North Carolina Newspapers

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Much Business Lisposcd!
Of During The
On Saturday af'ertu «, JVonni;
i€. .-eventy-nii.o of 1h» Martin L'otm
lj U-achers met in the Will, an;-toft
Scl-oui Auditorium for t .e fi-uitl. meet
ifijc of she Teachers" Av iciatioh for
Rev. E. I». Imlil of the local M'tho
dist  :iurrh lead in the .ifvcti'irjl
service. After reading portion of the
twelfth chapter of i't V.ark, he wlTenns
d prayer. He. th. n ,«ut!iwi in
the rtut ef devoling upon the ?
ministerial and lewhii ■»' professwms. [
Theti a:n>- are so nearl; unt that their I
u4 i> a common oues' i h? neglect on I
IV pan of teachers at I mim-ters to I
perform this common will mean I
that it will go w;thout «• »mpletiwn M*l
|K»H uiK»--i that teach« rs rvalue lite I
-ertous .e-- «f their prc:e; sxtn, Mwpf I
t*e«r :-ch*ols as trust.-. _nd fulfil their I
utjif:«ti«ri» in the .-pint »t love. I
T'f Secretary, upon t ,e Pie-t«kn*"> I
!»|iie-l. read the miuu'e- of tie Janu I
ar; axHinK Thc.-e w* e adopted a*
Snjrf !'"(«■ stated that one purpotse
of tf* t V>uiit\ meet nr- is to bnne in
stimuli a> a nteans of m
couragement an.l incentive t»> the
teachers. Su, he intio>lucrl Mr. J L
I«fueM. an Instructor of Ka ' Caro
lina Ifackai' Colleire -»n.j A-sistant
}-(a!e Inspector of the Htjth Svhooi.-
of this stti«.n. Prof. l.ejrirett m ki>
conversational way a.kfressod the
teachers, Several inteh-stiny llu-tra
, tions were used by him to "clinch the
»lea" that he wished t«. imprint upon
tl-e minds an«i heart.* of the teacher*.
He'insisted that teach«rs enter upon
teach'ng as a profession. He did not
ditacredt the fitne-.« wh.. h a "kiie f-r p"' engenders. l»ut he urr*"t
that teacheri. ifo into t> as a ku»tee>>-
wiUi the uiea that the must Kavr a
lirin* "Teaching ought to h* a pro
fe.--ioi really and truly," he -aii
""Misfits" 'avc r.o place in the > ate
fin of edoeation. To Je ptt>fer«eitxut£
tear'e- must know r« only sohjer*
■•utter Slit! method, hut al-n th*a«e
whom tijey trich. To he moie .tes«i te
the must kit"# why dlfttrrc ar»
l«a»Vward, what opport u »it >es ihiMm I
have at home for |>»|urirr
a--i*-lir>ientK, and what the of
tl» c..fnni>»,itj really want a
lesrtw- kiows what tlie romnuKii;
wants and exjetts of teachers, the*
the teacher through j-e• -e- rmve ran
his plat - operative One n| of
viMtalit# in the home> of a (umoran
ity hef«.re the opening of school ■>«U
effect n.uch. Mr. Leggett bet eves that I
the fir.-t week of the school term ««> i
be windy used if the teachers *etr
hired to use it merely as a period of
visitation This preview of th* no
munity Would largely fhre the physi
cal cwr«iit on.- of children, the r home
cot uitious and ul\iuiUg«a or dia
■drum Ifci , the relation between
lamiiy ai«l child, aiii tne cattooh of
the «. ■ ititt. atul\ m geiirtal upun h(l
lise aixi its problems.
Mi. i'ope here expressed his sj»-
pntJi> f«.r teachers in the
ci..- i-; fur they na> e to onibat »ite.
conditions -o far from .teai. Am>w
U-g to actual stattstio corwtt mi- u
t« country are worse than tnuc* en
town. Kor # .i.stacee, Mr. Legxett i)»:
I*l iioia lir. lhonutt W owl's arc4tM
of oefects: "In city schools, 3s pei
cent of ehildien are defective la s«w»e
lespec.; in country sections, per
e- t aie iief«rtive."
Mr. I;up neit read Mr. Jute R_
Warren's letter to tl»e secretary in re
frai«! to the |uestioß» that will be on
anlHed ill the .State Assembly. In it
he listed three topics—the publication
of a professional maicaxine. the nw
puauon of a code of ethks for teach
ers; aj«d the continuance of the (hs
trxX meetings with less rwpbi jo
the State meeting. After wfc|
this letter, Mr. I'ope called for a dh
cummu. A motion was made and sec
onded that Mr. Pope appoint a com
mittee of three to draw up su**e»trie
resolutions, which woutd, if approved,
be sent to the Assembly. Messrs. M. M.
Uavis, H. M. Ainsley and tiea. W.
Sm,Ui formulated these tt-o«Xi a-,
and Mr. 11* vis, as chairman, pre
sented thetn to the group for ntifia
y ***■
""Whereas, we are cofwiant of the
pressing necessity of an dhiil organ
espressiv-e of our hopes, sympathies
and aspirations as profes.nnw»f teach
er-, and whereas, the aUithml ah
0 scnpUon cost per year has bees esti
mated to be less than the cot of a
We. nailiiM mi the Martha Cil|
UaK mt the North Chi iW n F|n itni ■
1 Makes Favorable impres
sion On Those He
Ho'. A. L» JlrUtn. rand date for
Governor. -pen". iait i.i>rht in town.
Mr NrLtu iiT m urr, ;nj{ fmm
(SiziiiMh City where he hat ma>ie a
at the dedication of the new
>hul buili :ru in that town.
Mr McLr>l! met ,uite a numlirr of
«! people * till*- in tow i. iikl niaiir a
ifn inpn—ion on ail
tW* »ho had the p!«-.L-ure o! nwrt
( £i»r tiim.
: McLnMun. frooi all mticatj»iLs will !*
I'.ke i*\t Governor of North Carolina.
I IK i» a plain man who rantf up ius*
j ike m-ft of wur rr«"at ntfi.. from the
I farm ami know* the *>y» an I rx-e.l.
lof IN 1 fummoß people.
I tl« pr icipie> of a teach-
I erV «atiafl ,t«i the jart of a few
| !»»rter> of out State, at 1 this setrlert
Imf tlwx- principle* on "he |iort of a
I few will Ifrxi to lower li«e hi|fh talral*
lof the >»-1 fnaifritv in Ihf i»rofp-
We. the teacher* of the Martin
Cwirtj I nit of the N »rth Carolina
sMiriatio' . are ie«i|>nl
t® evpoc-e such contract breaker- by
pit less publicity an.! to il> all within
our power to in-pire and place a on the pn«p»-r at?ilu-l- of
oar Mtioro towanl their cunt .act*
and Übnr duties, ant) we further plnitr
our belief mi a ruck- of ethio. which
nay te pr*»po-edd«y a c. mnuttrr cum
pnsetl of wur l»e>t teaihrr> ami .-hall
M be lower than the standards of
o«adiin now of a teachei and
written ia vtir School Law.
We further * i_-h to mun>mrr.j) the
cucUMUMr of the 4i»trict meeting
I |Kan wi!h Uie Kiea that le>* nrnuri
I -rajl U spent oil tfte Utr meeting
jb. ibuir tt the dlstr «"t meet*
wkjern- tne tanher.- afi »e itacbnl.
We. i!-«, «ish to .- j|-|r-.-t that the
North • uolirui Education Aswia! on
ifpxa! a diiunirtSte to ui\e>tiirate
•ay* and m>an.> wher»-by teacher*.
•W. i«« may not (»■ ikh.hii,(» o-rtifi
cai"es cr«omeb.-.atate tritrt their train
-n*- jdki eipiient* b«-ja eof pr -ent
■t*ie- of cert ificates, ma> be all" wed
I -ft pr«% ..-Mid of ap|»-ai jii-i ailju-lic-t
iMe no* now to l«e had for exceptional
ca*e.-_~ •
' A BjOmi ia- nia-ie anal oi«le«l
lllat Ittf ie-tjlutiori- I* acci pte>! in
Colo au le incorporat*-»t in the minu
tes-. a» wHI a* l«-mr xnt to the A>-
wnUf. The motion came. I a- tlx-re
«• M oppo It o!>
Marti>, County V in the
State entitle*! it to eiirht
■lMcfatek. I' W. Arnold ami
G. W. Rhode.-. and Mr*. . 11. Harrell
were app mated by Mr I'ope to .-elect
'WfjraJo to the Asoemblj They were
authorized to let their choice a> near
ly a» pos.-ibie inrfkoie tho-e who le
*ired to tpo A* a result, M«-?-r-. l».
W. ArroW. G. W RUIr». H M
I AiuJe). W. tt. Sitth and K A
fVpe. a*»J Rcrenre Pntchett
asd Katii I'rtchford. and Mr? J. I.
William?- mere -elected to represent
the "«al uitx at the Fortieth Annual
Se-of the North Carolina l>luca
Itioa Ai.wiatH;fl to be hebl in'Raletyh
I Majafc 12 14.
I Mr. El N Rxfclie of Hamilton spoke
I 'mi a fJmrt wb.le on "lliysiol Ilrooe~"
He rate two reasons for the-e. They
are tr*»t«e> b> choice or from nece-.-u
' ile that there is a prar* ,tj
•«B3«dy for thi- i»ar* tcular kind of
I"lanne-- or cor.«rsti'«n-™ The entire
j lailnt body should I* riven *ome
!) -nd of calistliemc- IlifTerent
nail be orran.zcd in view of ajre ar l
■ 2*;l«t> f the boy- and the riri
' I A matlil) rrarif on it will, he tl.inb.
I -cure a more hearty cooperation on
line part of the pupil.-,
f" Mr M H Wolff of nj*
Ito law (iva mat pract cal ••■Jj. - es
!w» on sports b«t he cw not pr*s
Sapt- Pope pw the ret of Suft
A T. Allen's letter in the interior of
• I"-* X«w East IMi -f. > r. Alien'* «•}.
vac that each child ia the
I srfeooU of the Coanty donate one can
lof toniwol milk for this parpo-e
■ J Mr. HarL« expres-ed a belief that all
[ tear Her* would be in'ere-trd and would
! want to aid ia this eaae, bat that he
| dob bled the vidon of each child bajr
' j iar a3k at retail prices, when the
> Inar >an lof i—ey per capita con-
I I ti ibat> I to the North Carolina Com
- asnee ai|fcl he ased to a better ad
- i ant if i ia baying the milke at abiih.
- vaetage ia bayiar the nJk at whole
> i II i aaia» il apon. Another rngmitiai
i* Vie by SapL Allen ia his letter ana
" «r the awnilry far afcan limft the
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina. Tuesday. IVm uary Ii». li>2l
i I
Respar Goes To Jail As
Bond Was Failed
When the Plymouth train pulled in
thi» morning, a colore.! woman. Ada
Respar of Shiloh. stepiei off ami be
Ivan making inquiries for her long lost
husband,'* She produced her marriage
i rertilcate. showinit she was married
at Catmlen. N. C. in 1912 She says
she ha> two children ard that she and
her hushand had lived happily together
■ after their mairiaire ui til three years
; ago when he wandered away an«l was
apparently lost.
' Recently. however, the news reach
ed her that he was now abiding in
Williamston with wife No. 2. Where
upon she set out at once to claim her
own She started openUions in the
pntpt'r channels ami did not i?o with
: pistols, knives, stick.- and guns to
| slash him and banish his new young
' ard temler bride but went to the coun
{ty solicitor ami procured the nA
j sary papers to bring to her what
I rightfully hers.
After Mrs. Respar No. 1 had pro
: cures! a warrant ami sent her be
loved an invitation to meet her at
the courthouse. Jude Smith heard lh«
j ptelinv'nary ch-irge and booml linn
| over to answer the Superior court ft
I the March term. He failed to furnish
| bond and was placed in jail,
|b«aving H's wife No. I «nd two chi"
•il*n ail nife No * . 14, one child
all lone ": sad ami i»a«L
_ Ihe jiiiiiouncement of the following
engagement will be of much interest
to the many friends of Miss Wads
worth. who has Visited her sister. Mrs.
; Jame- Watts. "Jr. real often in the
|Urt few months:
The engagement of Miss Mai>
1 Peebles Wadsworth. -laughter of Mr.
Mrs. Albert K Wadsworth, of
■«ar New Item, ami irrmler of the
city high school faculty, to Mr. John
• "onden Lyons, instructor 111 the de
partment of French at the In 1 vers it)
of Carolina at Chapel Hill,
was announced Thursday afternoon
a? a lovely Valentine party given by
Mrs. Albert T. Willis in honor of
Miss Wadsworth and her sister. Mrs.
James W. Watts, Jr.. of Williamston,
who is the house guest of Mrs. Wil-1
Miss Wadsworth looked charming
on the occasion in a pleated dretv
of apple green chiffon She is an
[alumna of William and Mary college
and is very popular throughout Caro
| iina and Vi ginia. News of her en
gagement came as a surprise to her
many friends. Mrs. Watts wore lur-
tlie afternoon a ?i«n of black
chiffon velvet with cut steel beads.
Mrs. Willis wore an imported model
of king blue crepe romaine bealel
in hropze ami blue.
Master Albert Willis. Jr., dressed
in a whie suit trimmed with red
hearts, greeted the guests at the
front door of the Willis home, which
was beautifully decorated with a pro
fusion of sweet peas, carnations, jon
quils. narcisni, and fern. Little Miss
Mary Turner Willis, in a white Valen
tine dress ami real hearts, invited the
guests into the cloak room Five
tables were arranged in the living
room for mah jongg. with Chinese
place cards and pencils.
After one game of mah jongg Miss
Mary Turner Willias and Master Al
bert Willis entered with baskets fillen
with red satin heart boxes, one of
which they psesented to every guest
On the inside on top of heart-shaped
rut ties was seen an announcement
card bearing a cupid peering over a
heart on which was the following
J. C L-M. P. W.
After Miss Wadsworth had re
ceived many good wishes, congratu
lations ami toasts, she was given a
large, red. bear-shaped package, in
whirh she found a corsage of pink
roses and valley lilies. In the center
of the flower; was a small, white
ivory box containing a handsome dia
mond solitaire set high in platinum,
the engagement tin*.
Theplaying of mah jongg was re
sumed and at the condasion of sev
eral games Miss Kathleen Caton was
awarded the prise, a blue powder jar,
for having made the highest score.
TV booby prise a and sewing set,
went to Miss Gertrude Cam way.
Guest of hmr priia. too. wet*
Kiwas. guest tMeals to Miss Wads
worth and a hMlwl I pocket to
Mn. Watts.
Dance Complimenary to
Bankers and Their
On Friday evening. immediately
after the Banquet heli by the !!a*'k
ers Assnciation, tho Ph.unbi ! of r". in ]
merer of the Town i>: Williamston. j
North Carolina, will gi \ ■ a dance com- I
piifnentai y t«> the Ban'els. a,4 theft
friends. Members of t'e Chaml>er >fj
Commerce and their friends ate!
eordially invitel to attend.'
The dance will lie at ihe I*i\:e aie
house, and admittance will t«* b\ cai>! j
jonly. Mr. Oscar Anderson, chairman]
of the dance comm'tt.'e. will haw I
charge of same ami cards can IK* had
by applying to the Chairman. (>• a.
Misses Mary and (Jeneva
Cooke Entertain Thiirs:,
Misses Mary and Geneva t w. t-
hostesses to a large nuniher of t'r-ir,
friends both in and out o ftown a I
mid-night lunch during intermission of j
the Valentine dance here last Tt '.it- 1
day. The Valentine iilea w:i- cat red}
out in the decorations of ri d and white 1
with favors of red heaits. \ salad j
course was served. Those present we'iel
Miss Myrtle Wynne. Mr B'yant « :«i j
starphen, Mr. I.on Hansel!.' M*. and
Mrs. George Cherry. Mr ,b>e
M ss Marie Catling aad Mi. 'a j*- j
hart of Windsor, Mr Klb> Johnsor.
Mrs. Baldwin, Miss Francis llandy,
Mr. Happy Ross, Mr. Ji Im Johnson |
ami Mr. Bradford Forties of Wash
inglon, Mr. Audrey Leggctt of Tar
boro, Mr. Henry Carson West • f Nash
ville, Mr. Edlcar Job" «n. Mr. Han
Parker and Mr. Rot>ert A.lkns of Kob
ersmiville, Mr. Izaie Camping of Fdmi-.
ton, Mr. Jack Itarker of Ahoskie, Mr.
Sherrod I.anding anil Mr. Brown Nev
ille of WhHakers and Mr. John I
Jenkins of Ayden.
Two cars. Fouls, ran lni"'th-'i \«-s
terday near the court hou-\ «ne was
driven by Mr. J. S. Cooke the other In*
Miss Myrt Wynn.
Fortunately no one was huit, hut
was indict I a narrow csca;>e a - the)
damage done to the ars show .i
pretty bad wreck. TV" t ris, wind
shields anil lights of lioth c ir
smashed and cut to pieces.
The cause of the accident ha not
I wen learned.
A W. Williams, age .'ij'yeat-. a well
known farmer li\ir.g on th»- Fayette
ville road near Myall's -cHapel, six
miles from Raleigh was almost in
stantly killed Saturday morning when
his heart was pierceil by the - if*,
of a li|{ht break cart, with which bis
automobile collided, lie ded on the
way to the hospital in I'ideigh.
Williams was on his way to Ra
leigh in a stripped down Ford w'.eii
he met his death. A >mttig c It
being brokn to harnss'tbya man nam
ed Ogburn. Williams slowed *n
to pass the colt-and just at the mo
ment of passing the colt took frigh'
anil leapeil across the road. The left
shaft of the cart pierced Williams'
Funeral" services will he conducted
from Myatt's chapel at 2:-i0 Sunday
afternoon by Rev. I »r. W. " M 'i'.
White, pastor of the First I'resbytei -
ian church of Raleigh. Williams was
well known in the county, where Ife
was held is high esteem. The acci
dent is sai'l .by witnesses to have .been
unavoidable. Williams was well to th«
left side of the road. JUL. y
Valentine place carils with individual
red candles marked the places if the
guests at three tsalily-appointed
tables. On the center table was a
handsome centerpiece of red nrcet
peas and fern arrange-1 in the shape
of a heart.
A chicken salad coui.-e with toma
to jelly and coffee was served, fol
lower! by ice crea:n in the shape of
white roses, cake in the sha|«- of
hearts, and salted nuts. On . tacli
plate of the second com e «a- a
sprig of orange blossoms.
Those who enjoyed Mrs Willis' de
lightful party were Miss Mary Wads
worth, Mrs. James W. Wu'ts, Jt., of
Williannston, Median.- - H. "X. Wal
, drop, L. I. Moore, Allen Ives, Kliza-,
beth Congdon, Ha; vroul Guion*
Vauxhan Griffin, J. C. Brgg, H. H.
Wadsworth, and Foci-d McWhorter,
and M saes Nettie Catel Duiiels,
Sarah Holland Hester »Ah Ferebee,
Emily Ward, Virginia Wifeon, Miriam
Knrk Bathl—n (*•>««. ■Til.. l l. and
Meeting's To l>e Held in
The Selioolhi uses Of
( otmty
Tli-- M.i i tin l •■lit > A-i tcuii .1 i>
I Nn*u*ty ht*M tls ti r I « • st»Mt to c**?rt-
Til-' 41 x- of
I i l'l «i.l\ , It i, ].H . 1
\V. i\. \va rlrcU't. pi
\ V«" * ° r l!,t ' ... i i i;. I.•all
I !o >» t rrtarv.
! IVi h,' j» .t woi: 1 1 I- • V\. Nt• • ;t v
jtliat tb;> •? y-.ii.iva* mn . - Inrnnti .t f
m.r' .... c ''»*■! I', \K.. |: . ..f
• * ' U's \ ' ■ »' '.'li*'! I ' «• t»i ;
'IT ti I Si .1 ■!'. V- .. hi I | ' K(,
I s w . ' i •v\ ,it '«'»j \\»»11*
«Vt t« i "ri. ii (m«|i towi -hip as mom
! H-, - •~V !.• ;l ~,1, ,>
! '•» i t ••  ;t >i\ 11 >tM>n
i •i, ?; • -i k i. 'j « 1 r..ui!f /. t»»
i a»-» t r i : . ci' it *» 1 »r i t• . t.i w .#rk
*- ! i 1 t»• I «. t 1..-J, L r n
j te; i : ..! , til »«'.• t. 'I ti
i 1 V \\ ,! I, th pi, | to
J I'" '« ! I j' . 1 i V ill! it \
I !••• or .i i«ii t f««, l.l( 1 to hoM m»H«f
li* •: mt» • * tt> .vi! ;hip - fir tiu*
»f y lui .il u»! t t » l'an«lle -u**h
»I'iatlor.-. mil\ I»• r c t»ii"t for their
joy. n good.
I in* s if»f 'ippoii.) "iPrit have a!-
I . i mailt* a* •! Ml ltr i"li»n,
jlhi* «• • 111 ' \ 111*i*111. will i*' (iff »rt a?
p-.-.rh iMrft'ni' ti» rort|i'i >urh help as
J*o m U \»> ail.,.
Tic .mat ««»|-\vTTT Tr f> * *T»T ii > * Im»
•}.,*.0l l» 111 p of tll* >r\ffa'
at 7 p. m mi the ,I.l'. . roenti mr«|
Suiitiv I ii'.xla . I'Vli. !*>.
tor. WVif ; 'lav I ;0; Smitliwirk*>
 refk. Hli u r '.t\. \\ h. :I; MM . Kn
J }> p ■ >!-• • »: Kt l»
: ?'»; ?:"lw" ...ns illr, Y~- .},iv }T t
Hrr-r rH. ,la vr K* Mr
Tiitii >!.(\. I f» _'S. >f ,!U'ri\
l.ratirli, Kriilav. |-*#*li. * 2* l ; .F iMf.
Moiulav. M :ieh I .- ) ifV, Tut-.lav
Marrh" 1. . ('in- -1* a*l . VN
Muri'li •"»; C. l'l I*»irit. 'T'uirsiLiy. Mar.
i»; P.iinirlr, l'ii«l n\ \} ,ih ,aJ I• \ I'ff.or
»*ai ini'li'. V\ . M;i i h 7.
If tin iw'opli; will »tt«Mi«l n t
ini'. .! .! ir!\r t'n*m heir h«*art\ sup
port t'ir ;im' mi- tu wmk murh
. J_' »»! I.
I M-.jr |nit :.t'ii'- 11* 111111' I :''m .'
luUlll-. -*. 11 'A •' .1 J! * 1«• I V, itil M't'lt.iUl''
ucittri. TI•• y imi 'int. r»-
viift - tt i ( ! c . r--t\ 1- t'- -.ij b
tli" hi** ,11 > 1.1, m'i ■ t i.rrv f H -'.ur ••
1 !,«--• a." >• I «l*;i •) I»i fir.t
• 1  11»f" It'll I Iti I t *I *» T u k
i.i ••:■!, «'at'ini' ' •••t ii • rr»|« "ii
tin' ni uk' t i- in . i ni"i taut |> > lit.
sd lif ( ii'cj I in' !•: 1111 «•, lin I pr»'-
. pare i' ■••'! :i'"l l:a if !•••• linn.
f!i«U .. i. 11 I'll |i. I'ltc Ii mi' |iul '• *'rl7«*'l
tIII' I tli'4 iJm- ..Itii . lUiHitill!!
pot'ltm Will lw.
Iti tin I* ■ U4l i«i i y.u
iim' !•_ pi*l- ct'iil availul'lf |>h" pltu tr
acitl, 'i |n r rent nitriiK' " i" '
re lit potash T'lij •! ,nuM tj" upplinl in
r/i"»> iiml v. il t i nil t'n -nil ln 'iirr
pla'HillK |"'t- Ii i i '»t ('ihi'l par
jii'i- in lit ' 1 j- pThtfin-- niiitr iiin
t.ut with thr ilt/i-l*' :«? tl i- it p
plll'll 111 till' ftlllllW. y
.St..iiU* maiinrc if u il .-iioulif l»- up
plii-il iiini' timt l l'i'111ri' pl.tni'iic tt »•'
potatui* . Il . lioulil In-
Ullli AVl'tl 111 Uni ill ' ill- ' IIt ! \\ S.-tl-
KCalili' inauuif i.- u>i'il ii ■!•'r pu'ati»--
thi .v' itn' ii,n| ila k ,in rulfff. ami
mine ili-v.ikiil—'
"Thi* ttilii' i Ki'iiii:ill; cut witl !««■
Hi' 11111■'' i y'i'« In till' pM  ;»;a| plan
liml trmTi to IH Int-lii - it li'll a:»!
row: :: til I (Vet apart.
Tin. Irish ittMiJi'r, ui"i Hit .- ar» :m
In* Iva i« ,r ii ■ln plant in 'his nm ill.
Th«*y -liiml l l»' plantei u. the Vtn*
the lainl h' In ifii a 'ittli* warm
anil tin* r nf a fru.-t ha
' pasMvl. —~-r ,
1 Now to .-tfiil with, sr.mi' un»* has
saTJI Hurt spven rtrrHitP— l»**t t>>
Hastet 'I N ilth Carblinu i |>«'i";l for
fcil broUKtit into »h«*
etatr. It hunalso bcrjt saii|.thal nrniK-y
talk:;, hut. all il >n\.» to an Ka.»t»ni
N'i an il in a farmer i.-i t'i>"'l Hye.
This beint r ' fle ra-r |rt T - plan a 'loin*
1 jrar!»*u. a hoiiie mvha s• i, P. raiM 1
1 plenty of hoj eTiirken- ami have a
nriilrh cow, t'ifii we can really pink*
ourselves of the fact that we are real
■ farmers.. •
P (Hy T. H. ItrantloH, County Agent l
Mr. Dontiia G. lSrunjnutt of Oxford
las announced his candi 'icy for a'
- tcmey Gcnreal of Ncrtr. Carolina.
, Vr. Hrumni»t» is a lawvei of hi®*
. i-iandliur in his pdofessiian and i* a
, highly respected citizen of hi» row
i munity.
I -
Hankers Will Attend
Their Annual
j rhf Faimers and .Vrirlunt.v Hank
lan.' 'He Martin County Savings a nl 1
I •».-• i Ompanv will closed Friday, j
ft. ;-!i 11 ihe Ivfnlv second. it being
a - vr-ii holMat, Wash.niton's birth- '
' |
I' rt» will fc iui bujiinrs.' of any 1
k-rt.! I'L.ii-adcl Iwraiw the officials of i '
-J; _t ..«• t-ank- will I* ir atlmdure at i'
* f, r aorual n»rt ng of the Bankers' I
\ .-vfci »-ii.
I " I
Federal Reserve l»an
Case Tried Isy
Highest Courtj
Washington. IVIi IK—Kulfral re j
-i-rvf (Kink-, acting a- collecting banks, j
mu-t noa-memt>er hanks to.
pa> in ca-h or its equivalent checks I
[drawn upon them or accept liability |
in ra i- other forms of settlement. |
i|iroiiK voithleNs. the supreme court j
ruled ••■day in a case brought by the
fe«ieral ir »*r\e bank, of Richmond. Va.
against Mallory Brothers.
A . 1 eck drawn upon *X. II (■. Bal
fou» upon the taank of I.umber Bridge,
X. lin favor of Mallory Brothers
was presented for payment by the J
federal reserve lank of Richmond i
winch was gi\etl a draft upon the'
Vtlaii'ic lUnk ami 1 rust Company, of j
lineadurn. N. C. When presented I
for payment tSr Cieenslioio hank wir- 1
e.i the f«i'ial reserve bank the draft 1
was no food. Before tlse federal re
-. r\ hank n-ukl collet from the bank
l.umher Brxlge that bank went into
Lthr hands of receivers.
1 be fe«ieral rousts of North Caiolina
!IM-1.1 that 'he r e>bial rrxnt lank
Sou hi not have jtrifpttil the ex
•-hanire draft but should have insisted
apon currency and. therefore, mast
s!ai»l tbe 10-r* The lecif ;on was affirm
ed hy the supreme court today.
MK |iWill CIKK. IlKAl)
Mr. I»a\nl (iilib, treasurer of the
\..ith Stale l.umker Company died at
hi- home in A\«len last week *
Mr. l.ihb wa fui ome years con
..-t «i with the I'ari.iele-Kccleston
iihrr « ..inpaoy located at i'armele
i' «l»»?he X«irth S;ate was oriraii
«t -i fiiiraml in mill rig at Ayd»'H
n.f. r-taM:shed the-r principal ir
.-it ■ ?»c» ilwm an I they ha e
i S# i i»r *c«pali> 1.1 s-aUth ( i r ':-
•-••ntiriueai thf'r tfnisUT
,ffr« • . (iis state. M' t,» io h a
in! «f man an*i had no t.i-ul
• !>•-- R this country.
MK. l.k'W K«M.»:KSO\
\li liut Rogerxtn who was raised
ill .Bear t.rass, th«* son of the late
I; S K p-r-on, i svisitiiig relatives
in 'he -oiunty.
Mr. ll«.ger-on left Maitin county :l
tear- ait«> aial went to Smackover,
Aikai -.i>. I«urht land which was soon
to lie :n tlie oil region. A town
soon spiung up ami built partiAlTy on
In lai d and. of when a man's
biwl pr«»l'iees oil a/wl -upporls a city 1
I is ail o*ce ami easy with him. Mr.
IJoger«on then went to Slfloratio and
i>*-ated. , '
ihi- is aimther Martin County matt
i- ho has n>ate good. "*
II IM.K IS smrr AND «r
! irwlri. Neb. Keh. IK. —William M
\|..-rinr. j®. \eteran district judge
■»»- ai«t killed e-riy Unlay in his
court i«H!i by Wallace •«. Wallick who
in !UiT>, -hot and killed The
iudee was h«»t through the heart
The Beat *.rass school basket ball
•eam .lefentrd the Everett* team
Ti arilai afternoon by the score of
Si to K Kveietts threw a scare into
he (tear Grass team during the first
juarter but their rushing attack was
(H.n overcome by Bear Grass.
Harris leal bath teams in scoring
with seven of his team's fifteen points,
•lark led his team in (coring with
six out of the eight scored. Makme
and Bailey-, the Bear Grass guards
men. kept the Everett* score down by
breaking up a large number of paaaes.
Dw to picas Uupble. more than us
ual. we are i —iny late, tn hap*
that when mr ndnny aitim tn
will to able to Hake all anfe at the
watch the label on vol
Two Sessions during dl
Followed by Banquet
That Evening:
Following is the program of i
ninth annual meeting of Group C
North Carolina Hankers AssociaM
Friday, February 22, 1924 to be ■
here. Headquarters ami registnfl
will be at the Atlantic Hotel.
Meeting called to order by CM
man W M. W oolard at 10:30 a. mJ
City Hall. - M
Invocation, Rev. A. J Manning, a
liamscton, X. C.
Roll call.
Address of Welcome (On
the Cit) and its Hanker », J. L. Ha*
| Mayor, Williamston, X. C.
Response, W. Prescott, Cask
First National Bank, Ayden v N. C.
Report of officers of the >roup.
Report of a Committees.
Address, Gilbert T. Stephensoa,
| President. Wachovia I'ank and Tl
Co, Raleigh, N. C. (Personal Sen
|in l'ru>t l!usine>-1
I Appointment of Committees.
Alt ernoon Sr>tion
Town Hall—
Paul I*. Brown, Secretary, N
Carolina Blinkers Association, **A 1
and 11 is Soup."
| JO. Taylor, 801 l Weevil Fxpol
J the F. S. Royster Guano Coiapa
] "How Banker.-- can help to combat
j 801 l Weevil "
Report of Committees.
Flection of Officers.
i Following the afternoon sessional
mobile ride will be given oxer
recently built Roanoke River Bril
Bani|uet at Masonic Hall, 7:30 p
Toustiiiaster, Him. l tavton Mooff
Mr. J. W. Bailey-attended eour
Williamston last week.
Several of the local basket ball I
attended the Williamston- Washia)
basket I tail game at Wdliamston Tl
day night.
Thursday about noon the sbelts
the Cowan-Kogers lumber mill cal
fire from some spraks from the n
steak. The fire was soon extingnia
and little damage was done.
Those attending the basket i
game at Kveretts from here tu
day othei than the school menl
were: Messrs. John Had lev, Jeff 1
lor, Ixonard Mobley, Flhs Mai
Bennett Rogers, Kdward liur(l
William l.eary, Mis-es Bessie Mall
Krsal M izell, M s. liennis Bailey
M r*. W. R. Roebuck.
Mr S. S. I'eel of lie! haven S|
Thursday night with his brother
J. A. I'eel, near here.
Vi.v Icyleen Rogers spenl Sui
\ ,th Miss Mary Harris.
Mr Fssie Mae T.-v|rr arj
I Mullock nere out rnltßr Set
I. ft • i n >• ii
M; Ii a Rogerson and Miss )
1.-u'ev were out riding Sunday al
i oo:i
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Whitat
. ,H-nt Sunday with Mr and Mof
G. Bullock.
Mi .- Annie Mae William* spent
veek end with Miss Magdalene :
I'k k
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett R°«4
M iss l.ucy Wilson and Miss Bfl
 owan motored to Williamston Si
day af?ern»o!i on business.
Messrs. J. H. Roicci Joint
I rher motored to W .lli uustbß Fi
V.M businej-s. «
*Miss Be- sie Malo -e i f !S*vr C
spent the week end with Mus J
I eel.
Mr. Elmer Ches-.0.1 and family |
Thursday evening wi'h her udL
v\. H. Rogers.
.Mt*. S. C. Ray of W la-notm I
Friday afternoon with Mrs. VI
Rogers. . j|
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. ColliplMi
Mr. John Cullipher spent Sail
in I-e wist on with friends. '
Mrs. G. W. Hardiaon and Mr*.
Peel of Williamston spent Sit
afternoon with Mr*. W. H. Rif
Mr Slyvester Raynor spent 8|
with Mr. Alonxo Wynn.
. Messrs. Milton Perry and BBj
lipher motored to Rveietta SMB
Miaaes Bessie Malone and ■
Peel spent Saturday aftawJ
Mrs. J. H. Rogers.
Mr. John Cvlliphar motored u
Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey
City spent the week and «|h
Mrs. G. B. Brinsen.

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