North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIV. NO. 6
Cards J
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Office on Smitbwick St.. rear Blount Bro.
Office hours, 8 to 10 a. ni., 7 to 9 p. m.
Office phone 60 - Night 'phon
Wm. E. Warren - J. S. Rholet
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Drug Store • ' Phone 29
Jos. H. Saunders. M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day' Phone 53 - Night' Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each month to treat diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and
Pit Glasses.
A. R. Dunning j .* c - Smith
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys ; t Law
Williamston - North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
lnrrous A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin
Wheeler Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critchcr
Williamston - North Carolina
'I'HONK 23
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. - Williamston. N. C.
Greenville Long Distance Phone 32*
Attorney at Law
Williamston - North Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Williamston • North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
Life, Fite. Health Accident, Live Siok
Real Estate - Brokerage
Williamston - North Carolina
Office on Main Street
Society Pressing
. . Glub . .
O. C. Price, Manager
Phone No. 5® -v-
Pressing, Dyeing and
Very careful attention
given to Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Fancy Waists
Coat Suits and Skirts
Club Rates for Men.
Clothes called for and
Agents tor Rose & Co.
Merchant-Tailors, Chi
cago, 111
All notice* published In this column, where
rrrenne is to be derived, will be charged at the ,
rate ol 10 cents a line, (count six words to a ■
line), each issue. Special rate "will be made on
ong contracts.
—We are marching to the Mary- 1
land Life 300,000 strong.
and no questions asked for return
of watch taken from our shanty.—
Williamstcn Cooperage Co.
—Remember Parents' Day at
the Graded School next Wednes- (
day, the 27th.
—Services at the Christian,
' Mctbodbt aud Baptist Churches on
Sunday morning and night.
—The business houses, banks
and postoffice will be closed on
Thanksgiving Day, which is next
, Thursday.
—H. 1). Peele and Co,, sold two
huulied and fifty bicycles the past
season. The new sand-day roads
! mrde spinning a pleasant paatiine.
Have you joined the Army of
i the Maryland Life.
: —L-IE. Covington, State Bank
' Examiver, spent Wedresday and
Tbun-day here examining the
books of the two banks.
—I will sell you checks for as
much $lO, for five cents. All over
sio, ten cenls, either Bank. —J. B.
1 —A negro man on Snnday, see
ing one of the squirels in Watts'
grove placing up a tree at the gale,
1 pulled out £ pistol and tried to kill
the little animal. It was an act of
lawlessness committed against
another man's property and a vio
lation of the laws of the State, and
1 done on Sunday, too. Pistol
"toting" is one of the common ac's
■ around this town.
—lt has been ascertained that
peanuts picked by the Ulliston Pic
ker bring better prices beenu-e they
are cleaner. This is one of the fea
tures which recommend it to the
, farmer who wishes to put his crop
on the market in the very best
' shape. The Martin County Buggy
Company has placed a large number
of these pickers in this section and
1 have had favorable reports from
—An alarm of fin- was heuid on
Wednesday about ten o'clock and
it was found to be the roof of Car
-1 starphen's store on fire, caused by
■ the flue which runs from the mil
k linery room. The engine was soon
at work and with water being
thrown from the ins-ide and out,
t the flames weie soon extingutsed
with very little damage.
1 —Monday afternoon, while the
road hands were busily engaged in
putting down the track to the river,
they saw a flat car loaded with
heavy piling, came speeding down
the partially finished track. For
some unknown reason, the car
which had been left on the track
near the power house, had started
off and the grade being steep, it
went down over the imperfect road
It was checked in time to prevent
' overturning, but hindered the work
considerably, as the temporary tres
tles were not safe for an engine to
go down and bring back the car.
Embroidery CKife
A pleasant afternoon was spent
with Mrs. J. H. Saunders on Tues
day, November nth., at her home
on Church Street. The members
of the Club were given darners in
unique shape by the hostess, and
refreshments were served. The
next meeting will be held with
Mrs. Henry Crawford dtx Tuesday
the 26th., when she will entertain
in honor of Mrs. Henry T. Hick?,
of Raleigh, who is to be her guest'
for Thanksgiving.
J. Paul Simpson went to New
Bern Monday 011 Business.
Mrs. Chas. Cobb and little sou
aud Master Paul Godw in are visit
ing relatives in town.
Mrs. J. C. Ewell and Mrs. J. W.
Cowing spent Sunday in Hamilton.
Cbas. Baker left Tuesday to at
tend the Christian Convention ot
Fountain Lipscomb spent Sun
day here with relatives.
A. R. Dunning spent Wednes
day in Bethel on piofessioiul busi
Mrs.'R. L. Smith and little sons
have been visiting Mrs. A. TTT
Dunning this week.
J. E. Green, President of the
Bank of Winterville, has Iwen in
town on business for several days
this week.
Chai les Cocke, of Scotland Neck,
was the guest of Mrs. H. I). Cook
Mrs. C. B. Hassell and little
daughter Lticile left last week to
visit relatives in Wilson and Green
W. B. Watts and W.W.Ange, of
Plymouth, spent Sunday in town.
W. Z. Morton and wife with seve
ral friends motored here from
Robersonville on Sunday.
Mrs. James G. Staton, President
of the Woman's Auxiliary aud
Parochial Society of the Diocese of
East Carolina, is attending the
World's Congress of Missions at
Baltimore this week.
* Miss Clara Jones attended a
dance at Plymouth Wednesday
Mrs. E M. Gk.»dy, of Edenton,
spent Wednesday here with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Boyle and
Mis# Marie Everett were here from
Hamilton Thursday.
Miss Annie Jones, of Hamilton,
spent Thursday here.
Durward Gurganus, Mrs. J. E
Smithwick and Miss Knthleen
Wallace motored here from James
ville Wednesday.
Editor Manning, who is Corres
ponding Seeetary of the Cnristain
Cliu-ch left Monday to attend the
State Convention, which assembled
at Faimville, Pitt County, 011 that
J. Dillon Simpson, who has been
in Kicstcn during the tobacco
spent Sunday night here
and left Monday morning for Ken
tucky, where be has been for the
pa*t two years employed in a large
tobacco house.
Mrs. W. H. Crawford was called
to Raleigh on account of the death
of Engineer Bee ham, and left Tues
day afternoon on the "Sboofly"
for that city.
Thanksgiving Service
Owing to the fact that I will be
at Conference on Thanksgiving
Day, I shall hold a Thanksgiving
service at the Methodist Church
next Sunday at 1 r a. m.
The public is cordially invited to
attend this service.
Rufus Brapiey. Pastor.
• Tells the Whole Story." To
say that Foley's Honey & Tar
Compound is best for children and
grown persons and contains no
opiates telLs ouly part of the tale.
The whole story is that it is the
best medicine for coughs, colds,
croup, bronchitis and other affec
tions of the tnroat, chest and lungs.
Slops la grippe, coughs and has a
healing and soothing effect. Rem
ember the name, Foley's Hoty:y &
Tar Compound, and accept no
substitutes. Sannders & Fowden.
The Baptist Bazaar
. - e=a jj,
Cliruf. mas is Coming
So is the Bazaar . JQ 1
p; With prices so Reasonable
They'll give you a jnr!
You d think that old Santa ! { 
Had been on the floor I ,
When you see the Fancy Work J
_ There galore! ||_ !
OThe ladies will serve you
With something to Ent
You'll declare that the Barbecue IPI I
Cannot be B at. j ,
Now this gieat Bazaar
Opens promptly «: Eight 'I
On December the third
So pleaae don't be Late
For the Fancy Work | ,
la muck in Demand >
So come early Remembering
The Bird in the Hand.
On December the Fourth ,
All day long
These Faithful Women
Will wait on the Throng
They'll Serve Special Luncheon
_ From Twelve until Two
pSj Seventy-Five Cents is all r=?t
They will charge you.
n !r~]
Nov/ we've worked so hard
Wont the Public Please Come
And help uo Pay
For the PaAor's Home
Iki Remember the Hour ILJ]
Remember the Date
* Again we Implore you |K]
Pleaae Don't Be Late.
j. The place will be announced later L
SS ■ B
A Mitchell, a genral merchant I
near Bagdad, Ky., wntts us: "l|
think Foley Kidnev Pills one of
the greatest kidney medicines there
is. My daughter was in terrible
shape with kidney trouble and 1
got her to take it. She is comple
tely cured now. I think it one of
the greatest medicines made."
Saunders & Fowden.
Fractured Leg
Monday afternoon, Drs. Warren
and Rhodes were summoned to the
mill of the Williamston Cooperage
Co., to r*nder aid to Robert Mel
lon, who while working there, hart
been struck by a log and had his
leg brokeD in two places. The in
juied man was brought to his home
on lower Main Street and given
careful attention. This is the first
accident to happen at the plant
since the erection. *
Dan J. Joyce, Sanville, Henry
Co., Virginia, says:—"l took a
cold with a cough which hung on
for two year*-:. Then I cotr.enced
using Foley's ,'i rney & Tar Com
pound and th_- L-ough finally left
me and now I am perfectly 'stroug
and well." Is best and safest for
children and contains no opiates.)
Saunders & Fowden.
—v - i - -
An Ex-Con federate Dead
The body of Mr. Pem S Bowen
was brought here Saturday night
and taken to the house- of nis neice
Mis. J. H. Mi/.ell on West M.iin
Street. Mr. Bowen with his wife
and family had lived in Poplar
Point Township for years. Somej
time ago his health failed, and for
several months he had been living
with his daughter at Ayden, think
ing that a change would be benefi
cial. He enlisted in the 17th. Reg
iment, N. C. Troops, C. S. A., and
served faithfully during thestrnggle
between the States. lle was a com
rade of Mr. Tom Perry, of Will
iamston, during that period aud
thiy always occnpied a tent to
gether. He was the brother of J.
I). Boweu, Snpt., of the County
Home. Mrs. Bowen, the wife of
the dead, was too sick to realize
her husband's death at the time.
Tbe funeral was held on Sunday
and many friends and relatives paid
the last mark of respect to the com
rade who followed the fortunes of
tbe South during tbe four years of
J. K. Cotton, 1303 No. Market
St., says.—"l heard of Foley Kid
ney Pills and took them for my
case of kidney trouble. After tak
ing them a few days the pain left
my back, my kidneys regu
larly and tbe annoying bladder
trouble was cured. I gladly re
commend Foley Kidney Pills."
Saunders & Fowden.
Convention at Farmvillc
The 68:h. Session of the X. C.
Christian Missionaiy Convention
wan held at Farmville, November!
18-21, 1912. The Convention was
called to order by Rtv. C. W. How- |
ard, of Kinston The Convention j
sermon, which was delivered b" W. j
D. LaPrade, of Dmham, was j
masterly one, deep yet simple and j
Many of :he strong preachers of |
the State, among them Richard j
Bagby, of Wilson; C. Manly Mor-j
ton, Winston-Salem: H. C. Boblett, I
Rocky Mount; Bernard P. Smith,!
Kinston; Dr. J. C. Caldwell, Pie-i-l
dent A. C. College, took prominent
places in the Convention. There
were others iti>c>, who did splendid
work during Convention hours.
The Sunday School Sessioi s w ere
presided over by R. V. Hope, State
Bible School Superintendent, of
Washington, and were among the
best work of the Convention. The
speakers aud teachers who took
promineu! places on the program
weie: Mi&sLillieKarris, Cincinnati;
J. Randal! Fart is, Birmingham;
Robert M. Hopkins. National Bible
School Supt , of Cincinnati.
Stephen J. Cotey, National Sec'y
jof the Foreigu Mission Work,
made a splendid address on the
work in Central Africa. He told
in a plain and intelligent way how
our missionaries are moving and
stirring the social and moral life of
those people in Darkest Africa.
Alabama, Florida, North Caro
lina, South Carolina, Kentucky,
Tennessee. Twinges of rheuma
tism, backache, stiff joints and
shooting pain* all show your kid
neys are not working, right. Urin
ary irregularities, loss of sleep,
nervousness, weak back and sore
kidneys tell the need of a good
reliable kidney medicine. Foley
Kidney Pills are tonic, strengthen
tug aud restorative. They build
np the kidneys and regulate their
action. They will give vou quick
relief and contuin no habit form
ing drugs. Safe and always sure.
Try thetu. Saunders & Fowden.
Paper is beneficial in the preser
vation oi all kinds of fruits.
Apples and jtears of high grades
| are packed in this way.
Huntsville, Ala. W. C. Pollard,
a well known citi/en, says.— 'I
have used Foley's Honey & Tar
Compound and found it a most ex
cellent preparation. In fact, it
suit> iuy better than any cough
syrup I have ever used and I have
used a good many, for I am now
over seventy years old. " Saunders
& P'owden.
Stop Drugging it with Calomel;
Dodson's Liver Tone, a Veg-.
ctable Liquid Medicine, works
Without Harm
If your liver stops working it is
a mistake to try to whip it Into
action with doses of calomel.
It's so much simpler and safer to
cure your liver troubles with the
pleasant tasting liquid, Dodson's
Liver Tone. Uon can get a large
bottle at Saunders & Fowden drug
store for fifty cents and every mem
ber of the family can use it. Dod
son's Liver Tone is an all vegeta
ble liver medicine that starts the
liver to act within a few hours and
has no bad after-effects. No re
striction of your habits or diet nec
Saunders & Fowden guarantees
it to be a perfect substitute for cal
omel and will give you your money
back if you are not pleased with the
Get a bottle instead of calomel
next time.
s[.oo a Year in Advance
Under and by virtne of a judgment of
the Superior Count of Martiu County, r
made in the special proceeding entitled
J. H. Mi/ellet sis vs. Alonxo Muell et
j als, the undersigned commiitsioner will
on Monday, Decemlwr and 1912, nt 12
o'clock at the Conrt House door in VVill
l iamstou, N. C., offer for sule to the
jest bidder for cash, the following describ
|ed tract of laud, vL Rounded on the
j North by Skewarke Church, on the
j South nod fast and West by Wheeler
! Martin land. Containing four and three
fourths acres, ami being known ai the
John 31 well trnct and being occupied by
Luke Mi»l'.
I This the 30th day of October 191 a.
1 •————
l'Oder end by virtue ol a judgment of
1 the Superior Court of Martin County,
j made in tTie special proceeding entitled,
! Penina Cur).anus. adnx.. of Drvid Gur
i ganus vs. J I'. Gurgtintis et als, heirs at
I law, tlie uudersigued Commissioner will
,on Monday, December anil 1913, at 12
.o'clock, at the Court House door in
1 Williams ton, N. C , offer for sale to the
• | highest bidder for cash, the following
1 described tiact of land viz: Bounded on
• North and East by William Green land,
i I
ion the South by Petiiua Taylor land and
jon the Wtut by Rear Grass road, arid
i known "Tbeßoberson Laud." Contain
! | in>! 7' aerrs more or less.
i This tbe 24th day of October 1912.
, J 11. A. CRITCHBB,
: i Notice
' ! By virtue of upower of saie contained
'! in a certain trust deed executed to me by
IIA. S. Simmons and wife, bearing date
[ I Dec. 1 itli. 1907, and duly recorded in
1 the Register's office of Martin County in
■ Book T TT, at pajje 37a to secure the
I payment of certain boodf bearing even
' date therewith, and the stipulations in
, Said trust deed not huvinJJ been complied
. with. I shall expose to public sale, to the
1 highest, for cast, 011 Saturday, the
j 30th day of November, 191 a,. at two
! o'clock p. ni., 111 front of The Hank of
' 1 Robersonville of kubersonville, N. C.,
, jin said county, tbt following described
» lands, to wit:
Lying and ,beit)|! in Robersonville
I Township iu said county, and bciux let
! 110 5 it) the Abcer Coimrn land division,
and the share drawn by R. H. Browu in
1 1 said division, end beginning at a sluke
• jon the public path, nod runs thence N.
■ J69 'j W. to T. A. Audrews' line thence
j with said Andrews line to ol«t line of Pitt
I County, theme with tiunl county line S. f
I 70 E. 117 poles, thence N. 9 E. 5H }>oles,
| thence S. S7 W. volet to said public
' path, thence with -.a d public path to the
- | beginning.
. j This 29th. day ol Oct., 1912.
, | J. C. SAH'l'li, rrustee.
, j l>y virtue of a power of sale contained
[i in a certain trut>t deed executed to uie
1 i
»I by A. S. Simmons and wife, Nancy
1 Simmons, bearing late November, 20th.,
i 1903, and duly recorded in the Register's
L j cilice of Mattiu County, in Book I' P Pat
t i page 319, to secure the payment of a
; j certain bond beaming ever, date therewith
J and the stipulation* in said trust deed
j not having been 00117 Med ,v 'dh, 1 shall
" • expose at public sale ij the highest bid
j der, for cash, on Saturday, the 30th. day
I of November, J9{2  at-two o'clock, p. 111.
i in front of the Bank of Robersonville, of
. j Robersonville, N. C. in said county, the
* following described lands, to-wit:
Lying am', being in Robersonville
. Township in said county, and beginning
on the public path, at u pine stump, the
oorner of as Simmons and Sarah,
runs thence down said path a northerly
course to a lightwood stake, a corner of
lot no 5 in the Abner S. Cofcurn land
division, tbence h straight line noons the
* field a aoutherly course to u coiner ol lot
no 6, thence a northerly with the line of
) said lot no 6to the ru» of a branch,
, thence down the run of said branch He
various courses to the branch which ruas
J through the A.'S. Simmons field, thenee
■ a southerly course a straight line to a
\ stake in -Sarah Knox's line, thence with
, Sarah Knox's line to the beginning.
This 29th. day of Oct., 191 a.
' A. R. DUNNING. Trustee.
Administrator's Notice
1 . ,
Having qualified ns administrator of
the estate of J. C. Robertson, deceased,
. late of Martin County, North Carolina,
this is to notify all persons having claims
against said estate to exhibit them to the
i undersigned at Robersonville, N. C., om
or before the first day of November, 1913
or this notice will be pleaded in bar of
■ their recovery. All persons indebted to
. said estate will please muke immediate
This Oct. 19, 1912.
1 Administrators.

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