North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII. .NO. 17
• 11 *'
Professional Cards |
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotherapy, X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Ofice over Farniefs Jfe Merchants Bunk
OSes hour*, S to 10 r. ill., 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phone 43
Wn. E. Warren . - J. S.Rhcxlet.
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Bigg ß Drug Store - 'Pboce 29
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day 'Phonp 53 - Night "Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each month to treat diseases oi' the
Eye, Ear, No?e and Tbront and
Fit Glauses.
A. K. Dunning - J- £• Smith
Dunning & Smith
Williamston - North Carolina
Roberso'.iville, North Carolina
Durrous A. Critcher • Wheeler Martin
Martin & Critcher
Williamstun - North. Carolina
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. - WiUlatnutoa, N. C.
Greenville L,onDistance Phooe 32^
Society Pressing ]
. . Glub . . I
O. C, Price, Manager J
Phone No. sft
Up-to-Date Cleaing, |
Pressing, Dyeing and I
Very careful uttention
given tn Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Fancy Waists
Coat Suit? ami Skirts
Club Rates for Men.
Clothes called for and
- delivered ,
Agents for Rose & Co.
Merchant-Tailors, Chi
cago, 111
'I When you wan: the best, remem
ber we are at your service
Choice roses, carnaiions, vsllies,
violets and wedding outfits in' the
lateststyfafs ' "'• ;■ ;;''
Floral offerings artistie«lfy arrang-.
Ed at short notice
• ' , if/
v When in need of pot plants, rose
bushes,, evergreens, shrubbery,
hedge plants and shade trees, mail
|y£j|elegrapli or telegraph your order to
J. L. O'Quinn & Co.
iliW' - - - J a !z • St. ail.-j. .
We Back up Our State
ment with Our Personal
Reputation and Money
We ace so positive that we can
relieve constipation, no» matter how
chrehric it may be, that we offer to
furnish the medicine free of all cost
if ff? fail.
We thnk that it is worse than
Uflelrss to attempt to cure constipa-
tion with cathartic drugs. Cathar
tics may do much hntm. They
may cause a reaction, iiritatr and
weaken the towels, and make con
stipation more chronic.
Constipation is often accompain
ed and may be caused by weakness
of the nerves and muscles of the
large intestine or colon. To expect
a cure you must therefore tone up
aud strengthen those parts and res
tore them to healthier activity.
The discovery of the active prin
ciples of our remedy Involved the
labor of skiltul research chemists.
This remedy produces results such
as are ex|«cted from the best
known intestinal tonics, and it is
particularly prompt iu us results.
We want you to try Rexall Or
derlies on our guarantee. They
are exceedingly pleasant to take
aud are ideal for children. They
apparently net directly on the
nerves and muscles of tbe bowels,
i having, it wuu'.d seem, a neutral
I action .on other organs or glands,
j They do not purge or cau«e incon
vience. It they do Vict positively
cure chronic or habitual constipa
tion aud thus relieve the myriads
of associate or dependent chronic
ailments, your money will be re
funded. Try Rexall Orderlies at
our ri'k. Thice sues of
roc , 25., and 50. Remember, you
can obtain Rexall Remedies ih this
community only at our store—The
Rexall Store, The S. H. Biggs
Drug Co.
Office Force Honored
On Friday evening la*t, THK
ENTKRPRJSK fore? WAS entertained
at the home of the Editor by his
charming daughter, Mis# Fannie
Murt Manning. Several othei
friends were present and the even
ing was most pleasantly spent iti
games and music and song. At
10:30 a delicious salad course with
hot chocolate and wafers was serv
ed. The Editor assisted by the
other members of his family enter
tained in true Southern manner—a
menner which is recognized the
world over as the most gracious.
The guests were: Miss Hannah
Vic Fowdeu, Miss Frances Knight,
Miss Sallie Hartley/ Miss Hattie
Thrower, Fred M. Sliute and Wal
ter Jenkins.
Siwckiig Sounds
in the earth are sometimes heard
before a terrible earthquake, that
warn ot the coming peril. Nature's
warnings are kind. That *ull pain
ache in the back warns you the
Kidneys need attention if you
would escape those dangerous ma
ladies, Dropsy, Diabetes or Bright's
disease. Take Electric Bitters at
ouce and see backache fly and nil
your best feeling* return. "My
son received great benefit from
their use for kidney and baldder
trouble." wntes Peter boudy,
South JRockwood, Mich., "It is
certainly a great kidney machine."
Try it. 50 cents at Saunders &
A Belled Eagle
About two years ago an eagle
was caught in a trap fin the Roa
noke river and carried to Williams
tour There he was belled and
tuhrcd loose. Since then he has
been seen several times. Twice iu
the last two weeks he has been seen,
and the bell ringing, near
Speller Last year 3 belled
bufczard was seen in Windsor. It
looks like somebody'' has sense
enough to "bell a buzzard" I —BO
v ~~.ji. r ,
m - ■; " ■ : ■
1 ■ , yj ■ - V
Mondav was farmers' day in
Williamston, but owing to the ex
tremely culd weather the crowd was
limited. The regular program was
carried out despite the small crotol
and v those present were greatly
helped. A. L. French spoke on
std& raising and drainage, tw>
important subjects to this county.
The proper care of fruit trees was
nbiy discussed by S. B. Sbaw and
12 S. Misaps emphasized the im
portance of gmwiug all needed sup
plies at home. He has charge of
the farm demonstration work in the
Good roads, a work Which is en
gaging the attention of the entire
South, was discussed by Dr. B.
Winslovv, of the United States de
partment of good roads. This
work in Martin County has taken
definita shape, especially In Will
iamctoo Township, which was ihe
first in Eastern Caroliuo to vote
money for better roads.
The women were instructed by
Mrs. Charles McKimmon, of Ral
eigh, and Miss Lucy Webb, ot
Wairen County.
These Institutes are very instruc
tive und the farmers of Martiu
County have benefitted greatly
thereby. During the time
these meetings have been held,
there has been a larger improve
ment in agriculture among this
We Guarantee to Relieve
Dyspepsia, if we Fail
the Medicine Costs
To unquestionably prove to the
people that iudigystioit and dyspep
sia can be permanently relieved and
thut Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets will
bring about this result, we will
furnish the medicine absolutely free
if it fails to give satisfaction to r.ny
one using it.
The remarkable success of Rex
all Dyspepsia Tablets iadue to the
high degree oi scientific skill used
in devising their formula as well &s
to the care exercised in their manu
facture, whereby the well-known
properties of Bismuth-Subnitrate
and Pepsin have been combined
with Carminatives and other agents
IJi.-mnth-Subnitrate and Pepsin
arc constantly employed and re-'
cognize! by the entire medical pto
fession ns invaluable in the treat
ment of indigestion and dyspepsia. |
The Pepsin used in Rexall I)ys .
pepsia Tablets is carefully perpared i
so as to dayjlop Its greatest efficien
cy. Pepsin supplies to the diges-1
tive apparatus one of the most ini- i
portant elements of the digestive I
fluid. Without it tbe dige.-iioii and j
assimilation of food are impossible. [
The Carminatives posses proper
ties which aid in revieling the dis
turbance and pain caused by undi-'
geste-i food. This combination of
these ingredients makes a reuiedy
invaluable for the complete relief of
indigestion and dyspepsia.
We are so certain of this that we
Hige you 10 try Rexall Dyspr;p*ia
Tablets on oar own tierson/l guat
autee. Three sizes, 25 cents, 50 j
ce»nts, und SI.OO Remember, you'
can obtain Rexall Remedies only at i
our store —The Rexall Store. Tbe j
S, R. Biggs Drug Co.
/ A Wa»!cg Agaiast Wet Feet
Wet and chilled feet usually af
fect tha mucous membraue of the
nose, throat and lungs, and la grip
pe, bronchitis or penumonia may
result. Watch c'arefuliy, particu
lary the Children, and for the rack
iag stubborn coughs give Poleyls
Hofte?y and Tar Compound. |t
soothes the iuflamed membrane?. I
and heals the cough quickly. |
Farmers' Institute
Zeb M. Wbitehurst was in town
Tuesday* ' *
Mrs. Alligood and little daughter,
of Bath, are visiting here.
Edtnoud Perkins made n living
trip ti> Greenville Monday.
Miss Annie May Daughteridge
spent the week-end at home.
Mr. aud Mis. J. I, Hines made
a flying trip to Scotland Neck Mon
Mrs. Mary House has moved
from her country home to Oak
City. , ' .
Thcjyauaft people speut a joy ous
time at the Leap Year Bill Fridiy
Wilson Chesson, of Belbavea, is
spending H few davs wilh T. W.
Mrs. John House and sister. Miss
Sue Edwards, spent a few dajs in
Scotland Neck this* week on busi
In spite of the disagreeable
weather,(there was a good congre
gation to lieai Mr Crisp at the
Bapti-t Cbuich Sunday, /
Brimming with Fun
In the history of cornedv here,
nothing has so excited tho risibili
ties of an audience as did "Along
the Kennebec" which was present
-14l on Monday night by a strong
J company that is touring the South
'after a th New
i York. The play is a New Englnhd
one with scenes laid along the
J Kcntvfbcc River in tbu good old
I State of Maine, Tbe characters
; are simple folks, following the cus
toms of their forefathers. Th-j man
I who dislikes to laugh nud to keep
[on laughing.should not go to see
! this comedy. From the fir.-It peep
one gets rif the stage until tbe cur
tain goes down on the last act,
there is a contiurual roar. It basin
it, however, some seriousness ami
a villain, of course, who fails in his
dastardly work aud .becomes a vie
tim of his own plotting* Each
role was played well with appro
priate stage setting. It th* com
pany should ever desire to come to
Williamston again tnev can be as
sured a full house.
Missionary Society x
Miss Etta Nunn, Secratury of the
C. W. P.. M. for the States of Noith
aup South Carolina, arrived here
Monday and Wednesday afternoon
orapinzed a society, The meeting
was held at tbe residence of MrsT.
F. Harrison and the organization
was perfected with ten women.Mrs.
A. K. Dunning was chosen Presi
dent Mrs" T. F. Harrison, Vice
President Mrs. Theodore Koberson,
Secretary, Mrs. J. W. Auderson,
Treasurer, and the meeting will be
held on each Monday after the 2nd
Sunday in the month.
The women composing thifi so
ctety arc all earnst workers to the
Christian Church and will carry 011
the wotk for missions with a fidelity
which must bring results. Miss
Nunn ia a splendU organirer and
is in thorough touch with the
Buys Newspaper
At the re-sale of the Durham
Sun, R. O. Everett became one of
the owners of the paper. Mr.
Everett is a son oi Martin County
and is a young attorney of Durham,
where he lis> mane himself prom
inent not only in his profession but
iiV everything which makes for the
betterment of the town and State
He has taken much interest in the
temperance movement in Nortlj
Carol!na-a«d—bo—cati— always be
found on the side of morality.
Martin County takes jufct pride in
all ber sons who go' into other parts
to battle with life nod Mr. Everest's
Martin County's Banka
Whenever the progress of a state,
countv or town is noted, the banks
therein are mentioned as represent
ing the highest mark in that pro
gress. If tbe bankvi are prosper
ing, then the people are 'for they
after all are the actual promoters of
these financial institutions. It is
not always the wealthy men who
support these local banks, but the
farmers and small depositors who
gradully swell the antiunl state
Taking ibises * basis, it will be
seen th«t Martin County is ou the
upward movement as the six bauds
111 thc-county. have made wonder
ful strides towards that high water
malic of progress. People are more
than ever realizing how important
n hank is to atiy v community, and
even the man with only a few dol
lars prefers to deposit them where
safety lie-.
Tiie Bank of Martiu County and
the Farmers nud Merchants Bank
being situated in Williamston have
as a matter of course the lnrgest
trade. Together with the other
four in the county, they form a
chain of security for the people,
and stand behind , all good enter
prises which hujld for things worth
while. The two former institutions
from recent statements* aggregate
£469,266 67, nearly half a million,
with deposits amounting to $381,-
241.72, far above a quarter of &
million. ,
There. is no need to place money
in foreign banks. With banks
here, one each at
Oak City, Hamilton aud James
vllle, iliv facilities are splendid and
courtesy and security art' assured
tbe depositor and borrower.
Stockholders Meeting ,
The twelfth annual meeting of
the Stockholders of the of
Martin County was held in their
Banking rooms on last Tuesday
The President's report proved very
satisfactory to the Stockholders as
the followiug figures culled from
the report would indicate:
The Bank gained in deposits dur
ing the past year ever $67000, and
its nut earnings over all expenses
showed a fraction over 25 per cent.
The liumber ot new accounts
opened during the year showed
materia) gains, as well as total as
sest, which appreximate 8225,000.
AI! of the old board of Directors
were rfe-elected and the By-Laws so
amended so that an additional
Director could he placed on the
Hoard and Sherifl J. C. Crawford
was elected to the position.
All of the following officers were
re-elected: J. O. Godard, President,
J. G. Staton ist. Vice-Prest., A.
R. Dfimiing aud. Vics-Prest. and
Atty lor the hmk.
The officers and Directois enter
upoo their duties for tlie coming
year with the conviction that with
the c?b«operation of the Stockholders
and friends of the Bank, that the
present high water, mark of the
past year can be equalled, if not
Almost Lost His life
S. A. Stid, of Mason, Mich., will
[never forget his terrible-exposure
to a storm. "It gave tne
! a dreadful cold,'-' he writes, "that
caused severe pains in my chest, so
ft Was hard for ine to breathe. A
neighbor ;;ave tne several doses "of
Dr. King's, New Discovery which
brought gteat relief. (The doctor
said I was on the verge of pneu
monia, but to continue with the
Discovery. I did so anil two bot
tler compel*:ty "cured, "upT 7 Use
only this quick, safe, reliable medi
cine for coughs, colds, or any throat
or lung Irouble. Prir/» 50c ond
' •• /* ;t 1 ' > ' \ ' . ,
sr.oo a Year in Advance
. , :H
Local Happening and
People who are Coming
and Going, Here, There
and Yonder as Gathered
by our RepuSar Corres
G. \r. Kofjcr.-ion lias bough? nut
the J. W. Taylor & Co.
A. 8. Robcr-on went fc Oak
City Tuesday on bu-ioess.
R. K. Grimes went lc Richmond
Tuesday to purchasestock.
'Mrs, Kate Tripp and little dangb
ter spent last week at Wbicharda.
Miss Selma Everett spent ike
week end with Miss fitttie Kubet
-5011, ¥
Mws Dora johnsou of ce.:i Gold
Point is spending the week-end
Miss Blount Johnson, of Oak
City, is visiting Mrs. J. T. Rods
this Vcek.
Miss Annte Mooring ; s pcnt »Stv®-
day with Miss Minnie Bryant at
Gold Point.
Mi-'ses ICmmii, Nolle aad Jo***-
phinc Robert gan spent tbo week
end at Gnudjjji;.
Messrs. Ce.-il iivf-rett aud llr.-k
Ross attended * dance JC Oak City
hist Friday eyeuiajr.
Ktner P. I>. Geld preached a
mrst intemtirig sermon to a te.n
congregation at the Piiaiitive Bap
tist Church Sunday.
.—Bttrnen and family, .of
Q,*k Ciij . vifi :ed nerrhUmlv,-, ?•**.
and Mrs. J. K. Cotgleton : pent
Sunday ne.i: Stokes.
Mesdatre- B.irrb*W «/
! >iid M.uniitjg,
of near Btthel, sprat the week end
with Mrs. Sarah Kotierson.
.Some: incitement wa* canned hy
a runaway boric nn Saturday. G.
P. Bnllovk wilb a friend were driv
ing aud tbc ar.tiuui frightened
by au auto aud ran dtwn Main
Street, striking a post and .uiash-
Inu the buggy. Mr. Bullock and
his friend escaped in;cry.
Blatud i 6 A Wcikcr
"1 blamed my heart for etvere
distress in my ieft side fcr '.rco
yearn," v/rites W. Fvav.", D.mville,'
Va , "but I knoiv now it w ,*«* indi
gestion, as I)r. Kings Men* Life
Pills completely.cured me. " Heat
for stomach, livei and kidney trou
bles, constipation, headache or cW
bility, 25c. at Saunders & Powden.
The Buick's Popularir/
S. R. Biggs recently received the
1 following telegram:
From New York at tbc opening
oi their shows: "Show opened witk
largest-emird ever known in any
New York show. Buick cecnpj*
icg the space of honor. is the ceo
tirr of attraction. More orders tak
en for Buick Cm* 0:1 opening night
than ever before in the history of
this or any other i-how."
From Buffalo, N. Y. at the dose
6f their show:
' 'Show j n*t c;oßed pot-ty sticccat
ftil ever held here. Resulted la
more sale of Buick Cars for imined*
iate delivery than any show every
held in Buffalo. The new line ra a
sensation here.''
first La Grippe, Then Brenefcllis
That wa.-> the case with Mrs. W.
S. Bailey, McCreary, Ky. "My
wife was taken down with & severe
attack of la grippe, which run into
bronchitis, gbe coughed as tho'
she had coH;"*">pi'"" Tmld»ftf '
sleep at night. The first bottle of
Foley's Houey_gjnd Tar Com found
gave her so mtich relief that sht
continual n«?nc i» vwt.M «•*«»«

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