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| Yoar money back.—Judicious sdvertis
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VOL. VIII. • NO 46
*l. From C. D. Car:>t3rpheti Buy r P'k'g Colgate's Taffy Tpju
2. " H. M. Burras " 2 "
3. " Cowiug Bros. & Co. " 3 "
4. " Chase's Drug Store " 4 " . ' * "
5. " Harrison Bros. Sf Co. " 5 "
6. " J. L Hassell & Co. " 6 " " ' " "
7. ." ~ Brown & Hodges " 7 "
8. " J. A MiZell & Co. " 8 " " v "
9. " S/R. Biggs ** 9 "
And if this nine you obey, be you German. Gentile or Jew,
You can uever refuse to chew Colgan's Taffy Tolu Guiu.
Nowisthe time to place your order for Tobacco Flues
All Kinds and Sizes Made to' Order. Try Us
_ Woolards
Ij Zp Harrow and
- m Cultivator
U A Saving of One
M■ JBn Horse and two hands
q —*t Works both sides
in —" of the row at the same
Breaks the clods
and Cultivates With as Much lCase as any Ordinary Plow
What every Farmer and Truck Gardner needs
Williamston, N. C.
New Firm At 
■- • ■
Farmers Warehouse
> •
The Fanners Warehouse here wHI be run this Season l>y Ivli Gurga
uus and John T. Fishel. Our Mr. Fishel is known as a good judge of
Tobacco and one among the best-auctioners in the state. He was with
Mr. Graham of this place last year and desires to tliank the farmers
and patrons for the courtesy they showed him last season and ask you
all to come to see us at
rarmerg Warehouse
Gurganus &- Fishel
A New Business School
' Eastern North Carolina now has a first-class business school where
its young men and women can acquire a business training equal to
'that given iu any of the business schools of the larger cities and at
much less expense Opened June 3rd. Enrollment first pjonth, 52
pupils. Can begin at any time. Special rates to first pupils who en
roll from new sections. Write TODAY for catalogue if interested.
Courses of Study:
Business, Shorthand, English, Telegraphy
First Nat. "Bank Building, Washington, N C.; also Norfolk, Ports
mouth and Newporr News, Va.
J. M. RESSLBR, Pres.
Clj c (Mtrprist
.. 1.
North Carolina's Governor.
Governor U. B. (ileuu of North Caro
lina, whose clash with Judne I'rltch
arJ attracted wide utteutlou, holds
thiit state courts have rights the fed
erul judiciary should respect.
"Our courts having Jurisdiction," says
Governor Glenu, "we contend we
have a right |o proceed to fluul judg
uient aud that If aggrieved defend
ants can only appeal through our su
prctne court to the supreme court of
the L'nlted States. This Is'the orderly
method the railroads desire to oujoln
us froui taking and to take all cases
Into the federal court."
The cause of the trouble briefly
stated Is: The Southern railway, was
found guilty of violating (lie North
Carolina law forbidding, uuder SSOO
penalty, tickets to lie sold for more
than 2Vi cents a mile, was fined
SBO,OOO, aud two of Its officials were
sent to prison. They .Federal Judge
Prltchard Immediately tbff
otllcluls on habeas corpus and lu
velglied against the law us "coulls
calory" on the ground that the South
em might have to pay us uiuch us
$2,000,000 lu tines.
Governor Glenn Is a native of North
Carolina, a lawyer by profession und
fifty-three years old. For many years
he has been prominent In politics nnd
has served the state In various capucl
ties, lie was a Cleveland elector In
IHB4 flud IKii'J lje was chosen govern
or of North Carolina lu W0&, his term
explrlug in ltaiti.
A Stiff Upper Lip.
Hugo Osterhaus, the new captain of
the battleship Connecticut, praised at
a dinner lu New York the old salt of
the past. .
"He has disappeared," said ('uptuln
Osterhuus sadly. "We made fun of
him, and before our ridicule he blushed
and vanished.
"Such stories as we used to tell of
"One, for lustunce, dealt with uu old
shall block's beard
old fellow, 'that you never shave your
"upper lip clean?'
" 'Well, you see,' Bill answered, 'a
(nun's gotter have some place to strlki
his matches on.'"
The Kingdom.
The recent abdication of the em
peror of Korea aud the ascenslou of
the crown 'prince to the throrie have
turned the eyes of the world toward
the Hermit Kingdom. Since the close
of the Busso Japanese war the Japa
uese have liecu absolute masters of
Korea, aud the recent change of rulers
Is attributed to their Influence.
The ex emperor of the Hermit King
dom ruled over his people for
forty-four years and was Induced to
abdicate under stress of pressure. Ilia
cabinet and council of elder statesmen
convinced him libit no other course
could safely be pursued. Want of pre
caution and prudeuce in the old em
peror's policies, especially lu dlplo
ma tic affaire, whereby he was en
dangerlng the safety of the nation,
are the reasons given for his downfall.
Lieutenant General V. Ifasegawa,
commander of the Japanese troops lu
Korea, is one of the most dls
tiuguisbed officers of the mikado's
army. During the war with Bussla
be commanded the Imperial guards.
His division operated with General
Kurokl In Manchuria when the latter
rolled up Kuropatkln'a army.
# —-
Whira the Breath la Offeneive.
Offensive breath Is caused some
times by decayed teeth. The ouly rem
edy Is to have them attended to -ex
tracted, If that Is necessary; tilled, If
Sometimes the cause arises In the
atoiuach. For tills the disease must be
removed. A bit of cluuaniou chewed
or of Florida orris root or calamus
often helps to make the breath sweet.
The rnustlc tree gl\es out a sort of
resinous tjuin tliat hardens the gums
and gives a delicate odor to the breath.
Ml* a few drops of spirits of cam
phor and tincture of myrrh In a glass
of water and rinse the mouth, using it
also as a gargle when some small In
disposition has affected -the breath. A
small bottle of tluctdfe of myrrh luay
Ik- kept on the aUud and ten drops
used lit a little water after the mouth
aud teeth are well cleansed. A cup of
Itfobg black coffee removes "the odor
of onions; so- wtH. a sprig of fresh
parsley, chewed, t'harcoal tablets are
good for those Willi this distressing af
Club Sandwiches.
Tuke equal parts «>f cooked chicken
ultd hard boiled eggs, chop and cook In
enough thickened Uillk gravy to hold
the mixture together and season with
salt, .pepinjr and a touch of paprika.
Cut slices of stale bread and season
also. Place c'lilckeu, jnUturo between
two slices, lietween the next two a
slice Of fried bacon or chopped ham If
preferred, then another of chicken. Tie
these sandwiches together with twine
anil fry quickly In hot deep fut till a
light brown. I>ry and remove twine,
gswi Imfc ..... i -—.
. Household Notes.
A little ammonia In the water used
In cleaning mirrors and window glass
Is excellent for removing ily specks
and dust.
A drop of oil of lavender on the hair
or pillow of n sick person -Will keep
away anuoyluft flies.
Butter applied at once to a burn will
prevent the skin from blistering.
* A tnhlcspoouful of glycerin lu a glass
of but milk Is said to give Instant re
lief lu severe paroxysms of coughlug.
Stand F,or Ftstirone.
An arrangement to pievent tiatlrons
from sliding from the Ironing Ixiurd
has been patented by a Michigan
womiui. This Iron stajid Is made of a
base of resilient wire, which can be
easily attached to any lroulng board
Secured and maintained In |M>sltlon on
the base Is u receptacle which has
three of the sides elevated and one
side opeu, the- open side disposed
toward the longer portion of tin- board
When the stand Is In position and a
flat I roil lu the receptacle, the tilting
of the board will uot cause the Iron
to slip from the stand, the dosed sides
effectually preventing such uecldejitH.
Canned String Beans.
Prepare as for the table, boll until
i nearly done, then add one pint of salt
) to every ten pints of beans and cook
until thoroughly done. Then pour Into
cans or Jars, covering well with brine
and seal tightly. To cook Iteuus canned
in tills way drain the brine from the
beans, pour Into n stewpun and cover
with water, boll live or ten minutes,
then pour off wuter aud seasou with
butter and pepper, a little sugur and
creuin if desired.
For Hardening the Gums.
A decoction of tannin, oak bark and
myrrh, which will cvni
pound, Is excellent for this soft, spongy
condition of the gums. Those who ure
affected In this way have to avoid too
salty foods, fruits that are very add
and also much sweets, pastries, etc
Hadlshes sometimes cause softness of
the gumn Too much fat or oils Is
•Iso bad In such cases. M
The Bun Injures th* Hair,
Those who are in the ha lilt of going
out lu their bare heads should remem
ber that nothing causes the hair
lose Its color so soon as the direct rays
of the sun. This exposure. In addition
to streaking tlie hair, will in course of
time dry the natural oil and cause the
sea I p to become Impoverished.
~ Bleaohing Yellow Ivory.
A very simple process will restore
Ivory carvings that have become dis
colored. I'alut them with spirits of
turpentine ami expose them to the sun
shine for a few days. This treatment
will also prove beneficial to Ivory pi
ano keys when they begin to turn yel
low. " y, -
Glycerin Lotion.
Pure felycerln, one ounce; distilled
water, six ounces; rose water, three
I ounces. This Is excellent where the
I skin Is rough and pimply.
-Growing Girls—^
Growing girls need care, advice and medicine,
especially on reading the age of puberty. A
mother's tender care and words of caution will
often .accomplish wonders. As for medicine, a
gentle, safe and reliable strengthening tonic is
Wine of Cardui,
Hi will prevent and relieve pain, regulate the
functions, clear the complexion and strengthen
; "the constitution.
It is a valuable medicine for growing girls. It
has tided thousands over a critical period, and
- saved them from years of suffering. It can never
do harm and is sure to do good.
A relief or cure for all female disorders in girls
and women.
At every druggist's in #I.OO bottles. Try it.
Kelly Won't Rece This Bummsr. j
liini Kelly, the world's champion
sprinter, will not compete this summer'
lu the eust. Kelly, who lives lu Port i
land, Ore, recently Injured a tendon ~
In Ids leg nnd was reluctantly forced
to- breuk training
He says be may be In shape by fall,
Tiowttver. Kelly -became famous—by
lowering the World's record for tile
100 yard dusii established by Arthur
Huffy, the cxOeorgetovs n university
The Delehantye, Baseball Notables.
Jauies lleleiillllty of Cleveland, O,
is futlier of more good players than
any man in the United States Sl»
sous have won fame on the dlmnoud,
four of tlieui In the big leagues. Iml
Delebuuty wus the greatest of all. Jin
was with the Philadelphia club lu the
National b-ugue aud was with the
Washington teaui lu the Auicrlcuu
league, lie gained a repulutton as one
of the greatest butsnicn who cvei
pluyed baseball. He died four years
Joe Deletion ty perhaps bears- a more
striking resemblance to Ed than any
other of tin* brothers, lie lias play
ed with Allcutowu, Pa., Moufreal, New
Orleans, Worcester and Buffalo. For
tlie last two years he has been with
the Wlillnnisport Trlstate team luiil IB
one of the hardest hitters In the fF#Rim
Frank Delelianty got his start with
the Montgomery team, played In Syra
cuse and was with the New York
Americans before being traded to tlie
Cleveland club, Which he afterward
Jim Ilelehanty began with Little
Hock, went to Chicago Nationals, then
to Hoston, theu to Cincinnati and this
year was sold to the St. Louis Browns,
who later turned him over to Wash
IngtoD. |
Tom Ilelehanty played with Toronto,
Atlanta, Detroit iiud Seattle und last
yeur was with the Wtlliuuisport team
of tlie Trlstate league, found the life
too strenuous slid retired this year.
The youngest of the lot, Willie, has
started at Oswego, N. Y. He -Is a
promising youngster and Is expected to
get In the big show before he Is many
years older
College Baseball.
College baseball captains for next
season have beeu elected as follows:
Princeton, Harlan, outfielder; Dar£_
mouth, Sklllln, pitcher; Georgetown,
Blmons, outfielder; Cornell, Heilman,
shortstop; VUlanova, Savage, third
base; Brown, Raymond, outtielder;
Holy Cross, Barry, shortstop; Exeter,
Connelly, third Base; Ahdover, Kellly,
first base; Pennsylvania State, Cree,
shortstop; Tufts, Atwood, pitcher;
Washington and Jefferson, Ramsey,
thin] base; Lehigh, Qalbraith, second
bMe: EhUJU>s-ltl*tS£. JkUwkcv: Wicht-
gßli, HUIIIVRII; Minnesota, Put Boyle;
("citrate, (union; Peiiunylviinlii, Ken
ni'll, idtcljer; Harvard, l«otiurd, third
IMIHC ; Yuli\ Toil Joiiea, catcher.
The Hprluifliekl Republican ranks
the college tenuis, an follows: Brown,
Cornell, Princeton, PennHylrmilii Sluta,
Kordliutu, Hurvurd, Holy Crows, Wil
liams, Yule and Vermont.
Army'a Football Schedule.
The Army Athletic- association hna
U rrun Klll the following foothull aclied
ule fur the ijeiisonof 11KI7: Oct. 5,
Franklin Marshall; Oct. 12, Trinity:
Oct. lit. Yule;* Oct, 20, I'nlverslty of
Rochester; Nov. 2, Colgate; Nov. 9,
Cornell; Nov. 10, Tufts; Nov. 2,'t, Syra
cuse; Nov. B>, Navy.
Itequust for the detail of Captain
llenry C. Kinlther, Fifteenth cavalry,
RH heiid Coach litis been made lie will
be assisted by Ruliert \Y. Forbes of
Czar and Czarina.
JndKe William II Moore, "tile tdiow
ring enthusiast of New York city,
driven a pair of gruy Orlops, imported
from 1t usslii, IIN leaders for Ills four-
Vu hand road team. They ure nauit'd
Czar and Czarina.
Methodist Church
HKV. C. L. KKAD. Pastor.
Methodist (episcopal Chun \\, South,
Williaiiiston i'unl TTniuTlToti Charges:
Services as follows.
Williauiston on the Ist \rd i
hihl 4th Sundays at 11 a in and 730pm
Sunday School at 9 30 a 111, W. A. I ; ,l
lisou, Supt.
I'rayer Meeting each Wedne.d i> at
pin. > *
IVailillton Pleaching mi, (lie 1»«I and
af 11 atu and 7,5*1 p'rri.
Vernon Preaching the Ist Sunday at
4 P ln -
Holly Springs Preaching the \id Sun
day at 1 p 111.
All friends of the church mid the piih
lic general I) an- ««»i«11.« 11 > imited to at
lend all the sei \ ices.
Christian Church
Services at the C hiisti.lll 1 I 1111« h, Wil
Preaching third Sunda\ 11 a 111 and 7 pin
Sunday Schocd 3 p 111 every Sunday.
, Macedonia first sunda\ s 11 a 111 and
Saturday 11 a m and 7.30 P «»•
Old Ford Second Sundays and, Sat
unlays 11 a 111.
"Janiesville - Fourth Sundays 11 am mid
7 P *'»•
J. k. TINGM-;, Pastor.
Baptist Church
(•KO/J. PoNVKI.L, Pastor.
Preaching every Sabbath morning
and evening, except the first Sabbath
evening, at 11 a 111 and 7 \o p 111.
Sabbath Schijol, »S. At wood Newell
Su|ieriutelideut; every Sabbath. at 945
The I/ord's Supj>er i"Verv fouitli Salihatti
Cliurch Conference eve-ry Second Sab
Preaching at Kiddick's C.mve the
first Sal)bath 111 every uioiitli at 4 p in.
At Biggs' School House every 4th
Sabbath at 3 p 111.
! The Ladies Missionary Soiiety. "Mrs
Justus Everett, Pres.. meets every first
and third Monday at 7 30 p in
! You are very respectfully mid. earnest
ly invited to attend these services.
Episcopal Church A
Church of the - J
Rev. WM. J GORDON, Minister in Charge
Sunday School, 9:30 every Sunday mom
Regular Service# on Ist Sunday at 11 a
m and H i) tn, on 3rd Sunday at 'l,l .a 1 m
and 5 p 111.
On 2nd and sth Suydays Rev. Mr. Gor
don will hold services at Plymouth,
Grace Church, and on 4th Sunday at
Hamilton, St Martivs.
Your money back.—Judicious advertis
ing is the kind that pays back to you
the money you invest. Space in this
paper assures yon prompt returns . .
Professional Cards.
Office: Jeffress Drug Store.
OFPICK HOURS: Btolo A. M.; 7 to 9P. M
WillirttnHton, N. C.
Office Phone No. 53
Night Phone No. 63 •
I will t>e in Plymouth the first week in
every other month.
W. li. Warren. J. S. Khcxlas
'Phone No. 2Q
Office: Wheeler Martin's office.
'Phone, 23.
Oilier formerly occupied by J. I). Rfgga.
I'hone No. 77.
•tfM'iaihce wlirirvfi service* are desired
special 'Mltrntiuii given to examining and nmk
i»K title foi ptiit liHMfin of limber and timber
Special attention will he given to real eatate
en hanger. If you *rish to buy 01 dell land I
..1. lirlpyou PHONK* /
'Phone 31
Money toloan.
I). C. MOORING, Proprietor
Rates J2.00 per day
Special Rates By the Week
A First Closs Hotel iti Kvery Partic
ular The traveling public will find It
a uiost convenient place to stop.
• f life Insurance is about as wise an ac
as a voting niati can perform. There are
several contracts especially adapted to
v«»ung men. They are txrth an insurance
and an investment on which you can
reali/e without dying.
«»f this class is as secure as a savings
hank account and pays larger interest.
Come in and talk it over.
Godard Building
Williamston Telephone Co.
Otfu'c.over Hank of Martiu County.
Phone Charges:
Messages limited to 5 minutes; extra
charge wilt positively be made for longer
t imt^
To Washington 25 ct».
" Greenville 25 "
" Plymouth 25 "
" Tartioro 25
" Rocky Mount 35 "
" Scotland Neck 25 •'
" Jauiesville 15 "
" Kader Lilley's 15 "
" I. O. Staton 15 "
" J. 1,. Wo&lard 15 "
" j. B. Hariiss & 15 "
" Parmele "
" Roliersouville 4". A. 15 "
" Hveretts /, 15 "
" Gold Point I.S " -
" Geo. P. McNaughton 15 "
" Hamilton „ 20 "
For other points in Kaatero Carolina
see "Central " where a'phone will ba
found for use of non-«i bacribara.

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