VOL. XIII. NO. 21 : \ Professional Cards j Hugh B. York, M. D. Microscopy, Electrotheiapy.X-Ray Diagnosis, Specialties Office over Fanners & Merchants Hack Office hours, 8 to 10 ». tn., 7 to 9 p. n>. Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phone 63 Win. E. Warren • J. S. Rhodes ftrs. Warren & Rhodes Physicians and Surgeons Office in Drug Store - 'Phone 29 Jos. H. Saunders, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Day 'Phone 53 - Night ' Phone 40 Williamston, C. ■ I Dr. R. L. Savage of Rocky Mount, will he at the At lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in each mouth to treat diseases of the Eye, Ear, Noe and Throat and Fit Glasses. A. R. Dunning - - J. C. Sruith Dunning & Smith i Attorneys-at-Law Willifcraston - North Carolina Robersouville, North Carolina ! Borrcus A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin 1 Wheeler Mar an, Jr. Martin & Critcher Attorneys-at-Law Williamston - North Carolina 'PHONE 23 / '' ' S. J. Everett Attorney-at-Law Greenville, N. C. - WilMaai&tou, N. C. Greenville Long Distance Phone 328 S. A NEWELL Attornes at Law Williamston - North Carolina ["society Pressing. . . Glub . . II O. C. Price, Manager Phone No. 58 Up-to-Date Cieaing, Pressing, Dyeing und Tailoring Very careful attention given to Ladies' Kid 1 Gloves, Fancy Waists jj Coat Suits and Skirts * / 1 i Club Rates fcr Men. Clothes called for and .. delivered J 1 Agents for R»>?e fct Co. | Merchant-Tailor?, Chi- I 1 cago,-IU j The "Child's Welfare" mcve- ' ment has challenged the attention ' of tbonghtHil people everywhere. ! Mothers are natural supporters, and will find in Foley's Honey i and Tar Compound a most valuable aid. Couglsjj and colds that 1 unchecked led to croup, bronchitif I *nd pneumonia yield quickly to ' the healing and sootbinii qualities i of Foley's"Honey and Tar Com- : pcand. Saunders & Fowden. i ' ' v" • - . v ', - ■ - ■ ■ • "... «&s&_.. . • . ■ . , • M THE ENTERPRISE Mr. W, Henry Gurkin Host What will long be recorded in the annnals of the social circle of j Williamston as 6ne of the most pleasant nffairs here, was that of the birthday party, given b\ Mr. W. Henry Gurkin on the 29th of Feb luary in the ball room of the Ma sonic Building. Mr. Gurkin has the "anniversary of his birth only evtry fonr years, and on these oc casions he entertains his friends in a most happy manner. The form of entertainment ou last Thursday evening was a dance and it pioved to be one of the delightful and largely attended fu ictions Willi amston h*s ever had. The ball room was tuslily decor ated in white and red, the ceiling ( being «turlrlcd with white and ted electric bulbs, and the effect was ver'v pretty. The music, furnished by Forbes' Orchestra, of Washing tun, N. C., was of an unusually high order and caused the happy dancers to flit atrav the hours in such a merry manner that the time for leaving caine too soon. The elegantly dressed women and the sweet odor of the flowers, together with the S.OOI, refreshing air of the beautiful winter t'.fght, made the place an ideal one tor youth and beauty to forget the care of the day and spend an evening of rare j pleasure by engaging in the charm •ing accomplishment of danctng. Mr Gurkin, dressed &la the mode of Palm Beach,. with his partner, Miss Winifred Nicholson, ! received the guests. Misf> Nichei- I son was never more handsomely ) gowned, wet ring a pink cieatlon and carrying a large "bunch" of American Beauty roses. Mrs Al bert S CcfTield served punch dur • i'.n* the evening.,. Geuefal dancii g was engaged in at first, and at twelve o'clock supper was serve! at small tables arranged for four. The tneuu was one which pleased and had been carefully prepared for the many guests. After Kupper the cotillion was danced. There were about one hundred and fifty guests piesent, and so the evening passed and all hearts were glad alike with the host. The many friends of Mr. Gurkin wish for him maiy returns of his natal day, and hope that he will always be as happy as he made his g&ests on the evening of February 29th 1912. ' • C. A. Gloasner. 24 Ontario St., Rochester, N. Y., his recoverd from a and sever attact of kibuey trouble, hss cure being due to Foley Kidney Pills. After detailing his case, be says. "I am only sorry I dtd not learn sooner of Foley Kidney Pills. In a few day's liin my backache completely left me and I felt greatly improved. My kidneys became stronger, dizzy spells left me and I war, no lognet annoyed at night. I fetl too per cent better since using Foley Kidney Pills." Saunders & Fowden. Celebrated Her Birthday Little Miss Margaret Manning, the four year-old daughter of Edi tor and Mrs. W. C Manning, celebrated her birthday on Saturday afternoon at her home 011 Haughton Street. There were about fifty guests present and gannrs which delight the hearts of little folks were played during the hours. The little hostess is quite a favorite with her playmates and they enjoy being with her oq eve?ty occasion. Defkious refreshments were served in the dining room, where bright can- 1 dies cast their soft lights and snowy linca and silver added to the'attrac tiveness of the room. Many gifts! were received by the little hostess j: and her appreciation, expressed in ! a childish manner, wes very pleas-i ing to the donors. I s . .'v.'-,i&M' ~fjp7» r *-' • ' i. '• J ' • r. WILLIAMSTON, N. C.. FRIDAY, MARCH B'. 1012 Brad Badley To Die i The decision of the Supreme : Court in the case of Brad Bagley for the murder of Chief of Police White ou the night of August 15th, 1911, will give much satisfaction in Williamston. Bagley was tried here in September and found guilty of murder in the first degree. An appeal was taken by bis attorney, Judge F. D. Winston, and the same wa heard last week, the Sup reme Court confirming the decision of the lower court A. K. Dunning, assistant presecutor, and Judge Winston boih appeared before the Supreme Court. The murder of Chief White was deliberately planned and executed, but Bnglew was too sure of his safety from suspicion and .dually ran across the principal street of the tdun under the full glare of electric lights He was easily sns« pected and as caeily taken iuto custody by the officers He had followed the dirty ttade of the "blind tiger"'so openly and been unmolested, that lie felt scfe from the clutches of the law Because Chiet White bad caught him at the nie«n business be concocted the dastardly deed in bis heart and while the officer, after finishing his work of the day, was walking to wards hia home to seek rest for the night. Bagley shot fioiu ambush in the vard of Col. Wb?eler Martin and in an hour a dutiful officer anU splendid citizen was dead. The citizens of the town, while realizing the enormity of the crime, waited patiently for the conviction of the murderer and felt relieved when the verdict was pronounced. There has never been any doubt Of the decision of the higher court —the evidence wan »o i ;>iai'\ "fctrf convincing, and the trial conducted so fairly, that there could be noth ing more than a confirmation of the decision. The hearts and nerves of men here have never been so sorely tried and the torebcarancc, perhaps, has not been equaled in the State. When the governor shall appoint a day for the electro cution of the murderer and that duy shall come and the law, which he outraged, be put into effect, then wilJ Williamston people be satisfi ed. The safety and honor of the community are in the balance wlitn such bets fail to meet with the proper punishment. How Cold Causes Kid Be j Diseasi Partly by driving blood from the surface and congesting the kidneys, and partly by throwing too much work upon them. Foley Kidney Tills strengthen the kidneys, give tone to the urinary organs and restore the normal action of the bladder. They are tonic in action, quick in results Try them. Saunders & Fowden. $ March Appointments Rev. Morrison E. Betbea an nounces hisappointmcuts for March as follows: March flth-irth, Kinston; 15th 17th, Woodville and Roxobel; rgth-22iid, Williamston; 24th,' Elizabeth City; 23rd, Robersonville; { 26th, Jamesville; Hamil- j ton* Duiing the first seven days j in April which.- includes Kaskrj Sunday, there will be daily services j in Williamston. Bacfrrchc Afniest Untearabls - Is and almost certain result of j kidney trouble. D. Tcorney. ,63 j E. Olive St., Blooming ton, 111.,' .says: ; 'I suffered with backache 1 v &n4 pains in my kidneys which j were almost unbearable,, I gave.' Foley Kidney Pills a good trile, j and they done wonders for me. ( Today I can do a hard day's work j and notice 1 the effects." Saunders l & Fowden. i - - -- -r, FREE IF IT FAILS s Your Money Back if You 1 are not Satisfied with the Medicine We | Recommend 1 We aie positive that our remedy 1 will premanentlv relieve constipa -1 tion, no matter how chronic it may , be, that we offer to furnish the s medicine at our expense should it ■ fail to produce satisfactory results, i It is worse than useless to at , tempt to cure constipation with ; cathartic (irugs. Laxatives or : cathartics do much bariu They cause a reaction, irritate, / rod 5 weaken the bowels and tend to , make constipation moie chronic. ? Besides, their use becomes a habit | that is dasit,« rous f Constipation is caused bv a [ weakness of tbe nerves and muscles . of the laige intestine or descending > colon. To expect permanent relief 1 you must therefore tone up ai.d ; strengthen these oigous ;nd restore 1 thttn to healthiet activity. i 1 ' We wont you to try kexall Or-1 ; derlies on our lecommendatiiu. I : They are exceedingly pleasant toj • take, being eaten like candy, audi | are ideal tor children, delicate j s sohb, and old folks, as well as for j the robust. They act directly on! ! the nerv«s aud musclee of tb? k bowels. They apparently have a 1 neutral action r>n other associate I organs or glands. They do not purge, cause excessive looseness, : nor create any inconvenience what t ever. They may be taken at any l, time, day or night. They will j ( positively relieve chronic or habi tual constipation, if not of surgical 1 variety, acd the myriads of a-so : ciate or dependent chronic ailments, p'\ taken with regularity for a rei -1 sonable length of time. 12 tablets, . 10 cents; 36 tablets, 75 cents; So . tablets, 50 cents. Sold in Will -1 iamston only at our store —The , Kexall Store. The S. R. Biggs Drng Co. A Cold, Lactipoe- Then PoernionU Is too often the fatal sequence, and coughs that hang on weaken • the s> stem and lower the vital resistance. Foley's Honey and Tax Compound is a reliable medic ine that stops the cough promptly by healing the canse: soothes the inflamed air passages, and checks the cold. Keep always on hand. Refits substitutes. Saunders it Fawden. Seed Peanuls For Sale Just received one car load of genuice Wilmington Seed Peanuts. We are offering these to our far mer friends at actual cost to induce them to grow this variety of pea nuts, as they are very much iti de mand and we believe will yield more per acre than any other var iety, thus bringingthe grower more money. You must see us and let us book your order promptly before they are gone. Yours truly, V> Carolina Peanut Co. Williamston, N. C. Re&als rtttjck Of Dastt. "Five years ago two doctors told j me I had only two >eais to live." 1 j This starting statement was made by Stillmau Green, Malachite, Col. I "They told me I would die with i fon:-umption. It wag up to me ; • then to try tbe best lung medicine 1 land I began to use Dr. King's New 1 ! Discovery. It .v-as well I did, for 1 ;.tcday 1 am working and believe I 1 owe my life to this great throat ' and lung ctte that has cheated the ■ grave,-of another victim." Its , J folly to suffer with cougbii, colds jor other tin oat and lung troubles i now. Take the cure that's safest. 1 Price 50 cents and sr.oo, Trile I bottle free at Saunders & Fowden. . . : .. * .~r BEAR GRASS ITEMS Clinton Bt-echam went to Ever etts Saturday. Mrs. Ltvtrda Bailey is on the sick list this week. J. D. Harrison, of Williamston, was here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rogerson spent the week-end near Roberson vil!e. R. C. Cowing and A. R. Roge sou spent Sunday near Jamesville with friends. - Miesses Betlie Roberson and Luinda Badey spent the week-end , with Mrs. G. S. Rogvrson. Quite a number people attend ed the burial of Mr. John Harris Tee-nlay afternoon. The funeral services were c inducted bj Elder John N. Rogerson. Friends and relatives s\mpathize with the be reaved wife and children. Glorious Nevs comes from Dr. J T. Curtiss, Dwijiht. Kan. He w'.ites. "I net j only have cured bad case of eczemu j in my patients with K'ectric Bitters, ! but also cured myself by them of j the same disease. I feel sttre they ! will benefit any case of eczema." {This shows what thousaudr have proved, that Electric Bitters is a most effective b'.ood pnritier. Its an excellent remedy for eczema, tetter, salt rheum ulcers, boils and running sores. It Ktiranlntee liver, kidnys and bo vels, expels poisons, helps digestion, builds up the strength. Price 50 cts. Satisfaction guaranteed by Saunders & Fowden. Friend T0 Newspapers Spcalctr Clotlc has more friends among newspaptr men of Wash ngton and other cities as well £.s among the country Editors than peahaps aay other y. public life. The Speaker has said on more than one occasion that a lai fce measure of his success has b'.en due to the fticndsbip of newspapermen fox him. The writers in the press gallery at Capitol love Mr. Clark, because they can always get an audience. He is frank, some times almost to the point of blnnt ness but ever kindly in hisauswerr The Speaker told Ike Gregg, once that if it had not been for the newspaper men, he would not have risen to his prfscn position. The other day the Speak ,*f was going into the White House to call on the President, when he met George Edmunds, who used to cover the White House for the New York World. Edmunds had not been around for some months. "Hello, George", said the Speaker, "Where have you been?" "I have [missed you." Edmunds answered that he had beeu away. "How do you feel?" continued Mr. Clark. Edmunds replied that he did not feel well, because he had been up most of the night, playing cardSi "What were you playing", drawled the Speaker, "Bridge—said Ed mnuds. V I do not know much a I out Bridge said the Speaker. "A loag tim-; ago I used to play poker, but the last time I played, lost $4. and 1 came to the conclus- : ion that a married man with a J family has no business playing cards. To Hollers—An* Giton, You can use Bucklen *5 Arnica Slave to cure children of ftema^ ; - rashes, tetter, cbatiug.;, scaly and crusted humors, as well as their accidental injuries.—cuts, burns, etc., with perfect safety Nothing else heals so quickly. For boils, ulcers, old, running or fever sores or piles it has no equal. 25 cts at Satindehs & Fowden. Hac Btcn Done. A wan who has no music In his •w>l 1 may get rich writing popular ■Ones. ■ i. ■ " »C. . .v : u.» si.oo a Year in Advance Needlessly Blind " « Tht re are i&tinsa'td to •«« bumlrtd thousand bliad persons, old and yoting, ja this country. Not le*-s than five hundred «• these live in Norib Carolina. Had it ever occnred to yon. gentle reader, that at least seventy five to ok bnadrelof the-e need not baae been Wind—ouj;htnot to have been, and would not have Ixeu—it pro p« r precaution and preventive measures bad been empk»j ee im mediately after their biitb? "What blindness mean* to aa intelligent, capable man or woman,''' 'to quote the words of » blind man who has, in the face of heavy o Ids, taktu his place in the worla with sijjual sua t->B. "isfonittbing nliick only th'_- an J th-i duil and those who etjdcrc. it know anything; about; in their Slackest nightmares, these wiih sigl t can not even imagine it " Tlmt it is possible to prevent much of such tiuguKh sterns not to have dawned itpaas the aver ace citizen. Is such >ga*- rauce and indifference not criminal, positively wicktd? Then who fc responsible? ) From one fourth to cnc third of fill bbnd children 1 *>e their sight fror.j what is usually or,lie i "son eyes," "inflammation," etc. is really "ophthalmia neonatorum," a Vitwa disease, flitch can he cured if taken in time niul the pfojWr re- I ciedle:; used. These rvmedie* should he applied a;? soon as the child is horn, whether any s of inflammation are discovered or not. The ien:edy will do uohnrt- it may save your child's sight. ' ' If the eyes, nose, mouth and ears of every new born babe sbonM be thoroughly washed imtuet . iately aftci hi bi: .li in e wYe* >r>tatiftn of boracii: rcid (borax water), one drop of a sedation of ni rue of f-dvt/, not stronger tl'nn one per cent, put in the e\»s, aod the child* tbcrealter kept cltiio, hiinduc.is .among children in our State would he reduced at leatt twenty-five per cent. Dj you rea!'/c what that would iue:u to the cue hnuJred' home.s in North Carolina iu which there are children blind"? Aud are you aware what it would save the State financially to thns preserve the sight oi all snclj chil dren' Nit Ics than f ?o,r>'o,oo a year. Is it net worth the effort Then does it not behoove everyone to do all in bis power to spitad the information and seek to bless the homes into which the little ones come:* Let every mother heed th» warning aud preserve the sight of child. ,]oh:i li. Hay, Principal State School for the Blind, Raleigh, N. C. Royal Arch Masons The Chapter of R. A. M. met iu regular annual session for the elec tion of officers on Tuesday niflht iu the Masonic Lodge Rooic. The following were elected: J. H. Saun ders High Priest, H. W. Stnbhs, King, Of D. Carstarphen, Scribe,, Mormon R. Bethea, Sec'y, J. L. Roger.son, Treas., F. F. Kagaa, Captain of the Ho.-d, J. S. Rhodes, Principal Sojourner, £S. R. Biggs, Royal Arch Captain, A. R. Dun ning, W. j. Wbitaker and A. 1). Mi/e'l L .Mas.teijnof the Vails, S. _ Harrell, Sentinel, of Mark Master and Past Mhstcy were coiiteried on Dr. E. L. Long, Dr. M. I. Fleming, K. A. Council, Z. V*. Noynian, Robert Baker, S. S. Brown and W. C. Mauuiag. The Chapter/voted to have a big banquet, distinguished visitors and other "stunts" on the night that these brethren take the Royal Arch Degree. ■/" J. H. Sauaders, H. P., M. U. Bvthea. Sec'y. V' ■ • ~o xs V> *» •

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