North Carolina Newspapers

to MM TkmcUm Offri With
Old Tiw Cm. BoUin and CMS
"Have Been" FMt
The writer af this aride w out
of torn far a few dajs awl ■" wW
by a fin- «k» IM ■ a near-by
• al jodded aal w»s tre street as peet
tjr aa it wall aw is the qri«
»j— Tbea he taid Me that Williams
tea VM imnshud to have aae of the
fßtticft'Mh thoroaghfares rf any
ton ia) aheia comparing in si* to
it. This made Me feel mr good for
there ia nothing «ae lft-s to hear
more thaa naKhiag goad of the old
home ton.
And when I n> coming hoaae on;
the Coast Line twm the iiaitfa if,
this friend af mr m tegrad to oar ,
ton, came into my mind aad I i
thought whan 1 reached the switch I i
would obaerre the town from that
entrance to it. M, instead af look-.
ing down Haia street I was aa wa-,
pletHy taken ap by the hugeness of
the aid trash pOe that I saw nothing
' rise. Hat it ever occurred to the town
fathers that the aad af Mam atreet
which nana Mo mr af the moat im
portant af the State's highway* tenai
nates m oae of the most unsightly j
traah piles that can he found any !
where? We fed tare that it has notj
for we kaow that H is their dr«vj
to do anything that is for the good ol j
the towwahd we kmrw that they have j
not considered what an iapessim
mast get when he parses that pile'
and arrives right ia the middle of
hfint" section about Ave seconds af- 1
terward if they are driving a car
And there is not one single perm.
in Willianfton who has driven aeras
the river aitf wan* amend the bend
of the fill ard when he tamed around ,
did not feel a thrill of |*ide for hav
ing such a pretty drive way and ap
proach into oar town from that end
of Main street People from every
where who have came into oar town
from acrma the river say that Is
one af the prettiest approaches to any
town that they ever saw.
Bat. we are attain aaaking a mistake
of as tag th> first vacant lot at the end
af the street for a trash heap. This is
a very aeriaas mistake when aa acre
of grouad coald he boaeht soaaewhere'
close to taw* that is away from the
raad and the trash coald be carried
ia there aad hidden from riew. -
Troupe No. X of the local hoy scouts
hihed to the Big HOI yesterday after
noon. celebrating the taster holiday.
Mr. William Cooke carried the nerve
of tb. entire group when he plunged
off the damn into the briny deep
The others dared tat go so far ami
compromised b> nding ap aad down
the po.-td in a dag oat. The hoys re
turned about sax ia the afternoon.
Dr. P. b (one as in Raleigh today •
attenaiiag the State bental Society.
While there ha read a paper ia aaem
ory of Dr. Manning formerly of Rob
Dr. Cane will retara tomorrow
Mr. Tom Coohr of Rocky Mount
spent the week «ad here with his fam
«L- Mr. Charles Biggs af Raleigh spent
" the Easter holidays here with his math
er. Mrs. S B. Biggs.
Mr. Gariaad Anderson of Mildred
spent the acek end here writh his par
ents, Mr. aad Mrs. J„W. Anderson.
Miaaea team aad Mianie Robertson
af Grecavßle speat the Easter hol
idays here with their mother, Mrs. J.
L Robertson.
Mrs. J. L Wflliams returned last
night from Griftoa abut she vis ft ad
her parents, Mr. aad Mrs. L J. Chap-
Mrs E B. Moore of Washiagtoa
aha has haea viritiag her brother.
Dr. W. E Warren and Mrs. Wa-rea
Mr. jal Mrs. C B Bmfaf return
H—the week cad with Hr. aad
Mrs. J. H. BritL
Mr. E T. Batemaa a Norfolk la
viotmg Mr. Bohert L Cohan far a
fear days.
lbs. A. V. Joyaer returned last
Hmr. 1 A. V. Joyuer T
Mr. Hairy (hhirftatel Mack
- *
Local Talent Will Have
The Roe- Maiden, the well kasca
cantata hy Frederick H. Coves wfli
he given at the Spring Festival which
will tnkrpiare h Washmgtsa. May 1.
anrier the auspices of the MrD*w«|l;
Club. Mrs. McDowell, wife of the,
famous modern cotapaser aad vrhose
name the clubs be- is waa to have ap
peared on the set aad night «* the
festival but pa ing to ißnais --he hit
to cancel her ngagemewt as she all
be unable to leave California by that
; time-
There will be fifty wke» ia the cac-
Itata and the following well known
singers of Washiagtoa aad Wilhaw-.-
j ton wil have solo puts. Mr*. Hi t
Switigky, Mr. SvwrWj. Eli
I Brown. Mrs. Angas Cox. Mrs Dane
, Carter. Mrs. Rd Maß»~m. Mrs. JaacM
. S. Rhodes. Mrs. Eva Hacktei arxi R v
Gardner. It is being ■sirw.oi b. Mrs
: Mark Swineley who is one of Eaa*
! Carolina's most able maskiaa^
The cantata will he a treat to lover
j of good masir. It n a story ef spew-.?
. arith its bot-linr Powers aad green
! «w>dland and it is vrvatiojt* sd |
! uprightly suhhaed at liar* by the ad i
j lovtiness of the sprinr time,
j The (erformar* fl be weH word I
'the price of admrcian whirh is mr
dollar for ad wits aad fifty cevrts for
j The kwal aaeacher* of the MrIV. well
i Club and thoAe who wil appear ia the
Rose Maiden are. Mm J. H Saunders..
Miss Carrie IMI White. Mrs. J. S I
Rhodes. Mrs. W. H. B* >. Mat Vefl-
Andrews. Mrs. Wheeler Marti'.. Jr.!
and Mrs. L C B nnctt
Mean, Shah Lif WarV Famaa Mast
cal Comedy Breaks AH Ihnatii--
cal Becords ia the Sooth
-.. . f
Several n"-w page, of theatrical his- j
tory have been writtew this sea. oa by
- Blossom Tame", the famoas natial'
comedy arhach ha» ton l«wu.r Ihr
touatry aidn the duerti*> of Ik.
Messrs. Shuhert asd ahi.h wJi play
at the New Theatre. II arhiactan next
Three time, it has ptavod the xu
oa ia both Atlanta aad Bsraaia-hari.
and return engagements have bceu
made in scares or oth.-r cttae> of tor
South -Bloujom Time's" pnalirity
ha- been uapre«eiir?.ted aa wjtaer- the
followiag aewspaprr craw r t-:
Said Ralph T. hau a the Atlaat
Constttutaoa "It L. hard to recall ha'*
long it ia nay theatrical 11H it riamrat
has scored such an ovaiahrlaaiag hit.
in Atlanta as to make it aec.-soary j
for the saaae aggregati* to ill three !
♦operate aad dastiact rant *mat ia
th : . city ha oae season. "Moo n
Time", that aaap e. sapremr aad per
fect m-steal Hiaaadj— Ima t light
'opera—came hack for its third visit
of the >easaa Maaday night. It opeae.
to a faU boaie aad it is a xar h-t
there wB be few eacawt arata at aaj
those who have aaea the show, As
for it is the aai»«nal ramwral that
there aner aw aajlhiag Be A"
Hunter Bdl wrote as felon in
the Atlanta J wall
*Blr i am Time 1 ", with ita erif ft*
odies ef Praaz Sehahert. is krk t
the Atlanta Theatre for the third tone
this seasaa. Sach pipa'ar dy i: au
paraleled ia the hatarr af aaaarl
shows playing here, bat is entirely de
serving became of the aide -paead ap
peal of the play. The raw endkat
east as aeea aa the two gaciiaaa cc
wil! take their sweethearts, wives aad
milhu« a to me her aare its cwautructed
love. It hao a wader appral thaa jrob
ably aay other ahow of th a-aaan..
aad *are than anj Ikiag rhe. the ap- j
MiTlahi Griaaes aad Btxle son of
Mr Dick TayUr af MBdred speat
the auk rad heve att his famdy
' Mr. Joe llipraaii af Waahiagtoa
Mr. Amd Man. Thaa Ay-aw rialtod reL
Mr. Jaha MeOaß wfl letaea tomrhl
i , Mr. irtmailh Dar
1 • a
Wiliianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, April 22,1924.
T e bank stateicents u Lawd by
ih- nri-as bank of Martin county
a very decided improvement
-ver those af last year on March lift.
Car of the local banks shews an in
crease in deposits amounting to $U>-
Cs. 74 over those of March 71. I 9£.
ether statements show ecfaally as
large an increase in depoaits.
U hen you look into the state meats
iss ed by the hank* and see the in
crease and Jevelopmeat ia all hanking
lines nothing more than ceatinued
prosperity can he expected. Bat oace
yeu see the reverse taking place aad
shown by the statements, nothing hut
a cessation of prosperity ran be ex-j
pectcd. so once yoa ee the banks
and continuing in grov-tk,
all is 'ell and good. Mart ■ r county
rwv has as si rone bonks as fooisi
in bm»: any county that is located m
an Agricultural section. And more, the
banks are being led by competent
men. for instance the North Carolina
Association roan to Maitin
to select its president. So it is on thru
out the hankinjr reahn in this court \
that you v.ill fin.: men devoting their
th«;r entire lives to the business.
The six statements as published in
thU |si per la *. week cannot be excel
jled but by few when it corrte to the
:auteial inrrease enjoyed by them in
j*h- pc.-t few years.
A farmer's life appeals to mr. but are apt to say
! The social problem seems to be the
thine that Works the amy;
| The serial problem, fiddlestick-. I
I wouldn't give a Jo.
j When eg*s are up to fifty cents let
I --lal problem.- r»
May Social butterflies be gay who how
to fashions will.
But when you* fortune P«e- away
tha Social problem's al:
Wholl care a snap arhen yau oae day
go down a slippery plare.
They'll simply wag «h«ir heads and
I say "He -truck too hard a pare."
Ooat loaf «b»ot and hope to make a
million in -ome day.
For if you've got your rrub to aake
jo -t hark to what I say.
I ioot want you to Dmier-tan.' the»e
problems have no plare.
For those who work apun the laad.
for Ihif is not the case.
Hot my plan, it Mem to ane a faith
ful prosecution.
Of work upon tbr farm you see -~iH
bring the true -olutioa.
For butter's up to forty fiv- and pork
is tamity-twa.
I tell you sure aa I'm alive, we've
got the halice on yon.
1 You've eat to buy the things we raat*
and this I'd have you know.
; That pretty aea some of thee days
we're goinr to have the dough.
For aw awe growing Cattoa. Corn. Pea
Nats. Beets and Sqaa-di;
With prices coming our way just
watch your Fade Jarh
Ibe Saaithwick school wtA was
burned about a naoatb ago a/ad which
Jnee that tiase has beta hebl ia the
Manning school hoi>e, will close to
Mrs. Anna Harrwoa, Misses Evelyn
aad Velma Harri-aa aad Margate!
Manniag v.sited friends in Tarbor«
Mr. W. H. C rvtarphen of Trmaty
College, Durham spent the Fatter
halidaya here with his (arenU, Mr. aad
Mrs. C. D. Ca.rfarphea He mtcracd
yesterday to Durhaai.
Hiss Thora. af the local schcc!
faculty left Saturday for Richmond
where ahe attended the wed.Mag of
Mr. Frank Clad.'tone of Hamiltoc.
was ia town yesterday for m fe~
| Mr. David Pobei imi of Crifcs was
2 - bksiieai visiter here yesterday af
Mr. Davrsoa Ld>y was ia town yes
Mr. aal Mr*. Z. H. Base aad seas.
Hardy aad Tom aad Mn 11 C Chap
w-n and little- daughter. Doris. Wait
ed Mr. Paul Xay m Roanoke R. pd>
Lr. and MR. Wesley ABea aad lit
tle saa af Golds bare vwaled Mr. and
Mrs. W. M. Perry Suaday.
Mla Ddphia fttMn aad Mr. J.
W. Watts, Jr. aad little ma. Jiiiiaii.
visited Mra. Watts aha ia eaavalaar
»S from aa aprratiaa at the Park
tcr %ahy.
Mr. H. M WaW riailad frieah hi
Mr. Jae Taylar am ia team far.
a fear hauea tka ...niat
■>. '
To Build Large Fill At
t{ Sweeten Water
; Road Will Hate a' 'ravel
and Top Soil
[- — Finish
| Wort «■ tkt kidm) iwiir frx-ra
t ' BlaifciK* to the coun-
Ity line *a» nwlaprl yestmisy.
The cWnnc ml |he right-of-way
i j =■* mmwuctJ at Sf.xlm Water
ifiwi The firrt work or. the fill was
ijjUrtd this iwninf.
J TV fill to he ha#. »J1 be ah.mll
Iti* high w'.irt* it bonier.- the]
cre*k. ul a rut «iU be through'
the iliwn field fnai where the dirt |
M r» toward having the fill The!
i crt «tH he mad* a -team Ml
arv! the dirt »31 tolcaJn! on track -'
and hailed to the fill llr \ T
T*er of (hriaa is the roittndor of j
i ,K «" Vr. J. C. I*uire'l is
Mr. Teet ha* t. I several |r. I
i jects in this tUU ami Mn Puree" I has
been forrom af s#reK" •rojects in!
Sort hah mpton notr and know - the
art of hwMiwit raaiv
r sl*» is the last li: k in route Xo.
' which begins at Ralei-h. rvlrodinr
through eastern WaL- n-urit\. south i
• en. corner of Fraatyin. -Hitting Na>h j
ami Kdgecnmhc and a dtstoare of a
' bout Si miles throa. » Martin on in
to Uadiiagton cuuat t u>( Anally into
' Tyrrill to Cdniaha |av>injf thru
the county seat of each county ex
: cept Franklin
Tho i- radrag of the entire road i
mort completed and by the time this
project is completed route Ml will b?
flashed The part wi >t cf hrr is now I
being hartUurfaced and mill be com
pleted sfi the early fall
The project jast c-tr.menred will be
. daaJanl width and deration a fx!
ha we a pawl top soil fini: h.
Thahaaigaa wtf he of the rtaadard
f»iin»:e type.'
It is expected that the date of com
pietioa will extend wefl into the year
' IS2S. I
The Slate b represented by Mr J.
C .1 jvcrtnaa who is d-rrctini. the work
■nder the iastnsrtioa of Mr. R R
K°P* r. resident cueiaeer
The wwrk being carried oa will not
interfere with tralhc
Corridor Through
State of Virginia
J. *l. Hooker Say* We Might Hajld
!• W u4in rAmm
I Reprinted Frwm ha pel Hill Weekly!
To the Editor:
Taa amy find ase far the following,
extracted frwm a letter from Professor
Ivey Levi*, of Charlottesville.
'e hi of Durham was a re
crtt visitor in KrrKrmkd. The proprie
tor c-f a range told hup. -| see yoa
hare a North Carolina car license and
1 want to say I .foal want to heai
1 a wj-rd aboaat rotd* Yoa see those
' ears thte ((-dating to 3 or s«»—
•hey are all tourist cars and the dm
er of every daaaa uae told be about
ads .a North Carolina I d«n*t build
1 *-"» saperrtsa them. I hare
•""•fctar «• do with them So please
talk raoh to me."
cot star: a movement to ex
tend the idea embodied in the bill that
* " ** framed for intro
■ * mr *"• - legislature, in
strwtin? the proper authorities to re
naaest penakdui of the State of Vir
e:nia to build w goad highway thru
the State from Washington to the
Xarth Caraiiaa border entirely at the
~x*~a» of the Caiwliaa taxpayers?
Tikis bdl cwU be widened in scope to
•dfer the services of the l*age Com
*««» to Virginia That State would
he saved the overhead, aad the Vir
riaia road ought to take m little of
the Commisrtan*. tuae that it might
he prevailed upon to regard the extra
wacfc as a matter of charity.
J. M Booker
Ad the Chamber of Commrece a
hml the aew hardware stare, which
*• «"« to locate here hi a very short .
ta*e. Any of the members wril he glad;
to give ywa mforwmtioa oa the sub
Takea up, two ibaati a hoot f mouths
*. «■ weigh about TS | |J,
aad split ia the left ear. Color, lad
aad Made spots. Owner call for thaaa.
> Heary Wiabaib. 6-22-4
j Apri IS, UM V
J i
The white teachers of Martin cvur.
Ity will hold their last meeting of the j
present school year in the high school |
next Saturday. April iS at;
■ ! P. M.
! The work covered at these meet
ings has been very successful accord
■ tng to informatio-i given out through
j the co'inty superintendent's olfice. The
t average atten«iai*re has been very
! g-od throughout the year and the
I .record will continue throughout next
Saturday although several of the
schools have closed.
Williamston the teachers
and wish them to continue their visits
throughout the sammer and on into
next year.
! First Bali (lame to K ej
Played Here This
On MoniLty afternoon the ba>e ball
fcr,* ef Wulam lun witnessevi a hotly j
j contested ball game between Goki
IVint ami M The local lads
displayed great -kill in retiring in
onler. In no in tiwe were there any
bone Head play's made in thi- pL il
of the game. As a matter of fact Wil
lunistjn shi>u!*l have had the game in
a bag had it not keen for the miss-
I ing of a ball by the stxr fie:d«-r. Krank
Carstarplien. It seems that the white
of Frank's eye was focused ui the o|>
pusio direction from which the hail
was coming .ami as a result a Golu
Pointer crossed the rubber plate Tli.
seemeil to kill the morale of the tt il
liamston team ami twelve scores were
made before Uiey cvaM dievk the on
slaugtit of Ihe Uyt from the glitter
ing citv. (>old I'oint. The -core'stood
12 to ! at the e::d of the gaute.
\N itik just a little more ptactH> arxi
the services of lawytf Oabcrn and
I uipirt' Pete I'owden. WiUiamh»n has
r.« thing more to expect than a great
bull team.
• Following is the Williamston line
up, that of (loid Point cou!d not be
obtained from one of the Williamstoa
players as he hail not regaind his
n rrial state of uuntl since the blow
uj». so we are forced to amit jart of
ocr local players and the entire visit
in * team.
Harrell, Julian, Hand!. J.. Harrell.
IliD, L F.j Jamr , Cahries. I b.; Co
l-urn, lawyer. 2 b.; Ban**, Francis,
si ort; Carstarplien. "Ilarney ", c f.
Misses Susie keel and lleulah Tet
t rton passed through here this muni
ii:« euroute to their »cho*J at Sandy
Pldije after - peislinr the night in
L erett with Miss l»eel'> pantU
On Saturday afiernn-a from f«jr
until six o'ckaCk at the !uine of her
parents. Mr. ami Mrs- Herbert feanl.
little Miss Huth V. ml wi- butass tuj
about thirty-five of her little >
'a honor of her ninth birtlslay
Cut door ganw - were enjoyed by the
li tie f-dks until refreshmeots were
s -rVed when they were inviteal inU
(R» pretty dinine room. decoraUd with
Ki- ter -.ugge-st k»i,> where they were
,-crved ice crear.> and cakes ami fruit j
The little lad) wa.- recipient of many i
p.itty and attractive gifts.
I rderal Caart n Waahiagtaa Taday
Feiivral court convenes in Wa -liini
toa to lay. A few minor cases, mostly
of a wet nature, aid fruai . ianui,
county will be tried.
Mr jciM Ktd n otores! to Rufonmi
' JW Wedncaatoy.
Mr. Cus Keel went to Kveretts
Wealnesday oa ba*iae^.
Mr 11. A. Calliphe' weat to Uil
!.;:ii)4an Thursday.
Messrs. Ira Pead. Henry Allen ami 1
Mrs W. F. Allen went to Williams
ton Tuesday shopping. 1
Mr Guthrie StrawbrWlse wer.t to
Williamvtou Sat unlay on business.
Mr. tennis Siap>u) ik4i>ih! to
Williamston Wednes.lay.
• irroogh* Srkaal dual WI laradi •/ i
with an Faster egg hunt folio we. i by!
j a picnic. "
Two ranmr far rewL Gaad location
aad well equipped far light haaie
kw|h| Apply at KaHerprise oSce
Apply to Jardan Ward. WiUiam taa.
N. C 4 -22 2
Watch the label mm your paper aad
if it la ia arrears sead fa year re-'
I i
Ford Roadster Demolish
ed When it Attempts
To Pass Coupe
On Ssikla) aftrraooa. Messrs. Xoi
man in.l Bill Ham>«r. wit lnvirf
in a ForU crapr on tbe 631 btlian
the two Koantkr br»!cv wt»rr they
T'rf run mt« b> a f owl m»itrr
•'riven b> TVi'M|mx- and ownr l
by Mr. Garner H Sißf 0.1 *"ho wj, j
»l-u in tfee nwbtn a* tfee time. The i
Sit ipor rar ma* M wotx*>.i by eitl
er of lh» Mr. Him«>. who were
driving -lowty at tbe eitrmr right
of the road ratal a few seconds
bpf-ire they were bamspM The Sim
p«a car *»- t«rt a: a fa.4 pare arxf
W torn ilbm to juror-, but Mr.
Harrison"- car ma- «lan»ajnce>» •»nlv
Itbtly. There ««■» to be ij« e\-
»n» » ( r the 'j-ri aer-t a- it bmiri*!
in the iaytimr ccbs. !}»e «®rsver of
the Simpson car n> intoxicated or
hi- eye- out of fora-
Mi. w-i-v the *i3y person
hurt lib tip an>i ►*».; *-r* se
verely pjt kibe «r««s "sbacJii when t'e
; colli-ien i«ran*»t He wa- carried to
j Or. Sat!!h(ers wfco t-wk -everal -tilche
in his face
Mr. Sam McCa.~ke\ M on the T. |
It. Stftde farm on IVfb, Point t«mn
ship. Satiinia). April l» from an at
tack of fwiinonii Mt Vktv wa
shout year- of age Hi» wife die. I
!a t year. He lew* '«r children.
Sam Jr. Mk« Albe Mae Md°*slir\
of Poplar I'm '. u>.( Mrs T'wnu
1 uca- of Ply month
Ihe burxal w»> at tbe Marrni W.
Ci'Jrkin uar Jame>ville.
MOTE mnrriM. t\«. %i i ITTV
While Away ttril AMi i « (.row,'
\«Se ml V C- Baabr.
► Iti. John l». Hct> will Icavr Thai»
•lay aftmwMi for (arrenkhui.> *h> r "
he will PKv*t wtlS a (Xirwntf* who
i- ro>iui>NtyH( to |rt a branch of the
Fifth b-rnr IMnrt locat
ed ui N»rth Krora Greens -
Un. he w ill k«. to Ratlierfi-nlto:!
where he b r">niaM to make an ad- ,
■ires before Ci f Viae of tbe S' rtl I
I'aroluia !u*W- Awaciaiipt • I
MR. b \l» IJLLFt (KIN
Tbe Cuaiataaa of Mt ba.Jei lallej
-tow- »rf) little diaaqee during tin
|KL-t few >b> - He 4il c«ntaiw> ver>
ill. bu: hope a* for hi
At the elSrtoo "• tbe comer o.
. Main nd HatMu. -treHi, Mr- llarr>
' M Sttkb w ill ral'sUin tie 1 nviiln-11
CeatH) « lab t. n now afternoon
front fowr aatd *ax o'clock o
lle.ote- the ■ i ■> rr- Mo Stiabb
will have .eteial v-viM gw>l-
Tkb as the knl amtat! -ujcv the
Irt trn jeanM anl a very interesting
i proera'o ptfojxl
l'.irKr«MKl. Apr# 21 —A >t-ct>le liukl
«HS l(» horse-* !»• Iwnioi to death
|:« >leath wa a fire *lo.e Jos- i.- e-ti
, iiwled at three boailnl tboosabd doi -
f Tbe Mirii of tbe fire i» unknown bul
a u IbwafM tbe Maw wa> tbe result
of a careteu cigarette —afar.
' Meiai* tit j. Afri XI.—A revere
bora. U4jag; for onr min
otr ar.t 3C i«niindi. forked Mexico
(Ky aa*l tbe ytatwa rrfiwi of Mexico after oae o'clock after
jwct. SUfM material iamge was re
| ported fiMt nniat pumt r afectcd by
■ the Here wa*. wo confirmation
>« repNb tbat tbere bad ben no loss
of life.
Mr*. I- J. Cbipmaa , Mrs Gladys
rVial» Jliw Carte Cfcif ii of Grif
taa a*4 Mr* Gfee*e Toiwlinsoo of
WiUa ruted Mr. aad Mix J. L. WU
liau* Mia lay.
Mr aal Mr>. Owar AaderM«. Mrs
P. H Brwmw. Mr- MU Carvon. Miss
arrie M lUr and Mew-re Stanley
"ri i■ ■ i mmd iaku S M vfll attend
Ml- (Men Mncbeil «T Kirston will
arrfre inaigM I* >WI Mica Elisabeth
!two store strlctlre to
| Contraction to Been Tbe Fifteenth
Of Next Month; Will CaiTy
General Merchandise
Washington street sometimes called
, W illiamston's " Re*l-headed Step
! ChiW" wil! farther strengthen its
bob) on the business of the town when
the store of B. F. Perry' ' s completed.
! Mr. Perry says construction will be
' Kin next month and will be two
stories hi;rh and will have a 32 foot
, front and a depth of 1»)0 feet.
Mr. Perry was a successful merch
, ant of Everett for a lonjf number of
] years, but 'recently sold his interest in
' hi.- -tore there to the Messrs. Taylor
Brothers. Ht- will carry a line of
ire.ieral merchandise and will cater to
the all classes of trade.
1 The time of completion has not been
determined, but according to Mr.
Perry, work will be carried on at a
rapid pace until the pn«J>:. ifinish
It seems n • longer tlutn y '.erxlay
j that - ve i.t ani the anvil of t! • Cooke
blacksmith stand am! whe C. O.
Moore was tie only mere.- Nt on
Washington .t.eet. Now. chei- up on
the growth and you will find --al es
tate offices, lawyers' offices, cafes,
'three grocery tores, two soda fmn
-1 tain.-, two Kara ires, an und-r'aker's
'establishment, two Ailing -lations.
doctors' oßices. and the opening up of
,an overall industry, all on Washing
j ton street.
Instruction in Life
Saving at Chunn's I'ove
The fir.-t Ked Cross life vv ng aid
Institute ever held ir. tbe ou'.h will
open at Chunn's Cove, rear A>be
ville. June under the suoervi ion of
l»avid .1 Yates. I»irector of l.i.'e sa*-
in»» and a.d for the Southern IH
vision of tbe Knl Cross. The :• -utute
will continue for one week, closing - -
June "2fi.
This »ill uiark the first aitesnpt in
the South to jive mass in truciioit in
life saving, first aid. Cainw a;, •living,
and camp water front (WuUtliioi.
thougli similar institutes have been .
conduc-ed fur some t.nie in otiier x-c
--9 linha of the country.
.Mt-iiiber-htp in tbe institute has been
limited to less than a hundred, com
pus >1 pri ( ici|ially of camp councilors,
boy scout executives, teachers of First
aid in industrial plants, ami Ite I Cross
, chapter representatives of ..ret aid
and life saving work. A certificate of
j proficiency and a life saving n_.mii.-rs
j card will be awarded by the Red Cross
I to students pa>.-ing-the rev|uinl tests
at the ct>m|iletioii of the course, and
first aiil certificates will al-o be a
wardeal to those who pa-- the first aid
_____ .%
The bathing season at the Big Mill
was oj>ened >e-terday when Misses
Benjamin ami Hiissell and Mr. Wil
liam Cooke made tbe al plunge-.
The w.-iter as reiwrteil wa- a bit cob!
■Hit did not trouble the -wiminers un
til twenty minutes had passed.
The "Old Swimming llole" has been
a play ground ami bathing Te*ort for
tbe people of \Villkani-U>n ami com
munity for many years and it is with
'ie«t delight that we learn just how
near tbe season is for returning to
the mill fo rthe afternoon dire.
The many friends u€ Mr. E'i Rogers
are gla t to know he is improving af
ter being unable to walk for .everal
Mi«' Kionia ami Mary Jane Moore Mi. Willie Brown matured to
Windsor Sunday. |
Mr. K. tianlner is on the sick li»l
this -.»*k. ' .
Misses Llelsie Modlin and Mildred
John on of . ; --nt Thursday
night with Misses Ai.nie amt Lucy
SuperinteiMlent Pope and J. A. Ed
mund son are on a business trip to
Raleigh this wwk
Messrs. Johnnie Pbilpot and William ■
H. Williams attended the Ms son Stock
Company show at Robe .soav3le last
night.* '
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Utnastn left
yei.ter-lay by motor for RidJands to
kttend the funeral of an ude cf Mrs.
Harrison's who died tber.* Siana|.
per dozen, I dos. U> c. 70c per IMb
Bendy May Ist. Clande Le«g««t.
Williamston, N. C 4-£l-1
j j
1 1 ■ " ■ m ■■ ■ 1 ■" 1
Soy Beans. Price per bnihrl
Joshua L. CoHvnin, P_ P. D. 4.
Phone 1041 D. 4-tS ftp

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