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    VOL. XIII. NO. 22
• Professional Cards "1
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotheiapy, X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Office over Partners & Merchants Dank
Office hours, 6 to 10 a. ni.. 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phone 63
. 1 m m 1 , 11 i
f Wm. E Warren - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
* - -
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Bijigs Drtig Store 'Phone 19
- Jos. H. Saunders, M. I).
Physician and Surgeon
Day 'Phone 53 - Night 'Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. ,R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at th«' At
lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each mouth to treat diseases of the
Eye, liar, Nose and Throat and
Fit Glasses.
A. R Dunning - J. C. Smith
Dunning & Smith'
Williamston • 'North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
Burrous A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin
Wheeler Martin,"Jr.  } ~
Martin & Critcher
\ Attorncys-at-Law
Williamston - North Carolina
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. - Williamston, N, C.
Greenville Long Distance Phone 328
Attorney at Law
Williamston • North Carolina
r —^
Society Pressing ]
. . Glub . . ;
O. C. Price, Manager j
Phone No. 58 1
Up-to-Date Cleaing, 1
Pressing, Dyeing and (
Tailoring j
Very careful attention
given to Ladies' Kid [
Gloves, Fancy Waists I jj
£oat Suits and Skirts
U Ciub Rili* Men.
ClothftS called for and
£jj Agents for Rose & Co.
Merchant-Tailors, Chi
cago, 111
. • - • Vf
The "Child's Weifire'' move
ment has challenged the attention
of thoughtful people everywhere.
Mothers are natural supporters,
and will find in Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound a most valuable
aid. Coughs and colds that
unchecked led to croup, bronchitis
end pneumonia yield quickly t6
the healjcg-and soothinS qualities
of Foley's Honey and Tar Com- "J
pcand. Saunders & Fowden.
•• •" • -•
A State Specialist has Come to Open Dispensaries for Free Examination and Treatment of
the Disease—Everything Free
Every Man, Woman and Child Should be Examined
for Hookworm Disease and Other Disease
v Due to the Intestinal Parasites »
The dispensaries will be open from 9n, tn. to 3 p. m. at the following
WILLIAMSTON—Saturdays, March 16, 23, 30. April 6, 13, 20.
JAMESVILLE —Tuesdays, March 19, 25, April 2, 9, 16, 23.
EVERETT—Wednesdays, March 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17, 24.
ROBERSONVILLE —Thursdays, March 21, jB, April 4, u, 18, 25.
HAMILTON —Fridays, March April 5.
OAK ClTY—Fridays, April 12, 19, 26.
Hookworm dissase has existed in
foreign oouulries for ceuturies but
it has beeu only a few years since
it was first discovered and found to
ibe so prevalent in America. Be
fore this it was thought that the
large nnmber of weak and pale
people were sJ because of inherited
physical defects aud could not be
cured. Now however this has been
proven not to be the case, that
most of these people are so owing
to the Hookworm infection aud cau
not only be cured but restored to
health in a remarkably short tiu-e
Hookworm disease is caused by
small worms from a quarter to a
half inch is length, resembling a
white thread. Thev attach them
selves to the inner lining of the
small bowel, suck blood, inject a
poison into the system, leave bleed
ing areas and set up a chronic in
Showing ground itch, prodnced experimentally by placing on the wrist
soil contaminated with excrement from a Hookworm
patient. Ground itcb on the feet is prodnced
in the same manner by toil pullution
About 90 per cent ot the case*
begin as ground itcb. dew itch, or
toe-itch as it is variously called
The worm burrows through the
skin on the foot, and in doing so
sets up an inflamation on the foot
that gives rise to this condition
After penetrating the skin they get
into the blood stream and are car
ried around tcr v the upper part ot
the intestine, jnst be-low the stom
ach which it their feeding ground
Here they attach themselves to the
lining of the intestines and begin
to suck the blood of the individual
About 10 per cent of the case-*
are infected by contaminated drink
ing water, or by eating lettuce,
strawberries or water cress that has
been ituprope'ly washed.
Tliic shews the worms ia the skin alter they bava bored throti&h it*nd caused the
ground itch. The warms next xct into the blood-streams and gradually work their
way to tbeinteatines— their feeding grouud. •
flamation from their bitetT* The
i eggs of hookwotms pass with the
t excretions from the bowel of the
, infected person, and if spnitary
j closets ate not used, they hatch out
in the soil into worms, too small to
, be seen with unaided eye, which
, enter the system in several ways,
I though usually through the feet
, causing ground itch, you should be
examined and satisfy yourself about
, the disease.
1 About oue half of the people, all
' classes, old and young, have this
Found chiefly in warra climates
1 where heat, moisture and oxygen
1 produce the most ideal condition
! for hatching the eggs cf the worms
! as tluy are deposited in the soil by
those storing from the disease*
Cold kills them.
The symptoms of hookworm dis
ease vary in many individuals, and
stimulate many diseases. A very
mild case, probably, bas no symp
toms, complains of nothing and
shows no signs And in such a
cas-, the disease can be discovered
only by an examination of a por
tion of the stool with a microscope.
However, a severe case may show
one or more of the following symp
toms: ground itch, fever, headache,
indigestion, sarene-s in the abdo
meo and chest, hi art burn, dizzi
ness, paleness, swelling in the face
and ankles, tired feeling, forgetful
neCfl filjnted growth, palpitation of
the li-ait, of breath ner
vousness, h ,4, d general weakness.
1*  :
(How to tell whether you have
Four methods: first by the symp
* toms aud signs present; second, by
a microscopical examination of the
bowel excretions to determeue the
presence of the eggs; third, by find*
. iug the worms in the stool after
taking the medicines: fourth, l»y
the improvement in health after
e treatment.
f That the dispensaries will be held
t at the places, and on the dates men
) tioned above. Come to any one of
1 the places. It ■' requites two or j
The worm has now completed it* course from the soil to the small intestine hat
fssteued itself tirmly to the inner lining of the bowels, and is
' 1 ~~i? ... BTu kinr; the Ottlltn'u »Jrwl ,
The dispensaries will he directed
by representatives from the State
Board of Health. Dr. T. E.
Hughes, assisted by Mr. L. M.
Hales. Mr. Hales is an expert
microscoplst from the State Labora
tory of Hygiene at Raleigh.
Everyone should bring to the
dispensary a small portion of his
bowel action in a little box, and
have it examined with the micros
cope for hookworm eggs and eggs
of any other intestinal worms. In
a mild case, the disease cannot be
discovered without A miscroicopic
examination. Don't fail to have a
microscopic examination, and sat
irfy yourself that you have no in
testinal worms.
If you have hookworm disease
you are not only handicapped in
your lifes work both mentally and
physically, but you are also a
menace to the rest of the family, to
Representing the hookworm eggs, one of which is just hatching; also a shell from
which the worms have passed. The eggs hatch in the soil,
and one egg may batch a number of worms
Dear Doctor — Understanding I disease will be worth anything, I
that you are collecting a few tes- j shall be glad for you to use it in'
timonials concerning thjy result ef- , the humanitarian cause,
fected by curing bookworm disease, As a youth I was pale, anemic,
if my personal experience with the and generally speaking, was iu
Papilla and heo!ts " ■ 1
intfcßtino Cterlna and ovariiui tubeu Vulva Anu*
'_■ ■ - •'...' J
— A female hookworm, which may lay several thousand eeqs dailv. All of cn»c nr»
* . . ' ....
throe treatments to cure each case.
Only one treatment will be given
to a person at one time, but a sec
ond, third, and, fourth treatment,
if necessary, will be give each suc
cessive week. So visit the dispen
sary on the opening day in order
that you will have time to receive
the necesiary number of treatments
befcre the dispensaries leave for
another county. Don't wait for
the last duy.
Tae State and Cimiitv hate made
appropriations necessary to main
tain the dispensary work. It is
your duty to take advantage of the;
opportunity. This is your only
j chance. It lasts only a few weeks
your neighbor, and to the entire
: commauity. Why? Because you
are a source of infection to. other
people. During each bowel action,
maoy hookworm eggs are expelled
with the excreta, which, if deposit
ed in the soil, hatch into worms
which may infect anyone coming
in contact with the polluted soil.
How may hookworm disease be
prevented? First, by the sanitary
closets, aud the proper disposal of
the intestinal excretions, which
prevents toil pollution. Second,
by wearing shoes, which prevents
ground itch, and washing the
hands thoroughly after handling
contaminated soil.
Third, do not drink muddy wa
ter, and eat uncooked vegetables
unless they ate thoroughly washed.
Talks will be given at each dis
pensary on Hookworm Disease and
Rural Sanitation.
sE.oo a Year in Advance
Your Money Back if You're
not Satisfied
We pay for the medicine u:ed
during the trial, if our remedy fails
to completely relieve you of oi.sti
-1 pation. We take all the 1 i-k. You
ire net o'dig >led to us in anv way vou accept our offer.
Th;:t'e a mighty broad st ituuent,
Wiit We iD'.'rtn every word of it.
Coulu anything I* tnaru fair for
A most scientific, coiumon-seuse
treatment is Rexdl Orderlies, v/bich
are eating like candy. Thvir ac
tice principle is a recent scientific
discovery that is odorless, colorless
and tasteless; very pronouace I, yet
gentle aud pleasant in action, and
particularly agreeable in ev;ry way.
They do not cause diarrhoea, nausea
flaiu'ence, griping, or auy incon
venience whatever. Rex ill Order
lies are particularly goo 1 for child
ren, aged aud delicate persons.
If you suffer from chronic or
habitual constipation, or the asso
ciate or dependent chronic ailments
we urge you to try Rtxall O'derlws
at our risk. Remember you cau
get tbfttu in Williamston culy at
our store. 12 tablets 10 tent-; 36
tablets 25* cents; 60 tablers soputs.
Sold only at our store —Tbe Rexall
Store. The S. R. Biggs D. ug Co.
Ua« for German Peat.
Peat deposit* In northwest Ger
many are to be used aa fuel for the
dere'npoieat of electrical eneray.
Repels AttKk Ot Death.
"Five years ago two doctors told
me I bad only two years to live."
This startling statement was made
by Stillman Green, Malachite, Col.
' They told me I would die with
consumption. It was up to me
then to try the best lung medicine
and I began to use Dr. King's New
Discovery. It mrs well I did, for
today I am working and believe I
owe my life to this great throat
aud lung ctre that bas cheated the
grave of another victim." Its
folly to suffer with coughs, colds
or other thioat and lung troubles
now. Take the cure that's safest.
Price 50 cents and $1 00. Trile
bottle free at Saunders & Fowden.
poor health, never able to accom
plish much work. As time went
on pehraps on account of my weak
ened condition, I became ruptured
aud went to the hospital for an
operation. My blood was so weak
that I could not stand the opera
tion. An examination was made
which showed that I was suffering
with a severe case of hookworm
disease. I was treated and rt once
I began to improve. In the space
of two weeks I was so much im
proved that I was able to take the
operation. I then began to develop
and within two years gained sixty
pounds. I have since graduated
at the University of North Caro
lina, played football on tke 1908
class team, represented Carolina in
an intercollegiate debate, and am
uow strong and healthy and weigh
165 pounds. A enre will transform
a man. I therefore urge our weak
blooded men, women aud children
to be examkied and treated. PAT
C. Sept, 20, 1910.

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