North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIV. NO. 46
Professional Cards j
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotherapy, X-
Ray, biagnosis, Specialties
Office on Smith wick St., rear Blount Bro.
Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m.. 7 to 9 p. m
Office 'phone 60 - Night phone 63
Wm. E. Warren
Drs. Warren Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Drug Store - "Phone 79
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day phone 53 - Night phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rocky Mount, will be at the
Atlantic Hotel fourth Wendnes
day in each month to treat dis
eases of the EYE, EAR, NOSE
A. R. Dunning
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys* *' t- Law
Williamston, N. C.
Robersonville, N. C.
Bnrroua A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin
Wheeler Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Williamston - North Carolina
'PHomt 23
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. - Williamston, N. C.
Greenville Long Distance Phone 328
Attorney at Law
North Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
Life, Fire. Health, Accident, Live Stock
Real Estate - Brokerage
Williamston - North Carolina
Office'on Main Street
Society Pressing
. . Glub . .
0. C. Price, Manager
Phone No. 58
£jj Up-to-Date Cleaing,
Pressing, Dyeing and
Very careful attention
Jgiven to Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Fancy Waists
Coat Suits and Skirts
lub Rates for Men. j
Clothes called for and
Agents for Rose k Co.
Merchfcnt-Tailors, Chi
cago, 111
Miss Mary Lee Pell left for her
home in Richmond Monday.
Maurice Moore and Bill Harrell
spent Sunday in Conetoe,
J. W. Baker and son spent the
week-end at home.
Miss Neta May Baker returned
from Jamesville Monday.
Miss Hazel Armstrong, of Hob
good, is visiting relatives in town
this week.
J. S. Rhodes
Miss Eva Gainor left Wednes
day for Farmville, where she will
make her home in the future.
She was accompanied by her
brothers, Messrs. Will and Ernest
William Dowell, of Birming
ham, Ala., is visiting his parents,
Rev. and Mrs. G. J. Dowell.
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Coburn
and little son are visiting relatives
here this week.
Rev. Luciun Malone and father
arrived here Wednesday to visit
Mr. Ellis Malone who lives a few
miles in the country.
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Owens
and children with Mrs. Horton,
were here from Plymouth Wed-
W. W. Ange, of Plymouth, was
in town Wednesday on business.
Mr! and Mrs. H. H. Pope and
children were here from Rober
sonville Wednesday.
* C. Svnith
T. F. Harrison left for Balti
more Monday to purchase fall
stock of goods.
Sheriff Reid, of Washington
County, was in town Wednesday.
Mr. Carrollton, head buyer of
the Imperial Tob. Co., was in
town Wednesday on business.
Mrs. J. W. Andrews and chil
dren, of Robersonville, spent
Wednesday in town with rela
Rev. J. T. Standford, who has
been out of town holding a meet
ing at Palmyra, is at home again.
Mrs. Theodore Robersonis visit
ing relatives near Robersonville.
Mrs. Beulah Mizell and little
daughter, of Parmele, have been
here with relatives this week.
G. D. Barnhill and Andrew
Roberson, of Robersonville, were
in town Wednesday.
Mrs. W. J. Hodges and son left
for Henderson Thursday to visit
Miss Minnie Critcher from
Lamar, S. C., is visiting relatives
Miss Fannie Matthews has
been here from Hamilton this
Miss Mary Bradley and sister,
of Aurelian Springs, are here
visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hassell
went to Norfolk Tuesday.
Prof. J. T. Jerome returned
from New York Saturday.
Mrs. L. B. Wynne and Miss
Lila Wynne went to Conetoe
Tuesday to visit friends.
Rev. W. J. Gordon passed
through here Monday en route
from Plymouth where he held
service Sunday night.
Wrs. Nathaniel Harding, of
Washington, and Mrs. Harry
Harding, of Charleston, S. C.,
were the guests of Mrs. J. G.
Staton this week.
Mrs. R. L. Smith and son, of
Robersonville, are visiting Mrs.
A. R. Dunning.
Augustus Harrison, of Pal
myra, has been in town this
Mrs. W. C. Taylor and children,
of Augusta, Ga., have been visit
ing their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
G. P. ifcNaughton.
Farmers' Meetings
There are to be series of far
mers' meetings for the several
counties in the First Congression
al District, beginning August 25th
lam very sure that they will
prove instructive and beneficial
to any citizen who may attend.
I beg that you will aid in giving
publicity to them. The dates and
places at which meeting will be
held in your section areas follows:
Swan Quarter, for Hyde Coun
ty, Monday, Sept. Ist.
Washington, for Beaufort
County, Tuesday, Sept. 2nd.
Greenville, for Pitt County,
Wednesday, Sept. 3rd.
Williamston, for Martin Coun
ty, Thursday, Sept. 4th.
Plymouth, for Washington
County, Friday, Sept. sth.
Columbia, for Tyrrell County,
Saturday, Sept. 6th.
These meetings will be most
interesting and unique in the sub
jects discussed, in the 1 speakers
and in the manner of presenta
Prof. J. ! M. Johnson, of the
Bureau of Farm Management, U.
S. Dept. of Agriculture, will dis
cuss better farming. His lecture
will present the essential features
of good farming from a new view
point. He will claim the atten
tion of every farmer who wishes
to improve his soil, make more
crops and more money.
Dr. William Hart Dexter, of
the Farmers' Co-Operative De
monstration Work, will make
what has been characterized as
an "uplift talk." He will talk
about things which make for the
betterment of country life. He
will discuss the home, the farm
and the community. His speech
will be an inspiration to all men,
who are looking forward to bet
ter things.
Surgeon Charles W. Stiles, of
the U. S. Public Health Service,
will discuss rural sanitation and
preventable diseases, and will
illustrate his talk with charts and
stereoptican views. The improve
ment of the public health is to
day one of the vital topics among
all intelligent people. Surgeon
Stiles will tell in a clear, simple
manner how the home may be
made sanitary, and how malaria
and fever and other preventable
diseases may be easily controlled.
In conclusion there will be a
series of moving pictures prepar
ed by the new Bureau of Rural
Organization, of the Department
of Agriculture. These pictures
will portray in a graphic way
some of the results of better
methods in country life.
The above brief outline will
justify the opening statement
that these meetings will be most
instructive and attractive. Noth
ing like them has heretofore been
attempted for the people of the
State. They will touch upon
vital subjects by attractive meth
lam constrained to add this
additional statement. These
meetings have been arranged at
much trouble and expense. There
is no purpose in them except one
of service to our people. Will
not your intelligent readers who
know the value of attendance
upon auch a meeting come them
selves and endeavor to induce
their less fortunate neighbors to
do so?
Again, while these meetings
are intended primarily for the
men upon the farm, yet the mer
chant, manufacturer and the pro
fessional man will also find them
informing. The bulk of our citi
zens who are not farmers are
directly or indirectly dependent
upon tne farm. They can in no
better way show their interest
than by their participation and
by giving publicity to these meet
ings. - #
Very respectfully.
- Jon. H. Small.
No Better Market
The Williamston Tobacco Mar
ket Opened on August 20th. with
a large number of pounds, which
brought prices largely in excess
of any previous year for the
grades offered. From day to
day these prices have been as
high— no slump, but this week
the tendency has been upward.
The offerings are not so large as
the curing has not been complet
ed yet, and owing to the lateness
of the spring, the crop is at least
one month behind. But the
Williamston market is right-up
to-the-minute in every way.
is no need of any man car
rying his weed to a larger market,
for no prices in the State have
been higher than the ones given
here for every pile of tobacco of
fered. This is made possible by
the capable handling of the weed
by the warehousemen in the
Dixie and Roanoke, and the full
corps of buyers here to take all
kinds of leaf offered on the floors.
Study conditions and find that the
home market is best and safest.
Stop and read the names of the
companies who have buyers here:
Imperial Tobacco Co., American
Tob. Co., Export Leaf Tob. Co.,
British-American Tob. Co., Lig
gett & Myers Tob. Co./ Ijorillard
Tob. Co., R. J. Reynolds Tob.
Co., J, P. Taylor Co., Janes N.
Boyd & Co., Dibbrell Bros & Co.,
and several other large indepen
dent buyers. This list places the
Williamson market in line with
Greenville, Wilson, Kinston,
Rocky Mount and other large
markets. "There's a reason"
bring your leaf to Williamston.
Shot in the Breast •
*. . * _____
Friday night of last week, be
tween 10 and 11 o'clock a pistol
shot was heard in the rear of the
house qi Annie Faulk, who with
her children lives near the Pants
Factory. Several of her children
were awake and to them and to
neighbors who heard the noise,
she told that she was cleaning an
old pistol and accidentally shot
herself in the breast. Upon in
vestigation, the pistol was not
found and suspicion was aroused
that the wounded woman's story
was incorrect-that she was
shielding some one else. Dr.
Warren was summoned and gave
her necessary attention. The
police have arrested no one for
the crime.
Dodson's Liver Tone Livens up the
Liver~ Is More Than a Mere
Calomel was for years the only
known medicine that would
stimulate^thr liver. But calomel
is often dangerous, and people
are not to be blamed for beijig
afraid of it.
Within the last few years many
medicines have been put out to
bemused instead of calomel, but
their effect is on the bowels—not
on the liver. Saunders & Fow
den drug store says that the only
real liver medicine to actually
take the place of calomel is Dod
son's Liver Tone, a mild, harm
less, vegetable liquid that Saun
ders & Fowden recommended to
take the place of calomel and
which gives prompt relief in cases
of constipation, biliousness and
sluggish liver.
So confident are Saunders &
Fowden that they give their per
sonal guarantee with every 50
cent bottle of Dodson's Liver
Tone. You can be sure that you
are getting Dodson's by asking
at this store if they are giving
you the medicine they personally
i guarantee to refund money on if
Robersotiville Items
Miss Irma Cannon, of Ayden,
is visiting her brother, C. L.
Mrs. Lela Everett and Faye
returned from Norfolk Tuesday.
Miss Lizzie Smith is visiting
her mother this week.
Prof. W. H. Mizell went to
Jamesville this week to visit his
Mr. and B. Daniel and
Miss Imogerfe Hughes, of Hay
nes, Ark., are visiting Mrs. S.
W. Outterbridge.
Mrs. Eliza Cox and Miss Es
tell Andrews went to Norfolk
R. L. Smith and Irving left
for Baltimore Friday.
Rev. Mr. Bethea, of Williams
ton, held services at the Metho
dist church Monday night.
J. H. Roberson returned from
Baltimore Friday.
Mrs. C. L. Cannon returned
from Washington Monday.
The Trustees of the High
School have improved the school
building considerably since last
spring. They have added a new
room and enlarged an old one,
done right much painting and
tinned the entire roof with the
execption of the porches. These
improvements will help greatly.
The teachers for the ensuing
year will be: VV. H. Mizell, Supt.,
Mrs. Margaret Bowen, Misses
Sallie V. Whitley, Addie Coburn
and Kate Moore, and Mrs. Mag
gie Briley. Miss Vivian Rober
son will teach music. The school
will open on Sept. Ist. We have
been requested to state that all
pupils are urgently requested to
be present the first day.
Oak City Items
Hassell House, of Stokes, is
visiting Ralph and Wilmer House.
Gorden House and wife and
children are the guests of Mrs.
Mary House.
Mrs. Joe Casper and children
from Ro?ky Mount are visiting
the Casper brothers.
J. L. Hines spent Wednesday
in Williamston.
Mjss Pauline Beverly,of Bethel,
spent Sunday with her sister.
Miss Nettie Bowers, of Hamil
ton, is the guest of Mrs. J. J.
Miss Myrtle Long returned
from a trip to Norfolk Sunday.
J. Moore, of Bethel, spent Sun
day with J. Long and family.
B. M. Worseley spent Sunday
in Winterville.
Misses Emily Hines and Clarice
Cartwright have returned from
their trip to Virginia.
The dance given here last
Thursday was largely attended
and a great success.
The revival at the Baptist
Church will begin on Sept. Ist.
It will be conducted by T. Crisp,
minister of the church and Mr.
Dantritch, of Fleming.
All school children are request
ed to meet with the teachers at
the Graded School building at 9
a. m., on Friday, Sept. sth., for
enrollment and classification. By
doing this we will save much
time, and have a full school day
on Monday. We want a better
school, better attendance, and
more efficiency on the part of
teachers than ever before. You
will help some if you see that
your child starts right.
J. T. Jerome, Supt.
sr.oo a Year in Advance
Hamilton Items
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Boyle have
returned from a visit to YVillough
by Beach.
Mesdames B. L. Long and J.
B. Cloman are spending some
time in Gainsville, Ga.
Mrs. W. E. Galdstone, who has
taken a special course in music
in New York, has returned and
is spending some time with her
W. T. Grimes, of Baltimore,
spent several days in Hamilton
greeting friends in his genial
Miss Mary Pender Gladstone
returned to Newport News last
t J\lr. and Mrs. R. W. Salsbury
returned Wednesday from a visit
to Tarboro.
Loren Waldo and family are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Mrs. S. D. Matthews, who has
been to Panacea for three weeks,
returned home Sunday.
Mrs. Zeb Whitehurst and
daughter visited Mrs. B. B. Sher
rod this week.
Miss Lillian Harrell, of Scot
land Neck, is visiting her uncle,
J. M. S. Salsbury.
P. L. Salsbury left Monday for
Ebenezer Edmondson and Miss
Annie Davenport were married
Aug. 20, at the residence of James
Brewer at Pinners Point, and re
turned home the following Friday
Messrs. Teel and Britt visited
B. B. Sherrod's family this week.
Dr. B. L. Long, S.D.Matthews
and Jesse Avery motored to Pan
acea Sunday and returned Mon
E. A. Council, of Morehead
City, was in town for a few days
last week looking after some in
terest here. From appearances
everything was going his way.
Mrs. M. I. Fleming entertained
the Book Club Tuesday afternoon.
Very attractive program, and a
delicious salad course and cream
were served.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Sherrod
gave a picnic at their farm on
Aug. 21, in honor of the 21st,
birthday of their son, B. 8., Jr.
Barbecue, Brunswick stew,
breads, tomatoes, pickles, cakes
with plenty of lemonade and mel
ons tilled the menu. There was
quite a crowd from Tarboro,
Greenville, Scotland Neck, Has
sell and Hobgood. There were
about 75 present and everybody
had a splendid day, and left
wishing Mr. Sherrod, Jr., a long
life with many picnics.
In Honor of Miss Kilpatrick
Wednesday evening from 8:30
to 12 o'clock, Mrs. Albert Perry
and Mr. Marshall D. Wilson en
tertained in honor of their niece,
Miss Hilda Kilpatrick, of Smith
field, who is their house guest
for several weeks. The hand
some home was brilliantly illum
inated and the wide Southern
verandahs were delightfully ar
ranged for the pleasure of the
guests, who arrived at the hour
named and thoroughly enjoyed
the evening. Soon after the ar- -
rival of the last guest, delicious
salad with pickles and saltines
was served and just before the
hour for departure, elegant ban
ana ice cream was served with
The skirts slashed to the knee
is the latest edict of fashion. *
Soon this country will be no place
for a modest man.

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