North Carolina Newspapers

Why Mr. Hassell Is Af
filiated with Dem. party
' '
Mr. Hassell Once In The Republican Ranks But
Changes To The Ranks Of The
Democratic Party . j me state briefly before getting
down to brass tacks tha: I was affili
ated with the Republican I'arty for
several years, but could no: endure its
company any longer, tfg.»ther wi.h
liemg in the wrong pew, so I found lu
other course to pursue but to tret
right and return to the eld Oemocratic
Party .the party of the !.eople. by the
people and for the pe« ;de. Bom the
son of a democratic mo ier and sired
by a democratic father, rocked in the
cradle of democracy, bjt like the
I'rodical of old drifted astray, far a
way in a foreign clinr.e among the
swine, heard the father of democracy
calling, turned my Ilea i homewaid,
and after a long and weary jounr*v
reached the cradle of r y youth; an-.
\ was welcomed wi! h ope arms by de
mocracy—th father of my .early trair.- I
ing. I am reminded o f of the
resolutions inaugerated by Washington I
while in his teens, vis, "Associate]
yourself with men of g-«»l euality. ifl
you esteem you own r-'puUtLmi. fo» I
it is beter to I* alone than in bad I
company. to keep alive in your]
breast that little sparl: of Celestial I
Conscience." The Uemit-mtic party I
was founded upon the principle that I
this government was , established to I
protect for all time the rights and I
privileges of every individual. regard- I
less of party or creed. 1 he democratic I
party stands for what our fore-fathers I
'fought and stood for w ale unier the I
yoke of British tyrann- and «»ppres- J
sipti, and won the freedom we r.ow en- I
joy. It is the party that is every ready j
to defend its principle, and always I
w»l>els against all manner of evil and j
corruption. The Fair (»»!• less of I
Liberty was Ijorn of rebellion, arid wa.- |
baptiseil in the blood •/ the rrU Is J
The services of the democratic party I
have always heen in maintaining the]
constitution, it ha> a! w ijrs been the]
Itaramount promoter of economy, aw! j
the enemy of corruption It •.« l.i-torv !
that this country owe* us chief rl»ry|
and development t»- the j
party It was the drw«m>t!f party |
that extended the l«oum,arre.- of thi> ]
Republic from the Mississippi to the]
I'aclfict Ocean. It was tie democratici
party that acquired the terntoiv of ]
Louisiana, which ex*en>»ed 'rora the j
Gulf of M up '.lie Father of]
Waters to the British IhiminK n. em- |
bracing lowa, Minnesota, Dakota.
Kansas and all the vast region west to
the Rocky Mountains. It was the demo
cratio party that acquired Honda.
New Mexico, California, including
their jrrand extent of country, plains,
rivers and mountains, with all their
wealth of gold ami silver and precious ,
metals, embracing approximately one .
million square miles. !f 1 recall cor-I
rectly, not a single foot of land has ,
been added to the empire by the Re
publican party, except Alaska, a bi«a«t
stretch of icy waste, a land inhabited
by seals and savages, with nine months
of froten weather ,and three months ]
damnation, cold weather. Well, the'
country has again launched upon o*«e ■
anions the most important campatg*.-
that has ever been carried on in this {
great and glorious land The peoj»>e
are asked to decide upon the merits
of the present administration that
has l>een so disgracefully controlled,
so incompetent, so rotten that the
• American Congress is now cortemplat- 1
ing a general house-clear nig, and de
manding the ousting of several mem
bers -of the President's cabinet- Denby
and Daughter}- should be impeached,
or ousted and ostracised from all pub
lic decency, as for Fall—the Benedict,
Arnold No. 2—l scarcely know what |
steps should lie taken, but if all re- |
ports are true, which I firmly believe,
if it were during a time of war. he
would lie forced to hack - himself asp
against a stone wall, ami face a firing
fquail. The Republican party took hold
•f the reins of government on March
1921, wrested it from a denorratir
(ministration, the greatest in thej
of this republic. In fact the-e
was more accomplished than all of
the preceding fifty years combingd.
Before 1913 when the democratic par
ty took the reins of power, it had:
been in a position to ran the coon try
J for only a period of only two years
during the fifty two preceding years.
That was from the year MR to the
year 1995 jur{ after tha Republican
party had gotten things ia sach a
terrible condition that they caaM na*
dear it up, p. had to yieM t. the
democratic party Car a hanse dtaa
fin* m ' A, «» ■■ ___ » - -a -a
KMm - " ***
Served In U. S. Navy
During The (ireat
Seaman Ronald I». Wynne died at
the government tuhrrrulur hospital at
Oteen on Monday of this week after
an illness which lasted him for almost
two years.
Ronald volunteered in the I". S.
Naval Reserves while hi: country was
it war anil was in active transport
•luty for several months after the eml
of the war. He then ret . e«l and came
home, staying here until tuberculosis
contract**! during his period of service
attacked him and lie had to go to
Oteen for his health He spent the past
t»K years there but he steadily xrew
worse until his death came Monday.
He wa«s the third nan of Robert
Wynne and MitJie Ward Wynne ami
his father with three brothers, Rich
ard, Floyd and Curl survive.
The funeral serv ices will lie held this
afternoon at 3 o'clock at the public
cemetery with Rev. A. V. Joyner of
Wilmington official inyr.
the conditions of the oid Ship of
State at the begrmtring of the Wilson
adnini.-*ration and at same time
t*y to show you the wonderful changes
that were made to the advantage of
all people; everywhere.
Ue are proud to look hack on the
administration of the lute Wood row
Wilson, and look at the condition of
the old Ship of Stale when he (father
ed tie rem* that had been run by tlte
i»u*lfuinjr administration, a pern*! of
ap|ir>Kimately forty-eight. years out
•f fifiy-two, if I iememl>er correctly.
I*w pa-t ei(rht years of the democratic
administration was by one of
the riMtcsl scholars, statesman, and
patriots ever pro»lucel on American
soil—Wood row Wilson. Throughout
this great land of ours we have lieard
from the lips of the Iteouolican oia
tors, from the press and all other
sources of information 11 a* iheir |«ir
ty stood for prosperity, and that the
■iemorratic party stood for hard tlines.
In other words, when the democratic
party was in power it was .hard times
It is an infernal lie, the boot is on the
other foot. I shall now clearly pn>ve
that these statements are untrue and
unfouided. that they hiive no founda
tion whatever as shown by history.
What party was in power dpring the
great panic that hit thi. country
"Black Friday" in 1861# just after the
dose of the Civil war, who of you do
not remember of having read, or heard
your fa'hers of the dear old South
Tjieak of the awful crash that brought
destruction a>d ruin to our country.
What party? The Republican. Again,
the great panic after the reelection of
I". S. Grant which lasted for more
than five years, and then again when
Arhur was our another panic
swept over the land as severe as the
one under Grant. And the panic of
ltttt came before Mr. Cleveland was
inaugurated and set in during the
ending of Mr. Harrison's administra
tion. You all can well remember that
business houses and banks began to
fail in January and February before
I Mr. Cleveland entered the office in
' March, But let us come closer home'.
I when every man and woman, and
I many of the children at that time can
remember. Who was in power when
tl«e great panic of 1907 came? When
ia many sections of the country money
could not be secured at all and the
local banks and business houses used
-crip* and local notes. It was pnder
the leadership of the Great Teddy. It
was the most severe shock ever ex
| perienced by this country. They forgot
the hard times of these five panics un
der Republican rule, all of which oc
curred in the short period of 38 yean.
Oh, yes their's is the "prosperity par
ty." Do you get me? It looks it. the
facts I have given are recorded in
history,,jud are known facts to most!
all. What was this cause ? The bonk- j
lava of the country. We had no
system which would. cause money to
stay ia all "parts of the country,
small part of the country had Uw
party was controlled by tHa ,ms—y
pMaum. (and aw today) so nothin*
Williamston, Martin County. North Carolina, Friday. I!- ! .
Marketing Expert Gives
Talk On Live Stock
The first rommnuity imrtinic hrlu
by the Martin County Aenndtaral
Society *»> held Tuesday night at
Sandy l!hi|tf school hoa e, and though
the weather «as unusually ilifajtn*
able the attendance was (voii. Mr.
lirandon the Cfwty A (rent. Mr. W.
II Pace. Distort Agent and Mr Lewis
of the State IVpartmert of Akhtul
tore were all present aid made talks.
| Mr. Pace explained the early con
|reptton of our State ami National I
I Governments of the need to arran.-e
la icpartment through which mit pe>»-
|*lr miflit work together for their
mutual (mod. This thought grew until
such departments were formed. both
lat Raleigh and Washington and has
' grown until millions have been help
| eil by it.
i Mr. Kranatan talked to the propte
along the lines that he pr»pose> to
follow in his work in the county as
. demonstration agent.
Mr. Lewis, who is a marketing ex
j |>ert on live stock, talked on the ad
I vantages of pn-pr. breeding, fmlmr
I and marketing hops ami other animals
Tho-e present showed the spirit of
heart* cooperation and organized a
Community (lob with Joshua I.
| Colt rain, chairman and C. I. Itauid.
.secretary and treasurer.
A large number of ladies were
present and airnnl to cooperate in
(the movement to build up a strong
local society in their midst.
A large number of kaskrt hall fans
of \H ashington Jttmjr.l the Vanceboro
; William.-ton game here last night at
the lM\ie warehouse.
was |a-.nL We are familiar with this
law and know how it has helped our
country. I* has ri>en us a splendid
system, such that no little Wall street
| king can cause a panic. It has placed
money .under the direct control of the
government, ami renier> panics next
to impossible. It is a recorded fart
I 'hat the Republican members in both
j houses verted almost unatoHxasly
j against this measure. There were only
| two Republican Senators who voted
for the bill and they were prorrfs
i sives. It is true that the slump came
durinir the ending of Mr. tf Wil l's
rigirrt*. yet there was plenty of money
in the country. Get me. There were
| no more scrip** or local notes report
jnl to. It wa- nw-rely the lowering of
prices or what the farmei had to sell
The bijr man and the corporation.- did
not lower the price- on article,, they
had to sell, as U>ey had both erxb of
the rope. The slump mould never have
come if it had not beet, for the Re
publican Party, as they rot control
of Cong res - and Mr. Wilson was rom
 pletely handicapped. and it was un
| avoidable. The Federal Banking la*
! was functioning satisfactorily until a
few of the money powers got in the
saddle, yet there is no panic. If they
continue in power much longer they
will try to hare the law repealed The
way things look now for them there
is no danger of tiein remaining in
control in the American Congress
They hate about as miirh show » a
| three-legged race horse.
Mr Wilson during his administra
tion ierommended legislation so rapad
ily that congress was kept busy for
| several years. It would afford me great
pleasure to describe these laws in de
tail, but my time is limited and shall
briefly mention them. Permit me to
say that each and everyone of these
great measures were in furor of the
masses, and not the rtasses which is
the rase during a Republican ■ibninis
t rat ion. Mr. WiUon was not for the
privileged few. but for the people,
those on whose ihonldcM nst the
responsibilities of this great Nation
May I say first the farmer, the labor
ers and great middle H>nn in all
walks of life. He demonstrated to he
a friend of the common people, as
we .-peak of maw pepplfr (hiring
his administrat»ootbe AatiTi ml Law
was peaaoL The Federal Board, can
trolling the manufacturing corpor
ations was passed. The Skipping Board
which controlled the water transpor
tation in a sinter way the Interstate
Commerce Commission rjat-aii rait
roads, or Und transport atiaa. ft paus
ed the great Seaman's Law which
gwre protection and rights to this
helpless class of workers. In each and
nil of theae Cghts for the laws, or
ihills II I above we had hard
figMs aad struggles to get them thru
over th* 'Prosper*, Party - They
froe tolls rtaase in the Psnmna Canol
Dialogue Entitled **Anar
chy Or Patrio
A Itramatsc rhaiiTi*. »■ ' r It- i
"Anarchy *»• I'atrotfcn" wilt Is rue;
this evenr-c. Friday Mnuri 22n.l
at in Cm-ic*j Sd«v I Auditorium,
free. EitnKmly invited Come i>- time
and tho-e who desine lo go to the
Bankers Itanrpuet can « -•>. vetting
out in plenty of. time.
This wjll he onuiue siii ei - '
lertaimrr ami I ffd src that the
people of Will who will atte' -i
will\ his ami he-idc- !»■
benefited I heard it in another |.rt
of the State last fall a:»' m«>t l-0.-.rtih
reo-mmer I it t« \.m The ft llowu-«r :
are urged t«» rosw. the City J'ou r I
men. Ma>. P!rr. I_-»»«ei~. I Victor-.
I Stewards aid .1- 1-esi les even ,
body V-u w ll enjoy it and t i-: :ibsa>-
lutely free.
IMairf- M K
lh' of n Kt*cii !' I
lhTi«. Wirrmtiin. \ C the |t. irt of
Sheriff kf«rr
At the sc**»«l hou-e a; 7 :TSW I'. M.
K l». !>OM>.
Team Oover Confident
And Defeat ( 'amo
As A Sun-pise
Yancet«>ro"- local t -kf hill l"ai!i
met the local t« wn le;«-e lui.- Li.-"
night and earned awa ill" biv clot
of the score. ;*1 while the locals
heM oa to 24 ' -
Th. rame *a- hitterU contest «J
an*! was very d»e through, at the
first three apaarter- an.) in the hi t.
when William-tor. generally /nake. i'
cone bark. \annh>'o tonic up the old j
custom It wi- an exciting affair fr»in
start to fir.i-h.
Over rmblHil m ll.ein-el\e~ > 3ml i
to I*, tie main factor in then ite'.-al.
T?ie annr-wticeiiK-'it of ««.*■ of Martin'
county aibc prr-ni' rt - young i m., j
Mr Robert Everett I'aim;. a. was,
malr a» a'polrty la.-t *«-li nt .i«* nville i
the honw of the hri-le r!«rt. ! M ]
r»Mitr Hire- following ac ^ar.t
was takeri fr-»m tl«e Giwm l!«- ll' fe
Greenvilie. |".-h '.tl —The .Valentine
season wa- th on of Hi at*ur
tire party when Miss llelrene llifg
entertained at Mah Jongp aiul hiidg*-.
The hall, draw *ig 'vr*m a» d Itbrar)
were gaily festive with heaiC an.l
'Upbl' !»»>. Nunv p.-Js i»-l ia-:!« •
and re>l rarnafior.s lent a«I att 'ac
tirene-- an>l rlirm Ta'Je ««•».- |
range*! for alrmt !h 1 r*v li\ t- !»u«
A« the c««cl#>»n of s«veia! gatue t' 
table- prirs. ml satin heart .-haf»l.
-xe- of »meethes-*t k-sje- wore a * ,nl
ed to Mesdame- late- Ficklen, l»:.i T
lanhnflou-r. Joh" Flthsnn". •
Mam H.uletj, White. I\a S'ail.j;
Clara Isuiv Bo\e aiwi * '-•ar '
LMicious lefieehmer.l - .jn ker p % '
with ihe Valentue >*»? n wom- • •
by the hosier who was a>siste>l h*
Mrs H. H. f*oncan and Mrs John
Hur-irf-r of San Franr «.. Tlie ha;*p\ I
occasion of Miss Ifigsrs' bos pitabt;.
was evident when each gue-t foarrd
upon her plate a pM|Ua' t little favor I
«fc*+ annourired the approac'.ng
marriage of Miss Horten-- lligg- to
Mr. Phillip Gool-oa. April 24. I 1
and alto that of Mis> Marguerite
Higg* to Mr. Robert K-erett of Pal
myra, X. C. SimultaiMou with .the
announcement the brides-elect wr»-
presented with corsage l-.j.|ue* of
beautiful designs.
A nvist pleasing feature of the after
roan was the shower of felicit at
«»l good wishes which the gue ts
lavisbrd upon the bonorerv.
Colonial Tea Tuesday
- Afternoon At The
Home of Miss Pnpe
At the hais of Miss Aii ia Pirpp or I
Haagbton street the la>lies of Alt
Society of the M- H Churr'n will give
a calsaial tea em T»eab> after
fiam foesr to six o'clock. 4
The gwests will he greeted at tbe
door by General and Mrs Washing
ton aad daiatj refieufcantt will be
MRprtiai the "oldsn day," will be
arfMtaie of the and an
Shares "And More
Ar»* Jn pnr -f \t
This Tine
- r I*3 *
• i u tl* •*# - '* -4.'. *
r» f ■ ; ?y, '
!;».•* t.- i
The yUr n «Wi .t ' I
!/- ' . i
■ mr - - '*;*> ■** * ' "r. ' * '
r . •- vTB * ■ .'4 * ;
\| ».l •u•• S: . 1•■.• - j
: i u r-. . . ». »i« , trj»
-t;i ftw... ■ ' >
I•! \ |
I • . „ . . t..
' c ■ - ' • • f «je
i " • • ■■ *•* ; - - ••
■ & * « " 11 » H
f I,r- - - 3*p»- T«*• n
♦T' • "M 1 -s> rv»rr.
fti ft*i "Ka.Fk-r.44. Hh a**-
| • b •• •' "• n
Jt' > . -r a- , .^51V..-
I urn fII t;• " ' ' 9 * t #--.'-o.' t*>o
j!.!-' %*\ir i - i \ ;«•* ofnt.
"j w*| «* ' —r- f >«— Hbi " J.' 1
I t-i - *M^
. , ir; . **•«»' f-r
Jr- 1. e, S OS. It . «hat. »
!«)*« "SI st_*m -a'r ft
I»itr:«*» ''fril «5-f ifef T«^ +! a' Wi!
I > . :-i'e to Igos.-e- ; bon
j• t t>> t IM'i- edMp than
f *)i»a> " ' " " "
.V ~!,£"(• %- % -\t :■ mS Bao
' j-.-tcia-*--" - {• •«V V t -,- On«.
t% Rttit? •>» ai > !«•«..« " a'jgyti, »•
or.- . ' *?-- • «■■> • i"rr .- a- i fni
I rrif •. [ » »* ''*!»• i.- " i '..r»T> '>•
i K.iflft »' ' ' 1 1* f »' H r1 Ue
r , Hi rtfr% ■' tl .' " »-» *tian
»»>v t»» • • f -■ «t *•>'*»■ h i'-l* :i'« ,a
coriiri'tr ' . '•' • . af.vtJ .~g
. t . • : iv. J-i thar.
|s X ,w.r • - W a V b.
. - a ►"* *•? tin M rtio
'' Mintv, frijf' trr as«' Ij-' A- 'CM'ko
\»hi -a* •' tm- 'e a
g- mI ir»*er. - - ufie ars : • *V - jene
tffliP h* r f »■ l* l!\.
Kvn «6-' ■■ TaT*
In f V '«*J r"M *■** ■ * • *«**"•' .*
I ** K 'l - i *■#"'-"* *■ •*. '
U>lLr v
Tf r V» * t. si-- I »il»f a*.l
. I oai> .Ura 1 * «- '->« '• K C*
-t.l- T'- : - a a. •• •* - of turn
oat h, ar.'f t.l- .  r»r « * »»a.itattr
iKi- ab'»- .Tr ' " * Ho'.-V
--,«♦* * • .e' || I *J>*- T-l  r:*'
r.irr.'fhr t«
rri-r»* t » • " • "
r>* v trw • i
' Ttrrn ' -TTT^V
e»fi £cjf fit#*
rrrt 1 •- *JL - t" * '*
r|*»r |£-arffii®
f on *>r * •• -«f **** k i
''if, |r r>' r f#' r V * f5 3 -•' W' at .
t# r Ibyp r . j i» "*
r-" rM'W-l
h»ft! f, if fr-j ik# ji-pt S * 'A - -cMrtsi
■ -s ■ * tv - i- 1 :* V- rt -s»s*ful« r *'* |
awi at ttw> -w * ?:
*V»r #ur { I" h"* W rli*» ■
y. Ir •- a* y f****- i
IOH fft l| *4 yf. T". r -i 1
loan.- rr» t r s- * ut
t\ •«» Ifs# 1 aJBi >%iMt
ft lite
Careless Nurse lends
Child I*ne'er Auto
! Vifsterda* r »«e r a 'm .li
. f,4-. e«t jftrl vsk.- c , -- »• ?! i" -tre-'
with th*- Iw «»sr «Sf Mr *".|
\ ti-arga/ a-. *  I*'Vl tie- i tt£s Wl«* j
to j-ar» ar , ,':i •>* fi« ♦/»■)' store, I
ar.»l in IJ> es'lwtttn, 4 ! i.'4
ioofc ar-i A.? i« t *• life I
of pa car - l»- ¥. •?»-.' w*« p-- I
»ag ahv g a*ii tl* r* was rack. I
l!e fortwßatelywa; fi» ewwfi' tki!
tlie i r rer trf "tut ksjorkeel
|iipt do.jr"» as>« 'f. by the
car. «xf!j i -Ib, o!>
the h*t"
I»- T fsp tie frsfi* i*
wren yot» ee-ij* s» •aeiar k a ch:l«t
• —— »
Hi .l Mae. tk »*»»• ««sr old
4iK*tbr ef Mratc Nr. Akmno AJW.
of Everett* £■! Wednesday after a!
. long ifleem. *. | ■n» ■
- a barx
N. C. Bankers In
Session Here To-day
iJiic l>ance (inen By Williamston Chamber O
Commerce At Dixie Warehouse Tonigrht,
Ladies Need No Tickets
Movd From Here Sever
al Years A>.o To
Mr Kml iiar>ii*i w -rked if? the!
■j - :al m.!!!"*! to:
* • for u.t e-r!
•' lie rut up ar-i rr'umn! |
1- I f Idinf r »m !•> I)\ anil I
Mole a h«rtor cou!-l r*r+i ht> bed I
Hr -tie-l. I
Mr ia»lnfr Ived in Williamslon
for -uptal year*. wher- he »• er I
yiml in Ihr nunu'arturp of brick j
atxf tile
h'roni Will Ie mmnl to
. \ irrma where he waf iwy .wrr4ul
t in' hii bu>ine>s until Ire slump of
j l!i.N> when he sas raurht with hi*h
. I priced brick that oxiM 'ot hr sold at
j.ini pi * an>l he Ms f n*d to Howe I
. |'Ut :it .1 -acrifice pno- lie left Frank I
pin ant inmrd to Itetbel where I* Ka- J
liv.rttH for x>b» t me
I ll* leaves- a wt-lnw. one r.
*ir*. Jno W M ilium- of U
ti« art-l thre.- mh», Henfr. lee and
j Si nuel all If. in Viificw.
Il«- *a- a n>»-isl»i« nrmhrr df the
, Knhwlbl eburrh- The «en*» >a>
le»rl at the llethel Hrf] • *tiM ("hurrh
i • ---tenia* aftrnvoM with Re*« I- l_
.-"ifith and J. S Horace offir-iatinr
T!is W) w 4% pbrr>( to re.t jn r-rthel.
T>»e following »Ulni from
Ihf \V». at»j ' W»-rr\ ' r • ill he of in
terest to the rnaiy ft en Is of Mr*.
I Mat Mi. °
lljrahe"h fit*. I'rfc I"'—A «4Hir*.t
*I . b
II al rari |urt) *a pi-t Saliinlay
Im-ninr by Mis' St* Once at bet home
•I! lea i iff >t rrr' an l*wr of her
, -•, Miv Jim*-- I»r -t Staton of Hil ,
ham-ton. VHI>»« wl pink ro-e kml
( *•-«»• ffffrturly a-* -I i not the room-.
The jfw-t- *eif n'.nl at three car-1
aMe«. arel a' the completion of a
- itu- three o«i«*-r. hrrdee
J-.:- - - ■*» e .Iji'oi at rack t .Me Two
kantiiaiir i wer.- mveived
try tie rue-1 »f Hmim and Vlrv Albert
Worth won a- hifK -o»rr pn* a pair
-ilk -|.ki r »r- Mi> irve's rie~t
I I'-cI -!«"•!. Me -«tlire- Jarre- - lir -4 Sta
lUi. I'irr All«-rl \\ot:h. Can> Me! i
il(, tt I" iKilf. A. I! Cariton
jO ait-. "I S. MrMillar Sr.. Krank J
jj.vroTt. I! I! '"otter. M S. Hulla. I M
j Mtriito ji»l C. C. ("arfcart.
j Mu« Itn.-tinr Hfcitle;. mho tauairht
j lit lie hi(h here lait year,
r lite M- rvta;. to teach l'»e remarrele
I lie -rhool term.
in s I'auline l>a-enpu.t who un-ler
went ail operation for appetfticili
!!.:.-t ji.rli, i- irrp'ov rajr npcdly
M»-rs K-»«e Jwiian, l/iui e Sitter
in. and Katie I*»venport «wr the
I :iv?l at a party Saturday furrht at
iiaiailtMi riven by Mrs. Aubrey D.ion
Mr. Martin Ktrirtt, who is in
-ri«J at I "ha pel Hill, tinted h»-
partqpt* 'or the week e»l
lie parent* ami teacher!- met at
the school aoiitorium Kfdarxlai
niiliT a r umber weie
, After the bM-imc*.- a pro(t»
I *a- tim b> the 4th aval Stk trade*-
| Sir. ami Mrs. T. * Itaverport and
• laughter. Mildred, motored to Rocky
Mount Thur ~-ia\.
Sui-lay nhsal at »:*a_
Mmtnr wniiM at 1141.
Eve - "** *nifri at 7;20_ .
Re*. R. L Stirtey nil apa preach
Keddtck'i Gim in thr aftnww.
The public is my cordially iuvited
and thie uraben are irjfd to he
present. r
! Tne> nertinf of the Hankers Aa
soriation ji veil attended by man
from Ka-tem  arotina aa
Mr. VI. li Uoolard. ore of «■
I «*n county r»-en. is pr»—i-imjf. We al
I rl»l U> annuui-c»' ti-at "Hilly" has rise
until he s now t. t>*?i!ied as one l
, the leadme hi.- ker- in the whole nort
• ea.-te rn -ert or,
iMr Ml|tert T. Ste\en«>n. - ce~prad
of tl>e Wachovia Hank and Tm
It"#, of Kale«sr*-. wtiich i> the largtl
North rj>oii->.3 I'ank. aii-irrsnd ti
j meeting on Service in TnN
I l!u-ii-e..i". nhrh'i- brie »f the live at
limin rtaM -uh .-ct - 'fom the «ttd
f ■ '"it of hnth th« !-■» rower and i
j», ter.
Ihe afterr. on .-r»--ior will be M
I :re>.-e.l h* VI-. I*aul T. Itron i
I lialeirh. *rretary of lV North Call
lltna Bar.ker- A--.-,-iation His -uhje
| will he. V Man arel H«s Sr-up.™ I
Icour-e we w.»ul»l always iook in ti
-.•rip for a n«an. for n-' of there M
■ in the sj.up. srnjier or later.
Mr J. O. Taylor, the F S. Rayre
Miuano CompanyV weevil man,si
Ihax* J the very —-maH»-t Inr-aabjMH
j any other -|» ak«-r He mil ta!k aba
' I >ome»hingj less than a half an iJ
II that i- mMwi -eem. yet I
j hreak - farmers, n err and bare
■ The town w i'l r-,1 have a- maay I
I the shaft- of tfulera I'r*>-perity a
I some other All we can say |
' I that we are Jn -t a rv-1 J«t hwl
lthe%»rrk- of *he Hit.-ke that re
' | nekiw to a'l
thaaiSer of I nan.rrr Gave Dm
This n mmy
1 ter the Itan-.uet he!-i by the jhj
er- A«M*-iath»r-. -he I - urher of Cre
! 1111 of the Town of WaHredfl
North t'an-li-a. wil! r ve a •laacerel
j plimentar;. t» the l:.«:.ker*. and Ire
j friend- Mrml» r- of t;>e Chamber!
j Commerce an-l their friends J
f- nliall. livrte.l to atu-nd.
The .'aiK* wili he at the Dixie 1M
h ta«e. :.»l
.on!*-. V-. (r-car Amlersee, cbaiflfl
lof the •brre comtr ttee, tiill
charre »f same ar-i tards tsa be ■
b> apply n to the Oai'Biß, Ore
The peop'e of Martin County !
■ «ieli|fhte»l with tr- at>pointJMak.l
|f«arlan.i II M i\ette of North Hare
Jt n County v Juifrc *r the fll
' l-1 rrt to fill the \acancy aaNM
I the r»--ir*-a-i»»n of Judce httmaa,re
J for a wt-.-te t « nits*- ofivr «ocrefl
Jieire John 11. tan who was e'rere
to I ooj-re-.-
luilaml Mi-iyett lived is Wijpjl
ton for several years and
•toiv of law while here.
his I rr-n . a few years later and hi
ir-jr ir Jick~.>-. N. C.
No j«wij> ran has ever been bdfl
higher e-tr-eni for his honest ail
tevrity than he. He is the type of H
that should sit m jalgimnt over I
The l*hilathea Oas- of the
l«apti.-t Chutch on Ix-t
• -nirr rave Mrs. F- W. Crawl
ila m>jtst faithful -nerr.ber* wbs l
ieavinic the next day for her rear ||
u> Mebane. a storm party at I
home in New Town.
The evening was spent, ia cml
-at mi and leave taking* and ||
expressions of tegret were anadfl
Mrs. Graves by the mrnben at I
A salad course with iiaadafclM|
hot tea aad randies and «aMfl
were reird dariafr the creMfJ
a packare of ilrliracare far I
Graves are! her famOy to be
the aretor trip to her are haare
The Bible Fhrea Live Stock (tire
mi Washmjrton is Inagaaj; All
Jersey bap to be sold a* aa^l

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