North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII. NO. 34
r Professional Cards j
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Eleetrothe.apy, X-Ray
Diagnosis. Specialties .
Office over Farmers & Merchants Sank
Office hours, S to 10 a. m., 7 to 9 p. ra.
Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phoue 63
Wni. K. Warren - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in fliggs I)trig Store - Phone 19
Jos. H. Saunders, 31. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day' Phone 53 • Night' Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each month to treat diseases of the
E>e, Ear, No*-e and Throat and
Fit Glasses.
A. R. Dunning • J. C. Smith
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys. t Law
Williamston • North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
Burrous A. Critcher - Wbeelcr Martin
Wheeler Martin, Jr. #
Martin & Critcher
Williamston • North Carolina
'rucNH 23
S. J. -Everett
Greenville, N. C. 1 - '.ViUiamston, N. C.
Greenville Long Diitance Those 52S
Attorney at Law
Williamston Nc.rth Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Williamston • North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
Life, Fire. Health, Accident, Live Stock
Real Estate - Brokerage
Williamston • North Cr>rolica
Office on Main -Su*et
Society Pressing s
. . Glub . .
O. C. Price, Manager J
Phone No. 58
Up-to-Date Cleaing, |
Pressing, Dyeing and B
Very careful attention I
given to Ladies' Kid I
Gloves, Fancy Waists I
Coat Suits and Skirts
Club Rates for Men. 
Clothes called for and
I C]| ents or se
Merchant-Tailors, Chi-
cago, 111 j
111 jL*r .Ur I i I L-4 fix rl\ 1
The Match Trust
The price of matches hasiccreas
ed 25 per cent within the last six
months. The Republican govern
ment is fostering every trust that
can possibly live under the light of
the sun. But for the immense dis
; tance of that orb, these same Rep
j üblicans would corner the sunshine
: and sell it for a dollar per rav de
! livered when and where they decid
ed. In the case of the natch trust,
j the c : tizens of Williamston are es
1 ! pecially interested because they aie
forced to pay so much into the al
ready well-filled pouches of the
) trust just to g=t a little light, where
they should be given the full glare
of electricity.
The government has established
a pest office (or did establish one
j here in thedong ago) and all things
, necessary 10 accommodate the peo
ple (for it is the office or the peo
ple), are supposed to be provided.
But it is all supposition for one
, essential thing is lacking—a light
to enable the renter of a box to
• work the combination. The build
-1 ing is equipped for electric lights,
: but these are cot allowed to burn
I any longer than it takes to open
the mail. So unless voa come
down with the mail pouches, a man
1 will have to use nearly a box of j
Diamond or Coast matches to pro- 1
cure his mail. This is where the
match trust gets the innings on this
people here. The ltss light the
1 more matches f.ud greater earnings
for the trust, .so that the g. 0. p.
can be boosted.
1 The office here is a presidential
appoiutmeut and vaysa good salary
—surely enough to furnish lights.
Any official receiving his pay from
the public treasury should desire to
j furnish the nest to the people.
Folks arc tired of being inconveu
. ienced and kept in the dark. It is
earnestly hoped that the' Baltimore
• Convention will/start a movement
to furnish us more light and better
light, and so keep the match bill
Movs on Now!
savs a policemen to a street crowd,
M *
and whacks heads it it don't.
"Move on now," says the big,
harsb mineral pills to bowel coil
. gtstion and suffering follows. Dr.
Ring'.s New Life Pills don't bull
idoze tee bowels. They gently per-
Isuade them to right action, and
j health follows. 25c at Saunders &
! Fowden..
in Memoriam
Nellie Louise, infant daughter of ]
!J. H. and Lizzie Gurgauus, was Williamston, December
| .15th, 11) 1-, and died of meningitis, j
! May 30th, 1912. She was a patient
1 little sufterijY, 'making no complaint
during her illness, but bore her
sufferings with the fortitude of a
1 little heroine. The funeral was
| conducted by Elder G. J. Dowe'l
and her mortal remains lie resting
in the Baptist Cemetery.
"Why should our tears in sorrow
/ flow;
Whan God recalls his own;
Aud bids them leave a world of wo^,
For an crown."'
"Sure when thy gentle spirit fled,
To heaven's fair, bright and
azure dome,
I With wings outstratched, God's
angels said;
; Welcome to Heaven's Home
Sweet Horn;.''
HetprttntßeD down Excuses
Mrs. J. E. Henry, Akron, Mich.,
tells how she did so: "I was both
ered with my kidneys and had to go
nearly double. I tried a sample of
Foley Kidney Pills and they did me
so much good that I bought a bottle
and feel that thev saved me a big
, boctor's bill." Saunders & Fow-
I den.
i"'-'* s r r...v »
~ 'it is'».  . & . -hi
Body of Woman Found
While fishing in the upper waters
of Creelt on Monday, Mr.
Jor Gurkin found the body of a
woman in the midst of some bushes.
He did not investigate enough to
fully ascertain whether it was the
body of a white or colored wnnan,
but thinks that it was white. He
reported to the authorities here,
but as the body was fourd in Ber
tie County, it was deemed advisa
ble to report the same to the auth
orities in tlia* - county and Sheriff
Crawford reported the case to the
Sheriff of Bertie.
It i- supposed that the wouian
" was drownded somewhere up the
river during th; freshet several
weeks ago and was floated down
through the swamps and became
entangled in the bushes at the spot
found. Last week the body or a
negro was found floating in the
tiver and was tied up at Hamilton,
but was later cut aloose and after
wards it was tied up at Jamesville,
From tbere it was allowed to float
out into the Sound. These cases
should have the attention of the
Coroners of the counties where they
are found. It is terrible to know
that human bodies are fioatirg
about on the waters adjacent to
centers of life and activity.
Later information has been re
ceived that the Coroner of Bertie
County held an inquest over tho
body and found it to he that of a
white woman, aud that she was the,
victiom of foul play, as the breast
had been.split open from the throat
downward. Tbere is eo clue to
' her identity.
Mm Coughs snd Brtaks Ribs
After a frightful coughing speil
1 a mau in Neenah, Wis., felt ter
rible pains in his side and his doc
tor found two ribs bad been broken.
1 What agony Dr. King's New Dis
covery would have saved him. A
few teaspoonful ends a late-cough,
while persistant use routs obstinate
cough®, expels stubborn colds or
heals weak, sore lungs. "I feel
sure its a Godsend to humanity,"
writes Mrs. Effie Mortoq, Colum
bia, Mo. 'for I believe 1 would
I have consumption-today. if I hul
not use! this great remedy." Its
guaranteed to .satisfy, and you can
get a free tried bottle or 50-cent or
$1 00 size at Sounders & Fowden.
On last Sunday evening at four
o'clock, June* 2nd 1912, the nup
tial rites were solemnized between
Mr. James R. Manning, an iudus- j
tnous and prosperous young man
of Martin County and Miss Alice !
Brown, also of Martin County, v/bc
is loved and admired by all who|
have had the good fortune to know
-"her Tin biide's boose was the ;
scene of the happy event, and the!
ceremony performed by Elder J
Ashley D. M'.zell, of the Primitive j
Baptist Church.
After the ceremony the bridal 
party repaired to the home of the
groom for the reception. A ho-t I
of friends and relatives join ic
many congratulatory wishes that
nothing may ever mar their pleasure
along the bridal path, and that in
numerable joy* and infinite happi
ness may be as laurels
upon this happy union.
A Friend.
There was a beautiful marriagei
at the Vifinif nf Mr. Jack Crnftnn in .
Gold Point, Sunday evening, June
2nd, 1912. Mr. J. T Taylor, of
Robersonville, and Miss Blanche
Daniel, the beautiful and charming
daughter of Mr. McDaniel, of
Robersonville, were happily urited
by Christian cere:uouy.
We wish them a happy voyage
over the matrimonial sea.
S. W. Summerell. j
/ . 1
w ~ :.. .
W. A. Fleming has returned
heme after an extended business I
trip to Kentucky.
Mr#. \V. Z. Morton and little
Miss Elizabeth, of Ro')-* wnville,
have been visiiting relr.fves here.
Mrs. F. L. Haislip ar.c. little son, •
of Hamilton, visited here hsr week. i
Mrs, Nancy Purvis, who has
beir. real sick, is now convalescent. ;
\ !* «-> ••
Mr>. W. D. Jordan and children i
spent several dais .vith fiiendsnerr
Stokef. *1 -t >ve;k.
f Mrs. from Bilhel his
been >*recili ig sou»e time ;«t the •
home of T. P. Roberscn refir here. \
—Mr*. R. W. Silsburv, of M'.niil- 1
ton, spent last week bere.
Mrs. J. N. Barteu, of Norfolk, |
is the guest of Mrs. M. K, S'arliugj
this w>-cl:.
Mts Reuben Purvis cud mother,
of Robersonville, spent Sunday at
the home ot J. S. Roberson
R. H. Salsbury and daughter,
Miss Laura, are spending the week
iQ Raleigh.
• [ Lee Roy Rollius, of Farmville, is
here superintending the mill for
his father.
F. L Maislip, of Hamilton, was
lere last week taking tax list.
Miss Louise Salsburv v:*-itetl re
latives in S]>eee la?t week.
J. M. S. Salsbury aad son Char
.its were he;e Tuesday eu route for
Mrs. John Rawls, Eelhavcn. is
tHiitirrg her parenth iiere
~ Pan 1 WaHn c?, v. f Kins to n" vi si ted
| friends here Sunday.
J.>ck Shericd. of Enfield, was
|here Sunday.
\V. 2- Morton spent Tuesday
j night here.
I Miss Vivia Reeves was here one
Id.iy last week to meet friends from
j Greenville who :ie visiting her.
* - —•» ♦ cr»-~
Mrs. M. L. HaisLp spent Sunday
j with her relatives.
Mrs, W. T. I Inrst spent the
4 «*.
i week at Bethel.
j Mrs. Cartwright Taylor is spend-
I ing some time with Mrs Charity
• Hurst.
I The little child of Mr. and Mis.
j IMly Thomas died Monday night
and was buried near Oak City.
Mrs. T. \V. Davenport and li'tle
j daughter ate spending some time
at Seven Springs near Goldsboro.
Mrs. Clara liverett spent Sunday
Utid Monday wiih her —'■!\ri-s
! h'fttie Johnson.
H M. Worslt-v made a business
j trip to Stokes the nr.-U ot this ?;eek.
« R. W. House went to Scotland
Neck Monday.
The Passion Play
The managers of the Dixie Thea
tre announce that the films of The
Passion Play arrived by express;
Thursday and so to-cight there |
will be no such situation that embar-'
rassed them when they were to
have presented the Titanic disaster. :
The films for tonight are the same I
J preseuted here several weeks agoi
i and the pictures were made from j
1 tho original 00 acltd rn tli» prlnci-t
. pality of Bavaria in Europe--,Those j
who have never seen -the pictures
should not let thisopportuuity pass.
It will make an impression which
will fast through life and out's con
ception of the Bible story clearer j
than any learned by reading. For
the instruction of children, the
pictures are fine. Don't miss it
j tonight.
Rev. S W Summered filled his
I appoint uent at the Christian
j Chinch here Saturday night, and
L S uuday. '- u
Mrs Alice Lawrence, who has
j been visiting her sisters here, re
: turned to her hotne in Hamilton
I Sunday.
Mrs. Carrie Williams, who has
: been visiting her sister, Mrs. A. C.
i Smith, returned to Williamston
| Sundhj*.
j It is reported that B. H. Rober
tson will move to Robersonville to
: lu'e is another year.
Miss Vivian Roberson, who has
teaching music «t Winterville
School, is spending vacation
j at home
John Everett, of Robersonville.!
was in town Saturday.
j Miss Mittie Williams, of Hamil
; ton, is here this week.
Our fathers have ju-it commenc
ed digging Irish potatoes.
J. E. Roberson, of this place, is
; having a handsome brick residence
j erected 111 Robersonville and we
j learn that he will live there another
I year.
Lc-vry Cioom left Sunday morn
ing for Oak Ridge, where he goes
; t.o Itfurti the automobile trade und
| will open up a first class repair shop
jto 1 tn i chin is on bis return.
i Mrs. W\ A. Robertson, of Rober
. I souville, has been the guest of
trieuds aud relatives in town the
I past week.
> j
j Frank E. EJwards has opeiud a
'-cool- dtnile st;ind in the J. I, Weav
' er stoic.
J A. Bryan has a fine field of
' seven acres of tobacco.
Our farmers have been very busy
. of late chopping cotton, planting
! peanu's aud desttoying Gen. Green
•j 3nd crops are looking line.
It will soon be time f«.r caudida
j to- to be coming around haudshak
j ing, and. or cour-v, we expect to
. have some nic- barbacues.
R. T. Tayloi is quite ill at h:s
j home here with rheumatism.
j Mrs. Will James and children, of
I Wiliiaaiston, ar.' visiting relatives
| b-.r,.
There was quite a suprise mar
j riage here Sunday evtuiiig, when
| Jack Taylor,  f Robersonville, and
Miss Blanche Daniel were married
! by Rev. S. W. SinumerelL
W. A. Roberson, of Roberson
-1 j ville, was h-re Sunday.
For Sheriff
4 1 l)frfer>" 111) nonr. c. myself a l'aT,
Ididate for Sheriff of Martin County
j subject to the action of the Dem>
1 cratic Convention.
Harmon T. Roberson, Jr.
Ttifl* Pm \n Erid To It
Charles Sable, 30 Cook St., Roc
hester, N. \\, says he recommends
| Kidney Pills at every op
j portuuity because they him
; prompt relief from a bad case of
! kidney trouble thatfhad long both
-1 ered him. ' Such a recommendation
j coming from Mr. Sable, is direct
land convincing evidence of the
great curative, qualities of Foley
j Kidney Pills. Saunders & Fow
j den.
J —~ 11 —m m mrnm
For Representative" »
At the request of a number of my
friends, I hereby announce myself
a candidate for the House of Rep
| resentatives subject to the action of
the Democratic Convention of
Martin County.
This May 28th, 191,2.
A. Corey.

• /
- .
St. oo a Year in Advance
''Base Ball Dope"
The Williamstori Giants are lim
bering up and it looks like every
body will be doing it soon.
n ase 8~.11,' as you ktlGw, is one o£
the two great American games.
Some play both with rucces*. But
this is no time for batting average*.
The Giants have with them this
sea sou Doctor Ward, the terrible
Spit H ill demon. Doc's flipper is
i;j fiue shape, as he is fresh from
the Battle Axe team of Richmond.
IJandsoroe Ilarrv, drafted from
the Reds, w:!l receive the pill from
the l>ac in hi? usual style and
grace. When I hey ;;et together
will be going joint.
Tik Mexican Kid -.vil! hold forth
at first, as he did in PJepiunt Butte.
I where be was th*. \ ride of the West.
We are glad the Indians spared his
Casey Junes will "Railroad Rag"
at second and call all trains going
Vt tilard 'feel will t;o the Grass
hopper glide at short.
Joe Crowfoot will be there with
the Bunny hug at third.
Simpson will sing "My Old Ken
tucky Home" in tne outfield.
Knight, Bethea, Robertson, Peel
and others will be* with the gang to
■ apply theVmergeucv brakes.
> This bunch of Aristocrats will be
1 le.l by his Royal Highness, the
i Duke of Astoria.
If >ou bavei't anything for 15ase
. BaH, don't let anybody know it.
j If you have r.erd it C. Q. D.
- ■ "'«»■ •
Supplies Human Hands
1 A recent demonstration of the
"I economies effected bv putting elec
tric:tv to wo'k 'V'oinj the chores"
[; ol the fa r .n showed that electric
I power can i-upplaut human muscle
iin this field quite as well as the
I electric liyht can supplant the old,
' oil-diippiug bnin lantern. The
generator, > riven by an oil engine,
supplied c.iritut lo an outfit af
" ciot )t> for jt, iutarj it.: pump for
' the firm .valor sup] !/, j cmtrifn
' I gil pum;- f>o irrigation and valaa
|b e tor fire purpo-vt* also, a dairy
,; inst-illation (free i;om the dust
, thrown by t»t-."and shutting) con-
Msting or relngeratti g machine,
' a milk cooler, a ci-.-r'tn separator,
k | an automatic churn .in 1 butter
I worker, a bottle wv.sbtr, an ice
. I cream tret nn electric truck, a
( j large threshing m-.c'iuue, corn shel
j leis and feci chopper;, laundry
i machinery, machines, silo
I filler, flexible bat!, sheep shearer
| and LIMES ,HK! caVt'c sroor.ier,
■ j ventilating f-.ns and kon.-hold
j equipments iid jding cooking
| devices. —Hx.
When Buying: Buy Oary «he Best !
I Cost's no mere but give the best
■ | results
j H. L. Blomquist, lisdaile, Wis.,.
i says his wife cosiders Foley's
'■ Iloney and Tar Compound the best
j cough cure on the market. "She
j has tried various kinds but Foley's
Kives the best result ot nil " Saun
ders & Fowden.
Locke Oaig Nominated
| Democrats in State Convention
nominated Locks Craig for Gov
ernor on Thursday, and E. I*.
Daughteridge, of Rocky Mount for
Lt. Governor. Woodrow Wilson
was endorsed for Democratic uom
inee for President.
Kits. jVI, A. Mof,[itti(btii| 512 Jftj
La Crpss, Wis., writes that she
uliurtd all- k-nnis or patns In her
back and hips on account of kidney
trouble and rheumatism. "I got
some of Foley Kidney Pills and
after taking them for a few days
there was a wonderful change in
my case, for the pain entirely left
my back and I am thankful there
is such a medicine as Foley Kid
ney Pills." Saunders & Fowden,
: - aura —ir^-ftintttfliillut

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