LOCAL This is the Glorious Fourth. Fruit is scarce and imperfect —Remenber Chill Killer will do the work. Sold by Saunders & Fowden. Smithwick Street has been im proved by grading and the weeds have disappeared. —For torpid liver, use McNair's Blood and Liver Pills. Sold by Saunders & Fowden. There will be services at the Methodist, Baptist and Episcopal Churches on Sunday. —lf one bottle of Chill Killer; fails to break up your chills and fever, we will gladly refund y jUr money. \ LOST.—A child bracelet with name Reward if returned to M v s Grover Hardi- Bon, City. of fruit jars that must be sold. All sizes. —M. B. McGowan, City. Thirty-five tomatoes were gathereed from the garden of J. G. Staton on June 23rd. which is the earliest date reported for good fruit of the tomato kind. The editor appreciated the nice basket senthim. For chills and fevers take Chill Killer. It's guaranteed. Sold by Saunders & Fowden. 25 and 50 cents. The Sunday School at Biggs School House will be reorganized on Sunday afternoon by Mr. James. All interested are re quested-to be present at 3:30 o'clock and help iu the work. —Five or six doses of Chill Killer will stop any case of chills, if not will refund your money. Sold by Saunders & Fowden. 25 and 50 cents. Y-r. J. L' Wynne of Everetts, comes in with the first cotton blossom on June the 20, while Mry B. F. Godwin comes with one from hra Skewarkey farm July 3rd. and W. H. Leggett pulled two the same date. Saturday afternoon about dark a storm struck in this vicinity and though the rain was not heavy in town, it fell in torrents on the Skewarkey road. The barn of Plum Williams with contents was burned by lighting. Williams is one of the most industrious color ed nun in this section, and had his year's provender in the barn. —No Calomel or other purga tive is required when you take Chill Killer. It's the wonderful purgative Chill Tonic. Sold by Saunders & Fowden. 25 and 50 cents. An informal reception was held at the Lotus Clud Wednesday night in honor of the teachers who are attending the Summer School here. There were quite a number of young people preseet and the occasion was a most en joyable one despite the extremely warm weather. Refreshments were served. Parmele Items Jennie Harper left for Wilm ington Sunday. William Gray and little son were here from Greenville Sun day. J. T. Stokes and J. K. Weyher spent a part of last week in Nor folk. Miss B. Whitley from Scotland Neck has been visiting here for tiie past week. Mr. and Mrs.? Billie Andrews spent Sunday here. Miss from near Stokes is visitingfher sister here. Mrs. Meta Brooks]came Sunday night to spend some time with feletives. —— ~T Earl Leggett, of Williamston, was here Tuesday. Mrs. Cassie West andjlittle son apent past the week here. P Alton Harper left forjlackson ville, Fla., Tuesday. Joseph Bryantfis erecting a •tore here. g, v PERSONAL Miss Martha Hornthal returned to her home in Plymouth Sunday* Miss Julia Bond accompanied by Miss Annie Fagan, returned to Edenton after a pleasant visit here. Mrs. Chloe M. Lanier visiting reletives in Washing wn this week. Mrs. C.B. Hassell ];ttle daughter returned cweek from a visit to j n Wi ißon. B.T. Cowper nag | :>een j n Balti more this w on business con nected v r Maryland Life Insurance Company. .diss Glenwood Ellington, of ( Kinston, is visiting Miss Salfie Hadley this week. Miss Helen Poteat, of Wake Forrest, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Weeler Martin Jr. Miss Mae Blount, of Washing ton, is the guest of Miss Hannah Vic Fowden. Mra Harry Barnhill and chil dren, of Manchester, are the guests of Mrs. W, C. Manning. Anna Bertha Purvis is here after a month in Boykins, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Slade, of Georgia, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Slade. Mrs. 0. T. Moore, of Raleigh, is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. T. Meadows. Mrs. Annie Aiken, of St. Louis, is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Meadows. Misses Daisy and Essie Bethea, of Florence, S. C., are the guests of Rev. and Mrs. M. E. Bethea. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hassell arrived Tuesday afternoon to be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hassell. Mrs. W.H.Harrell and Master James Edwin returnedfrom Nor folk Tuesday afternoon. MiSs Bertha Robbing, who was nursing Mrs. Meadows, was tak en to the hospital for treatment for appendicitis. Messrs. James Waters, W. H. Robertson and N. T. Perry attended the reunion at Gettys burg this week. They were joined at Everetts by Hon. J. A. Whit ley. All four of them fought in the Southern Army until its close. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wentz, of Roper, have been the guests of Mayor and Mrs. B.F. Godwin, this week. Mr. Wentz moved to Williamston on 1808, and will be remembered by the older resi dents of the town. For years he has been living in Roper, and though eighty years old, is still active and enjoys life. Mrs. God win is his youngest daughter. Bonds For Sale SIO,OOO Williamston Township Bonds, bearing 5 1-2 per cent in terest, bids received until July sth. 1918. For further informa tion apply to B. F. Godwin, Sec retary of Board, Williamston, N.C This .June 13th. 1913. 6-13-4t. A treat for our readers that we have arranged for is a series of twelve illustrated articles on The Panama Canal and the Isthmus in History and Romance By Edward W. Pickard Mr. Pickard is that type of globe-trotting author who seeks the quaint and curious place* and people as subjects for his clever descriptive articles. In his present series of twelve articles which we have ar ranged to print, he has touched not only the actual work of building the canal, and the people who have accomplish ed it, but has gone into what the newspaper worker knows as the side lines, and which as a rule are of as much interest as the main story. This is par ticularly true in this case. After our readers have com pleted the last of Mr. Pickard's N articles they will have a better understanding of the Panama Canal, and conditions within and surrounding the canal zone. The flr*t artida of the series will be printed is our issue of Report of the Conditio* ol the Bank of Martin County Willianistoi* c , t tfae cIoM of blui . BMI June 4, 1913 RESOURCES: . and Discounts 9189,345.24 , ' f 7,006.53 *4. C. State Bond* 1,000.00 All other stock* bonds, mtgs 2,376.00 Banking house fnr. and fixt'rs 1,950.00 Due from banks and banker* 26,987 27 National bank notes, etc. 6,601.58 ✓ Total 1335.266.62 ' liabilities . Capital Stock 9 16,000.00 Surplus Fund 22,000.00 Undivided profits, less current expenses and taxes paid 2,628.12 Dividends unpaid 2; 2.00 Bills payable 33,000.00 Time certificates of deposit 62,796.90 Deposits subject to check 93,868.14 Due tu banks and banker 5,720.46' Total 9235,265 62 State of North Carolina, County of Martin, •» I, C. H. Godwin, CSchlcr of the above-named bank, do solemn ljrawear that the above ttale ment la true to the best of my knowledge and belief. C. H. GODWIN, Caahler Correct—Attest: J. G. Godard, A. K. Dunning, w C. Manning, Director!. Subscribed and tworn to before me.thls lidaj of June 1913. Burrous A. Critcher. Notarv PubHr Report of 4he Condition of The Bank of Jamesville Jamesville, N. C., at tbe close of business June 4, 1913 RESOURCES Loans and discounts If 21,883.Hi Overdrafe 743 35 Furniture and fixtures 1,006.91 Due frcm banlts & bankers 8,854.20 National bank notes, etc. *754917 #34,037.44 UAIiIUTiES Capital stock $ 5,000.00 Surplus 300 00 Undivided profits, less current expenses and taxes paid 654.03 Times certificates of deposits 7,971.00 Deposits subject to check 30,112.41 J34.037.-H State of North Carolina, County of Martin, ss. I, Ana J. Manning, Cn.liicr of the above named hank, do solemnly swear that tlic above state ment!* true to the best of my knowledge and belief. AHA J, MANNING, Cashier Correct—Attest: H. T. Mailings, 1,. W. Miiell, W, H. Martin, Directors. Subscribe!', and sworn to before me, this 14 day ofJune i9tj J. 1,, Davenport, _ Notary Public THE NORTH CAROLINA State Normal and Industrial College Maintained by the State for the Women of North Carolina. Five regular Courses lending to degrees. Special Courses for teachers. Ftee tuition to those who agiee to become teachers in the State. For catalogue and other information, address JULIUS I. FOUST, Prksipknt 6-20-8t Greensboro, N. C. is FREE OF COST if not found in exact accordanc; with analysis an 1 guarantee found on top of every jrackage. What more can you want. FOR SALE BY W. H. WILLIAMS i Williamston, N. C.' CHICHESTER SPILLS DIAMOND BRAND jf LADIES I ilk j oar Drantot for CHI-CHHS TKR S A DIAMOND 11 HAND PILLS tn Rm> *nd/j\ Gold metallic boxes. Scaled with BlurtO) Ribbon. Tiis no otiu. luiljnrv/ BnstM uk fWr 011-CMS.TIBI V DIAMOND BRAND PI Lit, for twenty-l* years regarded as Best, Safest. Always Rrllabla. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS TIMS CVFRYUIIIFRF worth > tribd cvcninncnc tksthd North Carolina, Martin County. N. S. Peel, Va, Kemp Peel, & Geo. K. Peel, By virtue of an execution directed to the undersigned from the superior Court of Martiu County in the above entitled action, I will on Monday the 7th. day of July- 1913, at coon at the Court-House door of said County, sell to the highest bidder for cash to satisfy said execution all the right title and intesest which the said Kemp Peel and Geo. E. Peel the de fendants haa in the following described real estate to wit: — One piece of land lying and being in Griffin Township Martin County, and known as the J. Edwin Peel tract of land or a portion thereof, Adjourning the lands of C. M. Peel, W. B. Lilley, Wm. A. Peel, Uriah Leggett, }. H. Ward, Louise T, Holliday and others. Register ed in Martin County Registry Book 000 page 186, registered October aad. 1905. This the 30th. day of May 1915. J. C. Crawford, Sheriff of Martin County. mzzzm wmmmmmmm | Plan—Then Act i yy Many people plan their whole lives to have a bank account and then CD © leave tl||s world without so much as a start at one. (jj ( y Planning isn't worth anything unless followed by action. ® ( 5 Good intentions never land you anywhere. W ( y Make your plan to start an account with us this week and back up ® ( y your plans with action. Qy |j Farmers and Merchants Bank |j ® WILLIAMSTON, N. C. * J STATE, COUNTY AND CITY DEPOSITORY j| JOHN D. BIOQS C. D. CARSTARPHEN FRANK F. FAGAN J. L. RODQERSO N W .jjy PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT CASHIER ASST. CASHIER ji®®®®® ®®®®®®®®®®®®®® ®®®®®® Notice North Carolina, Mania County. All person* will take notice, that they are hereby forbidden, under the penalty law, to catch or attempt to catch fish with seine, gill net, trap or any other net, trap or seiue of whatever kind, name, charac ter or description, or any other manner whatsoever, except with hook and line ou my land in I'oplar Point Township, Martin County, and commonly known as the Mobley Mill Pond and bounded and described as follows to wit: That certain piece or pi reel of land situate in Martin County, adjoining the lauds of J. A. Everett, Cowan, Martin & Critcher, and others, ami .described as follows: It being the Mobley Mill and Mill site site containing tour (4) acres more or less, and being the same which Harrison Bros. & Co., sold to Wynn, September a, 1912. This 28th day of June, 1913. J. A. EVERETT. Choice Cut Flowers ! Roses, Caranations and Violets a specialty. Our artistic arrangements in wedding outfits are equal to the best Nothing finer in floral offerings than our styles. Blooming pot plants, palms and ferns in "great variety. Rose bushes, shrubberies, ever greens, hedge plants and shade trees. Mail, telephone and telegraph orders promptly executed. J. L. O'Quinn & Co. ruottisT© Pboues 149. Raleigh, N C FRED M. SHUTE, Agent Mrs. Mattie Speller Dealer In QENERAL MERCHANDISE PhoneJjs Wllllamaton. N. G. For Absolute Safety Deposit Your Money With Bank of Robersonvillc Robersonville, N. C. OUR J\lOT TO: Safety First 4 Per Cent Interest Paid on TIME J DEPOSITS J. H. ROBERSON, Ja., President A. S. ROBERSON, Vice-President J. A. MIZEL.L, Cashier OVER as YEARS' OB^^m^EXFCmCNCC ... I I J J Lj J v™ 111 I J k I 11 "i 11 r* 1 TRADE MAIMS Ocsigns ' 'W' Copy right 3 Ac. Anyone .ending k .ketch Mid dwerlptlon may qnlckty a.>-art*in oar opinion fn. whether an InTontlon 1. probably MtaaMlfeConmiunlea ttoiu strict ly confidential. HANDBOOK ooPatema .cnt fro*. Oldest inter fursfcarioapateuta. Potent, taken tbrouah Mann MOo. receive tptcial notia, without chant*. IB tha Scientific American. . A hand.om.lr ihmtrated weekly. I jinmt cir culation ot anr sotanttSe journal. Terms. $3 m C":' 2° r Ja 2 ti "'* L e o!f I?f u > Our Service Includes Satisfaction or Your Honey Refunded DO YOU EXPECT TO DO ANY PAINT- | ING THIS SUMMER? j If So, It will be to your advntage to investigate ! our prices. I We carry a complete stock ot Paints, Oils, S { Varnish and White Lead. ? Also a nice selection oi Paint Brushes i SAUNDBRS & FOWDEN, Druggists J WILLIAMSTON - - NORTH CAROLINA \ \ If we served you well, please call again. If not, tell us that we 7 repair the wrong, before too late. We need your business^ | East Carolina Teachers Training School I A State School to train teacher# for the public Schools of North Caroling Every energy Is dl- j rlcted to this one purpose. Tuition free to all )> > who agree to teach. Fall Term begins Septem- | | ber 23, 1913. » For catalogue and other Information address f. ROBT. H. WRIGHT. Principal Jya 12t Greenville, IN. C *^j Has since 18M given 'Thorough Instruction under positively Christian Influences at the lowest possible cost.** RESULT: It Is to-day with Ha faculty el 88, a boarding pstroosge of 803; its student body-of 413, and Ms plant worth 1150,000 THE LEADING TRAINING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS IN VIRGINIA 1 sls# pays aO charges for the ysar. including table board, room, lights, htoam bsat, laundry, medical attention. physical culture, and tuition in all subjects except musio and elocution. 'For catalogue and application blank addrowt REVa.THOS. ROSSER REEVES, B. A* Principal. BLACKSTONE, VA.' TOBACCO FLUES Have Woolard to irtake your FLUES and You will have the BEST , CARTS AND WAGONS MADE TO ORDER Woloards Combined Harrow and Ct&vatof J. L. WOOLARD/f cb. WILLIAMSTON, N. C I /

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