North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. XV. NO. 6
Professional Cards J
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotherapy, X-
Ray, Diagnosis, Specialties
Office on Smith wick St., rear Blount Bro.
Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m., 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phone 63
Win. E. Warren - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Drug Store • 'Phone 79
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day phone 53 - Night phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rocky Mount, will be at the
Atlantic Hotel fourth Wendnes
day in each month to tr6at dis
eases of the EYE, EAR, NOSE
A. R- Dunning
Dunning & Smith
t Law
Williamston, N. C.
Robersonville, N. C.
Barron* A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin
Wheeler Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Williamston - North Carolina
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. - Williamiton, N. C.
Greenville Long Distance Phone 328
Attorney at Law
- Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
Life. Fire. Health, Accident, Live Stock
Real Estate - Brokerage
Williamston - North Carolina
Office on Haughton Street
Phone 142
Leaders In
Low Price*
Dry Goods, [Notions
Ladies and Gents
, Furnishings
W. L. Douglas Shoes
The Reelfor Men, Women
and Children
Prlcee *2. BO to *5.00
Miss Carrie Dell White cele
brated her fifteenth birthday last
week at her home on Main street.
Quite a number of her young
friends were present and a de
lightful evening was spent The
young hostess was the recipient
of Ynany beautiful gifts. Delici
cious refreshments were served
after several games had been
played and enjoyed.
pair of Stimpson Platform Scales.
Two pairs of Scales with brass
scoops.—J. A. Mizell, City.
New moon on Thanksgiving
Why not everybody start a
woodyard in town?
Thanksgiving next.
There will be plenty of turkey
trotßjK about Wednesday morn-
music, just an axe.
Owing to ill health, Fred M.
Shute has resigned his position
in the office and W. H. Jackson,
of Spring Hope, has succeeded
him. 0
One of the cows of Joe Gor
ham was empanelled on the iron
fence at the Baptist Church Sat
urday night and had to be killed.
The animal was a valuable one.
t C. Suiith
Elder R. F. Bumpass delivered
two splendid discourses at the
Methodist Church on Sunday
morning and night. Attentive
congregations listened to each.
Monday morning at 11 o'clock the
last Quarterly Conference for the
year was held.
Sunday morning after service,
the members of the Baptist
Church extended a call to Rev.
J. D. Howell, who has been serv-
ing them sintfe the resignation of
Rev. G. J. Dow ell.
Services at the Baptist, Chris
tian and Methodist Churches on
Sunday. There will be special
music at the Christian Church.
Look out for a load of fine mules
at the stables of W. T. Ward &
Miss Kate Cheshire, President
of the Woman's Auxiliary of the
Diocese of North Carolina, made
a most interesting address at the
Episcopal Church on Friday after
noon of last week. While in town
she was the guest of Mrs. Staton.
LOST—One alligator bill book,
containing three twenty dollar
bills. L. C. Bennett written with
ink on the inside. Finder Will
return same to Leslie Fowden
and receive liberal reward.
Thanksgiving services will be
held in the Baptist, Methodist
and Episcopal Chruches. ""The
public'is cordiaily invited to at
tend these services and render
thanks to God for the blessings
of thejpast year.
Saunders and Fowden are dis
playing'an attractive assortment
of Christmas goods in their win
dows. It is indeed "The Castle
of Gifts".
Don't miss the Recital tomor
row night.
Lovers Of music and song
should not fail to hear Misses
Settle and Monk tomorrow night
at the City Hall. See ad.
The election for road bonds in
Williams Township oji Tuesday
was won by the antis. They
have won twice this year.
"Paid in full" at the Opera
House on Wednesday night next.
It is one of the strongest plays
on the road. Don't miss it read ad.
WANTED.—Several carpen
ters at once for rough and inter
ior work. Two months Job. Best
wages. Come with tools ready
to work.— C. V. York, Green
ville, N. C.
/ 1
J. W. Watts, W. B. Watts and
F. M. Shute motored to Tarboro
F. M. Shute left Tuesday af
ternoon for Scotland Neck to vis
it his mother.
Ed Davenport was here from
Hamilton Monday.
Mrs. S. D. Matthews and
daughter were here Saturday
from Hamilton.
D.' C. Jones was in town Sat
Ed James and H. 41. Pope
were in town Saturday on busi
J. J. Jones, who has been buy
ing tobacco here this season, left
Sunday for Durham.
J. Dillon Simpson left Tuesday
for Cynthiana, Ky.
W. H. Somers left Monday for
Florida, where he will spend the
Arch Sherrod, Jr., of High
Point, was in town Monday.
Misses Ethel Skinner and Mary
Shelburn attended the presen
tation of "The Shepherd of the
Hills" here Friday night.
Miss Mayo Lamb attended the
unveiling of a tablet in the new
Federal building at Washington
last week.
S. R. Claray, of Washington
spent Saturday night in town.
Mr. and Mrs. John Fraley, of
Tarboro, have been in town this
Editor Manning spent Sunday
in Robersonville.
Messrs. Gus and Don Harrison,
of Palmyra, spent Sunday here
with relatives.
J. E. Green of Winterville,
spent several days in town this
weeß on business.
Mrs. James Clark and Miss
Tankard with several * friends
motored here from Washington
Saturday and spent several hours
with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Dixon came
down from Rocky Mount Sunday
evening to visit their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hight.
Theodore Hassel left last week
for Kentucky, where he will en
gage in the tobacco business.
Wheeler Martin and W. T.
Ward left Monday for Richmond
and St. Louis.
Mrs. J. H. Saunders and son
are visiting relatives in Wash
ington this week.
J. G. Taylor, of the Roberson
Furniture Co., Robersonville,
and son were in town Wednesday
on business.
Mrs. P. J. Edwards, who has
been visiting her daughter, Mrs.
J. W. Hight, returned to Rocky
Mount Wednesday.
G. P. McNaughton spent Thur
sday in Everetts.
W. C. Manning spent Wednes
day in Plymouth on business.
Mrs. Phillip Blount and child
of Jamesville, spent Wednesday
in town with friends.
T. J. Latham is here from
Washington City.
Carrie Louise, infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Williams, died
on Thursday afternoon of last
week. Its life was only five days
and a few hobrs long, when the
death Angel bore tbe sweet little
bud to Heaven's gardens to bloom
in beauty eternally.
The friends and acquaintances
of the family sympathize deeply
with them in their loss. ,
An Infant Dead.
* An Aged Woman Dead.
" I
The death of Mrs. Prudence
Roberson, which occured at her
home in Martin County, Novem
ber 11th, 1918, removed one of
the oldest women in this 'Section.
She was born eighty-four years
a gq in Griffins Township, and
there married Alfred Roberson.
wh£ served in the Mexican War
andlgave his life for the South in
the* war between the States.
Pour children were born tothem
two>of whom survive, Messrs.
Allfred J. and W. R. Roberson.
She was a member of the Primi
tive Baptist Church, and was the
last Mexican War pensioner in
Wednesday afternoon after ser
vices by Elder J.N. Rodger son,
her, body was laid to rest in the
family cemetery. A large crowd
of friends and relatives were
1 *
The following invitation has
been received here:
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Spain
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Mr. Horace Herndon Settle
on the evening of Wednesday, the
twenty-sixth of November
nineteen and thirteen
at nine o'clock
At Home
Greenville, North Carolina
At Home
after the first of December
Anniston, Alabama
Mr». Arritta Matthews.
Mrs. Arritta Matthews was born
January 6th, 1825, died Novem
ber sth, 1913. She was a mem
ber of Christian Chapel congre
gation. Her home was at J. A.
Roebuck's, she being the mother
of his first wife. She will be
badly missed in the family. Her
body was placed in the fam
ily graveyard at J. A. Roebuck's.
The funeral services were con
ducted by Rev. Asa. J. Manning.
S. W. Sumrell.
Auction Bridge Club
Mrs. James Staton was the
charming hostess to the members
of the Auction Bridge Club at a
luncheon and bridge party given
Thursday at her home at Will
iamaton. The guests made the
trip by train, returning in the
afternoon. Those who enjoyed
this social event were Mesdames
Sam Nash, Jennie Williams,
James Pender, Julian M. Baker,
John Bridgers, W. S. Clark, John
Cotten, George Holderness, Dur
ward Leggett, John Pender, T. B.
Jacocks, and Miss Kate Cheshire.
—Tarboro Standard.
Mist Emma L Roebuck.
Sister Emma E. Roebuck was
born January 15th., 1913. She
was a sister of J. A. Roebuck and
a member of Christian Chapel
congregation, and was true to
the chnrch until declining health.
She leaves four brothers, two
sisters to mourn their loss. She
-was placed in the family
graveyard at the home of J. A.
Roebuck. There was a goodly
number to witness her burial.
Funeral was conducted by the
S. W. Sumrell.
Clayton Moore went to Rober
sonviile Thursday on business.
The Baker—Slade Wedding
There has been no lovelier girl
in Columbus than Miss Penelope
Slade, the petite brunette daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wil
liams Slade, so Trinity Episcopal
church was thronged Tuesday
evening with friends to witness
her marriage to Mr. Robert
Weathersbee Baker, of Williams
ton. N. C., who is quite popular
and successful in the manufac
turing business of that city.
It seemed to be the concensus
of opinion that Trinity church
had never been more beautifully
or artistically decorated than on
this occasion. White crash cov
ered the floor from the door to
the-altar, where an aisle had been
formed of, palms, ferns and
white chrysanthemums. The
electric lights were shaded with
these handsome flowers and ferns
and the candles were burning,
making altogether an exquisite
setting for the bridal party and
the impressive ceremony which
was performed by Rev. S. A.
Wragg, the rector.
Mr. Bradley, the organist, de
lighted the assembled friends
with musical selections before
the arrival of the bridal party,
after which he played the wed
ding march, and the ushers,
Messrs. Richard and William
Slade, brothers of the bride, and
Messrs. Owen Edge and G. T.
Powers, came up the aisle and
stood in front of the chancel.
They were followed by the maid
of honor, Miss Slade, the sister
of the bride, wearing a beautiful
dress of white lace and a short
bride's maid veil, carrying pink
The groom with his brother,
Mr. C. B. Baker, as best man,
entered from the vestry room
and awaited the bride, who came
down the aisle with her father,
who gave her away.
After the ceremony, a recep
tion was held at the home of the
of the bride's 'parents on upper
Second avenue. This, too, was
beautifully decorated with a
wealth of palms, ferns and chry
santhemum, green and white, in
parlor and dining room, and yel
low in the other apartments.*
An elegant two-course supper
was served. The punch bowl,
which was in the hall, was pret
tily garnished with pink'and
green grapes.
The bride's gown was an ex
quisite creation of heavy white
satin, lace and seed pearls,* Her
bouquet was of bride's roses,
showered with valley lilies. Her
going-away gown was a tailored
suit of dark blue with touches
of green. Her hat was of the
same tone of green, and she wore
handsome mink furs.
The bridal pair left on the Sem
inole at 10 o'clock for a wedding
journey before going to their
future home in Williamstort, N.
C., which city, by the way, was
named in honor of the great
grandfather of the bride. Her
father's mother was a Miss Wil
Numerous and elegant pres
ents from friends were showered
upon the popular young couple.
There were many beautiful and
elegant toilets at the wedding.
Mrs. Slade wore black -lace
over white charmeuse, and car
ried white, roses and valley lilies.
Mrs. Hunter, the bride's grand
mother, wore black crepe de
chine and lace.
Mrs. Joseph Pou, the aunt of
the bride, was elegantly attired in
black and white striped chiffon
over green charmeuse trimmed
with while lace and jet.
Mrs. William Hunter, of Sa
vannah, wore a handsome gown
sr.oo a Year in Advance
The following invitation has
been issued:
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mizelle
invite you to be present
at the marriage of their sister
Susan Elizabeth
Mr. Thomas Lawrence House
on Wednesday evening, the
twenty-sixth'of November
nineteen hundred and thirteen
at half past six o'clock
At Hon\e
Rohersonville, North Carolina
New Appointment.
Collector J. W. Bailey has ap
pointed Edward James, of Rob
ersonville, Deputy in the place of
C. C. Fagan. Mr. James has
been taking the ginners' report
for Martin County, which posi
tion has been given to H. H.
Pope, of Robersonville, who is
busily engaged in securing exact
figures as to the number of bales
ginned. Mr. James' report for
the period to November Ist,
1913, shows 2,524 bales ginned
as compared with 4.948 bales for
the same period in 1912.
Card Of Thanks.
We desire publicly to express
our heartfelt thanks for the many
acts of kindness done |by neigh
bors artd friends during the ill
ness and at the death of our dear
little babe. There is comfort in
the knowledge that though af
flictions may come, sympathy is
ever around and about us.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Williams.
Oak City Items
Miss Nannie House spent the
week-end at her home in Stokes.
J. A. Hobbs, of Williamston,
spent Sunday in town.
Lucius Davenport, of Hamilton,
with Mr. and Mrs. Gid Daven
port from Delaware spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Worse
Mrs. S. L. Long and son return
ed to their home in Sanford last
Ralph House spent Monday in
B. M. Worseley went to Parmele
Ernest Trip, oft Greenville, was
in town Sunday-
A number of young men from
Greenville motored here Sunday
and spent the day with Charlie
F. J. Roebuck and daughter,
Miss Delia, motored here Sunday
and were joined by Claud Roe
buck on a trip to Rocky Mount.
Spencer E. Hines was slightly
burned about the face Monday
night from the explosion of a lamp
The young men of the Litera
ry Society will give a box party
Friday night, Nov. 21th. for the
benefit of the school.
of black charmeuse and lace.
Miss Lilly Way Baker, the
groom's sistfer, was gowned in
white chiffon over white char
meuse. and his cousin, Miss Sal
lie Baker, wore white chiffon
over yellow charmeuse.
Among the out of town guest*
were Miss Lilly Way Baker, of
Hamilton, N. C.; Miss Sallie Ba
ker, of Palmyra, N. C.; Mr. C.
B. Baker, of Williamston, N. C.;
Mr. and Mrs. William Hunter, of
Savannah, and Mr. G. T. Powers,
of Warm Springs; Ga.

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