North Carolina Newspapers

Delegation Reports A
Wonderful Trip To
MI II II J. DL Bifx?- H. G. Horton
aad J. L Hn-~» n returned last Thurs
day boa the meeting of the South
Atlantic Coastal Highway Association
which met at Savannah, Ga., on April
- Bth and 9th. .
This Association has for its purpose
the 1 irking up of the cities ak>n£ the
Atlantic Coast form Norfolk, Va., to
Key West, FIL, to be know-r. as a
Coastal Highway and to connect tiie
port cities as a n.iliury measure in
case of war.
This Association has been in exis
tence for about four years, but the
town.- and cities aloe? the coast from
Norfolk. Windsor. Williamston. Wash,
ington. New Bern and along the line
to Wilmington seemn! to have had
co knowledge of its Mattaee prior to
a few weeks ago when the Mayors
of the different towns j-r-.-i »«*embers of
various civic bodies residing alony
route thirty on which Williamson is]
located, received invitation* from Fret'
Warde, Secretary of the South At
lantic Coastal Highway Association to
attend the meeting to be held this
year in Savannah.
Prior to this year in some way-
Rocky Mount a.>d the towns alonr
route forty, which extends fron Roa
noke Rapid* by Rocky Mount. Wilson
Golalsbora. and other towns to WO
- hast gri recognition from the
Association and had as Chairman for
North Carolina N. Y. Chan*bliss of
Rocky Mount, and at the meeting in
Charleston. S. C.. last year throueh
the effort.* of Mr. Cha«abli.-s an*
others the Association tentatively a
greed, to adopt route forty ai the
dfc ial route.
Through the alertnes of the Secre
tary of the New Bern Chamber o.'
' om me lire, this situation was brougld
to the attention of the towns a:on- i
root? thirty which resulted in a larj,"
dole-, ltkn h?:nr ser.t from Elizabeth
City. Hertford. Williamston, W&bing
tor. Kew Bern and otiaer town.- alon r
the rtute to the raecCng at Sa.var.nah
Wnen this delegation arrived in Sa
vannah they found » very hostile re
cepUn accorded them by the delega
tioa from route forty, however in the
state meeting held in the DeSoto
Hotel our route wron out through har !
work and superior numbers of our
dde.-atieu with the result that they
elected the state chairman for the cor i
ing > *ar in the person of Senator I'.
11. H !9iaia- of Elinkt'h City.
On Wednesday morning at a hear
ing before the Executive Committee
route thirty was recognized and pi '
oa tie- nap as the coastal route.
rv * • 'I
Winning this victory does not tnear
that this is all to be accomplished hut
on the contrary the work has just be
Neither route thirty nor route forty
wfll be Mi—ti— il by this association
aa a route for toarists until they ar?
mad? hard surface roads.
At this time route thirty is nearer
the pial than route forty in lljis re
spect as we have more hard surf am
roads completed than the other route
rmi from reports out at th
convention it was calculated thai rw ti
thirty would be linked up with a har- ! '
surface road from Norfolk to Wil
mington by 1925 and as far as Ma:-
tin County is concerned this route is
already completed in th's comity 1-cvin
the bridge across Roanoke river ar.!
the hard surface ruad to the Beaufort
County line.
Our defecation reported a delight
ful trip te the charming city of Sa
vannah They it a city of beaut;
with 4k population of one hundred
thousand. aad Kbe Washington, D. C,
a city of "magnificent distances."
It has Bice broad streets with lines
of stately Palmetto trees in the cen
ter aad double drive ways on dnmsl
every street, aad within the city
Kmitz mil lau lian the various streets
are thirty two public parka surround
ed by trees and beactifal flowers and
a turf mt greensward. If there ii any
. thing that predominates in this quaint
' trnpiial city it is her churehe
whirh oae encounters on every hand,
and at -ilmart every hour of the day
• pea caa hear the chimes from tharc
—j,nifir»iit edifices pealing forth their
He yaa are ia another mid.
Wh*t is known as victory drive
sixteen mßes baag which connects the
city with T|ht Hfand its play ground
oa the Atlantic oeeaa waa Iralt at a
cost of one nil ion dollars and is re
raided as one of the most beautiful
dii«c* in America.
It is a city of romance and history
"T which has made It famed ia song aad
i •» -1
County Executive Com
mittee Was Elect
The County Democratic Convention
was held at the Court House Saturday
April 12, at 12 M. The convention was
called to order and presided over by
the former county Chairman, Mr. H.
W. Stubbs with Plenny Peel acting as
Preceding the busines part of the
program a roll call was asekd for. Ail
townships were represented with the
exception of Poplar Point, Hamilton,
and Goose Nest.
The following County Executive
Committee was elected: Jamesviile,
Lcther Hardison. Williams, Joshua L.
i oltrain; Griffins, Plenny Peel,
Bear Grass, Nathan Rgoosretiifi.shid
Bear Grass, Nathan Rogerson; Wil
liamston, Clayton Moore; Cross Roud .
Simon E. Roberson; Robersoaville, Edj
James; Poplar Point. B. i>. Taylor;
Hamilton, F. L. Gladstone; Goc: e
Nest, Bill Worsley. This cor.unitu't
electe«l Clayton M«ore. County Chaii
J. C. Smith was elected a member
af the Senatorial Judicial Committee.
A. R. Dunning elected as a member
of the Judicial Committee, H. W.
Stubbs elected a member of the Con-
Luke Lamb was endorsed as a mem
ber of the State Executive Commit-
Colored Commcnceme!:t
to be Held Here Wed
The County Commencement of the
colored schools will be held in Yvil-I
'ir.nston, Wednesday, Aprii l"th.
Th ' colored schools of the coui.t y arc
narticuiariy enthusia.-tie over this
meeting and they are expecting gooii
results from the occasion. Interest is
being manifested by all the schools OJ
they will compete with etch other 012
track field and in various other de-1
A- .pecitil tv«m will run from 0.-V
City in the morirng, bringing the
ila.«« ell, Oak City, Parmele, Robersor
rille and Everett :*hoc!s. Th? stu
ients from other schools in the coun
ty will arrive by other conveyances.
The colored people are paying much
attention to the schools and they an
ticipate a great gathering on thnt
Tiiere is, apparently, disagrecmcit
benvcen Judge Winston ai.d Dr.
V. .Vtefiead, al>out cooking
D:..ei.*s Ger.- .-u c-«p. Dr. \>hite- (
•rd lives se.'iev.i st further up th*.
river Oian the Judge, and carp are
uiore c0m...0n arouitd Woi dland
than tliey. are at V» intlsor. The
Doctor dissents from the Judicial
..lethod and sets forth the following;
"Dress hir.i nicely, put liim on a
boani, bake him four hours, garnish
him with anythiii,. you see fit, take
About three drinks, throw away the
fish aiid cat the board. *
U if somewhat unwillingly that
Dr. Whitehead takes is.-ue Wall Judge
rt i.ioLoii about cooking German carp
and perhaps It is his interest ia main
taining the health of the community
that he warns against any tl ...Tiring
with this trai'.oro'js and muiuaris'.ic
I don't believe anybody cvsr lived
thai could cook a carp so it would be
good to eat." he said -yesterday. The
Doctor fa a hanter and a fisherman
and maintains a hunting lod.-e dov/n
in Northhampton.—News k Observer.
story aad in fdl parts of lite city you
encounter some monument to her great
heroes of the past.
situated on the Savanr uh
river only sixteen miles from the
ocean with a fine water front ;rd
great harbor facilities has made it
one of the leading ports on the South
Atlantic Coast and is the chief city
in the world for The *hipm nt of tie - ni
The first steamship to cross the At
lantic ocean was built in Savanr.ah
and sailed from that port.
But the farther a North Carolir'an
travels away from home the better he
loves the Old North State, tr.d as the
train crosses the state line he begins
to feel better and the admiration
swells in his bosom for his native
state, whose-r-ountains are the grand
est, the music of rivers/ is
sweetest as they frolic to
the sea, whose climate is the most
salubrious, whose soil is the most pro
ductive and where sons end daughters
are the purest Anglo Saxon strain m
We can truthfully say, God bless
ocr Native Land. *
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, April 15,1924.
Mfvting Will Deal With featirrs Re-'
lating to Highway Route
Number 30.
Mr. J. L. Hassell, x
Willian;. ton, N. C.
My dear 'Sir:
| On behalf of the Chamber of Cm-!
merce of Perquimans County ami the!'
citizens of Hertford, I wish to extend j
to you a very pressing invitation to
be our guests ; n Hertford on Thurs
day, May 1, 1924, at a get-together
meeting of people interested in Route
We hope at this meeting to devise |j
plans by which the grxxl work starte.l:
:it Savanah will be made a truiy work- j
ing force in this section. We hope to!
have around two hundred and fifty.
guests on that day and are looking )|
forward to a fine time. 1 sinceryly;,
trust you can bo with us.
Very truly,
Mr. Gillia.ii Rogers died >u.idayj
niorning on the Alonzo Allen farm,,
near Everett.
Mr. Roger.- went to Ixtl in his u-oal
manner ar.d appeared to lie in perfect
health up until about midnight when
he awoke aud complained of a nunli
and sleepy feeling. He didn t remain ,
in this condition but a rhort time he- 
fore reacliing an unconscious state L
which finally resulted in death at in'
early hour Stuvlay morninr.
The doctors attributed his dcatn toj (
apoplexy. ' He va.; about 35 years old, |
bsing very young to be attacked by
a diseuse. t . .
Mr. Rogers married thi* d-u htcr of
Mr. Henry Gurganus who with seven
little children ..urvives hftji.
The funeral -war; held yo.-ter lay af-. .
ternoi n. The interment took place at ,
the Noali Gurga.iun burying
Much Interest ft'aoi- i
fested in Contest
Yesterday we continued to received
m..ity answers to the r nti st «»i~|» ur
being run on the "spA-lal ad" paec
of our psipor. ff you haven't mailt i 
or sent, your'imswer it, h* sure to do ,
so before C p. r.I. today*. I* you faikd
•to reply to the first Is. ue it is no* tec
late to start as the greatest number
of correct answers gets the finflO, t!.e
next greatest number $5.00 and son on
This is an easy way to i>e:
I'p to date there have U'en a rocd
many entries and much interest is
manifested in the c»r>te t.
The Manning Farm I.ife School L- ,
closing its session t»«lay with the .
anuual picnic.
TJ>c coaimencement exercises were
hefd this morning an«l the graduates
from Ivitli the grammar hi'h
schools received diplomas.
There are a great many Williams
ton |>eople in attendance.
• L. j!
lie'.ty Compson in "Y'oman taj
Womaa ' ii tiio featu.e at ii.e £>'
Theatre tcni-fht aa! tomoirow. Crl.«c..||
class it with the tof picture ami'
L a .ery goo.l picture.
The United States po.->t oftc" of*
Williamslan. is undergoing : prin^' The interior is ml'. L-eia : ,
ipr.inted, the v.ood work white sa.«? the;
the w;.!l a light tan. 'lite fuiaiu.t iis, (
the T.-H1 all b? dcre ore? rml j
the port cf.S_3 v/fll «xii j»r- »i>: •;
mojx 4 ntrsict lvo appcEHoxs tfcea -1
tofore. Mr. J. T. Pitce, >MatnK.sUrT
is now .or \».il 11 able to boaet of a.;' i
u;)-to-da'. j rr. post in an t»p
-tc-date town.
_ . - t,
Mr. Gr'Jin )!«lu.nn fror> ;
Mr. Henry' Griffin, who fau been in
Honolula for several years, returned
hone Raturdr.y and is visjtir.g his. i
mother, Mrs. J. B. Grif!n. Mr. Giis
- peab favon.bly of thai. Pari 11 - roan
-• "i
Mrs. Van Nortwick and Mr*. Cnrron
r.f Paraiclc were lxh yr. tcr
day. -
Miss Bonner Gurganu* is at home
from N. C. College for the Easter ,
holidays. —j
! Was Enroute to Hospital
To Get Her Sister
| Kos-iay. Mr. E. E Etinondson of j
I HaciuUm accompanied b;. Mrs. Kit,.-- Stalls, Jrft Hamilton in a car
jcriven by Emest Da\ ts enroute ti»
I Rocky MOUI.L When ab T four niQcs
from Reeky Mount their car collide*!
with another car ar.d as a result both
cars were demolished and Mrs. .S'al:.
was instantly killel in the wrtvk. Mr.
Kdmondson only suffered m*ior ic
| juries. Mr. Davi> wa- seriously cut a
i bout the neck. He and Mr. IMm(>»:-
| san were taken to Park Vies; lu -pitol
«t Pocky Mount.
Mr -. Stalls Was tak n in charge b>
la Rocky Mount undenaker anl will
I be brought to her home in Hamilton
where she will be burieii.
Mrs. Stalls was ab>>ut 37 years old
H.'im.ndson to R.icky M. Un" where he
\.a. goinr to brir.e his wife 'tii-k from
I the hospital. Mrs. Stalls and Mrs.
I .dinoiidson were sisters.
, Mrs. tSalls was alx-j* "7 -ear-- •>!«
and leaves one child, a ! if'e «.:rl
year;'- oM. Mr Ct-iHie »l! . tie has
bai.d of Mrs. S'.a" . die«: last year.
Investigations Cause
Great Anxiety in
The investigation-; now going >n i,i
!V. ashineton set'l:l t«» be causing --reas
anxiety and worry .nu>ng the o> li
tiraf-.s. s
"n»?re is e\«?. -(C0 ti'at the hide 01.
some of the hi fh-up is j etiinr very
thin. They arc kick; v like mules and
backing like ste> rs.
The latest sensation in many respe*t>
is the entry of IVt - ..ient Coolidfe ii
the »amt
From every r iikiicatfca lie s utt-> the
scareliJ husheil u> and alnui.4 mule a
thr at that it must l»e stepped. The
thin*: that seem-*.I to disturb him im-st
was the demand of the senate
.estimating con>mittee to see the Mtl
lon U»x books
It seems reasonable that if ev« ry
thing i» hone t, squait- and •
U«at they would not object hr> the
w».-M .seeing them. If Mr. Jirllwi L
dealing fairly v.ith his mahlt
I anal pay ing honest taxes let h s-n prt>\ e
it. 1 tse fact tluit he u a cabinet oAcer
and th.> adviser of the President
mak* - it all the mere reasonable that
he .-hould show hi. book .
Te a much ra-cal'ty has b» en hi'
ilen u!ready am! every p-ron actio.;
in any public capacity shoubl —illy
.-how th;- world their books and >UU
Th«- ti.x boots cf the poor man are
o;ica t.» the ..axe ...-J 'n-p-etioi of
the world, why not Die rich 1# re
quired to do the same? The people
: huU*d force the issue. Open the becks
Hone.-; pecple will welcome sue* t
course, dh honest people will not. One
of the great trouble* to>lay is th"'
the wor-l investigate scares too nu .)
of ti* so-eall.-! citizens arxl for the
be *fit of the iwople more ir.v * tifv j
tior. .- h'>uld he made, for some i»"i''e j
hr.v- to I* frightened the;.'
v,ll nr.y confessions.
Mr. Kailer 1.-llev is serio : Ijr *f! r'
! his hone n ■sir herr IJttle tope is en-"
I'Ttaiaed forliis recovery nnlns there'
! k a dtc'defl ch*r.-e in the r«-»t fe*r
! i
; horrs, aeeonling to a stater-er.t mi>l»
Iby his nliysieia-i toHay.
[ Mr. I.ilUy is Oi-c of a!...-t .i c. u .t; . \
j'. h.~hly re.-pecied iu and a--
raa--y .'rirmis are Itupiii ; Ui it he may :
| ally arid .ip.ove shortly. *
Mr. jik! Mr Ih;ve! Th >r as Ta>i«* !
arrr.ounr? th • c: r f c..Hnt o" iheii
«L-.a*:'.ter. i|i-. to Mr. It'b
icri jersli a iitS nii*, t'-c '.-edditg t
iaL_- phrc sonic lies U. 3 ammrr.
O |
tcKsi to the rHcnt!V iS?rirtS county"
of Xiks Tay:oe and of her '"ather, Dr ,
Dav.l T. Ta. ..
|TO A • Tfc>: IJ !>KMOa*.VTC |
• ' r
IV Jeii i D. Bi-gs, W. T. Ward. R
T .CoLuin, Luke Latib. E. S. Peei I
Clayton Moore, C. D. Ci. r. ;irpren, V
C. Ifcanla; J. Manning -wit. i
aitecd the State DeoMcratic Cmwi- .
tic in Ralvigh Th r Vay. ,
. ; ; 1
To Make Their Htce Here
ll.'. lbs. F. L Edwa d» aad lit- 1
tie son arrivwl Friday frtiw Eiad* "
to make their home here They aril) ■
occupy Apcrtmeat No. S ia the Tar S
iifcl Building.
it ill Tleei ia Coart House: Hdl Se-|
lect acd S«iailr A
The Primary Meeting for the se
lection of ttoxiiues ior'the Board i f
Direcsors of the I'ea.'ut Growers As
sociauon will be held at YVillianistor.,
X. C. Heart ll>>usel Tueslay. A prd J
3t!\ at 3 p ia.
A! 1 «"*mbcr- of tV: Association are
tirve»> t!> he ytsrat in c:»ler to iiomi
rc.te faml LSe.- for Director who will
hf elected at the P tr«ct >!.v;inc to
be btl or. Thursday. M.iy Bth
1>- ar.naul meeting of the stock
holder- of tae Peanut I "rowers As
a i'l S Ivehi in SaffiitV.. Va..
M:._. 14th
The e raieetii'g.. are of vital in
terest U> the lu 'i:\brrs aad a larve at
temhince is urgently n^jcested."
J. D.W.. eOneral Met.
Pcj'ut 'Grower. Association.
I Pea* li. i-s schools will do. e
April th;- ei itei Jth with a contiiienee-
IKPt. "1 3 e li.-hack ami IVar
■dw" 1 - »ill give a joint enl.-rtau. at ie: r (in. sin the school buiid
ia. « ■ iia% ami I n-lay nights.
A|.: I "a nt-Til; ai.l eifhtcirth.
I'a Fr. 9 . m-iriiiij, al »»::»' a. r>i .
ilsw cil! !v- two speakings. ft llow.-.i
fc.. a picnic ||vin • by the hospitahle
iJiw ->f r V. ; r S"iass ami Rot buck
i 'Vjols In .he afternoon of the aire
• tSe jeiwin grades will take pan
ia a;i Easter ec« Jiunt.
! anciii»r Fails in lYiee;
Ta?: Fell *BSO at Once
It/ a'. o.Oer
F .thefe a left r:t !ae*-tin the $ll*«l
t..x ta> bee.j withdrawn ar»! a tax
rf 'IOI-* hi- l- -e , p'accd ii
Cus. yet. tl-e chances will have to be
:. jCv" iha'i f.-\ nrjblf for a dance to
i - stared ir One city. a» will
t lhar. iivlc-le waht the profi* I
c- u-e»l So be.
, amesvilk* Sf fropl To
(live P' v Tomorrov. |
J -iiv.v il. jti ••• ■- *' o|_»i!lgivs
.*« pfe) at the »( ' « -Hun «».* .he -»••» i|
► Weill. - vm>, |. Apr i> !•«.
The express ion els which is heir :!
■sel l by Mi-- llairr will taVe |c.rt '
" i the exerci-e.
i ue aJiae.-iill : has |K: lor 1.1
! a very crnlitibli- work during this
and t.We wlw atteiei the play
II a|>precaaie ilk ),»»I work 'loin- o.
4h the faculty i. .1 the .-indents.
The oi lite ptay is :ta anal
» traU.
uiLtrs FAILI KE i'd hiss
It. r ke, la.; .*> .1 IJ —The . •-nu rV.
if a .-mall dull that she h*a«l in.l
me "1» kiss Ma ; o»ii»_.e l«ef. ,e .• h v
His"" r- ulUd today ir. the d «overy
I iT lh bwdie- Mrs. M. E.  arracut!
| rati har infant a few>.. m th
, irnciitt kuar lere. The he-Uaial i«
I : ,bi: c. Mark-viUe l with the
| r of his .'it while the authori
| -a. ; i?" t > iletermine what
( -S- I ail death 01" the bahy.
{ (arracctt as! his wife if. rrehs.l
| JiZ n "ht. he toM tho sheriir, are"
. "nile the wtH.isu bekl the bab>- ia her
j -ii - t la?h i !er throat ar. I tab
| !er in the 1..«1y. The infant, he
I ai'l. f-!I frora hrr arm, to th* (W
5 .r| jras k da- i. E irlier, Carac .tt had
I told a deput> .iiat hi* wife killed the
i M l aix! be her in tmn. "
j A'Vr lie had k'lied hl» wife Car
.acatt l fir f'ur eAer clisldrer.
J in as. *i;:ujcb!e an-1 drove to the
I f»3t of hi# sister at licyou Jack anal |
, «at to beal. This f «*r» r«con «*/" c-f tht-l
lotu.ntm - ho ed tie- killk ;
toll her «a«, wh>. «»rove to the Car-!
; rarJt home, whero he fo ,r..l the
: bodae^L
' Carratvlt, a carper.t.-r, is S7 years
?«H. . " "
Mr. a Kid Mrs. Harmaa V uml Daai;h: r
j .
' Mr. sad. Ur-. T. F. Harrisoa an-1
; M:- s XOUM- Harryoti noto-ol t€
WJ'oa Sunday to vhit Mi» Martha
" llarrisoa who is suffering from an att
. lack of ehrcnic aporndiciti*.
Mr. airi Mrs. J. W. Watts and Mrr
gW- 11. Crawford. Mrs. Robert Hey
: -lenreirh a>d Mr Hubert Mort-n
| •
- pe-sit ;> tenhi in GreenvSle.
Sir. iroley. principal of th> Oak
, City high school and Mr. Everett of
" City were in town Monday at-
It j* Jinjf to heoaea.
•s • Cas"3a ■ Raher on sp»nt the
• week erd h»re with ner mother.
Active Work Is Showi.
By Mr. Brandon's
u the report of ro^r.
Tv awn, Mr. T. B Brandon, to U
'County Conunisoicners for Ihe rcoitth
» f Mait S.
IS day- spent in tield work.
i> days spent in office work.
76 conference.- with farmers in i»~
tank to farming.
113 letters written during the oionth
i? farms visited.
■» iwh held with an .ttir.wtir*'-
s»* _7t» people .
2 article- prepare.! for local pap.
I ~--t week i liad I»r. Saib'lr w tt'-
i*'e from the State Yeterinarj divi
on to tcaeh the Mini; to phi
the life tiire treatment to hog-, t
®e h~en grunted a jK-rmit to tre."
#'K' a~d will be reedy for the worl
- all t r to «erve the people a'or.
,i v !i: ii. th» county.
.-iil.iMsl f.T farc««*r- a.* to the he"
to t.-* u. ; !e» cotton cr>t.
" ri"' I c
Ativi-td 2' I farmer- a.- to Ihe he "
"Itvi! i -ethods iir der weevil o«!
tk* . I
Advised 1* farmer- a* to perm..•
*n! pastures.
T o«i 'tll het I of h..*.- f.»r S
A«lvi.-etl 6 farmer; as to
potatoes for market.
.\h". eii 8 farmers a.- hu*!>:ir.
•wiltrv h.m - e-.
Advi-.-.i 7 fnmi*-s a- Uiihiui; -elf
feeder- for pirs-
Advised IK farmers a.- to r»>** !
lint -and down in tohacco.
A.lvi-ed 12 farmer- a» to the be !
ed to plant und.-r weevil rendition.
The greater |»rt of next w.!'
!»e devote*) to treating hjc a.- there
> • '-ve.:d :>ul break - in the county ap.
is a great iinmlet of farroer
»Ho have nice !cd ItemU to la
-lone already. f7^\
1. I! IJI:ANIH»N. t our.ty Air ,L
William-tor. N C.
Ooi)pe;afivc Managers
Met AI Jackson. Miss.
Last Week.
Kd'-iifh. April II, — A very imp
I la-.t merlin;; of the (if rural Manager
| the twelve State Cotton I'unprilio
IA- oruti.m- *'sii held !a-t wo-k i:
Jii-'k- '!•, ML; General Ma*uK>' I
Blahck of th- North 1 (■r»i
er Cooperative I»
!>. IV. Kilsfore. President of the An
erkin Cotton Growers" Kxhange at
. i i«M the meeting On hi- return Mr j
• l:Ld.-k i -ported that all of the Sill'
j A.i- enii-.iiss were operating iti a Ki*t
jly all-factory manner. In thb mtv.
° in;; it develop -I that Rot a sml» n
i«.f the Cotton I Vopeiative A
| l:o! had l«*n f'.rvcd to ?e?I rvtl'
at r:iiy time and that in no ititav
lad any lank called up any of C. j
cooperative a. fociations for ~ ki tK.
al margin, the n
lou*. rumors which had hn-n aiKit'l
the effect that .-olrte of the n. ( . 1 j
alive- have he.-n in tinwul .-Ira t
on ;jrcovnt of tlie recent lump in tl»'
!•?ice of cotton.
"I -« h taie," a.d Mr l!l»'-l ~
:.dtr»r»i.v trkiiv to th * pr>nCi|Je «
orlwi/ marlrlihi; antl :or«»e > f !fer
hsve already clo ed ••••t *otne rrad
aixl libtve very little cotton to off.
in ether grade.-. U liile there hit'- U«i
i lackenini? of the  : i»me-tir wiaf:
f or .the npftrt ilenurd
. ive. very heavy. There -eet>» tot.
. «>ite a . carcily of certaui I)(V s.r»
' rsilcs of we: tern cotton.
""The K'»rth Carolina Asocial«
"ias with .n the uast fee .lav... j*.'
I«ii! - a quantity of N'orth ( aril,:
I cotton which h b in? exports! th.-
the , «-rt «»f N'ew Orlean-. TVft-e wh-
I are ii>t -re-le.l in the cotton
Jejn draw their own eonclr nr fi>"-
I th*.- iran.-aetion. It "is self-evirfent tha.
jit l- eitl:er difficult to rfnre lhi pa:
Itiaslar t. Pr and irra.le of cotton fr»a
lie western states or that North Car»
I Una cotton fanner*, throb h t»e u
jof improved ,-eel. are up
J repu'.u'ion on cotton that will ccrcpeta j
'with the cotton that i* w-trail > ex
, j-arte-l through Kew Orl~ins.
| Mr. l!!alock report* t!w: «.a:;e:
' nditicoa have interfered More or le&
I eriou-1 v with the picr.tia* of the W
(Top throughout rarino- MrtiMU o*
the cotton belt. Reiumin b> way of
i i:irmintrha« and Atlanta to Rihfh
{ the trip wai through one nutiniw
i o»iijour of rain. Soaae of the Stale
nanagm reported that a fi'il «bli
amount of cotton would have to h
replanted. .
Professor Kdea. mt
the JjMesville high school mti hm
amMamtC Mr. Pool, were at ton Sat
cHay. ■ A
===== ===■=
Denial Too Late or
Elizabeth City Editor
Too Early with Charge
Raletarh. April &—Action and re
action from the precinct meeting* in
K'akr Saturday which were featured
by the defeat of J. Baiiey in his
•>wn van! were all but obscured by the
chances of a McLean slosh fund which
were sprang Saturday by the Eliza
beth City Independent- As forecast
exclusively is this corrr>pofrier«e. W.
J- Bruplot. State marager for Mr.
: MtLraa. today made pablic the cor
re-pnMff*y between Editor Saunders
and the Lumherton car.-: .late which
•iemies aev kw«le>!re of the l!>4
offer on th* rv.rt of Mr McLean.
Mr. Sacrvier.-> h»-' the Mc
Lean repl;. when he wr. t: ..riarfe,
ias\ «>|mv of wharh have 1 n re
fmel E Kale.i-h Acrr.niin to the
-ialeßir-il frunn hrakpurtrr- u>day.
he wr>»?e Mr McLean at Lcn "ton:
- l tl*aik jou for your pre, T_» and
forwar reply to my letter of 2ath
For vih." laformation. it is -#t t y pre
-ent IT !r"Ii(M t-» make ar.y \> blsca
tion of thi- c»m--p>i>!»3(e."
' But the Saumters article car :e along
a day «r •« after this letter -as re
ceived at Luchert.* ar.l it . poeared
on tie frmi! |u.*r under a ■ t.-*.ble
"oluirsn y ad. ~l o-tk- I il» M *1 tv lo
Vacqaidi Bailey - The artkle then
et «ii to say that 51 ..* ; the
wire that !-*•! U-ea  *- _ 1 paper
"f :t w h»M sapport th* '" .-t> **aSion
« lis jiiale for li*»verr-*r "
E>litwr Saunders* treatc n; oi the
utrfe was niching if not ». :.*artic
He drtarioi how -ome ma;, net named
1 'he article." ha»l approa mi him in
*t- after .lark. do-. • (hj- dcors
ud Ihen whi-p'.iei the »vuUte prw
veied he •mil! *wnte o-.- nice
piece- in the paper ah«vjj Mr. Mc-
Ijean *
The Eluabeth City man then pitched
»n *k!l fowe. calling the name of J. B.
I*uke ar. «4hers whotn he 'at -erted
«#i»jfl: r.'Vrbati h n.t .cms
• tie Mm of Mr Vcle*i'
"aalkbcj the anticipE-.K-r of ex
""M* " fwa 'their "fair h-r-len" of
axe- Mr Baiiey kmif cuoldnl
J »e . :,'lw a wore inters-sti'ag pure
4 fr>-j«a -vi.ta. as the McLean forces
nterpret Jhe artwle. than
**r a. jdrr- «?»d for bir:
Mr Br.-T-.Vti ma.Se i jM* the fol
■ -wrr.- re J% .f Mr. Mt'.ran to Mr.
: »«!»ler . -en: fr»e> Lum'—rt-n ever
•1 «tay» am
"At Wering your Bqiir e . I s-JJ
a> ihd i kn: w wt alever of
p?»«pt.vHn».i t.. y.xa to U_ or ae
«H»" of your paper ».» be -«nt
tt - v-r t'* .-"tale. I have rot aggest
"d or 'r" a oe te-! an; «rse io (rake any
arh prapwiitu ato IVJ a- that outlin- .
d .a y cr letter aid I have no idea
lal—iei of tre prr-oa to whom you
->-* ec wj yoar Inter a> hav«ag had
»r% a citer-itic* uji: yoo. I was
a rw.ferrtire mh a >r iifcer of par
- e- while I at City and
_ -..a-.e. 3*vd n«T.sp«|(iK. *»iii a cam
Vr «f other frien>i> - tre 1 left there
"J of tSen has . .«*■ siestfj
• me aty -ik-r. a: :rvat re
-rr»-l to m your lette.-.
" ti- wering your other |*-- t!«■.**
tie. Mcljean wrote. ~l will -aj that I
■*' ' r# railiuad |u.- -e. k ha«* ver aad
'■»» held none since I seiwl my con
*-ti«s f pre-oleM ac-l et .al maa
•eee of the Virrinia and ■ ardjea
Southern Ka:ln«l «Sh -rt ir-sel the
S r t ~f tie year."
T>«- tw-V to, m Mr.
"-ul- ' -m* c -Jr.ty. Swwrrrr, air in
that tv ! > convent  n a-»| ruirt
k 1, the State ovent oa to "■ H»n—
•J> .luminated by th* McLeaa folks
fhi» ha.- her, ~pt*aree: for -artne
u I la heeu pabfishc I m this nr
re-pofoJence. Here is not a particle
d A«h but that the . r.:he pragiam
. -f ••overnor Morrison b* appew
e»i by the coßveataoa.
' ■* tae rihjwv-., is ai( going
to pet all the attent*,- of th; voters
and a rather dear ird mt »W.»
is the rrcie p«o«i Frank ( ik. f mnir
, rinler. i» rettiae m his campaign
for the niwimtiii of Imimmi;
4 lahr rud printing Ai frv. it feok
-d very nmch as if Grisi 4U cat bar*
i Saner. He was tk sti rof the
»HnWd Grist M fre service en .
■ the legislature awl .he xlitiact
' id the service mm a ar -xit fete.
They are not Bather t s-ta as if
ther iie realniax. on Crist as their
-zr far pditical katr this tiM.
'f Ik's be tit. Mgaain-jn » behmd
'* ft* Democrat tml RepaUi
**■* are gmag to Hare ex- soli-- -
a. the tirhet thi faC Crist te
the lone Democrat in the f.-U aev.
P*lis *. JKtal hanhed faet.
JCUCS fKEL, TttMmmm. R C S

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