North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII. NO. 31
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotherapy, X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Office over Farmer* & Merchants Bank
Office hours, S to 10 a. ra., 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phone 63
Wm. E. Warren - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons ,
Office in Biggs Drag Store • 'Phooe 29
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day 'Phone 53 - Night 'Pbtine 40 I
Williamston, N. C.
' I
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic HoteMourth Weduesday in
each month to treat diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and
Fit Glasses.
A. R. Dunning - J. C. Smith
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys k t Law
Williamston - North Caroliu2
Robersonville, North Carolina
Borrows A. Critcher - Wheeler Maitin |
Wheeler Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Williamston - North Carolina
'phon* 23
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. - Williaicston, N. C.
Greenville Long Distance Phone 328
Attorney at Law
Williamston * North Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Williamston - North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
Life, Fire. Health, Accident, Live Stock
Keal Estate - Brokerage
Williamston - North Carolina
Office on Main Street
j Society Pressing j
I . . Glub '. I
II O. C. Price, Manager J
Phone No. 58
-to-DotC Cleairg, |J
| Pressing, Dyeing and ij
(Tailoring •
tf|T Very careful attention 0
s ™ i
given to Ladies' Xid B
Gloves, Fancy Waists 81
Coat Suits and Skirls 1
Club Rates for M?w. ■
Clothes colled for and I
Agents for Ro6e & Co. I
Merchant-Tailor?, Chi- jj
cago, HI j
Mrs. B. T. Wynne Dead
Last Thursday afternoon, Jnfy
13th, at 3 o'clock the funeral ser
vices of Mrs. Mary Wynne were
conducted from the home near
Everett? by Rev. Geo. J. Do well in
the presence of a large assembly of
friends and relatives. She was the
daughter of the lace Daniel and
Cynthia Mobley and at the time of
her death was adout 56 years of
age. On December 18th, 1879,
she was married to B. T. Wynne,
Esq., who with four children sur
vive her. These are Ashley D ,
Joseph H., Ellen D , and Mollie
Hers was a long and tedious ill
ness attended with great pain and
suffering most of the time. Her
sickness began December 1910 and
lasted until July the 17th, when
she was relieved by the sleep of
I death.
j Mrs. Wynne was an excellent
type of the good and faithful wife
and mother. The neighbors found
in her a true frieud; the sick, a
sympathizer; the neeily, a helper.
Some 22 years anoshe was baptized
into the fellowship of I'iuey Grove
Church at Everetts by Elder Gee.
J. Do well, and during her whole
life was a faithful member. Strange
are God's mysterious dealings, and
His ways past finding out, but He
doeth all things well. We are as
sured that it was right to call this
dear one home, or He would have
left her to cheer the loved ones now
] mourning to be !eft so disconsolate.
' May this sad dispensation of His
; lead them to strive to
1 reach that beautiful laud to which
we are confident she has gone,
where faith is swallowed up in
fruition aud hope in possession,
until tbey shall plant their feet ou
the everlnstirg Rock of Ages, and
find fiim footing when the world
and all its possessions shall slip
from under their feet. Then the
same God whom she loved aud
served shall reunite the scattered
family and they shall dwell with
the Saviour in ihe New Jerusalem
forever. May he who tempers the
wind to the shorn lamb, mercifully
watch over them to the er.d of life's
"He that has msdt bis refuse God,
Shall find a most secure adobe;
Shall walk all day beneath his
And thtre at night, shall rest his
Farmers' Meetings
- 0
Editor, Enterprise.—
j A series of farmers meetings will
I soou be held in the couuttes ot the
First Congressional District. At
these meetings lectures will be
made by experts on vitel topics re
lating to the farm, and I am very
sure fchat every faimer who attends
will be benefitted. Ihe following
is a partial itinerary of the places
and dates of the meetings.
Swan Quarter, Hyde County,
Monday August 12-th.
Mackeys Ferry, Washington
County, Tuesday August 13th.
Columbia, Tyrfeli County, Wed
nesday August 14th.
Greenville, Pitt County, Thurs-
I day August 15th.
Washington, County, 1
Friday August i6t&.
Willifimston, Martin Ooduty,
jSaiurday August 17th.
Very respectfully,
Jno. H. Small.
■ m \ t m —*
An increasing number of people
report regularly of the satisfactory
result* froui taking Foley Kidnev
Pills and commend 'their healing
and curative qualities. Foley Kid
ney Fills are a cafefuily prapar*d
medicine, guarantied t3> fcoctain no
harmful or habit farming drugs.
They can have . only a beneficial
effect when used fcr kidney and
bladder troubles, for backache,
rheumatism, weak back or lumbago.
Saunders & Fowden. .
Bold Hold-Up
Sunday night when about five
miles from town on the Washing
: ton road, J. A. Woolard, son of the
late J. L. Woolard, was held up bv
two negroes, who wore a white
Cloth abont thetr faces. Yonng
: Woolard had driven out to bis
father's farm after the Inte train
had come in to carry a friend.
When returning about ten o'clock,
he saw a mau come out from the
road which leads to the home of
Mr. Kader Lilley and heard him
call for him (Woolard) to stop.
: He struck his horse but the animal
was caught by the Degro who held
a pistol in his hand. Another ue
[ gro came up between the wheels
• and demanded that he turn the con
-1 tents of his pockets out. Wool
-1 ard, though naturally frightened,
: had presence of mind eucugh to
slip his purse containing about in the waistband of his pants
und then turned all his pockets out,
finding only about Si. 25. The
1 men had demanded the money upon
, the threat that they would take the
team, while pointing a couple ot
guns nt the boy. After thi money
was secured, they let him go and
he drove quickly to town and re
ported the crime to the sheriff.
WoolafU failed to recognize the
men, but it is thought that they
were from town and seeing the
young man go out and suspecting
that he car.itd seme cash, secured
bicycles aud waited for him to re
turn. Such occurrences ere rare in
this section and it is a serious matter,
1 The number of vagrants around
1 the town make it highly probable
that the parties reside here.
Founder of The Enterprise
Monday afternoon, Mr. J. Dale,
of Kinston, was a most welcome
, visitor to the office. Thirteen
years ago Mr. Dale came here and
established Thk Enterprise in j
tbe old Williams Building.
Mr. Dale soou sold the paper to !
tbe late G. W. Newell and has j
, since engaged in the business of a |
marole yard at Kinston, where he
does better work for less monty
than the average monument dealer.
The letters which appears at the
head of the paper, designating its
name were cut from a piece of wood |
by Mr. Dale wjtn a knife. Later j
lead type was used as now. v
It is an odd fact that the first]
copy of The Entbri-kise that
rolled off tbe old Washington hand j
press, wa r takt-n by W. C Man
ning, who ten ycers after became
editor. Coming events did not j
: cast their shadows before him, and j
so he knew not of the responsibility ,
wbich should come to him later. I
Mr. Dale was-much pleased with ;
tbe looks of things about the office \
and expressed his appreciation of |
the sheet whi'.h is'sent out weekly, j
We enjoyed bis visit aud hope ;
that he will come again because we j
•live—as we desire no stone for I
years to conic.
Sunday School In3tit«t« j
Mr. M. W. Braba&m, Field Sflt- j
retary ot the Sunday Board 1
of the North Carolina Coniaranee, *
M. E Churcb, South, wtfl conduct:
& Suadov School Institute 111 tl>t'
Methodist Church hetfjAugwt 2-4.
Tbe Sunday School in tirfe
iamston nnd Hamilton Charg#s *re
expected to attend thie lastStu.Se.
.AM the Sunday Schools in town
: cordially invited to
A. !tf.' Nason, twining near'
: Canaan, Me., w»s badly o*ippfed I
with sciatic rheumatism due iw j
' says to ujic _,acid in hi* blood. I
' "Foley KiJney PilU entirely curad L
. me and also removed uumuoitt
black specks that were continual y
before my ev«i." Foley Kfdnar
' l'ills are a tmic acid solvent and ape,
• effective for the variotft forini of'
rheumatism. Saunders & Fowden. 1
• P , '
To the Democratic Voters
of Martin County:—
Permit me to thank you very
kindly for the consideration and
confidence so generously manifest
ed by your support and cooperation
during my continuance in office as
Sheriff ot your county, and to as
sure you that I most heartily and
keenly appreciate tbe same.
Not being aware of any com
plaint and not having heard any
thing derigatorj' to my perfor
mance of the duties pertaining to
the office, and thinking that my
service® and experience might pro
bably merit your further considera-1
tion, confidence aud support, and j
assuring you that the best and all I
that is, of aud in me, are at yourj
command, I take the liberty of
1 seeking further consideration at
your hands, and hereby announce
myself as n candidate for the office!
of Sheriff of Martin County, sub
ject,. however, to the wishes of thej
County Democratic Convent'on.
This 20th. day of June. 191 2. I
Summer colds are hard to get rid)
of, and frequently lead to asthma,'
bronchitis, a"nd hay fever. Do not
let your cold get a hold on you, but!
use Foley's Honey and Tar Com-!
pound foi> quick relief. W. H. j
Allen, Chelsea, Wis., sa>s. "We
prefer Foley's Houey and Tar Com-1
pound to other cough medicines be- j
cause it quickly cures cough- and'
colds. It will ward off a cold if I
taken in time." Contains no
opiates. Saunderr & Fcwdcn.
For Register ol Deeds
1 hereby announce myself a can
didal e/pr tbe office of Register of
Deeds of Martin County, and ask
my fiiends and fellow Democrats
to give me their suppo.t, which I
assure them will be appreciated./
' And if elected I promise to fill the
| f •
office to the best of my ability and
to render to each r.nd every one the
proper courtesy due t'lem.
I). J. Mkeics.
For Register of Deeds
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for Register of Deeds, of
Martin County, subject {o the ap
proval and action of the Democra
tic Convention.
Very respectfully,
Sylvester Peel.
j*.' -J* ft
* The "Pop" Ular Man.
■" ,
//T\ I
k 6 * Sfr ' /if /
1 H# Wat "Caught Between Banes."
W. F. Hurst has returned from
a visit to Richmond.
Miss Emily Allsbrook, of Port
Norfolk, is the guest of MissLizsie
Mrs. Charlie Hurst is entertain
ing her younger brother and sisters
this week.
Tbe family of Mrs. Sue Burnett
spent Monday at the home of N.
M. Worsley.
Prof. j. D. Everett, of Weldon,
speut Saturday and Sunday with
relatives here.
Miss Jeffie House returned from
Stokes Saturday.
Miss Fay Beverly spent last week j
with her sistirs here.
Mrs. J, W. Hines $ visiting herj
-  I
Miss Bessie Casper spent Sunday 1
iu Hasst'.l with Miss Hilda Knignt.
Miss Emily Hines is speuding
several with friends in Vir
-1 gin ; a.
• '
Bernard L. Hines has been ap-j
1 pointed assistaut to the Dentai Sr.r- !
: peon at Ft. Monroe. He is now at;
j Ft. DuPont. Del.
The L/idies Aid Society of the |
j Missionary Baptist Church gave an j
ice cream supper last Wednesday!
I night, for the purpose of raising 1
funds for beautifying the churcb
State Farmers' Convention
The Tenth Annual State Far
mer#.' Convention will be held at
the A. &M. College, Raleigh, N.
C . Aug. 27, :3 and 29, 1912. The
progrsm is almost complete an p l
speakers cl National reputation
been secured.
Dr. C. G. Hopkins of the Illinois
Experiment Station, will discuss
the Use of Rock Phospbte as a
Fertilizer. I)r. Hopkins is consid
ered the best authority in the
Unites States on this subject.
Other speakers for the first day are
Prof. C. E. Goodrich, Washington,
D C., on Humus; E. G. Moss ol
Granville Co. on the Quality as
Compared with Yield of Tobacco;
Prof. W. F. Massey, Apostle of
the Cowpea, end Mr. Bradford
Ktiapp, in charge of the Demon
stration Work in the South.
The second day is Live Stock
Day. Mr. C» L. Opperman and
Mr. Helmer Rabild of Washington,
D. C , Mr. E. B. Moore of Char
lotte, will talk on subjects related
to the production of livestock.
Also on this day the N. C. Berk
shire Breeders' Association v;:ll
hold their Second Annual Sale of
50 pure trcd Berkshire hogs.
The third day will be Economic ,
Day. Dr. J. L. Coulter of the
Census Bureau will discuss Far
mers' Cooperative Societies Mr. J. |
G Brown oi ReJeigh on the Rela
tion of the Banking System ta the
Farfflar; Mr. J. W. Bailey of Ral
eigh cn the Torrent; System of
Registering Land Titles.
A special program is being pre
pared for women acd will be nr.-
notinced later. For complete pro
gram o,r information, address I. O.
Scbanb, Secretary, West Raleigh,
In these days ot high ot liv
ing, a medicine that gets a man up
out of bed r.nd aMe to 7i»ork in a
few days is a valuable and welcome
remedy. Joiwi Hsatfi, Michigan
Bir, C&l., had kidney and bladder
trouble, yvgs confined to his. bed,
unable to turn without help. "I
cocrmienoed using Foley Kidney
Pills and can truly say 1 was re
lieved at once." His example is
worth following. Saunders & Fow-
I den. .' '
SI.OO a Year in Advance
Poverty Soshul
One of the mot unique acd en
joyable affairs here for years was
the Proverty Soshul given by the
Aid Society of the Baptist Church
on Tuesday night at the Dixie
Warehouse. The arrangement and'
management was under the direc
tion of Miss Pattie Dowell. The
large warehouse was brilliantly ill*
uminated and at convenient spots'*
about the floor were placed tables
(rem whence things good to eat
were served in attractive style and
a rustic well furnished refreshing
lemonade. But the chief features
were the trials before Judge Dun
ning and the District School con
ducted by Mrs. John D. whose
impersonation of the old maid
teacher could not have been ex
celled. Policeman Kowdeu arrest
ed people and carrying them be
fore the Judge, bad fines for spoon
ing, flirting, sport ng, etc., impos
ed. Tbis created leads of fun.
The commencement exercises of
tlie school in which the older peo
pie acted as pupils was funprovok
ire. The debate between John L.
Hassell and judge Dunning to de
cide the whulesomeness of peas and
collards, was one of the most at
j ti active numbers on the programme.
Everybody lincl a good time and
i partook heartily of the 'cue and
| other things. The proceeds
I amounted to S6O.
To the Democratic Voters of the
2nd. Senatorial District.
I have decided to btcr me a can
didate tor tbe office as one of the
Senators from this district, in the
Next General Assembly of North
Carolina, tiod respectfully solicit
the support of ull democrats of said
district, boih at the primary and-
W. A. Thompson,
Aurora. N. C.
N. J. Gotham, Cashier Bank of
Woodville, Woodnlle, Ga., had a
very severe attack of kidney trouble
aud tbe oains iu his kidneys and
back were terrible. "I gotabottle
of Foley Kidney Fills from our
druggist and thev entirely relieved
me, I have more ber.efit from them
than any other medicine." Saun
ders & Fowden.
For Register of Deeds
At the solicitation of a number
of my friends, I have decided to
announce myself a candidate for
tbe office of Register of Deeds of
Martin County, subject to action of
the Democratic Convention.
Very r«ppectfally,
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself acan
tlidnfelor Sheriff of Martin County
subject to the action ef the Demo
cratic Cenvention.
Harmon T. Roherson, Jr.
For Representative
At the request of a miraberof my,
friends, I a. noucce myself
1 candidate for the House ot Rep
resentatives subject to the actiou of
the Democratic Convention of
Martin County.
This M?y 28th, 1912.
A. Corey.
Geoige 1,. Higbie, Manton.Mich,
irsed- Foley Kidmy tiill.-i for. kidney
aud bladder trouble.. He says: "I
find for my case no other medicine
equals Foley Kidney Pills for bene
ficial effect." They are a safe and
reliable medicine forkidney trouble
aud rheumatism. Contain no
harmful drug.;. Saunders & Fow
den. —-

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