North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII. NO. 15
i Professional Cards
Hugh B. York t M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotherapy,X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Offire over Partners & Merchants Bank
Office hours, Sto ro «. m.. 7 to 9p. nj. ,
Office 'phoue 60 - Night 'phone 63
. I
Wni. K. Warren - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes j
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Drug Store - 'Phone 29
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day 'Phone 53 - Night 'Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
_ I
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At- 1
Jantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each month to treat diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and
Pit Glasses.
A. R..Dt»oniag - J. C. Smith
Dunning & Smith]
Williamston - North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
Bnrrona A. Critchrr - Wheeler Martin
Martin & Critcher
Wittiatnstoa - North Carolina
ruoNK 33
S. J. Everett
{>rce*ville, N. C. - Williatiisten, N. C.
On*nvil!e Long Distance Plione 32S
Society Pressing
. . Glub . .
O. C. Price, Manager
Phone No. 58 *
o-Date Cleaing, |
Pressing, Dyeing and
Very careful attention
given to Ladies' Kid
(Sloves, Fancy Waists
Coat Suits and Skirts
Club Rates for Men.
Clothes called for and
delivered *
€J Agents for Rose it Co. I
Merchant-Tailors, Chi- I
cago, 111 _ .. 2
Wllt'n you want the best, remem
ber we are a', ycur service
Choice roses, carnations, vallies,
violets and wedding outfits iu the
latest sjtjJesi _ _ , A
Floral offeriugs artistically arrang
ed at short notice
When in need of pot plants, rose
vtr&rcw~a, shiubtKrry,
hedge plants and shade trees, mail
f J. L. O'Quinn & Co.
Phone 140. Raleigh, N. C.
Experimental Fanning
Daring the year of 191 1 Seed
Test was made on tbe lands of the
Williamston Land and Improve
ment Company, on the Washing
ton Road near Skewarkey Church
one mile South from Williamston.
The different seed made the fol
lowing yields:
Variety " Lbs. per acre.
Ro«ser No. 1, t» 2 3°
Thigpen's Prolific 1.005
Deem's Special, 1.305
Morgan's Climax, 1,23°
Culpepper's Improved, 1.^75
Round Ball, i.4 2 5
Hartsville No. 7, '.>3s
Bank Account. 975
Toole, 9^
Webber, 1,110
Lewis' Long Staple, 1,050
Allen's Multiplier, 960
Shines Rarly, 1.095
Brown No. 1, 840
Hawkins, 1,200
Bradbury's r.3 20
Russell Big 8011, r.260
Cook's Improved, 1.380
Excelsior Prolific, 815
Simpkin's, 7 SP
Summeronr, 1.065
This cotton was planted on land
that is of a very light sandy nature
and very poor. The preparation
of the soil was not thorough and
the seed was planted too late, caus
ing poor and slow start. The
fertilizer used was 000 lbs. 8-4-4
per acre. All lands prepared, ferti
lized, planted, cultivated, housed
and weighed alike, and if there is
anything to cause a greater yield
In one variety over that of another,
except the seed, we are unable to
see it.
John W. Manning.
A Statement of Facts
Backed by a Strong
We guarantee immediate and
positive rt-liet to all sufferers from
constipation. In every case where
our remedy fails to do this we will
return the money paid us for it.
That's a frank statement of fact#,
ani we want you to substantiate
them at our risk.
Rexall Orderlies are eaten just
like carfty, are particularly prompt
and agreeable in action, may be
taken at any time, day or night;
do oot cause diarrhoea, nausea,
griping, excessive looseness, or
other undesirable effects. They
have a very mild but positive actiou
upon the organs with which they
coma in contact, apparently acting
as a regulative tonic upon the re
laxed muscular coat of the bowel,
thus over-coming weakness,, and
aiding to restore the bowels ttf move
vigorous and healthy activity.
Rexall Orderlies are unsurpassa
ble and ideal for the use of child
ren, old folks and delicate persons.
We cannot too highly recomnitud
them to all sufferers from any fcim
of constipation and atte;iiaut evils.
That's why we back our faith in
thein with our promise: of money
back if they do not stive entire sat
isfaction. Tluce sizes: -f 12 tablets
10 cents, 36 tablets 25 cents and
jBO tablets 50 cents. Remember,
| you can obtain Rtxr.ll Remedies in
[ wilii-mston only at oar store.—
1 Tlte Rexall Store. -The S. R
| Biggs Drug Co.
The Danger cf La Grippe
Isits.fßtfl tendency* to pneu
monia. To cure your la grippe
coughs take Foley's Honey J and
Tar Compound! K. Fishes,
Washington, Kas., says; "I wat.
troubled wit i) a Severe attack of la
grippe that threatened pneumonia.
A friend advised Foley's Honey
ar.d far Compound and 1 got relief
alter taking Ihe first few doses. • I
tcok three bottle and my la grippe
was cured." Get the genuice, in
the yellow package. Saunders &
f',~ . -\V V:.
Hall or Skewsrkee Iodge No. 90
A. F. & A M. ,
Our Lodge is again called up6n
to mourn the death of one of its
most faithful and devoted members.
James D. Leggett was born
March 16, 1866. and died Nov. 19,
191 1. He was elected to take tbe
degrees of Masonry on the 14th
day 0i Feb. 1593, made an Rntexed j
Apprentice ou the same date; passed
to the degrees of a Fellow Craft,
Feb. 28, 1893, and raised to the
sublime degree of a Mssttr Mason
April 11, 1893.
As a citizen, he was correct in
life, just und true in his relations
with his brethren, and deeply con
cerned in matters effecting the pub
lic welfare. To those whom he
knew and esteemed, he was more
than u friend and companion: and
his frankness, sincerity, and never
failing good spirits made his society
enjoyable and desirable.
With a charity as broad as the
heavens, and dlspofition tropical in
its richness of love and cheerful
ness, he lived to make others hap
py. He attested in his daily life
among his brethren, the grand
tenets of our ancient institution,
aiding tbe helpless, comforting the
desolate, rejoicing with the glad of
The drama of life with him is
ended another link in friendships,
golden chain is broken: another
pillar in the great Temple of Mason
ry has fallen.
Resolved: Ist. That Skewarkee
Lodge deeply and sincerely mourns
tbe death of James D. Leggett, and
that we inscribe upon the records
of the Lodge this testimonial of onr
respect, confidence, aud love.
Resolved: and. That we extend
to Lis family and, relation? our
deepest sympathy in their sore be
reavemer. t.
Resolved: 3rd. That this pre
amble aod resolutions, under the
seal of the Lodge, be sent to the
widow of our deceased brother, and
that n copy be furnished TliK EN
TEBVISE with the request that the
same be published.
C. D. Carstarphen,
Frank F. Fagan,
R I. Peel,
Honor Roll
2nd. Grade —Martha Slade Has
sell, Martha Cot ten Crawford,
Louise Harrison, Elizabeth Burras.
3rd. Grade—Mary Clyde Leg
gett, Estelle Crawford, Virginia
Herrick, Raleigh Bradley, Janie
Edwards, Francis Manning, Ron
dall Wynne,
4th Grade —C. I). Carstarphen,
Mary Kiug Ellison, William Elli
son, William Manning.
sth Grade —Una Bradley, Bessie
Page, Louise, Robertson, Blanche
6th. Grade—Corinne Smith, Karl
Wynne, James E, HarrelJ, Roland
Crawford, Upton, George
Howard Kent, Joe David Thrower.
7th. Grade —Fitzbugb Robert
son, Robert Peel, Mary Bradley,
Cljde Andea.soo, Delia K : ife Ward.
Grade—Leona Page, /l)aisy
ytli. Grade—Eva Peel, Ollie Rob
erson, Maud* Wynne, Myrtle Wool
ard, Ellie Wynne.
10th. Grade—Fannie" M. Mai:-
niog, Sallie Had'ey, Martha Ward.
Foleii's Honsj end Tar Ccmcound "Garfis
in EveiYr Cit.e'
Mr. Jas. McCiftery, .Mgr. of the
Scbitz Hotel, Oraaba, recom
mends Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound, because it cures in
every cast. "I have used it my
self and I have recommended it to
many others who have since told
me of its great curative power nf
diseases of the throat and lungs,"
For all coughs and colds it is
speedily effective. Sauuders &
Fertilizer Ta it.:
560 ft>s Acids Phosphate
5,40 lbs cotton
| , No fertilizer 495 " "
560 lbs Mnriate of Potash
1,552 lbs cotton
No ferti. 360 "
560 lbs Kalnit 1 , a60 lbs cotton
No ferti.
560 lbs Blood 675 " "
No ferti. 405 "
560 lbs Nitrate of Soda
hi 1,237 lbs cotton
I No ferti. 495 '* "
*6O lbs 3-4-4 j ,025 "
: The above experiments represent
tests of different fertilizers on a
puifoim light, sandv. poor sal.
all prepared alike—cotton all
©f same variety, same cultivation
and every condition the snin? ex
£pt fertilizer. Of the iive blank
j mats we find them varying in yield
from 315 to 49f, lbs per acre, the
acreage of ail tbe blanks being 414
lbs. per acre, which shows that 560
l\>s. Acid Phosphate prodoced 136
lbs. more of seed cotton worth on
present makct abont 53.75 or about
what the Acid cost
The Muriate cf Potash yielded
1.138 lbs. of seed cotton more than
tbe average ol the hi,inks tests
worth at present prices about
$34.14 or $22.94 above cost.
The Kainit yielded 8461b*. more
than the average blank test (and
«j22 lbs. nioic than the average of
the adjoining blank test}*), the 846
lbs. of cotton being worth
about $22.31* above cost; taking the
two adjoining blank tests as -a basis
the 922 lbs. would be wcrth $27.66
or about $24.66 above cost.
The 560 lbs. of dried blood yield
ed 261 lbs. more than the blank
acr? worth $7 83 which i* $10.37
less thon cost of fertilizer. Blood
was put under crop before planting.
The 560 lbs. of Nitrate of Soda
put on top dressing just hi-for'- cot
ton began to blossom, yielded 823
lbs. more the averse blank acres
worth $24.69 or #11.62 above cost
of fertilizers.
The 560 lbs' of 8-4-4 guano pro
duced 621 Whs. cotton more than
blanks worth piS.63 or ahontsio. 13
above cost of fertilizers.
A Splendid Tribute
The two week:/ special terui of
the Superior Court of Vlaitin Coun
ty came to a close 011 Saturday, the
20th inst., with more cases having
been disposed of than during a scs
sion of the Court in many years
At the close of the Court on Satur
day morning. Hon, Harry W.
Stubbs, in his usual happy and
eleg3nt style, made a short speech,
expressing to Judge Daniels the
higu esteem in *hich lit- was held
by the people of this county. Mr.
Stubbs said that he had told tbe
people of Martin County that when
Judge Daniels came they would
fiod him to be the best judge 'hey
had ever had, and this prophecy
had come true. He declared that
the suitors, jurors, lawvers, and
every peisou connected in any way
with the Court, were well pleased
by the charm of manner, patience,
sympathy and judicial bearing of
Judge Daniel.-., and that he, voicing
tbe wishes of the entire couaty, de
sired that Judge Daniels would
make an exchange and return to
Williauiston at a very early session
of the Court.
Judge Daniels left on tbe after
noon train for his home iy >dd
sboro, carrying with him the goou
wishes and highest respect 01 the
citizenship of tie t nine county,
and when he returns each man
will greet him v.ah a iieaty wel
SI.OO Per PlaJfi
was paid at a barqu' t t f i Il'-nry
Clav, in New Orleans in £842.
Mighty costly for with stoma
ch trouble or indigestion. To day
people every where nse Dr. Kings"
New Life Pills for these troubles
as well as liver kidney and bowel
disorders. Kasy, safe, sure. Only
35 cts Saunders & Fowden
A Pleasant Occasion
The Shakespeare Club had its
regular weekly meeting last week
witb Mr. Harry A. » Biggs. The
hours of study were given to the
second act of Hamlet, which is
proving s very interesting play;
each of the members is finding mote
beauty in this remarkable drnma
eaah week, and the discussions led
by Mr. A. M. Jordan are highly
interesting and instructive.
After the meeting Mr. Biggs en
tertAiued the ilttb at a very prettily
appointed supper party in honor of
his young ttt-ice. Miss Frances
Alexander Biggs Williams, who
made her first bow to societv. She
was chaperoned by her mother,
Mr*, . S,—F.—Williams,—Jr. The
guests were: Miss Mary Hassell,
Miss Nature Biggs, Mis* Irene
Smith, Mrs. John l>. Biggs, Jr.,
Mr. John L. Hassell, Mr. Frank
F. Fagan, Mr. A. M. Jordan, I)r.
John D. Biggs and Mr. Albion
Dunn, of Greenville.
The Atlantic Coast Line is plac-
I a structure beneath the road run
ning across Main Street extension,
so thit the street may be cut out to
a level, enhancing the beautv of
sr.uie and remitting it safer for
! vehicle. This portion of the street
j will be worked under the good
truads movement as is Main Street
! of the town.
The Biptist Parsonage has heeu
greatly improved by an addition of
a couple of looms on the side look
ing toward Haughton Street. A
broad varar.da runs across the front
and down the aider part of the
house, making n most attractive
residence and cdflmjj much to the
comfort of the pastor .ind his fami
ly. Willinntbton lias cau-e to l:e
proud of the homes in which its
ministers d veil as inch of them is
pretty and comfortable.
C. I). Carstarphei; is having the
house in the rcur oc his store moved
in the center of the vacant lot ad
joining his residence. He will also
move his stables farther back in the
lot, thns giving more rodm in front.
Tht house will be thorotigly re
modeled and made into a hand
tome cottage, and will be occupied
when completed by Mr. P. H
Brown and family, who are mak
ing their home here now.
The Dixie Theatre
"Are you going tonight?" is the
question one hears all through the
davs now. A stranger asking
"WheJt?" is told that the Dixie
Theatre under the management of
Thrower andFowdeti is open night
ly and the best in the world of mov
ing pictures is exhibited in
the City Opera House where there
is plenty of room and comfortable
seats. This is an attractive in
novation for Williataston, especial
ly to the children and the- vouogei
set not to mention the older people.
On opening night a large crowd
was present and the exhibition was
fine-. Just before the ciose a slight
accident happened to ihe machine
and the cry of "Fire" was heard
from the gallery. A colored boy
jumped from the gallery to the first
floor in his excitement and this
caused a sudden alarm. Many
men in the hali jumped over the
B£gta and ran down the stairway,
leaving the women aod children in
qijitp possesion of tin: house. Af
ter all it was a funny thing and all
Cau-.ed by .1 frjglneind negro. v
Frightful Poitr Winds
blow with tcirilie fo;ce at the far
north and pla" havoc with the akin
causing "red rough or score chapped
hacos ai d lips, that need Bucklen's
Amica baiveto lu.-altbem. It makes
theskm son tmocTli Uprivaled 1
for cold-soreg, ai:o bums, boils,
sorts, ucler-i, cuts, bruises and piles.
Only 35 cents at Saunders & Fow
Si.oo a Year in Advance
Local Happenings and
People who are Coming
and Going, Here, There
and Yonder as Gathered
by our Regular Corres
A. I). Mizell, of WdliasistoQ,
wes bere Sunday.
J. C. Robertson went to Willian.
.-toil Wednesday.
Justus Everett, of Palmyra, was
in town Thursday.
Milton Mizell and L. R. Holiday
entered school here Monday.
Mrs. R. J. Nelson and sou are
visiting in Beth*] this week.
Rev. M. K. Bctbea will hoM!
services here on Monday night
Mrs. J. G. Barnbill end mother
spent Weduesday tn Williaoiston.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A Move
Sunday with Mr*. J. B. Roberson.
Miss Lucy Bell Langston, of
Wintetvil'.e, spent Sunday with
Miss Myron Hi^ht.
Miss B=ttie Mize)), who i.s tt-jch
; ing school near here, spent Sunday
jin town with her brother
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Crawford,
of Williauiston spent Snndaj here
with Mrs. J. W. .Andrews.
Mr. John and Miss Era
Cratxlall were murrised at thr borne
of the bride Wednesday p. in 'l*he
groom is the sen o; ] I, Ross of
near Gold Point and a prosperous •
farmer. The bride is the daughter
uf Mrs Bettie Crandail ol near
Charles Durham, Lcvington 111.,
ban succeeded, iu' timing a ve
i ure for bed wetting 'M> Iftlfe
boy wet the b*rd ever; night rfcar
thro'on the flour. lined several
kinds of kidnev-medkmt and ! was
in the drug store I-jo'kiuk foi «;t me
thing different to help him wben I
heard of Foiey Kidney Pill* AUcr
lie had taken them two days we
could see,a change and when tie
had taken two \lnrds of a tuotlle
he was cured. Thnt i« about "«ijr.
weeks ago and he has not wet in
bed since." Saunders & FomU-n.
First Distinction
Names of the pup:N who wor. a
place on each monthly bono: toll
daring the Fall Term ol tot Graded
Louise Harrison, Virginia fl».r
rick, Froucis Manning, k!ileijh
Bradley, Mary K.JD£ Eibvon, Wil
liam Ellison, C D. Carstarpliea,
Una Bradley, Jair.ei Ei Harn.ll,
Clyde Anderson. Leon*. J age,
Daisy Manning, Kvf» J'«» 1 O'.lie
Roberson, Fannie Mnrt Manning.
WHERAS, God in llis mfwiite
wisdom has seen fit to remove from
our midst by death ou: beloved
Brother John R. Griflin, who was
born February 161b, 1859, and in
early manhood Was married fo Miss
Margaret 15. Woolard. In
be united with the Chuicii at
Smith wick Creek. After having
medical treatment at St. Vinccit
Hospital, at Norfolk, he came
home and fell asleep on NovemUsr
yth i 9ii.
Resolved xst. That while we are
grieved over our loss, we believe it
is hii?t.?rnal gniu and bow in httia
ble submission to Him who doeth
all things well; that the community
has lost a good neighbor, the faa
ily a faithful and devoted father
and husband and the Charch a
faithful member.
2nrl. That we extend 10 the be
reaved family our heart-felt sym
pathy iti this great trial and point
them to that One whom our brother
served. _ *'
3rd. TLl at a copy of THESE lE
soTdtions be placed upon cur
Church rtcord, a copy seat io the
Gospel Me«seng«.r, Ziou'c Lnud
mujrk and THK ENTERPRISE for
Dtwe by o-d r ci he
Chinch at Sniitbwick Creek, Mar
tiu County, Saturday before the
Fourth Sunday iu November, 19n.
~ For the Church,
John J. Manning,
George.S. Lilley,
i Plpnv Pp#l.

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