North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII. NO. 32
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotherapy, X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Office over Farmers & Merchants Bank
Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m., 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 - Nijjht 'phone 63
Win. E. Warren • J. S. Rhoaea
ftrs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Drug Store - 'Phone 29
Jos. H. Saunders, M. ft.
Physician and Surgeon
Day' Phone 53 - Night' Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each mouth to treat diseases of the
Eye, Ear, No-e 3nd Throut end
Fit Glass-es.
A. R. Dunning. • J. C. Smith
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys .■♦.•Law
Williamston - North Carolina
Robersoaville, North Carolina
Barrens A. Critcher • Wheeler Mm-tin
> % Whe«ter Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Williamston • North Carolina
* ' 'l'KOhfc 23
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N."C. - '.VHliamrtcu, N.
Greenville I,oag Dutance Phone
s7 aT^newell
Attorney at Law
Williamston • North Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Williamston - North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
Life, Fire. Health, Accident. Live iitcck
Real Estate - Brokerage
Williamston • North Carolina
Office on Main Street
pt ciummßß «■■■■■■»«■•
Society Pressing
. . Glub . .
O. C. Price, Manager
Phone No. 58
Up-to-Date Geai rg,
Pressing, Dyeing and
Very careful attention
given to Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Fancy Waists
Coat Suits and Skirts
; Club Rates For Men.
Clothes called for and
Agents for Rose & Co.
Merchant-Tailorty Chi
cago, 111
1 ; » r
®JIt is rumored that the Hamilton Pants
Manufaduiing Company is looking for a
location with better transportation advantages.
WjlliamAon has ample facilities and cheap
rates—just as good as can be had in EaA
ern Carolina. The Hamilton people are just
such folks as we need. Let our people offer
them some inducement. Invite them to
locate here and make it difficult for them
to decline the invitation. They would
' ' * ** i
help us and we could serve them.
y* y
Baglcy Confessed
La?t Friday the forms of the paper
were held open so that a messnge
might be received containing in
formation about the electrocution j
of Brad Barley,- The main /'acts
as "received from Wat den Sale were
published. This menage stated
that B.glcy made uo confession;
but'that he talked rs the straps'
were beinc adjusted about his face
and head. What the words were,
the Warden failed to hear. The
doomed rain hud written to friend-;
here that he was innocent of the
murder of Captain White, though |
he had never made any effort id
prove an alibi on th£ "'ght ot ti 11
Hii spiritual adviser, Ju-bua
Griffin, had eshowtted every means
by word of his own and* that con
tained in th-i "Scripture-* to induce
hira to confess But the man, so
soon to die, a-:ver di.spnired until;
just a bhort while before the hour
tcr his death. He h«d some hope
that something would be clone for
him evtu in those last moments.
So he walked unfalteringly to the
death chair. But when all hope
was gone and the electrical fixcurss
were being placed about his bod)*,
with the awful fact of eternity
staring him in the face, he.for the
6rst time realized the great load
upon bis foul and murmured? "I
am a guiltv man." There were
those from Williamston who heard
his words and hi* call for God to
have mercy on his soul.
There bad never been any doubt
among the citizens of Williamston
as to Bagley's guilt even though
he should have died with cosed
lips, but it is best that be confessed
ere his soul went to eternity. His
body was embalmed and brought
here Saturday, and Sunday an im
mense crowd cf his race attended
the burial.
- . Notice
To the Democratic Voters of the
2nd. Senatorial District.
I have decided to become a can
didate for the office as one of the
Senators from this district, in the
Next General Assembly of North
Carolina, and respectfully solicit
the support of aM democrats of said
district, both at the primary and
W. A. Thompson,
Aurora, N.- C.
Helps a Judge In Bid Fix
Justice Eli Cherry, of Gills Mills
Tenn., was plainly worried. A
bad sore on his leg had baffled
several doctors and long resisted all
remedies, "I thought it was a
canceT," be wrote. "At last I used
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and wjjs
completely cured." Cures burns,
boils, ulcers, cuts, bruises and
piles. 25 cents at Saunders & Fow
den.. „ ■
- „ •
El Baile Club
The young men of the tovtu have
recently formed the El Baile Club
for rmtual pleasure and enjoyment.
Strictly speaking it is a Club which
will pive each week a dance ou
Thurtdav evening. The name El
Baile was handed down from gen
eration to generation by the Moors
and in history it is first spoken of
in connection nith some ffstival
during the days of the Spanish
Main. It wa>; taken to Mexico by
the Spaniards and those care-free,
pl«asu:e-lcvi:ig people use it to
expreis au;useiceot. The members
of the Club hooe to get as much
7nnoc;nt fan and pastime out ot the
organization us the meaning of the
El B.r.le' Club conveys. Clayton
Moore H: resident and Ju'.ius S.
Peel is -ecreatry f;*nd treasurer *of
toe Club
Services Closed
Tl:e ,*tvivni services at the Metho
dist Church which commenced ten
days before, etded on Wednesday
nignt. All through these meetings
at both the morning and night ser
vices :he attendance has been large,
and tue interest very marked. Rev.
J. H. Buffule made plain the Gos
pel truths and ma ie a profound
ituprersion upon his hearers. The
choir led bv Mr. Fitzgerald did
faithful servi:e and the singing
was an attractive part cf the moet
There \\k.-re several additions and
the Church was greatly revived?
A. C. L. R. R. Criticised
Wkeu the realroad company con
sented to elevate the track above
Main Street extension just this'
side of Martin's farm, it was
thought that the company would
build a cement arch inder which 1
the street would pass. Not so,
however, for there is nothing ex
cept unsightly wooden piling there
to support the track. The citizens
of the town have severely criticised
the company's action. They want
a more, endurable and attractive
structure there. After voting for
good roads, the people desire to
bave them built as attractive as
possible under the natural condi
| tions. The Coast Line should ac
cede to the demands of the people
and give them something worth
John R. Staton, joyce, Ky., had
an exceptionally severs attack of
whooping cough. He say?: "If it
had not been for Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound l would have
been compelled to quit -
nstead, I never missed a day, and
Foley's Tar Compound
gave me instant relief and is ' the
only cough medicine we ever use."
Contains no opiates. Saunders &
Miss Bessie Casper has returned
from Lewiston.
The Oak City Band had returned
from a two week's trip furnishing
music nt land sales.
Misses Mfcyftejle an J Myrtalee
Long spent Monday evening in
Little Miss Ethel Moore has re.
turned home from a visit to rela
Messrs. Johnson & Everett have
moved into their new store.
Miss Clyde Jordan is visiting
relatives here.
Tommie Johnson was in town
Sundav the guest of Miss Hettie
Miss Blanche Daniels was the
guest of her sister, Mr-. Henry
Everett, iait night.
Prof, l'eel and Judge Waldo were
in town Tuesday.
A number of Oak City young
folks attended the commencement
at Hamilton Tuesday night.
Will ie Johnston, a prominent
voung nnn of this place, has re
turned home for the summer from
King's Business College, R.-'lcigh.
Leu P.rvfnt (a colored woman of
this place) lost her home by fire
about eleven o'clock Tuesday night,
the occupants just escaping with
their live?. Everything wr,s burn
The two-year-old child of Divid
Ethetidge, died at their home Tues*
day t IvfrT" It was seriously Hi
from the beginning of its short
judge Pell The Man
I Mr. Editor:
I notice the announcement of
| Judge George P. Pell, as a candi
date for Corporation Commissioner,
j There aee several special reasons
whv he should be nominated, The
fir-t reasons way he should he
nominated is tl\e fact that, as we
al l know, the Corporation Com
mission is a court and needs mem
bers of judicial experience, as
its decisions must be reviewed by
the Supreme Court of the State.
Pell has had experience upon
the Superior Court bench, aud has
been trained to hold the scale.; of
Ju-tiee even-handed between the
railroads and the people. He will
certainly taks care of the people's
end of i£.
' This ysar there are two vacancies
to fill on the Commission. For cue!
of the'se vavancies only Eastern
men are candidates, so the Eastern
Democracy will certainly fill one of
these vacancies. Why not give-the
other vacancy to the _Ceptaal and;
Piedmont Counties, and nominate,
this splendid and proficient Demo
crat, Judge Pell.
I sincerely trust that our Demo
crats in Martin will sec it as I do,
and will instruct for Judge Pell.
I am,
Yours very truly,
J. C. Robertson.
Escapes an Awtul Fate
A thousand tongues could not
express the gratitude of Mrs. J. E.
Cox, of Joliet, 111., for her wonder
ful deliverance from an awful fate.
"Typhoid pneumonia had left me
witn a dreadful cough," she writes
Sometim«s I had such awful cough
ing spells I thought I would die.
I could get no help from doctor's
treatment of other medicines till I
used Dr. King's New Discovery.
But I owe my life to this wonder
ful remedy for I scarcely cough at
all. now." Quick and safe, itstae
most reliable of all throat and lung
medicines. Every bottle guarante
ed. 50c and SI.OO. Trial bottle
free at Saunders & Fowden.
Miss Alice Gibson is visiting re
latives in WillinmstOD.
J. A. Getsiuger made a business ,
trip to Plymouth Monday.
Mesdatnes Faftiie Lewi?, of Nor- ,
folk, and Ample Bateman, of Ply
mouth, were visitors in Dardens
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Coburu '
fpent Wednesday afternoon in Ply
Misses Ruth Darden and Ella
Bings spent Saturday aflernoon
wiMi Miss Hilda McCaskey
Carroll Fagan spent Sunday af
ternoon in Jamesville.
Samuel McCaskey spent Wed
nesday iu Jamesville.
Alexander Corey, of Jamesville,
was here Tuesday.
Miss Maud Hiuson spent Taes
day in Plymouth.
Philip Stillman spent Sunday iu |
the home of Mr. Thwtnar; Coburn. i
Willie Jackson was a visitor here
Stanford Jackson returned Sat
urday fretn near Kington, where he
has been attending school.
C.'C. Fagan is in Greenville.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Gurkin, of
rivmouth, were guests of Mrs. |
.Mary Gurkin Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs "N. T. Coburu at- |
tend td strvices Sunday at Morat j
tock Church in Washington Couti- j
From the frtcjmnt visits of a cer- j
tai l ;■ nitng 1-I,m's Automobile _LO-j
--tiiis • lace, molhinks there must be i
a June wedding on hand.
The farmers :i ttis section are 1
complaining about th? failure of I
peanut;, to coni" up/
Hon. \Y. S. Bailev !r>.ti_ Spring'
Hop; utr.vei h:re Monday iiter-j
noon on his new aulomobiie.
' * j
Miss Vivian Taylor, of Spring :
Hope, spent Saturday night with •
.Mis-) Luelli Ro jerson.
The home of Mr. and Mis. R. C. I
Bailey whs -ad teued last ue-k bv j •
the 'lojt'i their fi f teen-m-outh-old j.
Clinton Luian is 0:1 the mcU j
list. |
Mcssr-', .V. S. Bailev and W. il. ,
Roberscn t-.ok a living trip to J
\Va*hiugt'.n Tussdaj afternoon.
Messrs. W. W. Williams aud W. 1
L. Biiley opened up a new store n ;
town last week.
Elder Strickland, of Scotland j
Neck, preached at the Baptist«
Church Wednesday.
Nathan Rogerson is taking the
tax list in this ;ovvnship.
Messrs. W. W. Williams and W. '
L. Bailey went to Washington !
Wednesday ou business.
Institute to Close
Commencement exercises of the ;
Parmele Industrial Institute will
be held June 3-6, Sunday the 2nd,
the Baccalaureate sermon wjll be
preached by Dr. A. G. Davis.
Exercises will continue until Thurs
day the 6t'n, ou which date there
will be a general farmers meeting
concluding with special programme
Thursday evening.
Mrs. R. Brant, in 15 Parien St.,
Parkersburg, W. Va., had an at
tack of lagrippe which left her bad
kidney trouble, and she suffered
much severe pain and backache.
Then she heard .of Foley Kidney
Pills and says: "After taking them
a short time the pain left my back
and I am again able to do my own
housework. Foley Kidney Pills
helped me wouderfully." Saunders
& Fowden.
. * , , .. L&JLL
sr.oo a Year in Advance
• Good Health Hints
No spit—no consumption.
Dcn't made a jnnk shop of your
Use sticky fly paper in the house.
Swat a'.l flies that csrape it.
The best spring tonic —spring air
and pure spring water. Take it
everv day.
A decreasing death rate is the
best evidence of sanitary progress
in a community.
When you are feeling dull and
stupi 1 :nd have a headache, try a
good bin dose of fresh air. It will
generally do you good.
The presence oi fi'es maans the'
presence of filth. It may be in the
kitchen, in the cuspidor, in the
uncovered garbage car, the manure
pile, or the open privy. At least it
i-> nearby. Remember your visitors
and caller may know about this,
Get the diiuk habit. It will
jcure your "spring fever" ami
make a torrid summer mild for you
—it you drink Adam's pure, un
adulterated ale. Your siugnisU
feeling each spring is due to winter
accumulations of waste in the body
which should be removed. Flush '
them out with not less thau two
quarts of water every day. Then
keep them flyshed. Don't permit
these sluggish conditions of the
[body, it you have to drirk three or
even Jour quarts of water and eat
nothing but iruits and vegetables.
Have- an internal spriug house
rdeirttiß z for a'weeliand see how
much more you can do your
i Don't waste.- your mor.ey on
I "mineral w:-t«rs " They may
I contain certain salts, minerals,
otlois, ta-.tcs, and colors, either
oiiginailv cr by adulteration, but
f>r five or teu cr.:> your druggist
will" give you!* .salts and
mi:if.-r-:ls to a t'.nel of "milt*
tial >v ite; Xinitycue per cent
ot the so-caikd 4 mineral waters"
are a hoax—-a snare aud a delusion.
\Vhv..put th:s»i "mineral," of tnhich
\ 'A\ know itttlv, into your body,of
a btvii vou i;no»v Use? , The chief
virtue of su.h waters rest ju the
fact that thiSf " minerals" are
usually hiruues-, mid people drink
so much of this water that '.heir
system* are slushed cut and cleaned
and they tee' good. That is oer
te.tly natural. They would have
felt equally —or better —if
they had drut.k an e-;uil amount
oi any pure water, aud would have
avoided the taste and ' exvense.
Mau iu hi* ingenuity ; added
many things to water, a rule
these additions are" useless if not
harmful. No drink ever devised
by man is more effective for the
slaking of thirst than pure water.
Mrs. Rose A. Freeman, Gilford,
Ya., says tl.jy have long used
Foley's Remedies and want to say
a good word for them.. She writes: '
"Folev Kidney Piils cared ray
husband of a long stauding kidne>.
trouble, alter he had takea pther
medicines without relief. We would
not be without Foley & Go's,
medicines iu our house for many
times their cost." Saunders &
Congressional Convention - ,
» *
At the meeting of the Democratic
Congressional Executive Commit
tee held in Edenton on April iSth,
rtie Congressional Convention was
called to meet-in. Elizabeth City on
Thursday, May 30th, at 11:30
o'elcck a. in. in the Court House -
for the purpose of nominating a
caudidate for Congress and a Pre-'
sidential ekcton and for electing
delegates to the National Conven- -
tion and for such ot&er business as
may properly come before the-
Conventiou. This April iSth. y
W. T. Cross, Chairman.
1 J. Kenyon Wilson, Secretary,.
"" - •
UU. '-L. t 'ft .' . y..

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