North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII. NO. 2 7
I Professional Cards
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electr.nheiapy,X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Office over Farmers & Merchants Bank
Office hours, 8 to 10 «. nr., 7 to 9 p. ni.
Office 'phono 60 - NijrW 'phone 63
Wm. E. Warren - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Drug Store 'Phone 29
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day'Phoue 53 - Nigbt'Phone 40
Williamston, N. C. x
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each month to treat diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and
Fit Glasses.
A. R. Dunning - J. C. Smith
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys Law
Williamston - North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
Bnrrous A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin
Wheeler Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Attorney s-at-Law
Williamston - North Carolina
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. - WiJHauwton, N. C.
Oreeuvi'le Long Distance Phone 328
Attorney at Law
Williamston • North Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Williatnstou • ■ North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
Life, l-i*e. Health, Accident. Live Stock
Real Estate - Brokerage
Wifliamstcn - North Carolina
Office on. Main Street
Society Pressingj
. . Glub . . I
0. C. Price, Manager
Phone No. 58
Up-to-Date Cleairg,
t Pressing, Dyeing and
Very careful attention
given to Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Waists
Coat Suits and Skirts
Club Rates for Men.
Cl©thes called for and
Agents for Rose & Co.
Merchant-Tailors, Chi
cago, 111
A 4
. - " ..v !. ' • ■ '
Tax Notice !
North Carolina—Martin County.
I, J. C. Crawford, Shetiff of Martin County, linvc this day levied
on the following tract? or parcels of land lying and being in th: County
aforesaid; and will sell the same for cask before tbe court hou-c dcor
of said c unty on Monday the 6tb day of May 1912 for the taxes due
and unpaid for tbe year 1911 unless tbe same is paid on or before that
This the Ist day of April 191 1.
J. C. CRAWFORD, Shreiffof Martin County.
Name Tuxts Cost Total
Angc, France?, 75 Browning !aad $ .60 $1.30 $ 190
Davis. HH,SI a res res. 425 I 3° 555
Jones, JB, 45 acres laud, rts. 1.80 1.30 310
Wynn. Martha, 100 acres land, res. .91 13? 221
Wynn, JH, 47 acres Stewart James land .60 1.30 190
Lucas Thomas, 380 acres Warren Neclc land 7.80 1.30 910
Holllday, James A, 14 acres laud, res. .60 1.30 1.90
Alexander, RR, 14 acres land, res. 3.98 13° 5 28
Button, Joseph, 9 acres land, res. 2.81 130 411
Davis, Richard, 13 ecrts Dave Sherrod land 2.37 1.30 3.67
Dempsey, Susan, 10 acres Warren Neck laud .34 1.30 164
Gray, Thomas, Sr, 1 town lot ' 1.56 130 286
Gee, Harrison. 40 acres land, res. 506 1.30 636
Garrett, Louis, 7 acres Haywood James .31 130 161
Holoman, WG, 1 one town lot 5.23 1.30 6.53
Jarvis, Amy, estate, r towu lot .91 1.30 2.21
Lauglev, J H, 1 acre land, res. 3 4° '-3 0 4-7°
Land, Martha, estate, 1 town lot .91 1.30 2.21
Mann, Mary E, 1 town lot ,91 J. 3° 2 21
Pierce, Lawrence, 20 acres land, res. 2.71 130 401
Riddick. Stcpheu, 43 acre land, res. 3-33 '3° 4 6 3
Staton, JT, 1 •ow.i lot .31 »-3Q 161
Williams, Charley, acre land. res. .91 '-3° 2 21
Walker, JJ, 2 town lot 4»5 1 3° 545
Waters. Sarah, estate, acres, res. ~ 1.20 1.30 2.50
Co'.lius, Andrews, 1 towu lot " 2.40 1.30 3.70
Nichols, Wm. est., 1 town lot & 7 ucrcs laud —rs« 130 222
Kartell, John, 20 acres* land, res, i.?o 1.3°
Roberts. Viney, 5 acres land,res. 2.01 4.30 3.31
Swain, Frances, acre storo lot. 240 130 3.70
Gilliam, RL, 20 acres Mary .Corey land. 31 * 1.30 161
Hodges, Richard, 27 acres County lint land. 31 130 161
Staliiwys Karier, 140 acres land ves. 5.15 3°' 6.45
0->born, JJ, 3 acres land adj A L Rogerson. 15. 130 145
Wytiu, John H, heirs, 5 acres land adj Mc G Wynn. 31 1.30 1.61
F*>gT r **H'i utim land tea. —— - 4'43 ' 573
Shep;>ar?, Edna, 126 seres laud :„dj JII Sheppatd. 3.71 r.30 401
Swain, Heirs, one lot swamp land. 1.25 tJo 2.55
BagLy, A, 2 town lots rea. 8.00 1.30 930
Bond, Mack, 1 town lot. 80 1.30 2,10
Duggan, Wiley, 1 town lot adj Baglty. 60 1.30 190
Finch, Wm, ngt wife, 1 town lot. 1.33 1.30 2.63
Grifiin, Rhrxlf r, 1 town Jot r«s. 340 1.30 4-7°
Hansel!, Eliza', 30 acres land le's 1.30 2.90 j
Lo)d, Hanuab, r town lot vacant. 16 1.30 1.46
Mathews, Claud, 1 town lot vacant. 249 1.30 3.79!
Price, OC, x town lot vacant. 260 130 3.90!
Purvis, Wm, 1 town lot. 2.49 r.30 3.79
Riddick, Henry, 1 town lot res. 1.00 130 230
Spruell, Minnie, 1 town lot vacant. 20 t.30 150
Gray, Williams, estate 7 acres land adj SL A. 1.40 1.30 270
Williams, Joe. r town lot rts. 4.44' 1.30 5-74
Briley, Ed, 1 town lot. , 3.72 130 5.02;
Lawrence, Simon, 2 acres land adj Blount Chauce. 66 1.30 1.96
Roberson, Geo D, 25 acres laud adj II Chance 2.80 130 4.10!
Teel, Gus, 56 acres land adj Henry Bowen. 387 130 5.17
J*H Sr, 65 acres of land adj John Mayo. 6.27 1.30 7.57
Nelson, WA, 56 acres land adj Ed Jolly. 9.00 1.30 t0.30
Powell, JB, 1 town lot in Parmele. 60 r,30 1.90
Warren, Joe, 1 town lot in Robersonville. 12 r.30. 142
Andrews, Oscar, r town lot in Parmele. 2.85 1.30 4.15
Barnbill, Martha, 1 town lot in Parmele. 31 t.30 x.61
Bullock, George, 32 acres land adj I S Riddick -3 33 130 463
Council, Alfred, 40 acres land adj McMoore. 2.40 1.30 3.70
Everett, JW t town lot in Parmele 1.05 1.30 2.35
Forrest, RF, 42 acres land adj A Wynn. 2.40 1.30 3.70
Howell, Roy, 25 acres land adj J H Everett. 91 t.30 2.21
Long, Robert, 1 town lot in Parmele. 60 1.30 r9O
Moore, MC, 29 acres land adj Alfred C. 2.40 1,30 3.70
Moore. Bob, 3 town lots in Robersonville. 2.09 i.y r i.u>
Mayo, John, 2 lots in Parmele. 3.17 1.30 447
Roberson, Wiley, 1 town lot in Robersonville. 2.59 1.30 3.89
Smith; Peter, 9 acres land adj JII Bryant. 2.73 1.30 4.03
Ttel, Jim, 1 town lot in Robersonville. 2.07 1.30 3.37
Turner, Robert, 1 town lot in Parmele .60 r.30 1.90
Williams, Church, 1 town lot in Robersonville 2.11 r.30 3.41
Parmele Eccl. Lum. Co, 10 towu lots, Parmele x 2.00 1.30 *13.30
Honor Roll
Pur the mouth ending April sth,
j 912.
i -t. Grade. —Annie Euuise Craw
ford, Martha Harrison,' Stella
Ward, Allen Peed, Saturate Jolly.
2nd. Grade.—Estelle Cowing,
Rolai.d Jelly, Jule Carr Wynn,
Marv G. Watts, Martha S. Hassell,
Ethel Hirris, Iconise Harrison,
flu! ah Biker, Ralph Edwards,
William Carstarphen, Lida Cook,
Elizabeth Hurra*, SaJlic Brown.
3rd. Grade.—Arthur, Clarence
ani Oscar Ayers, Hazel Betben,
Halciiih Bradley, Estelle Crawloid,
Janie Edwards, Samuel Gardner,'
Mary Bvlle Harrell, Francis Man
ning, Charles Knight.
4th, Grade - GarUnd, B.
anil Mattie Lou Anderson, C. D.
Cftr-tarphen, Mary King and 'Wjl
lipni Ellison, Sum Harrell, William
sth. Grade.—Bessie Page, Shel
ton W colard, Louise Robertson,
Blanche Mooie, Una Bradley.
6th Grade.—Carrie Ded White,
Svlvia Upton, CJeorge H. Kent,
James li. Harrell. Harrell Thomas,
Fannie B Martin.
7th. Grade. —Fitzhugh Robert
sou, Mary Bradley, Robert Peel,
Clyde Anderson, Richard Smith.
Bth. Guide.*- Leona Page, Daisy
yth. Grade.—Eva Peel, Leroy
Auderson, Ollie Roberson, \*ctes
Dowel 1, Frances Ku, gilt, Josephine
io'.h. Grade. —Maurice Watts,
Fannie M. Manning, Martha Ward,
Walter Jenkins, Allie l ladley.
Royal Arch Masons
Couoho Chapter No. 12 Royal
Arch Masons met in special session
~beie Wednesday afternoon at 5
o'clock and continued until 12 m
Seven candidates were exalted ami
the work was most interesting.
Theie were visitors from Washing
ton and a numbi r of out of-towu
nn tubers wen- here. The interest
in the work of the Chapter is mark
ed and tbe membership is growing.
There were about forty in atteod
miCc? at t !u- urteTiiyg.
After tbe buskins, sessiotr was
(iver, rupper'was nerved at the At
l intic Hotel. The menu Was ix-
J'Cf.lent refreshing after so hours in the Lodge room
j Synches arid clever rfpartec made
tbe hour croucd the board n de
lightful one
Major Neal Dead
The death of Major John li.
Nenl occutred at the heme of Mrs.
Kate Dunn in Scotland Neck on
Sunday. lie was sever.ty-three
\ ears old and had been prominent
in politics of bis county tor some
vears. During the Civil war, he
was a gallant officer, belonging to
Wade Hampton's cavalry.
Major Neal bad been married
three tunes and leaves five children
a sister and mother, tbe latter be
ing niuety-four years old. He was
the uncle of Dr. J. H. .Saunders of
this town. His visits here were
very frequent and be had many
friends throughout thecounty, who
regret to learn of his death.
The following invitation has been
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Blount
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
\ - gate > .
—r- ■ -tO""
Dr. Hugh Brantley York
on the morning of Wednesday May
the first
at half after seven o'clock
Methodist Episcopal ChUrcb
Williamston, North Carolina
No cards in town.
, 'i v.. • 'i-
Leap Year Dance
Only at rare intervals is woman
given the opportunity to exhibit
her ability to provide for the pleas
ure of the sex tint declares-her
"uncertain, coy, and hard to
please." This opportunity comes,
however, on every fourth year,
when she can, without fear of cou
traduction, assert her right to risk
and not wait the asking. The
young women of Williamston on
Thursday evening of last week,
demonstrated their power to please
and arrange the menu* for giving
delight to their friends of the op
posite sex. To the Masonic Hall,
which had been attrrctively decor
ated, each young woman escorted
her partner, having called for him
at his home. Alexander's Orches
tra was playing beautiful airs and
at 0:30 the dancing be»;au Jed by
Mr. and Mr. C. B. Hassell. The
men wore evening clothes and the
women were gowned in lovely cos
tumes which made the scene more
attractive. There were thirty num
bers on the dance cauls and the
hour was late when these were
finished. The management of the
affair wis perfect and tbe young
rntn enjoyed being tbe recipients
of such a delightful favor. During
the evening punch was served by
Mrs. C M, Lanier.
After tbe dance, there were
lun?heous served at tbe homes of Mr.
and Mra. J P. Simpson, Mr. and
Mr?. C. B. Hnstell and Mr. and
Mrs K H Crawford. These were
pleasant endings to an evening
fraught with so much that makes
tl»6 heart merry and free from care
The ladle* dancing and their
partners Were: Miss Clara Jones
and Julius Peel; Miss Hannah Vic
Fowdeti and J. W. Biggs; Miss
Kssie Peel «'.nd Wheeler Martin,
Jr.; Miss Cirrie Alexander aod Dr.
J. S Rhodes; Miss Anna Beth
Purvis and Clayton Moore; Miss
Eva Gainor and A. M. Jordan-
Miss Anna Crawford atid Harry A,
Biggs; Mis-« Irene Smith and Leslie
Fowden; Miss I:n!»d!e Morten'and
N\ C. Everett, of UoVr-ouvilli:,
Mr. and Mrs. C. Hassell. Mr.
and Mrs. J. i*. ftitupsou, Mr. and
Mrs. A. R. Dunning, Mr. and Mrs.
I ? . W. Iloyt, Mr. and Mrs. K. B.
Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. An
drews, 01. Robersonville.
Stags: Dr. T. K. Hughes, U. M.
llal-s, Cecil Ecereit, Maurice
Patronesses: Mrs. J. G. Status,
Mrs. C. M. Lnnier, Mrs. A. H.
Smith, Mr?. \V. H. Crawford.
Mission Services
Rev. John R. Matthews will be
giu a .'cries of services in the Epis
copal Chiircb her? on N'onday
night, Aptd j.'iid. Mr. Matthews Englishman and a profound
Bible student and has been wonder
fully successful iu bis inissioas
throughout the State. His services
and sermons appeal to every one
who hears them and the people cf
the town are cordially requested to
assist in these services as Mr.
Matthews has made a selection of
familiar and standard hymns which
he desires to be used duting the
One of the chief features of the
meeting will be the Bible Readings
at 10:30 o'clock each morning.
Those attending are asked to bring
their Bibles and thereby gain the
greater benefit. Tbe serAices at
night will begin at 8 o'clock. There
will be three services on Sunday,
Ike 28th, at 11 and 8 and one for
Men'at 3:^0T11 the afternoon.
Mr. Matthews is coming here to
bring a message to tbe community
—to do good to everybody and the
public is cordially invited to hear
him and to assist in the services, so
as to make them profitable to tbe
si.oo a .tar in Advance
Local Happenings and
People who are Coming
and Going, Here, There
. and Yonder as Gathered
by our Regular Corres
pondent. .
* Judk'v. Ilobbs, of Williamston,
was in towu Tuesday.
Mr*. Harper Peel aud Miss
Msrthn Council, of Hamilton, were
here Friday.
E. A. Taylor attended court at
Washington this week.
Things are tuov : ng rapidly r.tthe
hosiery mill and *vcrk will l-s;{in
next week.
Mrs. Pitlmm and little daughter
returned to Greenville Monday
after sometime here.
Several from here attended the
show at Greenville Monday.
Robetsouville expects to be the
manufacturing city in Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Tnoms Roberson,
of Scotland Neck, spent the week
end here with relatives.
A. R. Dunning, of Williauiston,
was in town Tuesday.
Miss L : zzie Roberson returned
home from Scotland Neck Friday.
Mights Beltie Roberson, Anoie
Mooring, Fnye Everett, llattie
Wyun and Reta Robtrson spent the
Weekend wi:h Mi-s I.ucile Rober
The Ret ai! Merchant.* Associa
tionlnat here Wednesday. Among
those wlio attended from out of
town were R. W. Salsbury, J. H.
Everett, J. L. Peikins, James Peel,
Julius Barnhill aud Thomas
Drath of an Infant .
Susie Ba'.;er, the li't'e* dnuyhler
of Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Sauuiier3,
died Sattrrdav afternoon, April 13th,
bt tween the hoi'is of four and
The little babe came to _ bka? i-hn
ho«ae on Januaty Ist. 1912, -> •:£
though frail and delicate as
llowerp, the '.ittle ho:'y, had respond
ed to the tender care of its parents
aud gave promise of a life which
would become the future joy of the
household. . But the Under flower
was not for earth and «o God took
it to that Heavenly Garden there
to :-.hed a fuiler find sweeter fra
grance am >•)• the uuge's.
Sunday t.lternoon, the funeral
set vices were conducted from the
Episcopal Church by the rector,
Rev. M. K. Bcthoa. The tiny caS-. -
ket covered with beau'iful flowers,
was borne in by F. W. Hoyt, J.
G. Staton, McKimmou Sautidefs
and Eevlie Fowdtu. The ititfir
mejit was in-the Baptist Cemetery
and loving hands laid sweetest
blossoms upon the little mound.
Among the relatives who were
here from other towns were Mr.
aud Mrs. Jack Saunders, of Kius
tou, McKimmou Saunders, of
Washington, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Bovle, Miss Hattie Dardeu and E.
B. Dardeo, of Hamilton.
Tfie Danger After Gric
lies often iu a run-down system.
Weekness, nervousness, lack of
appetite, energy and ambition, with
disordered liver and kidneys often
follow an attack of this wretched
disease. The greatest need then Is
Electric Bitters, the glorious tonic,
blood purifier and regulator of
stomachniver aud kidneys. Thou
sands have proved that they won
derfully strengthen the nerves,
build up the system and restor; to
health and good spirits aftf ; an
attack of Grip. If sufferinf tsy
them. Only 50 cents. Soli >,» d
perfect satisfaction guaranteed by
Saunders & Fowden.

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