
tion Is not considering sending Greer
over and, further, that Greer is not
eligible under tbe Henley rules. In
view of the stand taken by tbe Henley
stewards last winter to discourage fbs
entry of American oarsmen. It Is Im
probable that tbe entry of either Titos
or West will he accepted.
\ .
Prizes Per Balloon Basse.
Word has been received by the Aero
dab of America that prises aggregat
ing 96,000 have been offered by the
Aero Club of SL Louis for aeroplanes
■«id dirigible balloons. Contests win
be arranged for the days immediately
preceding and following the race for
the International Challenge cup, which
la ecbeduled to take place Oct IB from
Bt Louts. _____
Fastball Outlook at Columbia.
There Is a well defined rumor about
Columbia university that the virtual
consent of tbe authorities to the resto
ration of football had been obtained
and that tbe game will be resumed this
year. ''ii x V.
U- Yale-Harvard Feetball Game.
Tale and Harvard have arranged to
football next fall. ■ The game will
ffije Cfcteptst
Tasting Turkey lags.
After nlue days the eggs should be
teeted before a candle or lamp la the
ewulnr. 110 l l the large end of the egg
between the thumb and finger and turn
steadily round before tbe II jht. If the
eggs sre fertile they will be very
tloudy, and a dark speck can be seeu
near the large end. but If Infertile will
be quite clear. Turkey eggs, as a rule,
take twenty-seven or tweuty-etjht days
to hatch out but It la advisable to
leave them until the twenty-ninth day
in case some may lie late In hatchlug
If on the twenty-ninth day the egg
haa uot chipped, make an incision In
the end Just at the top, and if the akin
la white the turkey la alive, but If dark
thtyunngblrdJedaad. This l»lags me
to a point which Is ofteu overlooked
and- causes the death of many an em
bryo turkey -namely, to help tho young
turkey to get out of the shell when
found to be alive on tbe twmiiy'-nlnth
day. It Is done by holding the small
end of the egg to the light; then tap
lightly with the finger, and the posi
tion of tbe beak wilt lie found, and
then chip it there, for unless the beak
Ilea perfectly straight It slips, and the
youugster cannot break the shell;
hence the need of help.—London Mail.
Plant Food and Moisture In Manure.
The plant food in a ton of manure
varies somewhat with the kind of live
stock. Thus young growing animals
nnd animals giving milk will retain a
larger proportion of tbe nitrogen and
pbosphorua than fattening stock, work
horses or otbsr mature animals. On
tbe other hand. It la well to underatand
that the differences In value commonly
recognised and most frequently con
sidered— as, for example, between
sheep manure and cattle mannre—are
due almost entirely to differences In
water content. As a matter of fact,
manure from work horses or from fat
tening steers fed on clover hsy and
heavy grain rations Is fully as rich aud
valuable as sheep manure If both art
reduced to the same percentage of dry
matter. Of course sheep uisnure, con
taining ouly 00 per cent of water, la
twice as rich as cattle manure contain
ing NO per cent of water.
Treatment For Thrush.
Thrush Is a disease of the fiog of the
foot of iidrses and mules aud is char
acterised by a very offensive discharge
from tbe clefts of tho frog. It Is caused
notably by bad aboeing, whereby tho
frog Is prevented fmm coming in .con
tact with the ground, but It may alio
be caused by an animal standing In a
dirty stable. Treat as follows: cMun
out tbe foot well and If lame put tho
foot In a poultice for several days,
changing every day. Linseed meal
poultice Is the best, but a bran or
mnahed turnip (boiled) will do. Then
dry the foot and press a little calomel
Into all the cavities from which issue
the offensive instter. Press in some
toilet or other soft paper to keep In the
calomel and keep out the dirt. Clean
out the frog and repeat the calomel
every second day.—Atlanta Constitu
Trsatmsnt Fsr Cowpox.
Cowpox is more or less contkglous
and sometimes carried from cow to
cow by the bands of the milker, says
American Cultivator. The best
meut Is tbe sppilcstlon of some healing
material like oxide of sine ointment
after each milking. After milking
cows affected with this disease the
bands should be washed before passing
to tbe next cow to prevent the disease
froiu spreading. No serious barm will
probably be done, the worst feature
being the nuisance for a time during
milking until tbe sore places heal.
Poultry Notes.
Duck eggs lose their fertility vary
rapidly, hence should be comparatively
fresh wben placed In an incubator or
under a hen.
Cleanliness In the poultry yard Is
worth a whole medicine chest full of
remedies In preventing disease.
Whenever young chickens are taken
from tbe nest while the hatch Is in
pmgreas care must be taken that they
do not become chilled, night or day.
The busy ben la the one that lays the
Qapea In Fowl.
Gapaa Is tbe name of a condition
caused by worms In the windpipe of
tbe fowl. It may be treated success
fully with a feather stripped to a
small tuft at the end. Dip It In pure
senoleum, and as tbe chicken breathes
Insert It In the wiodplpe and turn it a
few times. This loosens tbe worms, and
they are coughed up. Some use tur
pentine in the same way and often
with good results.
* ' _____ v
A Handy Pol*.
Every farmer should have a good ten
foot pole. Pine or liesswood dressed
down to sn Inch and a quarter square
makes a good one. Cut It exactly tan
feet long; then lay It off with a scratch
awl Into lengths of Stoe foot each. Tbe
marks may afterward be blackened
with Ink or pencil Half foot lengths
are also handy. Keep the pole where
It will be straight and dry.
•mail Fruit Cultivation.
Surplus suckers In blackberry or red
raspberry patches should be treated
Jnst like weeds. Don't let tbe rows get
too wide nor too thick. But do not hoe
up all the new ahoota coming up In the
row. Remember that your berry crop
next year will be borne on canes which
are grown this season
The Strawberry Bod.
Pick off all the btoatoma from newly
set strawberry beds; thus you send all
DM plants'' strength back Into them
salvaa—litto growth. It Is unwise to let
plants fruit the Bat maun.
t ',
The Hsms of Washington.
Mount Vernon, tho home and burial
placo of Waahlngtoa, 1s fifteen miles
below the city of Washington on the
Potomac. Tho bouse is of wood, two
Stories in helgbti with a broad portico
In front Tho rooms are plainly fur
ulabed, aud some of thorn are kopt Just
as they wore whou Washington died.
There are many Quo old trees around
tho house, and a pretty lawn slopes
dowu to the river. Not far from tho
house Is tbe vault where tbe body ot
Washington was laid after bis death
and tho new vault to which It wao
transferred In 1880. Lawrence Wash
ington, brother to George, built Mount
Veruou, naming- It after Admiral Ver
non. Tho placa Is lu charge of au asso
clathm of women, who bought It la
18(18 and keep It for the benefit of vis
Training Fsr a Pirats.
An Item concerning Washington Irv
ing, for the truth of which we cannot
vouch, although It contains a deal of
good advice for certain youngsters of
tho present time, has lately come to
our notice. It la to this intent: Waah
lngton Irving In his youth bad a long
ing to go to «ea and bo a pirate. Hn
determined to make the attempt, but
wisely decided to prepare himself for
It by preliminary eiperlence. Ho be
gan by eatiug salt pork. That mado
him sick. He then slept for a night or
so on hard boards. That made him
sore. It was enough. He had no
more desire to go away. Other boys
who waut to capture num-o'-war or de
sire to go scouting fud scalp Indians
would do well to imitate young Irv-
Ing's example.
A Dag Worth Having.
Two years ago a boy fourteen yeara
old named Edward Sweeny, living at
Opellka, Ala., was followed borne by a
smsll dog. The animal was bobtalled
and Hijuliit eyed and by no means good
looking, sud the by was laughed at
for having htm arouad. Within a week,
however, tbe dog brought home a five
dollar bill in his mouth. The next week
he brought a silver dollar. Then he
brought a pocketknlfe aud followed
that with a dollar bill. There baa hard
ly been a week In these two yeara that
tbe (log has not found something. He
quakes It his business to hunt the
streets and highways and often travels
a dlntauce of thirty miles. Up to the
present date be has found aud brought
home SBB in cash, besides many useful
Hew a Bear Runa.
The dull looklug eud lumbering old
gristly bears that city boys and girls
see lu the park cages and that a few
country folks see lu tbe mountains
from time to time appear awkward
and slow of pace, but look out for
them when they get to running.
At that time Mr, (irlzsly seems to be
about three fourths hind legs aud one
fourth head. And how be does run
alone! He aeeuis to simply roll over
tho ground like a giant snowball
bounding down a steep hill.
Bruin can outryit the fastest horse
over a good course, aud when hsrd
pressed he will bounce from fifteen to
twenty feet at a Juuip, aud his tracks
will lie marked by claw holes that re
semble the work of a liig farm barrow.
The Nina Tsilers.
Perhaps you have sometimes beard
people say, "Nine tailors make a man."
This ancient adage Is said to have bad
Its origin aa follows:
Nlue tailors were tnerrlly stitching
w hen a poor beggar passed their shop,
Imploring charity of the busy workers.
StralKhtway those kind tailors opened
a subscription list. ICach contributed
something, aud tbe money thus collect
ed, which amouuted to a very respecta
ble sum, was handed over to the beg
gar. Tbe poor fellow, full of gratitude,
fell upon bis knees. "You nine tailors,"
he exclaimed, "have mads a man of
This story deserves to be known, for
It certainly redounds to tbe credit of
Worshiping Snakes.
In some districta of India there are
from 15,000 to 20,000 shrines dedicated
exclusively to snakes. Tbe property at
tached to these shrines is ofteu very
valuable, aud tbe rents are used to
keep up tbe numerous ceremoniea the
soekers of the shrine have to perform.
Fantnstlc Idols of serpents are set up
hi tbeae shrines, and the devotees of
tills strange religion make periodical
offerings of dough, milk and cooked
ric« to the serpents living in tbe
shrines, hoping thereby to gala extraor
dinary favors.
Ten Little Henrys.
A little boy, paying bis first vlalt to
tlie country, was taken to tbe barn to
ace some chickens Just batched. Thia
was bis first Introduction to tbe process
of incubation, aud lie looked with open
eyes and mouth at the Huffy chicks
while the batching process wss being
explslned to blm, after wblch bis moth
er was startled by bis rushing into tbe
house, exclaiming: "Oh, mamma, mam
ma! Come out to tbe barn, quick f Un
cle John has just set a ben and batched
out ten little Henrys!" f J.
Clara and the Cew.
Clara wanted very much to go out
in the yard to play. Her big sister ssld
to her:
"You mustn't go In tbe yard. Don't
you see that muliey cow out tberel
What do you suppose she would da
with her horua if you wsnt close to
her?" Clara answered, "I suppose she
would blow th«q."
The SesshelL
t brought a St»H beck from the sea.
I k**p It In my room with m«.
And wbun Uia wave. I wlab to hsar
1 hold the siashsU to mg ear.
Y, JUNE 28, 1907
Women who suffer from unnecessary, disagreeable,
painful, weakening, female complaints, will find that
Wine of Cardui is a safe and pleasant remedy for all
their ills. It acts directly upon all the delicate, inflamed
tissues, purifying the blood, throwing off the clogging
matter and relieving female disorders such as irregular,
scanty, profuse, painful catamenia, prolapse, etc.
Also relieves headache, backache, dizziness,
cramps, dragging pains, nervousness, irritability, etc.
need advice, write us a letter, telling us all
your symptoms. We will send free advice (in plain
sealed envelope). Address: Ladies' Advisory Dept.,
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
for advk#. and by foltowln* It and | VI Bv 111
taking Cardui. my Omale Trouble* a* M I a II I I
»rr« .ui*d."~Mr*. M.S. Wallaca, fir | | |wM | | | | |
Ur unuuui
Home is not home for mother's
not there,
Jesus has' taken her from otir
Dark is her room, and vacant her
She's safe in that land,
So beautiful and fair,*?
We miss our dear mother, and her
tender care,
For many sad hours have we since
spent in tears,
But all the dear ones that have
passed from the earth,
Have entered with Jesus, on a new
second birth.
Oft have mine eves grown dim with
' sad tears,
Oft have we missed vou, through
the dark gloom of years;
But Jesus our Saviour, who rules
the throne,
Died on the cross, to prepare thee
a home.
See her as she stands 011 yonder
• cloud,
With hands 011 the golden gale,
Her fair hands are holding it open
For her lonely loved ones that
There, there! Hush, lie calm!
For she's calling, hear her sweet
And some day we may rest with
our angel mother,
Under that beautiful golden sun.
Bert Barber, of Ellon, Wis., says
"I have only taken four doses of
your Kidney and Bladder Pills and
they have done for me more ihan
any other medicine has ever done.
I am still taking the pills as I want
a perfect cure." Mr. Barber re
fers to DeWitt's Kidne/ and Blad
der Pills, which are unequaled for
Backache, weak kidneys, inflamma
tion of the bladder and all urinary
troubles. A week treatment for
25c. Sold byS, R. Biggs. Williatn
ston, N. C.. Slade Jones. & Co.
Hamilton, N. C.
Secretary Taft.s mother does not
wish her son to make the President
tial campaign. Still it might lie
Ihe making of the boy.
Riairkibli Riseut
That troth is stranger than fic
tion, has once more been demon
strated in the little town of Fedora,
Tenn., the residence of C. V. Pep
per. He writes: "I was in bed,
with hemorrages
of thefungs and throat. Doctors
failed to help me, and all hope had
fled when I began taking Dr.
King's New Discovery. Then
instant relief came. The cough
ing soon ceased; the bleeding dim
inished rapidly, and in three weeks
I was able to go to work." Guar
anteed cure for coughs and colds
50c. and st.oo, at S. R. Biggs, drug
store. Trial bottle free.
When Mr. Stead said that church
influence for,universal peace wasn't
worth a row of pins, perhaps he
was thinking of the choirs. >
When you feel Ihe need of a pill
take a DeWitt'a Little Early Riser.
Small pill, safe P»H. ®« r e P* ll - Ea »y
io take —pleasant and effective.
Drives away headaches. Sold by
S. R. Biggs Williamgton, N. C.,
Slade johaia. & Co. Hamilton. N.
icr _;-v
The only trouble, iu Monenegro
it is said, is that the Prince is try
ing to override the Constitution.
My, My! Suppose we Americans
should fuss over a little thing like
that! n,
The Magic No 3
Number three is a wonderful
mascot for Geo. H. Harris, of
Cedar Grove, Me., according to a
le ter which reads: "After, suffer
ing much with liver and kidney
trouble, and becoming greatly
discouraged by the failure to find
relief, I tried Electric Bitters, and
ius a result 1 am a well man today.
1 I'he first bottle relieved and three
bottles completeted the cure."
j Guaranteed best on earih for
'stomach, Ijver and kidney troubles,
by S. R. biggs, druggist. 50c.
A man's reputation is built accor
ding oh'" owu dtrcvttuno,
Methodist Church
RKV-C. L. RHAD, Pastor.
Methodist Kpiscopal Church, South,
Williatmton ami Hamilton Charge*.
Services as follows.
Williamston—Preaching on the Ist 3rd
and 4th Sundays at 11 am and 7:30 p 111
Sunday School at 9:30 am, W. A. Kl
lison, Supt,
Prayer Meeting each Wednesday at
7:30 p 111.
Hamilton—Preaching on the and and
sth Sundays at 11 a 111 and 7:30 p ;n,
Vernon—Preaching the Ist Sunday al
3 P
Holly Springs—Preaching the 3rd Sun
day at 3 p 111.
All friends of t"he church auil the pub
lic generally are cordiully invited to at
tend all the services.
Christian Church
Services at the Christian Church, Wil
Preaching third Sunday nam and 7 pm
Sunday School 3 p in every Sunday.
Macedonia first Sundays 11 a 111 and
Saturday n a ni and 7-30 p m.
Old Pord—iycoiid Sundays and Sat
urdays 11 a In.
Jamesville—Fourth Sundays n a m and
7 pm.
I. R. TlNGlvß,"Pastor.
Baptist Church
GEO. J. DOWBI.L, Pastor.
Preaching every Sabbath morning
and evening, except the first Sabbath
evening, itnaui and 7:30 p in.
, Sabbath School, S. Atwood NYw*'!
Superintendent; every Sabbath at 9:45
The Lord's Supper eyerv first abhath
- Church Conference every SetSjml Sub
Preaching at Reddick's drove the
first Sabbath in every moiitli it 3 p 111.
At Bigg's School Hou-e every 4UI
Sabbath at 3 ;i m
The lyadies Missi'mary Society, Mrs.
Justus Everett, Pres., meets every lira
and third Monday al 7: vi |> 111/
You are very respcftfully and earnest
ly jnvited to attend these services.
Church of the Advent
Rrv. Rout. Strang k, Bishop.
Rev. B. S. T, wtkr, Rector.
Church Of the Advent, Williauiston.
Sunday School, 9:30 every Sunday,
Services on the recond and fifth Suddays
at 11 a m and 7 pm.
On the Saturdays before those Sundays
at 5 p 111. *'
O n lhe Mondays after at 4:30. p in,
Bible class at time of Sunday School.
AU are cordially iimtM.—
-y '
Your money back.— advertis
ing la the kind that paya back to you
the money yon inveat. Space in thia
paper aaanrea yon prompt rvtnraa . .
Professional Cards.
Office: Jeffreu Drug Store.
OFPICK HOURS: 8 to 10 A. *l.; 7 to 9 r. u
Williamßton, N. C.
Office Phone No. 53
Night Phone No. 63
T win Tie In Plymouth the firat week la
every other mouth. "
W. K. Warren. J. s. Rhode*
'Phone No. 2q
Office: Wheeler Martin's office.
'Phone, 23.
Office formerly occupied by J. D. Biggs.
I'honf No. 77.
•#* Practice wherever aervicea are deal red
Special attention given to examining and mak
ng title for purchaaers of timber and timber
Hoecial attention will be given to real eatate
exchaugea. if you wiah to buy or aell land 1
CD h.lpvou PHONK4/
'Phone 31
Money to loan.
KoiinxtoNvii,i,n, N. C.
D. C. MOORING, Proprietor
Rates 1 2 .00 per day
Special Rates By the Week
A Hirst-Closa Hotel in Kvery Partio- *
ular. The traveling public will find it
a most convenient place to stop.
In Gase of Tire
you want to l>e protected.
In case of death yon want
to leave your family some
thing to live on. In case of
accident you want some
thing to live on besides
Let Us Come to Your Rcrcut
We can insure youjagalnst
loss from
Fire, Death and Accident
We can insure your Boiler,
Plate Glass, Burg*
lary. We also can bond
you ror any office requir
ing bond
None But But Ctaiiilss Rssrsssatsi
Godard Building
Williamston Telephone Co.
Office "-er Bank of Martiu County.
Phone Charges:
Messages limited to J minutea; extra
charge will positively be made for long^
To Washington v...;.,- 15 eta.
" Green villa ..... aj ••
" Plymouth aj "
" T irboro 35 '« .
" Rocky Mount JJ "
" Scotland Neck a3
" Jamesville 1$ ••
" Kader Ulley'sj 13 "
" I. O. Statou.,...V 13 "
" I. L. Woolard „.J.. j ij ••
•' J. B. riatrisaJt Co 1 j '•
'' Parmele.... IJ
Roberaonville .'. IJ "
i* l'.veretta 15 "
" Gold Point ..; ..... 15 ••
" Geo. Pi McNaughtou 15 "
" Hamilton ..., ; ao
' I'or other pomta fat" Kaatfcra Caroliaa
aee "Central" where a 'phone arlll k*
mm-""- • . .-.aajß

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