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— j
Will be Recorded in History a* a 
Most Worthy Institution \
In an effort to fully utilize all !
available labor on the farms dur
ing this period ,of national-emer
gency. The Agricultural Exten
sion Service is now organizing a .
new club among the negroes to
be known as, Uncle Sam's Sat
urday Service League." This j
work will be in direct charge of '
John D. Wray, Farm Makers' J
Club Agent for the Extension j
Service, located at A. &T. Col
lege, Greensboro. He will be as- ,
sisted by L. E. Hall, Negro Dis
trict Agent in Farm Demonstra
tion work, and will utilize the
services of the 25, or more, local
negro agents in the more thickly
settled negro commnities.
It is the plan of Club Agent
Wray to enroll persons above
t >ti years of age to join the Lea
gue by requiring them to sign a
, card and return same to his of
lice. Upon receipt of the card,
those who pledge to work on
Saturday afternoons until Nov
30, 11)18, will be given a button
with asilverfield andgoid letters,
while those who continue until
Novr'3o, 1919, will t)e given a
button with a gold field and sil
ver. ,
Wray has recently written to
every leader of the colored peo
ple in North Carolina, urging
them to put thematterbeforo v the
people so that it will be an out
standing fact that the North
Carolina negro is not a slacker.
.He has estimated that by
working Saturday afternoons
the 5,000 negroes in the State
can contribute 250,000 days, or
585 years of work each week.
When all labor is so scarce, and
the need for food so great, au:h
a saving as this will mean much
to North Carolina.
The negroes of Alabama have
been organized in this same way,
and are accomplishing splendid
results for toe State.
"A Soldier Of The Sea"
Richmond, Va., June 29 -
Charles Smallwood Biggs, of
Williamston. N. C., was one of
eleven well known young men
who enlisted in the United States
Marines Corps at the district re
cruiting oflice here today. He ap
plied for enlistment at the Nor
folk station He left tonight for
l'aris Island, S C., to begin his
training as a "Soldier of The
Sea" n
Martin Sends Another Fighting
Though the hour was early,
a large crowd at the station
on Friday morning to bid the
nineteen selected men good bye,
who had been ordered to report
on that day. Mr. Simon Lilley
was chosen by thT Hoard to take
charge of the men en route to
Camp Jackson. The lied Cross
had provided comfort bags and
sweaters for each man, and
friends and relatives had present
ed other gifts to please the boys
who went away with smiles on
their faces. The squad was a
splendid assortment of the sturdy
manhood of the county, and there
is no fear that they will not do
their full duty. Those leaving
were: *
George Augustus Burroughs
William Dillard Edmondson
Vesta La Fayette Simpson
Odias Alexander Brown v
Albert Taylor Gurkin.
John Alfred Hardison
Hoy Aulander Coburn
Leland I). Roberson
Preston M. Holliday
Joaeph Guy Forbes
John Alfred Lilley
Charles Parrisher
. Alton T. Riddick
George W. Wynn
Rnhprt Edwards
Herbert L. Rives
Gainor Holliday
Simon Lilley
Pillie A. Long.
Teachers Examination
Examinations for white teach
ers of Martin County will be
held on July 9-10, for the color
,ed teachers, July 11th, at the
Court House beginning at 10 A.
M., new time.
, . ' AJ, Manning, Sijpt.
H>iving qualified as' Executors upon
the F stateot N. S Peel deceased; Notice
is hereby given to ail v* rson * holding
clat-*-* saia Kttate to present
theui uiiut uuders gned tor payment on
or before the 17 day of June 1919. or this
notice will be plend in bar ot their recov
ery. '
All persons indebted to said Estate
ate requested to immediate pay
ment. *
This 17 day of JuneU9lß, .
\ J. S; Peel,
W. C. Manning
Notice Of Sale.
Under and by virtue of a decree of the
Superior Court of Martin County in the
Special Proceedings, entitled "In re;
Mahala Hatch, Adeline SprulU, Martha
Joyiter, Owen Little; Noah Rodgers
Louis Roberson and heirs of Petter Lutle, •
to-wit:- Andrew, Peter, William, Winnie,
Klia and Ida Little and Mollie Daniel,
Kx parte" the undersigned commission
er" will, on Monday the 15th. day of
July 1918, at twelve o'clock noon, at the
court house doot of Martin Couuty at
Williamston, N C., offer at public sale,
to the highest bidder for cash, the fol
lowing described land to-wit:-
Reginiiing 011 the public road at the
Conner of P II Cotfield. and runs thence
S6l w 144 poles; Ihence S 15
poles, thence N6l K IJ7 poles to the
road, thence N 34 E. 11 poles to the be
ginning, containing five acres, more or
This 1 Ith jay of June i^iH,
North Carolina, Martiu Couuty,
In the Superior Court
Before the Clerk.
ltettieC. Gurgatius
Rebecca kespass and William Respass.
The defendants above named will take
notice that an action entitled as above
has been commenced in the Superior
Court of Martin Coupty, North Carolina,
for the puri>ose of a sale for partition of
the House and Lot situated in Williams
ton, N. C., on the South B*st side of
Church Street in the said town, it !>eing
tlie same premises on which Ix>ui>.i Kep
pasu lived and died and said defendants
will takefurther notice that they andeach
of them are required to appear ut the of
fice of the Clerk of the Superior Court of
Martin County at the Court House in
Williamston, N. C , ou the 17th day of
July, 1918, ami answer or demur to the
jx-tition of playitilT, or the plaintiff will
apply the Court for relief demanded
therein „
This j4tli day of June, 1918.
K J. PEEL, Sii|>erior Court.
fa 28 A
John Williams
Application will be made to the Gov
ernor of North Carolina for the pardon
of John Williams, convicted at the Sep
tember Term of the Superior Court for
the crime of assault and sentenced to the
Roads lor a term of eighteen (18)
All persons who oppose the granting of
said psrilon are invited to forward their
protests tp the Governor without delay.
This the 34th day of June, 1918
Crilcher aud Cntcher, Attys.
The liofiril of ConiiuiHHionerK (or the
Town of Wlllmmstouv North Carolina,
in h reKular meeting July I y IM, do enact:
Til At It nhftll lie unlawful for a|iy.l>er
son, firm or corporation to solicit, Iralxir
in the town of Willlannttoii without tirut
procuring a written l,iccnsp fioin the
Mayor of aaiil town.
I'roviilert that this shall not apply to
any |ieraon, firm or corporation whose
plant or-business i* permanently located
in the Town of Williatuiton.
The License 011 the l,ahor Soliciting
Agent shall be >SOO per year and shall
run from July Ist to July Ist, and any
per>on violating the provision of this
Ordinance shall lie K u, ''y " nisde
uienor and shall upon conviction, be fin
ed S3OO. This ordinance to £0 into ef
fect, this July 1, lyiH.
B, F. Godwin, Mayor,
Leslie l'owden, Secy. 7—5
Notice And Summons
North Carolina, Martin County.
111 The Superior Court
Before The Clerk.
Hureka Lumber Company, Peti.ioner
"J. M, Green, James Sheppurd, A I).
O. A. Feele, C. B Harrison,,
Kll Roberson, Wheeler Roberson, J, B.
Leggett, H. W lyeggett. ) B. Wkitaker,
J. 4. Roebuck, J. R. liivenport, J. W.
Chaupcey, N A Rogerson, George 4-
Hoell, Fayette Everett, J. A Urittaiu,
Aaron Mi/ell. - ~
The parties above named aud all oth
ers iptereateit, will take notice" tbat on
the »Htb, day of June, 1918, the above
naaiel petitioner filed a petition in the
office of the Clerk of the Superior Court
of Hyde County. North Carolina, to
have tbe title to certain lands therein
described registered aud
pursuant to Chapter yy, Public j JL>»wtf~'of
■ 913, as amended, and lEat summons
has been issued, returnable into the of.
fiee of the Clerk of the Superior Court
of Martin County, on the 26th day ol
Auguat, 191H, at 10 o'clock In the \ M.
flic slid land is bounded as follows
Firat tract. Bounded on the North by
(the lends of J. B. l,etKelt. »" the F.ast
aud -Southeast by Turkey aud Bear
Grass Swamps', ou the South by hurckn
Lumber Company and J. W Chauucy,
ou tbe Southwest and Weal by. Tranters
Creek, James Roebuck and others; c»n
taming 4SO acres.
Sccouil tract: Bounded on the North
Slid Northeast by G A Feel C. B Har
risou, Rli Roger sou and Wheeler Rog
erson; on the East by James Sheppard;
on the Southwest by A 1). Ha llev; 011
the West by G. A Feel, containing 10M
acres, f .
Third tract: Bounded on the North
by Aarou Mizell; on the East by J. A.
Uriitain, ou the South by J A. llrittain
and on the West by J. A. Brittain; con
tain iug 46 8 acrea. _i -
WMich sald lfliwis are more fully de
•cribedTin' metes ami bounds, iu ihe
petition ahd map filid therewith; and
the adjoining laud owners are those
hereinabove named.
Notice is given that upon the return
■ of said summons, will ask
, that tbe same be referred to an Etami
' ner and tbat it* title be ajid
• confirmed.
Given under my hand and official seal,
' this 28th day of June, rqlS.
R. J. Peel,
Clerk of the Superior Court of
Mirtin County.
los. H. Saunders, M. I).
Physician and Surgeon
)ay phone 53 - Night phone 40
Williamston. N. C. j
Win. H. 'Voiron J. S. Rhodes
)rs. Warren & Rhodes J
Physicians and Surgcori§*^|
Iffice in Bigga I>rug Store Thone 7. |
hiugh B. York, M. D !
Microscopy, Electrotherapy, X- i
Ray, Diagnosis, Specialties
Office on Smith wick St.. rear Blount llio
Office hours. Bto 10 a. nr.. 7t09 p. ni. !
Offic; 'phone 60 - Niglit 'phone 63
Office over Farmers and Mer
chants Bank.
Hours 9 to 12 and I to 5
Phone No. 9 Res Phone No. 15>
Dr. A. It. lIKU,
0«tOO|>tl ill
bar. INosti mul I hrout
aodard Building, 'Wilii.unstou. N C.
Tuesdays and Fridays
All other days in Washington.
Telephone Connections
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rocky Mount will be at the
Atlantic Hotel fourth Wendnes-
Jay in each month to treat dis
eases of the EYE, EAR, NOSE
A. R. Dunning ( Uyton, Moorr m
Attorney'* and Counsellor* At Law
Office H4 Main St.. ovn K. k. Hodge* »torr I
WtUiamflon, N. C. Phone I E
Attorney- at-IiAW
Williamston. N. C.
Wheeler Miirtiu Wheeler Martin,
Martin & Martin
Williamston - North Carolina
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys-, t Law
Williamston, N. C.
Robersonville, N. C.
S. J. Everett]
■ lieeuville, N. C. - Willlaiiiston, N .I',
Greenville I oiik Distance I'honc
.1. I). SliA 1)10
Undertaker ami Licensed I'-inli^v
111 IT
Pl y mllii 111, - N. C.
Phone j7. VV r 111 i,i ill st  >n. N, C
Dr. K. N. (iOKDON
Calls answered day in 11i 14111 . )l
--ll e |)lii»iu" (day) iij'i, Resilient *
phone i'iii,
Notary Public
()iTi( A' Martin County Savings \
Trust Company
Business Announcements
j. 1.. PKKLK
Watch, Clock and Jewelry
Prices Reasonable :: Work C^uaiafiteed
Rooms over W. J. Hodges Grocery .Store-
Williamston, N. C.
Money to Lend
On Improved Farm LnmH in
Martin County at f> per cent.
Wheolei.* Mm ft in
Wililamston, N, C.
Money to Loan
On Real l£»tate
From One Thmisartid lf|>
For Five tj 'IVn Years
Critcher & Critcher
Ajrent For
Carolina Metal ShingleM
Williamston. N. C Phone 17 r |
Mrs- Mat! .* Speller
• 111 I
OHNHMAI, Ml ..'CHAN 1)1 •>
Also a full line of wall paper.
Phone vs «VJ4Mmn«»t on, Pt •
Skewarkec Lodge No. 90
* Skewarkee Lodge No. 90, A.
F. & A. M., meets every second
and fourth Tuesday night at 8
Let us insure your tohacco oiul other
crops against Loss bv ILiil in''l lie Old
Hartforil OrgunizeiJ 1 S 1 () Assets amount
ing to
Phone us our No. is 8 Old
Bank of Martin County
I will take pleasure in ex
plaining ternies, rates ete.
Manager Insurance Dept.
Increased Facilities to
Serve the People of VVilliarh
ton anil Martin County.
The connecting of our stores
with two large arches places
us in position to give our pat
rons a quicker, more econo
mical service than ever he
fore. Our stocks will con
tinuc as complete as the mar
kets will attortl. The people
are earnestly invited to avail
themselves of our superior
facilities to serve them.
m fell Us About It
' yotl l ' es ' rc ndvice or information about business or
financial mailers, conic into thin bank and confer with
--•: our officers.
MM l f ' Til
-ATmk -H iH c ■■. 7 —— J • •
vvm r"'t ~-'_•- -* NK l Tt They will holt all conferences strictly cofidentiul and
ill •' their wide experience and knowledge in such matters
lln ww BBfrW.# ffllrTf •-'»'••//•- , . . , ... i
1 ;'l H[ Kgwr IN will enable llicm lo tfive you sound, impartial and help- i
Ij' ill MfoE Si! t i' ; ful advice. _ " C **
| BftigiißSssKiJ fM _
| VVc arc here to Iffc'of service to the community; make
,r f I'M ' jJ9|n i- ftaJ I .....
i full use of our facilities. *, '
HI. K > ' . x *
r t IB&... -*• f
j|fs l m Farmers and Merchants Bank
11 fflEf Hi ■ i l= S ASSETS OVKR -5800.000.00
li®Sv !Hp I 7 Williamston, N. Q. ; " 7'f
_ I, ~ 01 "1 Vj-'"" JOHN h/IUGCS, President' R (I. HARRISON, Cashier
&&L, , _ ' -£&&£''' c. It, CARSTARPIIKN, V-Pres. OILBERT PEEL, Asst.Cashier
" • | vV. SALISBURY, V-Pres. TURNER T. GRIMES, Asst. Cashier
" " c.U. CARS'TARPHKN,Jr. Bookkeeper ALMA SPARKS, Stenographer
■ . • - ' r'. . (s•>!
? . . f 1 L ' . as. »I k ®4"> ?
' ■ . ° J iWttt
Screen Doors
and Windows
is headquarters for 'em
• r . , ' •
I he house fly and mosquito are not only disagree
able, hu( dangerous, the former spreads typhoid/
the latter malaria.
Screen Them Out
and swat those alread> in your home. And inci
dentally let us sell you your screening and swat
ting outfits. ' 4
Two carloads of them just received - - good ones
loo! I'rieed right.
-w :
FISK ( ()A>l) tires
air made in the ribbed tread
lainiliarh associated with
( ttnl I ires and in the fa
mous I isk Non-Skid Tread.
No matter which of these
I iu-s \ t >iu !loose you cannot
/\\ | i ',> wrong!
■fr i
|| \T lln \ ;irr l>ig, sturdy,
\ \V\f lirauti llll combining re
mlk in v, speed, mileage,
; all t> and comfort.
* York & Peel
Williamston, IN. C.

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