North Carolina Newspapers

Any Town m County can
Elect A Beauty
OBthtlHlMerftki(p«(r there
w9 be M m Mdk cmt« to be
mH as a me far the nana to repc
■eat yi *— aft the East Carolina
ripaaiTiia which tabes place April
71b to *l2lb to titwi
111—tii i from «nr the cetiie East
era patt of the State ril be there and
WSliaastaa should be represented by
«ae of her pretty young todies. It is
mm af the i all i ia the contest that
this youtg lady sou* not be aarritd |
and so ia noting be sare to send in '
the name af a stogie girl.
Kis Nina Upton represented WB- j
liimoliei last 3*ear at the exposition in i
Wilson and she nmde a very favorable
■ ■■;— M an thoae attending j
Bat with the voting being done by
the aadiences at the exposition, the 1
toarn giving its qaeen the most sap
part has the best chance of winning.'
yet there are thousands there who;
are not represented by a queen who!
support the girl who is prettiest to {
them. So let's elect a pretty girl to
represent WiUtonutoa aad then go j
there and rapport her danng the ex- j
pssiliim The winner receives a beauti- j
fal $54000 diiaaseil ring and last
pnainli by aauae of the lending stores
1. Any single girl to Wiliamton
township is eMgiblr.
X. Every person, in WQliamston town
ship is entitled to one vote.
X No puin caa cast a second vote
if the person of their ftrst choice
ah—ld decide to withdraw from the
I Coo pons published in The En
toi prist may be ased for votes or
blank coup ear will be furnished by
this aWce or by Mr- Hagh G. Horton.
' Secretary af the Chamber of Com
i Votes mail he mailed or bronght
to The Enterpri-e office where they
will bo connted and given oat daily,
aatfl Monday night Marvh 31st at IX
Any town to the connty can send a
qaten to the exposition bat they are
given only this week in which to select
Committee in charge.
Hugh G. Horton. Chmn.
W. C. Maaninjr
C A Harrison
Declares Hm One Concern Is That
Cm i apt ion la the Government
Shaß Be Rooted Ont
Washington. March *».—The action
mi J. Horace Harding of New York
to nfaring- to sit with Frank A
Vanderlip mm the obard of director
af the Continental Caa company.
fence tonight from Mr. Vanderlip.
to draw the attention af tie people
to the need of a elm nop in variona
• Vanderlip said. he was willing that
"toy awn upalsliiia rhonld safer, as
R has, hirauir af what has been
-No ms fikea to affead deliberately
I I ' gnad tase.~ Mr. Vanderlip
said. "No Ma who has enjoyed the
■torn af his fellow ciUaens as I
aatf dilteiauli radar n doad. I fad
1 'itr." Hnrdtog objected to Mr. Van
- derhp's Bktorriiff speech to arhkh be
teU af ii that Fiiridinl Hard
■g had aaid the Marian Star far
■are than it was worth, and Mr.
Vanderlip hns injgaei from the caa
rad tina\ far lhaae wha kimKy
ii with a depth sf feeling that I wish
Man Narrowly Escaped
Bleeding To
Friday afternoon Mr. Coat Swain, a
farmer living about t oio from here,
invited his neighbor j to a aood cut
i ting. It seems he hnd hqunr and some
of the men got a little too much.
Among them was James Gurgaaus,
who after the first drink called for
more. Some of the beys* byway of a
joke, filled a giasa with water and'
when Garganas discovered the prank.)
he became enraged and begaa fusssire j
however, he was prriuailcil away and j
; jast s* the crowd hnd broken he re- i
I turned walking ap behind Bed F. 1
| Bowen. who was walktoe away, drew j
| bis knife and gave Bower.'* throat a i
i ;-wipe. The kzdfe entered nearly in I
: the front of Bowen's neck and cat;
I around to the hark. ranging upward. j
I !to wen was ru-ned to l>r. Rhode*
ami when he renclned the Wtor hr!
I was Med white and practically drained j
dry. almost coUapsmr- However, the (
I araceaded m stopping the;
blood promptly and Bowen » now able
j to walk around.
Sheriff Robrrson was ix.foimt i and
j went to the home of Gurgacas where j
! he found him in bed and denied know-1
ling anything abont what he had done-
He told bis wife, however, when he
| reached home that he had killed a
Gurgaffus is anfortnnately a drag
J fiend, taking all kinds of dope and
sometimes is very ijnii »rl*oo»e
ITriea to Escape
When Sheriff Robrrson reached the
man's home he called himself unable
f to walk to the car. so the sheriff gave
| him a lift and placed him in the Fori
On reaching the jad the same cum
plaint that he was anihle to walk was
made, so the ihtiiff agaia aided Ins
| Jast as they were approaching the
rate to the jail Gotganus asked to be
allowed to stop to fix hk string
snd the sheriff, good natunVy. grant
ed the' vhk and loosened his hold for
caa who was sa helpless a minute be
fore sprang asd ran and offered the
officer a mtii i chase The prisoner
was f nan hi and placed ia jail where
he is now awaiting the outcome of
rut isffiited on Bowen
Mr. Peel Asked To
Candidate By His
Former Students
Mr. Sylvester Peel.
Williamstea. N. C
Oar dear Sir:-
As the ihmousta primary for the
. election of candidate* far the several
state and county officers is near at
| hard it has aimid to n that thru
' car solicitations, not only as citizens
' of Martin County bwt as your former
J itadenta. we may be able to persuade
! yen to announce yourself as a candi
date far the office of Register of
Deeds af this connty. subject to the
We as former achnal bays and girls
sf jams feel that we are better ac
quainted with you than aay me else
rave j aui hnsaedtoto family and are
know that year high sense of honor
and duty is not excelled, nnd that
yen are weß and nhly qualified and
! weald do honor to The High OSce
| crhith we desire you to ill
May we therefore earnestly ask
j that ye naraeaeirr yourself as a candi
dato far The Office of Register of
Deeds of Martin Connty object to the
coming Primary, and ia the event yon
do announce jouisctf we aosare you
that we vfl not the ia our efforts
>' A gum Mmrig pen of our sincere
Sincerely your feraser students.
March 12. MR
I J. T. Sauthwick. Mrs. Mattie Smith
-1 wick. J. G M, John G Peel. A B
: Lilley. W. J. Griffin. W. J. Lflfey. N.
T. Tice. bn T. Griffin. A D. Griffin.
Sr . Dnvid Griffin. eCon C_ Griffin.
. Charles M. IW. Rny T. Griffin. W
O Griffin. Jen. S. Cnffia. S. C. Griffin.
John A Griffin. Ethel Grifc. Thos.
C Griffin. John K Peel. Lewis H
Friends of Mrs. Bettie pope nun
sorry to Ran yesterday that she had
' been token ioHIIIIJ fll at her baaac
an n. oghlan stmt aad little hop*
aemal boras, bat today she is feel-
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday; Mnnoh 28.1924.
Realizing my inaptitude for politi
' cal honors and that I can not give
. enough time to my campaign 1 have
! decided to withdraw from the Con
! Tvesstonal race aad retire to the rear j
ranks of my party
I wish to assure my friends of my,
sincere appreciation uf their support
and of my willingness to serve them
whenever I may have the privilege.
By Clarence Ousley
 Former Assistant Secretary of Agri- j
culture •
I The mo t important statement yet'
: lade concerning cotton production |
j for 1924 come* from the Department
jof Agriculture. The Department ha«-
. made a comprehensive surrey of world
j condition-- and aJvise* American farm- j
jcrs not to increase their output thi*
l year except as increases may result
{from favorabV weather and improved '
! farming methods which decrease the
ctoots of production. Concerning cotton '
the Department says:
"In the lirht of general busines"
conditions, the cotton market give* a
comparatively good price. It must be j
f remembered that a large crop if se-'
I cured by increased acreage and ex-J
pensive pr>»taction methods, would
' j tend to lesult in a decline in prkv.,
II which mirht more than offset aay re-.
sultiag reductions in cost due to hirh-.
er yields "
As to acreage, that is already de- '
■ | f-rmincl in the preparation* the
' farmer has made His intentions arvl i
•' n*ar rannot weU be rhaaeed except
. siiehtly by unforeseen conditions of
I weather, for he has planted in part.
I he has secured seed and he has male
provisions fur his entire farminr pro
• • gram Hence the acreage is already
r practically fixed, though there will be
- no'sto*istirul calculation af it for some
r weeks.
• ' In the common jmlgmi lit of the
' | trade, of agnraltursl observers and of
• three of the professional forecasting |
r ( bureaus of the l aited States there,
■ will be an increase of acreage this I
f ■ year of from 3 to C per cent- Quota- !
tions of prires aad actaal «o»itract - j
made for future delivery reflect the j
expectation of a larger acreage and a
larrer crop
If price.- are to be lower it be
( hooves the fanner to reduce his costs i
of production The only way he can 1
do that in any considerable degrve is j
by reducing the acre yield. Assum-.
ing that the farmer follows good farm 1
I, ing methods, there are but two ele-1
II ments affecting acre yield, vis, the!
11 weather and the boll weevil
,| With an indicated increase of acr
-11 eage and aa indicated decrease in
r '■ price, therefore, the cotton farmer's
. best hope of profit lies in preparation
. for weevil control Every state agri
f cultural college, every county arrent
i and the National 801 l Weevil Control
Association have the information by
i which every farmer who will to do so
. I may escape weevil loss and make a
. | profit aopn cotton under average
g j weather cwaditions. .
f Sylvester, the lb months old child of
Mr. Slymter Raynor aad wife, died
I ( this mornmg after a two days at
. tack of ptomaine poison whirh. per
f hap* was caused by eating candy
t Saturday.
I The burial nil be at the old Ray nor
■. buryjic gtotnd at Mc. G Ped'.v
, '
Saturday evening fro 8:36 to II JO
J Miss Thoma*. of the local school
! faculty, entertained a number of
- people at the home of Mrs. B A
t- Cntcner.
; The home was artistically arranged
kj with spring loueis and greens. Tito
"• guests were received by Miss Thomas
'- and served punch in the back hafl by
>• Mrs. Critchcr.
L Mah Jong, bridge and danrir.g were
enjoyed darn- the enfoing- A-salad
couire was erved far refreshments.
Those present were. Mr. aad Mrs.
W. H. Biggs. Mr. ard Mrs. B Duke
Critchcr. Mr. aad Mrs. Elbrrt Peel,
a Mr Mi Mrs. A. R Denning. Mr. aad
d Mrs. BL A Criteher. Mios Elhabeth
e Bunas. Menu. C D Carilsiphrn. Jr.
e M. H. Wolff. B. L Cibuin sad J. G.
r Godard. Jr.
■ Ton teat hove to be 21 to vote.
they afcould be capable af tefling
d what ia pretty and what atot.
I I If ywa hain't a girl onto for the
lather fefloTCi. RW be al right we are
Next Meeting To Be
Held in About Three
■ »
The Msrtin oCunty Trachers met in
the Williamston school aodttonum on
Saturday afternoon. March 22.
At two-thirty the meeting opene«
with the son—"Battle Hymn of the
Ilepublic."" Rev. R. L Shirley then
!.d in the devotional service. He rend
the forty-sixth Palm and offered a
shprt prayer. After the singing of *
""Juanits" he talked of the "Influence
cf the Teacher." First, he -poke of ■
I the teacher's inability to dictate his
| price and the consequent -mall salary j
which he so often receives Yet. the J
I teacher's influence over a child is
«rreater than any save that of a moth
; Kf. and of a far different nature than j
that of a mother herself He insisted
' teachers face their task with a
mile ami optimism, for the best pay.
! : nd the most valuable pav after a!!.
« .
is the "consciousne .■ of enrice well
The minutes of the February rrvet "
ing were rem:
Supt. R. A. Pope ann.traced that
, the County IVmonstrator would soon
|«t on a "l-ive-At-Home " campaier.
The purpose of this eampa:rn will Se
: to gei people to pledge themselves to
' live at ha me. not out of tin cans.
Mr Ainsley distributed Final He
i port blanks among the teachers.
As very few census cards had been
I sent in to the office. Mr. Tope asked
all teachers to toko the censu.- of
j their schools or get some competent
person to do so Special reference was
ma>te of the country schools
Mr. I'ope next talked iW the
Kadinr Circle work and the method
of testing that might be n-ol He
Kurirested that the lender*, -end in
one hundred >|west*oa> to be typed at
the office Then either ten or twenty
from these lists tony be given as the
test A term paper may be substituted
The mi in patt af the ha i ion*
period was used by the delegates who
| rave brief accounts of some phase of
j the State Assembly program
I Mr. Davis was the first to spewk Of
i special interest to him was Mr. Joyn-
I er's speech on Rural Schools. Cooper
j athre marketing was stressed. He. toe.
| was impressed by the eulogies af Ay-
I cack made by Dr. Alderman aad Dr.
1 Brooks. "Physical Training" and
"Masir in the Schools" were the maia
J toP*., discussed at the City Saperia
j tendent-/ meeting. 70" at the last
' reneral meeting. Mr Davis said that
) many resolutions were drawn up. but
| perhaps, the greatest one was the
one relative to an eight months school
• term, d
Mr. Aimley was then called upon to
give his re part. He stated that be
would give jutt three things that
' made an apepal to him. The eight
months school term; the stonterdiza
I union, school. He gave the system af
1 -tandardisatioa as laid down by Rio*
' Kulghum For primary giatee. equip-
Iment shall consist of drills, perception
cards. Phonetics, general seat work.
' and three supplementary renters. Far
intermediate grade equipment shall
consist of map., globes, library of at
least tea books of travel history and
, fiction, one dictionary for ench room,
' ai.d only oae grade to a teacher
( Mr. G. W. Rhode- spoke briefly of
his tri ptq Raleigh He attended the
High School Principals' group The
County I' nit Plan, the Csaislidotira
" an-1 Accrediting of the Elementary
School, the eijght months school term.
I ?t-d the pnhlwnl >m of a school nafr
■ arine (for the extra one dollar of the
Jtwo •tallars membership feel were
, mentioned by him as having interest
I e>! him The following tww statements
> were «|Uoted by him as ideas he le-
I crived from some of the speeches:
f "No pessimist should tench school-"
:|"This state store the World War has
peat more money on public education
I jtlan it had before the war."
Miss Pritchett stated that Miss
k' Gage of Penhody university gave n
' | helpful talk in which she insisted
{that primary teachers not try to make
s I grown people of children, as its 91
I I effects are not curable The ex
.iihit--, she said, were good. She atn
. j t ared the fact that President Wright
• f Greenville gave aa able adßi 11
.' .ii which he made a plea far mora
I; isnral ■ckdslr as n solution for the
i j-Better Teacher- problem
A Miss Marjorie Enelaad told of the
- importaaee of comhtomg oduratioa
and labor m the boooe. She montiowod
the fact that she heard the ■—te of
i! greeting from the American Secretary
t of Home Eiimomiri Art to Ma re—
i that she lisrrasf I
t Mr. Gen. W. Smith stated that this
i was the first State moating thffi ha
had attmlrJ aad that R wax the
4 v
I The second week of Martin county j
Superior Court operted yesterday at .
IO o'clock. The jury was called and '
i-everal members a>ked to be ex
cmseu and five of then; were excu*ei
for the term
The only ease tn.d last week after
the Little divorce case was.
P-oßae Johnsoa zr*i wife a
' vs. *"• T*
Henry Wynn. *
This was a suit drvucht to recover -
a small pw of lard located :n the j *
Free I'nion sectior of Martin coontv. r
.A - ? J
consuaune practica!!> two da> >. The j
wst of t-ne trial was. pi I hips several ,
J.rae mo-re than the value of the land. I *
The case of Roy Kaebuck vs the A. 1
,C_ I_ RR. Co. compromised. TSe I '
■'o'eiviant company payiruc to the
' the -urn of Jd' «
Owimr to the s>kres •* '
attorneys, roar: a *v>urned at 11 o'- *
• clock for the day
1 Jure Caoi ope nut I c-xirt a|>jn this !
lMtrang bet p ttviliy every on I
the calendar ' tra! tolay had Wbe j'
tv*.i iiueJ he*ia«- of of at-j*
toraeys. !
Krnest G.lx U* » year oL
« f Mr Jan . anJ wife, of the
!'r >wn Sp".'t« >«t-oa -uflerssi a very j
i-rjOt accidm*. yesterday morrir.g j
v hen he r*tcsapo to tum a calf out |
of the 10. ar-l the heavy rate which 1 1
t-pene«l to the co~ k-t fe'J on h.n ami j -
broke hs rirh* lee above the knee
aml the right ar.kle. a! -o the left let: ; |
ju -t above th - ankle. In the break of j |
the left le« the bone stuck tkrourh the '
flesh j •
V.'arnrn and York were call- j
ed and gave pf»|«r attention to the '
T.our«l> an>l at the present tune the j
little fellow sevms to be frtlinr j
fairly mell
We wish to -tate that this mfiest !
! v -as brocght to our c-Ace last week and |
through an error of the make-up man j
• it was rot put a lad Friday's issue j
as it should have been
5 Gallons of Liquor
Captured by Chief
Chief of I\d»re J. C. Mann in*
v isited the £ar»ien Terrace store of |
Mr J. K McGovran la-t week with a I
-earrKir - aprty ami >ur.-ee«ied in And-1
ing S -likes of liquor which wa>j
foun-l -.ttinr arowsi in the open The
«ttrer- say that Mr MKtowan clams
i» was a little liuwor for the s-e of
I his wife who is an mvalsil ,
| The liquor was seizt-I arel Mcu>ann
catered mto bond for his apfararance
, tefore the recoevier leit TueMtay. *
. |
! The daily of the New York
f stock market is a -oukt of s >iw •
> r■nm.i.t to the fellow uho he> '
- not deal It is >aM iKat to the iea! '
i  n there is either rla>lne>- or tt 1
r We are gomg to r»e the he»ilines
I of the dady papers herinnme Mon
t day the 21 ami on through the week. ,
I to order that oar readers mirht oh- '
, -erre for theatsdves.
Monday March 24. "Cotton IW
r Break Sharply ~
! "Activ* Month* Closing laO Potots
( er Lower. I nder Heaiy Sellm: —Mid ,
i lie; 273 i -
r "Sharp Advance is RegL-tered hg
, Specia'tins, Aang them are Xorfoik
•too Hrtm It R Stock and the
s Stock of the a and IO Cent tS»res ~
U itch the comparison for oae week
i' Mr BoUnd Robe .pent the
week-end here with his father, who is
very ill at his loae in New Towm.
i v-arre of south inspiration and help
i to kiai He attended the Vocational
* Grup. and served tm a committee for
I core card for Buy*' Farm Shop. Yet,
i he heard Mr. Joyaer** talk «■ eo
I mnrketmjr. aad heard a I',
e S. Army odrerV talk oa the use nnd
I akaie af the Aaorrican Flag This.
- be said, was extremely toteresting.
-j After these had ghrea their short re
I port? Supt Pope a a very few anrdi
t rave hit rapwi lina of the State
I Meet in T. that each eaa aeeuoad to
e'feel Kiaietf oae of a group trying
!to solve the paoklimi of the group
e The ieterestrar and diiersifkd pro
I' ers were reaßy dsieg lomKhag.
r | After these n anil Mr. Pspe dis
f missed the geaeral seraioo and the
- Primary. Gromarir Grades aad Hi*h
c. School Teachers to their re i pec
■ * 81"PT. R A POPE. Prnilrat.
I EVA IREXE PEEL. Secretary-
777/ftcJL /feM ESTABLISHED 1898
From Williamscon To
Washington County
The Suit bdmj cmbbi>-JOS has J
a-tvertc*.! for M- MB a cumber of | i
.in the 'tale a cri siii rmrrrf ■ i
bhf* ttda; at jl> «ficr a RaV t*-
The first iluthtt fHlttr Three. no :
other •Istnct in the State (tfttisi ;'
more thar two The pnjMl- in Ki' j -
district are: ii
Project Nft !•! Beaaf>tl Court!. I
consists of Eik» «c route 30 be- !
tween New Here 1M CHoraarinitj 1'
Ileis »;D be OT and
Project Xo. 1 Marts: County, con j
sbb of 17-51 n;W rente #. from
WidimstMi to th» Wa.Jiawtw Coun
ty line Bab will be iwfwl on drain
i-r and -awi UT surfaciajr.
Project Xo Id Xas#i Coßnly.'cori
sirts of liJ«S mile- oa r*>ales 5S and '
P*. The * ->rk mcieiic. the porter of
route 5* from \*-hi iriie to the Frank- '
lin Coo-'.j lime tow iM Warren ton.
and that par' of rwete fron Cas
ta! ta to the Krarki r C«aMt !sne to
unli Bw» aie i-koi for
«!iaiiL".j, rr*t.r f ir) «r>: tay sur-
Ihe KcpuM irar l . ~rrir-.ional Coll- |
ter.tion la tout at llymouth
w;!l if ..-nate a rat»l»iate for Con-
UUU iK>i el*ct .ieJerates to the He
puhticar Xataoral CvßimUie to be
l.eM at in JOT*
Wheeler M irt ar»J J T l"rx» arr
> - tf.-»liiir from WellsaaßsSon
j The tnasralar .Wfcitf by t.V State
I hieh *chooi- «ai be heM Krday
! n«ht March -5*
It «* with T ll— e re*ret that we lo
IMi 4*l ViHawloa oa the 11-4 of ]
r.-n:e-tant- -iw wr Kate hai the I
honor t» r»» as far as Ctufr' Hill in j
the coenpetioet for the i« nl* on several ,
occaoob ait>l every eta » 'lmuM be j
arrvriol the nfma( fntjkrr of a j
Mr ii>i llr*. J Glr itixi Mrs I
jv heeler Martia a»i Mr M H Wolff
are attending the show :a W ashm»-
|tu« this after— la
Mis IV»*Jr ha> n-taraed
(• Xew Bern where -be visited 1
Mi-- Mar;. Wat.mxtk Sbe is >|en«l- !
r»r -«>ir-e tune amb kn sifter. Mr.
W T Heater at brr Imow in Xe*
Mr K. C. Jwe) of the Scotlaixi Xerk
>yaa> Compass) was a W.:re - rjii
' tor in town Moalai
Mr Kli lUbHtw» left thi» moraia£
' t«» Itrlhaiea where be will visit
l-Kwij foe a few 4ayv
j -
| Sprint;  m to have OIMOI its
'> rhoiiilr. It M.: be that tt» rukl
-«*) |,ale> kaie wrecked it Xot in
| triliy year- has W( lem so Itrk
• war»l
THE >t l* H«»MI P (PER
Soaw-UaM-- tbe letMnt «f a com- j
' BidKy .toe* M ahv tbe L -.rwr paper
a hirkdy ibe> tbe nai or woman
. wf> ha- WSTOI awa>- There is a short
po«-■» abf" thiifbi MMjßmi- ha
beer, jut.- the lUHMds of paper- in
other Mttaaai of the CMUtri for *v
eral year- aaJ eiflaaar lite feeling
of the nat>r ato has away
from >iwr We nud lAe for every
readier of The EMerprt»e to rc-aJ this
litis mm iahe of arpnriatM It fol
IPs pf.r te.! «U U>kau4 ai-i h'.raely,
r in of a rull county twwa:
V. ith aa ■« ft nr*ea i ■« at its wrap
t** *■».
Thr putaaa. n M»ni, thrown it down
Bat I seas ever; la* that it offers.
Each item baft loaartlnag to view,
IkiHfk the ibta of years, through
yilt't pleasure aal fears.
It stnw tknr km t—rh to renew
T-e death af tbe pH 1 «CT courted.
The fi—ith of a Cm I mil Jeer- '
T* rie of a fmd 1 lote to ctanen!
The fall of a mac. I wwmi
As I read I drift luaa ij backward,
To tbe ebn to live was a joy.
1 think mmd 1 pin; dl Ike catjr*s dall
Ciaws faint aal apaa Pa a hay-
Rare fiif—i rf pm ■■■"*!> bjr
"J*. v--*- -- —;.«n»ni.nJ
Pair aaar of fc»ut aad bee*.
Aad the jaainl little ton with the
streets kahaf tjgm a
¥ - :/• ;■ .
To Be Buried Tomorrow
In Baptist Ceme
Vr. Jamf- H. Miiel'e «:iM at tls
i-ome on we-=t Main strw: yesterday
iH-miPi at S c'cloek- H» nal been
K-k with pr.eumorta for 14 days and
a few .lays airo hts cor.ktior was
ir -u -ht to Kave beer, better, bat he
; ufffffd a relap>e the Md tme
1 r.irefully yesterday nonin(.
Mr. Mizelle was ao years oU. mar
j ie»i Mus Mau«le Bowep ud be-ide*
ha; leave- four chit tren. Mrs. Jordan
\T=rd.*Sli>s S Mizelle of De
tn it. Mrs. H. P..Taylor. Jr. ami Km
Una HL only -op. John was
lulled in Francs* He 'iswfc volurtpered
ar-l w as a mer he" of the
!>i\ isior..
Mr. Mirelle haii beers a very hard
Worker, havine heen eej3i»t! saost of
the t;ri» for thirty year-
It. the Koarvk- nramps. I> also did
en ilorable »n!ir.| 'iiinn- fat per
a .i-
This wia.s th" «ev- -th time be
!>ad pneumoria. hut a«e "jj toj-* on
Vim. so that h«® wra-i no aUe 1o
He will be bur tom.r!»« at the
! aptist cemetery The funeral will k-
HeU at th? residence at 3 o'clock.
To the I>eni era' ic of M rtin
I take this means t aa-oaxnn)t
myself a cansliiiate. aivii jolit ..n»
your supps>it. for the oUk -o' Kei;; er
of Dtdh, suhjec* tt> att orr c* the
IVmcfra'ic Primary to I* Md june
Tth. IS_*4
1 ha\e serrtd Deputy Re? : -ter
of ItreiU for the past three year- and
trust that my services, as >acfa. aar
rants 'he s.ijport arni fOMidm.v of
•bs v.te:s o «f Martin. CourAv.
z :> ii t irr." xciis.
Washington. March SI —Al3*ed
j rraft in the- zovernmeat wi_> cowl
j y -stenlay in the Uusf b> Kepreseo-
I tative l_arse. IVn«Knt,
* "Xot only I.* _•!' the men ic the
hixn plan- of the be
pro.-«ute>? for r ■; tiny, bst bu JMSS
men wbo -• inn niiiiwf offi
jcia!s should i>- .i i 1 ie der'ated.
j "Judas was a better aa.. ;rar • any
j that exist Isdir, for l.l have the
divency to commit ~
Mr. Larseri Diaii.U:sr>i t*va: t varies
K Forbes, forrnei dimur of the
veUran.-.' bureau, wunki urf have
been iii.lictevi but for the -nve tixa
tion of a -enate ibramittae and went
on reconl as *.»• pulxy of
ceasiriK investiiration, as l«g a. we
e'.;« .* RTaft ais! wron-.! jia;."' He
attacked John W Chm. ">rwr as
sistant attorney wiw. he
.-aid. 'hi- been apm-tn: ,v a pecial
attorney at I I.M* 1 ptr asastk." —for
the itovr mment in the ir".. -»ro' ba
nau case
ha.- been done?" he askcul
"He ha iiktwteil two men and that's
all -
Kin-ston. March 23.—Ea-tera Caro
lina traffic men will meet at Golds
boru Tue.s.lay at noon to cc-nsjder
propose.! increases in freight rates to
point- in thi.- ertion from Ohio river
axi western points. Ihrirtors of the
newly urKaniiei traAc h.reaa repre
senting chambers of conut*rve in this
territory' *>H attend aimo-t v fthout
euepticn. it a evprcte.: H Gait
Braxton, of this city. he- af the bu
reau todiy al! interested busi
ness men to be piresent. Tie r cetinj
will be opene.l at n-wt —*"•
Mr Tom Cook of .J Mount
-pent the week end la tr'. a w th kis
| f: mi!y.
Ih>n"t wait for the Jane pricrvjr to
vote, vote to day for tbe girl you
■ would have to represent
| '.pr. n hip at tbe E C. Ktpoot oa.
I About cs earth's claries Lnfarled.
I Each heart amle«led. w>th tk- buth
of a chfld.
Looking forth to a place isi the amid.
Aad the paper tells bow all kn : proa
1 follow their Irrea aa they flow.
Applaadiny each (aa aad KfieUaf
■ Par the sake of the dbys bet iga.
Above afl the have city diScr
far mm hoar
• » * ' ■*

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