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VOL. IX. - NO. ii
1 >eoemb*r 3, 190*
1 J G Statou, 13 days Com. >26: 5 dart hridges fio, 90
miles @ 5c > S°
2 Geo W Giiffin, 2 days Com. £4; 3 days bridges
miles @ 5c 15 so
3 Henry Modlin, filling in Cooper's Swamp 50 00
4 MD Moblev, making fill at Reedy Swamp 3° 00
5 J D Bowen, services keeper Co. Home J 7 ao
(1 Brown & Hodges, supplies to poor '» 5 U
7 Anderson, Crawford & Co. supplies to poor 10 00
N Carstarpheu & Co. supplies to Co. Home 32 7 3
y '* " " " poor 900
10 W D Corey " «- •» ■ bOO
11 DS Powell ...... 4 00
12 J G Staton lumber aud hauling for Co. Home 35°
13 N R Manning building mill bridge and lumber 166 60
14 A j Stalling* supplies to poor «* SO
15 8 S Cowing services holding election at Bear ixrass 12 94
16 A S Cwflield " regis'rar Poplar Point 1030
17 Henry Smith 41 poll Holder" " too
iH J"F Britton " registarr Cross Road* 1164
19 J L Croom " " Gold Point 7
20 ND Young " poll ho'der Robersouville 200
21 SD Jenkins " " " " •• 43°
22 W H Keel " bailiff " too
23 B L Upton Conveying prisiotter to jail »00
24 W W Waters services poll holder Jame>ville 200
25 JHD Peel Croee Roads 2 *»
26 Jno A Ward . " registrar Jamesville 1062
27 " " " conveying prisoner to jail 250
2« Fannie Slade supplies to poor T 1 75
29 B B Allen service bailiff jamesville 100
30 Prank Jackson Judge of election " 200
3!' H S Everett " " " Goose Nest 200
32 Jno J Manning service registrar Griffins,/ l » 4°
33 H T Roberson services poll holder Griffins 43°
34 Geo E Peel " •« .. .., 2 00
35 J H Everett service! poll holder Gold Point 4*5
36 ATCrawfotd " " " Wiltiamstou 300
37 B F Godwin " registrar " 94°
38 J H Whitefield 4> " Roliersouville 8« 9
39 M D Wilson " poll holder Williamstou 3 o>
40 N S Peel " Chm. Co. Bd. e'ection '••S
41 JO Kell " poll holder Gold Point 200
42 J T Waldo " holding election Hamilton 16 38
43 N T Brown " poll bolder Goose Nest 200
44 HenTy Rogersott" lumber at Africa and Jack Swatnps 14 °°
45 Edwards & Broughton record books * " '305
46 J C Crawford sbff. jail and court fees 101 60
47 HB Batcman supplies to poor 00
48 Harrison Bros & Co. " " " 200
49 S R Biggs aud nied. Co. Hoaae 475
50 Eubank* aud Purvis lumber and building bridge 00 00
51 B C Corlisll lepairs on Brown's Bridge 13 00
52 Jno. Brown " " Sherrod mill " !27
53 vV R Warrett services Co. Supt. Health 1000
54 J Paul Simpson wire fence for county '4 >7
55 T H Council services registrar Goose Nest 999
56 J A Hobbs " C. S. C. 5
57 Clias. M Peel lumber for bridge 282
,s8 K B Crawford insurance premium on Co. Home 39 00
59 W C Manning services tax books elk fees per bill 322 69
January 7 1907
60 J D Bowen services keeper Co. Home 2500
6j V R Taylor supplies to poor i—— 23 00
*62 R M Griffin coffin for poor 3 8 3
63 Jenkins & Roberson supplies to poor '8 00
64 l» D Roberson fit Sons " " " * 36 00
f>s H Modlin & Bro. material for Cooper Swamp bridge 3 110
(>6 NT Reddick sen-ices as registrar Williams 74 8
67 Salabury & Bro. supplies to poor 38 00
jftK A F Stalling* " " 925
P Sherrod " " " -- • 1800
70 Baker & Rolwrson " " 2-250
71 Cowing Bros. " v " __ 1000
■ji J A Hobbs C. S. C. fees Dec. 1906 * 28 62
73 C C'Danils Solictor " * " 2000
74 J C Crawford Sheriff" " " 570
75 Geo. E. Ricks *•' " " " ho
76 BF Godwtn-J. P.. " : " " S7B
77 J T Waldb 285
78 J H Page Constable ..." " 620
79 B L Upton " " " " 365
80 J E Smithwick witness " " 220
81 BMcManniuE' " " " 230
82 CCColtiain " " " " 330
83 J S Griffiu "" t 73
84 Henry Bell ...... ,
85 J TPwmw " " " • .140
86 J ease Brown " > 210
87 Tobe Williams" ...... 210
88 Dr. B L Long " " > " " 180
89 B B Sherrod " " 380
90 BL Upton i ..... «i 2
91 ( Will Rives " " " " 380
92 ' Ben Ashley " - ,oo
93 Annie Anderson •.«• 2 , 0
94 Sarah " " / 210
95 Henry Rogers witness fees Dec. 1906 9O
96 BU Smith " " " '• 80
97 Cieo. Keys " " " " - tlO
98 R T Taylor supplies to poor 24 00
99 Fanny Slade •• " " 275
100 H E Brown repairs Conoho bridge 1 25
101 J F •' " " 2 93
JO2 Salsburv & fHt> Council " , 200
103 J M Sykes conveying presioner to jail , 2 00
104 Slade, Jones & Co. supplies to poor 28 00
105 H& B Bateman " '• " 10 00
106 R LTaylot for paupe r ob
107 S L Wallace supplies to poor 96 50
108 Carstarphen & Co. aupplies court house and jail 7 92
109 " " " to poor • 900
no " " \ " "Co. Home 2737
ill AS Robersojrifli Co. " " poor 49 00
119 J A Micell & Co\ •••*-.. 100
113 WW Walters > " 41 " ,6 00
114 Anderson ft Co. I " •' 10 on
115 M W Ballord " " " 4*50
116 B R Jenkins services on Co. Bd. of Elections 2 60
117 WBWanen " Co. Supt.. Health 1000
118 Jno. E. Griffin repairs Fomes and Little Creak bridges S3 46
119 C W Keith board for jurors 9
120 J A Hobbs stamps and C. S. C. fees *43
121 S D Burroughs wood at jail 3«o
123, H M Burr as stationery faes office 9 40
123 Hsrrell Ptg House " Reg " 160
124 S R Biggs Sup. to poor snd Med. Co. Home and jail 5 05
125 J H Page conveying prisoner from jail 4 90
126 J C Crawford Sheriff and jail fees 72 20
12 capture and conveying prisnoer from Beaufort Co. 15 77
129 S E Haxdiaon aervicea Judge of Election 4 00
130 WE Daniel " ♦♦ »» —* 2 00
131 W C Maiming service as clerk to board 29 25
$k (Merpnst.
i►  >
ii Fate and ii
ii Humpy, ii
„...By Chartaa Calvoreon. '
; ; CawiUliM, MM. by K. C. P&ro.lls. > |
"What dues the lad/ look Ilka?" da
minded Humphries.
Cultun rvgardnd bin coolly,
"I don't think that there will be mare
than a dttsan or two ladles clamoring
for transportation to tlie Twin Hearts,"
Mid Bumptirla*' employer. "Even yvur
bo>Ugtit»d Intellect might appreciate
that fact"
Raiaphrtaa hIM and tvirued away.
Oartts Ositoa, owner of the Twlu
Hearts, waa peculiar. Above all, lie
wanted men about him who could car
ry out brief order* without demanding
aa elaborate amplification of the same.
Humphries had supposed that la this
case the question was justifiable, but If
Oottna thought otherwise he had no
comment te make
He went down ta the corral and
hitched the blacks to the buckboard,
one or two of hli fallows lounging over
ta see what waa up
"Qoln' to town. Humpy?" demanded
Ran Tyler, lighting a fresh cigarette.
"No," eald llnmphrlea, with asperity,
'l'm golu' to drive orsr to China te
hlra a new oook. What makaa you
think I waa golu' to town?'*
Tyler grinned amiably.
"Tou'd think he was the old man If
yaa could hear him talk with your
area shut." be commeuted musingly te
Bock Byers. "By the wsy, 1 wish
yaa'fl stop oa the way b*ek and bring
Wt some makings."
He tossed a silver dollar to Hum
phries as that worthy climbed Into the
saat and started the team. HV-npbrle*
pocketed the coin, with s grunt, aud
devoted himself to his thoughts.
That something was doing up at the
big house was rlearl.v apparent. Th*
minister from Silver Forks had driven
ever that morning, and new he was
sent to Brsylsys for n young woman,
with orders ta return her to Ibe ranch
with all spaad. He grinned as be ob
served the brand on the flanks of the
MacU, the twin hearts from which the
ranch took its naine
"Ought to put a cupld's . arrow
through 'em," he told the blacks. "Then
you'd look Ilka valentines Wonder
who It la goln' te get hitched?"
■a ran through the list of probables,
hut mn id not decide until the Overland
paused st the little flag station to de
poelt a young weman and a trunk. A*
the girl raised her veil flumplirlei
sprang forward
"Miss Bess." h* cried, a note of real
waleoia* In his voles. "I've got th«
hnck board here."
■a held bar bsud an Instant lu greet
log snd than strspped the trunk be
Iliad the seat before helping her In.
The year before he had bfen working
OB the Circle I.\ when lies* Psrley had
oome to spend the summer with her
brother, bis employer. Kreu then
there bad been talk of a marriage be
tween bar sod Colton. but the gossip
had died down, and It was supposed
that there had been a quarrel. Now
she was hare, the preacher wss here,
and there could be no doubt but that
she would bocome queen dt the Twin
■aarts as well ss the heart of every
rider on the range
Humphries engaged her la converse
ttau. supplying bits of local news aud
llatealng with ao amiable grin to her
tales of "back east." Almost before
Ui*g knew It they bad come to the gate
of the raach laclbsure, sod Humphries
wss shout to Jump down snd open It
whea she laid a detaining hand upon
his arm.
"Wl» stop hers?" she asked. "Circle
t Is only Ova mile* ahead."
"Circle ET" he echoed. "I thought
yea war* coming bar*."
TDM ray brother ssy so?" she asked
"I haven't seen Mr. Farley in six
Mentha." be said. "I'm working htr«
BOW, and Mr. Colton told me to go snd
prt a lady. I asked what she looked
ilka, and he eat me off short, like be al
ways does. I supposed It must bs all
right. Tea was the ouly lady to get
"I didn't knew that you had Isft my
larwther'* ransh,' she explained Is re
tarn, "and I thought, of cour**. It waa
all right I wrote hiss three days ago
Chat 1 was coining "
"I guess the letter's there st th*
hansa," com masted Humphries. "Too
sea, he went up to Denver sbout a
wash ago, s« nobody knows that yau're
sum lag. Better turn la here. Th*
CI sale E boues Is all clnaad up while
year brother's a wsy."
■uaphrles climbed out of the buck
hoard and opeaed the gate, driving th*
Imb through and closing It again be
ten* he climbed back to the eeat
'Tee will be bettor or bore." k*
aoaOauod comfortably, "snd thsrs's
fee nlststsr from Mirer Spring to h*
shape roe"
"What to the sola later dstag here?"
■be Aemsaded. ■omphrtss blushod.
"I dM think hs aama ever te do a
Job 01 hltehla'," h* explained, "but I
gma* new that I was In wrosg. Hero'*
the booa." ho added ss Col toe osms out
m the parch at the sonad of the sr
gsmhtag Tshlela.
R was a posaUd Celts* who eeaaa
dawa th* Stops ts assist Bess from the
'This was ths saly lady that pot off
the trmla, ss I breught her," explained
■asaphrisa defiantly as hs nnioadsd
As truok aad drove sff to ths stablss.
"I dM sot knew that Bumpy was
weWag far yaa," orplalaad Boee ss
fee hsefchssad diss see* red around ths
l*a*r a the ho as* T Suppoeed that
Bs had Wtm slass I wrsts
| ftsd aetasal I waa esaa
-»ir "■ "
jig I learn thst the houes la closed
np, and 1 could not explain to Humpy
that I would rather live in the closed j
house than—here."
"You will bo seat right on U you ]
wish It" be said stiflly "I ssnt to ths
tntlo for a woman who is to marry ths '
esok. Bs wss gnxlou* to hav* th*
caremooy over before the boy* would
find out, and I did uot explain te
Uumpbrl** who Waa coming."
"Quit* a complication," ah* said,
with s fslnt sotlls. "1 aw sorry ts
put you to th* additional trouble of
Modlng toe on."
"At least you Will atay to dtasar,"
be urged. "1 can Dot let you g* oa be
fore you hsv* eaten Dinner will be
ready In half sn hoar Mssnwblls yes
asn wssb up and rast on ths ptassa."
He took her soceptanos for granted
and Isd th* wsy to s spars room,
where ho *aw that shs wss provided
with toilet accessories. He did Uot
•how up until dinner time, when ho
and the minister enjoyed the meal the
more for her itraclotia preannee at tho
table. Colton followed her out upon
the at the conrlualos of tho din
ner and stood Iteslde her under tho
heavy vines that screened the porch.
"I shall send a wan around proo
ently," he said softly, "If you Insist
upon going, lie**, dear, can't yen
reconsider your determinationf'
"1 oouUl, not very well *tay h«ro,"
ahe answered Indifferently.
"A* my wife?" he asked. "Aro yos
going to hold against Ine that ono silly
moment last summer when I lost my
head aud my temper and through that
lo«t you? If you could kn*w bow bit
t*rly I havo repented."
"Penitent does not efface ths scar of
the wound you Inflicted," she said. "I,
too, have anrfered, hut I bavo taught
mysolf to forget."
"And will you not furglve a* well a*
forgot?" be pleaded "When I ssw
you at the bead of the table Just now
and reallxcd that but fsr my luapotn
oslty you would always be at the head
of that table, It waa all I could do to
k«op from crying. out for forglvonoss
Won't you forglvs?"
For a moment the girl searched tho
eager face before her. It was a face
good to look upon, and her own heart
crlef out In surrender, but still ah*
pnuaed. Then from around the corner
of the house came Humphries' rich
barytone. It was a "cow *ong," crude
a* to word* and almple In It* melody,
* *ong *uug to cattle on the night
watchea to reaaaur* th* tluild animal*.
Ulie remembered that bo had boon
•luglng It the night that Colton pr»
poaeri, and a great wave of tenderness
swept over her a* ah* rscalled those
-linppy day* of Isat summar. Tha whit*
hand stole out and sllppsd within Csl
ton's browned linger*
"Blnce fat*—and Humpy-***** to
will It *o," *lie *ald *oftly.
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I Game of
I Hearts and the !:
| Rubber....
By Martha Cobb Sanlord.
| OepfrtgktW. Mxr, by C. H. SatcUffa. J;
I/*oaora was the moat fascinating
craatur* that aver breathed. Every
body admitted that. How ah* had ever
managed to g*t paet the twenties with
out yielding to the numerous alegvs
laid to bar heart was a matter of com
mon wonder. Now that the tnomentoo*
eve of her thirtieth birthday bad ar
rived Uoonora horself was wondering
Bbe thought of the faithful Itob and
alghod. She thought of the Impulsive
Jack and laughed outright. She thought
of the imperious Roland and lifted her
•yebrow*. They were remarkably beau
tiful eyebrows, and the eyea that look
ed frsukly Into hers out of the mirror
were liewttcblngly merry and brown.
For s few moments I.eonora brushed
her wavy hair vigorously. Then she
twined It Into a long thick braid, aald
good night and goodby to the twenty
nlne-yoar-old girl In the mirror, turned
out the light aud Jumped Into bed.
"Hotber th* whole bunchl" she mutter
ed sleepily. "I'm uever going to think
of them again "
But shs did. At least, go where ah*
weuld In her dies ma, the persistent
Rob followed her, hi* willful, admiring
•j'** fastened upon her until It seemed
ss If shs could not stsnd It a moment
longer. Then Jack would appear from
seomlngly nowhere aud without any
polite preliminaries or regard for the
curious people around them, would be
gin to tell ber how he loved her, bow
be lived but for sight of her. bow h*-
Buddenly exit Jack aud enter Holaud,
the autocrat.
"I don't like Ihe looks of that man
who wa* with you Just now, ray dear,"
was hi* ultimatum. "I don't want you
to have anything more to do with him.
Come; ws will bo married Immediately.
I won't stand any more trifling." And
then—ob, then the rain began to pour
In torreuts, and the wind blew a gale,
aud she wss all alone, and she lost her
rubber while crossing a muddy street,
and-well, aa it went on and on through
the night.
In the morning the doctor wa* called.
Leonora had a high fever and other
alarming symptoms.
"Are you subject to attacks Ilk*
these?" aakrd the young physician In
hla tno*t professional manuer.
"Never remember having bad a doc
tor before In my life," Leonorn answer
*d, a lulling feebly. Then, a flash of her
tru* mischievous self flaring up for a
momeut. *be added: "But I think I'm
going to enjoy It; You're so nmusing
ly young and serious, Dr. Torrence."
Perhaps it waa Just aa well for Leo
nora that a sharp pain In her side pre
vented her from expressing her obser
vations more freely.
When the pain had passed the doctor
rsaumsd hi* cross questioning.
"Do yon recall any way you may
hav* taken cold?" lie put the ques
tion tills time In nn almost Jocular
"Tbst's better," commented I^eonora.
"Ths pain? I'm glad."
"No; I msant tho— never mind. What
waa It you asked?"
Dr. Torrence repeated the question.
"Oh, ye*. Why, I lo*t my rubber
y**t*rtl*y In the rain. Can you take
gold by wetting Just one foot?"
Tbs physlclsn refused to commit
himself. Before Leonora could get a
ehancs to push ber Inquiry she found
ber mouth effectively Btopped by a
clinical thermometer.
That evening Dr. Torrence called
again. He fouud hl* patient not quite
■o well and far less frisky.
"It's been *ucb an endless day," ahe
tolfl him, "the dreariest 1 ever knew
In my life, and It'* my birthday!"
"It flo*sn'l look dreary with all these
beautiful flowers nodding their con
"Congratulations?" Leonora groaned.
"Dr. Torrence, I'm thirty years old."
Th* doctor gave vent to a hearty
laugh. ■
"Too look about *lxt*eu," he answer
*d gallantly.
L*onora fluabed faintly at the com
pliment. lifted one of her long braids
that lay over her eboulder and dropped
It again waarlly.
"lt'o an awful tragedy," *h* ln
f*rmo4 hlin. "You '* n't appreciate
it" c.
"1 thought 1 did three years ago," he
asswsrsd, ■mlllug at her gently, "bnt
l'vs found out since 1 was mistaken.
Why, you're Juet beglnnlg to llve
n; dear.''
Tho laat two words be felt at liberty
to add by virtue of his three yesr*'
seniority plua bis professional priv
"I'*rhap* so," sighed Leonora, "only
1 fssl mors a* If I were going to die."
lodaed, for the next few daya it
looked aa though her pathetic prophecy
might prev* only too true. At ia*t,
aft*r * bard flght, the dread pneu
monia wa* conquered and the daya of
convalescence dawned, none too bright
ly, bnt surely.
Whoa Leonora cuuld at length alt
«p the light of ber tranaparent, white
looking face almost scared ber. Bh*
aasd to pinch ber cheeks for the Joy
of ssetng the color eome beck to them.
Just l*t ber get strong again and
wouldn't abe. ahow everybody how
young and heart free abe waai Aa it,
Tor that matter, any one had over
thought of ber aa anything ela*!
"Surrounded by flowers, as nsnal,"
•waa tho doctor's cheery greeting sa he
h rap pod in fori semtsocial, semtpro
f*s*lonal call one afternoon.
tliaw Mat really head his asrr-
Icea any longer,' but the doctor found I
It difficult to deaert 10 fascinating a
"Who neut them." he teaaed her—
"Tom. Dick or Harry—l mean Bob,
Jack or Holand?"
Leonora'* big brown eye* looked at
htm In nmaiement.
"How did you know about therat"
The doctor laughed a bit abeeplthly.
r "Oh. that's all you talked about when
you had the fever." • '
Lenora blushed prettily. /~\
"Yes. they sent them," she 4cknoWl
edged, "Rob and Jack nod 1 Rol/ud.
But not even the American Rea title*
give me such keen Joy as my rubber
The doctor followed her gate. From
the chandelier hung a woman'* rubber
overshoe filled with rich, fragrant vio
"It's the most romantic thing that
ever happened to me In my life," ei
clalmed Leouorn. her eyes shining with
happiness. "You see It's the rubber I
lost that rainy day before 1 was taken
111. Some man saw me drop It and has
sent It hack to me In this artistic fash
ion—anonymously, of course."
"Rather n footless procedure, It
strikes me," commented the doctor.
"For shame!" Leonora reproved.
"You're jealous!"
The doctor's face crew serious.
"Maybe I am," lie replied. I /Conors
dropped her eyos under his steady look
of admiration. "The other three were
strong enough rivals without this un
known mackintosh butting In with his
rubber plants."
Leonora 111 mod aside the doctor's
meaning lightly.
"He's the one luterest In life for m*
now." she said gsyly.
Following the advent of the vlol«t*
came lady slippers, with n fanciful lit
tle note expressing the hope that they'd
prove ss fitting an expression of the
donor's devotion as the rubbers, and
when they had fsded a grest bunch of
brilliant autumn leaves fillod their
"Leonora, 1 am Jealous," annonnced
the doctor as he watched her go Into
ecstasies over the gorgeous foliage. "1
bellevo If It weren't for this aggres
sively sentimental scamp I'd stand
half a chance myself. Don't you care
for me the least little bit, LeonoraT"
The girl hesitated.
"More than a little lilt, Dr. Torrence.
But, foolish or not, all my thoughts
center around this unknown admirer.
He appeals to my Imagination more
thnu any man I ever actually knew.
I love romance. I can't help It"
"Well, then," said the doctor decisive-
"the sooner he's discovered and
laid low the better., I'm going to hunt
him down If It takes a month of Sun
day* and present him to you, llttl*
Miss Romance."
In less than a week word came from
the doctor that he would call on a cer-
I tain afternoon, with Leonora'* consent,
ntid bring "Mr. Mackintosh" with him.
With feverish anticipation Leonora
waited the culmlnntlon of her ro
mance. On the stated afternoon she
dressed herself 111 her most becoming
frock and tucked some of the violets
that had come that very morning Into
her belt.
The liell rang. Her heart beat furl
oußly. Sl)e was half joyous, half
1 afrnlij.
The doctor entered her sitting room
"Wouldn't he come?" faltered Leo
"He wunts time to have a little talk
Willi you first, First, he's ask
ed me to tell you a bit what he's like,
and then If you don't want to see him
 you needn't. I'm going to be Just as
frank mid- fair about him as I know
how. He Isn't handsome—ln fact, 1
! think he's about as near homely us
they nuike 'em—and he's conceited—
awfully conceited. He Isn't rich cither
—makes just a fair living, though be
hopes to do better some day. He's
pretty fond of Ills own way, I've dis
covered, but you could manage him
without doubt. He's"—
"He's everything you sny he Isn't,"
Interrupted Leonora "He's handsoma
and modest land unaeUlsti and—and
iinywsy, money Isn't everything."
"Why, Leonora!" stammered the doc
tor, utterly taken back by her burst of
passionate defense.
"And 1 know something else about
him too. I found It out today. Ills
handwriting Is always the same funny
boylHh Brian-1 whether It's on a pre
scription or in a note sent with lady
The doctor's face was radiant
"Leonora," he cried, "yon do lov« m*
—tbero In no rival?"
"No, dear; none. You've won the
rub*)®? even If you did Juggle the card*
o bit I acknowledge my defeat"
And then the man who was "pretty
fond of his own way" Insisted on tak
ing thirty kisses—and on* more to
grow on.
Notci to Our Customers
We are pleased to announce that
Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs,
colds and lung troubles is not affect
ed by the National Pure Food and
Drug law as it contains no opiates
or other harmful drugs, and we
recommend it as a safe remedy for
children and adults. C. C. Chase
and S. R Biggs.
After all there are people who
think Mr. Bryan was rather hard
on the donkey* :
Just a little Cascasweet is all that
is necessary to give your baby
when it is cross and peevish. Cas
casweet contains no opiates nor.
harmful drufcs and is highly recotn
mended by mothers everywhere.
Cor.fortns to the National Pur*
Food Law. Sold by S. R. Biggs,
Williamstoh, N. C., Slade Jones &
1 Co , Hamilton, N. C.
Your money back.—JudidoosaAvtrtie
ing U tl>« kind that Mlheak
the money you invest. Bpaca tq Ode
paper assure* yo« prompt rrtUHM . .
Professional Cards.
1 I i-l Hi 1 '
Office: Chasa's Drug Store.
OFFICB HOC**: • to to A. to 9 c. m.
Wiilianmton, N. C.
Office Phone No. 53
Night Phone No. 6j
I will be in Plymouth th* first wwkli
W. E. Warren. J. g. 'n
'Phone No. jq
Office: Wheeler Martin'* office.
'Phone, 2j.
'Phpne 31
Money to loan.
Oftce formerly occupied by J. D. Bin*.
Phone No. 77.
D. C. MOORINfc, Proprietor
Rate* ft.oo per day
Special Rate* By the Weak
A Ptra'-Clo** Hotel in Bvery Partic
ular. The traveling public will find tt
a most convenient place to *tOp. ■'
if your negligence in *ecuring a firs in
surance policy may come in the *h*p*
of a fue at any time
the better for you. You know it, and
this in only to remind you that th*
knowledge will do you no good unle**
vou act upon it. Let us write you • pol
icy and have it over with.
You'll feel better and sleep easier.
Godard Building
Tire and Life
i have some of the Strongest and Bwt
Companies on the Globe,
Let me write you a policy on your
building TODAY.
jlneurance A&ent
Barber Shop
First Chance Last Chance
,7y . *
Best Chance Intide
Restaurant in the Rear
is the time to have your piano pat in
good condition for the lonr winter It- 
eninßs. Expert Tuning and Repairin*.
Drop a postal and I'll call,. All
[ Box 174. WILAIAJf STON* N. C.

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