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    VOL. XIV. NO. 14
T Professional Cards j
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotheiapy,X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
OfEce on Sciithwick St., rear Blount Bro.
Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m., 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phoned
Wni. E. Warreu - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Dru« Store • 'Pboue 29
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day Phone 53 - Night 'Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic Hotel fourth - Wednesday in
each month to treat diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and
Fit Glasses.
A. R. Dunning - 7 C. Smith
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys i't Law
Williamston - North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
Burrous A. Critcher \ Wheeler Martin
Wheeler Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Williams!on • North Carolina
'PHOS.J-. 13
S. J. Everett
Attorney-at-Law •
Greenvi'.le. X. C. • NViiliamstou, N C,
GreeiivilU* J.ont: Distance Phone 318
Attorney at Law
Williamston - North Carolina ,
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Wii'.iatnston - North Carolina 1
~ . 1
John E. Pop ej
General Insurance,
I ,
Life, I'tie. HeitUh Arcideat, Li\e Stock |
Real Estate - Brokerage J
Williamston - >Jorth C&rolina j
Office- 011 Main Street
fsociety Pressing
. . Glub . .
J O. C. Price, Manager J
Phone No. 58
I § Up -to-Date Cleaing, |
-""-Pressing, Dyeing and I
Very careful attention
gived to Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Fancy Waists
Coat Suits and Skirts
Club Rates for Men.
Clothes called for and
; Ajgents for Rose & Co.
V* Merchant-Tail#rs, Chi-
Paul Gilmore Here
Since the opening of the City
Theatre here three years ago, there
have been many splendid plays
which have pleased the critical audi
ences. But the mcst famous actor —
one of the stars on the American
stage— was Paul Gilmore in
"The Havoc" on Friday evening
of last week, Williamston is for
tunate in being placed in the list
with the best show towns in the
State, and attractions which go to
the larger towns very often come
hete. Paul Gilmore, i>eihaps. has
never played ic to small a town,
and never had a more appreciate
audience. The play deals with a
social problem which men and
women in all ages of the world
have tried to solve, and in trial
have wrecked their oWn and the
happiness of others. There are
only four in the c&st, and one plays
an insignificant part. It was the
story of a faithless wife and false
friend, who wrecked a home and
ultimately the happiness of all con
cerned. Paul Gilmore as "Mr.
Craig," the husband of the wife
who loved another, was superb in
the treatment of the theme, which
he proved was false. There i was
no flaw in the interpretation of his
role and his woik was as earnest
as if he had been playiDg
before a crowded house in a large
city. His appearance here was
flittering to the tov.n and to the
management of the Opera House,
and those who have had no oppor
tunity of seeing Paul Gilmore
before, thcrcughlj enjoyed the
privilege of seeing him 011 a Wil
liamston stage. Btfote the last act,
he spoke a few ( ples»'«ut Aords to
the audience in return for the
enthusiastic tjp'ause given him.
A Pleasant Dance
Tlk x otnu: men cf Griffins Dis
trict gave a most delightful dance
on Wednesdav evening to which
the young people of Williamston
vitre invited. Much regret has
been expressed at the inability of a
party to leave from here. The
cars which could have been used,
vvi: 1 e broken Mid so 110 easy means
of locomotion couid be pouted so
as to make the trip. The yonuu
people here had plauned to attend
ami had locked forward to the oc
Cis-iion with plea-.uabie aniicipa
tion, for they knew that nothing
J;ad been kit undone to render the
evening one long to be remember
ed. It is hoped that anotbes ftp
port unity t? ili be glvoU tliem to a«:
cept tbe splendid Southern bospi-i
tulitj of the peopie of Gnilitis.
. - _ _ ]
With Mrs. C. H. Hassdl j
Mrs. Gushing Biggs Ilassell
entertained a small number of j
on Saturday evening at |
bridge for her broth cr, Mr. Henry
Woolard, of Wilson. who is her
guest. Those enjoying M*s.
j Hasset!'* hospitality were; Mrs.
Kader B. Crawford, Miss K'&ie
Peel, Miss Clara Jones, Mr. Harry
A. Biggs, Mr. Luke Lamb and Mr.
Robert Baker.
m 1 ■
A Bear Grass Near-Antique
A near antique in the Senate this
sessiou is Hon. H.,W. Stubbs, of
Martin. He began in 1889, and has
served five teims in the Senate and
six in the House. He would be the
real grandfather of both bodies, but
for the fact that he is what Hon.
Pete Murphy calls a ' floating mem
ber," rotating from the House to
the Senate or vice versa, according
to the desires of his constituents
in his county, or in the group of
counties composing the senatorial
district. He is one of the youngest
and handsomest looking members
of either body, and has been given
this distinctive appellation every
1 session for the last quarter of a
I century—News and Observer.
Annual Meeting
The regular annual meeting of
! stockholders Of tlVu Farmers and
i Merchants Bank ?n held at their
Banking House on Wednesday the
15th. inst at 2-30 p. ni , 187 out of
1 the 250 shares of stock I eiug re
-1 presented. Presiltnt Biggs in his
; annual report called attention to
■ the remarkable progress made by
! the bauk during the past year
5 Many new accounts have been
► opened aud the depo- its at the close
: of the year were much higher than
» they had ever been before.
The net profits for lht year were
; 26 per cent of the capital stock,
l which is nearly six ptr cxi.t more
1 thau the preceding year. A Diyi
1 dend of Ten Per Cent was paid to
I the stockholders on Jan. Ist, 1913.
Very little money was borrowed
from other banks during the past
year so that expens* was greatly
reduced and it is hoped that it will
: be practically eliminated this year.
1 The same officers and directors
were re-elected for the ensuing year
as follows: John D. Biggs, Presi
: dent, C. D. Carstarphen, Vice-
President, Frank F. Fagan ;
1 Cashier, J. L. Rodgersou, Asst.
. Cashier, Directors: John D. Biggs,
C. I). Carstarphen, N. S. Peel, J.
D. Simpson, W. H. Crawford, A.
Hastell, F. U. Barnes, G. W.
Blount, Kader Lilley, Wheeler
Martin and R. W. Salsbury.
Farmers Insurance Company
The Martin County Branch of
the Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance
Association of North Carolina met
in animal session at the Court
House in Williaaiston ou Monday,
January 6th. 1913. The meeting
was called to crder by John D.
Simpson. President, wi*.h H. M.
Burias, Secretary.
The Secretary's repott showed
that tbt' condition of the Company
was ihf; be-t since its organization
in the county, having a larger tiuin
i er-of policy holders with * greater
•irnount of insurance). \
There has been but cue assess
ment levied in two years, and the
actual cost of insurance dating
tlies'.- years has been less than one
tenth tf one peiciiit. W. C.
Manning was elected President aud
Janus L Ccltrain, Secretary fort
tlit present \etr.^
Buried Sunday
R*y. J. T. Stand foul was called |
from Hatniltcn Sunday to perform 1
the burial set vices over the body
of Mi-. Thomas Hardy, who died
at her Ir.une near Vernon. Church I
en Saturday. SLe was ilie daugh
ter of the late Joseph Jenkins, and
is the sixth niembtr ot 'net family
to die in the last tight months.
Her mother clicd first, :>ince the
father and four children have died.
Mrs. Wynn is survived by her I
lrusbaud hu.l A brother, G. C. |
Jenkins, who lives pn the Godwin
farm near town. v
There was a pretty home rnar
i rage at the residence of Mr. Robert
[ Woolard on Sunday morning, Jan
-5 uary 12th. 1913. in th^ presence of
I a few relatives and friends, when
: Miss Fannie Woolard and Bud
t Wynn were made one in Christian
, matrimony. Bud is a son of Mr.
- Henry W T ynn, of Cross Roads, and
> is a fine young man, a Christian
5 and successful farmer. Miss Fan
s nie is a daughter of Mr. Robert
f Woolard, is a beautiful young lady,
1 a member of Christian Chapel
t Church, and one of Martin County's
s accomplished teachers.
i We bespeak for them a happy
f and prospesous life over the matri
a moaial sea.
S, W.'Summerell.
The year clorsed with the cost
of living at about the highest mirk
in a quarter of a century. The
highest point reached in the year
was very near oae hundred per cent
over the lowest point reached in
the lowest year within this genera
tion. That was 1896 1 But th's is
a little misleading. The average
for tbe last three years has been
only about fifty per cent higher
than the average of the three lowest
year»ifrom 1895 to 1897. But fifty
per cint means a goad deal to the
mpr&vith a nearly fixed wage.
It tnfana, fur examp'e. that an m
come of S6OO a year fifteen years
ago was as good as an income of
S9OO a year now. Actually, there
was far more saving then, for a
period of rapidly rising prices al
ways means au era of wild specula
tion and extravagant ways of liv
ing. Thrift is at a discount. This
is tht moral aspect of an inflated
and depreciating currency, for au
inflated and depreciating currency
is exactly what rising prices m-*an, j
and nothing more Many able!
men thought, in the first Brvan 1
campaign for example, that a to'dj
standard would give us a dollar of
stable value. This it has uttirlyi
failed to do.—Colliers.
Died near Oak City
The death of Milton Bennett
at the home of his son near Oak
City on Thursday la«-t, removed j
from earth one of the oldest and j
most highly respected citzens of'
Martin County. He bad lived :
nineteen years more—Uum :h« ■
of man, and until aj.
few years ago, was actively engaged
in cultivating his farm aliout three!
miles West of Williamston, He
had raised a large family, several;
or whom survive him, among them i
bis oldest son, John A. Bennett,
at whose home he uitd. His was!
h life of peace arid tri.">t in the nooil-:
ne-w-s and mercy of God, and earnest!
service to Him .He w&s for years j
a devoted "member of Skcw.ukey,;
land with his f.iithful wife, was! aI- ,
ways present at the services unless ,
sickness prevented. Truly a sir j
van! in Israel has gone to his re ;
ward "likT; ripened fruit, be ft 111
into the lap of mother earth." '
Health Board Meets
Monday, rhr Board of Health  f'
Martin County met and trans, c'.ed
I such business ns come before I*. '
JJ! e Board is composed 01 Dr. !
L Long, Chm. Bund of County
Commissioners, Mayor B 1 ? . God-j
win t of Williamston, ,R. J Peei,
Stipt. of Public Instruction for j,
Martin County, Dr. j. E Smith
J wick, of Jamesville, Dr. E. M.
Long, of Hamilton, thelatter being
Chairman of the Health Board.
! The annual election of Superinteu-1
| 1
dent of Health for Martin County!
was held, and Dr. W. IS. Warren. 
was re-elected to serve another j
Seven years I have run the Bible [
and Grocery House. "In God we 1
trust." I have paid or must pay)
your accounts for you. "Bear ye
one another's burdens and so fulfill
the law of Christ." "Render unto I
Caesar the things which are
Caesar's and unto God the things
which are God's."
All persons indebted to J. L.
Cherry are asked to come forward
in January 1913. Bring all you
are able to pay and your account
t will be balanced and receipts in
full be ( given to you.
Tbankiog you for your trade in
. the past, lam Your friend,
John L,. Cherry.
WiUiatnstou, N. C.
Miss Fannie House, of House,
is one of the teachers in tbe new
school building, which was opened
Monday January 13th.
Claude Roebuck and John York
Spring Green, have gone
into the mercantile business here.
Robert Salsbnry, of Hassell, was
iu town Sunday-.
Milton Bennett died at the home
of his son, John Bennett, last
Thursday morning He was eighty
nine years.
The dance last Friday in the hall
of the new bank building was
largely attended
K. H. Rawls, of Robersonville is
clerking this year for the Oak City
Supply Company.
Mrs. H. S Everett and little
daughter have returned from Rob
Miss Ophelia Savage, of Speeds,
is visiting Miss Susie Burnett
Miss Nellie Whitley from Wash
jington, and Miss Adalee Whitley
j from Hobgood were the guests of
; Mi-.*e Pearl and Jeffie House the
| latttr part of last week.
Master Tom Partnele
j has taken a position with H. K.
Huch Sm th and Z;b White
hurst from Greenville were in town
last werk.
Governor Kileliins Admin
Vwtir vt-ars
; c.luvjaign, WilliomJA'akou Kitchin
*.v-ih inaugurated inthepreaeiiceof a
vast .vncour.-e ot North Carolinians
on the tast 'fronr of tlir capitol.
He m.ide ;*n eloquet/. speech and
1 entered upon the duties of the great
I 0f:.. - -. •> i'li tirm r --.clve to measure 1
!up to i*s Lii j'.i iefpiii;s:bilitits
ToiL-v. after four years 01 service
' i'i nh'i'ii h » In 1 '« en diligent and
faithful !'t tin:-resronsi
•ll Ii ir4n■ i te'iKiis to ihe ] rivate
| itjiton. He uoes bat k. home with]
• a cjusciou- ; n»s of having served j
h'i' S:e ■. .•;! and with Rrati
lic .tion (>; s.eeingbis administrution J
1-e ■.villi .1 1 i-cjrd that is honorable
'.us During the four years 1
hi r (',.1 r! 1«.: Kit-.hi:i has been at!
. th'- h-.-;?u. N ill Ca-oiina has gore 1
jf. 1 cV-:'d i'i '.ucttti 31, ;:i) indiistr; . I
lin • !• devel ij.ment and it; |
•.v :• rt  in-i',.li liiVf I' vund tin Stati
■ o'liiiii '-i-rv.>,-;u-ij:i the.sidl: :i tlic-ie
,•;1 :. - 'h it V.Ol king for tLe f
! :crt> ■ m-.i-.t of 'he coti.monwealth. I
Into th-: pr-.:tise of his j.udessiou 1
•a he;e awr-iits him, Govern-1
I or Kitcir.n -vi 11 carry with him the.
''beany goo'l wi-lies of the whole
peoplv id NorthCarbiiua. In Ral*
i cigh. a is're the Cioveuor and his 1
'vhole family have made many j
friend.-, at their depar- \
tur-j .ire «• u.'.ine and deep.—Newt I
1 I
! and O' »server.
Hurt Thumb
A young son of Mrs. Henrv I
- Edwards, while at work 011 Tliuri- j
! day at the I'atits Factory, had the j
j misfortune to get his thumb in tbe
| way of the machiny that brads the
i buttons on pants, and sewed the
thumb and button together, tbe
! brad going cleartlir ougb the thumb
| and clinching.on tbe other side.
It took Dr. Warren some time to
get tbe pair of pants from tbe boy's
thumb, but at last reports the boy
l is not much worse after the acci
r dent.
For Rent!
1 LaFayette Harreil Farm Near Oak
City. Apply ixt
si.oo a Year in Advance
of -
to DEC. Ist, 1»I3.
400 To Suffolk Feed and Fuel
Co., cement 86.00
401 To J. F. Purvis, lumber
bridge 5.(H)
402 To Iroquois Mfg Co., paint.
court house" 31. G5
403 To Kdwords and Bro'.ightCii,
Tax books sheriff 15.5^
405 To Uailey and Barnhi!).
county poor 45.80
406 To H. H. Satilsbury, com
mißsioner 82.40
407 To Zaph Howell, ropnlrts
bridge 4.39
408 To B. S. Cowing com i* 11. G*
'.OH To Stroud. P.ailey and Bari
hill, lumber 8.74
409 To H. ('. Sprui!!. ea:»Y 26 50
4js To H'fhvnifls : tjffjfoHT
supplies. court limine 3.06
41!t To R. C!. Si*\tcn, liridg»
work 4.12
420 To J. A. Hobbs, Clerk'K
fees 4.60
421 To H. M. Al"v»ind»'r, ;-nti
toxin 11.10
422 To A. 15. Ay ere. county
poor 16.C0
42:) To'C. D. Carstarpiien & Co.,
county i>oor 20.2S
421 To Roanoke Bridge Co.,
Iron bridge 100.CO
425 To Joe Purvis, labor court
house 6.k2
42ti To A. S. Cofftfld. making
Tax list 324.63
42" To T. W. Davenport. lum
ber bridge 54.23
43S To Anderson, Crawford ti
Co., county i o;>r 9. Si
42!) To J.'C. Crawford, booid
prisoners 18. GO
4::o To \V. H. Williams, paint
ing court housf roof 15.00
431 To J. D. Howm. nipt , co."
iio i in,' 26 40
432 To Winston phon?
rent 4 50
•lu3 To Dr. W. C. \V;M'rcn.
Tirpr: —h".iii-fi 40.00
131 Tll O. K. Cnrt-in- t'j.. ccsun
ty poor 4.G0
1 To .1 I>. lie-v :i county
lion,' .25.03
I To i>r W !■;. .). AV * ,
I; alii". ' 3j '3O
I' 'ln 11. i I•iil' i. :■ ; i 11rs
btit'r; 3.50
4 To i.iitli.iiii !"!»1 •)».••.. C'. aii s
. c.c.iri . wi,:.. 12 GO
f. To IJuill. I .V vi lli,;. lUMiI;
fcrid'; I .' I3ti.«>9
r. T,i J . 1' r in :•,»• ■. i.'naril
is-.,., | ... 20. 10
IV To .1- T Prow 11 .. s .ii-'. r•-
pairs 1., id;; I i . .0
To 11 iidi 1 > i" • , . ii'. 1'
!l To K'l.l " • .! t .
I.rids."-; 19. 20
. HI:] 1 . ,• ' 12.00
i 1 To T., w •* 1 •.• - ■'
Si iT:i 13. i>>
1 'lll V . V. !{ •: ■ •
•cail , 4 29
| I.' T > Vl.'l ! i.i.i .'• ..i; I > ,
~, . ...v. , , .IK. 21
( C .ntUMe t '.'i ' 11- iiv I
Don't Delay
j our Mib-ripi' ;.t ins been
j Kcetitiv 1, .hist there arc
| -an-, in, i.t»- -• *lt ia aVolutc
| Jy r,tct«ss" ir:c'-.r,T K ev»
j sl'.O'.lid be I -Vii ■•••»: ' 'OOll.
! a debt to li.' yuV.tsher is as
j binding rt- tint *■> your giocer.
j And more thai: th*-. I'> p." per can
| run 011 hot ~r. Ii i'.ke- lctbor,
I gasoline and tbe ru;ce*s*«ry paper*
typt, ttc', to ° 1:1 tssne.
Kach of tlieie tbiiigs cos k i» money. .
We to."I that s :Vcnber»
ajipreciate our tiiorvs t.» tbem
fifty-two iiisnos yearly. >ut so roany 
ioftbt;tn just ne',;le t to mail or
j bring otie dollar o* as the case
| may be to pay up and ncouraj;e
|us in our work. Careidlly looli at
your lablei and remember that we
, need the amount due..
i The famous Paul Jone9, having
' resolved to pay his debts, first dis» ••
charged those wuich 2re tettned j.
[ debts of honor. An artisan, who
" was one of his creditors called on *.
him and presented his bill
•'I have no money ju-t now, my v
j friends," said Joues.
| "But, sir, I know that you paid ?
away 50 pounds this morning and !
that you still have some left."
•'Oh! that was a debt of honor."
' "Well, sir, I will make mine o»e
--also;" and so saying the man threw
his account into tne fire.—Excha»-
1■ L. ' .. - . . I H

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