North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII. NO. 35
Professional Cards
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotherapy, X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Office over Fanners it Merchants Bank
Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m., 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phone 63
, _ Wm. E. Wtrrcn - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Drug Store - 'Phone 29
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day 'Phone 53 - Night 'Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each month to treat diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and
Fit Glasses.
A. R. Dunning - ]. C. Smith
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys-; •t-La v/
Williamston - North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
Burrous A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin
Wheeler Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Williamston - North Carolina
• 'pbonk 23
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. - Williamaton, N. C.
Greenville Long pittance Phone 328
Attorney at Law
Williamston • North Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Williamston - North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
Life, Fite. Health, Accident, Live Stock
Real Estate - Brokerage
Williamston • North Carolina
Office on Main Street
Society Pressing
. . Glub . .
o. C. Prioe, Manager
Phone No. 58
Up-to-Date Cleaing,
Pressing, Dyeing and
Very careful attention
given to Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Fancy Waists
Coat Suits and Skirts
Club Rates for Men.
1 Clothes called for and
Agents for Rose & Co.
Merchant-Tailors, Chi
cago, 111"-"-"
A Chamber of Commerce Organ
ganized Last Night—Commit
tee Sent to Consult A. C.
L Officials Pants
Factory to be Se
A call for the citizens of the town
to meet last night in the City Hall
was responded to enthusiastically.
The desire to have the town move
onward and upward has seized the
business men and at this meeting a
Chamber of Commerce wa?. organ
ized with H. W. Stubbs, President;
W. C. Manning, Vice President,
and S. A. NeweJl. Secretary and
Treasurer. The following compose
the Executive Committee: T. F.
Harrison. Dr. J. H. Saunders, G.
W Blount, W. T. Meadows, J. G.
Godard, W. H. Biggs, J. L. Has
sell, J. W. Anderson, Dr. John D.
Arrangements were made to ac
cept the terms upon which the
Hamilton Pants Mfg. Co. will come
here and it is confidently thought
that in a short time the plant will
be secured and greatly enlarged.
The A. C. L. R. R., after making
a survey of the track tn the river,
submitted the cost to Attorney
Stubbs and a cofamittee was sent
to Rocky Mount today to confer
with Supt. W. H. Newell about the
building of same. These gentle
man were. W. C. Manning, R. J.
Peel, J. L. Hassell, A. T. Crawford,
S. A. Newell, A. Hassell and
others. -
Support Your Home New
A good local newspaper is one of
the surest signs of a progressive
commnnity and it is to every far
mer's interest to do what he can to
make his paper a good
paper. It tells him things which
he should know and which no other
paper can tell him. Often it will
be the best advertising medium he
can use and if the editor realizes
that the farmers in his territory are
trying to help him make a good
paper, be is more than likely to be
willing on his part to do all be can
to advance the interests of the rural
sections. We realize that too many
local papers give practically all
their attention to the town and
neglect the country districts, but
we wonder sometime if this is not
almost as mueh the farmers' fault
as it is the paper's. Get in touch
with your local paper. Send in to
it any item of news you may have.
Let the editor know about any
good farming that is being done in
your neighborhood. Help him to
see that the prosperity of a town is
founded upon the prosperity of the
way yon can help him make a bet
ter paper and enable him to be of
more service to you and to tbe
community.—The Progressive Far
MOVI 91 Nil!
says a policemen to a street crowd,
and whacks heads if it don't.
"Move on now," says the big,
harsh mineral pills to bowel con
gestion and suffering follows. Dr.
Ring's New Life Pills don't bull
doze tbe bowels. They gently per
suade them to right action, and
health follows. 25c at Saunders &
Sunday Services
The Lord willing, we will have
services at the home of Miss Polly
Pulley on Sunday *t 3 o'clock. We
want to meet at 1 o'clock and en
gage in song service. There will
be books furnished to each one pre
sent. The text will be: "Heart
not Right in the Sight, of God".
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend this service.
June Tcrm of Superior Court
The June Term of Martin County
Superior Court will convene here
next Monday, June 17th, with His
Honor, Frank Carter, Judge pre
siding. The term is set for one
week only and the cases are unim
portant both civil and criminal. At
this season of the year, the people
in the country are busy and the
crowds are always small. Solicitor
Richard Allsbrooks, of Tarboro,
will represent the State in the pro
secution of the criminal docket.
The following civil cases wlil be
heard on June 19th:
Bowling vs Biggs andCoburn.
Watters vs Stallmgs.
Gurganus & Son vs Tandy Wil
Davenport vs Mizell. ,
Adams vs Ange.
Cowan vs R. R.
Cooper et als vs Marriner.
On June the 20th, motions will
be heard as follows:
Stallings vs Stallings.
Francis vs R. R.J
Staton vs N. S. Peel.
Martin vs Peel.
Hassell & Co. vs Peel.
W. J. Whitaker vs Peel.
Hnghes & Co. vs Bank.
Tate vs Sellings.
Hassell vs Lloyd.
Hinkle vs Woolard
Bank vs Live Stock Co.
Critcher vs Thomas.
Sherrod vs Sherrod.
Biggs vs Gurganu*.
Cratt vs Leggett & Leggett.
H«yman vs Harrell & Ross.
Long vs Mayo, Adm.
Trust Co. vs Live Stock Co.
Harper vs R. R.
White v» White.
Davis vs Davis.
Martin & Brown vs Sykes.
Sherrod vs Sherrod.
Bell vs Bell.
Roberson vs Roberson.
After a frightful coughing spell
a man in Ntenah, Wis., felt ter
rible pains in his side and his doc
tor found two ribs had been broken.
What agony Dr. King's New Dis
covery would have saved him. A
few teaspoonful ends a late cough,
while persistant use routs obstinate
coughs, expels stubborn colds or
heals weak, tore lungs. "I feel
sure its a Godsend to humanity,"
writes Mrs. Effie Morton, Colum
bia, Mo. "for I believe I would
have consumption today, if I bad
not used this gTeat remedy." Its
guaranteed to satisfy, and you can
get a free trial bottle or 50-cent or
sr.oo iiae at Saunders & Fowden.
Tbe annual catalogue 'of the
North Carolina College of Agricul
ture and Mechanic Arts, at Raleigh,
has been received. It shows an
enrollment for tbe year of 6i9stud
ents, divided as follows: Agricul
tural 293, Mechanical Engineering
106, Electrical Engineering 90,
Civil Engineering 77, Chemical 27,
and Textile 26. Persons interested
in technical education of this grow
ing institution. Address,
The Registrar.
West Raleigh, N. C.
For Rqglstw of Deed
At the solicitation of a number
of my friands, I Cave decided to
announce myself a candidate for
tbe office of Register of Deeds of
Martin County, subject to action of
the Democratic Convention.
Very respectfully,
8. S. BROWN.
For Register of Deeds
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for Register of Deeds, sub
ject to the approval and action of
the Democratic .Convention.
Sylvester Peel.
• ~ nm 'it »»i.uae^_
J. L. Cherry.
MIR CoHgfcs ini Breaks Ribs
A. & M. College
Saint John's Day
This time honored celebration
will be held this year at Oxford
Orphanage, Oxford, N. C., on Sat
urday June 22ud, instead of Mon
day 04th.
This has come to be one of the
most representative gatherings
which occurs in our State. Each
year, for.a great many, it hag been
the custom for the Grand Lodge pf
Masons to hold a Special Communi
cation at the Orphanage. In this
way this occasion has been the
means of bringing together large
crowds, and friends from all over
State have begun to look forward
to It with great pleasure.
Each year the crowds stem to
get larger. Last year it was esti
mated that 10,000 to 12,000 people
attended. Preparations are now
begun looking to the entertainment
of even larger cumbers than usual.
The railroads have made arrange
ments to put on sale reduced rate
tickets and to run Bpecial excursion
trains on all the roads on that day
coming into Oxford.
The address of welcome will be
delivered by Mr. T. G. Stem, of
Oxford N. C., and the oration by
Rev. F. H. T. Horsefield, Rector
of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church,
Oxford, N. C.
»The inspiration of these occas
ions has reached and tendered
many hearts as they behold the
great work being done for the Or
phan children of our State. The
location is one of the most attrac
tive in the State and the Institution
is the oldest and one of the largest.
Body of Man Found
In the Windsor Ledger of last
week, it was reported that the body
of a white man was found washed
ashore near Avoca on the Sound.
The skull wa crushed }and several
teeth knocked out. It is supposed
to be the body of the man that
passed down the Roanoke River
and was tied up both at Hamilton
and Jamesville. The Corouer of
Bertie held an inquest but there
was nothing by which tbe person
could be identified, the body hav
ing ou only a shirt.
A Card
This is to certify that Foley's
Honev and Tar Compound does
not contain any opiates, any habit
forming drugs, or auy iugredients
that aould possibly harm its users.
On the contrary, its great healing
and soothing qualities make it a
real remedy for coughs, colds and
irritations of the throat, chest and
lnngs. The genuine is In a yellow
package. Ask for Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound and accept no
substitute, Saunders & Fowden.
Died at RobersonviHe
The death of Mrs. Maggie Sals
bury Whitfield, wife of Mr. David
Whitfield, occared at Robersonvllle
Tuesday night. She was a youngL
woman being about thirty years'
old and was married last year. For
years sbe with her brother and
mother had been living in Robery
sonville, having moved there from
the home place near Hassells. Sbe
was the only daughter of the late
Augustus and Rosa Salsbury and
was possessed of splendid qualities
of bead and heart. Friends and
relatives throughout the county
sympathize with the bereaved hus
band in hfc sore affliction.
The fuoeral services were con
ducted by Rev. N. H. Shepherd,
of the Missionary Baptist Church,
on Wednesday afternoon. A large
numbet* of friends paid the last
mark of respect to the dead and
floral offerings covered the mound.
The interment was in the Cemetery
at Spring Green Church.
The Potato Crop
The farmers in this section have
to a great extent ceased to plant
Irish potatoes for shipping purposes.
Two years the crop sold at such a
low price that U discouraged peo
ple. But this is true as a
whole, yet there are some who have
continued planting for early ship
ment and when a year comes when
the price is good, a neat little bank
account i 9 secured for a rainy day.
Last year the number of barrels in
this immediate section was distres
singly small though good stock
brought $4 00. A small acreage
here this year is bringing good re
turns. If the farmers had seen
their opportunity and planted fair
sized crops, then the condition
would have been much better.
The men who succeed at farming
never allow themselves to be caught
in the reverse of prices. If a crop
is low-priced one year, they go
right on with the planting the suc
ceeding season. One of the most
successful farmers in this section—
one who began life in a very hum
ble way and without a cent to in
vest, made bis money, about $30,-
000, by raising cotton every yeaf
even when it reached its lowest
margin. He put in about the same
namber of acres and sold it when
the market reached the highest
mard. It is true that he produced
other crops, but it is also true that
he made his money on cotton when
the price was low. The craze for
high prices has taken hold of the
world and one failure puts some
men almost out of business because
they have not the courage to try
again and again.
One Turner in Martin County,
Mr. J. L. Wynn, who lives near
Everetts, is a very successful pota
to raiser and he plants each year.
This season be had eight acreo—
three of which failed to give any
results, and from the sale of the
crop produced he realized over
$1,400. Then those acres will
produce another crop, so one can
readily see where he succeeds where
others fail. It is not safe to be
come discouraged with the splendid
opportunities found in farming.
Mrs. Lela Love wife of Wiley
Love, a farmer living near Covena,
Ga., says: "I hare taken Foley
Kidney Pills and find them to be
all vou claim for them. They gave
me almost Instant relief when my
kidneys were sluggish and inactive
I can cheerfully recommend them
to all sufferers from kidney troubles
Saunders & Fowden.
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for Sheriff of Martin County
subject to the action of the Demo
cratic Cenvention.
Harmon T. Roberson, Jr.
Til! Put \r End To It
Charles Sable, 30 Cook St., Roc
hester, N. Y., says he recommends
Foley Kidney Pills at every op
portunity because they him
prompt relief from a bad case of
kidney trouble that {had long both
ered him. Such a recommendation
coming from Mr. Sable, is direct
and convincing evidence of the
great curativej qualities of Foley
Kidney Pills. Saunders & Fow
Bank Of Oak City
The Bank of Oak City, this
county, that was organized less than
two years ago, bas met phenomenal
success. It has just let the con
tract for a handsome building
and will celebrate its anniversary
by holding its second annual meet
ing next October in the new build
si.oo a Year in Advance
Choir Entertained
Mrs. S. A. Newell and Mrs.
Lovett Hanison entertained com
plimentary to the Junior Choir of
the Methodist Church and a num
bers of their frien'ls, Tuesday even
ing at the home of the latter. The
evening was made more enjoyable
by two well planned contests. Is*
the first prize, a fan, was tied
for bv Misses Emma Robertson,.
Fannie Myrt Manning, Rose Crow
ell and Sue Legget and HenTy
Gurkin. Miss Legget drew the
lucky straw. In the second Misses
Mary Smith and Fannie Biggs-
Martin, and Maurice Watts tied.
By "virtue of the longest straw
Miss Smith carried of! the prize, M
landscape. Refreshments were
served on the porches, which were
beautifully decorated with Japanese
lanterns. The evening was mndi
enjoyed by every one.
Those present were Miss Annie
Fagan of Edenton and Grover C-
Godwln, Miss Marv Smith, of Ply
mouth, and Bruce Whitley, Misses
Catherine and Dorothy Pender of
Tarboro and Oscar Anderson, Mies
Frances Knight and Eugene Bethea*
Miss Emma Robertson and Elbe«t
Peel, Miss Josie Robertson and Jee
David Thrower, Miss Sue Leggett
and Henry Ourkin, Miss ITSMLJ.
Woodhouse and Louis Bennett,Mfcn
Helen Truht and Yates DoweS,
Miss Fannie Biggs Martin and
Louis Manning, Miss Mat-y Bradley
and Dnke Critcber, Miss Fannie
Myrt Manning and Roland Robert
son , Miss Sallie Had ley and Maurice
Watts. Miss Hilda Crawford amil'
W. H. Harrell, Miss Irene Ander
son and Wig Watts, Mrs. W. C,
Manning. Miss Leona Page and >
Miss Rose Crowell.
When Boylig Bvv Only the But
Costs no more but give the besi 1
H. L. Blomquist, Esdaile. Wis., .
says bis wife oosiders Foley's «
Honey and Tar Compound the best
cough cure on the market. "She
has tried various kinds but Foley's
gives tbe best result of all." Saun
ders & Fowden.
A Great Production
The Manager of the Dixie Thea
tre bas secured the greatest produc
tion in the world of motion pic
tures. These pictures are from the
Btaging of Dante's Inferno, one of
the masterpieces of literature. It
is founded upon the poet's vision
of tbe infernal regions. The films
were secured at a cost of SIOO,OOO
and the Dixie will show them at an- •
extra cost. Those who love tbe
artistic should not miss this oppov- -
tunity. Critics call it one of tbe
most magnificent productions ever
exhibited. Monday night it will
be presented at the theatre and the
price of admission will be 20 audi
30 cents. The advanced prices
are necessary cover cost of ren
tal. The Dixie management is
endeavoring to give some of the-,
best films which can be secured so x
as to please a public that wants the
best in shows. The price is lnsigni* .
ficant compared with the beanty of
the pictures. Then there can be
gained a better appreciation of the
work of Dante the poet. Remena
ber Monday night at tbe Dixie.
_Jirs. M. A. McLaugbin, 512 Jay •
St., La Cross, Wis., wiites that she -
suffered all kinds of pains in bet /
back asd hips on account of kidney/ ;
trouble and rheumatism. "I got t
some of Foley Kidney Pilte and i
after taking them for a few days >
there was a wonderful change in t
my case, for the pain entirely left '
my back and I am thankful there
is such a medicine as Foley Kid
ney Pills." Saunders & Fowdeiv

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