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Rapid progress i.; reported in the
"Sign-I'p CampaigiV' for cooperative'
marketing of cotton now in progress
■all over, forth Carolina. Whereas the
contract called for a minimum of
_'O0,IMI() bales to be-signed up by Janu
A ry 1, growers of nearly 300,000 hale
have already signed up.«
In a statement ju:t i sut'd by lead
fis of the Collon (.'rowers' .Cooper
litivc Association from the Stale head
quarter*, italcigh, they ask cot lon
growers everywhere to study the fol
lowing comparison ot\the .present
marketing system and the proposed
cooperative marketing plan. These
leaders say;that thi• parallel presents
the whole case in a nutshell and t
the most concise statement of the eo
operative maiket'ing program '. e\«i
printed: .
Who coift col - present system"'
Spinners, speculators and gamblers.
Cost of operating present system ?
The producer pays the profits and
expenses of all the long line of buy
 is and dealers who operate between
him an«l the mills, and he also pays
for an average of eight samples per
bale, for weather damage, and many
other wasteful and unnece^ary
What Is the present selling plan?
-"Humping" as soon as .harvested,
which forces a year's supply nt cot
ton on the market in four or five
months, and enevltubly "breaks" the
What is financing method of pres
ent system!
None so far as the producer is con
cerned. Cotton buyers utilize the bant
ing resources of tho coun l
.'Hue the purchase of cotton, but pro
-ducera ; are without any system foi
Using banking credit for orderly Sell
(irading are) Stapling, present sy's
I em.
Kntirelv in the hands of buyers. 1'
Is a matter of common knowledge
that cotton in the hands of farmer
is alost universally under-graded am'
staple values ignored in local markets
which aro th« markets in which farm
Weather Damage, present ®em
From MM average of sf> to more th.n
v;'i j,e' (vile, all paid by fal'liirr-:.
l'o\i -ilv, child labor, hard-hip, di>
tress, poor churches, poor whnidx._anil
unsound and unstable business.
Who controls Cooperative Market
ing system ? A
—Producers actln gthrough their co
opi-rat e sales, agency.
C.» t of opirating Cno|M-latiyi
Mat'ke'iug s> stein'.'
produce, to the ol In- sell
jug ttgcncj without any co t except
transportation char g'-s. When sold In
t'.o A -01 i.iiion the lull amount iiieiv
ed, less Ihe actual co-1 of .maintain
jng the Association, will be returnei
to t i»- gruvi T-. Wsi-TetHt- >Trrrr|4Htg
weatlu i damage and the prolits ol
many handlers, will be entirely eliini .
What is Cooperative selling plan'."
Orderly and systematic selling Una
out the year according to demand,
which will be a factor in stablizinp
the market and minimizing "bear'
i aids .and efforts of speculators ti
biea market and lower the ptue.
V hat is financing program of Co,
operative Systam'.'
The Co-operative Marketing Asso
ciation, using negotiable warehouse
receipts, will utilize banking resource,
of the count!" yto 'ina! e advances t.
members at time oi .leliu ry and mark
ft cotton in .'in «.rd ii and -ystemat.ic
tn inner.
Grading and stapling, Cooperative
ln the hands of experienced and
comj>etent tnen in the employ of th
Cooperative Marketing " Assrwrat n.n
Kvery member will get the full bene
fit of tho grade and-staple value ol
each bale he produces. This alone will
mean an average profit much in *x--
coss 4if $lO per half.
Weather damage, Cooperative Kv\-
--None. ./VII "cotton of all members
v ill he insured in lionded
watehouses t#
({esults, i y\.erative System.
--Fair and stable prices representing
cost of production and profit. Inde
j endence, comfort, good churches,
good schools,' 1 and "stable business.
 .. -
FORI> UOADSTCK for sale at acil
fice. In A No. 1 condition, can be
teen at Atlantic Hotel at a'hy time,
LOST: Wednesday afternoon between
(.'rftcher a office "a~tftverenrd- e»*a
with engraved initials 0. P. C. upon
it. Finder pleas ereturn to Mrs. B. A
Critcher. /-'• .
- 1921 Peanut Crop
/ Showing up Snort
i*| The peanut crop fro Virginia ami
e'| North Carolina will be about , ..ti,
; ! 000 or three-fourths of a million l.a>,
? short of the 1919 crop aioordnu- t
PI the latest iepolt of the I nite.t Mate
l t'.uieau of Markets and Crop I ti
| mates, notwithstanding the incie.i i
jin acreage for these two tate pievi
- ou-ly lepioted. \ liginia I credited
! with a large crop condition of pei
- I cent and a yield ol ;!,a-4,iMni bushel'
'(North Carolina's crop condition i.
given as til pet cent and her yield i.
I ! placed at H,7!1fi,000 bushels. Counting
I ; four bushels to the bag the combine«.
' yield for these two pioneer peanu.
- growing states of America will l»
- | only l,s|. r >,ooo bushels or 2fio,ono hag*-
j shorter even than the crop of 19110.
i I These Government figures are for
the week ending August Ml. The do
: tcrioration. since that time as the
j result of tho continuing drouth in
-j most sections is most marked, liven in
those' communities where there have
I been local -howersl the yield will not
' lie materially incrjensed as the vine
were so far gone when the rains cane
1 as to have hut little come-back ti
] them.
According to reports now coming
into the office of the Peanut Grower?
Exchange, Inc., the shortage in pea
I nuts for Virginia and North Caro
lina will lie decidedly more than that
' indicated fry the Government figures
Keports from si large numhei uf mow—
ers- scattered throughout the * tei ri
torv sent in response to a specin
questionnaire mailed out last week
indicate an increase of 1-t per cent in
acreage and a'decrease of 1M -pei
, cent in production a-- compared witl.
la-t year. On this ba is the 1921 crop
would fall oOn.tHM) bags short of tin
lioit crop of and 1,000,000 bag
short of the heavy crop of 1919.
In addition to this shortage In th' J_
present crop, which'now promises ti
IM- harvested unusually earl), tin
carry-over from the- last two ctirp
will be so small as to lic negligible
I bis complete clean up of old peanut.-
appiies not only to these two states,
which grow practically -nil the lnrg>
type peanuts of Airierfra, but also to
the Southeast, where the bulk of tin
Spanish peanuts are grown. The sup
, ply of.imported peanuts remaining oi
' the 1919 ,eiop, which had such a de
pressing efefct on (lie l!)l!> A nil-1 ii. u
crop, will also be so near out of tin
way as- to reprove, thi-s bean hr
-Qtin:r_J!uctors 111 at should hav • ;"
_ upi I helpful bearing on I lie pm-r'
j for the t'J2-Kctop are the better ton*
of the vegetable oil market, which ha
made decided gains 'he past Iw■
months, and the increased demand '■ i
peanuts for confections. These in
flliences have carried No. I Virgin):
- uttnlln.l po-ipa|t fnnir the low inJTfl
of -1 H-4 to h cents each in the vjeai
1 to 7 to 7 1-2 cents,--while No. I shell
ed Spanish have moved up In 1 I 1 to
(> I-2 cent-. The price.-, on cleaned
goods and the extra large Virginia
-helled remain steady at about the
-unie level for the st-ir-nn. The pi ce
' on farmers stock Virginians are \ i\
variable according ti"grade, running
from fi to siv cents for Virginia ri n '
r.ers and North Carolina hunch, will
good Juntlxis going at 1 1-2 to 7 cent
' Farmers stock Spanish have moved
up from the SO ceriTHevel, of six >veele
ago to sl.(io a bushel, though the .
ply is about exhausts
AM these conditions , Coupled wdl
' tin easier tone of the money n .nki-t
and the larger funds available for the
movement of crops resulting f-en
* favorable legislation on the pait (I
Congress aid from • modification* in
regard -to agricultural loans on the
part of the federal Reserve Hoard
p would indicate larger returns for the
1921 crop here in Virginia and Noith
Carolina than for the 1920 crop not
withstanding the greater shortage in
' the productiou.
I'nder and by virtue rr fth-* authorl
-1 ty contained in a certain note exeeut
' ed by S. »S. Hailley, beting date Janu
' ary 2nd, 1920 ,the conditions in said
nnt not having been complied with
; the undersigned owner of said note
\, will onthe Ist day of October, 1021.
s tho Court House I) »or in the towr
■I of Willianiston, N. C. aii 12 o'clocV
ofefr for sale to the highest bidder
for cash, at public auction, the follow
if ing described personal property:
,(5) Five notes in the sum of (S4OO.
i, 00) Four Hundred dollars each, dated
November, 1916, executed by W
F. Barber, dike January Ist, 1921, 1922
- 192.'!, 1926 anTf 1927. Said notes Ireing
p secured Try deed of trust on real estate
~ This the 7th day September, 1921.
i :
f« !— !♦ ynur children are ffoing away t
n school or college this year, he sure to '
.. -end the Enterprise to them, so jthey
can keep with thfe news at home.
VVillianistoii, !\lartin County North Carolina, Friday, September 23, 1921.
tin I ucsday , Sept. .!l i, -Mr. t.oui.V
11. IYe I of (.nftins iounship canted
a loait ol lol'.icoo to i criii lite, ulie
giade of whicn weighed Ibti pound-",
ti HI t .-old lor _\S cent pi r pound.
Vill i die |>u ; i i had pu-sed to tl.e
otliei end ol the warehou e All. lee;
mined the pile ot tobucco in the set
oud low and it wa -add a -cconu
I line. Mi. I'eel repeated this process
until the same pile of tobacco we
sold ten Uines as tolows, 2Sc, olc,
I-2c, :t-l 1 -2c, 28c, Hi. 1 2c 21c, 2f> H ,Ic,
and 3(i I -lc. This shows a difference
of Hie between the high and low ah
of the same tobacco, and it sold a.
one time 2fi per cent lower than it
did the first tune and sold lU
one tie .'(7 1-2 per cent higher than u
did on the first sale while the liiglie I
sale* Was, , r i7 I 2 per cent higher thaii
the lowest sale.
Ibis i stlie sjinie tobacco (remained
each time), sold h> the same loan
and bought by the saute buyers on
the same market. Ho you wonder wh\
so main people aie dissatisfied with
their sales'.' If Mr. Peel and a neigh
bor had been selling the same glade
of tobacco and one had received 2li
and the other .'i7c, one wotil knock tin
market and the other boost it Itut
there wa sfavorat ism shown this
transaction hut the fault was found ti
he inthe system of marketing lobar
ihe thing we 111 lit have, i- a s lent
that i sbaseil oin demand Jilld
and this can only he hail on tie- Co
operative Marketing basis.
Gohlshoro, N t'.—The seeretaiie
of the various ( ham I nirs of Coin
merve and representat iveV of the va
lied interests in Kastein .Carolina in
chilling- Hoaril sof-Trade, Marchants
association, hankers, land owners and
manufacturers held an enthusiastic
meeting in the rooms of the Chambei
of Commerc etoday and made tenia
live plans' for the formation of ai
Kastorn ''arolinWChainber of Com
merer'. W. t", Henmark, secretary ot
the local Cliatnher called the meet
ing to order, and stated the i hied
Kenneth Royall, president of th
(iohl.sborn Chamber, was made tem
porary chairman, and took occa ioi
lo accord the visitors to a w.i|ln *W el
come. -Mr. Uoyall bounded the Jfe\
note .kt hi sopeiiillg aihlre .- in wl ic!
lie stated tliat fh» VVfiiiv ent.itive
present should have fiee -and Iran'
discussion of the ihatteT and ""if' ~tl i
how n tliat we need a central rirgan
i/.ation to combine our efforts, ti e:
'et's organi/e as association Hi: t v\il
lie a militant factor in the affair.- o
our tide and nation,
W A. McGrit, manager of tin
Ninth ('aTplina l.andovviiei;s A una
Tion, endu'l - eil —the- —movement » a■
.said such -4111 organization vvou'd I'r
a long felt need and Would pu'vi n
great value to Ihe farinei u.ei
chants, hanker- and iiiaiiufar luier. o
the con tal plain region.
IJ. W. Gait he i ,of the North ('aro
linn Kvteiision Service," explained
I'm in ing coiidit ions in Hhn. state and
appealed .to the commercial organiZil
tion- to organize a unit which would
.insure the success o ftlie cooperalivi
market eflort now being advanced
by the extension service.
Secretaries . Y. (' hamblis , o I
Rocky Mount, . W. Denmark," oT
GoblsTmro, N. Scott, v of Wilson
If, . !•). Harlow, of New Hern, Mi
Price reprosentating the Southern rail,
road, and Mr. I nilei ■ >
folk Southern railroad, made intei
esting remarks and endorsed tin
movement for the organization of ai
Kastern Carolina Chamber of CmfT
merce. The speakers referred "to tin
natural advantages-"of the Coatal
Plain and declared their determina
tion to assist in any movement whirl .
would hasten it* tlevelopmvnt. RefJ
erence was made to our Ideal climate
condition's, rainfall arid soil coml-
Tions which UTe —crm*«ftHtl+e4-4>v—:uu.
section of the wrfrhl.
Resolutions were adopted at tin
night session which sets in motion tin
creation of a real militant organiza
tion which will be known as the Fast
er Carolina Chantt>er of Commerce
and which will involve all the con
morcial and agricultural interests, in
this section when the organization is
CAR FOR 111 111-" Day /ll* night Of
fice phone 12.'1. Re ( s phone 244. Price
lA'on Stalls, Mgr.
Car load wire tencing ami nhib.
also curload No. "1 Timothy Hay,
just, jeeeived. TJhe.ap for the cam
r IK CARSTA R I'll FN and >.
Watch- tlwriabel on yntir pap' r, In '
sure t orenew before yoyr t üb: cl ip
tion expires.
I Local News and
11 Personal Mention
Mr. Leßoy Andi'iion I 'm|«.ii ia
t Va. is at home visit»ln. parent*
' tins week and attendin £the i
V ** •
Mr. Joe Hamilton leit >e terdas foi
1 Itll l[ill lil whole III' w ill Inn h liis
. course at tho I nivei iiv of I'mii jl
vania this .seal. Mi Hamilton liu.
i l)een with !>•> Hoj le hol.oit mi Cons
- truction I'umpaii) for -r\ months
and in that time made a )i> t ol
who runlet .•.eeniK loin I•:i\«■
F . Mis. .1, , |)li it e I la\ i sol' Noi l oik i I
i visiting l"'r aunt, Mi . (A M i (in
I Mi. John (.ray ol' Savannah (ia i-
I Msltllle |.aivnr,, Mi. an,| Mi \\
i I Hunter ol New Town tin-. week
l di. I. ' lias lieen living in Savaniial
i '"I •• vi .'al years. Ilr is - 1111 ■ i:ii -i>
'i l l '■ I t on • i ui( t ion 9[i Ihe S:i\ I'.i ,i!
| 1 1  l • ft o 1 .I he Soli 11 it* 111 liel I I •
i , • 11' >I i I ol 11; i.. i .y.
»•» " ♦
Francis M. Harm'.-, 101 l tin work
, to enter Augusta Militai) Aeadenn
at Fort Defiance, \ irivinia. This is
t . said to lie one of tho host school , in
i the State of Virginia, located neai
promi \knt vol \; minister
\r haitiKi' ciii rcii
The services at the Kaptit i'liui '
, morning ami evening will lie conduct
I'll r I,V Rev. Uichanl 'l'. Fountain n
'l'arlioro. Mr. Fountain is. a sua.
I'ul viung ininistcr liloti|>inM to .
prominent l'".!istefi. (..'ulina fai.iiU
Since receiving tns decree at the
.■ Southern I'.nplist I li. oioi;ical S-1 i
nru\ he has diine o ■st aiYcpla' .
*unk as |i istor in :ln. State and al
io South' Carolina. Every one is cordl'
•illv . invited to hear the. • splendid
young man I'r.uhi our noij;lihoi my
mi:, j. \. n.\i,.,i:i! \ isrrs imi;
Mr. J, A. I laltir of-Ivlkim, 111. \i ilr.
lie tail 1111. week and niado aiiani;r
oeiit to have SOIIIO of thr ejiilut
, . i>|.la>ed here taken to Illinois Stati ,
Kair which will hi held in I'eOria, tin
/a t of September. Mr. Mailer ha
bought thirty five thousand acres ol
land HI Eastern ('anflina and i-- now
developing it. His Company, Tin
I'aiolico I .iillllii'i and I lev elopiin r !
iniipan \ renti-il upace in tin* fail
'/roiiiids hi 1 ',' i ri", paying 11 II it 'or lin I'liiposr ul' adi".
lis i ui' larn i pn.-i'ocl I'l inn En '•■ir
jLuJuiel. J Ills v. ill | lean much i ,
I his- eetii. '.a il ' 1.1 put our I.; t
point ■ 1 ii'li n* .on o ■ t lie woi lil'
lli I j .i*r., •Ii ■ alul ui'l . i iuht 11* IK.',
lie In ir; H |' . i i ir ii  ol thi in lo i
St Ito 101 aII "• I I Olne.
111 Whs Id I RIENOS
I i Ii 1«r ; IciTiK 11 v fi ii , fnl ~"' T T t'
• »?• t i'f ia «.f the chool wjio v«, ].i• • ll'
I fit Ml 111 •Mil'lll Ill a il* .'lilt oil lohjll* I
il'm ! Ihi tint inorvunjr lor tlii* i •
»' tin children I fed mik* Ihr i'lhl
-In n • ri jo\ i d tin- rule uiiil I .i|>i»,  •
I ate lli»* j K'-julul >|»ii it niiinifi-sti'il l»\
I the* M;ii t iri ('mint y Fair As iM iati.ii
f«»i |i;i.s*i'- to the school «11•!
I 11 «*11 and teacher o rtl.r ('ountv. AT
' hildren at ■•chool on time that morn
j an opportunity to i i«lo for 1
I^ft in tlir liist car.
M. .1. DAVIS, inli-nili'nt.
•SI'Ml \ V
I |{rv. .1. T. Wiltnan will pri-aih in thk
morning at ll:i>M'll, and at I'arnM'h*
at ni^ht.
Sunday sclinol at I'«*••! School at
thrcf* 'thirty and at I'arniHc at three
in ,thc artcriKMiii.
Hihl«* .study class at Mrs. .lulu.
I Ward's in I'urmcltf Monday ni^ht.
fT\iu> si iti \c ko i((i\u mi:i:t
--| i N;
held in tin* town of Hamilton al
which the "'Halifax- Willianistgn lli(fh
way Association" was organized ti
work in the interest of a hard jnirfac
ed highway between the capital ol
Halifax County and the capital
Martin Counly, routed through Scot
land Wck, I'almyra, Oak City, Hainil
ton and running iiracticallv paifdle'
i with the Roanoke River.
The folowing officers were elected
Harry Waldo, President, L. J. Maker.
H. T. Kverett, M. I'. Taylor, Mr 11. I.
Ixinjf, Vice-Presidents. I'. 1.. Sals
bury, Secretary and Treasurer. IX (i
Matthews \\*r a pointed with I'. I.
rialsbury tii draft, resolutions and pre
sent them to the ollard of County
Commissioners of Martin County e
. ipiestinif that this proposed road be
, adopted. That a copy Of these re so
. lutions l»e sent to tjie County Com
nvi.ssioiierH of Halifax County anil to
the St#te Highway
■nmmmmim """ .
— ' I
f On Wc»lnes4la> a I I»F.1 tiiuiiin
car bflonpiiiK to Mr
wu i tolen from tlu» Fair liiounil
The car was a 19'J0 V nuult l aiui ha.i ;
small dent about th«* itntpi » r 11• •
rear ol the botlv. 1"h«* ».ti tiullll»«.*i
was ami the lueii v IUIMIIm-i
was. It LI.NL pruct U alls ll W
tire.s all l'ouiiii. Mi, on will p i\
a suhstiuit ial re\var«l t«»r 111• i« iuir
i»t* the far.
On Ihui silav nu-ht .ML. I. I II. HI
«'l II i «I! lost .4 lit \\ i 4
ha«l I"111 L* ft11 Ii thaii a \\«ik ;n»i.
!.j;rri' w a n«> Jjve.ii
' \ 111 a t k4«I Iu■«•»» «• a|>|>l i«*«4 •«• i, I'M
a .i 1 1' 1 \\ i»»«»11 •• I 1" t» 111 wit li' • iir:
rlit , >ll«»ti>i iflltii!»«*i l
ll.u I I w ill pa\ a I rason.IHLR M*VN .»I»!
i«*i tin* i• •t ui n til iu> cat «m I t>i iin
I'm matinii lentlnur t«» the capluir .tn«
lit ui no ft ht % »ar ami Ihr pai!\ v h>
-tole it.
r. II IUKI>SO\; \IM \\ \
I N ( II \N4ii:
I Siiffnlk, \a , S«• pt«• 1111 M ■ i JJ, I jrj I.
I'. II I'anl NNT', IF |LIT• KML
r«• nr S11»» a i •»* ('>.. wa- t«»«I a \ »• I«*4-1 •«I
l«'heial Manai'ri «» It In* I'• .Hint  • t •»w
••i I - . \« ha 111• i•, hit , w,llit'll It.i • inn
Im'l ship -mC n\«*i .I.IMHI j.- r«»w r i WIN
rrplnriit o\n f»0 pt'i, filil of t I.« |-«
not I'M'Wn m X an.i \oil! ,
( ai nlii.a. I n a«H* Ii t i«»n t«> hi • lai |
nut —1111 in■ ■ '*"i nt ni u■t ■, M— I' ■»• 1 1 >»"■ ■
'largely in a huinl  i «"• i" « in
er 111 nil ■ ' «• 111erpiiM 1 • In if in Snf
I nlk antl .it t'\rral pfiit - in nei"li
enuiitlt's. In mi x inti\c »l."
tin' h«'tt«'l liirnt of In ot\. ft (Hit \ ain
sect inn, Mr. l»irl>oiU' has laken
leading pajt ami In- tan.l- out .i mil
of tin' t'oroino t hrisiness incii c»l Title
wuter \ Mr. ISitilmiir i
largely associated with hi- two hioth
ers. in tin* wholesaln im im
in I'hiludelphia and Now Voik. 11•
will a >uino control of tho allan «•'
tin- OctohoiAJ t ami UIMII'I
In wi oth i oft n m tin \nrfn ft it-YT of
Ihe I*) \ch a n t'i v aro ronfnlrnt that linn
,oi'tfani/at ion w ill IHTOII'IO a powoil'n
ar»in\ lot the hitti i inai kt ine •>
The pee ia I. liant •• iuininill«> ap
pointed to nejrot late wit the r*i
anee ('orporation iepntei| tlii«-ii"li
Cliait I.UiUI II _AlL*\vUUii;U . i
Scotland Neck, \ ' . I Ira I il had tal • i
this matter np with the anthnii «
;il W.i.hinj'ttm and had hej-n t-i.e»
every a. . urahce that the neeo. -'m
fund f\»r flain inc the pe.innl t lep t»l
the momhei u«aiM I••
pro\ ided up to .ifijiMitMinii if lie
much w a net e . ar\.
A nol In i impotlant act nui ol ■
I'nanl tif I h iet| iii at Iheii lilt". '
todaj w aiianeinc Ini i jin inl.t i
lup campaign to Ir nimhnte'tl
he I I I tn I , 'th. While the ifcei
"tn" the KiiiwiM^' —rnnt raet i e)on « n;'.
more than per eent nf tftie |.ea
nut e i own in the e two • tale
pecial I Will lie' «1111 11 • '
Ihi campaign In al*l at lea I I >'
aiMitiollal U' nol -, ni. In yi \ e 'I.
I\\chanj>e rnlltlol nf llnl . Wt*" t It'll"
•or ci i.t of tin peanut m i»w n ii
Vicuna and nil h ('a inl ina.
fill olhel' 111 fieei I hi- l'i i l,7nh-. ~
■ in-. I'M i.l. nl. \\ .1 Sl..i v , I' , i
liiiin, \a , \ ice I'll- ident M ( ' II .
ill, I hit t lebol o, \, I ; Seeietai : 1 1 . i'
In-.e uiei, .1. f rank 100 he, Sill folk,
Va.; I'ixecutive ( oiiiiiutlee; 1.. I i; 1111
St ry Franklin, Va , I. 'I I'r,ml . C
Ivi i, \a , -I II .\ len a 11• 11 i I
S' «tland Ker'k, N. Hi. .1. |r. |[u-i-'
'»'. il iain ton, N. I
Cennany failed to feel the effect
of and .shell on LIEI own -oil dm
in gthe war but INN-1 leel the effect.-
of the terrific cxphiHon which look,
place at Mannhejm, oiie ol' her mall
towns, 'LLIE town of a population ol
about (J.IMIII people and ITF\ principa ry IN iln chemical work-. The,
wer-e" working a rlouhle cfe\V aiul wlrrrr
the --hilt was about to be made 'II, lin
early the explosion o cuuu.
killing I bout 1100 men outright an.'
wounding over 4,000 of the nthei
(ITIC RIS of the coiniiurnity. T+IT- V LIE
most (Ii; usterous explosion FLV'cordei!
in history It
tr.W n and DOUIANED the >utiIIII'HI'II •
territory forty iiulen away.
The i!»2| Martin County Fail -pa I D
into history and was lit"! I with re
ma'U'ihle I|uietness, On*- LL.NT
RT MEV hat .marred the smo'/tln - . M
it was that there were, A very large
number of drunks aml V among them
TERI' wlllie fnifly decent looking peo
frle. Thin 1* just a little strange when
'WE take one view of it, why men will,
go to a place to have -a good time
an lt hen GET. too tlrurik to have any
[ kind of a time. R
Another Doper
i Gets too Much
\. I . ,i.l .1 I • i'l In ill (.«' .1 •!(
l 1-1 aii (1 ||H I t 'lll \ alt >\ \V ck
o. . !» V.l -li'tl'-il WillU'' I*.4 .I.
>!. . uat \, . l.i ) l Jh Oil I liiii?, I.i
• •'> in on t»> .illt ailing |ul .•• i.4 .
i an I a l . m cau -e he had th link I« •.
, ... ..
k . 1.1 lI!I. • ' III.' !■ >.!■ 1 \V ,| . I,M. »-.■
k .« liM'.',..«\iH'\\ it man who on '. t»
V\v r i;i"» li-ii \\ ii 11 . ih. of tin* !.• w I'l l « 111 N« \\ 1 ill li ia t Ml, ...
..i'l \n ho \\ a U»|'|iiim .«I 1 iidii.a
1I"Ml 11 HIV lama' .111.1 lan Ll> r\riillu»
II was ham.l »ail\ in the attcii.i.oi
1 liial l ilt TO \\ u* . 'tiling WiOllv Wit.
him an.l Ih. Wain m s\ a Miinino, . .
i ll«' Imiiiiil Hie man ai a weak comb
Minn, lirait -rrlluM -tI «• 11 J.' I'llt le-|u-|
nation \\a-> Ml \ low . 111 i ; 111«* i• • wa
I.'\ ■i \ miluatioii of iliuv |hi i II
1 'in-.I a low howi latei .
\ tow. I'lllli.' hot t I«* i'l |t.| I •i u
found and ahont urn thn-l .
I pound ..lit lulu a • 1111*k1111' « 111». I•«-
•Mr that oiiio ot lit' I inoiht ihr \\*a
I omul on 111 IM I oil I ||r I 111 I Mil' o 111 •
n»oi phtne I h .1 11. I\ in i.; lit a\ laa
•ii Moii.lav nll'lit tin -an i- man i aim I
to hi I 11» • an.l silked loi moiphini
• i ho I i.i soii m • killn*\ t i ouhh
I \\ In hmijioo hi n-l'ii oil an.l CUM- Inn
I'n' two I'iiini' Li.Hl.' | »;i h'l'oi ir. I'hi
• nan ra\ e In . nam.- a I• in| k
hut In* w a 111• *llll fu-.l I• \ niii- ul tln
how nun . "Wiiu\" ami In honu
- a ITIIII •• i , |'a. ||i w:i tillin .1 o\ oi
• lo Inf v I mlri 1 akini' I t ah[i I,in n.
—auj w a.—lnn i in! «■» I'»t ■■ i >• i. 1. _
W Vilnc 11 a v a t jfuhlic ili HIT I mi
aI'I .' .'n a 111 i ■ tin null) W a I nun.l !"i It \
n-ai' oh I, w i a n i |>|»l« . one lout had
h. i hetl oi l alnl ho w a oa th
t ivo Momiits bcKvmv. hut «»111\
II I'l«»i• n rout . wln n foimil.
I build lo tln w a ;i c;i .• of hnhit
tai to.I inch h\ in. hunt i| it loil to
I hint** inn I bo ilonc to chock tin
w handling -of niercutic.*- llu ,
I lay at the Rate an.'
tlio cnih, h.'1.l to illlciulor In inoiH-N.
to |ihn-1110 on(olhini' that ki11..1 hue
! iiiil ha.l o|i Ili y fifteen cont loft
MI:, nni.uim II \s mm u
Ir i! IJ' on. nf 111.' 11l- I 1.1111 mil t
A\ 11 11 . i i!i' I•oo i oho Ial» If
fat in at i I II rn Xi'i I h ( 'a. o||||il '
a n'i }'l• i\ • *•! In Ml \ I lloll„la.\
I |.4 4, | lu-. a'lami that the IUI H.l'LiJ
f HI il |' ii ;t• 11 I- ol tin w m t'l i I..rate,
a' I . 11 all \ i»i Ihl'al o11n: i Ih e vane
-a.-I i. I- pin,ln, e.I i o lai y*' that •
i n i until nrroimd Mr HollrdaV
I:, iin \\ itj, ~» ln lie •, wall afnl li
• "H.i T~iTu~T k nu~ Tii-""xCnTitn T, rrr
li 'a I.w II I' nil, liiol. h"U « am
mil r\i i v 11.41" in. .I. . | mi flu-, t0...
i ii. I . lot In ii)' 11 lie Willi 11 a |'. •. i hli
r. |it ion n| a hi 11.- . a w at. i i oil
who h t" i\ti a. I a'l ami ma \ hi- ;i
low 11in 11 mil I n-lia
vAiiioin' th.- aMi. l. how n in .Mi
-- 4 4U+ Ua-v-'—Lxixil Ma I'.'liowiin i
lai in .ml ra i. It'ti .i • n
lie 1.1 |.ra . hla I Ul"' K'»«'l. « hi\
' hlarko'.o'l. I'i unit li. \ «> i. tll ■
ran''. Wiit | > I ali.o . I m-.i Imml
iia|i l.i 7 ai~ A nler^TTat—
I"I n. pi oil till- anil' l:. • .1,  .ol'l."
|V.,,T ..i T 'n.Tr
: . la an. Ilah. i V a.-.m . ,i I
M imn, Vn,- V 7 HoV .
V , | a e t\". aili tie
II an i , 11; irona 11 • I "i k .
• Siirillowoi
Hay, Ml vaiietie , \|j'h Imlrnr 7 rl»
vei an.l 3 r.'isV-e .
. li' \o, Ahi a/./1 •
I vai it-Lie - ..
I I I. |tot at oi .
l a'i' . hoi h n ami white as
I 'n in plcins.
lie.l | e|»|»«• i , t vai let ie .
IJoet . ( 'hi haw.
« v llaw he l i , with I i nil nn \ ine
'l'ii i nips 1 \ a i let us.
I ensinte, • a ha\ saitl to pnwliice 2
' toiLs per acil'.
IJ i v hoi I rot I mi.
May wheat. .
Apple, oat , 1.a1e.l lifln ha\ . ;il ■
' -linW ii r.V U .j„ck lee.r anil TTaTrTT "
Sriippei linnv. > r l ftp«*
Wat ci inolnp •, loin Wat tin an-
I'oars, Varieties.
A pples, .\ in icties.
102 tans of vegetables ami friiit
that hiitMieen pie>oi veil, 4m kh-il, aiu
canne.l in almost o\ery conrejvahl.
manner. Of this (lt k oartnieiii
of the tlisplay is to bo ereiTlteil ti
M i.m.
Mr. Ifnllitlay Is a bard wt»rkcr but
I there are many farmers in Martii
(,'ounty w])o work much harder tluu
♦1. % Hollithiy but perhaps tl>ey dn r
Aoik as systematically jus does* Mi'
Ifolliday. So much of our success
1 *nmes ffom thinking unci planning-
Indeed, a nnni cannot live by work
1 alone,\nor can man Jive by thinking
ah»lie, the .-urt t; ■ I'n! nan 1 he who
• ntixes.lthe twu i proper proportions
liday's success. •
v -" ~ _ p
-a '
Mic l.u.m. s., f lrmjl of t(iß County
Uile.l to Kpo.'tunity to dj»
I'lu jtheir giioii.i at the We
."'li. t'.l ~nlj a lew exhibits. Ha>*t
11 uilu are Company had a good ai
i ui«. incnt of ~tovc6 and rang« i;
11.111 i.-.nn tliotheis and Company had'
■' '"I"' display of Ladies and Men's
"" . hut , and shoes, B. S. Courtney
"•"I S'l' n.lid displays in'both the Main
•'i'* U"inan-.. Huj|dm K s; W. G. I'eeJ
■ 1 • • Lai.K tin- Dekii Light v.j. had
•1 pirn. lid demonstration; Watts
'•""■'i> Company showed a frne
K*'".'i'*-iit's m the l.adies
l Uiifi 1 injt. llu Fisheries l'roiuct Co.
'n-ial bujfs ot Fish guano on
rvliilntmn and samples of farm cropT"
«■>«•» 11 l.> its fertilizers. We ui* nut
I'ai'tii-iilai ly interested in Th« Msh
'i'i'. I'loduit Co. hut wm hav» to a
•I""! that they have good t'ertilizer-i.
A ciuiipai ison n fthe
an iltlu. Woman's Huilding
showed aKMin that women ur» more ife
l»ii'lahle than nieji. Wo ha»en't the
I 'utiles at hand hut it is ijuite wife
t" say that there wore three times a*
hmii \ .women exhibitors as there were
mens. The ehuiyh booths served the
lie.iple with both K"od things to eat
•""I ' >-fresiling drinks. Those who
know taring sa yit was good, a large
iiuinhei' of horses were entered an.l
tliej were ol' an exceptionally good
1 lass. Miss Qtimry the famous hrigti
'liver performed her part splendidly
w.-H I m > 1' 111:ir wll 11. l'ha live
stock was not filled hut
lite |Liality was good ami shows that
liter.' air a few Martin County farm
ers who air thinking of good stock.,
lite l'oulti;y I'epnrtment was better
1 ban la t tear and embraced a large
miinber ol t liu better breeds of poul
nil lit >l.l WFKVII. MAKING
-anrin aih am ks
lite Hull weevil is making
.. * I \;. 11. . t'.wai d us. It is now Items;
louird iti Tiu i'i- i|imnilits in l.enoir,
Wake, Cia\en. and many other
lies nrai h> It is not doing much
lam.'ife tln 1 e hi.wevei as it dhl Hot
' e.tcll llu H- until lair but it will star!
n nr\t \rai- In .lean those fields in
''' lltr ail) sea.-011 and will reach us
a. .it 1 to In* hoped too lat.* for
-t- vl 1 .1 lb>\\ evfr it 1-. eyi-
Iri.t I fin all 1 ndicat ions that cotton
1 "Wiiii' Mill li, problem in tint
ret tint ten -I".II, 0111 larineik niU-sl
not: .nut tor the limit weevil in tilnu'
•'> i'  a 1111 (• a betti'i diversity of crofts
tii.i 1»; 1 in ** iiMii7l—; nTtcntidn to live *
r..rl, pi mi It 1 \ and such things as are
* • 111 V nrrded b \tlieni'. It,will lie hard
".1 tbr tanner who has -
p•ll colton solely for a living when the
Mie boH weevil strikes us thoroughly.
i: Ml Id 1\ I »S. SFKK TO t;KT Ol T
"F I'\n\ti I'AXKS AS Ait.NKS-.MI
llu- .Stiiiiben Railway has pi neur
it I an 1 njunction against the state
a . 11* 1111111 -loner to prohibit the «ol»
let in,l, of taxes niult-r ,|iis assessment
li 1 brlieved that the Atlantic Coast
I ine and the Seaboard« Air Line will
.nil follow suit in the v'ery near
1 111uii'. Their is no telling what the
re ult will be. The railroads have goi
1 In- most powerful grip on the country
that they have had in twenty years.
I.onk at your freight bills ami rem
pare them with tliose of five yearn
.igo. Tr.ivol a bit and see what it re
ipnre:,. Then look at the papers anil
>mi w ill _also see_ them with their
ami on the throttle in Washington? l
gi imling the cash out of the public
treasury whenever they want H. Ho
I'nr us we know the railroads are the
only things in all creation that can go
to the public treasury and say our
tin sinttss fs bad and we are in need
of money and have it sheel.t out to
them in large (|uanities without hav
ing to givi* notes, bonds or anything,
and with the understanding that it'is
a gift.
Think the matter over. If we have
"ortiETSTKißfortumite then-we-will niak*
correction of this statement.
_ Jiuy the Magic Metal Silver Clean
ing, I 'eat from the Dealer and save
all the Rubbing. The No-Kub Silver
and Gold Cleaner. Hu.v from Leslie
Fowdeii Drug Store.
For first class Shoe repair work:
Come .to the Kxj.eit Shoe Shop, on
Washington Street opposite Atlantic
All work sent us by Parcel Post
will receive prompt attention. 4t
• E. G. lI'OCK, Proprietor.
I have taken up a heifer about two
years old, color, red, ear mark, cvop
over and under bit in rifht, smooth
crop slit anil under bit In k/t
Owner can gel same by payiac
BEN SCOTT, Wiiliamaloa, pd.
1 *
" -***

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