North Carolina Newspapers

Little n. little Proves
To Be Interesting -
Asaaak mm a fiaaalr Plead guilty and
lad SML aad carts.
State n Ned William*
fmiMi impaii Prayer for judg
wg. Coatinaed upon payment of th»
S ata n Ernest Dean Edmondaor.
Plead gailtjr of larceay of property
mt IT" than S3D. Case unfiaish
State n John Respar.
Bigamy Plead Sertc*»ced to
of Isdti awlht
State n William Highsarith.
Fake paten. Plead guihy to fore
Me trespass- Player for judgment
cmtfteaed to J awe term of court upon
The hoe ah II N cases completed the
aiaaml dsilrt for this session of
coart aad they were all completed
yesterday. This morning the civil
daikit was began aad the case of W.
J. l>tle TS Marie Little, divorce was
the fail oae aa locket
The allegations in the ease were that
Marie Little ■basil in tl her husband
W. J. Lit'le of Robersontrille on the
2Mb day of March, IMS aid went to
law-ilf Tea a. where she lived at a
hotel as man aad wife urith one. E. W
Faster, ham the ISth da)- of April un
til the 9th day of April, and. that
at other times a-d pUces. she did com
sat adaheij at h(t home, at Pamlicr
Baach is Beaafort coanty and at «*her
tmH mad places with sundry- persons
The aba 11 caae is receiving much at
taataoß aa ataart of the prominence
mt the plain!if who is oaa of Martia
Ciaaty*s mast highly respected citi
seas. Mis. Little had lived ia Rakers*
rile oaly a few pan before her aa
riage. haviag cam e these from Soa'h
Carolina with her parents who took
ap their rcaideare there.
At this tiane the defendant is living
•tt her parents at their home ir
here by her mother, Mrs Anderson,
who is attending court with her today.
After two hears spent in selects g
a Jay, the fall sing were deeidsd
Mn i i"i- J- E. Harrison J. *. Everett,'
tart Tet terton. C H A yers. Luther
Da seaport. Jesse Keel. Jeha-D. Cherry
Walter MoUey, CW. Miaeile, W. S
The oa was called and the ni-
TW plaintiff was the trst witness
olai «• tbe case aad be testified that
ha Married Marie Arderson, formerly
af Saarh Carolina. March 4th. 1#»,
aad that sbe bird with him until
March 2Stb. IK) when sbe left hiai.
■it bnal noua Tbe conditions upon
which she left wet* held to be iisr
L M. I.Jtlio aaa of tbe plaiatiff, was
the r— * witaeas called and he teali-
Cad that Mrs. Little left bia father's
haaaa aa he ttth of March. IMS. Arid
N gLeaiitti. Tean. be aad J. C. Smith
waat to that plare, an played a detec
tiaa md they first saw her when ea
tarty the pad tin, that tbey con
tabai aa her trad until she aad a
Mi i — J E. W. Foster entered a
heaae at.TBI W. Maia Avenue
Tbe detect***, Mr. OVtaaar whoatat
ad that ha waa ipliyrl to work up
the case was catted aad be further
id If Man. Little aad
Chettaaaeca aad that he followed
hawae at *»1 W. Maia Are at #JO
She left KaaxrittaT Monday nigkt
hat Mr. Faater did aat bar* antil the
aat dbp. Mr. OVeraor testified that
ha waa a pmn datactrr* aad that he
get SML per day far hie sunken, hit
ar aeeaa aad that he was pettia slk
fai h| ii lim IHi T T This
at Hi W. Main Ave. aad that the
mr Ma kwc at wk aa the lttfc
dhr Afifl. in she waa called «o
Htf Mia. E W -Featar. aha «aated
to ■! a (MB Mi she tald her that
DkTJfe! that
Ifai Ma pad kcr the awr f*r the
■bob art aa Aa iiublul bbbw ta It:
prii ■ a* ■ Ban aad that ther «
mU mb hw April 19th aa»d SO,
Bottle Passed And Tliey
AD Took .A
A Hits year-old co'.—»d duU Irv
ing at C«MU ni n4t M beastly
drank but Friday by a Migbbw ihat
it looked far a time a* zf thr dUU
might die. The father ad mother of
the child »wy ant f» ■■ home
tempo rarity aht— the anghhr m*.
to their hoar with a cade* of liqaar
The faady 10— ilia» of a tact baac ii
ly aad this owe ill sa math that
. The child was taken to Dr. Rhodes
who (i*e it treat t ll l. finally
straighteniag it o«L
When the father aad mother re
turned hone they foard hrrifc their
|own limp aad I In (Ud the other
children mace or lw drank. the |R
er of tW liqfil a Jtate of fealirh an
»> Mapty-
It was a tiaae whea the battle war
passed aad they aB tak a drink. A
good caae far tha.caarts.
Mr. Ayers Announces
Himself a Candidate
For Sheriff
» Mr. A. B Ayers aaaaa~««!s himself
for tha office rf shniff aa aaother
column of this paper. Mr. Ayrrt. is
a aaerchaar of Bear Crass ahtaa be
has been m ban ess for a autebei f
years and is held ia high esteem it,
his comatuaity.
with aa ■■tw—lj largo crow ia at
tendance. HaswH ope cd the
paow with a jbtn and appeapriate
iptwh eypiaia wg that the Tood-Tiwu.
Indoor Clrtw wa> he** under the
auspice* of the Hilifiln Chamber
of Cuameite and was raippare 4 to he
The Dixie warehouse as all cleaned
Hp and a ngular shall way has
been arranged al the way annai
The church booths, cdtr the
au» paces •f the Christian. Methodist.
Baptist aad r>iai i>al imtn aneSas
and the Phdathen Chw of the Bnf»
tist church HI ap oaeaade of the ware
house and sade show* aad cardy
booths ocgnpy the ma of the space
excepting the plat foam aad seals for
Tbe show wao rather goad. Mr.
Troat as Beao naaased the bqtccnml
for a whale There »nr other ads
which ahto pumd amataag.
Tomorrow aa** wdl be the bir
aifht ia tbe way of farbaa s- Mar
direct fraas than store a~d local
Galbaaa. Jr, aad Madre ef
Windsor we»e ia towa las: ; «fc> at
only one tod. She fartbtr stated that
she had aa haeadi %i that they wai*
aat aaaa aad wife ad Aprd IP h
Be-Caaceaa. lat alam
J. C Baib. hood ja Kaavnlle for
20 years, has haae nsniiil 7 year*
bowse aaasi af frwa April
13th to April Steh. They speat a few
hath Faater aad Mrs. Lathe X Ri
States that Mr. OCaaa callod
Mrs. Little ad bmf wmi
E K. Men. ■! |1 it mt Catawka
caaaty, N. C. aad feted aa Kaaaxritte in
IK3 wrafcad w»h XMmkl
Octet rn ipMT ari ant dhMl the
aad l|l rai IT. M—rik n. K K aad
». IStL Mb. W. J. UHe ahl E
24, 2S, aad m. al thM Mrs. Utk
r -t i i
IKS - T kaev In V- J. LMt
Mia. Little aWi ; l W. Easier af
ap ta tar rthii the thit af aar
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, March 18, 1924.
Moring Picture Contest
Discussed; To Have
Fashion Show
The Exfaiiitian Committee met Mon
day afternoon ia the offices cf the East
era Carolina Chamber of Caaunrm
aad decided among other things to
lei the Restaurant Concession and the
Bottled Drink Concession during the
week of the Frpantion out on a com
petitive basis. Any orgasizataar. in the
territory- wiD he can it led to bid on one
or both of these concession*. The
caacesskra will be let separately,
The committee ako discussed plans
for holding a moving picture cvtfst.
different from anythirg attempted in
this section so far as the members of
the Ccauni'tee recall- The plan is tc
have the yoong ladies of Eastern
Carolina!*cither siafie or ammed. to
ntcr the cvntest- They wdl pose in
their own little cat as the stage Mon
day altera: ow. the apraing day of the
Eipotrion. The Caanaau will take
their ptrtunr. aflvsinic cadi a certain
■mmbrr of fruit The axbeorr will
be spectators mlule the perfonnance i*
W«( airM out The pcctarr* will
then he takes to Atlanta. dnrhH
and be broeght bark. U be shown on
the screen Saturday night. the last
•i(ht of 'he Eipnsitioo The \ounir
lady who makes the best "Star" will
be given a handsome ca>h phrr In
addition to taking the young la-lies
a storing p rutre of the pai»lr would
also be nade and shown on Sa'urday
The ('onmittrc irrof. mes the fact
that you cant have a picture
you have wae body to lake, and be
fore going ahead with this cm*rart.
the ■aaafiwest wuuld like to hejur
frurn any yoarg lady ■ the territory
who would like to get in on this con
test, ia the event that the contact
should be i~nde for tabic H- If you
4ic intent ed, piesse address a let
ter to X. C- Rartlett. Scretary-Man
ager. Ki S X. C- If tho plans na
tenalire. yea will he aotiinl ia jden
ty of tune to work out your act. This
will give 'he young lain > of Kasterc
North Caio aa aa ncdlott -pp* r un
ity to be the winner in a sertio al
contest If you are iterated please W
the naureaMt know immediately.
The derw-Mi to make it w» depe d oa
the namhrr of uplies received within
a short liBK.
The *ty!e show will be tfra to »»>
Aran m tkr IrrriUrr twri kjr the
Eatltn Caratiu Ckaakn of Caaa
wm Tb» .ill be held or. Thursday
nifrht immediately followinr the
Q—ef If y«u ait i»«rulnl
ia tkk picu* let the Scortanr know
iMDidbtrly so that plaas May be
made far H' lP f lb** big enal of tbe
Expaaation. Tbe style Ata last yea*
was not oly wtoKtWR but very
profitable to thoce who teak part.
Tbe CoawiifH. al:b—gb wynxl
of Kimlhi citisras who bad this nat
ter to dee***. Mutd ape* and above
baud, tbat this a an Ea#*rn Caro
lina affair all tbe way thraaph. Tbey
— r »- ' tbe fact tbat tbe Ei
patitiw » mm am a Kiastoa affair
than it is ary other t«w», except it
\ roia* to be beU ia Kiastoa this
year Tbe KiadM banners eeer help
ed finance be Exposition lart year,
atthoapk it was held ia aaatber tow
and tbey bm aat ashed aay other
loww to bd» lam tbe bir show this
year, bat tbey are extcdaK a conkal
invitation ta tbe eatii* sect to i to
help eatey i*. X* individual will profit
fraan tbe aioary tbat he has ia it. If
aT is lef sxr after apauc* ate
paid it wiU be aaed to proaaate the
iateai a" af Eastern North Caroliaa
It a yoar Expaoitiaa as mack as aay
Of iibU» dan a atar i* Use:
A lifta eiMe a simy lake,
.' Sack an the hiißi •'« Hrue
My heart ke stfll. these huu at* pact
And aa alas, ae'er casse aaaia
Bat Kill tHe in Mat feeta«a last
The ndißi haart my weary hraia
A lave thats trae. a U«* Smmc:
Caa arrrr pa#» hjwd ear Kea
The nf ana mil. af har aga,
The ffrttiagi lii* aad emtmr aad ga.
Mia. Dick Ha«ta ha. letaraed bM
WaAhftn akuABiUM relatives
*Br ta her haw ia D.
: Mr. aad In J. H Britt the
Judge Bond's Charge to
Jury Emphasizes Value
_ Orderly Government
The spring term of Martin Ccwaty
Superior Coart was convened Mon
day morniag with Judge \\. M Bo ••
of Edenton presiding an.! Solicitor
Donnell Gilliam Rpre-e ti!> c the
The roll of the juror - was called
and the following were drawn to
on the grand jury : John L
Hassell. fan man. J*- D. Bi*r». L
R Hantaan. John W. Oreen. Gecrge
W. Blount. J. M. Hopewell. E. T.
Hodges. H- 2. Hrman. Geo. W. Taylor.
R. L. Smith. W. C. E3li~. A. 1> Wynn
Noah R Robersrn D. A. Auahsa. H.
H Hopkfps* S. R. Cobdrn. H. S.
JMWK I , W. L. Hou-e.
Judge Bond made an exte sive
charge which was not m.Ane.! j?
much to specific law xiolalims as he
«hd the valae of orderly guaei nam*
a *1 the Uessiart iixl afety :t gives
That if we are to revei\e the lull
benefits of government we mus re-
-pcct and obey the laws ;hat make i'
a rovemißent. That e\er* violator of
the law showhl be brwurht befoie he
bar of iwstice regar»9e>- of race,
color or standi:g.
lie pivprrty one thin*
«*« r'onrirninl it as the vritrsl
thing. or point in avi m boV our»
" -tem. that is the failure of the
ft iin>i«»n*rs to punl the
iury iv *. k«*pi |f «n|y syr»i names
t! Finn as measure up to -he hi|>fe»t
>tandani of otim.-hip in trah ami
'«»' or And the failure U» do so too
o ten left 3o*hingr but the difcaiy of]
"he Court And the solemnity of the
■tlk to give mlor to trial*.
The judge further stated that we
rn IKa farwt a j*-rr»l «f supreme
need for law and order Our present
day me*bods a d abuadant opportun
ities have caused «w thought* to
renter on new thing* ar.l our feet to
follow new path- That all laws on
the hooks hare heevt passed with a
view of makir-g nxvlitHu ia life M
ter for oandiH, our children and our
giand children
Judge Ro«d 'arther seated that the
teaching of children a dix»hed.e-* of
•he lawa siarh as wjuti K m illicit
■MUrrits, pbpnr poker and other
such thin**, was the came of ataay
murder* and other aerii— tragedies.
The Judre aid he dminl ha% lag
any hobby but ha! to admit that he
waVed those who are rwity of cruel
tjr to animals panuhrd to the limit
-Vulender, Windsor
Charges to Meet
Here Marrh 27th.
' On TUndiy. Marrh XI a (raip
mee'l g of the A>h»ihr. Wiwtar and
ttillam>loa char*** will be held in
Wi'liam>*o«i M. E. Church Ike pastors
of each.chant* ml be pmnt
S|Mkia( by the Mit iwi| confer
fee tficrrv The «or- in* ■es.-jon will
teipn at IO M a m Intermission for
lunch In all out of town visitors at
*he Masonic Hall 12 10 o'cick.
Af ernooa jeam begins ISO o'-
Everybody cordially invited to al
Pres. I'lMumtm Auv
Did Not Refer to
Armour Fertilizers
la a recent refere-ce to the Matte,
of the conjohdation of the Armour
Parii«r Com pa' y. made in this paper,
some of mr farmers r*> tV impres
sion that it might re'er it the Armour
Ker •liier* We wish to IUIWI tha
impcej >ao~ and vav that an far as the
Armour Fertdixers r*. wc think them
t» he Mae cf the best manafactwed
and understand that the testa by the
State fir par ml of Agriculture
show the Armour brands to coaor up
to the standard rliimed by the m'n
We aakc this Titian: far the par
poor of o&rrectia* the aaprriiia that
the lefereace was to the AlM wr
Fertiliser C»»paay.
I huthf aaai—re oyidf a i nJiilih
far ihiniß of Martta Coa tjr aad ao~
bataac the eappaet mi the nuaiulir
oaten h the Democratic pniktry to
he held Jane Tih. IMt.
Red Ecp. SIJS per IV Mrs H U
Hon. E. F. Aydlett, An
other Candidate Makes
Short St»eech Also
I>r. Jno. IV*5. - Hints, a l«ina V
tic ro lKte»i>ra ! «a *Hiao front the
first district «r« "Y of WiUiamston
ant l Marti: court "s mo t illustrious
so»s. ma.i«- h-s r:a-den i i his
campaicn for th: worthy olfice dur
ing the noon recess M m day of the
Superior Court w h ch is Inr yij>
He was follow*- i by Hon. E- F. Ayd
lett cf City, ano her Candi
da e f-r coagres irr> the first dis
'istrict »h«» was cin pr?sen* .»-i ! who
msde a very pi. .is ng spee.b to the
voters «f Mart i coanty.
In the annoam  mens of Dr. Biegs.
he :h> th -le were six candi
dates in the fi?!d seeiirp t'-e omi
eatioa and ja-d a fi ting tribute
to ea-h e «% ird vidual'y. He. the-,
enumerated t * c rcumstance.- tha -
CJIISCJ his. or >S TI IKWITMNR t First,
he naif no fijrh" agai-'st the legal
fralernr y hoh'inr- the «4fict- but he
slated that ho .\av to rea-oi. wh*
only a la. yer should represent the
people, tit: 11-e.e ate o her vocations
in life eqja'ly as important as law
and representation shoald I* give:*
t» those fr IK tie o'her professions.
I also to 'he business nun and farmers
N«t. Dr. Birr s -aid that He felt tha*
Martin r»i ty M UL utiish
a ive for it hail
net hid cr.e si ce the Civil Kir « lul
Beaafort c. unty has had a Aian i
Congress as far bark a.- the averagr
nin can leinember.
l*r. made a very fiw- itnprvs
-ion ib ail (V ic «ho heard him yes
erday a d "hjtc who kn * hint be.- t
know ha", he would always U- clear
ctmcise and to the point as he wus yes
•|f iay an>l v«il>l take a stand for
what was pwd for those he was re
presenting aithoat ai-y hesitation In
these da\s of temptation the t«itplr
'need to seikl x«neiwK to tt n
to represent them «ho ha.- had :r.
.--Jfilia" ion- with the bit; mone> in
terests of the country ami such a nau
is he.
Martin nmrljr vlfn - in I»r. l>
Birr> a canUxtalr who will do every
hinr in tkr po«rr whtrh would he
kb to tee that i■■rhl ■■>) ju4ur [irf
nil in lh» administration of our
rt'rr-nmt Therr air many mho
are tired of iKr country hriiK run by
a baixl of politicians and npht h»ir
in our first district. I>r Bimrs ■> rain
i-jt folk»M- as a pla-n. everyday
man who will honestly llw
At 'be ronrlu>xti of I»r liirr-'s r*
marks kr iMrmlurMl Mr AYIUFTT »IKI
is tkr yniif.MH of a vrrv |.!«-a»itiK
ami affable per-«-ality and who did
in* attempt to make a set speech. arxl
in the Arve of his remark* did not
the penplc of Martin rounv to
»'e for him M lonr as their ow
raaHi>hle m in the field. I4l* he li.l
»>k their upfHt in ra-* he rrtifl
from *he rur>n:ne in 'he eve t of a
second primary .
Mr A>Uett. like Pr Bifrgs. is not
a politician of the old wtwart.! tkn
he he« held a Kifh place in the eou'cil*
of his own peart v he Ka« alwav* hern
content to let the other fe'k»ws have
the cdfices a*i he ha> jt«oil by the
pntty principle-
He did state in a verv few words
MM or the thi •w* he advora' ««Ai|il
would work for in rase he was nom
ina'ed and ebrted Pint that he be
lieve-! at this t-me we have a
wrirtrd imm rraliii law, that the
saM-en should be fiwi a bonus, a
school vMem that is so lemo*ratic
•ha* the noc-r country rhildre" are
eiven equal « riw r*ur itie* a 'hose of
the rich citv Hi Mrni He expressed
hear*? appro*al of the rood roah
"wram and advocated a to
haw arrirut*ure i- much the sjune
wax *hat nli«a4s and manufacturer
ate financed. He faiored in the way
ef taxes, la r ire i'rente tax and low
property tax
Mr. Aydlett in a verv impressive,
wav rave hie idea of the duties of the
»fc»-lwMfr He W' that the rffire
UUrr «a> a tnu"»». a wrrant to
4m for ll» T nplf rather 'haa to H>
*be rnplt Mr. A rdiet" «a|reairl en
r fan* ia Camfc* fount and he
savs that We nrti that one of his
hi* asset*, hanrjr famed there know
iedre of life and pet pie »hat fie would
have iro'tea ra afceir dee.
Messrs. Alfred Waaudey and Dick
O.fcn of Rocky Mowrt were in town
Mrs A. V. Joyner returned hone
So **7 ereaiae froM Rocky Mount
where she had heea at the hedsade of
her Ki.Uni who adtmi' an
operatiaa far appe diotn last week.
The li't'e fellow * gettiaft aloag as
weß ad eaald he expected.
Considesed One of Most
Successful Farmers
In County-
Mr W J- Job tw of Oik City
.liol at hi-- hoiw rmirsday n-irhi Mr.
was in jL«a! health, ate
-upper ard uwk his seat "in the house,
lighted his pipe a d in a raomemnt
was dead. I>r. Ijy"r says the cause was
heart failure.
Mr. Johnson was about TO velars old
ami was a far»eer all his I fe jmi un
til a few years ajeo lived his farm
a few ntiles frw Oak Ci'y- AtKHit
!w." years ag. v he n«w>l to town. He
was considered >»se of the mast suc
cessful i r wers if ocr cvwanty He was
vice pressie-.t of kite !ark «>f Oak City
a ■! was ore 'be nucsi 'isiily e - eemeil
citixens of the county-
He leaves a w»h>w arwi sax chil
dies. Messrs. T U a&l « J . Jr..
Mrs. H. J Elheride. Mrs. Blount
HarreH. Mrs Ma«> Mrtcbell. Mrs. J
R. RawU
Mr John>o was M a member of
any church, but was a s'nur be
liever in the IVimrtuve Baptis*. church
ami was hur *.t at h» farm with KUier
Strwkl ml if llobrow* 4*ln.i *stermg
•he funeral rites.
ltobersonville and
Williamston Teams
Battle to Tie, Monday
Wt'ltamstoiT hiebschAl g>Hs ami
lbo>c «>f 'be hirh schoo!
lat Inl to a tie last m*h'. on the
K >bers«>nvtlte oxtrt ua o e of the best
itanies played yet by either team
The *rame wa- eve frx«m l».-|ti.i
--mnr to e d and furnished fast arouse
ment for the spec ator-
The score of S to 3 shows that
neither ha>ket WW- allowe.l to remain
« Th- follow >nc aram u" cettie t ha»-
lieen received by many friends iti
William-ton of »he coMracline parties
Mr. and Mr- lilwatd lieniamm Him
request the honor of your presence
at the marriajre of their daughter
Marifuerate >.»«»
Mr. William K.dw-it Everett
on Wed es«lay. the «*n#nl of April
a» eleven «"cl«k
at Baptis' fhurch i
' tireenvtile.'North Caiolina
\|k-- loprueva Mart un -|«- t Saturday
with relatives in to*n
Mi*s I eotme lieie'pKr. »:«it the
week end with ter |*ar*-:t.>, Mr and
Mrs. J. I . lfc»ven|Ne"*.
Mr. John A- GnSa was in town
>'aturda> aileno«.
Misses Beatrice White. Opal Bnwi
ami Marioa tirriKu "« Crow
K-vails Suiuti) a awl j-petit ll«e day With
M. and Mi- lr C Jamues
Mr an.l Mr*. W II lolley i 1 Mi
B. 1. LtlU , to WitMi i Mon
day *"
Mesw X |t lb, *4 V S Kid*r
-on, (lamic Jiae> l»t M.irtu
w ere ir town Mi r.«ta«.
Mrs. W. B t»aylof*t speet Mon
day night wi'h her Mrs. S. I.
Hardiswn near hißa*>-t«
Mr J • S;*lm of *:»
her* Mo' «t»y " '
[>r. J. II —MI Mi M 
lark '*:! owlMol to Ki! mm t« i Mm
iU>~ n*?M
Me.- r, J. G &4ud.-K M*;,
pi K **«» Klmlm lbr ,n William
•IjD «err II |»m« *!l ml
insc to ba-ur  -
Mr. Or ho Tail«r *f Wdl»afli>V>:
was in 'own
Mr. Gtviir Mtrjr>"!» (
hjrtkt. - TW.ab) urfcl
|»r J. D. H en of ttiliuim-td'i ma-
in ti>"» ok
M- -ij K4r%' E 11. Ilanli
54"'8. JaL - U lallAa. (
and Toenur mm bMics
visitors k»i» W rtvtai
llcmk. Fruk IV*-1!' atxl Car
Stn«kni«r n«Mfl :• Wiiliam»to'
Mr. M G. I*»»l atinxM church in
Kveietts SiM«t>».
* Mr. Mi.»ga ibrri» >|M) Saturday
r.iirht Saadlay «i:k his pare. JU
Mr. aal Mn W. H R*cn.
Mr. Lester arrived home
TkKrah) fraa Daihaa «kn he has
Ima m WiiMW far the past fe»
day*. »
Mr. MM Calhphrr art to Eidetts
Xa'anfay aigfcL
Mas*er ViMaa M has keen oi
the uck hat far the past several day s.
Mr Juad Mr*. J. H_ By spent
Swiay aftentc ia VUuutaa with
Is Ushered to the Scene
By Member of Out
lawed Band
Last Friday Sheriff R jenen u xn
jrtier from the Boan' of Cou ty com
missions r. to lay cut a pub'ic roa I in
IrilHns township ami le.-ling "o the
ileaufor' county line. A:Vr procurir K
» jury :m«i performirg a'l the tiulirs
ncident in the Saying out o/ the
"o«ni Sudde ly the astcrte olfactory
icrve of The -heritT detected the sMDt
if rum and lic;an to hue" The trail
toon led him to a big v >€■!% 1 here
if fou'tl many signs. After wai : bt;
« few minute-; theri* he s:cn !».«-
wem! a colored hoy ha ull r asght
nood to the still ami he confiscated
the boy wht) told him where »he still
was ami who wa - operating it- The
sheriff ha.l Ihe l> y tr drive him »■
to the sliil where two loit-mi r*r
»ere hanl a* work food: r up fvr a
-ha Apparently they - "uu»K "hetr
white buss Was comuipt up civ: pa*-! no
*ttention to the npprmcH •>" he anuie
» d cart until it had reac>*f i »*thi"?
twenty yards of 'hem. bit * hen hey
nuiile the discovery the; rat l«ke wJd
The sheriff took the still, a 109
ga lo one, six barrels of beer and
such tools as they had and fou tn
other stand of beer coiuujut of two
vats with about CIK) - > «f c.»ra
meal mash and tw» b'i-nfN of rt^eal.
The man caught wa.- a-nol E yah
(iorham anil those makirv.. their e>-
la|»e were Randolph Carter zrJ Kan
ilolph Ore. They were iuteitim for a
whi'e mar. who tloes the running and
It is-supposed that this |.i • c.pal
has lost within the la> 1 '»- wars a
(xxit l. r « stills and captttHT
i.n every occasion.
If your netehb'ir (>ii rtet with
Ami l:i.. busim -s is -h w.s at the Nfe?
A .1 his tn-jWes ami »Drr»«*f* • «r-e»
A'ii| rays 'hat the wort«f rirr.'t frc!
fiii show him that trKiti'e- hell bor
Anil never pay hack *!u' is 0 «k.
Ami say it will a > (■■nv-rrow.
A «l "ifive him a pat i.i the teA."
If he tells you he know.. ■ ou'ir mis
Thqit there is a hitr'i in •His plans
In spi'i* of the pairs fct has taken:
A - d still has I »s bead ;.i his
(in show him the f'.llj f » (tifte
And put Mm upon lb- tack.
Itrace up—and ;'l> on a;ain tryui*.
And give him a pat n 'he back
If you happe • to be I; Se "or dmner.
And your wife says hat every
thing's wrong
And calls you a niwrabSc .inner.
Just hit up a Jubilant rr g.
I'rete d that you're not ■ > a harry.
And Rive her art old fjs'i «l -mack;
I Hint itehate about trouble ltd worry.
Ami jive her a (-at o: the 1 ack
That will smooth rnat'er " act—
1 In- ter thar all you « r> ifc,
\nd remember that v? .Ie yum are
To throw in a convpli acn*
Tie chi,nc«'. are ?hc wiT he -miiir.|P,
And call you her fun y -M Jack.
\id bus while the time >cw're be
guiling '
Just give her a pat em 'be ha*k-
If your Butcher or («r> T* or Baker,
Should some day b« r_*>t feeling
'» n't call him a miscrab'e Faker:
But help hiih his tr i!J Its dispell,
\ d hear with his moot . ;r the pres
• For he soon will be o • the right
And try to iiK'ke evcryt: iog pleasant,
And give him a pat «v t'je back.
Thus youll fi d others . rrws vault
lighten %
As you Jinx vritk 'I e everyday
Knii their joys s.nd Ut • plcasares
youll heighten
By a smile or a word cr a .m*f.
Anil esteemed yen vill te for the
[leasure, " » V -
V t,en your itniu fill- «iot ibev
For we all are (kwmt n ia MM
measure, ' — t "■ .
By ge ting o par on tf-e lack.
—J. E. V ItXEK.
Mr. and Mrs. Saa'i'c.ihS
daughters. Misses Starj re sad Mav
Telle lUr hill JT Roher >t«e spaat
today in toarn .with Mis 1. a Wjr»f
at her home on ■■ a mt
•• a a
Misses Martha and Dt!. Kate Waad
of Reeky Mount arrived bat n(kt ■»
visit their fa'her, M. W. T. Ward at
the Atlaatie Hotel far several days.
f ' "

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