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iv •»
m. C MAjbilXC. JR. —BUS- MGR.
iSttwdy Cash la A*aa«e)
, SJ-»
.aaad at th( >*Ht OMea at WO
—»— North o'ia oa mmtamc-
•" rf*- Carolina 01 no *
feavjnp 59.18 actomotnles cosuwr by
aSAMtMr. IZSJWIIM dolbrs- Ttte>e
ark r fcarures.
riartß caaaty has purchased lM*
j.m mahfi- -or «K f OT n ' r - l "~ :
fcaofort. Berue.
Halifax a.*> Pi«
ns-r*- cars ia proportion to t «p«la
-iee Hartai. Edpecumbe havin* a
c at for each » C-f ttse coan
bordennp Martir only Washier
i»c ha- fewer cars per
that MarUr. they ownuir aae ear for
tart 35 people
The iairest aomU-r of tar- oimr-i
it the *6 jawordiny to jk petet on t?
s tne htcnvnl sretwe They be n*
t!«e m&t prosperous br ait- • tk**
anwtbrr piair statement that
Tsw fo'iowinc .--r.irfe recentt> ap
ptarad ia t»* Independent of U'-
abe-.r City as zr interview bv
Sasnoer- arith Wm N in «
jrar ok. «-tonfeaer»te .- .Wter.
.Hrrt last -eek. ju--t one week after
t»* interview We prirt '- *•" 1
lory le«4« fw the yoath loday-
Kr Parker? says:
-If | was a yoacx mar, r.owa iay
a «ife. H » » U
Chaoaa «r « jOes Coanti s -here 1
calii lu b* a ira! helpii.; ' urr ,>a *
}.) —« hay «eto hfc »ar««>- P* kjT ' r vl
tot j® !«■ Ml- with the mer.folks, or
' up to Ker elbow in the tub. belpir.*
her Ma Co tne famdy Ttsea I
cave a smart wotuan who'd be a »«»•
Mtebtepi. niah happy arsj-'
rat* the lie the> oaph* to
be raised " *
Tfea> -pi-k' Uilliam X Park,", rt
jear-o!: of Soathera A«e
ear this- crty the other day A mar i
who hens satisfied wtth the saee
wife for 5* year>. ai-! who .loe-r '- 1
track haghly of the arry.nrs oo o#
ti* parser': uay seneratsoe- -a pette»t
epefled ano pamperoi U>t. in k«s opr
»sc. wt» tet kr.ow hoar to work a"* - 1
wfco by vjrtw of r.evor NatiM bees I
ao a*aa«to- «t. wtU hnd it hard to nakr J
the rrade the.r forefather.- "Ode
Mr Pa-krr Ines with b_- Tn year
m ~'e. an acttve woman an. tun
tected. wt»o does her owr. cooktr - a tj
sweeptET The caple can rurcoer,
CS d HI i»ii« T who visit I
tttmt t* uw. |" w!w>ni iff s- j
dihcr S7 parnthiMi*#, and, 3 I
[ml it i irtim — *f
"Wfß. I'm living or borrowed t-me~
Mr Parker. "Ar.d I cii
Ij*ill The old lady and me
both have jrot uut than our three-j
KOI* and ton Taken aiUfr.ur I
weVe We weh eaaayh Wh> j
we never aad a *T>t »■ •" aac
iaj) a few crass words." avows Mr
Parker, to whici. his wife he .rlilj
1 {aeu we've been too la>} to
%M. he coalinacs. 1 reckon aow
adiays M falks had more to do. they'd
pt alac bettor. who ha«« t» I
aaafc to hac ap a tmmUr of cuSltt
a the aay they aba aid go, aes who
tile far thaar fadies, nan whose
fcjghagt amhitiaa is to he a wife to
L-trd all a* her daj& What aa a>«*
, m a VtOt aaare work," insists this
S l>nf c aU *aet* who » still the heed
'tf a family aad happy
' Mr- Paifaer served during the e*
!tm* period «t tbe Civil War where
as- a ahvyaaa he drew a salary of
fl* a wcth for himself aad sl2 far
Ire hone He came oat of the anry
rax- for her had saved
of isu- rapi He walked inUa giw
|fi r -XoTe. piarked down a nolkir bill
and asked the clerk for ten cents
■vru of tobasco.
m - I vuiiiirl firt yoa le® fwts
*Mtk of toaacco for a eirtkwi of
it"", ujileii the cierk And the late
private in the Confederate Arrry
leansen *>•«* he didcl "hare a cent ii*
thr worfd He uklt- settle do-wr, ir
hit*, oh) inoe in Hertford Comity, but
amp to Pas*piotarsk. irJ started
farsassar 1E W went up on the
r-TVAb sertior; to ret some whea:
mi (foa acqaamtetl with his wife t(
he. who n» Mis.- Bnabctf Pritehard
la laree they wer* snarried
-The; were har.i tir.w- ir. the old
isn." «ffltm*> the oti-rrrariii'
I who say* he is oW enou;- n to sleep
by hb-sK. hat ihcsfll We spur
oct *n yarws. wore oar own dotws,
sot one pair of shoes- a year. pw»v
v:r sn ne»l and hominy, and Jived
•oe rice 2nd '!«*.' ! wsk w«re Uan
a.}t®Wf I couid folio-r l!« pk-w
all «taj today ami show y m how to
a! a M «•' P***
-|«.sk» wfll rerer wee anl times
a&aia »r I saw -a>» 2lr. Parke*-j
11* yoaneer generation will neve;
knew what wofk is. The* 'ioe
Uit bowtotake
"S»f7" are ne Uwtrt to."
Sir. I'l'krr twilled the terr b!«
4a>* «f the Civil War whs-e >.e
T , „-_ark*d ««n the 1 march «iar
a» U" la>f hi.- -r la rr
aaia a-krp loa* at the tiw. he tie-'
Ss* »-cr»*"-- ttiier to his wrist Winer (
the Inornr !»•>« he awoke
mil) freaiL- of I'r. John l>. j
lltrr - f r»* t to see him within;* |
I no tar race.
! (■»««> > o*« of slie chief rr--.-or»s i
•fey he withdrew br*au-«- of the
jrwoked watts are aiaaa t foroe*. j
:o :raid m 'ho* Utu-r «iays whea
t »% *mVt-T pohticx.
It oer? was thai tnc= were called j
■» tae h*h of p (
Hy"the cry sap needs of the pe--p:e :
IV. *v K 1 *' u * li * •'
.>■(«» wealth in the ferae o» j
rafl not «nb;nat»"> and the:
•*•- _a |
aandrrd aixi one kifs red spirits that
se ■flaqci) pwwi interests Now sate?
srjee ar*- ijet called hy the epofjf
are famished thi m and if
Ifcf -"uxt of lore for the people
(alts a «u io the rotors, he is smith
*te>« b> the pollUcai flood? mi «|uick
t; tteaS ij e retire* in dis«wt-
A pw« bui r« to t i
If cik «dy be ti*e rxh. unless th»l
(OX ta:. horn, the k-jee to the power>
j that hr Of cwtrs* this is s»«! ard
| omtf the sonir. faaaJjr can stars.! rt
The pe*p> 4>> little thickinc: their
' rrk. TS » kw f »r thaw and
fall i.'JnKtj#fs how io
j T>- ftrta between man and r**ej
(x- nemer emr* Hotly contested than
lit is u»«av We -jo n«t oecejaarfly
mm: oee m Kus.-ia. (iermaK>. nor
*V -t «e arxar those in the p'z r
l -Jtel Male*
ihe 3d««r cirrar. or rather what
j Wis r—ltd the uwoor tmcms, was ore
of ti* r«4 cofnpt>rrms!r jr thincs that
it;- tk to? s . u prteratiML It fair
ly toe Kr:pture **The !jKi
aol The laraii Shall Ijc l>own T' (ti
The rhomhrr of muhr.> was there.
thr rfcarrhe were there, the gaaUen
were there, aat the bed we call
paUm, jart that kiad that rets
jmt aoaney bccnte the w*eel stof»
a! the mcp piare.
The cms ronpany tod a litt!e
■rie and foar dogs, a g*«d ja«rtcr.
aad a owe■ oalher. iar,» the 'games'
A had oar »i i ■aaj ) ly poprlar called
laft* which from gent rrJ appear
Tit people «f the ilia,
hum In. far they an people ahooe «e
j The mtf taaahle heiv that WBliam
-too is an easy Kik, bet nobody can
' sajr asTthbe hit n—r, all aaKthed a
■ u^rtkeT
There reaaaiss only one wrek far
WiUiawtat -to select its Qceer. to
it a: the Eastern Carr'ina
Expsitioa to he held a K lsli* are:
north. Wsth the ciany
damsels that Willizjn.>ton if fa'.crcd
with and i«ot to daost one
w«u! be I.ule l«a» than mjiirr. You
reeaS the toaae last year when W5-
i jam tor. was a:I apset orcr the cc;-
test — 1 feow near Wfllia mtwi'r
Queer, ca-ae wj-jur.* tV Jjcwsad ray.
Vote for yc-er ipta-te-be »r the e«-
ckwl aad isail It u> Ti : En
terprise at ooce. Wgatflaa is soinjr
to scad a Qceen to the Exposition
aad it i> yacr doty u> hel| lame h-r. j
Mr Hiap Soger* of Itear Gras>
sepctt Saturday and Sunday cith
fc'> penrt». K r ano Mr.- J. Ko*rr.-.
Mr. Ira l>a>! *>ent to Wißiamstoa
Mr Ijester Koffr attended rharrh
in W3lam>t«( Satiday ir.srnin?.
Mr i-ji Mr . A. _L Bayaor spent
Sudaj wisl; Mr awi Mrs
John Cherry Bear Krrrrtt.-
Messrs. John Caffipher ar>»i Clllir
Cwßiyher aoUn>l to Greenville aad
Wirt terr .lie Satarday.
Mr asi Mr>. Hiner Chermn spent
j Spr«da> .n Everett* wH* rriatjve?-
I Mr., Kratk Berr.ett werrt tv Wifliam
(it on Sauiiday-
A n%ar * of ;he local people at
tended toe c;rra.- ia WJlillMtMl last
' me>-k
M'. K T- Leppo.F-3 of Kaieij-H. re
|.r»j«c}i'f he Cattoa Growers As
«a!M-r was w. '.err yester-iay h«k
lisp' after hoinet* of h«- AsasoC--
• • o o
Jew T- Pike atte ded
Uhe lirpj". wai co venioa held in
1 Ka!eirh h«« Tar-day
I terrHy iniiTf myself a cardnfat#
for sheriff of Mart u Coa U.\ and so
iKitior the lapimit of the IVmocnric
vcters IR the IV« e-atic pnraiy to
be hehi Jane ?th. IWI
A hwk toms, say> J*Lr. is a piace
arhere the aaan wath the Miucvicd
na'L- to a .inasre!
The recer.s n Kr.*t« it Hotly
waoi has tie aathorities *o
a whittle » Wmi aoi everybody has
TO c» bock to their own bunpalo*.
TV a aaW cf fce »«([ "It's a l-or«r
I Way ta T Ip.eiiri ded reser.tly -t h.s
'i mi m* Cow-try. Er jr'an«i This
aas » e of ti»e Htos". favored
damp the war.
After nen uriKar show, there isj
!always .xl that it will be piit or. in!
j .-t«'?i-e (LV "o*r_
Bcpn say. -irarsaacrs a** rood a'
; talkinp !ecia:e they live awr.y. frorr
I we
j ;
IE I'Snr •wr Fnam-rs v'
i, Merciaats iip-k
Howrs 3i-l? ai 2-S.
Of»e p* li'Wj X» 9 Ers. So. ljS
fT How to Make Money!
y—W wmcn Illustration dcau ibcs luv to nuke
. hrtUtaMi
«J»T»tP Lfd and Costly Wfcite
vmaLx S qa»U pbn, and so
make 1/4 cmlkM of Pore Pamt for $2.82 per^attoc.
•*V ' '
to idKt a Qwec L uffuuit V.'fl
laußstop ia th»E*pue*ti* to he held'
maO to The aaeajrise at an. !
■ By ritvae of the a«ti»or-ty confer- I
reJ in a* by a "Deed of Trust - ex- ]
eca'ei to me bi C K Mohiey ayd G-1
N. Mctdey. on the 3rd day of March j
1821, and dsty wcwiißi i tie kfjnj
ter of Dwfs c&r ia JLrtfa Count;.,
ia book G-2 page IK, to iccat the
payment of a ce*ai bad beai f
' eves date and 'hmV-F «,hnli>hrj >
j cm daie thrmflfl and the rfcpa!a- J
i Uses ia said Dm of Trw tx> bar |
, fcfr beesk cempfieai «i'h, I shall ex- 1
P«&e at poMic ikfxc, for cash, on j
the 15th da. of AprJ 1921, at V. fl
iUjattac, at Cacr. Hwee door 12 o'-
clock Mart e Caaaty the fdkwi-f
at a ca the \V£-
lunutoc a d V. a! a
Liar, cor. er cf Farrr.. thretf
a! on* a fence t** bar to a Poy
lar Tree, the ce a line to
Northern Gate Put or. !b« of »*. J.
jßddiek Creek Fin ihraee'a North -
er'y cour-»e aioar- the W. J. kxfcfcck
i Creek Farm to W Jliuuoa Land !a
--i r> v *eme«t Ce'i- lire. ' ■« a ftia fht
iT.e ana iJorr a:" W 1 iiwfca
Irp. Co's. liae to a Poplar in ra of
Sprioj ISranr* thenar a Soath-T'tt
course up aait ma*. of ia»«i bra»Ci to
r«a>t, the ee a!. !b *asd E«aii to
'be brtnaaur. coesta One-Eaa
>ire»; (i'Dt arre-- j:*-r* or Se-i. Btt-g
it * >!|ianitic Towrafcjp an . kr.own
as Tut W. |.. Fa;sn_~*
H II grtßßSk Trustee
Thl> Vi-u litis.
3 ?
Under ard U t.iut of the p> w
of dale co taine»i in a ceitiir. cf
inut rurre: to the v: -iertif -*d
rostee hy He" r Ca- a»i • fe. |
»X e.i«ce Car-*- * It* 2T»fc «ky of
Jz i. 193 0 «Mk *aud dred «' tm.-" i«
lif r*rord ■ tie publ« irgrtir. of
Mar* in Coaat) e Book A-2 at | v
43 1 . -and deed of Iras? 'urirjr been
j»»Te« to same nertaiti ote.- of r-.ra
fate and tew r tts*"r*-*Uli ar>i defrr.i
having lee- istaiae it tfcr pavm> t of
he ntfehtedEes* woaiM b; the asd
ke-l of trust *n»t ».*e ibtw:. toa
tri *d in Use saod «jeed of 'lust net teen with aad a
trse request of P* bolder of the aid
notes, Ue wh'ei.-Ktcned U -u.*ee *0 or
Uoraiay the ".ttt day of Apri 1>25
at 12 oVock M- 13 frwj of the ecurt
hotkse tMor u> the ton of WillM-as
ton North Careitaa offer for sale to
(be nrhft b»duer for cm*h «b Ulltm
mi. J»rr.lo) teoui estate, to-wrt:
Fi.>t tract «*. the Ncrtl*
by Itrtl Je «> Imw Henry Ciiior
land*; on the Ea-t |r.- Ned lee. «
he S.; uttb b» VeJ !jw. « the
be 4 fcy Vi':Lia WiZUam* l-r>i. con-
*{"« anes mre o. and
beir.jr the -anae and «here !br saJd
i "ar>«)ti ro» !im.
Smv«i trad: R«:4(d Sj U"r j
Smithwwk. Hrrr K afrit*.. ! ear. j
Carsoai l.uir WiOuai wtas I
in? 3# acre- janfjSy .ame br.' |
huarkt front 1 (1 Kef. r t-1
Mart.n Courty ite*i»tr. f r a tetter I
S—>i tvw IncU of Uiid br eg iw
from i 111 Mil ■i wi fvfW ffUMO •tsf
J C. Uxbni.
T>tt» the I*h da? of Hatch,.l*4.
| every meal
■»»ctlt« •■«
■ t-y * us
It wakes »••»
W. J. HUNTER, Trustee
Martin and Pted, AttyV 3-18-dt.
I Urxkr aid bjr virtue of the power'
cf ak tavajted in m certain deed]
cf tract ezecateu to the undersigned j
trustee by Kherier Hassei! ad wife.
EaatHatsd! « the 9«h day of July
IMB which Mid deed of bat is of
leant in the public registry of Mar
:ia County ia Book N-2 at p*ge 309.
said deed of trust hanng been giret
for the of seruriag certairr
notes of even date ata tenor there
with. and the ebpabtMßs contained
m the said deed af tHMt not haring
been con plied with and default faring
beer made in the payment of the ia
' j ' *
• i - —■£
Make Delivery Certain!
TWTTH the entire factory output of Ford Can
" being absorbed as rapidly as the cars can
be produced, it is certain that plant capacity
will be greatly over-sold when spring buying
reaches it highest point.
i\ We advise that you place your order at once,
taking advantage oi yoUr dealers first oppor
tunity to make delivery. i
Detroit, Michigan ,
II you do not wish to pay cash for your car, coa
venient installment tenia can he arrange*!. Or you
can enroll under the Ford Weekly Purchase Plan.
• *»C » «
iarrißott iiroß.
t iaiii (Lumpauij I
Special Showing
For Easter
We are making special showings in Hats, Suits, Coats, Ox
foi-d Hosiery, Di-esses. Sweatei-s, Silk and Piece Goods of all the
new styles and colors.
It will pay you to make us a visit before you make your se
lection for Easter.
Our assortment is the largest that we have ever shown and 
you will sure be suprised when you see the quality of goods c
I and the low prices we are asking for them.
j * „ H' J ' '
Come to see us and let us show you the 'argest assortment
you have seen this spring. ,
! l- - " * . %
-■'*. ■ " * 11
. i. • ■' "■ ■ "*•* ■ "j S
Harrison Bros. & Cb
% \
• *
i i ..II ■ i i L_
idebtedoess thereby smutd aad at the
icqaest of the holder of the said
notes the undersigned trustee ariD on
Wednesday the 23rd day of April,
• 1324 at -12 eVlrsk SL ia front of the
jcoarthsase door ia the town of WO
- North Carolina offer for
' -ale to the highest bidder for cash the
| following described real estate, to-wit:
(Begicni z at a post oa Broad Street
art. Bench"? Sine, rannirg along
, BoaeVs line ia 2 Soctherr!, direction
[ IST fee* to a ft oh. thence in aa East
ercly directioo Ait feet to Faulk's line,
tfce ce »i«»y Faulk's hse 134 feet to
Broad Street, thence aJnir Erear!
Street -SO fe*t to the begirrung. beirg
the s*«n lot number 2 i~ the Crawford
lot land drrifion and deeded to Emrna
fteacnkrJ G.
Him the 10th *7 rf Man*, 192 C
R G HARRISON*. Truflfe-
Hxrtiß and Bed Attanqn.
•' ;r 3-11-tt-
MMJlto TABLEIB far iwrl
mmedmi iitwj faaJhf far Ifa,
whtd tiily —did— faMhytMil

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