THE ENTERPRISE raiUMID RVKRY FRIDAY WUliamaton, N. C. WILLIAM C. MANNING, BDITOR SUBSCRIPTION RATES Om V«r ti.vo flfac Months ... .30 Three Months • Strictly Cub in Advaacs Batcfcd at the Office at WiUUmiton, KC.U Second Claaa Mall Matter. Atfdms all Communications to THE ENTERPRISE, Williamston, N. C. -Friday, July 11. The officers are handling a good amount of booze these days but it was in the hands of the other fellows for sale. Soon the brooklets will be running over with the seized article. W» together with numerous frit-ds in Williamston and Mar tin County regret to learn of the accident to Judge Winston, and wis! for him a speedy recovery. The State at large would miss him, should there come a per menent disability. Raleigh has muddy water which refuses to be filtered. Wiliiamston ha.s none at all except the private well. TKe City Fathers would feel odd on the water wagon, but the public could be easily refreshed. The subterranean streams here are waiting to be tapped, —"weary the waiting weary," to the suf fering public. The automobile law passed by tl.o last legislature has been iss ued and every owner of a car should have a copy and carefully study each section. Because people can buy gasoline is no reason they should think that the earth is fenced around for their especial delight. There are quite a number of other people on the globe yet a while. On the other hand, the autoist has rights and privileges which prejudiced folks must grant to them. There are two sides to every question and also to every public highway, take the right one. Cross Roads to the Front A good majority of the citizens of Cross Roads Township petition ed the' Board of County Commion ioners on Monday for an election to decide the queetion of good roads for that township. We predict a great majority for roads when the election is held, basing our opinion of the citizenship and intelligence of the Township. The movement for good roads is taking hold of the entire country. What About the Jury? The charge of Judge C. M. Cook to the Wake County Grand Jury has created State-wide in terest, because of the great need of men to indict for crime throughout the length and bread th of the Commonwealth, not only in North Carolina but in all the states of the Union. The Judge desires that the Jury go after the fellow high up, and the white man who uses the negro in the blind tiger busi ness. What about the Jury when it fails to heed the words of the Judge? Why is it that poker Tfkying and dealing in futures indulged in by those in higher circles are allowed to go unpun ished? If the juries were as vigilant as the Judges would have them, there would be less 'crime committed in gambling schemes, and we would have a better citizenship. If the men who play poker and other gambl ing devices could be prevented from engaging in the game, they wocdd turn their attention to tilings worth while and build up instead of tearing down charac ters and defying the law. The little dog has to wear a chain, the big one goes free. _l_ JUST RECEIVED A Oar L»oad of Wire Galvaniz ed & Uubber Roof ing. Selling at a Low price. Call to see us before buying. G. D. Garstarphen & Go. Williamston - - North Carolina TRIMTY PARK SCHOOL. EBTABLISMCO 1808 Location excellent. Equipment first-class. Well-trained Facility of sue ceshful cxperence. Sp-cial care of the health of students. An instructor # in each dormitory to supervise living conditions of boys under his care. K*ce lent gymnasium facilities. Large atheletic fields. Fall term begic« September io:b. FOR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE ADDRESS W. W. PEELE, Headmaster . • - Durham, North Carolina niMPUAM crunm >C central purpose for lao years has bm to make HInuFIAm 9l«)lwUL 9 Man of Boys. Asherillu climate world renowned. Organization Military. Two deluils (rum U. S. Army allowed to N. C. The A. and M. Col lege haa one. ■lfiKham the other. Target ond Oallery practice, with latoat U. 8. Army Rifle» Lake for Swimming. Summer Camp during July and August Tuition and Board IUO par Hall Term. 1300 a year. Addresa Col. R. Bingham. Box 71 Aaheville, N. C. Our Market The tobacco season will soon be on, and the Wiliiamston market will be in excellent shape for the handling of the crop of the farm ers. A home market should have the support of every citizen who has a spark of town pride in his breast. There is something wrong when a man carries his products off to help others, when the price and conveniences are greater right at home. Co-operation has made every section in the country—this or.e cannot thrive without it on the part of its citizens. The two houses here are well equipped and are under the management of capable men and a full corps of buyers will be here to take the offerings at the highest market prices. We need the support of every citizen. Don't kick, but talk your home town whether it means tobacco or eggs. There is no better place to sell your week—bring it here, get the best price, courteous treatment and every convenience found in any market in North Carolina. Watch Williamston sell tobacco in the year 1913. Notice of Election At a regular sesstou of the Commis sioner> of Martin Countv, in thu Court House in Williauiston, N C., on Monday the 7th d«y of July 1913, tu compliance with the piovisions cf an act of the Gen eral Assembly of the session of 1913, en titled an act, "to provide good roads aud a bong i sue for Cross Roads Township, Martin County, " It was ordered that an election be held in said Township to de termine the question on Tuesday the rath day of August 1913 At wbii;h said elec tion, all the qualified electors therein sh*l! be entitled to vote. The said elec tion with all incidental requirnients, will be governed by the provisions of said act. The election will be held at the us ual voting place, or places, in said Town ship; aud notices of same is required to be published in The Enterprise, a news paper in Williamston, N. C., and posted in four public places in said Township. By order of the Board this 10th day of July 1913. B. L. LONG, Chin. Attest; S S. BROWN, Clerk. No. 666 This is a prescription prepared especially (or MALARIA or CHILLS & FEVER. Five or sli doses will break any case, and if taken then aa a tonic the Fever will not retarn. It acts on the liver better than Calomel and does not gripe or sicken. 25c A Logical Conclusion Poor little Jamie had caught a bad • old and his fevered Jolntt were un pleasantly stiff In consequence "1 tbit?k," he sighed, "that somebody must have put starch Into the wyfor of my bath." In Glorious Ita'y, It has beer observed thr.L In Italy the memory duvi nor Oan tho oy#. Scarcely u stone is tu.ned up t u at has not some historical association, an eicnt or modern, that may not be sal*' to have gold unde. It Notice Having qualified as administratrix upon the estate of Samuel N. Ynrrell disceased Notice is hereby given to all persons holding claims against said estate to pre sent them to the undersigned for pay ment on or before the 4th day of June 1914, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persona indebted to tbe said estate are requested to make immediate payment. This 4th day of June 1913. MRS. JENNIE YARRKLL, Admy. Notice On the nth day of July 1913, I will sell to the highest bidder lor cash, the personal property of the late John T. Hyrnan, at hii farm, near Oak City, N C Said property consists of horse*, mules, cattle, hogs, farming implements, corn, fodder, carts, wagons, household and kitchen furniture and various other kinds of personal property. Said sale to begin at 10 o'clock a. m. JOHN T. DAIKL, 6-27-at Executor of John T. Hyman Notice of Sale By viitue of authority of a deed of trust executed to me by L. 11. Mi/.ell and Aaron Mi/.ell, Jr., ou the 17th day of December, 1909, and duly recorded in the Register's office, Martin County in Book VVV, Page 160, to secure the pay ment of a certain bond bearing even date therewith, and the stipulations in said Deed of Trust not having been complied with, I shall expose at public auction for cash, on Monday the aßth, of July 1913, at 12:00 o'clock tn. at the Court House door in Martin Couuty, the following property, to-wit: The lands adjoining the lands of Ros ter Gurganus, John Rogersou and G. R. Rogerson, and known aa the George Wyan tract of land, all of our right, title and interest in the said tract of land heired from our Mother, Winnie Mizell, containing 90 acres, more or less. This the 13d day of June 1913. J. G. GODARO, Trustee. The North Carolina COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND MECHANIC ARTS The State's Industrial College Equip* men for successful lives in Agriculture, Horticulture, Stock Raising, Dairying, Poultry Work. Veterinary Medicine; in Civil, Electrical and Me chanical Engineering; in Chemistry and Dyeing; in Cotton Manufacturing. Four year courses. Two, and one year courses. 53 teachers; 669 students; 23 buildings; Modern Equipment. County Superin tendents hold entrance examinations at all county-seats July 10. Write for conf plete Catalogue to B. B. OWBM, Registrar West Raleigh, N. G. Notice! Having qualified as Administrator upon the Estate of W. A. Whichard deceased; Notice is hereby given to. all persons holding claims against said Estate to present them to the undersigned for pay ment on or before the ai day of May 1914, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment. This a 1 day of May 1913 \ H. S. EVERETT Admr. 5-»a-6t RUB-MY-TISM Will cure your Rheumatism Neuralgia, Headaches, Cramps, Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts and Burns, Old Sores, Stings of Insects Btc. Antiseptic Anodyne, used in ternally and externally. Price 25c f f^m ',' Quality is Higher Than its Price Studebaker "25" SBBS JUST RECEIVED! TWO CAR LOADS STUDEBAKER Twenty-fives and Thirty-fives Roadsters and Touring Cars I Considering the scarcity of Cars this season, we would advise promptness in placing your order ■ •. V ' A - ... . _ • ' i - ' * « "> / />M Studebaker "35" $1,290 >*. . *' . « ' ' T Lets us show you how a Studebbaker >* Behaives on the Road , if i i J. PAUL SIMPSON, Agent Williamston, N. C.

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