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    ADfransos will find our
Speaks Before the C»-
rent Topics Club ot
. That Place
After Jiiwiaft attention to the
nrj M|wtirt contribution which
—g--~ ill—i like the Current Topics i
CI oh an — w -~r to the civic better- j
stent of their i »inmiitir and the J
State in imial. print organixa-1
tins a large part of the ctedit for
the wonderful development which has
taken pan ia North Carolina in re
cent jean, Mr. McLean proceeded to
(favws his main j-tbject, Thf Execu- '
the Badpt in it* Relationship to j
ECMIHIT ia Government**. j
He referred to the tremendous in-,
vestment which the State now has in |
its public boihmr- and other plant
facilities, it* various department.-, in-1
till ti—i- both educational and
tin on i ran la this connection he i
,rncrl the fact that dunr.g the.
last kalf cectary even" g«*t private j
industry has undergone a complete
transformation in methods of oper- j
Management, that as civilisa
tioa has became mere complex the fa
cilities and methods for transactinp
private business- have changed to meet
the increased demands made upon it
from time to time, that the busine.-
of government has grown in complex
ity aai ia the number of activities
with which it has to deal; that there
has been a fad are to apply to the bus: J
ness of government new 4hd moderr.'
nitfir-'- which are just as necessary |
ia government as in private enterprise!
Continnmr to di«*mss this phrse of
the subject he said: "In time* past
the people have been inclined to give
.. attention to more busine -lik
anthsili of conducting government,
because WW—i were SITU.II awl were ;
iarrel) dan***! from indirect scurces
At the peeoeat time. Iwaerer, taxes,
f, j, n| stale aad local, become
M haaij dnt they have become di
rectly related to all the economic
one>tiaws of the day
-An the wdV |ui»«awt is there
j | i x mtr n : ~
partem! factor h onr economic life
w ll e bi i umiar interested in devis
ing plans whereby such cost may he
wrtueed to the minimum, without
however, mterfenng with those whole
mm t functions of government which
are so necessary to the continue.) pro
giess ar-1 wellbetrjr of the people
-It is evident that government j
everywhere mast take on new fur.c j
tions and encage in every-aideninr
activities m order to meet the de^
.w for a constantly iarieaeiiig de
gree of lervice to the people
•7W great industrial age in which ■
we live with its new methods of trans
portation an dfor the transmission o".
intelligence has senooeed new and vast
I, Han complex hardens upon rovern-1
Mtnt With the utilization of steam
and elect r*r p—er. the telephone and
the radio, the man who would Inrc
the life of aa icdividaalist avoidinr
fUtnialiM it the affairs of society
as represented ia government is doom
ed to disappointment and pradual de
a. To meet these new obligations
J N | --J the State. Democratic
mug^wcWt. if it ia to sarvive or main
n, -- as the best form of
government. Md show a constantly
uaiinr aWUty to meet the test im
posed npan it. by providing a system
ahiii bj government can be econom
ically. honestly and wisely administer
cd. If it dsn not meet this supreme
test, it canust finally survive because
no farm of goveraiwent can endure un
i| serves successfully and efll
eiently the material, social and *pirit
"*-Kiper«*e has demonstrated that
private hasiae** saceese is largely
pemdeat apan the application of cer-
Urn wefl-kaowa rales of thrift and
economy. If we will learn to
* apnty the rales to the business
jf 11 umial as ia private busine*
i -After al. the teal purpose should
psadace a am imam of mice at the
laveat cast csrapatiUe with sound
policy Darfav the world war and
there dtitlipil a tendency on
the part af hath adiiiihih and gov
tllM[ - (the Federal government
|Mliial«iTTl to disregard these simple
 saay. As a mitt the cost of
11 aai a tea been constantly in
HiOTT The time has came to arrest
this lihhaij to the ead that taxes
moat I > 1 ' ii in the
amy a* total reform which can be
gpn —eat, ia the aillillw a# what
fs aauaßy termed the Executive Bud
gee System.
-We haw had m North Carolina
* far several year* a State Budget Cem-
which has already luemplist
" _ % - ' .. *
I *
Defeats Jamesville and
Farm life High
One of the interesting hai>oemn*>
among the state high >rhool> durinv..
last month was the triangular debates
held in most of the state high schools.
in our county James-rule. Farm Life
and Oak City high schools contested. I
The query. "Resolved that the In-1
ter Allied Debts should be Cancelled" I
was a rather hard problem and or?
that required roach research and steuy'
At Jamesville. their home tean- de
fended the affirmative. Misses Ruth
Modlin and Opal Brovtn mere the
speakers, they were nset by the Oak
City negative* Misses Hazel Pilars
ami Sarah Long Johnson were the
The debater* did hoaor not only te
themselves At to their trainers, both
teams being pretty evenly matched
and rridnemg a knowleu, e
of the subject. The Oak City debater
won by only a few points Oak Citv
also won over Farm Life at (kk
City which was also hotly contested
by the Farm Life boys, who had en
tered the contest only a week before
the debate, not giving them sufficient
time to get as much data as was
necessary. ,
In this contest the final outcome
was Jamesville 104 one won one.
Farm Life lost.
Oak City teams won which entitles th
to enter the final contest at Chapel
Hill. Two thirds of all the teams of
the state lost and one-third of them
go in the final contest-
Robersonvflle lebated with Bethel
and Spring Hope wining: over Sj-rir..-
Ilope but losing to Bethel
High Schools cannot well affonl to
neglect such an important bra>h  f
training as public speaking.
I »
ed much good.
**l am strongly in favor of a modei .
l'i dget System, because I klitw it
ißttOi|[Cßt gturfy iml
the State.
"1 Relieve the present Budget Com
mission Act should be so amended a>
tn rnt t!ie Budget Commission eu
lcrge*l am: ir«.re effective supervision.
cttLtii.( iii effect a supervising ie
part »m.*,:t of finance, functioning not
only «l.n the LrgL-lature is in ses
:i- '■ tot in the interim between thr
-est :oii> of the LegbJatue. It >houl
l ie 'onverted into is usually term
is. an Kvecutive £udgrt, a»l th.
Governor, who is, under the present
iu- ifco chairman of the Com
mV .on. should be given the power.
>i !•» responsible chief executive of
tie State, to direct the affairs of U*c
COM oUsion and to intitiate the Bud
ge*. 1 see no objection to the present
(■ls.l whereby the chairman of 'the
Committee* on Finance ami Appropri
ation* of the Senate ami House of
Representatives art aut»i!ui>l to art
a-' members of the Commission. Tn Commission should meet pernio
ir..''j anu at any time upon the call
of thr Governor
"The Budget Commission, function
ing as a permanent supervising de
partment of finance, should iac author
(i) To supervise the forms of ac
counts, financial reports and stale
menU of the several departments;
(b) To supervise and examine the
accounts of receipts and expenditures;
(O To investigate as to dsplicatioa of
work, e-ifficienrj in the organizat.xi
and adminutratioa o# th. department
ami to formulate ami recommend piaa
j for eliminating deftrts ami for the
better coordination of the work ol
the various departments;
I (d) To prepare and submit to the
General Assembly biennially, thirty
I days preceding the cdneainr of ear*
[session, a State Budget.
**ln the preparation of the State
Budget, tha Budget Ci—iina
should be authorised to review ami re
| vise the departasental estimates of
the variaus departments aM institu
lions, bath as to proposed evpendi
tares and anticipated revenues, ami
also to require a general balance sheel
of the State's assets and liability's
together with aay and all other mfor
■nation which may be of value to thi
Legislature ia making its appeupri
(e) To prepare and suhurftfor ac
tion by the Legislature, pnpa w
ing the 111111 latin of the Bod
get Commission, after hning grvei
fail consideration to the report am
innimww udslian of the State Depart
meat of Revenue, ia reipirt Ihi ills
(f( Ta ace that the State lives with
peaditare* are eliwinsted. and tha
the various departments are aa co
(Ciliimil «n Buck Flage) -
. m t -'
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, April 1, 1924.
. Mii» laak MS Krprml * iUiamston
At EIIMIM Ta Br He la j
I - I
The vo»;--K in She brant) cor.t-" : j
j for a qown i« it.vsnt WCliar-: t- r!
at the Eastern Ca-'iia Expos./a n I
' finally clmriiu . ic the ejection f
| Miss Ljrib Cooke. Mi» Cook? re- ;
j reived the largest number of votes
cut which iraounlf.! to $99. ML-?
[Carrie Del! White followed dose
j with a vote of WS. making a differ- '
e re of I'M vote- for the two leading ■
JL' LV. Cooke's managers were un-'
-isuaily active .icrinf the can-paiirr.,
ami so were Miss White - oil until r
[the last minute when the !ea«ler was!
[ called away and when the votine j
i -■achirp its- heigh: in interest- The |
suppirtt** of Ms- Benjamin enter-1
ed her name to late to receive the;
first part of the votes cast, but nutate j
a -pJerw: -k.» ui* in the last.
Trie cif. »-it M wil' begin April 7th l
an«i la-t until April 12th. Qwp'i
•Lay will be Thursday, April 10. Th--'
votes will be cast on that ilate but
Ih? nr oft wiD th l be known unti! •
Friday as it requires conitlerable'
time to count the votes.
The vote s cast in all are as fol-!
lows with the names of the contes- '
Miss I via Cooke . r >9S'
Miss Carrie Dell White . 46." |
Miss K-t er Harrison ?1S
Miss Kstelle Crawford 22S
Miss Gladys Benjamin 31?
Orcaaiulna Perfected al Gmatille
last Tori da) To He hnoan
a* Oi\w Shall Ship
On Tae-iay of last week, there
nret in the city of «rrenville represen
tatives of the erml Fair Asoeia
tions from Tarboro. Greenville. Kock)
Mount H'ilaoa and Wdliamston for
the pwpa of organizing a npr race
1 ftl Ihii ■n.lm, I r IHnl.a if Vyi!
! Intutia was elected prrsiM and W.
&. Moye of Rocky Mount, secretary
Nutkirr .iehnite as to future pla:
were done at this iCMMo of these re-
II • Mitatives, but all plans will be
worked out by a special committee ar.«'
a report of same will be -übmitte«t
at some future meetmr the date of
I wt ith has not yet been designated.
Tib rrmouttee has been empower
ed to nib' oat a complete urogram
for the racing at all the fairs >n the
cirru.t. arl many inconvenience- here
tofore pr» ented wdl be done away
On Friday nifli!. Rev. K f». lK»ld,
Z. H. Rose and the editor
of The K-.terpri*e were to
Jamesville aad Professor Roe. em
claimed "what was tte'.** the
object being w 'iL» *. - •
course, the editor tail the wo ' nat
ural thing. a black cat, but Proftnw
Kate and Rev Dodd both bavin* seen
the object said "no, it wa» many liw->
larger than a cat" ami «ieacnbed it
as a "perfect bear".
It must have been a bear, at the
swamps which are fre*j_rntel by the
animals are only a few miles from this
(.'■fortunately the editor did not
Mt t the idijwl If Ipjwl be rouM
| have u>'d itHbitdy that R was a bear.
The marriage licences
were by the Register of Deed*
of Martie coaaty for the rtonth of
Leigfcton Neli— ®S—Daisy Cannon
1H; Y.dlam Oscar Donald of Gofney.
S. C.—Mattie Moore 2tt; Robert L
Grimes 24—Maggie Bell Tbomas 9),
Albert S Edmoodson M—Vera Milk
William llttmaa 21— Ethel Staton
21; L-K-, Saunders 21— Bettie Modi
cae 1*; Oscar Bigg' 9—Bessie Lee
U; Edward & IVel 2£— F. V. Clem
mnm 19; BraitM Ballard of Bertie
capMty, 9—Lrla HOI. of Bertie cncn
ty, 'S; George Choice 31-Linic
Cherry Ji; Julias Janes 19— Carrie
CM— 19; Jesse Cherry 18— Emma
■arafcß IS; Floyd Htpkma. of Mec-
Hmkui. coaaty. 22 —Annie Lee
Daacy B>, Walter Fisher 22 FWie
U» OfMMmtM IS; George Wash. Cor
ham 24—Alice Gaynor 2L
•_ tows Eva lituit an* I 11-ielV
CJtraa of Fan* Life Scho-J v ere
ikoppni bere yesterday.
Mr. late Uky and Mm EMM
Lißey were visitor bere this afternoon
'• ( * a
The Two Strangers
Make Their Escape
Sheriff iobrrtM with his corps of
.'.fpotis TL-iud Pf plar Point township
Xumia;. ifUmooa and came upon a that hxi jmsX bees fcml up.
The sheriff bxamr jrwure of liquor smokr fames, so he promfl tc
make investigations of tne r.wst per-
W:I! kind. He noon came UJKMI the
still which was in the care of two
straagers, who were on the look out.
thus makirtg their escape without bc
in; birntifitd.
When the officers reached the spot
»S»re 'he still was ltendinr they
found a very complete ou;fit: a copper
still with a capacity o' one humtre*'
eight barrels of beer, all of
which wa.; ccptnr**!. The k»ttle hsil
jutt teen lirid up, and a rK «i fire was |
rcirir* under it-
T'rte oafit was locale." a iew hur.-
■irnl yards from the William-"on-!
Hamilton road near the Spc ; ;-t.{ farm
sn«l thought to be the Al-bn«k farm j
The sheriff states that it was one
of the most stationary and' comjdete
outfits that be ha- capture.) since he
iiiK in oHice.
First grade. A: Cscar Anderson.l
Hubert Cherry, K>-»er CnUher. Wil- j
I tarn (lark. Atwood Cur-stiu., Shelbor.
Hall. Wheeler Mzrtin. Jack Mantling/
Ka>. Ilanly Hose. K«»-j.
Scruggs. Herbert Whitley. Kranci
l ee!. Jateephicie Anderson. Dons C. Nell Ham-on. Kat!>* rine liar
rispn. Biliie Pupe. Dorris Teel.
First trade. B: Vernon ««lwiii, G. !
l.»-e Roberson. Iter. lit -rtson,
Alreita Weaver. Annie Wyan, Itulh
Kir»t rrad*-. C: Roger Cfitrher. Wil- !
liunt Clark. Atm 4 Caaganu. . Shel '
b>Jd. JAn Bane. |
Herbert 1 alley. Francis Pee). 1 V-lbert i
Stab. Bdl»e Pope.
Secawl rntde 2 B. B: Janrc T. Barn
hdl. Mattie Gurganus, l.ucille Rantey. j
Sceond cra>w 18. C: James Turner |
Bani!:3l, Jen* Gurgaaus. Kuzrlia Mr
Keel. Clarence McKeel
Seeon.l grade. A: Myrtle Woolanl i
Brown. Sarah Freeman Cone, Grave |
Bamhill. Julia I hantel Marjore
Hu>rr. Jennie S. Moore. Mil«lrr-I Peel,
Jennie G. Taylor, Billie l.iverman,
Jame- 8001. Bdlie Watt.-. IV'.e lou
den. Jr.
I.oui -e Oerry. Nettie F -Meador. Keha
Teel. John H. Gurranos, John  IK' H V
llenry I). Harrison. * "lay on McKeel,
linnet Whitley. Sallie L*e Brewer.
Shool grade. C- Pete Eov.-«len. Jr..
lUrtc Nelson. Benjamin Hopkins.
V.Mred IVele. Henry D. Harrison,
Sarah Freeman Cone. Clayton McKeel.
Myrtle W. Brown. Grace Bamhill.
Mary Gurpanus. Marjerie Moore,
Jennie S. Moore. Nettie F. Mea«lor.
Thirl fr»V. A: Wheeler Martin
Manning. Ernest Harrison. Reginald
Thirl rrade, B: K-ith Wanl. Jim
Rhode.. Jr . Franklin Jones. Leslie Robert Co***. Mary Graily
Gurlun. Oraldine Peed
Ruth Ward. Genera Jenkins. Eva
Harrison. Marvin Ruber son. Wheeler
Martin Manning. George Harrison,
Ernest HarbU. Gordon Brewer. Wil
Ham Bowen.
Fourth grade. A: Edith Lane Peele,
Albert I-eslie (laA. Charles Kon>l
Fourth grade. B: Charles Elemine.
Rena Forest Joyner. Jasper Bennett,
Eliza Hoard. Lina Mtzelle, Susie Mae
Bandkdl. Uton Bennett.. Ruby Wanl.
William Cherry. Charles Manning,
Sheltoa Daniel
Fourth grade. .C; Smie Man Barn
hill. Hazel Brawn. Annie Mae Gur
ganus, GMT • Moore,
Fannie Ray. Lillian Ruth Robersor.
Albert Lnlit dark. Charles Fleminr.
Joseph Godard. Charles Manning. t>
D. Stalls. Gamer Taylor.
Filth grade. B: Joseph;:*? Hvn-m,
Buck Saunders, Melville Wyni-e. Ma r>
Alice Dunning. Gladys Gurpanus.
Filth 'made. Ct Gladys Gurganus.
Mary Alice Daanin?. Melville Wynne,
Elsie Andrews, Dorothy Modlin. Mil
dred Bamhill, Mollie Daveftport. Ruby
Gargaans. OUie Marie Roberson.
Johnnie Frances Edmood-. r, Jniia
Ward. Dora Mae StaMs. Mack Simp
■ML *
Sixth grade. A: Elbert Moore, Edwin
Sixth gvnde. fir Margaret Rodger
son. Clund B (lark Jr.. Virginia
Harrison. Mary CarAufhtn, William
Jame*. Jr„ Tbelma Cook. Annie May
WWnte. Hihble Loermaa, A. i. Man
• Sixth (fade. C: Catherine Hardison,
A. J. Mb— mg. Mary Carstarphen,
Grace Whitley . Annie May Williams.
... .. » - . f
School Cbia* Ihr First li(mr) So- 1
ntl; ia Ihr Malr Named for I
•he >r\l
!n the ww n: or,'iPJi- ' ahi o." their '
literary sorictir- the piri. of the (
Jame>ville school the nai.-ie of.!
o"Henry while the b»\ - «.f the school .
came nearer &.«* anJ of a more ,
moieni ■!:> an 1 -lEwd their the A. ' ,
W. Mlleii I £i« Society.
Th*> Sup?n.".!. v -."ii™i of the James- j ,
ville school. P .'cs* H 1 Klen. ,
claims :he fir : »l work "ione byj.
A. W. MrLoat »wa he left the farm
anii !i»k ap !a* for him" since i |
which time they
an.l cloe t***itb r>. ijvl his rejnfiM (
for Mr. a- a vortV.v It-aiiin? I,
citizen has cau ■■-* ".-io-e ywnc iwi J.
to honor hi* rsrw in tfr>e ; r s.ciet\, j
This a?a;n fro-. the scripture. *'A | ,
Ko.ol name is rattier b is t
than irreat nrt»
TICKS S !'K\ r
la IMia'' uf S3J iUmi Juliimui Ikhs.
To Jad To Iwait the Ke
caliirr - ( m; ("all Today
One of i»«c blind lin
ers was Salenla) «.»--i tliief 
of Polk* J O- Maru T-r founi the '
-lea of Hob v rf j wr.
Johnso. i xu|fht t« S amiV i
whiskey fca: !iV -ther iaexoer. wnl '
IkjUor liefer- If close to j
his ijiiait-*w ls"4 Jie *eflin« of the
rum bmr.u' ohl to hsn. Tlie reaping .
.'ay cante art: *j a result tie w^:-;
taught vilKt.l defense
Both Johnson Mhi h»* Inju-r were i
raptured aixl I ft* U. 4 reports ciwn |
out b» aethor.S«e.» were to the effect ,
that Robert ar»d his ls(Wr were sleep
in»  juicily :n jail with only a eel' (
wall intervener
J« 'iftson r-EiU' rot raise the nece- I
>iT) iJO•> bed for his appear ,
one* at rrc.rf"'-*r- court ami i> row in
Varcefcoro Boy Fatally
111 As Result of
Drinking Wh'skv
New Bert*. March 27.—A* a result
of tirinkin? a >|Uitil« of whisk v
which they f'ur«> in their father's
ham. two white boys, ace J I and seven
year*, were poisoicd .the former fut
ility, at their home !-riots! Yancehorn
near the PlltCravt n county line, ac
cordin - to a ri port broueht here by a
Yanceboro pKiic-aa
The boy-" father, a man ramwl Hal
tier, fourth the fair ill ami
after discovering that they h-i drunl:
the whi-ky i«nsi«rlia!rl> calh'l l»r j
I'otts He in removing the I
titfuor from their stomachs »f«l for a |
time it appeared that both woul.l re- |
rover A few minutes Jater. Iwwever. J
the rl.ler tafrifl heart failure ami j
•lied. It is thought the other rhiH will
The thouehlfv'rar*l the l vinp #
sympathy of frat»K r\prrs-«-l by J
both mil ar»f deed. in ou; r c*iil >
herea tntert ha- ia xM our hearts :
most •ierptj aret m« wish to thus
publicly eapr» - - our thank- ami ap
The members of the Philathea r!*.,.-
of tie Baptist church will meet with
Mrs. P. B Cow on Church -treet '
next Friday rrnitr at eiijht oYlock.
All member* are urred to hr pre*- j
ent. ~t
MRS J A IJ3GOETT. Sec'y. j
llml Baiter '"lark Jr . Homer llarn- '
hill. Alto* IHanMts, Carlton Livermar.,
William Roeteark, Paul Simpson
Seventh irra»4e. B: Robert !trown.
Hazel RXnaMMb. William Gurramu,
Eurenia Hoy*. Ruth IW, Daisy Whif
lejr. France-- Hilum
"Seventh C: R«4erl Brown,
William Garrain, Hazel Edmordson,
Pat tie Wjaa
BgUk rra-ie. C Mariam Courtney,
Susie James. Carmella Jones, Martha
Ur'rtt, Eli Bam Hill. Thama* Craw
fonl, Jes*up Hei.r, Man
Hin". Charles- Peele
Ninth r»lr. B: Cecil Taylor.
Ninth p»h, C: Evrlvn Harri-on.
T*nth yrwte. C- Benj Courtney, Wm
Harmon. Rob* Manning. Pattie Ivil
mtiml m. France* Ho>t, Margaret
Manninr. Lava Orieans
K lev ent b grade. A: Bryant Carstar
****" a. ' . I
Eleventh mad*, B yilliam Hodges,
Velma Harram.
Eleventh crarfe. C: Bryant Carstar
phen. .William 11*4re-. Pat Harrin.
Carrie Lee Pule. Sadie Perry - . Velma
Harmon. M*rt Wynne.
MM* Martha Anderson left this
for Crunibiro Colle«re where
she wfl complete her four year course
, • ■ -i, - • ,
' >* ./ *; ,
111 for Several Weeks:
Er.d was Expected
By Physicians
Mr. Joseph l_ Robnson cunt iht- J
momiiit: just a.- tre ™>rni-g li«t
was breaking
Mr. Uoberson Ka>i twrr. -ick lot ,
several week- .a*ul it *v kr.o«r lha
the thread of life was nearly brok': .
and the erui was expected.
He was the son of the late LI j
KobersoW an.) wif". Fai.trfe Cwiir j
lloberson. He fell -hort of th* a!in j
ed space of lif* TO year- but one week i
ami He nail the K>w tha' '
he mif;hl live just tl»«- or* week
Mr. Koher.-nn nurr.M Miss Sa>ar j
E, Ellison 10 - •
inurrian-* were born eitfcieer chil
iirer.. sever. ii;in; j: »ne dy
| ine at the aire of etc" leer, ar 1 ter
'of them with their mother now sur
vive: William E. of William-tun: J
iH. of Ahyskie; Eli I! of ljcwisport.
Ky ; t'harle- A. .»f Portsmouth. Va-
Roland II of Su f ' IV. \ a_: atel Kit*
huj'h of Norfolk. Va; Miss Kmma of
t ir«*envil!e: Mrs. W II Ituvk't of
I Washinuton. I» I' : and Miss Mir.nie
1 Roberson. now a student in the >1 C
| T. S. of Gre-nvilte. N. I".
Mr Uoberson ha been a member of
• the Methodist churrh 36 yrjr> It
u.>uM (»• har>! to firsd a p»r-«-»j [»*•
e-«insr a m«>r* nm temper tHan
Jose|»h 1.. Roberson l»l at the Tinw
of his death He wa- unusuallv >|uiet
! and was never on any occasion n|>
j pres.-ive to kb'felmnmi. al*.i> - liv
ing at peace with tWm
The funeral will be Hel.l t.roorn«
; aft *rr?o«>n at '2 o'clock Interment
will tak« place in the Hapti-t rrnw
. t-ry an.l Rev K l» lto>U. (a-t-r of
(the deceased, will
I this mrlhwi of atnunonr
myself P. candNlate before the Primary
to be held ill Jure 7th. 1934. ' " tl»»-
nomination for lb-- office of Sheriff of
Martin County, and 1 uesitv to sin
cerely thank the pr»plr for their most
loyal support in the pa : and to as
sure tiiem if I am rHrtiima'.ol and
elected that I will pivr their
i;o««l clean service.
| The alarm pbc rse.l in from»the l!an
| hill garage this mominr at»e
'  li>rk caused the volunteer fire oia
j |»aiiy to take a r-*le for nwrue
! Tlie tire wa» rx.l mu t., ju-t the
I small holM where Mr HamitJl te
: to wash cars ar .1 Fonts. l.«ok fire i.-at
j was .-o.>n un-ler control a»! evtin
' i^lithcd.
J liefore reathn.r the Atlantic
j corner I»t. Cone aiH'l She track tlr.Wi
| but his waiing wat ive. little hee«i.,
for tlio air was tou fi?«e to let a *oo>!
brteiy ride >»•» to waste Ti» trwk
wi'.h its |u-rnr't- t»ade it- way
out Washington -treet tun.*d an ar
tistic corner at the fillii ir «tatsoi« awf
drove up to th«* hark «h»r o' tie
: arage, thar tnl Mr Itarr.hi'l f«*
l havinir the fire extittgwi i-ol ai.'l Jhet.
prricffHcil pr»ully back rt> It
;**»» fity H.II „ -
| If some of our road cit!*en- w«u! t
even the funny paper they wo aid
j profit by it. Tom lawyer ajxl lluck
| Finn pct.-sed the- pocket book ja. t b- -
cause it wa- tt«e day t-f April,
atul the citizens we ate JUlk.n- ab>u|
4mkl lined up ami down the street
some of tbem members of the vol on
teerteer fire company, too Iwkinii or
and listening to the charms of the I*ll
just because it «a> th- trd of
April. We be? a fellov coul i have -.jane
in the streets and yelle«l "look at the
baloon" arel pointed upward atxl ever)
one would have cast an innocent raze
toward tlie heateua- When it cuo>e t"
fire> and pocket.- book* ca»t the adea
. of April the first away.
I When a man land- ami look- at
hi» home- or bibißM 'karn and thuik
of the savings and hani-hip eadar
ed in order that lie might have the
, home or the kuiacs.-, a far different
thought will enhance hi* mind
strand Theatre tonicht
j Rupert of Henlazau. S.r Anthony
. ' Hope's celebrated reanarr. is on at
the St rami Theatre teniht- It **
i jwlred to be anor.( the kc4 produc
tions of recent month*
For the benefit of those who an
J unable to attend tonight Mr. Watt*
> b showing the pact ore again tinw«
> night- It k a good treat for the local
theatre gam. ..
■ • . if* ' ' » •
Convened Today for lsi
Time in I'ast Three
T V R«ii»w»ri c.i-r: ;»iay cor
i for the Sr.-x tn* in three
• Th- o»urt to have outgrown
*: » 'f ar«J Ci.4 i. cl seuriral of the «l>l
:..i* »- of tH- Superior court-
TWrt fri-rt -everal Cities op the
pocket, usionr them «a_- the case of
•Sla* - sS Stokes, a eol
ornl woman. who hetaw «irap>l
whet: her '«■> via- » hipped at school
pr*xee»!e»i to the - hool ground*
."!•! 'n;B!n> for Ml-- ;ra\. the to!-
or»*' *choo» twhtr * m> had pu:.i-hed
the *>«> W ■ . tf t«acher put in her
-p|- jr.r rr- "■ Stoke- woman pro
(*Weil to »-TiJiU?r a beat-/
in«" en *r. o-innr ap h»r -face,
either wit - " er hard fi.-t or a ring.
T ' T-:t —_! feel ..K arione the
©red p"---eemed t» 1 e vej\ much
witli tl,-» tetchier. The .lefciwianl plead
—Jtlty a tvt «-"ai!ue«! ju.-tifirat'o»i on the
er.iu--i thai her diifc! t ,i! bei-n im-
anon ur "w-sanlv
TV- r jurt imp>w-.i a t'ne of J25.110
and the o' the action. an.l re
• :* to ?;rr t.-h !*>?•! ii the -am of
$!»»! ,»i f..r h»r ..|*pear.uv Iwforo tV
.Nnr» in Jurie t« -how nml behavior
a"sl tkit >e Si.- mibifwi her boy to
e«* t«» !hd
Ar.>nr the other ca-e> »ew:
Sc-te v- Will Hi mar ard Wheeler,
Mivir*. affray. Kach defendant p'ea«i
itoiltv -;-. 1 wer» W JlV«t each and
»!» half of the f"-t-
Sta'e ». V :ll l'i'r»*i ■. resi.»tmc an
officer llpfrr.lai t miilt> Ptayer
for j-j-'juer* continued to Anril 15,
ui*!-r '*• I»nI
ITo he continnued in our next i--ue. t
COURT DOCKET I'a.v-ei' f|in(l> s lir-t
.•.--kef !(• hi> >'.jrt for ls>t week
I The following f»v came up la-fore
[hitr -lur.r.r the p»-t no t
I Jarrne Y»is;e:. drui;k ami di-onier
l> iu.':y a>i line; J2W and the
I -irr> !i>oriierly comluct.
Fif-'nl m-lty ar-l fired f*t.«o and the
cw t.
J II E-lwanU affray. lned SIOO
aii«l e*--t
•%4tra«r.. affray,
ata-l co-t
Ida Si'.ot, -'runk !»l disorder!y.
*"ril! r.ivt fi:.- flirt ard co-t.
Leonard WKitlev. dru-k anil ili>-
or»irrl> l">i«i-l purity aid fi:;:*d $1 0"
>n>! ro-t
W3I hnfiitery, drunk anal disor
der!) railtv atx: fined 5-Tl't
ar«! the o-:
K«l»n 1..r > M.r. Jr.. ; tailintr. pr«.!i
aMe eau-e *»l Plac*~i under S2O".
b»-rd for - Iwfore Heconlers
Unique Honor for
Town of Oak City
The Oak ("it > iWatn.? teams due
to thfir -tumble victorv ;n the State
Triaririilar «ietaate at Iji m Life and
Jaew»ville Frtda? ni*rM ' will Jto to
Chapel HiS !*h and 11th an-1 debate ,e
f«-r Staf«- hnr.»r-.
TSi ir,ln a ur:H:ue honor ">r
the liljjc, whicli L- in size v«7
-anil V\ our own town a 1
cit) of mhirlt we l«oa-t, failed to put
tort'h auj cfort ti;: rrer in .h"'»
1 tate os c«Hui.t> i .—e-t. As to w* »>
t'.c Mftifrnn or .-r'-ff -enee tat •■e
attnUtnl »• we r?i't by >firi" f>
fau: the pe-**le a*. i> •tv h*tr for* c
the cotiriu-ii *>. «•>* tr*.' !t •« ci
rumrea- or rot tht.t 1 eve jj author
rty are re-j-a-i-fc- ji r i]he fi'iittwa.
To Ikuu t«- 3 . are it;ii«ie«l iu '.e
of the u-jen ; r«l car ituniiV /'
ieetn.- It- U- i niVtt!.* «';r«rtly npon
•a.l- m amh'.rit ~ a v. i: directly a.* i
the town
; The -ai-*-"* u>lere t- J : be«v "• « •••
f -te>' h- .* j; it •«" ; «-i clou!: 'ji il «' «
cauty If we are t, ro Uon V y
ther.r«e- a-. 1 .leu if «ir n's
cator- f r:il -re I'. ") c  .wpi--4
atw of the leathers aruhxlte
V *e£ we WnApM thi- task we x J!
\ ,*e a projrre- -iv- MhwL But t' *
iitutiw ts only reaiiaf*! thrc.m.n *i*
efforts of the teachers and princi *.-
« chirre. It is equally as raeessar
that we have a faculty working ef
fccthrdy as a anit wiLi the prop,
coordinatiofi U inllaenre tale eom
munity OroAsitioa and the lade ef
interest is detrißMntal to the wel
fare mt an\ orcantzation.
Mr. am* Mrs- J. A. Hortaa of Aho*-
kie. ml the week-en l «H»h 'heir «•
H. C. Umtmm, in the Tar Heel aput-

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