North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII. NO. 28
| Professional Cards 1
1 J
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotheiapy, X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Office over Farmers tt Merchants Bank
Office hours, 8 to Jo a. ta., 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 - Nij:ht 'phone 63
Wm E. Warren - J. S. Mioses
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons""
Office in Bigfjs Drug Store • 'Phone 29
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day 'Phone 53 - Night 'Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each nacuth to treat dis;ases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and
Fit Glasses.
A. R. Dunning - J. C. Smith
* Dunning & Smith
Attorneys . t Law
Williamston - North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
Burrous A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin
Wheeler Martin, Jr. *
Martin & Critcher
Williamstom •; North Carolina
'PHONtI 23
Greenville, N. C. - Williamston, N. C.
Greenvnlle Long Distance I'honc 328
Attorney at Law
Williamston • North Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Williamston - North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
Life, F;ie. Health, Accident, Live Stock
Real Estate - Brokerage
Williamston - North Carolina
Offifce on Main Street
r mmmm \
I Society Pressing j
. . Glub . .
o. C. Price, Manager J
I Phone No. 58
£¥ Up-to-Date Ckaing, |
Pressing, /Dyeing and |
Very careful attention ■
given to Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Fancy Waists I
Coat Suits and Skirts M
| f| Club Rates for Men - I
Clothjes called for and I
I CJj * or R)se Co. I
Merchant-Tailors, Chi- I
! ca g°> ih Ji
/•" v ■"V •. : - v "• ' -
' '• 1 fit* ' •' •*'. • , . v '- . . •*, •
Tax Noticfe !
North Carolina—Martin County.
I, J. C. Crawford, Sheriff of Martin Countv, have this day levied
on the following tracts or parcels of lacd lying and being in thejCpuuty
afortsaid; and w?ll sell the same for cash before the court house dcor
of said countv on Monday the 6th day of May 1912 for the taxes due
aud unpaid for the year 1911 unless the same is paid on or before that
Th ; « the Ist day of April 1911.
J. C. CRAWFORD, Shreiff of Martin County.
Name ' Taxes Cost Total
Ange, Frances, 75 acres Browning land $ .60 $1.30 % 1.90
Davis. H H, 51 acres, res. 4.25 1.30 5 55-
Jones, JE, 45 acres land, res. r.So 1.30 310
Wynn, Martha, 100 acres land, res. .91 1 3° 2 2 '
Wyno, JH, 4} ncres Stewart James land .60 1.30 1.90
Lucas, Thomas, 380 acres Warren Neck land 7. So 1.30 910
Hollidny, James A, 14 acres laud, res. .60 1.30 1.90
Alexander, R.R, 14 acres land, res. 3.98 1.30 5.28
Boston, Joseph, 9 acres land, res. 2.81 130 411
Davis, Richard, 13 acres Dave Sherrod laud 2.37 1.30 3.67
Detnpsey, Susan, 10 acres Warren Neck land .34 1.30 1.64
Grav, Thomas, Sr, 1 town lot ' 1.56 1.30 2.86
Gee, Harrison, 40 acres land, res. 506 1.30 6.36
Gamtt, Louis, 7 acres Haywood James .31 1.30 161
Holoman, WG, 1 one town lot 5.23 1.3° 53
Jarvis, Amy, estate, 1 town lot .91 1.30 2.21
Langlev, J H, 1 acre land, res. 3.40 1.30 4.70
Land, Martha, estate, 1 town lot .91 1-3° 2>21
Mann, Mary E, 1 town lot .9 1 T -3° 2 -2 i
Pierce. Lawrence, 20 acres land, res. 2.71 1 30 4.01
Riddick, Stephen, 43 acre land, res. • 3.33 r.30 4.63
St3ton ( JT, 1 town lot --- « - -3 1 * 1 -3° t. $ 1
Williams, Charley, acre land. rc6. -9 1 '-3° 221
Walker, J J, 2 town lot 4- T 5 1 3° 5 45
Waters, Sprah, estate, 'jyi acres, re*. . 1.20 1.30 , 2.50
Collins, Andrews, 1 town lot 2.40 1.30 3.70
Nichols, Wm, est., 1 town lot & 7 acres land .92 130 222
Harrtll, John, 20 acres land, res. 1.20 1.30 2.50
J , _ ... _ _.. _ : . •;
RoberuT. Viney, 5 acres land, ree. 2.01 1.30 3.31
Swain, Frances, acre store lot. 2.40 - 1.30 3.70
Gilliam, RL, :o acies Mary. Corey land. 31 1.30 161
Hodges, Richard, 27 acres County line land. 31 t,30 1.61
Stalling*, Kader, 140 acres land res." / 5-'5 «3° 6 -45
Osborn, JJ, 3 acres land adj A L Rogerson. 15 130 145
Wynn, lohn'H, heirs, 5 acres laud adj Mc G Wynn. 31 1.30 1.61
Rogcrson, Stewart, 26 acres land res. 4.43 1.30 5.73
Sheppard, Edna, 126 acres land adj J H Sheppard. 3.71 1.30 401
1 .
Swain, Heirs, one lot swamp land. 1.25 1.30 2.55
Bagley, A, 2' town lots res. 3.00 1.30 "'■•9.30
Bond, Mack, 1 town lot. 4 80 1.30 2.10
Dußgan. Wiley. 1 town lot adj Bagley. - 60 1.30 1.90
Finch, Wm, agt wife, 1 towu lot. 1.33 1.30 2.63
Griffin, Rhodrn, 1 town lot res. 3-4° '-30 4*7°
Hassell, Eliza, 30 acres hnd res. 1.30 2.90
Loyd, Hannah, t town lot vacant. ' s 16 r.30 1.46
Mathews, Claud, 1 town lot vacant. ' ' 2.49 1.30 3,79--
Price, OC, 1 town lot vacant. ' 2.60 130 3.90
Purvis, Wm, 1 town lot. 2.49 " 1.30 3.79
Riddick, Henry, 1 town lot res. 1.00 1.30 2.30
Spruell, Minnie, 1 town lot vacant. 20 1.30 1.50
Gray, Williams, estate 7 acres land adj SL A. 1.40 1.50 270
Williams, Joe, 1 town lot res. 4.44 1-3° 5-'4
Briley, Ed, 1 town lot.' 3.72 1.30 5.02
Lawrence, Simon, 2 acres land ac'j Blount Chance. 66 1.30 1.96
Roberson, Geo D, 25 acres land adj H Chance 2.80 130 410
Teel, Guc, 56 acres land adj Henry Bowen. 357 130 5.17
Bryant, J H Sr, 65 acres of land adj John Mayo. 6.27 1.30 7.57
Nelson, WA, 56 acres land adj Ed Jolly. .• Q.OO 1.30- 10.30
Powell, JB, 1 lown lot in Parmele. 60 r.30 1.90
Warren, Joe, 1 town lot in Robersonville. ' - 12 1.30 1.4/2
Andrews, Oscar, r town lot in Parmele. 2.85 1.30 4.15
Barnhill, Martha, 1 town lot in Parmele. 31 r.30 1.61
Bullcck, George, 32 acres land adj I S Riddick 3.33 1.30 4.63
Council, Alfred, 40 acres land adj Mc Moore. 2.40 1.30 3.70
Everett, JW 1 town lot iu Partnele r.05 r.30 2.35
Forrest, RF, 42 acies laud adj A Wynn. 2.40 K3O 3.70
Howell, Rov, 25 acres land adj JII Everett. 91 r.30 2.21.
Long, Robert, 1 town lot iu Parmele. 60 130 190
Moore,'M C, 29 acres land adi Alfred C. 2.40 1.30 3.70
Moore, Bob, $ town lots m Robersonville. 2.09 130 3.39
Mayo, John, 2 lots in Parmele. 3,-17 1.30 447
Robersqn, Wiley, r town lot in Robersonville. .
Smith, Peter, 9 acres Jandjdj J H Eryant. 2.73 1.30 f 4.03
Teel, Jim, 1 town lot in Robersonville. 2.07 r.30 3.37
Turner, Robert, 1 town lot in Pprmele .60 r.30 1.90
Williams, Church, 1 town lot iu Robersonville t.30 3 41
Parmele EccL Lum. Co, ro town lots, Parmele r.30 13-30 1
(Continued on page 5.) 1
Halifax Bacon Brought to
A large number of people from
Martin County whose veins are full
of sporting blood, attended the
races at Scotland Neck Wednesday.
The race track at that place is one
of the finest in the State and those
Halifax folks are enthsiastic over
it and own plenty of animals that
can show their heels to every otner
horse save when Martin County is
represented. Then there is some
thing else doing for old Martin
always trots alone the best in
borsefitsh as in many other feat
ures It is estimated that morei
than a thousand people siw thej
race? aud yelled for their favorites. |
while the Oak City Hand rendered
"Everybody's Doin'*lt," aud other
popular airs to try to keep the
spirits of the Halifax folks from
sinking below normal But this
was a thing impossible as the re- j
suit of the heats knocked things j
into smithereens.
Tlie tree for all race WHS cutered
by Little Ruby, Windsor Maid,
Limber Twig aud Plyuu.utii Rock.
The latter broke,a reiu and across'
plowed ground he rushed with the I
speed of a tornado leaving all com j
petri&rs behind on the track. For j
three heats Limher Twig, owned!
bv Dr. W. E. Warren, of William-j
etou and driven by J. Paul Simpson, j
proved himself the superior and!
easily carried off the honors, money '
and cheers of ; the 400 Mr rtin Coun- j
tv men. - The time imde by |
this racer was 2:24 and
ID the 2:301*00, Farmer Gectiy, ]
the blood bav son of the famous!
John R. Gentry, owned and driven I
by Dr. John D. Biggs, trotted!
under the pole with an easy stride!
anead of Silver ttndtrand Electric]
Sign. The last, a road race, wis, j
I entered by Gve horses and Perry
I Jenkins won first honors.
By train and autos a crowd of
Williamstcn people went to enjov
j the hospitality of the Halifax peo
ple and to bring home the best in |
' the prizes and purses. They had a \
good time and were treated royally
by those fine folks who took their j
defeat with perfect good feeling |
and who extended a cordial invita
tion ''to come up again."
Republican County Convention
The republicans of Martin Couu
ty met here a: the Court House
Monday afternoon and were called
to order by Wheeler Martin, Chair
man of the Executive Committee, j
The chairman stated the purpose
-ot the convention which was to
elect delegates to the State, Con- j
greasioual and Senatorial conven- j
tions. Joseph M. Sitterson ws*.
elected chairman and C. C. Fugan j
John R. Mobley, Wheeler Mar- i
tin, Jr., John L Hinesand Wheeler I
Martin, Sr , were elected delegates j
and A. C. Smith, R. E. Grimes, j
J M. Sitterson and H. D. Cowan
alternates to the State Convention, j
J. T. Price, J. L. Davenport, W. •
JS. Vick and Wheeler Martin were 1
elected delegates and W. Watters,'
John F. Hardison, Duffy Mines
and J. S. Ay en* were chosen alter- j
nates to the Congressional Conven- j
W. T. Coburu, Simon Manning,!
William Peel and M. S. Fagan
were elected delegates, and Warren
\V. Watters, James Jackson, An-!
gustus Taylor and H, D. Ayers
were elected alternates td the Sena
torial Convention. ,
Thefe being no fnrtfter business
the convention then adjourned.
Dr. J. T. R. Neil. Prop. River
side Drug Co., Greenville, S C.
writes recently, "I have beerf a
practicing physician and druggist
tor over 35 years and sold and ad
ministered many kidney medicines
but none to equal Foley Kidney
Pills. They are superior to any I
ever used, and give the quickest
and most permanent relief."
Need Reforming;
It has been recently noted by the
thinking citizen that the inanuers
of many of the boys and girls in
this town need reforming and need
it bad. The younger set is simply
running amuck. To one who was
at the Citv Hall on Wednesday and
Thursday nights of list week—es
pecially to a stranger—the scene
was a jjood representation ot a,
crowd of roughs, needing only the
popping ot" pistols to make the
thing complete. On Wednesday
night, "The Mystery of the Maine''
was on tle programme. To every
American man, woman and child
| any mention of the should
be treated with reverence, for with
in her shattered quarters remained
for thirteeu ye ars thfe bodies of the
brave men who went into the har
bor of Havana on a mission of
peace to help a down trodden p-o I
pie. But the exhibit here Was!
I greeted with cat calls, whistles and |
| noisy y» lis.
Thursday night a large number!
1 of the audience, mainly the younger '
J boys and giils, 110 donbt, decided j
I that the previous night was too
1 mild and so proceeded to warm up!
! things. The Sludebaker Company, |
!of Detroit, had arranged to have!
several thousand feet of films to
exhibit their automobile, construe-1
J tion. Many of their have j
j been sold here and much interest j
I was manifested in the exhibit, and j
!it was, too,, a fine showing of the
'making of cars which stand for j
strength and beauty. The pictures!
1 were most interesting and the races
j were splendid exhibitions of the
lendurance of the cars. But the!
!exhibitbr ha i great dilfiriilty in!
.making himself heard. He was j
j giving a free and vjet was M+u j
I accorded the courtesv due a taenia?. I
I Many people in the audience)
i were thoroughly disgusted and)
j many were angry, but no effort was j
1 made to ej ;ct the little r.cisy things I
j and they are itly not taughr j
Ito be have. Tiie management ot j
! the Opera House should have en-1
i forced order. Such conduct i.i ia! 1
| ciliated to keep people trom at-
J tending shows. The town shouhl !
jbe free from such a stain It peo
ple will not behave, m;ilu: theui.
The habit of ill manners is growing
and in the end will v.'ork gr.atj
| harm. Begin to stop it now.
Mission Services
j The services being conducted at j
| the Episcopal Church by Ktv. Joli-n j
R. Matthews, of Manchester, Kng-T
j land,, will close Sunday ulght.
I Each morning there is a Bible
I Study, which is both instructive
land interesting, Mr. Matthews'!
j clear explanations of Bib.'e truth!
J appealing to every one. At night, j
, the discourses are strong, fortifulj
I and Convincing —the earnestness of j
| the man making his words . sink 1
I deep into the minds and hearts of
i the congregation. Sunday morn-'
j iug services w'iil be at 11 o'clock!
I and again at Bin the evening. Atj
, 3:30 he will speak to the men oniy. j
The public is tuosft earnestly' in-,
vited to hear Mr. Matthews at each
j 'of the remaining services.
"Polly in Politics"
The S.nior Class of the High
School presented "Polly in Poli
tico" at the City Theatre ou ""Fri
day night last. A large audience
witnessed the play which wks
of fun from beginning to end. Mist-
Carrie Alexander and Maurice
Watts were the leading characters.
They were supported by A.
M. Jordan, Duke Critchcr, Walter
Jenkins and Misses Fannie Man
ning, Sallie and Allie Hadley. A
neat sum was realized from the
sale of seats.
st.oo a Year in Advance
NEWS licraS
Local Happenings and
People who are Coming
and Going, Here, There
and Yonder as Gathered
by our Regular Corres
S-viral from here attended the
races nt Scotland Neck Wednes
Eli Rogers, of Eeens, was in
town Tuetday.
| A. R Dunning was here Friday
j on husi -ess.
R. M. James. o( Scotland Neck
| and Charlie Jam?*, of Gi'-'.nl,
| were here Monday.
Misses Lula D. Sauls, .ty
| Md'e a:;c! My rn i I light spe ',&»
I day with Miss Sallie Smith.
j Mrs. Lyda Parker spent Werines
j duv m Williamston.
Several from here attended the
i M. F„ Distiict Couier nee rt Bethel
) this week.
j Misses DolHe Mae. Bowers, Myr
!na Might, Messrs. Cecil Everett
j and Jodie Woolard witnessed the
j pl.iy at Be'hel Moaday night.
| N. C. Everett spent Monday in
! Ay den.
Mrs R >sa Haley and childreu,
j ot Goldsl oro, visited relatives here
! this week.
Mrs. Kate Tripp in Whichards
j with her daughter this week.
Miss Daisy Taylor, of Williams*
J ton, is visiting Miss Sarah Green
| litis week.
j Rev. D. W. Davis, a prominent
: 1 svine of the Christian Church, de
j liveud n vejy able address here
1 Tue-da\ ni#h: at the Graded
I School building. Immediately
] alter toe uddre?a, Miss Rnuls Rave
j a high'.v enjoyable musical tnter
j tuiument consisting of twenty or
i more numbers'. There wasq-iite a
j miiuher of persons ppeseni of
! whom .'eenied well plc?sed with
I noth address and programme. The
! annus! commencement of the f
| School will take place on the t't
j wist. Hon. Johr. H. Small wi *
| liver the address at two o'cL~.. l# .
! tn., and the exercises of the school
I will begin at b o'clock. The puh-
Ihe is cordially invited to these ex
r *
Commencement Exercises
The I li«h School will close here
..on May 31 d, anyl the graduation
exercises will begin at 10 o'clock
a. in. The programme is a» fol
Song by the School.
Salutatory, Walter Jenkins,
. History, Maurice Watts.
I " Mr.cbeth and Lady Macbi *•.
| A Contrast," Allie Hadlty.
, Prophecy, Fannie Manning,
j Will and Testament, Maitha
j Ward.
Valedictory, Sallie Hadley,
Address by Hou J. Bryan
j Grimes.
Delivery cf Diplomas.
The Danger After £h;o
lies often in a run down system.
| Weeklies*, nervoustess, lack of
appetite, energy and ambition, with
disordered liver and kidneys often
follow an attack of this wretched,
disease. The greatest need then is
Electric Bitters, the glorious tonic,
blood pnnfier and regulator of
stomach, liver and kidneys. Thou
sands have proved that WoihfT
der fully strengthen the nerves,
build tip the- system and re* ton t9
health and good spirits aftf r&
attack of Giip. If suflVriu 'jy
them. Only 50 cents. So! "j|
perfect satisfaction guarante
Saunders & Fowden.

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