VOL. XIV. NO. J Hugh B. York, M. D. Microscopy, Electrotheispy, X-Ray Diagnosis. Specialties Office over Farmers & Merchants Bank Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m., 7 to 9 p. m. Office 'pbone 60 - Night 'phone 63 Win. E. Warren - J. S. Rhodes Drs. Warren & Rhodes Physicians and Surgeons Office in Biggs Drug Store • 'Phone 29 Jos. n. Saunders, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Day 'Phone 53 • Night 'Phone 40 Williamston, N. C. Dr. R. L. Savage ■ of Rockv Mount, will be at the At lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in each month to treat diseases of the Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat and Fit Classes. A. R. Dunning • T C. Smith Dunning & Smith Attorneys. i't-Law Williamston - North Carolina Robersonville, North Carolina Burrous A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin Wheeler Martin, Jr. Martin &T Critcher Attorneys-at-Law Williamston - North Carolina •PHONM 23 S. J. Everett Attorney-at-Law Greenville, N. C. - Williamston, N. 0. Greenville Long Distance Phone 328 jS. A. NEWELL f Attorney at Law Williamston - North Carolina Clayton Moore Attorney at Law Williamston - North Carolina John E. Pope General Insurance, Life, Fue. Health Accident, Live Stock Real Estate - Brokerage Williamston - North Carolina Office on Main Street r Society Pressing i . . Glub . . I O. C. Price, Manager J Phone No. 58 UP -t -Date Cleaing, |j Pressing, Dyeing and | Tailoring Vefy careful attention I given to Ladies' Kid I Gloves, Fancy Waists I Coat Suits and Skirts I Club Rates for Men. • Clothes called for and I delivered Agents for Rose & Co. I 1 Merchant-Tailors, Chi- I , I cago, 111 • ' THE ENTERPRISE : LOCAL ITEMS I • * «V999t9f*f99999999V9V*ffV« All notices published la this column, where revenue Is to be derived, will be charged at the rfcte ol 10 crmts a Une, (count six words to a Use), each Issue. Special rate will be made on rag contracts. —New moon today. —Next is Thanksgiving Day. —A Chinaman is here looking for a location for a laundry. —Services at the Baptist and Episcopal Churches on Sunday morning and night. —FOR SALE: 50 High Breed Berkshires all ages. Prices rea sonable, considering stock.—J. S. Rhodes. —Ralph, the little sen of E. A. Edwards, fell through the floor of the porch at home last week and cut his knee severely. Dr. H. B. York was summoned and took several stitches in tlte wound. —S. R. Biggs is the most popu lar mau in town at present —he has just received three Buick cars of the iq 13 model. —Mis. J. H. Saunders entertain ed at Bridge ou last Thursday afternoou in honor of her cousin, Miss Marie Everett, of Brunswick, Ga. —The crowd which attended the circus here last week was one of the jolliest and best-haved ever seen here on a like occasion. Not one disorderly act was noted. —The Baptist Sunday School pupils bad their annual rally at the class hour 011 Sunday morning. The exercises were very interesting throughout. —I will preach at the home of Thotuas Gardner„ on Sunday at 3 o'clcok. The public is invited.— J. L. Cherry. —The whistle of the Williamston Cooperage Company's mill can be heard blowing every morning. But the Atlantic Coast line Railroad has not shown itself equal to the ability of the citizens of the town, who have done everything asked of them. / —The Hallowe'en party under the management of the Junior Auxiliary on Thursday night of last wetk, was very successful, $23.45 being realized. The Juniors are very grateful for the help ren dered to them. —Tbe Embroidery Club met with MissNacnie Biggs on Oct. 29th. All the members were present ex cept one who was out of town. Miss Biggs entertained mo«t pleas antly, and eaeh felt that it wus good to be with her. The next meeting will be held with MTB. K. B. Crawford on November 12th. A Mitchell, a genral merchant uear Bagdad, Ky., writes us: —"I think Foley Kidney Pills one of the greatest kidney medicines there is. My daughter was in terrible shape with kidney trouble and 1 got her to take it. She is cnmple tely cured now. I think it one of the greatest medicines made." Saunders & Fowden. The Republican party is officially dead in North Carolina. Tom and his "barl" pnt up a big bluff, but it tailed to work. Returns show that the g. o. p. is diad in the Nation, at least, till tbe defeated Taft can revive it, as he says he can. "Huutsville, Ala. W. C. Pollard, a well known citizen, says.—"l have used Foley's Honey & Tar Compound and foarnd it a most ex cellent preparation. In fact, it suits my case better than any cough syrup I have ever used and I have used a good many, for I am now over seventy years old." Saunders & Fowden. WILLIAMSTON, N. C.. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8. 1912 Theo. Hassell end little Miss Elizabeth Hassell weut to Kinstoo Thursday to visit relatives. Mrs. J, H. Etberidge, of Oak Citv, was here on Monday visiting friends. W. B. Watts spent Sunday at home. Fountain Lipscomb has accepted a position with N. B Josey & Co., and left last week to begin work. Miss Sallie Lunn, of Scotland Neck, is visiting Mrs. J. D. Biggs here. Mr. and Mrs. Asa T. Crawford • have returned from a trip North. Mr. and Mrs. Eli H. Robertson, of Norfolk, are tbe guests of their parents here this week. 1 Miss Mildred Alexander is visit ing Mrs. C. D. Carstarphcn at her residence on Smithwick Street. Hon. and Mrs. H. S. Ward were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Ward while in town Monday even ( F. U. Barnes, who has been in I Norfolk on business", returned hoiue i Sunday. Augustus Williams, of Roberson ville, was in town Tuesday. 1 ( J. J. Stroud was in town from Warsaw Tuesday. ( Mrs J. G. Godard, Jr., who has been visiting her mother tn Green- ! ville, returned Monday. j Thrower Taylor and J. A. 1 ell, of Robersonville, were in town 1 Tuesday on business. ' Judge F. D. Winston and Sheriff ( Bond, of Windsor, were In town Wednesday on business. ( Mr. and Mrs. G. P. McNaughton 1 have returned from a visit to rela- ; tives in Pennsylvania. 1 Mrs. R. G. Beattie, of Joliette, Montana, is visiting her sister Mrs. ' G. P. McNaughton at the Roanoke 1 Hotel. \ 1 Mrs. W. P; McCraw, of Tarboror is visiting ber mother, on Haugh ton Street. Miss Marie Everett left today for 1 "Tells the Whole Story." To ' say that Foley's Honey & Tar Compound is best for children and grown persons and contains no . opiates tells only pait of the tale. Tbe whole story is that it is tbe i best medicine for coughs, colds, ] croup, bronchitis and other affec- J tions of the tnroat, chest and lungs. ; Stops la grippe, coughs and has a healing and soothing effect. Rem- ember tbe name, Foley's Houey & Tar Compound, ard accept no substitutes. Saunders & Fowden. Highest Ever Sold On Wednesday, there was the most phenomnal sale of tobacco in regard to prices, which was ever seen ou the Williamston market. The election of Woodrow Wilson bad given strength and tone to the market, selling the product of the farmers and not that of the trust. The sale was made in the Dixie c Warehouse, and 20,000 lbs. were offered and eagerly taken at the highest prices ever given here. Truly it was a "Woodrow Wilson Tobacco Sale." * Dan J. Joyce, Sanville, Henry Co., Virginia, says:—"l took a £ cold with a cough which hung on n for two years. Then I comenced c using Foley's Honey & Tar Com- i: pound and the cough finally left n me and now I am perfectly strong 1* and well/' Is best and safest for ti children and contains no opiates, e Saunders & Fowden. * S MARTIN COUNTY'S VOTE FOR THE NATIONAL, STATE, SENATORIAL AND CONGRESSIONAL NOMINEES i !» ! x c» | |.-1/ i Township . ' £| g ' §| | 1 j? j f $ | 3 ! % 2 I O ' «"♦ 1 11. T- ft • *3 I 3 | 1 « 5 § ~ S wrt ! ! 3 t I I f " "| ;~j f | ! • Williams 85: 25' 7 75 16 86l 59 86 21: Griffins iu 8, 6 44 21 49 1131 9, 114 ioj Bear Grass , 56; 57! 37 •» 13 70' 41 63; 44 Williamston | 203 41! 4 54 120 24 194, 35 200 42 Cross Roads , 111' i! 59 31, 23 in! 1 m 1 Robersonville : 168 18] 6, 82 7-2 22 Gold Point 50; 7, 12 17 25 6 sc' 19 50 7! 12 Poplar Point j 59| 1 2 2 5 2 56 1 56 Hamilton 1 121; 9] 1 67 62 3 ! 130 3 128 6 Goose Nest j 147! 5; 7* 53 9; >44'_ .r 120 2ij__ ,1266| 242 29, 443 §25 2221290 2141271; 230 21 —-J-— • V- _ • Hallowe'en Party One of the most delightful social affairs since the beginning of Au tumn here, was tbe Hallowe'en party gi"en by Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Jerome complimentary tothe Senior Class of the High School at the home of Rev. Rufus Bradley, Fri day evening, November Ist. The rooms were appropriately decorated with Autumn leaves black cats and witches in profus ion, carrying out the color scheme of orange and black Jack o'lantems lent a weirdness to the whole, sug gestive of the season and the storfes connected with it. The first amusement provided by! the entertainers, was a Hiilowe'en contest in which Miss Frances Knight won the first prize, a hand some box of paper. Apples 011 a string, easily eluding any who tried to get a bite, furnished great amusement. Miss Mary Brown and F. M. Shute finished first in this contest. The guests were Invited into the dining room, alter all the games had been finished, where ambrosia artistically arranged iu oranges cut to represent pumpkins, was served with cakes and fruit. There was much fun enjoyed iu choosing part ners for supper. Each young lady was given a broken heart, prettily cut and decorated, and the other piece held by a young man, decid ed the question of who shonld be partnera. Those present were: Misses Myr tle Woolard, Laurie Ellison, Jose phine Robertson, Ellie and Maud Wynne, Lucy Green, Frances 1 Knight, Sue Leggett, Eva Petl, Jessie and Mary Brown, Eloise Meadows, Mary Bradley; Messrs Oscar and Leroy Anderson, Ben Hopkins, Ollie Robertson, Yates Dowell, Roland Roberson, Pearly Perry, Fred M. Shute. and Rev. and Mm. Rufus Bradley. The Martin County Democratic Executive Committee Jamesville,—W. H. Martin, j Williams, —S. E. Hardison, Griffins, —Ephriam Peel, Bear Grass, —Mac. G. Taylor, ( Cross Roads,—S. F. Everett, Williamston, —W. C. Manning, Robersonville, —J. C. Smith, Poplar Point, —M. W. Ballard, . Hamilton, —P L. Salsbuty, ( Goose Nest, —H.S.Everett. At the County Convention held j on September 4th. the above Ex- ( cutive Committee was named. ] There has been no meeting of tbe j Committee to chose the Chairman, ] but tuch action *Wili be taken at the proper time. j J. K. Cotton, 1303 No. Market 8 St., says.—"l heard of Foley Kid- 1 uey Pills aud took them for my ' case of kidney trouble. After tak ing them a few days the pain left my back, my kidneys actad regu larly and the annoying bladder \ trouble was cured. I glaaly re- t :ommend Foley Kidney Pills." i Saunders & Fowden. c Everything went Demo cratic From the best estimates that can be obtained prior to the official count, North Carolina has retained her place in the Democratic column by 50,000 majority. Locke Craig and the entire State ticket are victors iu this splendid fight. Every District sends back its Democratic Congressman. Johu H. Small iu tbe First District runs away with his opponent, M. D. Liggett, of Beaufort County. The Legislature will be largely Democratic, and thus the re election of Senator Simmons is assured as he won out in the paitnary over Kitchin and Clnrk by 25,000 majority. The great victoty in the Nation with that iu County and State makes a complete Democratic ' boiuehold. Martin County accord in" to the table shown, voted as it 1 should, though there was a falling off in both Democratic and Repub lican ranks. The Democratic vote in both State and Nation was so large that people quit counting and just heralded the success of the party. Sad Accident On Thursday of last week, dur ing the exhibition of Sparks show at Robersonville, a negro from Stokes becoming angry with ano ther negro, threw a bottle at him. The negro dodged and tbe bottle struck the little son of Mr. Henry Whichard, who lives near Parmele, crushing his skull. As soon as the! negro saw what he had done, he proceeded to attempt leg bail, but the show management put their men after him and he was captured. He was brough* here and placed ic jail tr. await the injuries to the little boy. The doctors were never hopeful and Friday he died from the effects of the blow. The negro I was taken to Robersonville and had a hearing before a Justice of the Peace, who placed him under a $5,000 bond. Failing to secure this he was brought back and put ' iu jail to await the action of the Grand Jury at the December Term of court. > I Alabama, Florida, North Caro- ! lino, South Carolina, Keutucky, Tennessee. Twinge 9 of rheuma tism, backache, stiff Joints and shooting pains all show your kid neys are not working right. Urin ary irregularities, loss of sleep, neiyousness, weak back and sore . kidneys tell the need of a good j reliable kidney medicine. Foley | Kidney Pills are tonic, strengthen- s ing aud restorative. They build up the kidneys and regulate their , action. They will give you quick j relief and contain no habit form- , • i**" j ing drugs. Safe and always sure. ( Try them. Saunders & Fowden. ( —— 1 Martin County showed by its 1 vote in the Senatorial contest that 1 the progressive spirit of Democracy r is in the ascendency in the hearts I of our people. t sr.oo a Year in Advance Hon. H. $. Ward Those who heard the speech of Hon. H. S. Ward in the interest of the candidacy of Judge Clark here on Monday night, were unanimous iu the opinion that it was the beat and strongest speech delivered here in a long time. Mr .Ward's earnest manner combined with logical de ductions, made the friends of Clark f' el that he had a worthy advocate and those who differed with him thoroughly enjoyed every word he said. Mr. Ward is well-known in Martin County as a sound Demo crat and one who neveT tails to lift his voice in advocacy of Democra tic principles. He is one of the strong young tnen of the State. His career since its beginning has been upward, and his campaign for Judge Clark a splendid display of ripe knowledge and a firm con viction of the righteousness of the cause lie represented. He was given the strictest attention here and warm applause by the friends of the other cuuoidates. He was introduced by Hon H. W. Stubbs, Chairman of tbe County Executive Committee. Tobacco Farmers Happy The acreage in tobacco in Mar tin Couutyihis year was larger tha.i for tbe past three seasons. The weed trew with a rapidity that plea.sed, but it was thought at one time that the crop would be of poor quality. But after being cured and properly handled, it was placed on the warehouse floors for the in spection of the buyers and brought price? before unheard of. People realized more on three acres of ijood weed than thev sold five-acre crops for before. This was done in all these Eastern markets, for in this section only has the crop amounted to much. Another year will soon be on us, and the preparation for the coming crop will begin. It will pay to put in a reasonable acreage in tobacco for the next year. Diversity your crop, Mr. Framer. Plant and plant early, and give verV best service to jeveryacreof land under cultiva tion. Raise home supplies, and tobacco, peanuts and a little cotton for money crops. The market here is as good as can be found for aU these products. To Subscribers A good number of our old friends and subscribers have recently come in and renewed. This is very gra tifying as we never like to sent out statements. We realize how natural it is to overlook small matters like subscri ptions to your County and State papers. Still when all the amounts come together it means something. Our postal laws require strict ad herence to subscriptions past due. Now since things are on such a boom, we to receiye many renewals and new subscriptions. Ask your neighbor to subscribe to his county paper.

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