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    &trrot«d to tha Inter** of
I M«rtte County in CaMral 6c
I "Williaamon in Particular
Volume £O. Numberjß
Martin County Superior
Court In Session This Week
Martin County Superior Court for the trial of
Perirhinal cases convened here Monday with
"Judge W. M. Bond, of Eden ton, presiding. The
. Judge's charge to the jury was extremely short
land the business of the court proceeded with the
1 dispatch.
Following is he grand jury: K. B. Crawford,
foreman, McD. Hardison, C. T. Roberson, H. C.
Green, W. M. Bowen, M. S. Fagan, Alonzo Cow
ing, (i. W. Taylor, J. A. Mizell, F. J. Roebuck, c . A.
Spier Cochran, W. J. Keel, A. R. Aus
borne, James L. Clark, R. L. Rogerson, W. R.
Roebuck, L. H. Taylor.
* i Following is a summary of the cases heard on
Monday and Tuesday before Judge W. M. Bond,
State vs. Oscar Bellamy, perjury. Judgment
absolute Nol pros as to original action.
" State vs. John Clements, cruelty to animals.
Nol pi os with leave.
State vs. John H. Johnson, abandonment. Con
r tinued. ~ >
State vs. Ishmael Hyman, a. d. w. Defendant
I dead. Abates.
State vs. Herman Alston, affray. Nol pros with
State VS. J. R. Rimtingr, coining crop. GO Off.
[ State vs. Liisha Jones, perjury. Defendant,
: through attorney J. C. Smith, waives bill and
pleads guilty. Prayer for judgment suspended
upon payment, of costs.
State, vs. James Briley, abandonment. Defend
ant through his a torney, J. C. Smith, waives bill
and pleads guilty. Prayer- for judgment continu
ed until the June term, 1919, upon payment of
the costs an paying doctor's bill and
*5 each month to his wife until the June term of
J , court.
State vs. Fred Everett. Defendant comes into
coil and through Attorney J. Calvin Smith
waives-bill and pleads guilty. Prayer for judg
ment contiued on payment of costs.
State vs. Robert Johnson* and Tilda Ewell, F.
and A. It appears to the court that the defend
ants are no wmarried and judgment is suspnded
v upon payment of the costs.
State vs. Levi Rogerson, Norman Whitaker
and Archie Carraway, careless use of firearms.
( Defendants through Attorneys Critcher and
I Critcher plead guilty and prayer for judgment is
continued upopn payment of costs.
State vs. Levi Rogerson, Norman Whitaker
and Archie c arraway, carrying concealed weap
»j on. Judgment, not guilty.
;j State vs. Thomas Thornton. Defendant in open
court through his attorney J. C. Smith plead
guilty and prayer for judgment continued upon
paymyent of costs.
State vs. Jesse Gurganus, Arthur Shaw and
' Nash Bullock, a. d. w. Not guilty.
State vs. Willie Crawford, Defendant through
Attorneys Dunning & Moore waives bill and
pleads guilty. Prayer for judgmetn continued on
payment of costs. .
State vs. Moses Williams. Defendant through
Attorneys Critcher and Critcher waives bill and
judgmetn is suspended upon payment of costs."
State vs. Fon Harrell, a. d. w. Defendant thru
attorneys Critcher and Critcher waives bill and
pleads guilty. Judgment suspended upon pay
: ment of costs. _ : ■ •
State vs. Johnnie Jones, a. d. w. Defendant
| through attorneys Critcher and Critcher waives
1 bill and pleads guilty. Fined sls and costs.
State vs. W. M. Sykes, a. d. w. Defendant thru
Dunning & Moore waived bill and
plead giulty. Fined S2O and costs.
State vs. Ed Wimbush, larceny for temporary
fcjjse- Defendant comes into court and through At
■ptfhey# Dunning: & Moore waived bill. Prayer
~ >
Williamston, Martin County, N. C. MSlfciSth, 1919
Want Local Man to Head
. Tax Re-Valuation Committee
We have receivru tk. following let
ler from the State Corporation Ovin
mission with the request that it be
given publicity:
J'o the Taxpayers of N. C.:
The General Assembly just ad
journed has imposed a responsibility
upon the corporation commission as a
state tax commission which it feels
unable to properly meet without tin
support of the taxpayers of tin
state, As chairman of the commission
1 desire to take the people into the
confidence of the commission and ac
quaint them with the purpose of the
General Assembly and request Oi
them their full co-operation in aiding
us in the proper discharge of our du
"Sffc •'* '
For many years It has been the
law that every person's property be
assessed for taxation at its full vatu.
in money. Notwithstanding this *ia\s
nearly everybody in the state has es
caped a full valuation of his propert,
lor taxes. The General Assembly just
adjourned has said, by passing tin
re-valuation act, that an end must
be made of this condition and thai
hereafter property must be valued at
at its tnre vatue ior taxattonvHhatr
placed the responsibility upon out
commission to see that this is done
and it shall and must be done. It it.
the purpose of the general asseni.
upon a proper valuation being inuin
to lower the tax rate and it wiH nice
One oi the mosi pmasant events of
the season was the regular meeting of
the Social Hour Club at the ho*ne of
Mrs. Warren Bigg* on Smith wick st.
Thursday afternoon of last v^pek..
Among the invited guests who
shared the club's hospitality were;
Mesdamea J, W, Andrew. Arthur
Barber. Sallie Biggs, Rojfer Critcher.
B. A. Critcher, Kader Crawford, A. R.
Dunning C. H. Godwin, Grover God
win, J. L. Hassell, John Manning, J.
W. Watts, John Pope, Harry Stubbs,
Thomas Jarvis, Misses Daisy and
Fannie Mert Manning, anil Deborah
After the regular order of business
the following program was rendered:
Instrumental solo—Tl Trovatore,
Mrs. Carrie Biggs Williams.
Heading—A Purple Hhodendron,
Miss Annie Lamb.
Keuding—Two Thanksgiving Danc
es, Mrs. John D. Biggs.
Vocal Duet—"Whispering Hope,'
Miss Mayoy Lamb ami Mrs. Wheeler
Martin, Jr. _
Current Topics—Mrs. B. S. Court
Vocal Trio—"Lilys," Mrs. Oscar
Anderson, Mrs, Wneeler Martin, Jr.
and Mrs. Carrie Biggs Williams.
Before the adjournment hour an el
egant salad course was served, fol
lowed by Ices.
The next meeting will be held with
Mrs. oJhn D. Biggs on Thursday,
March 27th.
for judgment continued upon payment of costs.
State vs. Thurston Edmondson and John T.
Brown. Defendants come into court and through
Attorneys Dunning and Moore waive bill and
'dead guilty. Prayer for judgmetn suspended on
payment of costs. . *
State vs. Thurman Edmondson, c. c. w. Pleads
*ot guilty and jury returns verdict of not guilty.
State vs. Ed Jones, assault and house breaking.
Called and failed in each case.
State vs. Joe Staton, manufacturing liquor.
Defendant through Attorneys C ritcher and Crit
cher pleads guilty.
State vs. Jim Mizelle, using language.
Through Attorneys Critcher and Critcher waiv
'K! bill and guilty. Fined S2O and costs.
State vs. Jim Mizelle, damaging school house.
Plead not guilty r upon which a jury trial was had
and defendant was found' guilty. Prayer lor
Judgment cotninued on payment of costs.
State vs. Dennis D. Coburn, a. d. w. Defendant
olead guilty. Fined SSO and costs.
State vs. J. S. Griffin, a. d. w. Plead guilty and
grayer for judgment continued upoji payment of
cost and entering into bond in the sum of SIOO
for his appearance at each term of court for one
vear to show good behavior.
State vs. James Jones and Harvey Bryant, a. d.
w. Guilty. Judgment that each defendatn be
sentenced to the roads for six months.
State vs. Marcellus Moore, forcible trespass.
Through Attorneys Dunning & Moore Waived
bill and plead guilty. Prayer for judgment con
tinued upon payment of costs.
after the property has been assess:
r «ir thut ituruose so that the burde
upon the Uu«*avera wil I no t netv
sanly be increased. I'his la Vl
as a commission and we in. turn tie
si ix' assure the taxpayers of »
state that a full valuation of theii
property will not mean greatly i.
creased taxes. The act under whir
this assessment is made provides th;
the state, no county or municipality,
shall collect in excess of ten per eei.,
more taxes after this revaluation t
made than is being collected in 1911
under the present valuation.
1 call upon the people of the state
to assist the commission in the Selec
tion of a splendid business man in
each county as a tax assessor for that
county. He shoultl be a man of fine
judgment, good business ability, hav
ing a good knowledge of values botli
I in town and country and one in whom
j the public has confidence as to his
honesty and integrity. It is not • &
political office, but one of stricth
business and we trust our friends will
understand this and only suggest ti.>
most competent men. After the
county supervisor is selected by us we
trust every tax payer in each and
every county of the state will co-op
erate with him to the end that lie
will be able to assess each person's
property at its true value in money.
W. T. LEE,
On Sunday night Rev. R. L. Davis
addressed a fairly large and very ap
preciative audience at the Baptist
church. The special music by the
Baptist choir and the solo by Mr. Ap
fel were extremely good. Rev. H. M.
Kure led in prayer and introduces
Mr. Davis.
The subject was "America's Re
siKjnsibilty Toward World Freedom,'
The theiue was well developed and
clearly demonstrated that the ques
tion of personal privilege or individu
al freedom as advanced by liquor
dealers is thoroughly out of accord
with the true facts.
The speaker's words of commenda
tion for the sheriff of our county was
quite pleasing to his many friends.
I He warnod the public that it is the
duty of the local citizenship to see
that the laws arc carried out: The
way to do this, he saitl, was to briiiK
every man to justice who violates the
laws. If people are caught in thi
first violation they are not dangerous
but if permitted to go long enough
they will engage in any character ol
crime from murder and arson oi.
down, *
i twenty horse power International
I Mogul engine, one twenty inch una
bne thirty inch grist mill, all practi
cally new and in fine shune. J. A.' Aus
born, R. F. D. No. 1, Robersonville,
N ' * 2tpd
News afiLNotes
The School tea
chers met on night of last
week to discuss of spell
ing 1 . The a great
to all.
The D'Esta Rho*«» Company gave
entertainments an Friday and Satur
day nights of last week in the school
auditorium- The pupils and parents
enjoyed the program very much and
we wish to say that the marionettes
•fere wonderful.
On Thursday night of this week
Mrs. William Calvin Chilton, mond
dramist. will give un entertainment
in the school auditorium. This is* the
fourth number of the Lyceum course.
Mrs. Chilton comes highly recom
mended and those who come will en
joy the work of an artist. The 'admis
sion will be fifty cents for ull and the
roooiuts will be spent for school im
[ I
Two Questions to ASK
in Private
Aren't you more generous than you
were before the war? llusn't it be
come a little easier for you to give a
dollar for a good cause? Don't you
know more people.-by their fust name
thun you did a little while back ?
Didn't the war and the giving and
the sacrifice going on ull around von
bring you a Tittle closer to other
folks? If you are the same old
grouch that you were when Willie,
the All Highest, was still on the
throne, then you didn't get out of the
war something that was coming to
you. Nobody else cheated you—you
cheated yourself,
Some Good Hard Sense
Friends don't make a man, but if u
man has the right iiualities he \ innot
help making friends—they just feel
drawn to him. The tiling to do is not
to set out to cultivate friends, friends
who will prove useful but to cultivate
qualities that will increase yyur use
fulness. If you do that, and do it, of
course, on the square, the friendship
part will take oare of itself.
A (ew men and women who will
take us mUch ihterest in other people
as they do in -themselves.
A few men who will attend some
Sunday school on Sunday
A rew women who will take as
much interest in their children as
they do in their clubs.
A few men who do not know as
much about the League of Nations as
the President of the United Stutes.
A few purents to visit the William
.-.ton Graded School.
A clean up week in Williamston.
A few people to realize that school
teachers are human beings,
The True American
True to God and Trueto man,
F.ver since his race began
He has kept his standartls high,
Flung his banners to th¥ sky,
As a symbol of life's best.
Greed has neve retained his crest,
Nor oppression scarued with shame
Treasures that were his to claim.
All that well becomes a man
Marks the true American.
—A Guest.
A Man
I led a wild; life, earned all I spent,
I'aid all 1 borrowed, lost all I lent,
Once loved a woman, who turned trai
tor at the end.
Get a good dog, ne will be your
Life -i •
The period called life
To some is bliss sublime,
To others it wears sorrow, strife,
And almost a torment of time,
lint Life it's beauty aide has too,
For those who live it right.
It has one marvelous und lovely line
Of rainbows arid of light.
Yet as all good things
Life by some is not appreciated.
They waste, while angels sing
To welcome home tne consecrated
For these Life is sad anil mean ingle."
An endless waste of time;
Hut those who live, work and
Are those who enjoy life best.
Life is a beginning to teach one to
Preparation for across Jordan
wnere the saints\biile.
So live in peace, O man of God,
For far in Heaven with loved ones
ye shal 1 reside.
Kannie Murt Williams.
Honor Rolls for Month of February
First Grade, C— Homer Havnhill.
Gladys Gurganus, William James.
Carlton Liverman, Dillon Cobb,, Wil
liam Waters, Grace Whitley, Julia
Ward, Paul Simpson, Jr.
Second Grade A—Robert Brown:
B—Daisey Whitley. Ruth Peel, Ku
genia Hoyt,-AnnieTlae Williams, Jas
ixir Moore; C—Marion Cobb, Virginia
Harrison, James Howard, George II
Gurganus, William Gurganus, James
Third Grade, A—Susie James, So
phia Little,-Miriam Courtney, Hear,
Manning, Asa Crawford, Fred Eure-
B—JesHup Harrison, Arthur Barber,
Dorothy Thrower; G—Kenneth Sm'th.
William Cook.
Fourth Grade, A—Lucile Hassell,
Evelyn Harrison, Bruce Whitley, Mar
tha B—Charles Peel; C—
EH Barnhill, James G. aWrd, Paul
Fifth Grade, A—Margaret -aMnnig
Ruth Manning, Francis Hpyt, Myrtle
Moore, Lon Hassell; C—Bill Harirson
Sixth Grade, A—Velma Harrison;
B—-William Carstarpben; C—Mittie
Brown, Estelle Cowan, Elizabeth Gur
cunuß, Pattie Harris, Annie I-ee How
ard, Carrie Lee Feel, Lillian William-!,
Frederick Hoyt, Gavlord Harrison,
Robert Manning, W. T. Meadows, and
Charles Wynn.
Seventh Grade, B—Esther Harison*
Ijouise Crawford Boner Gurganus,
Herbert Pwl; "Efflfmß Belle Harrisotr,
Charles Godwin; C—Thelma Brown,
Maltha Harrison, Elizabeth Hassell,
Mary Minnie Roberson, lay
man Britt, John Edwards, Jesse
Stitbbs, 1 eonard Mobley.
E'«htl> Grade, A—Beatrice Bur
tell; B— Ethel Harris, Mary G. Watts,
Ninth Grade, A—Howard Herrick,
Sarah Harrell, Solomon Orleans; B
Martha S. -Hassell, Louise Harrison,
Francis Manning; C— Martha Craw-
Local and Personal
News of Williamston
Disastrous Fire
at Robersonville
On Sunda? morning at about three
o'clock the large garage of Wiley
Roger so n & Company at Robersonvile
was discovered to be in (lames. The
lire had made such headway and
the contents- of the building were of
such an inllamuble nature that it was
impossible to check the flames "and
only two automobiles and a new
motor hearse were the only contents
of the building that could be saved.
About half a dozen automobiles be
longing to various people of that sec
tion were destroyed.
TH» v&lug of the building destroy
tO was about value of the
stock was placed at around s3u,(Kto.oo
and the machinery and tools in the
woodworking, and machine shops
amounted to several thousand dollars
and the total loss was around $00,00(1
with sl'.i 600 insurance.
The Wiley Rogerson & Campany
garage was one of the best equipped
in this section of Eastern Carolina
and enjoyed a large patronage in both
its repair and sales branches.
As yet the origin of the fire has
not been determined.
Everetts Itews
Mr, Dennis Taylor was in town on
last Friday. He was on his way to
his home from Camp Jackson, having
received his discharge from the
Miss Melissa Aiken went to Rober
sonville last Wednesday afternoon,
Mr. R. A. Bailey, ol Robersonville,
.was in town Saturday morning.
Mr. t,. A. Clark went to Roberson
ville Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. D. D. Stalls, of Williamston,
was in town last I'Viday,
Messrs. J. S. Ayers, J. S. Peel and
Charlie Peel went to Williamston Sat
urday night.
Miss Myrtle Keel spent Saturday
night and Sunday in Williamston
with Miss Annie Civile (iurganus.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Moore, Mrs.
Hough and Misses Nina Hough and
Essie Woolurd went to Greenville
last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. I'eel spent last
Sunday In Robersonville.
Miss Ikey Wynn, of Cross Roads,
spent the week end with Miss Mn\
Dell Wynn.
Mi*, and Mrs. Bryan Peel went to
Rocky Mount last Sunday-
Friends of Mr. Van G. Taylor, the
accomodating cashier of the P. and
M. Bank, are glad to see him out
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Roebuck spent
Sunday in the country.
Miss Magaline Keel and Miss Mag
gie Knox went to Williamston Mon
Miss Ruth Burroughs -spent last
week in Scotland Neck.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Taylor, Miss
Mary Taylor, Miss Ethefyn Penny
and Mr. Dennis Taylor spent the da.v
at Bear Grass last Sunday.
Misses Myrtie James and -Clara Ed .
wards and Messrs. Kader Barnhil'
and Chester Harrison went to Ham
ilton Sunday.
Mr. G. 11. Harrison and children, ol
Williamston, were in town Sunday.
Mr. Van Moore and Mr. Chester
Harrison went to Williamston Sun
day night.
Please pay your taxes. We need
the money and need it had. I am hor
ronini; money now to run the hclioolh
and town, paying interest on it—
MHiielliiiiK I haven't luid to do before
since I have been treasurer. Pay up
so I can stop this interest, and IM> I'l
Treasurer Town of Williamston.
foul Marv C. Leggett.
Couth' Grade, B—-Estelle Crawford,
Nellu Wynn; C—Sallie Harris, liar-
Id Fveir't.
Eleventh Grade, A —Fannie Mu-t
Williams; C —James Manning.
Williams; C—James Manning.
William Ellison and Fannie Murt
Williams should huve been placed on
Roll B for January. Their names
we re omitted last month by error.
NO, 6iR |
\TENSS FOtt "tHt PA?tR,fO« I
Vi/tfH MB. \
vou'o OBT tNOUCrH or fH*T (
( tT ON NOUtt M\NO J
■ 7
AJ...H.... will bU mm -
ColanuM a Lalak Kay I* IWO
L Martin CwHy Homos.
Established 1898
Mr. D. A. Outterbridge, of Rober
sonville, was in town Tuesday.
i Mr. W. B. Watts, of Plymouth, iras
in town Monday on business.
Attorney Calvin Smith of Roberson
ville is attending court this week.
Attorney Van B. Martin, of Ply
mouth, is attending court this week.
Miss Eva Peel, who is -
Robersonville, spent the week end
here with her parents.
Mrs. Harold Clark, of Belhaven, is
visiting her parents, Mr. anil Mrs. J.
C. Crawford on Haughton street.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hutfin and lit
tl child, of Tarboro, spent the Week
end here with Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
\t Hmm A «derson and
Miss Mabel Barnes, of Loggettx were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cue Har
rison Sunday.
Mrs. Blanche Anderson has re
turned to her home at Leggetts after
u few days' visit here with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Gus Harrison.
Messrs. VV. Vick, Roy Coburn, J. A.
Ausborn and Chief of Police James,
of Robersonville, were in town Tues
day attending court.
The Armenian-Syrian relief drive
lias been continued to April Ist. Elder '
Sylvester Hassell will receive dona
tions to that date.
Mr. Roland Crawford has accepted
it position with the Western
Company and in at their tr»ij>inK
school in Philadelphia now.
Mr, Harry A. Biggs has returned
from Charlotte where he had been
attending the \. M. C. A. meeting
preparing lor military relief work.
Sergeant Dennis Taylor has receiv
ed his discharge from the army ami
is at homo preparing to travel for
Harrison Wholesale Company.
Hon. H. W. Stubbs is absent from
court, this week, being ill in a Ral
egh hospital. The latest report is
that lie is resting well and his condi
tion is not considered serious.
Many thousands of people are
starving in the East. Many of the or
phan homes are entirely without
food and the children are dying for
the lack of bread. There is not a cat
or dog to be found in that country—
; they have long since been eaten by
the starving Armenians.
l-ieut. Francis Holloway, C. M, C..
spent several days in town last week
en route from Camp Jackson to his"
home in Illinois. Lieut. Holloway wfts
engaged in the transport business
during the war an d saw many thril
ling scenes while carrying our boys
over. He is looking Eastern Carohaa
over with a view to locating fftil'.
We hope the impressions of imi
county's advantages will induce him
to cast his lot with us. We have mun>
profitable interests and there are
lots of fine young men'who are look
nig to home building that might be
brought our way if we show them the
great possibilities ahead.
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Johnson and lit
tle daughter spent a few days in Kin
;.ton last week.
Misses Maggie Belle and Annie
Jones have been visiting in Norfolk.
Misses Martha Council, Ethel Hun
ter, Irma I lines, Mrs. Mesdames Don
Matthews and 11. F. Myers spent
Thursday afternoon in Robersonville.
Dr. J. B. Long and John Martin
were in iVVilliamston Thursday , on
Marry Waldo went to Norfolk Tues
Mrs. J. P. Boyle was in William
ston Thursday shopping.
Mesdames T, B. Slade S. D. Mat
thews, and M, W. Ballard went to
Robersonville Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lane, Mrs. P. H.
Davenport and Misses Delia Purvis
and Carrie Dell Roebuck spent a f{*v
hours in Robersonville Thursday.
Mrs. J. B. Cloman has returned
from Scotland Neck where she visit
ed her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Kitchin.
Mrs. Waiter Salsbury spent Wed
nesday in Greenville.
Jeßsu Everett went to Rocky Mt.
Dr. M. I. Fleming was in town on
Mrs. T. B. Slade, Jr., and children
have returned from Newport News
where they have been for several
Monday evening about dark Sheriff
J. H. Page and Chief of Police Page
discovered Mr. Billy Mack Haisnp
preparing to begin illicit distilling in
a tobacco barn near his home in
Goose Nest Township. ~ The still had
been carried to the barn for repairs
and h*d not bene brought back when
the officers arrived. However, they
found two hundred gallons of beer in
the barn along with other material
used in the operation of the still.
Mr. Haislip is a man in his seven
ties and haj been partially paralyzed
being unable to walk or talk \
and on account of his inflirmities the
officers left him at home, reporting -
the capture to Attorney Allsbrook
now in court.
Mr. McLaughlin, of Charlotte, na
tional farm loan appraiser for the
Knderal Loan aßnk at Columbia S. C.
was in the county Monday appraising
-everal farms for loans. Every per
son who owes money on his farm or
who needs money to iraprpovpe hi»
farm in building or in land clearing
should borrow from the government,
which gives the longest time and the
easiest terWis pf all money lenders.
Tell your neighbor to get nis money
through his Fam Loan Association.

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