T============================^^ 1 Sf? ta - v Petersburg, Va., April 19, 1913. > r "s 4 4 Spur, Texas, April 5, 1913. A National Peanut Corporation, * P$9 all W XT *• i™ un *• rail Suffolk Va. | iHi I \JI 1 National Machine Corporation, W dfc Gentlemen:- 8 | 1 81. i li| Suffolk, Va. / *T* In traveling through North Carolina the j) ear Sj rs; _ jRS( past fall buying peanuts for Rogers, McCake & Co., I - Hp JjL had the occasion see your Lilliston Peanut Picker in op- "■ The Picker which I bought of you last fall v*?L eration in several localities"; in each case I found them - did its work satisfactory to all. I picked 4,345 bushels, V doing superb work. . paid for my picker the first season, wasn't out a cent X . I bought several large lots of peanuts from the ' n , l , l> , n , a , n^r - f or repairs and consider I have a picker as good as new. X GM various farmers, and in each case I paid l-8c to l-4c per ■ ■■in II 111 II A,T„ „ OFW E ... LAG pound more for the Lilliston picked peanuts than I did • patrons got fourteen cents a bushel more for their lp t for peanuts picked bv other machines working in the * peanuts than others got for peanuts threashed. I had same crop. \\ applicants shat wanted me to pick their crops fifty miles - I take great pleasure in recommending the Liilis- fv pTtfei from home. 1 hat alone speaks enough for your picker, y'' ton Peanut Picker to all geowers, as I consider it the /V* as "°' Lo^-V wants their peanuts threshed that have ever TF best on the market. ,*. J heard of the Lilliston Peanuts Picker. U ' (Signed) FRANK T? PLUMMER, Jours very truly, "* ! LILLISTON Peanut Picker j 1 LABOR SAVER - TIME SAVER- - MONEY MAKER - lu StSrjSStTLn I , «; ' _ - ■« # Be the first in section to operate a Lilliston. From all sections of the peanut belt thrifty farmers are buying this wonderful, improved, up-to-date Lilliston Peanut Picker, and they are all pleased with it. Improved , JvJ over all others. Positively the best, most improved picker made, not modeled after the old "threshing" machine, but a real "picker," picks the peaniits clean from the vines and cleans the dirt and trash from them thoroughly. X Lilliston picked peanuts bring higher prices on the market; read these facts in testimonials in our catalog. There 2 are Lilliston pickers in your section giving entire satisfaction. The Lilliston pays for itself in one season, you S? Mmh_ j .• ' > u ~ y pick your own peanuts and make money picking your neighbors . It is mounted ready to move with a horse or © gjj mule from one place to another. The Lilliston is simple to handle, is operated by engine power. Does the jjpj jj|| work in a day tlint would take more than fifty laborers, thereby saving' time, labor and money. Get bet- ® ter pricesrfor peanuts on the market also. ■ \f SS "■ ■■■ »■ "■ ' - - > * . . - S jj|| WHAT THE LILLISTON DOES: The peanut vines are fed to the machine, passing through springs that SJ are arranged over a wire netting, the springs break up the vines and the wire pulls off the nuts, the nuts drofc on a $0 (fa conveyer belt and then carried a suction system where the trash, pops and all dirt are seperated. Picks Spanish m jjjjj or Virginia peanuts, leaves them perfed:; no cracked nuts. The vines make the be£t hay and bring a good price, and are left in a convenint place to be baled. Prompt and safe shipments are made. , S■' / T 5 This season's supply is limited. We want place one in your section. The man who m delays never gets anything. Write for catalog, prices and full information right now JZ while you think of it. | MARJIN COUNTY BUGQY COMP'Y, Williamston, N. C. I I AOBNTS TOR TIIB | I LILLISTON PEANUT PICKER | £ We specialize in all Machinery that a Farmer needs to suc= A * 5 cessfully Cultivate his Crop g. 1 Gasoline 17 1-2 Cents per Gallon I ifll i - •• CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCeCC CCCCCCGGG£C££GC€GG&

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