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    For a
Horse ffm
Try ft W
Balsam of Mynfi
For Galls,
Cuts, Limmm,
Strains, Bunches,
Thrush, Old Sores,
Nail Wounds, Foot Rot
Fistula, Bleeding, Etc. Etc.
Made Sine* 1846.
Prica 2Sc. SOc and f 1.00
All Dealers
You need nev£r hesitate to uae Resl
nol Soap and Realool Ointment. There
is nothing in them to injure the ten
dereat surface. Resinol is a doctor's
prescription which proved so success
ful for eczema, ringworm and other
Itching, burning, unsightly skin erup
tions, that it has been ueed by other
physicians all over the country for
eighteen years. No other treatment
for the skin now before the public can
show such a record of professional ap
In a single month, two hundred and
twenty-one doctors wrote us indorsing
the Resinol preparations. They would
not have done so If they had not found
them highly valuable in their own prac
tice. They prescribe Resinol freely,
confident that Its soothing, healing ac
tion is brought about by agents so
bland and gentle as to be suited to the
most delicate akin —even of a tiny
The nearest druggist sells Resinol
Ointment (50c and $1.00) and Reainol
Soap (25c) or you can try them free
by writing to Dept. 13-K, Resinol, Bal
timore, Md., for liberal sample of each.
Its Origin.
Misß Elsie De Wolfe, is one of the
reception-rooms of the Colony club,
WHB talking about the new servant
"It originated In the Philippines,"
she said, "among the army servants
there. It traveled west to Honolulu.
It is now spreading, they say, on t%
San Francisco.
"This coming trouble reminds me
of a story.
" 'Who originated the proverb about
a rolling stone gathering no moss?'
one man asked another.
"The other man quietly replied:
" That, my dear fellow, is a quota
tion from an eloquent but vain appeal
to a suburban cook to stay on one
mouth more."
Answer to Query.
The act of uplifting the hand during
the taking of an oath Is BO ancient
that it would be futile to even attempt
to Bay when It started. Homer at
tempts to Bay when it started. Homer
mentions It as common among the
Greeks of his time, and It Is also found
in the earliest Biblical time. For In
stance, Abraham, the father of . the
Jewish people, says: "I have lifted
up my hand to Jehovah," showing that
even at that remote period the prac
tice was existent. It was from the
Jews, of course, that the practice
found itß way Into Christendom, where
It liaß ever since held Its place In ju
dicial trials.
The Difference.
,_"ln the old times of torture, they
used to mangle prisoners."
"'Yes. Now we merely Iron t^em."
Sweet Bits
o! Corn
Skilfully cooked —
—At Your Service.
Ready to eat direct
from tightly sealed
sanitary package.
From our ovens to
your table Post Toast
ies are not touched by
human hand.
Delicious with cream
and sugar or fruits.
For sale by grocers
Post Toasties have
Distinctive Flavor
-ft r-~
n WINS n
Eleanor M. lapse
Author of "The Gam*
and the Candle," "The
Firing Mercury." etc.
tlluMnHom far
Frederic Tbarabsrffc
Uupjrrigbl MU Tfce Bokhs-Merrill Cuuipun/
At the beginning of great automobile
race the mechanician of the Mercury,
Stanton's machine, drops dead. Strange
youth, Jesse Floyd, volunteers, and la ac
cepted. In the rest during the twenty
four hour race Stanton meets a stranger.
Miss Carlisle, who Introduces herself. The
Mercury wins race. Stanton • receives
flowers from Miss Carlisle, which ha ls-
T", —.—.— ;
The Finish, and After.
Morning arched Its golden hours
across the still speeding cars, and
melted slowly Into noon. The weary
drivers had settled to steady endur
ance gaits, saving their energy and
their machines for the more spectac
ular work of afternoon and evening.
At nine o'clock that night the race
would end.
The Mercury car had registered
ninety miles more than the Duplex,
both of them being many tens of miles
In advance of the other competitors.
At six In the morning Stanton had
gone in for a brief rest. At eight he
was back, and kept the wheel until
ono In the afternoon. Victory was In
hlc hands If nothing happened to his
car; an hour pjid a half lost in re
pairs would transfer all his advantage
to the Dupletf. He was jealously
afraid to lntrulit his machine to his
assistant drlv4r, and consequently
merciless to hid mechanician and him
self. But Flo)*l made no complaint.
At half-past >ne, all the cars wers
sent to their ;amps while an hour
was spent in laving the track hur
riedly mended by gangs of workmen.
The road-bed Wi places was furrowed
like a plowed field by the flying
wheels. Meanwhile the afternoon
crowds flowed In, filling the stands to
suffocation, missing on the prome
nade, banking In a solid row of pri
vate automobiles behind the screen.
When at half-past two the racers
were recalled to start anew, Stanton
sharply scrutinised his mechanician
bofore leaving the camp.
"I'm going to keep this car until the
end of the nice," he announced, not
unkindly. "If you don't think you can
stand seven hours of It, say so; and
I'll have them find some one to re
lieve you. They can rush Rupert here
from up the Hudson by four or five
o'clock. If you get In for It, you'll
finish, if I have to tie you In your seat.
I'm driving to win."
The scarlet of resentment flushed
through Floyd's grime-streaked pallor.
"You won't have to tie me," he
promised, white teeth catching his Hp.
"11l not flinch. Go on,"
Stanton actually laughed, bending
to his levers.
"I didn't mean to tie you to keep
you from runnfng away, but to keep
you from fainting and falling out," he
explained. "But —"
The car bounded forward.
The track hnd been filled In with
wet mud from the Infield —on the first
circuit the heavy Lozelle car skidded
and went through the fence at the
north turn. After that, nothing could
have Induced Stanton to allow his
machine in oth&r hands.
Hour after hour passed. The noisy
music of the band crashed out mon
otonously; the crowd swayed, mur
muring. applauding, exclaiming, argns
eyed and kaleidoscopic In color and
At sunset, when the Mercury made
a trip into camp for supplies, neither
of its men left their seats. The beam
ing Mr. Green came to shower con
gratulations upon Stanton, and with
him the head »f the Mercury Com
pany, himself it former driver whose
quiet appreciation had an expert's
value. Stanton was leaning across the
wheel, chatting with them, when his
employer brok«J the thread of speech.
"What is tie matter with your
mechanician, Sianton?" he queried.
Stanton turntl. suddenly conscious
of a light welgl t against his shoulder.
With his movement, Floyd also start
ed erect, their glances crossing.
"Nothing," .the driver briefly an
swered to the other's question. "Tired,
perhaps; he has been working. As
you were saying—"
But the glimpsed picture stayed
with Stanton; the fatigued young face
against his srtn, the drowsy, heavy
lidded syes flashing keenly awake,
the involuntary expression qf angry
shame at ;&• moment's weakness.
And he would sooner have tied Floyd
In his seat, after that, than have added
the fine Insult of offering to relieve
"Ready," so in i one called; the work
men scattered In every direction, and'
the Mercury wis off onoe more.
"Car oomin'," Warned the mechani
cian, as they a lot from the paddock
entramoe on ti the track. "Duplex
Floyd waa hlitaelf again, watchfully
MIMMHke, aoichalaatly fearless.
Color and glow fkdcd from the iky;
once more tb« March-light* flared oat
around the track and transformed it
to a stiver ribbon, running between
walla of ebony darkness exoept where
the lamp-gemmed stands arose. Al
ready newspapers were being cried
announcing Stanton's coming victory.
Driving evenly, steadily, refusing
all challenges to y speed duels and at
tempting none of his deadly tactics of
the night before, Stanton piloted his
car to the inevitable result. At nine
o'clock the flag dropped, and amid a
hubbub of enthusiasm the Mercury
crossed the line, winner.
Later, when the triumphant tumult
In the Mercury camp had somewhat
subsided, Stanton walked over to
where Floyd was leaning against a
column of unused tires.
"You've had twenty-four hours of
me," he said abruptly. "How did It
strike yout"
Floyd raised his candid gray eyes
to the other's fsce, and In spite of ex
haustion smiled with a glinting frank
ness and humor.
"If you want me to tell you—" he
"I have asked you."
"It struck me rather hard. But—
I'd like you to like me as well as I
do you."
"I need a mechanician to race with
me for the rest of the season," Stan
ton gave brief Information. "Do you
want the position T"
Floyd straightened; even In the un
certain light the color could be seen
to rise over his face.
"You'd take me; youT"
"You know—oh, I can tune up a
motor, I understand my work, but for
road racing—you know I can't crank
your car or change a tire without
Stanton smiled grimly.
"I guess 1 am big enough to crank
my own car," he quoted at him. "You
have your nerve, I can't have a whin
ing quitter to drive with me. I make
you the offer; take or leave it. But
remember, I am likely to break your
"I'll chance that," anawered Floyd,
drawing a quick breath, and held out
his slender hand. "I'll come."
The pact was made. In after time,
Stanton came to wonder at Its bald
The assistant manager overtook
Floyd, a little later, when that young
mechanician, at least superficially
cleaner and wrapped In a long dust
coat, was leaving the training camp
"See here, Floyd; you are going to
race with Stanton right along, he
"Yes, air."
Mr. Green agitated his foreboding
"You won't get along With him," he
Stanton Was Leaning Across the Wheel Chatting With Them.
asserted darkly. "No on« doe*. He,
he la—you'll tee. But you won't
leave ua on the edge of a race, will
you? We are entered at Massachu
setts, for week after next; youll turn
up on time, no matter what be doea
In between T"
"Surely, air. I would not leave any
one without notice, of courae."
"Plenty of notice, Floyd. For you
can't atand Stanton."
Stanton at tbat moment waa In hta
tent, contemplating with cynical apec
ulatlon a floriat'a box of fragrant
green leaves lying on a chair. There
waa no card with theae, but they were
apraya of laurel. In fancy he aaiw the
meaaage that bad accompanied the
orchida, the delicately engraved let
ters : Valerie Albert on Carlisle. Did
abe take him for a matinee Idol, be
acofled; or, what did abe want? Some
thing, "abe wanted something of him.
What? Only amuaement. probably.
He had not grown to manhood -la New
York city without learning that men
and women In * certain set alleged
their extreme wealth as a license,
which freed then, from the restraint
«♦— Jt: r iBi&V tif "T "- "- 1
of small conventionalities, and arro
ganfly took such diversion as the. mo
ment offered. And should be play the
game to which she invited him, or
decline it? Was it worth wbii«? He
was weary to exhaustion, but still he
remained gazing at the box of laurel.
"You can't stand Stanton," Mr.
Green was warning Floyd, byway of
And the mechanician was laughing.
Ths Road to Massachusetts.
Stanton and Floyd did not meet
again for a fortnight. Their ways of
life did not run parallel except when
a race was due or taking plaoe. The
Mercury car bad gone back to the
factory for a thorough overhauling,
after the twenty-four-hour grind, and
it would have as soon occurred to
Stanton to seek out his machine as
his mechanician. Some drivers grow
sentimentally attached to their cars,
watching them fondly and jealously;
he did not, consistently and tempera
mentally practical In outlook on the
minor facta of life.
It was la the railroad depot, the
morning he started for Maaßachusetts,
that Stanton saw his mechanician for
the first time since the Beach victory.
Floyd waa seated on one of the wait
ing-room benches, reading a magazine;
in his gray suit and long overcoat, his
head with lta clustering bronze curls
bent over his book, he looked like a
particularly delicate and pretty boy
of eighteen, perhaps even a trifle ef
feminate. Remembering that cry
from the midst of the perilous strug
gle with the Duplex: "Cut him closer;
he's weakening! Cut him close!"
Stanton's lip curved In amused appre
ciation as he crossed to the absorbed
"Good morning," be remarked.
Floyd glanced up, then rose with
an exclamation and held out hlB hand,
hla ready color rising like a girl's un
der his fine, clear skin.
"Good morning; I didn't see you
coming," he responded.
"No, you were reading. You are go
"To Lowell. The car Is aboard, you
"I did not know," corrected Stan
ton with indifference. He waa study
ing the other curiously, striving to
analyse his singular attractiveness
and to And the reason why he, Stan
ton, should feel pleasure at the pros
pect of having this companion at bis
side; he, who had never formed friend
ships as most men did.
Floyd laughed, his grey eyes mis
"W«ll, I know. We've been working
all the week at the machine, and we've
got her ticking like a watch. You
doot bother about that—l suppose rou
don't have to, It's tip to us. But If
you will take her out on the track to
morrow, I'll tune her up to the last
Suddenly Stanton put hla finger on
the thing he sought, one thing that
made this mechanician different; and
voiced hia thought before considering
"You're a different class, Floyd," be
stated abruptly. "You're no workman,
nor descendant of workmen."
Floyd atared, startled at the brusk
irrelevanoe, then melted Into a
straight, direct smile as be met tbe
keen gase.
Leaning Tower's Secret.
The Leaning Tower of Ptaa la tn no
danger of telling. For over eight hun
dred years it has been Inclined to one
aide, but It la aald to be as aafe to
day aa when it waa built. Thla is be
cause tbe workmen found it settling
to one side while they were electing
It, so the tower was made accord
ta«ir • :v:r
kmi Had Lost All Hope of Re
covery. Now Rau Sew
iof Mackine.
Scottsvllle, Ky.—ln an Interesting
letter from this place, Miss Jennie
Meador write* as follows: "I was in
an awful condition, caused from wom
anly trouble. Wu confined to my bed,
and couldn't raise my bead or band.
In fact, I had lost all hope of ever
getting well.
I began taking Cardul, tbe woman's
tonic, and I can now work in the gar
den, run a sewing machine, have gain
ed 15 pounds, and am as happy as can
You may publish this letter If you
wish. I wish all ladles suffering from
womanly trouble would gi ve Cardul a
trial, as I am sure It would help
Cardul is m pure vegetable extract,
that has no severe medicinal action,
but acts mildly and gently, as a medi
cine should act, and therefore can
have no bad after effecta.
You can rely on Cardul to help you,
Just as it has helped so many thou
sands of other women in the past
half-century. It goes to. the seat of
tbe trouble fnd builds up womanly
strength where it is most needed.
It Is always wise to have a bottle
of Cardul on hand, ready for use. Qet
a bottle today, so that you can take
a dose or two whenever you feel you
need it. At your drug store.
SHClMllmilrmtimt on yourcaac andM pane book.
Horn* Treatment for Women," sent fit plain
Dally Thought . I
Whether you be man or woman you I
will never do anything In the world
without courage. It la the greatest
quality of the mind next to honor. —
Jamea Lane Allen.
To Strengthen Glassware.
Boiling a piece of glassware In a
weak solution of salt In water, and
allowing It to cool gradually will make
it less brittle.
Tbe Old iwiwl etmwtbentnc tonle,
laria and bollda up the ajratriu A troe tonlo and
aura AppeUier For adnlta and children. IS cents
Montenegrin Nationsl Dress.
The national dress of Montenegro
Is very picturesque, consisting of
bright and varied colors. The head
gear is a becoming cap.
Caused by Malaria removed by the uae
of Bllslr Babe It cure for auch ailments.
"M yself and whole household had Buf
fered very much for some time with
Malarial Fever. 'Elixir Bakek' has
cured ua perfectly, so that we enjoy at
present the best of health."—Jacob Eb
erly. Fairfax Court House, Va.
ClUxlr Bakek SO cents, all drujralsts or
y Paroela Post prepaid from Klocmaw-
Ski * Co., Washington, D. C
Intelligent Dutch Cows.
"Cattle unaccompanied by a drovar
are forbidden to cross this bridge,"
runs the Inscription on a signpost
near Haarlem, Holland.
Try Bk-ka' OAPUDINE. It'a liquid pleas
ant to take—effecta Immediate—good to prevent
Hick Headaches and Nerrona Headaches also.
Your money back If not aatlalled. 10c., me. and
Ha. a* medicine store*. Adv.
"Maud, what is call money T" ,
"It's the kind, I guess, you tele
phone your husband you must have."
"Why did the bride elope with the
"Because he was the best man.'*
Important to Mothers ,
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and tee that It
In Use For Over SO Yean.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Paying Well.
"Were you aatlsfled with the work
on your place, digging for oil?"
"Yes, It was well done."
What some to Iks need is a fool-proof
pay envelope that can't be opened un
til they get borne.
Profitable Side Dressing
The «•« of tide dressing k increasing
f 00 COTTON and CORN. It pais
to i*» •' one uses the right good*.
TWnSr Two applications of 200 lbs. each per
yg,, i acre are recommended by a well-known
gfftijp ff Southern investigator and experimenter. He suggests
MttjSt H • 5-5-5 formula, or a mature of equal parts of Acid
I 5S Phosphate, Kalalt and Nitrate of Soda.
Side dress cotton when the plants are 10 indies high
and again when die bloom begins to open. Where
Kg? cottofi is inclined to rust* use
making two applications of 200 pounds each per acre.
This n also effective against root lice and cut worms on corn, if
applied early enough. It will pay you to try it, for Potash Fays.
Order Kainit now before the auppTy B NT—UIIT We MB
Kainit and Potaih Salt*, any quantity from one 200-lb. bag up. t
Wlnj Ctwl Mfci Iml ft Tial Mid
Do you realise tbe fact that thousands
of women are now using
A Soluble Antiseptic Powder
as a remedy for mucous membrane af
fections, such as sore throat, naaal or
pelvic catarrh, inflammation or uloerm
tlon, caused by female ilia 7 Women
who have been cured say "It is worth
Its weight in gold." Dissolve in water
and apply locally. For ten years tbe
Lydla HI Pinkham Medicine Co. has
recommended Paxtlne in their private
correspondence with women.
For all hygienic and toilet uses It baa
no equal. Only 60c a large box at Drug
gists or sent postpaid on receipt of
price. Tbe Paxton Toilet Co., Boston,
Mass. __
j We are headquar-
L| m I ten for Em, Poultry.
■ mm Fruit*, Potatoei and
I 1111 Vegetables. If yo«
I ■ II Ik ■ want a reliable Arm and
hVVV/ a Uve house, ship
us. We guarantee
highest market prices and prompt re
turn. Quotations sent on application.
#AII makes, sold, ranted and
skillfully repaired. Rented
fS for 3 months and np;
rent applies on purchase.
American Typewriter Exchange, Inc.
Hems Offlos, 60S E. Osis St, Riefcmond, Vs.
Handaomest Lisa In America. a 3.7 s UP|
Cana and Supplies. Catalogues Free.
VDniTB *7 pbalofiukle awMMa. Amj roll W
rBJUIK ,doped for tea. Print* »• to Ic. Mall your
Mb fllma to Depta. PARSONS OPTIC AL
CO., S44Kln« St. .Charleston,B.C.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief —Permanent Cure
fail. Purely vegeta-
ble act surely ■Carters
Softer VER
dinner dis- B PILLS.
tress-cure 9r
improve the complexion, brighten the eyes.
Genuine must bear Signature
f BllllW eiai Attention. Priree reaaonabla.
MMBerrlce prompt. Sand for Price La at.
usaiM ua arses, uuumai, a. a
AfIIKTI to aeil hleh claaa rapid aeller; most
families want several; bl( profits: success aa
sured Tbe Hwala Bros. Mfs. Co.. Bmelle. Ala.
Used la lu oolnaua aboald Insist upon havTnf what
they aak for, refailna all aabatitotea or laltaUoM.
Virginia Saras Write for my catalogue of
t *° u " HILL
Perfect Mpoon Holder. Wonderful patent.
Sell several to everybody. Send for partle.
Sample Ic. Schaltae Co.. Hlnteaville, Me.

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