North Carolina Newspapers

One Of The Best Games
Seen On Local
Tl* Wiliiamstoa ton bfckt ball
fi\ e defea.e4 Btlkavta'i team
here Iriday night at the Dix.e Ware
house by the score of U> H Bel
haven thrcwed a scare into _hr Wil-
ouiftt during the quar
ter bat their radu&g attach «a» sooc
overcome by WiDuartoa. The visitors
prelected the bat p»-w»* ihnl h*-
been *»en bet* Iku ——>. taw
Jan«> and Bishop were wMMtdiy
the best trio that has been here this
with 17 pouU The defeat *e ram
put up by Bethaveu nt exnllent As
for WiOiansSM the eaCaie t> an rtir
red and they played the h.4 rimr
of the roason. The puv*moi of Or
leans was responsible for at k«f 3©
points Wolfe M bath learn ui mr
UK with 32 of his teams O p«Ki
KaoeU with six ieM reals pbH *
rood game. Karpia aad lifhr, the
Williamston niant'io. lept thr
vaitors score don. breakaf up pwte
a few passes.
The lineup aed «MI 1 IdHivr
Brtkx>ew 32) WAaa low (M)
R r.
Windley. W. Orleans
L F.
Jones Wolfe
Darts Taylor
K. G. .
Wind ley. St Margelis
Tine of periods IO mtnwu 
Narrall, urorer.
Stabhs. referee.
All fanners in the vicinity of Oak
City are invited and urged 'o attend
a meeting at the Oak City School
W ulre-!a\ night Mr. Hdl. who will
speak to us, has bad math experience
in breeding cotton and he will lecture
along this line with particular refer
ence to varieties- The varieties which
are best suited to Ml weevil coudi
tions will be stun it
The imprnei m» at of cutsaa vane
ties will meua much to this lommun-
ity as it will Materially juriea-e thr
yWM per act*, la my epeeson we need
a variety that will grew quickly aad
n.ature early. We do not want too
much weed as ths will be against us
in combating thr ball weevil It is ex
pected that Mr Hill wiM give as the
results of tests made with different
varieties. such as are an Afferent
types of soiL
Mow w can pmhw p«i
•f rotMi « mm «f Meesut) produce
or secwe ikr knot wri pauMr
Koimbn the kMr wl date of tk.
meet in jr. Witan itij p. ■» Mr
Hill is from the State [krpartir.ent of
Apvahai* and ril km jo—thing
worth while for «wj fain I m Ikb
cununaiuty to hear.
Afrnrultare Ttatktr. Oak City Hi(r*
The girls basket baU team of the
Williams!oa High SthaJ lefenied that
of the Wiadser H«h School here on
the local eowrt at the Dixie Ware
boose yesterday afternoon by the
si&ail score of 11 to T. It wws the
ftrst game far the lorsli and the ex
citement and thriß apprni«d to
hamper their ptayicg- Bat as for the
first gaaae e-rer play« I in their live*
wo a—side- it to he a very gwnd oat.
eri, f«r WadMf'i atce lutog
iro\t up lilhia n'iw| Ike di|tktr-t
was called a few ai—lii after tfe
visitors uiiiui aad tWn «*at
time to iaforaa U» «mU btc been
The firif play the Hertford High
Schaal teaa hen Thnaday aad a|
raach hetter gaaae as am and by the
mnateaw-ef the taaa. The Hertford
' _ *
Fiwdi af Dr. J. H I'm If i aril
be glad to haaar that his eye ia ha
proviag aad that he afl be to
retara hear §Av blag a aaarb
* "*• «
Several Wells Have Al
ready Been Drilled
1.000 Feet
Mr. Harry Nam;, of \o* Bern.
«a :©*■ izst week. rep-rsenting
the l»nrat Lakes Company,
the stocUioMtn of which arc a ffroup
of Eastern Carolina cithrv orfuurd
for the parpoae of ior oU in
this part of the state.
He said they have already drilled
at several phces. the deeiest writ
beiag about IJH feet vaeie several
minerals were foaad. among them pot
ash. which ranges form ( 1-2 to 12
per ceat in parity.
Practically W| (tnt mineral
wealth of the world ha- been trodden
on for ages by pnplr who Iked and
died in poverty and ■ igwc ranoe of
the great wealth just bekw their
feet. That was true of the Texas field,
the (Treat I'-aumon! country was the
peore.t in 'hat great ta.e when
fampirn cane ta ard brfja to study
the (wbc of the coaaty aad found
uultit.iM of dollars worth uf oil be
neath the plains which was gradual
ly going in the pockets of the bit
od rnmpami i.
Mr. R C. BwLs who is new and
has been president of thr Miners As
sociation since the St. I —ii- Exposi
tion is ia charge of the work of the
Great Lake Drilling Company and he
has made loag aad exhtudiw study
aad iaiertigitMa and after this re
search he assures th» pmpli of East
ern Carolina that under the plains
of Narth Chrihai there is >ue ef the
greatest oti field* ta America or to
•he world.
The company is raaung JTSjOOO. in
stoek for the purpsoe af drilling a
section well 3£« M fart Jeep, and there
will be present gealast o the com
pany also members of the geelsffiea]
department at Ealmgh and WasMug
The find well will be drilled at
llankrk. near the Great Lakes in
Craven county between Sew Bern and
More head C*j. The rempuny has a
mitieml lease en WjM acres ef land
m the eu>t and they propose to pet
til before they stop.
la the olden days when the average
person thought that od oas coal
jum. and they called it coal jo ire. it
was generally supposed to find oil
near coal beds, but BOW geologist*
say 'hat oil beds are found where
gnat >|uai titles of fish have have
been thrown up by some great ocean
apliiaval. which brings million of
barrels of fish up when they come and
the fish ihi omiM 11 when they are left
in the basin* nnd some volcano fries
thr grease out of them. Scientists
say that there have been six such
upheavals of the ocean on thr Ext
ern const and these od fields, they
say, are the result of them. Any way,
mo* es in mysterious ways. His
wonders to eprform." And always has
imrthiag ahnl to acre for our
every" need
Bat thai we hare reliaMe informa
tMd it sot wkta we kav the saw
nperti who toted >kr Beatnaont
fclh. and they sa >thal it, too. of
wot More, bare to Eastern Carolina.
Any way here •» hofUf they a-e
On last Thursday afternoon at her
htne an upper Main street Mrs. M.
D. Watts entertained with tww tables
of bridge. Bowls of k.iowb and war
cm on tie table, were wed for
decorations At the lontn of the
games a salad cnawe was served
Those pi a. nr were. Mrs. W. B.
Watts. Mrs. Bohert Heydc*ie»ch, Mrs.
J G. Godard. Jr . Mr*. Oscar Ander
soa. Mr*. Roy Gargaxia*. Mrs. C. H.
Godwin. Mrs. J. W. Maamirr and Miw
Carrie Ml White
The Mlirrfc, agwalud by J. R.
Sdfcjr, aM The Texan Cafe, iprmlid
ari mi by Ury aad M.
ined M aad qwft wKee, «Ue
the Tom Cafe um the pujli of
Motkrib ■ located ia the ateee
fnaailj tenfiri by E. IL Goidy.
aest deer to the paat «•», the Tea
ace ■ located «a Waahiagtaa street
rarai carries* haw the Ural part
«dke «e njiial to that that «e
dH aat hanre to go. Naar *e «uk a*
had thrir jah aad that they had earn.
f«r they ate aluadj irteraad aad
«■*-—H» ML
' x ' , Jil-1 « ■' "
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, January 22. 1923.
Founder Of Tre Enter
prise Tells Interest
ing Facts
Oar charitable ibalilaliuiii arc ear
of our jurt cause; far pride 111 our
A recant visit to tie SoMim Home
ia Raleigh made as raj aw that the
aaker- and liaUdeis of oar state
bad laid a foundation apoa which the
old aad anfortanate of oar stat«-
could stand ia the hoar of aied. On a
recent visit to the Hone at Raleigh
,the first ntut I Ml was our old
friend J. DaiL who for fwr years
hai worn the "Gray." Mr. Dail in
INKS cane to Wntiamstoo aid found
Ed the Enterprise aad of th s under
taking he told us snack At the be
rinning buck in IMS he had no type
suitable for the head lines so he rut
MM out of a piece ef white pine
board and these sine letters were
used for some time. Mr. Duil has not
laid down the knife and roods box
yet. for be presented n»e a beaetifu'
carrinr of a pointer dog. Among his
many earrings Mr. Rail has many
of those of birds. fleam. great men.
and beautiful womea. many of them
are painted so that they look exactly
like the original specimens. After
meeting Mr. Uail and talking with
him for some time 1 inquired about
our old friend. W B Hadlev He said
that he wis bis This made
me my gia«l to k~«r that Mr. Had
ley bad thr good fortune to hare thr
i nuipuaiiiiMhifi of sadi a sunay rem
rude as Mr. Hail I was then take*
in and rejoiced ta >«e our eld friend,
who has so long stood in loneliness
trying to keep warm and get food
without rnitrh of sath attention as
human bringi need, so comfortably
boused with steam heat, a cumfort
able bed and chair. It was some in
spiration to see the cheerful smile of
'Uncle Hdly" when I ami him. aad
it was a pleasure ta answer his que*
Hons about his fneads ami the old
home town, Will«nm-ton Hie fthah
ndl be glad to kr«w that he is much
improve*! in health than when he
left here.
I was taken arwuxf the institution
ukl IMI wrjl "f the «M nw«,
M.BW of thewi loohin* F««v straw*
rmd Hair. while -ome of were
? rrtnWi'ig «n Ikr brink of denth.
Many of the bnt and influential
families ofthw rmd old ««» h»?
rrpmMtnl in Ifcr H*f I nrt A* 1
brother »f one of Nor-b Ca rwliaaV
nwt illustrious jndges.
It was. »M. a pl»«n>'* '• *®
and m and Inrn that tW Oi-1
Soldiers Hmnr is Ml a fUft
old Mk* are earned to die. hut a
plan rtfff «M saldier* of uur ma
try a** earned to live.
To Play Washiafton To
morow At Wash
ington '
The local Im bukct hall Mmi
will Flay the Washington town tow
at WukaftM toaaorrww aught, Jaa
2M It i* expected that a large mtanb
er of local faaa will RW over with
tae team The locil tram is tryinff to
arrange pm» w.".i sowar of t.
- tie rtate
The entire town Meow oery much
interested ■ the basket ball tewwi an-1
is thow hy the nnkr ia atteodanee
The team here is not m the
U*sine*o to Make mnaey. hwt for the
recreation it fwrnwke and all the
receipts taken ■ jut harHy pa)
ex pew ie i for newr eqeipwet and those
of visiting t
The |nlnni|i of the people of
Wdlrsmston and tiwwanilj will he
appreciated by the yaag men who
go to make up the he. We haw* m
good IMB and it guarantee* as MR
good game*. so let'# help the hoys art
by attending nery panUe gue here
and elsewhere.
J. & HaOtday aad Brather
have a good ttaatof saoag hag kttat
raeaeds as dm by the aaight of
the aaaa be kfflad last Saitarday aaara
iag. At Mae oM after all the
raagh work. that is 11" | aad dresa
lag the bogs, they were wghad. On
of the sevaa Hi! the lightest aae
bpgad the aeatea at W >in i I aan
aae at 4M, the ae««a altogether weigh
ed 2JM 11 in ii
Was Soldier In The Con-
Federate Armies
In 1860
Was llurd Member Of
Family To Die In Less
Than 12 Days
Mr. Kntkii l"»rn I'
strickcMd «tk Tmiu lleniiy '
January 14 M NiJuni y inorn- J'
in* abort ll«& W !*• On the]'
Monday tt4w Kif dn h Kttwh\.
Mr. Cncr »as *jftip.i m •" rani '
and fall *Wm «irnaw At *ht» tin**
be was ri*f f >r be fcaJ '
Mffntd the locs.- «f his cell «on «tv
was kiM ar!> fcaj— S. font- an 1
the loo* mt h> »ife on Ja nun 12 •
jut one day M»«r h«-i .kith ami
the time he «a» Both ht*
wife aad m ha in* J«I «f |>r«
■noma. The tw*> hcrt.Ur sH A> * th
«M are aid t'»bli» - «w :»c ra»-fc )
for himjutd liralk Wl"« !• r a fern j
days altar bis fall. ll*- » *.> sn*Bty- j
Ave jwrs of are la.-; July
la «Hr —h ■" I ("wry |
■mai ill the rail >f tie tVi.federary (
■d aerrod ra Cooepaat A. I'ti North j
Carolina Rejnmeat After tfc • «ar be j
returned how aoi rave he en- !
tire attention to famine at whaeh t
be —a>M in eam.agc a comfortable
limit for bmasalf. «*4 family.
Mr. Cmer ■» e-rmaily food of,
baatiM* aad pefhafs had »»r» flrs*
hand knowledge rf nU ansaal' and i
rune than any nar in Martin mun
ty. He vat abb to nutrr the on |
aim «ih later and whet, tbe wtld j
deer aad fn irvtftrd near h meant '
veaisoa byde hr he I%n«* hi- «
life W hd *ei> little >th»«l ina.nme.;
but wa» a rarefal «*wrvei and hi*
power of dewnfliM wa> very -t rik ,
inr. nvakinr h«a h-.»titr \tor»e- arvl
war aMoho mp» c-ally mtere-t-
The banal wa> by th- fresh rnves
of his wife and s»k la*t Saa lay ofter
noen anil the threat s of fnrads
and loved *ae». The fa aeral was twn
•lareri by Elder J. X. forrwoi aad
W B. Hamart* d the Primitive
Baptist I'kurrK.
Other Interesting Hap
penings At The
KxfMt» air Ukiaf furt it Knn*t>
-Hurt cms* Fim lifr SikwJ ir.
tk» thnr arrftaK- imuz 1.-4-1 ihcre
rufffct M> W tt Sh»». »ho «>
in rSarfr «f Svmr ntra>a~» al tK-
SUtc Cultrtr •fcr»Kv-«»l pi'Wm - of
*wiae *lh 11* faimi is
Mr. Sway will :|MI
Wrdftrsiia) Mfh Mr. Utll fiwi:
Kalr.irl mill 4*«a>- «#.&■ mti
Kararn ah* hairal v«4 atk-ivlra
>bMtU Ml fmtl to allrfct Mad iw»r Mr.
Hill IMW»« M*fcr
TV W«n4r.v« «7*» and OKet.r>
SaortK >4l r"« * >•»'
jnhNr nMniaa « FiaUr '>*"»«*
7i3» p. ■>
Mr*. Famrr air )«• itltxiiftf thf
Ifdano aa4 Jnaa-lia' «. P'« •»>
the Airnnliunl luliwtM
■lav aftrnw n 3:3b at U» I arm ljf-
Knt Wntaw d». af;rt»«, at 3:.%
a iMturr a*4 iian >4mi-a m nilli»r
trill kr *i>r«.
I If )M -immt !«•» fco* '■* J*lp
ruttl bfitc Ih» Mrf t* ait > «u.
Beck. («>M mA. >« «ffl l» »elr»«w
If >ou «ari» t* 4i> ww a
U*l knar
TV» Fim Life feufcH Bail u-in
4rtaM Etimtb ■ tV Fmk Ufc
Caurt Kr>fa. aftriMMi. U» -w I*
ia r >' t* *, CU
TV *««tk iM "iartii in-lf
haaar i m inr da» «uiui«nl 11*
«mU aai -art* «ij* toj > »t a
diaarr Mamfay ■!*-
TW mriilt (air Imv «**•*'«■»«"
Haa> Mlwtii"' IV r»*
Uj a at a Jmmt
Mists \iv% irrnv »i\>
Tlkr jttjr a**f ■»! ia which Mar
Italia Bnthrr aad Brat- I*4 to ari
nrtiw ihnr mmm >t«h af ifrm* real#
was a *a*'l mrk» ax the Strnd
Thntit la*a ujhL at «h*h tiw- fob
Ntfri a>piaid a "TW (teat" a*
"THE CHEAT". E«h aa* ia attend
aw pwiH tto pacta** ia tW h«h
cat atawr aal if ym nn mmt aMe
to %• MB to aw it toat a«hl 4® aat
aatea lb bt dm toa«hL
Mm Xw I'pba tW fcarky
"" _ v-v_
Honoring Dr. Jno. Bi«rgs
Resident Of Bank
ers Association
The North Eastern Med
i*»g of the Barkers As.4ti.we m il he
hel.i here on IVbiutii TV
aieeting is Wing heW in Willunutoa.
hononr v Dr. the of
the Bankers Assoc.-iO-.-OL TW*
pKHrniin will duniis tise hr at*!
e>«iirs. Some of the n«fS pwriiteai
hiikf»s and ftitu of lie Sute aril
attcitJ the nwetmc. This- «iS I* * caLi
U\ in the history of W ill Cats
beiii*: lie first r.e«.-i*s of the tei
ers to have beon iuid K't*. e «i»!
l> irukr a goo.! iirprw-.- - too or. 'te*
foremost men oi lk:i s*rtw« ef lh«
Slare. In onJer to -W- Mus ** rw-t
ir.-t the t.)» n rtinipf imff f«-r this
-jecia! ocriswß ar.l *•> rrr ti* *»>)-
tor* a heurty «fcn they ar
rive To visit lis.
Mr W. I" dayman, ■■? Spr tj: Hope
spent M»n»!ay iu(kt »i*t M* W. H
Mr. Johnnie Cull phrf seat !» Wil
iiuiutim WecnfMhy «
Mr Thoma- MrtUr" »■*! Mis*
Lindit- MKlana were Ue pflrrt' of
\V il R«rs HiirMy »«m-
Sir A I. Rayiwr motneed xr- Wi!-
lumston Saturday on business
)lesj« J A Kakrsua ard M.iiga
Roger of Bear Graa pt*i Sunday
with Mr. lister Kot«a
Mrs- Jmie M spent Satvi-tay
aftrrikxKi wHh Mrs. J. II- Ke*ers
Mr. an.l Mrs. M (• IV*v and Mrs
Rosroe Pee!e mi«t»n»i I* H
Saturday -hupptiit.
Miss Nnllie *>an -|#ot Fi»ia) af
teraow «itl hrr aarHt Mr* A. l-
I MftJt*. W A Ha* «•**• and Ira
r#eil went to Pveiett* FiMay to at
tefvl to kuiin~.v
Mr. Milton Perry. «rt '"drniKu. S.
C. I- spending a*me tiaw- »ith Mr and
Mrs. A. I. Rayit-.f
Me- -rs Ira IVe»t im 1 l.r-'t'fr fc.>»ers
motored !•• lirai SiiMUi after-
Mi Milt.m «Vir- was thr cwj« »f
,rf Ml.: Jt >»•- IVlt n»»aW-
Fertilizer May l»e
llad Now For
The lat*»t cj.-h p«*t- -«•
» J-3 frfrlw-r i- C2»d f. «■ I* V«-
folk. vhhjli nukri '.k* fw at
Wtltian»-i-* iwi jmi4r
Till- to the t » ""»»)
\par.s aiui i« it.* U>l K*|«»rili«*
j,r.. r «fir ) r»? (*» (vunl •
IIK.- tfuf- !»' ftrtilifr.-
I *-■!»»» nmar-t M. rar. ISxt  :a*Hy
ithik ifUM B
Thu i- |>p ~ iKtv tl* mr-01l *f a Hft.t
• liter b) tW hi; rwetpeev. - I#
the littlr «ar>. uf fc»y lfc» fi«il niif)
|w« ff - to t&esa all.
'is likely Ihe caawr-, Ik*-". Md
| mac Lai I—l' »l rU a
faia-4 prartMrail> all L*» Ufpr ««an
l»ari »• • (fttffi Ik# |» «** 1* f««*
IU t>tirk b»vn at>l tft* ■ a nil- -l iiW
Irs- rubbl*' it up a I Bilk- faster. and
of (uurx- tiiej if r*t«3>l -ami«e
Ihf aatei (wwtr- of li* cw i!i> a*»!
.♦ rkirap iiilnfti m • «r*l rre-at
oppnrt iDiiti- f»»r tV f«-rt»"aw k«-i
«r>- '
TW fipht tr m th* kwk |*i«ii
tU fanwr ir pttf U» fut
jast a- »"« »> :bn
Rumufartturo liwf aa)
look for a vt4 >»( ItaghtfV fwf
Ikr. aa4 *rv k»fhl
la llanlt
A rte---a*»- rwm«•! fi*ai In. u«l
Nn. J. B. II b>JrU. *'« *««• ili.
lerrftinr tW .ariater ~«Mliia( tw
-uf run- af !t» A. C. I. Eu'nail that
its hnnr h(U a OiiiWK. Ilmda,
staler that ttoy air latar » i» inf.
the an.! tWw faaJ» ia at
Itradancr taakia* fM* a' > '!!' f«rt.v
Tki> trip i> mil a Mr
««di!irt|( trip far Dr. aid lr» Kurfct,
U»y Invite -Cart*** t* FUola ia
ne£a(H) aftn their mmwv «a *
koarjMMii W* Mn. KurU w
laWn uriaaily iB with p«i n»at
oa aactiartatiag tar kn*( cunnl to
a haifital. caa»a«r tUa to dua(r
thnr plwi TW Eatrfrur «ufer
thai MMh hiM.aai. mm ihw delayed
U%iNnv. ,
Number Served
From The Office
Kara] carriers are required to count
all niajl 'Wiverwl and collected on
tV«r ronles during the first fifteen
days of Jaruarv and July of each
y«r. When the number is less than
pw . the earner -hail count
fverv raunta until such minimum is
* 's.iwi. :f the earner gets I.VM for
fr>! fifteeu ila\ s that is equal to
."*»(*• per month.
T u»! number of ptece> handled bv
fii e ratrwrs 34.&»'
r.u! «-ij;ht of the marl han
N. Sju2l lb. 1?
Total po>taxv on maui handle>tiJ*
Total number of boxe- sen*i
the carriers .
Actual number of families pat*
nine twites 1.
Actual number of patron* over
; ears of acv _ _ 4
farriers leave the office to s
their rout«s at 9 a m. and rttur
1 ;3(» p m.
Ptet Ma
Miss Gladys Gw|wo! spent
week end with M» Blanche Ban
near fcveratt*.
Mr. Mariaa Guifiaua. Hubert I
nx. Harmon Kngais and Bab TT
aotand to Rabtnaavilb
Mr. and Mrs. M. D .Arar*.
Sunday with Mr and Mrs D
lulay I
Mr. J. Rogers s|ic»t Sunda; «il
Marion Green, near Bobi unnl"
Mr. Jimmw l£awl>. Hob Taylor
Manon (aurganus went to Willtai*
Wedne>day m^nt
Mr Nathan Rugrrs and family
'Sunday aflerooon in EmKU
Mr. H C. Harrison is now o
' for**.
Mr*. J H. Avers is -peifch-«r
ia>c with her -on A. B. Ko*e»
tin nest Friday itirl-I Ja
ihfir will be a -lance in tbi
j-rhool building A -U|»per of •
many other ilelictous ill- h*-
»e -erred. The pmcee«L- of th»
per will lie f«.r the !*mfit »
Mr. (iiltrrt kojrei.- as hat tr
chair operated in h»- IrnM *1
Sa' unlays now.
l£#-\. | i »t> lli'llxUv Wil «/
■ti llw l«al rflwot kuil-ilnr > #
!>■ U'ft. K Wu re— »l Uilliamtlon
vi-ilnl virt* !i»l i* e hub"
Meaar*. H.-nn White ar.i fclli* Ma
hw motored to I'lratniillr KivUy am
S»\fral pr»|ile of thus tkiwt. law
(•■. n attei 'tintr r»>u»t . at Millwßd« n
lliu meek
The -choJ train mill nw*t ll» K»nn
Ij it ball train wxt Kn U).
January ti at 2 '® p in. w« th» kfil
nmit. Kvrr)jmly b nmlialljr in» ited
if att«4hl - 1
II Vt KICKS lit run
The 1 hint Keudm* lutte Mectinr
.f the white l«tl*l' of the (*Wly
of Martin will V held w Niluniay.
January 2C(li, at 2:3(1 I* 11 . ib th«
School UtuMtr>r at H illiar»i>
U.n, Kirry teacher in the nmmly is r*
iuie-t to lie present, a- the i«it to
»»• .lone is rsmtial.
R A IW'I .
Saper. oletMent
The rejrular mmivi of ffrtrier'-
r»urt cmw MH thi- noraii There
»fif nu rnminal rue ©a *«irt
ai»l Mly two minor civil ra«r> aere
to be heard. Tkij rturt was oae of
the shortot that has b»m krwm* for
mbf tiatr an-l (roe- to show that fc
«plw m thu tfrbon of the -tale i»
fast beci-miajf unknuwa.
The too civil case* heanl are a»
| follows:
J F Rritton n J A EimtL 1M
thin case the plaintiff. Mr. Bnttoa
»a> frmriteri Hunt far the « «f
The -e**el caw vat W. R Knhfr
son vs Ka.ler MnL The plaint#
took a. voluntary M4M ia tkJp
Lee Glen, the «Are 4»i. says hia
jaad help Matters hjr pafhf «
John Teel Warned To
Leave Martin
1i.4 Saturday prove-: to be a busy
aod exciUnjt day ;n the police awt
her* There many rases not
worthy to be mentioned and soooe a
bit too worthy to mention, Mayor
His-ii passing the •ntnres to tkt
unf rtunate- in rejruiar style.
Robert Hassell and Mamie Brooks
w*re required to pay a small fine for
allovixtf * "
heard of ittrv A I mi- t- * -aut
before tiffk-ris were able 1» reach the
-cmr of action. VtKATIIKK H\n-
TV mtalMi took a imM ctu»(T
4l Suo.Lav hidlil Mrnwa m.inljfht
ai..i la> Alter a rur\ >u>bi>. the
-un hnuiifiil'y, but Ike wiad
ceclainlly did bt»( »rJ •vmhody
«.v crrtaitilt ir(.(inr lively. Even
M*j»i J S. Feel had a biisk ftfp
ahni * rft' !o and frwtt! the post
Ikr local It banu nukrt mill do«e
fur thi> us cext Friday. All fana
• er> Ijutf any form of tobacco on
j har«t are sI4«J to tail the maitat
IleV l*(#if tlate.
Whilr the price paid on the market
j here thi> year mas not the best in tike
j 4air it n> a good price for the pait
of l- i-arro that the local market aoM.
i WiUiantsten -lonl anoaf the lot
j fur the iiumW of pounds said. -
A certain Methodist preacher in a
i-eirhbonrt* on made this annoww.
meat. "The Jaaiter ami I will hold
our regular Wedae»iay » > rsinf pray
er service as usual, at *evea thirty •*- ,
Hock." But we can heat that, MOM
••Be chanced to pass by ooe of cur
local dairhes and ahta the ligkda
[•we turned out and the aumdin
M m/K it aaa a lame ywg ream .
I We happra to taoa this yMg mm
land to kaau that he never (an tf
the faith, far be was at the i hou b aft I
the wwil boar for the Mat ai wnk. II
prayer service.
We earnestly age aal npat al '
MkaenptMß to mad aa a small chadk- 1
We do lot bm to hue oar Saan I
swept, bat we km to pay for paper J

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