North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII. NO. 36
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotheiapy, X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Ofice over Farmers & Merchants Bank
Office hour*, 8 to 10 a. m., 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 • Night 'phone 63
Win. K. Warren - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Drug Store • 'Phone 29
— ~
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day 'Phone 53 - Night 'Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rocky Mount, will be at the At
lantic%Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each month to treat diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and
Fit Glasses.
A. R. Dunning - J. C. Smith
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys vt-Law
Williamston - North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
Burrous A. Critcher • Wheeler Mai tin
Whetler Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Williamstou • North Carolina
'phomih 23
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. - Williamston, N. C.
Greenville Long Distance Phone 328
Attorney at Law
Williamston • North Carolina
Clayton 'Moore
Attorney af Law
Williamston • North Carolina
John E. Pope
Gcitttal Insurance,
Lift, Pli*. Health, Accident, Live Stock
Real Estate - Brokerage
Williamston • North Carolina
Office on Main Street
{society Pressing
I . . (Hub . .
J 0/& Price, Manager
Phone No. 58
Up-to-Date Cleaing,
Pressing, Dyeing and
Very careful attention
given to Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Fancy Waists
Coat Suits and Skirts
Club Rates for Men.
Clothes called for and
Agents for Rose &
Merchant'-Tailors, Chi-
Ordinance Needed
This tows is beginning to live on
high speed in the automobile line.
There ire getting to be numbers of
cars and reckless driving should
never be fallowed in the beginning
or after. There is an ordinance
which demands that a rate of ten
miles per hour be observed in the
town limits, but no attention is paid
to it. Watch the can as they come
. speeding on the sand-clay drive
along Haugton Street, and you
will readily see that the ordinance
, is violated dozens of times each
day. Reckless driving is always
attended with danger even if the
, power is within the hide of an
ox —he is apt to take a sudden dive
into an adjoining wood. No man
has a right to endanger the lives of
others, and all accidents can be
traced to the recklessness of some
1 one.
Perhaps, the most "dangerous
drive is the curve at the store of J.
B. Speller. It is very short and
narrow and two machines coming
in opposite directions at a rapid
rate are certain sooner or later to
crash and some one will pay the
penalty tfith his life. The City
Fathers should pass 'an ordinance
requiring a speed at this curve of
five miles au hoar, every, violation
to be met with a penalty of SSO.
Just one lone fifty would be suffi
cient to teach others the lesson.
If such an ordinance is not passed
and enforced, there will be trouble
tor cue if not more peopie and
when lives are lost or serious in
juries sustained the damage cannot
be repaired.
Court Held One Day
What was, prehaps. the shortest
session of the Superior Court of
Martin County, was held here
Monday. The June Term is usual
ly as short as is consistent with the
dockets, for the farmers are too
busy with the crops to spend much
time in town, and so the term is
often to them a great inconvenience.
Judge Carter had the cases on the
criminal docket disposed of, Hill
Johnson, who was so charmed with
the pistol of his employer that lie
took it away with him, received the
longest sentence—six months on
Edgecombe roads. Several other
minor cases were tried and the
civil docket which contained only
a few minor castr, was laid over
until September.
Judge Carter left on the after
noon train for bis home in the
We*t, The visiting lawyers Wt
also and the June Tertfl Of Court
ended almost before it began.
Wendesday morning, June 12,
bride's home, Kittrell, N. C.
Miss Florence Stone was married
to Mr. Roland Wolfe, of Florence,
S. C. The ceremony was perform
ed by Rev. N. G. Bethea. Mr.
and Mrs. Wolfe left for Florence,
S. C., their future home. The
groom is the youngest brother of
Mre. F. K. Hodges of Williamston,
and has been living in Florence for
the past year where he has a poei»
tion as book keeper.
Mil toifbi 111 traits Ribs
After a frightful coughing spell
a man in Neenah, Wis., felt ter*
rible pains in his side and his doc
tor found two ribs had been broken.
What agony Dr. King's New Dis
covery would have saved him. A
few teaspoonful ends a latt CO*£n,
while persistrnt to* J-ottbt 'obstinate
cobglu, expels stvbfeWn colds or
heals weak, lungs. "I feel
sure its a GcdSsend to humanity,"
writes Mr*. Effie a!or ton, Colum
bia-, Me. "for I believe I would
have Consumption today, if I had
not "used this great remedy." Its
guaranteed to satisfy, and you chn
get a free trial bottle or jO-cent or
SI.OO size at Saunders & Fotvden.
% / -
We are sorry to learn that Mrs.
T. F. Roberson is sick this week.
Jettie Jordan, of Elm City, is
here visiting his brother, W. D.
W. F. Haislip came home from
Buie's Creek this week where he
attended school the past term.
Miss Hettie Johnson, of Oak
City, spent two days here this week
with relatives.
Mr. Will Rives and bride are
visiting his parents near here.
Mrs. Carrie Howell and Miss
Louise Salisbury spent a few dnys
in Bethel last week.
Miss Hettie Overton, of Stokes,
is spending some time with Mrs ).
D. Rawls, Jr.
Misses Laura and Julia Salisbuiy
spent Monday in Robersonville.
William Grey came up from Rob
ersonville Sunday to spend tbe day
with friends near here.
Miss Hattie Jones from Scotland
Neck visited friends here last week.
T. H. Johnson visited his parents
near Oak City Sunday.
— ./
A Little Child Dead *
Hmma Virginia, the teu moDth
old infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Linwood Smithwick, died June
10th, 1912, after two week* suffer
ing. The little child was bright
with the promise of .life and had
always been strong physically, but
the ravages of disease wasted the
strength of tbe little body and God
sent his angels to take her home
where pain would be no more.
"She is not dead
Tbe child of our aiiection, , j
Bnt gone unto that school,
Where she no longer needs
Our poor protection
And Christ Himself dotb rule."
Friends and acquaintances Bym
, pathize with the bereaved parents
in their great sorrow.
k Card
This is to certify llaat Foley's
Honev and Tar Compound does
not contain any opiates, any habit
forming drugs, or any ingredients
that could possibly harm its users.
On the contrary, its great healing
and soothing qualities make it a
real remedy for coughs, colds and
irritations of the throat, chest and
lnngs. Tbe genuine is in a yellow
package. • Ask for Foley's Honey
ind Taf CoittpOUnd and accept no
substitute. Saunders & Fowden.
For Register of Deed
At the solicitation of a number
of my friends, I have decided to
announce myself a candidate for
the office of Register of Deeds
Martin County, subject to action of
the Democratic Convention.
Very respectfully,
Htlptl ti Klip Down Expenses
Mrs. J 4 E, Henry, Akron, Mich.,
telle how she did so: "I was both
ered with my kidneys and had to go
nearly double. I tried a Mtfltyle of
Foley Kidney Pills and they did me
I so much good that I bought a bottle
. and feel that thev Baved me a big
, boctor's bill." Saunders & Fow
ITT • ♦ »
Mrs. M. A. McLaughin, st2jay
, St., La Cross, Wis., writes that &'c
: suffered all kinfo fef in her
r back and hips on tk'cbuntof kidney
1 trouble and rtfaumatism. "I got
' some of Foley Kidney Pills and
■ after taking them for a few days
* theft tvas a wonderful change in
* my case, for the pain entirely lefl
3 ay back and Idm thankful there
r is-such a medicine as "Foley Kid-
J ney Pills. 'JL Saunders & F^wdete
To tkie Democratic Voters
of Martin County:—
Permit me to thank you very 1
; kindly for the consideration and '
confidence so generously manifest
ed by your support and cooperation
during my continuance in office as ,
Sheriff of your county, and to as
sure you that I most heartily and
keenly appreciate the same.
Not being aware of any com
plaint and not having heard any- 1
thing derogatory to my perfor
, mance of the duties pertaining to
the office, and thinking that my
services and experience might pro
bably merit your further considera
tion, confidence and support, and
assuring you that the beßt and all
tbat is, of and in me, are at your
command 1 , I take the liberty of
seeking further consideration at
your hands, and hereby announce
myself as a candidate for the office
of Sheriff of Martiu County, sub
ject, however, to the wishes of the
County Demociatic Convention.
Thie aoth. day of June, 1912.
k Tfcey Put tn End To II
Charles Sable, 30 Cook St., Roc
hester, N. Y ("'iiys he recommends
Foley Kidney Pills at every op
portunity because tbey him
, prompt relitf from a bad case ol
kidney trouble that{bad long both
: ered him. Such a recommendation
coming from Mr. Sable, is direct
and convincing evidence of tbe
great qualities of Foley
Kidney Pills. Saunders & Fow
Killed Bear with Knife
W. C. Ellis, a young man of
Griffins Township, is the champion
bear fighter of this section and per
haps of the State.
Youug Ellis works in the log
woods fcr the Dennis Simmons
Lbr., Company and while en route
1 home on Thursday afternoon of
last week, he discovered a bear
crossing the road in front of him.
Feeling in his pocket for a weapon
he found only a pocket knife. With
, this he rushed on the beast and
stuck the blade of the side of the
, bear's head. It was so finily im
bedded in the bone that for an in
stant Ellis could not withdraw it,
and his hand slipped off and land
ed in bruin's mouth, two teeth
going into his finger. Before any
further damage was done, the bear
opened hi* mouth EJllis withdrew
nis hand, pulled the kni/'e out and
cut the throat of bear, which was
about a year old, rather small and
in poor condition.
Mrs. Lela Love wife of Wiley
1 Love, a farmer living near Covena,
' Ga., says: "I have taken Foley
Kidney Pills and find them to be
• all you claim for them. They gave
me almost instant relief when my
kidneys were sluggish and inactive.
I can cheerfully recommend them
to all sufferers from kidney troubles
Saunders & Fowden.
rrjrwr— -— -rrcrmm
f At the of a number of my
! friends, } hereby announce myself
; a candidate for the House of Rep
j resentatives subject to the action of
- the Democratic Convention of
Martin County. I.
This May 28th, 19x2^
j Win KgrfSt the Best J
t _ Costa m tt&re but give the fcfest
t results
i H. Ksdnfft. Wis.,
s says wife cosiddfs Foley's
n Hdfeey and Tar Cotttf.cfcnd the, ! best
ft tough cure on tbe 'ittyket. "She
'e bas tried various kinds but Foley's
1-; gives tbe be3t fewilt of all." Sauu
t. ders & Fowden.
Miss Mary Hooker, of near Ply
mouth, was a visitor in Dardens
Miss Alice Gibson has returned
from an extended visit to relatives
in Williamston.
Miss Dernice Fagan Is at home
from the E.-C. Training School.
J. A. Getsinger is in Bertie
County this week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Mizell, of
Plymouth, t-pent Sunday in the
home o! J. F. Jackson.
Hilary Riddick took Misses Etha
Biggs and Annie Robbins to Church
on Long Ridge Sunday.
Mrs. Annie Bateman is home
from a visit to Jamesville.
Mrs. J. T. Carson is visiting rela
tives this week at Pactolus.
C. B. Fagan made a business
trip to Jamesville Tuesday.
Mr. ami Mrs. Alexander Getsin
ger, of Flo-ida, spent a few days
here last week visiting relatives.
Mrs. W. T. Coburu spent Tues
day in Plymouth.
Miss Minnie Smith is in Ply
mouth vi her brother, F. R.
Miss Bnrntce Fa,;an attended a at the home of her I
coutin, Mi-s Mary Hassell. at j
J.uneaville last week.
Many Shirtwaists
Nta:ly ico wearers of shirt
waists—cr, more properly, coat
sbirts—appeared on the streets of
Raleigh today, defying public opin- |
ion, if it might be against comfort,
and reveling in the freedom from
coats. Every summer tbe ranks of!
the female wearers of shirtwaists
have increased, and it is expected
that be!ore July comes several
hundred Raleigh men will be mem
bers of the shirtwaist company.
There is really no reason wbjha
man should not appear on the
streets without his coa*. Let him
keep his face and hands and shirt
clean and there is no objection to
his going sans his coat. At least
that is the argument of the fellows
who have started out this warm
weather without their coat. —Times
On June 14th, at Robersonville,
Mr. Harvey Roberson and Miss
Lena Parkc-r were married 'at the
residence of tbe bride, Rev. D. A.
Futrell, of the Methodist Church,
preforming the ceremony. After
the ceremony, the newly wedded
pair boarded the A. C. L. train and
left for a Northern tour.
The bride is the daughter of Mrs.
D. B. Parker and is one of Rober
sonvillt's most attractive young
women. Mr Roberson is a mem
ber of the mercantile firm of W. A.
Roberson & Co., and is one of the
leading young business men in
Martin County. Tbe marriage of
Jliese young people at this time
Was a litttle surprise \Q their many
friende but they received hearty
congratulations and will be gladly
welcomed on their return to Rober*
e —,r -  m 1
Embroidery Club
Despite &e absence of several
mem bets, the meeting of the Clnb
at tb% home of Miss Anna Ortw
f#tl was a mist delightfti one.
' As the days are warmer fcow, the
t houra are more giveb a pleasant
exchange of ideas than actual work.
Miss Crawford gfcrved eefreshments
8 which were Enjoyed by those pres
t ent, for the hostess possesses tht
e happy 'faculty of pleasing whosoevei
s enters her home. Tbe next meet
i- itig will be held with Mrs. K. 3
Crawford on June 28th.
si.oo a Year in Advance
The White Memorial
fht movement to erect a suitable
shift lo the memory of the lament
ed Captain W. R. While, who on
August 15th, 1911. was shot down
by Brad Bagley, and died a martyr
to the cause of good government,
has not to this time reached that
point which the citizens of the town
desired. The failure has not been
from a lack of appreciation or in
difference, but because of a failure
to collect the proposed funds. Some
people paid at once and these funds
ar- in hand, and now it Is desired
to secure the full amount and erect
the memorial in the near future.
A shaft to the memory of Cap
tain White will not only show how
men who die tor duty's sake are
esteemed but will n'so tell to the
present and future generations that
the citizens ot Williamston stand
tor law ind order. Wheeler Mar
tin, Jr. has the list of subscribers
to the fund and is interesting him
j self in the movement. Those who not contributed and- desire to
do so, can hand the amount to hira
and receive credit f 9 r same on the
list of dorory.
Base Ball '"Dope"
Williamston officially starts its
season in base bull here ou Mon
day June 24th, when the Giants
clash with Aurora, one of the
strongest and best equipped ball
j organizations in the State.
Great interest is manifested in the
coining gime as thf-re is and has
been a gor.l of rivalry between
the two teams from the base ball
Williamston :s out for the cham
pionship of the State this season,
and at thv* present time the outlook
indicates that they will gather it In.
The faus of this city have been
clamoring for au orderly and win
ning team for the p.tst few years.
To give this the management only
"desirea these sport-ioviiig fans to
,Wftness th-: op.-ning and
tlien if they should desire to criti
cise the teim, let them come to the
manager and do so, for the Mana
ger is managing this team and is
responsible for bis players.
The following list tabulates the
I men who will don the Williamston
uniform this season:
Stubbs and Jordan, catchers;
Ward, Brown and Taylor, pitchers;
Taylor, rst. base; Moore, 2nd, base;
Teel; s. s.; Jordan, 3rd. base;
Moore, E. I).; Knight, Godard,
Robertson, Ward, Brown, Peel,
For Register of Deeds
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for ' Register of Deeds, of
Martin County, subject to the ap
proval and action of the Democra
tic Convention.
Very respectfully,
Sylvester Peel.
Dodson's Li vet-Tone, a Whole
some, Reliable Medicine that
Takes the Pace of
Dodson's LI vet' Tulle strengthens
the liver—it does not drive it to its
work by over stimulating it as caK
oin*l dcts.
[ Godson's Liver-lTone uoes not
► have any of the* jlaDgerous after
• effects of calomel. It is a vegeta
ble liquid—- absolutely safe for either
e cbHdren or grown people. Every
t body Mfkes its taste.
7 'NV restriction of habit of 4|W
s necessary.
i- 'Get a bottle at Saunders
0 den drug store, 50c, and try it. If
tr it dosen't satisfy you, if it doesn t
take the place of you can.
3 get your money back asking fot
. r |

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