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    . .s«& WILL FIND OUR
sjui COL R'i
.. any Cases Have Been
: lie term of Super or Court
o«. session here is nun ig along
.. a o.- -eisure.y way. 'i he daily
u exhausted each day and
" the opportunity to
n nie liowever, many cases
- t . .j, .Ua.ed off the docket, most
. «.. . 0.. agieement. Tl ere have
ti o xe.j important c:_ses tried
>e. ic ion lias bee . present
.a. .i,. iwis.g cases have been dis
u. evi of:
ty.x.jtLm.'ii Oil Company vs S. R.
i. t g- L-'.ag Company. In this ci;se
_clio. was dismissed and plamtifi
taxed w: h the cost.
J C. hiss vs C. B. West, .luilgment
•n favor o defer.dai.t for $ iH' 00.
F. F. Cottens vs Auirustu S. Wil-
Ha«rs. Judgment for pi: intiff for
J. M. liighsmith vs A. C I. K. R.
Coni,...ry. The controversy was set
tled u. of court and the defendant
was .ha ged with the cost.
..J it. .McCowun vs A. C. L. R. R
~to this c-se judgment was granted
ti»e |«'ai tiff in the sum of W*MK) suit «k\±s to recover flowi damages
o :. stock of goods in 1>.(2 in the
'harden Terrace store, near tin A. C-
L ttarks.
and Annie Biggs vs A. C. L
Ii It. Company. Agreed, judgment for
pla ntiffs in the sum of S4X).nO.
M:s. Ida Clark, admx. Jesse Clark
vs A C. L. R. It. Compan Agreed
t i favor of plain' ft in the
-uro of (1:0.00.
R. A Cit cher vs A G. L R. R. To.
Judgment for $25 Oi'
K \V. Foster vs J. I. Sirowd. A
gveed. Ju ' .-raent in favor o'' plaintiff
or {KWi dO.
Hai tison Brothers and Company vs
L. B. Wynn. Set'led by agneinent
E. A. ("lark vs J. T. Janie i  t alsw
Ila-ntilT nonsuited ai d tax*'.l with 'he
Mj.'y K Smith wick vs Harry and
Mali'i'a Mizell Judgment in favor of
p! -h.T if for JLWM-O antl inlerrst.
>laggi A'istin vs Herm: n Austin.
IMa : **iff nonsuited. m.
J:«k Stalls vs A. C./L K. E. Co
This rase was settled and pi a ntiff
"he cost
Plmy Peel vs W. T. Wiggins, set
tled and -defendant paid Co t.
Kobenonville Publishing Co. vs
Burton Bros. Judgment in favor of
plaintiff for $413.47.
Richanl Smith vs Philips Smith
Plaintiff nonsuited.
J. W. tt atts vs AldKitt Guatney Co.
In this case it was agreed to nonsuit
ai-d defendant to pay cost.
Harrison Brothers vs Willie Price.
Action dismissed and defendant was
charred with the cost.
Geo. Oatterbridge vs J. G. Stat on,
receiver. Action dismissed and plain
tiff charged with the cost.
W. A Slade vs O. I*. Itoberson.
Ac'ion dismissed and plaintiff taxed
with the cost.
Mason Tire and jobber Compan)
vs Stalls and Harris*}!?.' Action dis-
Dennis Simmons Lumber Comprny
« J. W. Truitt and Company. Ju>lg
mer.t for plaintiff in the sum of SWX'OI»
Burroughs. Pittman Wfaeeler Com
pany vs J. 1. Ballard. Judgment for
plaintiff for $2,017.78.
Ju'ius S. Peel and R. A. Crifcher vs
Art' ur Williams. Plaintiff nonsuited
but 'lefeioiant was charged with the
Coburns Minstrels
At New Theatre
v The fun u fast and plentiful with
J. A. Coburns ministrels at the New
Theatre Washington on Tuesday night
February 12. Many new faces all vdl
known mmstrel men from the biggest
and best attraction in minstrelsy are
among the company. That long tall
party "Slim Vermont" one of the best
singers and dancers among them qfl
has returned to his old comply.
Nate Mulroy the "Wildcats Playmate"
that snappy singing and whirlw.nd
dancing chap. Hank White "Just Plain
White in Black" producer comedian
Ole Mammy of the droll easygoing
funny comedy lines. "Its not what he
says but how he says it" according U>
the critics. Ben McAtee the "Mobile
Boy", grown up with the darkey as
he really is. McGoire, Bowman, Allen,
Handley. The greatest barritone in
minstrelsy Edward C. Clifford, Ches
ter Huffman double voiced vocalist,
Carlos Jones with powerful and
\ileadid low range. Carl Minch re
est barritone, Charles Donlan and J.
W. Pennyock, English tenor and
at hers, ah under the vocal chrectioe
fl Joseph McAnalon the well known
Irish tenor, making what is said u
to the strongest comedy and singing
and aa all acw pew
|M A real old tfaaa —hMhil ifcnt
Hon E. F. Aydelett, of Elizabeth
«Jty, was in town Thursday.
Toe friends oi Mr. Aydlett are in
sist ng that he lecome a can i:late for
Coagie.s, and he will formally an
i->u ce his c.: doiac\ in a few days
Mr. ydlett has been oi eof the
.eaung lawyers in this section of the
i.-Uk e for a number of yean.
Mr. H- il- Poe, ma: ager of the
Roanoke Fa r has announced that the
fair wil be held Octcber 21 to
-4. This is the most appropriate
eason of tl* year for a fait, instead
of lein gthe last to be held i'
-iie state la t year i' will lie held the
woek folowing the Sta'e fair
Heretofc re the Roano':e Fair has
Seen held very early or very late in
>rvier to niss other fairs in the cir
cuit. This tiiiie no complaii.t of too
hot or too co!d ani a time that will
not conflict with the gathering of
crops as it would at mo.-A other ;
Mr. Poe promises a large increase
of farm products as well as live
stock and poultry ar.d those attend
ing the I!>£ fair know tha* meians a
real poultry show as well as swine
r.nd other things.
The carnival which furr.i--.hes so
much amusement to the children and
a ew of the older ones wid lie the
the best to be had
The manager has already procured
a ha"d of national reputation, one
which is now engaged in making
records by one of the talking machine
• •inpan es. The band will ali o be ac
c>mpan:ed by a number of lady so
The mu-ic fea'ure will he a big j
asset to the fair.
Our pe |>!e who know Mr. Poe re
member that he made every promise
rood in his 19iEt fair and Ipiok that
his U'rtirirj efforts for the greatest
fair e'ler held in this part of the state
th' year will he put for»h. '
NVw is a gooil time to select good
seed to raise g«»C)l plants to make
good crops to get good premiums at
the Roanoke Fair October 21 to 24
On Tuesday afternoon fn m three
thirty to live-thirty at their home in
New Town, Mrs. J. W. Amlrews and
Mrs. Titus Cntcher were je.nt host
eses, Mrs- Andrews entertaining the
Km broidery Club and Mrs. CrUchet
the Twentieth CerTur> Club. *■
The program of the Twentieth Cer
tury club was on the educational ad
vancement of North Carolina and Mrs.
S. R. Biggs, Jr. prepared and read a
paper. "Schools for Everybody " Mrs
J 11. Saunders read a selection
J. Y. Joyner"s * ntings and Mrs. H.
M. Stubbs gave current events. Mrs.
W H. Biggs ami Miss Msry M An
drews r»l an instrumental
A salad course was served.
The guests include d Mrs. 11.. M
SVabbs. Mrs. J. H. Saunders, Mrs. W
H. Biggs. Mrs. S R Biggs. Jr., Mrs.
F. I". Barnes, Mrs. J. W. Manning.
Mrs. Wheeler Martin, Mrs W K. Park
er. Mrs. 1. B Harrison, Mrs J. D
I Biggs, Jr.. Mrs. A. T. Crawford, Mrs
I F. W Graves, Mrs. P. B. Cone and Mrs.
B. S. Courtney.
i Mr. Luke Lamb, State beputy m
r missiooer of Revenue, will be in Wil
t liamston on February 11, 12, 13. for
| the purpose of assrst ng in fiHmg state
I income tax returns for the year end
• Hecember 31. 1923. Mr. Lamb will
I be located tn the law office of Lamb
t ard Cobum.
I The law requires every single per
. soc who had in the calendar year 1923
' a net income of SIOOO or more, and
I every married person who bad a net
i income of S2OOO or more, and every
i corporation whether it had aa income
r or not to file an income tax report
t on or before March 15. 1924. Net W
t Uoas. bet before the personal exeasp
i '.on is taken off.
All individuals and corporations an
r required to report the names at per
- sons to whom they paid SIOOO or non
, during the year 19Z3; each partner
I ship is required to file a return for
-1 information, but the income derived
• from such partnership is taxed la th:
I individual return.
> If you are doubtful whether are
• turn is required from you m not i
» State Deputy C—■iMiurr or thi
F State Camaussioaar of Rri— al
. Raleigh dinald be consulted as Mm
- to Me a report, when owe is necessary
- «dtfacta jw to Malty aad toa.
W illiainston. Martin County. North Carolina. Friday. February > 1924.
Writes Letter To Demo
crats of First •
'To the IVmorrab of the First Con
gressior-al District of Xorth Carolina:
I cannot be a randklatr for Con
gress before the rest primary. I
know I have friends in the District
that will be disappointed an.! I share
the d sappoin'ment to tne ex-
Mil of having hoped to Ie in a
IVmocratic Congress, (uiii-d by a
iem. cratH administration, where lane
er opportunities would be j resented.
t> be of part.cular seniff to many
o' -hem ami gereral senitr to their
>ublic interests, but conditions, chang
e t to a considerable extend since I left,
•-ompel me to go home My paitner.
Mr. Grimes, has an increase of person
•1 affairs that take much of his time
from the office. and that and other
onditfons demand my re'um to ex
elusive attention to duties there that
;hat cannot be abandoned.
1 Sly most intei.>#* concern and de
si re now. is to make everyone whos>
preference and confidence promote-!
me to this position, believe that I
sincerely thank them and hope tha;
*»in»te life will afford just as much
opportunity a- public life to give as
surances and prove worthy of that
confidence in the future
Police Department Re
ports Cases
* - A
At the regular meeting of the town
•.ommi&siooers this week the question
of building brick or stone columns at
he hotel porches on Main street was
Tr.e Atlantic Cost Line v. as onler
«d to make improvements to their
.'TOjikl? at the B'ggs. and Stalls ware
The following cases were n ported
from the police alepartment:
State vs Spano, intoxication.
Anei Il.bU and cost.
State v> Waverley Johnson, drunk
ami disorderly, fined $ I HO ai.d cost.
Sla'e vs I;.-belt Mx>re, drunk and
■ iisorderly. fin.-l $3.10 and cost
Slate TO Sam Juyner. drunk, fined
ta.iO ami cost.
Suite vs Mamie Brooks, disorderly
conduct, ftnol J! #" and cost
State vs Rolit lluvll. allowing
female dc-g to run at large, fined Jo
„nd cost.
State v> Hi Ri aid W. I.
Manning affrav. fined II 0" each.
M. U. Wilson, allowing st«k to IUI
at large, lined JiOu ami cost
State vs l uk>- Mi tell. dmnkedne&s
fined S.'i Ki and cost
i State vs Itettie I*urvrs, affray, fine*
j|.ll« and cost.
I State vs (Tyde Crew, affray, fiie
| t'tJOO and cost.
I State vs Julius llardison. drunk am
disorderly, fineil S3OO arid cost.
Chief Inspector
Visits WiHiamston
Mr F. P. K!om. chief post office in
spector located at Krchmoad, was ir
WiHiamston yesterday. Mr Horn tfe
yeen in the postal service 3& years il
he coatwues to Apnl Bth this year. ll
has travelled mote miles in the per
formaare of hit. duties than an)
I other person in the service. He is con
side red one of the Most efficient
seivants of the government
I Mr. William Duffes, local post off* i
j inspector with headquarters at Rock]
I Mount, has also bees an ton n thi
iweek. Mr. Duffea is a native of Con
j necticut and has just been transfer
I I red to this territory.
( The American post office is undoubt
e«lly the most efficient business or gam
ration in the world. It does wori
quicker and more of it with fewer er
I roes and at less cost. This has beei
( mad epossible by a gradual adding too
by each admiatst ration and every ad
ministration gradually building it u|
t as to efficiency
. MR. aad nl H. a LONG
t Mr: aad Mrs. H. D. Long left thi
j morning for Martinsville, Virgini.
? | where Mrs. Laog will visit relative
* • for a —nth Mr. Long will come bad
rj t® Tarboro, where he will be in th
I highway affice-for a while before h
f j* o®* 0 ®* *° •»Wgfc to be coanected witl
I the State Highway Commission a
- (that place.
l) Mr. aad Ma Laag have bee* ii
[ WiUiamstoa far the past aiae mnath
I aad duriag their residence here the:
( have made mmmf frMs who will re
. * ' . ' .• *' T \
Locals Invade Foreijr :
Territory, Lose
Two Games
The local basket bail fans Siave beet.'
aide to take on a rest curv this week'
since each of the three tea: s» repre.
senting WiHiamston have piaye>i out]
of town. This rest curv was \ei> I ke '
ly much neetletl after the e\hibticn# i
of last week in which frenzied or eenttg I
was caused by the display o the \
local cage artists. The Wikn ~Y"|
game, the Oak City game, the \ a. ce j
bono lassies game ami last I at by ne I
beans least, the Farm l.'fe game, all
contributed toward nuikirg last we.»
quite a strenuous one—therefore the
On Tues«lay, the tovvn team in com
pany with the high school boys jour
neyed to Kdenton and io-k on a brace
of games, splitting fifty-fifty. The
Town Team conquered the Fi-lento
locals but the High School five «ere
jinaWe to annex their game \Ve.lnes
day n rht saw the Female Sextette
from the old home town lo e to the
Vanceboro girls.
The High-—Kdenton t.jmr
Nothwithstanding the score, the
I High School boys put up o e of the
1 prettiest exhibitions seen yet whm
they lost to Kdenton b ya .'!4 I margin.
They put up a wonler'ul fight an-1.
with fewer fDotball tactics on the part
of their opponents, the score would not
have been jn lopsided. It must be said
that the Kdenton brand of basket-ball
is slightly nv-rr than VJ 44-IM) prr)
cent roafhrr than football, in fart it
is a tress between a prize firht ami
a fiw-Will. Hewnfr. they have a
mighty good team—one which -h->ul-i
«o far once they cut out the rough
staff. For Edenton. Owens at center i
and Goodwin at guard did stellar work
the latter casing several shots of «he
circus variety. None of the William.-
ton team can he »ut for >pcc
tacular work, each man playtni a
steady and. a* far as p»x«iblr. a dean'
game The entire team i- to I* corn
Toon «er>n l!dfn'«i> l.ocals
In the second rough and tumble af
fair of the night, the \Villiam>t»n
Town Team by mean.- of supi-rior pi-v
--ing and accurate -iiowt'i'i' «utfU -ol
the Kdenton luteals. After the fiist
few minutes of |>tay the 1"r..l iio-nt
achuired a lead which was never t«st
luring the entire contest. Ti-e liri t"-g
passwork >e»ilHii to latr the
five and their attempt to t.-K-kle and
slug went foe nausrUt Tlie half
11-5 in Willinmston's favor- The ~ec
on«l half was a of the fir>t
ar.«! e«lnl "J»5 In 14.
' lor Edenton, I'ites was tise -t;«r f
•le inmr, making 7 of hi- Iran-' II
' |rMiU>. For William-ton. |la_- e!l it l , v
e.l his lest frame »( the -or .-on -vbre
' M: rgolis ami Taylor weie aim «-t im
ii-rrnahlc at truar.i Orleans ami s'
• pl.;eil their u.-ua 1 r»ri.«-
An interesting sidelight wis com
' tributed by an F.«tent«n -pect.tor »h«-
remarked that .night to
win becau>e they never would kt
Kdentun have the ball
I Yaacehoro WiUiamiUoa
In a beautiful exhibition of -crer.
' tiflc basket-ball tlie Vaaeeboro Farm
1 Life girl.- swamped the Williamston
1 Kjrlo to the tur.e of 32-7. Rather, it
r sMt be said that in the first half
■ Vanceboro mamped Willianwtoa. This
" perio! . nded 25-5 with «wry pcir-pect
r of the Farmerette- score advancing to
' dizzy heights. However, in the second
1 half the local girls recovered from
their stage fright ami settled down to
t a steady if ame allowinir their erst
' while invincible ..pponcn*- but 7 po»nt
f 1 The feature of the ramc, asxle freor
' the spectacular cou-.fhack of the W>l
• liamston girls, the untt-uatf' ftist
refer* eing of M is- Strong, the Vance
■ born c»ach.
After the game. the girls were en
i terlained at a feed by their oppDitAt
- This was »-njo\ .-.l ami appreciate*.
» very much by all pre-ent
The State Highway C«ai:iw >hw
moved its office which has bren located
' in the Godard building for the past
three years, yesterday to Tarboro.
s The resident engineer for the Wil
' !iam-tnn-Wa-hingtoa road ar-d tbt
s Wind.-or-William.-ton road has beam
1 ioc«.f here for 'hat length of liate
'.Mr. A. K. Haxstun having charge f«i
r about two ami one-half yean, bai
h was transferred to Edeaton. Sir. H
' D. Long was given this IHWN am
now that all the work is completer
" he goes to where he will 4i
• work at the Fint District htariqaar
Y ters. Mr. Robert M, Jr. «dl al«
" go to Tarbcro where he will work h
; To Appear in Rod ( ros>
Theatie, Winder
February 11.
Mss F.nulre >r V v. ti not.V
j violißist. »»;! r , ' a re ti \
. I vT. M re Re; . : -- '.,«•« re. 'I.
; | iv r ;crt. I
' A n ii- _». ' ut>. av I
)!• i'ij ce j: «i' \'c !. » a a. I
«, th t .\uv f • j
.i : i£.Ve ■> vv t r tii * . luva Hi |
Ithe :t»-t talVe»f-o* a.*'- f1 ' r core' i
i'.ion V . i»— v.- e jt' -at* I s
>1 "e ha- r-t«- v .>i t' •».. «•' a-aoiei
|' (lit'f .k.' *t •P. w v e-- )
, ! re t*ee- -»• 1.1: I! t ■ | l t' V 1 r
■i' ir i ii.'>" t ." « - . -xt a' ' r• «•
come ?.e r v-t * e«*r! l-ei- to -A :1 ■
I'o lira .."a' e ent { ' '• ' ' S;«e trp
of her rec th te '_j-t a ' T;« - '
• j Heel has tk - i. | * " 1 i-t I
>. err Kwlre II -e K *'v cr-» to the
I n;ver- t> * ;h ! er '. i« n *«i te
•, eive-l o•- .-f t'e f- . ? •• '• ih'-
ova ions ever eiven at,v jrti-t it
- >* -■• I ' -■ 1 -i» 1
i j «-ame a' i p* .«i "Hat -he o !-■ do i*
' irain. Sle s.« ha ti-« a*i * cti.i o!
I k now nr that - v *.-»»" - lb t oho;!
la>ly >n ti>« C -vi « f >■ : ha'->
f I'nfil-f R.*-e h .« ■! -I i h-v«
» | !#*««•• a 1 1.1- is." Sh- .
«i played in V.- ,? T lla'i .. i n Is-'
1. j nv-oth T'-e Tar Heel mi. ,n |«rt
|,l~t"ar*Jira*s favorite >!is I " ise Rm->
t Knox has a-IJe-l t* to
I I her long li« •' u. ces. ." • phi\
i| nl as sl« rever |4a>ol !ef le last
|| ;Thur-d-»> e> en- 1 g
i . ' Via,- h no\ lla- IMd \ w*in
One of t l e rr«-1 \ loll' of th*
vorM i- tkc ins-t f «tr eril tt it Mis* .
Knox play- 1; n. S" r. 1.v,. to- -tat
irg I'.JI a I ii ,» i«>i tHis
instru-* ' * thr«t he »• .>! ' "he noted
1* Beetho\ei Qiur'rt- »•;' fi * p!a> -
ed w?.fle tfcey wtre t I in n» iun|>l
tlt is |>tJ>uUf t*; " !!f> th- tn. the
■ n»-t*r * f ?;!•>! t!e i«*-*ru
men*. T1 - U«»f >* J* *"V-rer
SttJ fium tJ— ! -'•••'• ua!i.! !»■-■ -
' remarkable !I..»! T *— T • ':IJ H I ««!>?-
arv of a fiut> > jt "hi^
th«- .»f titr- w fx! - r * i-* tinvbve
•»f the lamai v. K>- K -tia»»tr>-l>
• inlJt I.
V. > K...x s- i «•««.• i. U,•.!-.>•
umla-r lu pkt «f! «e f tj l >ch««!
! cla sin t"iti.*rn-hi}» Ss! •: iv re
j -ervel bv ■ «.r I "A« r t«-
' W
Colored Hoy Killed
Near riymoulb
i - -7 —
IJ»>\«1 r>-'. (■"■! Sy v - -
)b"fie ». a- ir. I.* .{» r. \* .i k '•» >if a»-,l
|. V e«l e tav r*. r I"' r « !h 1
falls'r "*•> I* i- ii'ij. r » tha
iSnrui'l *. rfci' sr it. t'.* Ik- «oc*l
for tb« W it* V *-!>« s c» I«|K»OV. a bi+
1 iumbt • rtur-c- a of I" i* ut ».}.en a
I 'i! : nr tree tmrt »«w ii-e ne: >1
|He s.uif« r»-l a ' -l»u! iii«l a
!« 4HI bjr !o -« ««?•.•. a tit tiir ac
lodent wrhi h ti-i .!■ jt 'we
j tior yt' t!* ,s r \'i . ?'•** * v
.• u;he.i to I Itm.j'li hr :>i L.t" t»,|
,: he of any r'»-l U* 1 ; *J' s*r.t
!to k--per. hi- 5 "ft .»• «. i.
' | —. «- . _- .- t..
Ju-t h»« !i« art .4 ia mi?
i U not kno a-»i.
Splendid I'lelure At
Strand Next sl»nda>
) Tlx* Uo! ;M-» Kr- ;,ttei:,,»er a*l ha*e
I the opuftunil text M' t -ta s-d Tuts- i
!tay to see we of be b»- * p«r urt
ever sh>wn n V. t!l inbW '>r t)-*
I pr«"e char-.-l t,!«pa -»>n in
I"/a»" »;a.- held in Ch»|»- litll two
day* l-mijrr ( »- s stlw>iulnl >•>
jth -t stulml it: tr- 4k could i-H I
Ito -«s- it. Afi w the aitaum- -ke-i
tlie |nctuie s® »e'l " ;-at I ■)' -turtle
tmo visits to tlce a(»t -♦;«•*
Jli-sVefle Fl he' : 't a. * - ** -K- *
He»lnes«ta g.
A T. fiswfori. Mr
' A utia.sw. atd Vr. 'i iriy Brt 7-f!
Jthw for pull • . re »Ui. lhe-y
■t*J! sftwl
Mt.-ff-. j>4ku 11-ottf. W. T. M«-a
idows, Jr. (le-.fsrr Harris aitd VtM aia
, liar ris«.ji a- terlt t lie \a 1 -e!»>ri>-
® Wdliaßv-t-Mt U l'i bail ;iti* at
! rVfUfbi.ti' \V"I e nirh!
I i M'- c- rmi Tixi.lll-, of
II the local sche«>l facahy at riclnl the
1 ha-k. *. bill ra»* at \ aj«cel--r . Wed
- jar-day tvtnirjp.
tj Mrs. K. l! Crawiirl is vistiiag her
i' fis'er. Mis kui> in Sea/ord, Del.
•„ Wkile «say -he Wiii al-o vis t rela
r t:ve- in Its " -nore. Wajhi'gton ami
t Philadrlptua. -
I*. Ml wit X. Collin IVrt ar.-l W, C.
i Maanir-g. Jr. inar'e a businMt- tup to
i Was King-mo ye-ste:lay afterrocr,.
»! Mrs. C. D. Addersie. Mts, Mark
«-1 KuSii and little Msrvti, of
• LTarboro spent Tharwllay with Mr ami
■ Mrs. J. H. Britt.
e I Hias SipfcwU Topputg was a via-
•\t the n.juest of my f.tends, I
». :«by inr,. unce myself a candidate
. r ' ongre-s fr»»m the First Congres- Ih.-t .ct of Xorth Carolina.
to the action of the Detnocra
v l"i nar*. June T. 1921.
Vr |i r.iO' writes the o' owing
,-er t«- t'e farmers coul
Wnshingt n. X. C.
Feb. 2, 1924
"To all i\i:mors of Martin County:
remeir.ber I wrote you last
..iwer ar.i t« Id yo« that Martin
Vu* tv n* , oie' a County Agvnt. Since
•,at time your County Commissioner*
ave seen tit to make an Appropfi
,t «»n for tliat work.
I am now * riting to inform you that
our County Agent is in th. t ounty
,-,i readv to -er\e the fatnieTrs in
•uny ways.
Mr T It Brandon is the i.ian. and
its h»-a.S«;aartegs will l>e in Williams
lon. Hi- offic- h in the court house.
Mr I'rar.don is a native of South
'\-.rolina. a graduate of Cltmson A.
V M College, was bom and l eared on
i Y;. ir.i. and has ha«l 7 years exper
e ce a- a C«-unty agent in Soi*h Can*
"ma and trforjria.
He is exmptionadly well qualified to
Help you in fighting the boll weevil,
md in the readjustment period which
■ilvsys follows the weevil.
Rereember now. Mr. Brandon comes
u you as i Granger, hut as one who
vrar.ts I« w* Do no% pat him Ui tie
rouble of looking you up Yo»i «all
n him yoursalf. tnH Irt him know
t'ul yiu trr glad k» is with you. and
•hat vr>u will do your part in helping
M.l rt■ n County farmers.
Arnmltuir is your only business.
i«il Mr_ Brandon is there to help you
naltf jl'iat husinrss pay. Jo n hand v
*»th Inm in iluine this.
I»tstrii Agent."
I barrels of Fun For On
lookers l*romis
V«i iavr Itfani of miasticb,
\ i!lt , :i i -tr.ii Coined l«\- and all
■ iwr ku \ of sl«.w- hut will, all them
•m' K.e»ihrr they can't c«.m>»ure with
• • lt-at to hr tonight in the
|i \i«- TSe k krt bait
-!.Ui rl lix wait house wi I he the
-.ijcr . .-i,r s!«t 11 i- iats versus the
eans will t»- the *-ene, Th« line-up
ilmlh- furn >h«v barrels of fun, and
* hat m« are t-tlLiitr alx.ut, tike barrels
tuiatinr over By faithful at 'endance
-it all the ('»n aiid m-Imwl ir:mes each
: layer lias learnod the fundamentals
»f l«a~ket ball. but some of the line-up
>a\e imrr ap|«-ared in pi bite with
'srt» |uirf- and this will rattle them;
i v l«-ti une ' ■•!> tu tlirow a Ix ar
|!i is us n ind.
I had
T»e line-up follows;
im. (T> iMn(r)
■ in- larn Joe Pemk-r
/_ Julius Peel
t»r J Biggs Collins I eel
V - a\ H»u> Manning Duk ■ Critcher
. Ki» rt Peel Mr. Pope
Mr. Mealor Pete Powder
>aiiie tait> imnifdiately after the
pirture show which staita at 7 :'9>.
Theie will be the small admission
|of 111 anl 25 tents charged, the pro
I rob to go to the benefit of the
I Phiia'hra rla>-
j Referee. Wolfe.
Sjixki} trhool at •.• 45
I Mot mng serv ice at 11 :o.
F'.enmg service at 7:3b.
Hev K. L Shirley who will conduct
, !«nites, both moriiing and evening,
iLi at present a resilient of Indiana.
1 but a native of Kentucky. He is a
•rraouate Georgetown College, class
 f I?«I2 and of»the .Southern Baptist
Seiriiun, Louisville. Kv. class of
For five years Mr. Shirley was pastor
; of Iv-er Park Baptist Church. Louis
v We. Ky. and has held several other
mpurtant pastorates.
The subject for the morning service
will be: "The I nspeakable Gift" ami
the .-abject for tha evening will be,
"The Greatest Figure of the Ages.*
1 he public is cordially invited to at
j Mr. Milfor! W. Hayne*, «f Tarhoro
was ia town yesterday at trading U
——-—i - —— m ■
State Build
Standard Road With
out Bertie Aid
The State H ;|ffc*"av Cofnmission re
bi«ts Ltst for Iht construe,
tion of a nine foot Lard surface*!
roa.l from the R«ir.olt river to
The li»*e.4 bid iw rsj was by R.
G. I.a--iter ar«i Com any, of Ral
eigh at about Jl. r »l.«*i The Highway
(ommis»lone rejected the b.i how
ever, is the pr ce was M satisfactory.
The Conn *iss-en has- apparently
( >een anxiou.- to a MiiiJard width
ruaU through ISera e- :r"ci the Martin
to the Hertford cuur.ty line, but has
not had much re-- fn.rn Bertie
County in the way of firancia* aid.
Road numWr SO from W "ro:~gton
to the Virptu ! re. a of
which, has li i•*■**. iiaro arfaced.
has rwthni \«-ry r;ach aid
fn»m the rnjfcir.ariit -s tS-rouph
which it p*>se~ a>! >.y »he Ft.ieil
Government. l*n the >t retch from here
t« Washington Martin owuttj paid
one half the o«* as far as the
Beaufort county line
Xo» iVr*H» re "uses t«. contribute
and the -tate ktiW to tsiih; through
the county at about the -ajr.e that
it ha.i f .n o;her coonties.
It would look 'ike a real shame to
** a 16 f-ol road from the West and
an 18 foot toad fp.m the de
generate into a BCuV J foot road
just as so«-n as they reach the high
lands of old Berte.. This link of the
highway wou'e naturally have the
heaviest tralTsr since it would carry
the :wo mam road*
Just what will be the outcome it is
I not kn»wn. but nght at the present
it is known that therw will he no
' hard surface! Nad of .»Ry description
for a while.
It is undeiM'wsi that there are
' great many of the peo( !e in Bertie
are opposed t». any hani surfaced road
at all. the reason f\T such is unknown,
while o*h~rs en masse are bitterly op-
to a fi« road kaving a f e«
to objert to the road of .-'.andard
Mrs. Clay w a Moore er-t« rtaiaed a
number of her friends wiifi a card
party at her lovely new home on
, Church street list evening from eight
| until eleven. There *)-;«* f. »ur tables
i arrange I for bridge. ore in each
j corner of t?e ct!u t.J n. le living
f f*m »hifh i- ttu-mmr ii. i*s furn
| ishings In obi fa.-hi -fioi v. -ej. yellow
r jon(uils at>.( evergreens *«; re placed
r '•» attractive r * v 4 in In-th. the liv ing
p l oom and r»v« i»" ue hall.
1 Mrs. ||. M«U« an.' Mrs W. K_
s | I'jrUi I --.1 f.r high core and they
I-1 v ere given Sealer U uini sevre pads,
h , After piaytrg for an I. >ur the guests
s J were *net a ralxi cure by the
p hostess »-.i !«i by Mi-. P. I! Cone,
h Those pre n*. «ete. Mrs. Luke lamb.
Mrs. A L IH.» mr. Mrs. W. K.
r Parker. Mrs P It. '*»■, )|i» Anna
.Ciawiurd. M. Leslie 1 jwdcti. Mrs.
iO-ear, Mr- J. (I. (oxlard,
Mrs. J W Watts. Jr . Mr-'" S R
) Higgs. Jr. Mrs. Corel Green. Mrs.
r H M Stubbs. Mr? F. L Barnes, Miss
•I \e)!a Andrews, Mr* J. G. Staioo and
•I Mis. Libert IVel
n Tester*lay morning at his hone near
- Evesetts, Mr. Jo- ih Stalls died after
f a two w-jeks illaes. of pneumonia and
He was nearly fifty years of age
and «as a member of the S'alls and
lajdcx fan .hci of the Spriag Green
■ Ktion of this, county.
Early in life Mr S:al»s was married
fto Miss Mary Ward, daughter of Mr.
md Mrs. J. H Ward, of Bear Grass. .
Mrs. Stali- with eight children sar
ies kim. The children are MLM
' >«l*h May. &*«, Virginia, Annie
'« Bettae Maree and Raymond.
'• Jwiah, Jr.. and Mack Stalls.
1 He was a member of the Christian
5 church. The body was placed to rest
1 »n«idrt a large concourse of friends
oday with Rev A. J. M.nn,» g
nating at the nukes,
r • '
* Mr. Mm C Lamb M Baltimot* is
spending a few day# in ton. Mr.
'• La«h is miasgn a the *y -1,
" dennrt— t-A. -V J ■- ' .
1 ~ "f Wd Miller and X mt
lank moved fHat
* ST t * | '. B *yr* rB wW ha hw
>• Mr Garland Bamhdl

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