North Carolina Newspapers

Was One Of Williams
ton's Oldest and Eest
Mr, Marceilus Slubk. o: e of Wal
lianifUMi's oldest citiirm ded this
mar ing at his home on H iughton
fticc( after a short illness of a con:
plication of diseajses follow**- tf pnH»-
mcm i which attacked him ye >tenlay.
He was bom November fourth. 1&52
and would haw been sevrcty-tw™
year.- oid November of this y.-ar.
Mr. Stubbs was the son of Am ma
riah and F ranees Stubb? ind was
. bora in Beaufort county, i es.r Pine
town where he lived on the *.» with
. h.s. parents until he was r a~ried n>
Miss Elizabeth Stubbs in IJII The*
nxnn! to Jamesville and li«d there
unti. her death November ? They
had five children, all of wb« n sur\ ive
their father They are: D. Lr * S"uWt
of Aurora, W. E. Stubbs. o,'
Walter Stubbs of Riehntotv ; Mrs. G.
W. S|;ratttte, of Cleveland. Ohio ard
Mrs J. J. Gardner, of Marti County.
About twenty years ago s€r. Stubbs
came to Williamston and n: -ried Miss
Mag .e Hodges, and to this union
were bom three children. Kiss Derah
antl Jesse Stubbs with thetr me"her
survive him.
Mr Stubbs was a memt-r of the
Primitive Baptist lliiurh for fifty
years, being aflUiated with the churrh
at Jamesville where be 'served as
deacon for many years. He was a mar.
of qutet demeanor and live J at poar*-
with his tellow man and wi- a highly
respected citizen of this com t».
The funeral arrangement have not
been fully ompletwl at Uit time. Nit
interment will take place tortcrrow in
the cemetery at Skewark , £We:
Sylvester Hasseil wjD » •!» ser
vices at both the home ami she rravt
"If all the faiacfi ©I the jUtt »h»-
giew ruin. cuUuA, lobwru, ■ r.til awi
pOUSwo libt year U-->' *f
wul *i tin- two lhwi.a»l or "»«•'»
fairaieis who altesiM ;hen csurw
at Uit- vocational »giic*hu.-al t>»r !l
schools, ttiey wwiM
Uibr income by wut> «» hundred
and line* miiiions of iWbre." say*
Koy 11. lhootti, Mate -Sui» rvi.-oi of
AgrKiilUiral ia Ai.nount
in* the plans for U* woik of U*-
tjtncttlturaU high schools li*-» *iilrt
The' :ara*r> ol U* State over
Iwo ItjmUcd and Uwly nwUiou do!
l*r» yearly ior imported :oo>i- ami
fe*ds ar.ti thi.- possinle iwn jk of all
the id finer* oil the crop- w«Jofr
«ii uoult: have rut down itte bill by
ceariy »ne half, Mr. Thomas iUlwi.
I ati year over two thousand fann
ers in sixty «umm unities stopped their
suik loi.fc enoofb to attend »hurt
at their acmkaial high
in order to learn better meth
ods oi gmri.i( these crop* That the
courses veic well worth while w
shown by the increased ikwi* of thi.-
grvtip of farmers as tonip»it«l witfc
ahat the farmers of the State a* a
whole did. The short course fanwr
nmu 105 pound.- of cotton, 71 pound?
of tobacco and It® bushes more of
potatoes to the acre than did the
farmers as a whole-
for the short course- work this
year are already under way in the
ninety two communities served by the
agricultural high schools. During the
months of January . February and
March the fanners in these communi
ties will attend from ten to Iftjr les
sons to learn how U> improve ihtir
various farming operations. The
courses will be given by the local
teachers of agncultwre aauitcd by
men' from the State Extension Ditrts-
Tneic will be a basket party at
Macedonia on Saturday nigh^.Febrn
*nr *k. J. .
i The proceeds wdtbe jaed in helping
to purchase a piano far the ebnrch
Everybody cordially invited to at
tend and are urged to bring their
Mr. Godwin Donning, of Aulawder.
is here visiting his brother. Mr- A. R.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Otleaas.
Messrs. Frank aad Irving Maigalis
.-pent Saaday in Tarboro.
Sabacribe to The EaUrpriw aad
get the aews of the caaadjr aad tfce
Wedding: Proved To Bt
A Surprise To Iheir
Many Friends
Mr. A. Bennett Rogerson and Miss
Flora O. Hampton were quietly mar
ried last Friday evening at six o'-
clock at the home of Rev. A. J. Man in New Town by Mr. Manning,
pastor of the Christian church. Only
a few intimate friends of Mr. anu Mrs.
Rogerson were present, their marriage
being a surprise to their many friends
in Martin and Buncombe county, the
Home of the bride.
Mrs. Rogerson is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hampton and she
is orijrinaHy from Democrat, North
Carol:na. but she has been teaching
for the past two years in the schools
of Rear Grass. She is very popular
with all whom she is known, and Bear
Grass an, community will welcome
her in their midst.
Mr. Rogerson is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Rogerson ami is the
senior member of the Arm of A. B-
Roicrso'i und Brother, successful mer
chants of Rear Grass.
Mr. Rage rson served his country in
the late war, serving several months
in Franc* He is a young m m of fine
«iualities and has many friends in his
home town and also in Witliainston,
where he worked several years ago.
Mr. B. Frank Bowen, of Hear Grass
died Friday night after an illness of
only two days with Bright> disease.
Mr. Bowen wa.- 68 years of age and
had been a farmer all his life, but for
the past several years he vis unable
to do much active manual labor.
He leaves a widow, one son, B. F.
Bowen. Jr.. and one daughter, Mrs
A. C. Harrison.
He. was buried Sunday afternoon in
the presence of a large number of
neighbors and friends at his old reaiP
■lpikv, two miles from Bear Grass.
The funeral was conducted by A.
J. Manning.
Mr. G. B. Simpson and "sot', Thome*
.-pent the *eek end in Elizabeth City
with relatives.
Mes-rs. A. L. Raynor, John Culli
pher and Milton Ferry motored to
Bear Grass Friday evening.
Mr. Dave Thompson spent Saturday
night with Mr. Dennis Simpson.
Mrs. G. W. Hardison of Williams
ton was the guest of Mrs. W. H.
Rogers Saturday afternoon.
Messrs. Sam Meeks and Dennis
Simpson motored to Williamsto Sat
urday aft» moon.
Mr. Lester Rogers attended church
in Williamston Sunday morning.
Mrs. W. A. Burroughs and Mrs.
Sylvester Raynor spent Sunday af
emoon with Mrs. J. H. Rogers.
Mr. William Cullipher spe it Satur
day night with Mr. Roseoe Peel.
Messrs. John Cullipher and Ira
Peed went to Williams l on Sunday af
Mr. Lee Malone and Miss Bessie
M alone of Bear Grass spent Sunday
afternoon with Miss Jessie Peel.
to Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Griffin, son,
Tuesday. January 29, 1924.
Messrs. W. C. Manning, J. G. God
aid, Sr. and Mr." J. G. Godard, Jr. at
tended a meeting of the stockholders
if the Bank of Jamesville thi.- morn.
Mr. Milton Norman, Field Secretary
of the Tobacco Growers Association,
will make Williamston his headquar
ters in the future. Mr. Norman is
originally from Halifax nd has spent
«aaie time here during last year and
Williamston people will be glad to
know that he will make this his home
Mr. Charles Koberson, of Ports
month spent the week end here with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. L
Koberson in New Town.
Mr. Roland H. Koberson, of Suf
folk visited his father and mother, Mr
aad M m J. L. Roberson for the week
Messrs. Flenny Peel and Crish Grif
fin of Griffins were in tow* yester
. When it comes to dereaing win
daws The Monti cello has a man who
i k*3ow> peoples appetites.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday. January 29. 1924.
Reception Under Super
vision of Baptist
The Memorial Baptist Church will
entertain with a brilliant mceptiou ir
honor of Reverend and Mrs A- V.
Joxner at the home of Mr and Mrs.
Wheeler Martin. Jr. on »Vednesda\
evening from nice ntH efc n o'clock.
The living room, the niosk room and
dining rooms will all he opened en
suite and will he taste*nlly decorated
for the occmsMß with rat flowers a-
gainst a background of gtver plan's
The affair is under the - upervision
of the choir of the charr i and the
members will assist in the ertertain-
The receiving line w>D inchi-ie. he
sides the of honor, pastors of
the various churches of the town and
their wive*. Rev, and Mrs. W. E.
Warner. Rev . and Mrs. E. D. l*ood and
Rev. and Mrs. A. J. Manning.
There are no cards sent but the town
is cordially invited to attea-i.
Mr. Joyner has during hi- pastorate
here made many friends who «ill if
(fret to see him leave and they will
be given this opportunity to b*d him
adieu. Mrs. Joiner, who ts a n.eraber
of the high school faculty, with ben
family will remain here until the cod
of the present schol year
~ The Wilson Y will play the local
town basket ball team tonigh: at th»
Diue Warehouse. The Wilson Y has
the repoUMton of being ore of the
strongest teams in the state and
nothing other but a good game is ex
pected. The local boys will sure need
your support, -o don't fail to turn
nut and root like you aerer rooted be
The line up for the Williamstoti
team will be Wolfe, center: Orleans,
'orward; Hasseil. forward; Ta\k«
and Margoli-. guards.
Mr and Mrs Fred [Hin-U*. of Wil
liam-too were in town Wednevdar.
Ihip t» unfavorable weather the
haskrt boll rune to have plaint
Friday has been padpoonl until to
The local team wdl inert the Grif-
Hn'.- school team «n the kcal four
next Friday at 2 -TO p m The rane?
are fiee to all.
Mrs. C. T. Rneburk returned fron
Maekeys V\ e«tn*~.ta> where she ha
been visiting her Bother. Mrs. Fntch
ard for a few day&
A number of bays from in aa*l near
town attended the Hert
fonl basket hall game Thursday even
mg at Williamsten.
Messr*. Calvin Avers and Ira Roger
motored to Greenville Thursday.
Kcmis. Floyd Cat a nnd Gilbert
Rogers went to Washington Wedne
•lav on business.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Ayers f*4ore»
to Washington Monday where they
visited Mr. M. D. Avers who is ill i"
the hospital there.
Elder John Rogers hs moved in
the house formerly •erupted by l>r
C. T. Roebuck.
Mr W. C. Ellis motored to Washing
ton Friday on business.
Messrs. Thad Rufaer-on and Dork
Whi taker attended court at Kinstor
Messrs. G R Tavhr. Javin R-*. r>
Walter Bailey and Dork Whitakei
went duck banting Tuesday.
A most psinlir nonbrr of lk«
Bear Gna School fac-idty, MU» 8»
Hampton hroBF the fcnde of Mi
chant of Bnr GraM. on Fraby rts
ing, Jan 25 TVir many fnrn4> wist
them irocfc hapfiiw.
Rev. F- D. Md left this Bontiv
for Fuqos Springs, N- C to be wit)
his father who is speading the winter
there and now >n > OL
Irfithc absence of the pastor whr.
is oat of town for a few days. Profes
sor Davis will condaet the Kid-week
prayer service at thr Met hod w
SgA ■
Mrs. Jota Spnno spent Saturday
■inisg ■ Taiboro
Mas OaKe Hal mtaiwd this man
to her bante in Aniaader after visit
ing relatives hoe for several days.
Mr. naisld Eientt left this morn
ing for XwfUk where he wW mm
| The local high achaal papiU are
Next Meeting To Be
Held Last Of
The genera! f the Martir.
County trachfrs *», hrU b Ir* V'il- j
lum>t«a school aMbk>nc: « Jan-,
iott 2C, 19£4.
After the optvi'g law.;:. ""America 1 ". 1
Supt- K. A. Pope read the "PiraNt- j
of the Sower." sn *me Slnr- .
lee nth chapter of St. Mathrc. Hisj
jpplu iliw of thrs «is very 1
appiopriate. He -Ulwi -hat the call
of teachers is tha- of the »*fr, and
that this call accepted been—jc* a duty.
The seeds ■test he hms in a far
broader sense than a -ometiies
thoiiKht. The knetptr-es. tjrpn! of j
those perhaps hardest to rrrch and
most needful of brier mrM an
often times xsintAi to -«ne extent
We mast take caie that we «m it
the broadest way and thj. - broaden j
our sympathies for the ntAr aoes
After these rem it- ie offered i.O >rt i
prayer. a»i with the staging of "Trie t
Battle Hymn of the KrtuM the de
The b«L-ir*>, per o.: »■ ■ M«siril >
.shortened as Mr. K J P«d. mHo was j
asked to talk to the teacher*. was M ;
able to he pw—t.
Mr. IVpe. afte- a ft* woh of ap ,
precatmn far the aUtalißrr and'
support of the teachers, rvviewred j
briefly sti» of the important facts 1
• naceming the "Vuit l!Un\" which,
was presented at th» p*n M|. nw*-i
injt Capwj of tHf-e were jr w to the
(tiav leader to dtstr arte to the j
n f their rr Mips
Other topics that i»cerv**l carsorv j
bat urjr «l Jttnt •*> by Mr. I\."e were '
the Are-Ciaie rhaib. voarhecs;'
weekly and mat)l) irp-!V. tontpul- :
sot)' attendance; aid pmertMi of
the spread of diseases. He iisslml
that teacher- •«*) their Ut-Gmle
charts in as —•«> as pewsMe, notice
carefully the direct eft -.he® on their
vourher* and o-r pcy with the same,
and carefully taake *jt th- weekly
and monthly report- ft r the office file
He insisted that tear) is u-e- tact in
effectmp a p»kl atteomar* Tins can
usually he nbaiM b, iintwr the
home. The CruapoWry iltemhnre
measure is to he a#e»l as a la4 lesort.
cannot I* tw pe>-iste«t in
•leteclinr and t»e ptead
of c«atar«. •lera-es. It is b •pin
ion that a too rare'a! if surh
'here can he. h far Wtei' tlkn the
ne*hrtfd t' |»
The secretary the* read M r JuU-
B War Ten's letter reta"s« e ;* (2* se
lection of .b legate- to rep-e-n.t thr-
Local I nit at the Stale Me- 'ir t that
will le heW !»• Kilnrk. Ma»«-h 12-11
A discussion MI»«ol. ar»d it was.
thought best to p»--t po* " the el-rti. t .
»f delegates until tie i*et
Bit Yet. Mr Ivpe authorized the
•ecretary to write Ms Warier, awl
ask him what maj»:-r iss«s v«kt U
discussed at the Stile Me» t ,i,g II i
■epiy mill de'. ii»!t# what k«rd of re
■ •lutior. wdl he practical fr the
Martia tou'-ty teachers to soUnit fo«
i—l ih i teli after the- pfww! ses
sion, the uiiMk- groups ret in the
dasar—» and separately adionme*'
when their meetings. were c!*/>o)
R. A. POII. Pisnhnt
Thought To Be The Re
sult of Fainting
Sunday' aftenwa, I*iau >«ta Jor*■ -
a colore-, of Paiarh. fell it
a ditch aait drwwuedL. -s&rt- was seer
about ten nutates W«;e. vx'Utu Lei
*Mjy, hjt parte- fis-jn* ti« »itct ;
about ten waute> ifter she was seer;
found her tm the disch. I p i eiaaiß
nf her they found life «t*
She was a re-ptctalae «*A»i •** wo
man. about 3M >earj old. It s t«p
posed that she Lad inww 110J of
riddy or faMtar spell as she fcv! had
such spells at -eae p-evw as uats.
sad fell in the 4IHI face downward
and drowned kef- re she was fttde to
recover her-etf Tlnere was tw-' much
depth to the ater ib the d tch at
the place she droaneA
PHII-tTHE \S tir RtniSl
The IVhtkn- of the M-tnoriaJ
w«|iiJ rhauh kiH meet, i tik Miss
Margaret Everett at her lumi West
Main died Friday i ■ i.a—n at 7:4 i
All ■■ankers are argentic uft il
One Lone Farmer In At
At Meeting
The State IVfattairn: of Aerirt! i
'ue at kaleii,:. is holLnp a >eries of!
cmaty meet.HK- in ■ r.f mUdu k r> u ,
!i»f countMs 4 if tin- state f*»r Use pax
pew of Rivinjf to the fiwis the e\
penen.e- of those who hue had ex
perience with lh=- boi'i wiv\ :i.
The mee - inK hj.l »»-er;
puMished pvme Martin Coanty o:e
o'i January 2a. The l*wi of Cou*!*
C»>mmts.-ionerv had ordered tae nee: -
injt advertised, but nothing beet;
done atoa. it a.ui whe»> the parly o*-
.sistinp of three men tfafheil tt •
court house they met ore Martin o-on
ty fermer as their au»iie-ce. The ip
peaied a l»It namilia'ed. yet the.,
were uuito willing to hetp «N o«.-
fart;ier. who felt he net*!o: tr k'ow
How t«» try ti» produce r.C«i under
ho!I weevil cor.h'.ions- Mr 1" A. Whit
tle of Atlanta represent the Sou
thern Soil Improvement « •
spoke on the bo'l weenl pro Weir..
iwdiirif tie soils ant fertility. M:
(». A. tiarron frvti: the \orth t"ar»-
lina Slate tollesre nai-.ilesi the sub
ject of cultural method- -I selec
tion of -ee-it
Mr W. B Mahee. of the Slate IV
parUnent of Arncutture. spok>- on the
subject of potsoits anl {■>».»« the
Tne conclusion - d.»rive*i 'rum the
.formation pwi, w uld Mail a »!-•
mart to l>»ok with much al.iTi' at the
subject »f cotton raising aiwi wv old
pat him on jrua"» to make the !wj
. est possible defence aea.n-t the rav
'a|«s of the' iVstturthf weevil. It is
quite a t >p'.ivnt that our people wrill
j have to be convirced by tb.- actual ile
; >tmet on of a crop hetore they willl
■ pay much attention to anyUxly. or to'
, anvthmr anyone say*. I'-u* the State
j feels it t.» lw it.- f*r-t duty enltifht
»-n its subjerts. « h-cS i-. e *-v!>—t
1 way to help S-> it «ay. i*i« V ratur
led, well draiisf !.»■ i - - if. «t that
' prtictic Jly all fertilize"--, shoul-l he
! |Hit down before plan'iw aid should
he a |u.~k fn>«raf, eiiiy natiiinjr
'kind of fer'iliier. I" ar.\ top ■ltess
t 'up is u-ol it should I* *!»u! i »opj.>nr
I%' "U-paitiin-f!! reimmewh early
\ cot t of. It fii:L t!«e t'ievelard worms
j make big b»lis ami the Mi . cat bts..
j 101 l the two best'types for thi« terrr
j 'ory. llanti'g >huu!d lie ju a- ear!*
las is safe from frvast. the -o-l ■ Houb"
lie planta-d ,shtlb>w in the rrviwi ami
the low shotol l«e hsghe.- 'j :•!) ' • ;t«i
ers o* this terrt'»»r\ u-uaii. l-'jrtt
Tin w ill issue both early growth an-'
early iiyittjrity. Tlw n.i- shnold
I'jxl w «h*r than u-ol lni( th- r> ♦
>«n -h»uh) l>e left rouch thaler r
tie rows than-the cus!«:»ot of 'aimers
•r> this -rttiuii ii» *«» n .
When the . b s >. to form they
should be ilu'lho! :ilh! *((« as n U V
fts 10 per ( t .IP found to !«e |.» -c
A hen ti«e l yl.t settle- ik.*fi in ti«
'.ml the * ;k of the day la- Irs ■
Then my lJa«id> sits down for a re t
And he stea» nut to wai>t an> sun
My liad>iy just sits h; tne fir-.
With his spectacle- hung on hi.- «oh- ,
And hed' .j't seem to have a de-ire
Hut to sit by the . an»l -1 -ze
Ti the twilight Oi Isfe with hrn. now. l
Ibo he sc~ms t.» U; and
strong; „
But some nmkk- appear on his brow
And a croak has got in'o lis .-ong
So he dreams of the joy that . depart v
Of the tale- of tlie- year- are
} And confe-kfe* tho liaif br.ike! br-atted.
That .- mehow he is growirr a«L
And he sits by the fire an>l
And dreams of tlje •lays that ate
, past;
Ma> the i isi m of life as it c! »es.
Krir sr peace to my lladdy at" li t.
| tobacco c;row»:rs associ
ation lO MEET AT i hl RT
j Tne monthly meeting of the Tohac-
Ico Growers Association w ill meet a>
the court house Satiir.lay. Iftnian
2, at 2 p. it;.
Members of all other marketing as
sociations are rojiiesW-l to attend this
I to Mr. and Mrs. & D. Perry, a -«n,
Saturday, February 2S, IBM.
Per Inhabitant In The
United States In
, IVr •nnaiMlant la *be I". S. in 19Scmf|
I Ikt -e»i on :'.u?r-au of the Census re-'
coveting the Financial Statistics
I*i NV „.la the twt of mnn iur the
la e ; •>-. mert amounted to s4l 4'5
;* i « sab* ant. Arkansas comes last
«it;i a .**-1 of only JS*' per mhabi-
Kcr Nor*r Carolina the entire -tat«
ivifnsxrtt c«*st per inhabitant. ,
js«i we t.e Nibia-ka for Xfrd place.
I 't- our investment in road
;u».s the tola! expenditures or. edura
it.* uiii »c the year 1*22
Rank State State Government cost
pet Inhabitant
1917 1922
1 Nevada 17.85* $41.46.
2 Om*w 5.82 35-11
3 South liakota BJJ6* 27.92
4 IMaware «37 24 89
5 Wtonung JO 34 24.27
•» Michigan 709 24.07
7 Araooa 13 02* 22.74
S I tah _ __ \ U»-69 19.«*
■J California 10.44* 19.02
10 North lbkota. . 7.63* 17 99
II New H 17 17.78
12 MinneJla ■» 63 17.00
13 Mruie 10.0P»' 16J1
13 Now Jersey —"t 7 i6j9l
15 Colorado CM I«»
16 Vermont 10L17* 1597
17 Washiagtoa . . R. 50 15.40
1H Montana 8.39 1X99
19 Gbn-tectacat 8 21* 13 97
20 New Yotk 839* 13J»
21 lew* 4H' 13^7
22 KIH* 1292
.3 His*o«ri 385 12.30
24 Maryland 793 5»06
25 Rhode Ulan.l 7 2? 11.*4
26 New Hamp-Hirt- fiXi 11.65
27 l.laho . 7 03 II.CI
SOU* 3.69* 1135
t 2* Florida _ . 4 0-» IF.lx
SO Mas-aciiusett- , »Co 10.XI
, 41 \ -irinia 446 10.62
,32 IVi-ftS) Ivania r; 66 9.SV
I North Carolina , 2 19* 9.5J*
33 Nebra ka 4.77 9.5 1> !
:3 Teva- 59.4!*'
JK West V l rvnia 2 W S.."W
37 Ir. Uaj a I 4* 8.10
■3B M»sis.->|»|« 3»>6 7*5 1
» lUinai- 4 O*.- 7.H3 j
tt» Kej-iuri , 4.55* 7.71
:2 Alabama 3 47 7 02
43 k 4 43* 6 46;
jit Te-.nesaee S-12 6 :9
4" l> «ii» ara 113 5.76
!•» 2 ft* . r ».34
I 17 S* ~*H * «RI»IIRI.I 2 !FI A'®*
I > * « - • .« .i •*#>" *_9©
F ir-t »m-le Ruth llazt-I Kwr
Theresa IJoeers.. Worth Mobley. 1!.
IW'e Jr., hlade Kopi-o, Spencer
r.f-e: -. J C. iU*l-
SCCMMI ,'ta»le Ral|.». Mobley. Ray
mond (>urf anus, J B. Borers. K*- h
IKurlnk k
Thir.l rf»h" Taylor 4al i-iic, lei.i
j llall IC:. *1 . Kot•-! W ilrtn, J..f n It
. * Nsdaid
F'-urth trraoV Normal. Bailey.
France* Prele. MiUii A>er>, /«-ltn.-
KurUick, Sallie kei-uk
I'ifth rmic: I*at-> ("o»an. Krej
La» iter, Nossie l«- Taylor, Vara
t.reesi Coders, Fji.m- >un,anus.
Sixth erade tlawle Ra«k
Seventh grade: Kuitlia Harris.
lll.l'e*h N«Wry, l.irianil Whit lev.
1 ISeulah to* ii, K-sie Mae Taylor. M
Clyde K>*er-, eijrhll. rnvte
gr%- Je: Hulieit Harris.
Ti.e f«l'»owing unoU aire
'«! at tt«e Ilritt lloiel
Mr ai-l Mr-. A. II Rffei-o». ICeat
Floy lletrtr, N. C ; Olive
IVaire. N. t'.; Myrtle WOkim, N. C.;
;Fpr«s ?iita»fil)ii, N. f.; H. B.
W.ndsor, N*. C.; C. M White,
' Wasfciairtoa. N. C E B. Howard. St
j Paul-; D. C M. St Pauls;
Itevid «; iaj-kin-. Rurky Mount; T
II Bilia—. Norfolk; C. R. Spruill.
, W i.-»:ir.|ft«jc; A Harrison. Norfolk, D.
iFI IMfon. Norfolk; F. E. Rwenby,
I Norfolk; T. F1 Lywn. Richmoad; W. E
lackey. Kidtnoad
l>p;ese.-Aatives of the United States
* laierwal Bfnaal department wiU be
Here to askt taxpayers ■ fiHag tkm
F*«»r-al lai ML Tax Retaras mm Taps
lay. FeWaary 11
Tie», will be in Rot
I. -rnor.ville oa Wedaeaday the 13th mi
r r-- . imimi
Cranjfe Effectiv The
First Of Next
It will be to tie many
people of the io be covered by
the extension of rara2 roaie number
one to k? ow that it will be efertive
the fir-t of next sooclh-
The re* part will Keann at the Bob
Lee l'erry rro!ina>l as highway, and
at this pvat tfee nN.te m jll be extend
ed "M-t to R H Harris' corner .80
■nik. xmtbn-i to Asa Griffia's corner
1,6 miles, rttrr** to R. H. Harris*
(o.ner 1.65 MiUvet to R. L
Perry V c»n*t -75 anile. to Biscoe
Kiy*r-. r". t» "*r .ti mile rejoining
the present roote. The total extension
will be 5.3© auirr
The Po-'anster «*--ires «very per
son patron ting ttl- cisange *o have a
ntail box *»a the ngit hand side at
rood driven by rarraer. -vnd to have
same painV: wbrte their nine
-tencslU- s «n it
Bright lYoseets Fur The
New Yej^r
The Vw Yew sfcoirs bigkt pruv
p«cts f«r netiew: iiw»thal prosper
ity "Hjtk nseaEs steady employ m«rit
and -J* One of the
no*t Nvpetal sps f* better w>rii
• *«iitioc.- is the ® »rt bo«t being dose
by the wtenatse®*! r*»-> mittee ip
(fulfl by t fc e Corn «-
>m>*i to «t»lenßine capacity
to pay her w,»r «*rfe-y
Fort Bar* WeO—CVStISI TflgSway
betw.'en thi- citjr Ja>per to be
Ah«*>kw \V» Fuiiwrs-AtUntw
i Itarik kttUmr at cost of
. IfKk
Rilniuiin—Athatic ( «.t Line
Rju'maii buys Si* new «(liniajfon at
«-t f*t taojm each.
New Krr*>. £*••»• t«. he -pent for
Mtlaor »it C«»-Cfflh Utiluf plant.
Gltak^M»—Nrv additw av, being
heitt at |b(t l:!u>- KHI (derail
for »«(aM 11^,430.
Amirrvi- Kiwttovi of s m~w brn'^fs
on .tote iiriw I.J Murphy gfgun.
Lirabritu* —Near IISJMK high
-ho®l WUw J"-w t
I*u«n \ew build
Uxu-terf - !«]»■> of rwlton
srirtiw-i ib W»|H» NMty |inor U>
Ikwnif*. I!, ISJi. it- with
ISiß# • erne*"! Utf m 1922.
l"j; - bei«f nude for
«> retract ion »f ?•*-« intd to Hocking
harti cmmtj
Colfax—\r« -V4 lmldiiK com
plrtdl. »
Gmutoii EitßiM *»f «*» built l
at \ t( CuvliNi C«lVfe for
*'«» i -If->i Li:aatdy $473,-
Tsrt t«> b* >f»f
Asfcerilk—lW*t fwtioo of new S7OO
'•*' churn h iilanned.
—-\»-* huiitiirp com
North ->>•») N*w Si Lake's Eptaro
pai chufrr. *rtoV-r
.Swiatr - New «ciMel ImMBK eom
Kverefr—Xrar jpovner line to be
Sink to ft
S«itMW-» -C«itrarti« of new
Barium apriagg—Two t* » buildings
fur Otyfcaas' Hcae com
TJ» bmpm—fomkewn mad American
«r a*d  rnpanim
making !« bw'J extra toll cir
cuits le Iks ftva Williamston
ar.-l frost Ethtwiwilt.
Meban*—lJ.lJ plant of White Furni
ture iaftfa : . to be iwbault.
I Kike V* sewer system to be in
> tailed.
KMllßocd Viitaee-—new road lead
in* to Snakna Km completed.
Beaufort— Baltimore and
Carolina line to all new
fretgfct and pMwwgtr boat to Nor
folk and Pifctm.rr
I Jaw»ti!k-C«iin(tiM of new
tnuasiM low to Wffliamstoa now
•*** of Mini— Train-
neyt» wfonnatoty.
'uat y ■Atted"^bS

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