North Carolina Newspapers

    -fes— -
Fund for Sufferers Now
Stands at About
The Awrioa Red Cross has had
ilnp nAma dw the day after
the teriMc tornado swspt certain sec
tions mf the nlj.
- Km Allia McNeill of Atlanta es
USM tMpmo headquarters in
MaaoMh where the wounded
fciM been cuM for and the hungry
A large Majority of the assistance
has been in the- farm labor to help
rebuild the liwi  and to clear away
the trash from the fields so the crops
nay he cultivated. It has been a daily
accaietace to see people streaming j
to the >mom laid waste by the storm
with saw aad banner to help pro
vide sample and temporary shelter for
their neighbors.
Women are see* with pillows, sheets
doth tag. A esse for the children
aad aaay things large and small to
supply the iaune«iiate needs of the
aafortuaate ones
, Much of the better side of man has
been seen in the sympathy and help j
Jwiau nil along the line
Sufficient ca>h has been donated to
mart the need- in a reasonable way
up to the present time.
One thousand dollar.* were donated
'Tan It h]r visitors to the scene. The
Red Croat at Bethel raised WH W in
cash and matt of the town.- in this
section hnve donate*' liberally in cash,
making tfce fund to date about S6,UU»
Injured in Hospitals
There are four white people in the
t;reenvdle hospital, tae with a broken
hock, the others with broken luabs.
Tier* is one colored man in the
hospital with an ampu
tated leg. Be-sale.. these there are a
buut tea others with broken limbs or
jority of thane who were wounded
have recovered sufficiently to be up
and moot of them at work
The Red Cross realizing one of the
greatest needs of the stricken district
» to get bark to the inrm » ork In
order that oops nay be produced,
has seat 2S teats from Atlanta to he
used by the farmer- who are not pre
pared or not able to rebuild im
mediately Hus will enable them to
budd later whea not so badly strair
ed with farm work.
la Irrlirf over the list of donations
we faded to discover Williams ton's I
amount. It may be that we overlooked
■t. Correct»or. or action would help
us to imderstand We feel sure mud
help has been tendered by this im
mediate section, however, in various
SThe IT » grade for lad)
The s£.&• grade for lad
The t&Ot irrade for ladi
The 14.50 for lad
Big lot of Sandals at
ISO nairs of ladies' C
».«» Special
MM Children's Shaes.
n.M Children'* Shoes,
ft f-rt Oiildrfr'f Shoes. J
SI 54 Chidren's Shoes.
Men's Shoes in
in hierh and low
Mark, also pa
The #».st grade far men.
tQI The M M grade for men,
g :—-^J
Men's SuiU, New Sprit
Dr. T. Ryaa Boyd will leave tonight
■- for Winstea Salem where he will at
toad the State Caaveatioa of Cbiro-1
praetors which wfll convene in the
Robert E Lee bate! during the re
Man. L P. Horn thai aad Miss Inez
Bed of Plymouth passed through here
jwtodaj eafoute to Windsor and
liiii Mr*. W. B Watts for a short
Mrs. Dick Taylar aad Miss Fraaces
Gargarw nsh/ttd to Washington
Mr. aad Mia. W heeler Martin. Dr.
mi Mrs. J. & Rhode*. Miss Carrie
befl Whit*. Mr. aad Mia. L C. Eea-
Dftt attcttM thl Rote Miite !|st
m Withingtiß
- "The Minister's WtfeT^^^Bocnett-
\ -than aay other uadij at the world,
w _ pi rll Img to the preriilmt of the
Laad Hi 11 I JIM . |
Famous Southerner and
Is Connected With
Anti Saloon League
Rev. Dr. Sam m lil speak at
the Wiiliamston >lemo.~xxl baptist
I church. Sunday May 18, 8 p m. under
|tr.e dinctMc of the Anti-Saloon
League of America anl the Anti-Sa
loon rf Votk 1 *~ l
arrangements are in the hands of Rev.
K S. Shirley.
This famous Southerner is a cam with
the Anti-Saloon League of America,
and will spent his r»-;naii .ng years or
the platform for that organization
He has been hear*- in every state
in the Cnion\ times and ofun
in the other lands of the earth. Few
men in America have led as a long a
career in the mavement for prohibi
tion as he has Lad. IV«hap> no r.ian's
name is mute permanently identified
i witK this movement a- that of Sam
j For many years a part-* rof Sam
[Jones. un«ier whom he was convertoi
forty years, ago while filling the
I place of a prominent editor and public
official. Sam Small seer, became know n
is a great evangelist u, tbe principal
cities of the United States aid Canada
His conversion led kim all the way
into the fight arainst every evil, and
his voice was lifted against the Imiuoi
traffic in a day when >uch a protest
was rot very popular even in the
As a very young man he was ad
mitted to the bar He then became
private secretary to ez-I*re-ident An
drew Johnson For many years he
was an editor of Southern paper
notably the Atlanta Con>titation. and
is still a staff specialist of that rews
paper l~r»ter appointment of President
Hayes he sgrved as secretary to the
American Commission in Pari* in
and as a delegate to the li.tertiat:onal
I Literary Congraws- Whi*e with the
Cnited Stales Army in Cuba in IMS
he was military supervisor of public
instruction, and helped to recognize
the pahlw arhools of the islaad.
The word eloqueat is tbe weakest
word that might be ««ed in desrrih
ng bis platform abdity He seem* to
grow stronger aad more convincing
as an orator as the years r° on- He
has a rare fund of humor, wit and
sarcasm, and be is a strong aad con
vincing protagonist of moral aad legal
reform ami civic righteousness.
His meetings are free and both
women and men are invited
He will speak at I*l t. Fridav
Closing tbe er.«t if a mart success
ful scbaol year m Haadtou tbe Higt.
School will imeßt Thursday. May 8
-All A Mistake-. The comedy will
be staged with aa all Is nil cn_-t and
indication* psmt to a mast sacressful
event. The ezercfee* of the -chool
will ha held neat Fridny at 1:30 p m
' ' The Jamesvtlle school is thm week
holdinr its comsMcemst eltrri-i
after completing a mat scaressfal
year. Tbe program eatend- thro-.-gh
out the week.
Sua Jay from early ■Minna* V" •««
evt r.iae people Herbert faara all diiac
t*o«-s to see the bav.c wou- ht by tki
terrific stern: of last WmwsLij aftei -
aeon. Every raad was crowed with
'cars carrying tha u Lars* »f people to
|anti from the storm itru.s
l It is estimated that as many as
jam* people vinted tbe storm beat
Mia Laliah Rook Boyd of Ay.ien L
visitinr he* aaal. Mi*. C R Flem
Mis. C. J. Sawyer of Windsor and
Mrs. I. M. Meekia of Qizaheth City
were ia town Stobj
Mrs- P. H. Brawn aad Mrs- Z. H
Rase vbdted Mrs W. H Ldley at
Jairw ■« ille !»«« week
Masatra. Bdl Bailey aad Dick Leach
of Washington were ia town Suaday.
Mr and Mrs. Wfll Carr, Mrs. R. T.
Smith of Wflson vrer - visitors here
Mis* Mary White of Greeaviße speat
the week-end with her mother. Mrs.
Mollis White.. .
Mr-. Ihsrward Gargaaus spent the
week-jad in Rnjeign wrta her hushar.-i.
Mr. T. C Cook jf Rocky Mount
spent Sunday with bis famfly here.
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday. May 6, 1924.
Instructions Given to the
List Takers of the
Several Townships
The County Assess**. Mr. Fiery
reel he!.) a meetinc at the Cant
House yesterday with the list taker*
of the county for the iwipo-r of id
struct in k them in taker the tu list.
The following of the.
several towrshipr» *«»
Jamesville. John D. Ulty: Wdliawi-
Joshua L Colt rain; Gnftc>. Joe Gray-
Corey; Bear Grass. Nathan Rogers;
Williamston. John K. IVr{. Cross
Ro«l>. 1- A. Clark; RoberMKavallc. A.
L Bellllower; - G.
Taylor: Hamilton. W S. Rhodes;!
ooosc Nest. J. F. Crt-p
The law require- that all 1
of ever? kin.: shall h.* listed fAr taxe
durin-r the roith of May. all
persons subject ti pil Ui aa4 li«t
during the month of May. M be sub
ject to .louble tax.
Every farmer is rh|Otni t# make a
farm census return, include
acres owned ami oiitivaM and the
various crops planted
The numbers of fnul trees* stock,
poultry, teams, etc Also the uwwt
of cortnierrlal tVitilfwr b«l
Th~ ha-, of valuer to he
on the personal property of taut- coun
ty is as follows:
Best mules. S2M>. aad .B»wr. with
graaie; best horses 111* u>l trade
downward; Beef cattle estimated at
IO rent* per pound: bed eww» IM
and graie downward: Hogs i cents
per pound; grass, bay ard fodder.
$1,541 per hundred: leaned hay Ti cents
j»er hit ml re» I: I Va- aa»i «na>. f- *'
fier bu-liel: peanuts •> cents per pt»and
lint cotton, 2S ceets per pwi: corn,
111 im per bushel; aad laid. 1#
verts per pound: buoxi of all knads.
'iii cents per p>and. au» in lib • . cod
price less allowance foe w-ace
Mrs Mary L Saitfcra|4y4 at her
home near JamesvSe IW
a long arul painful - Mrs. SoOth.
wick suffered consMeraMe pus from
a cancer which ha.! been afertai> her
for more than two years SKue kml
been a confirmed invabJ far snaky
ller hu.-band, Sauthwixk. La.
been dead abuut £ years. lea.vtar to
the care of Mrs. Smtthwxk t»» dauch
ters, Mr.-. S. J TetlertMU asd Miss
Glennie Smithwick Mrs. Smithwick's
two bi others. Me—r- Sam ami T. S.
IL ile, still survive her
She was 79 year.- »bt and a t«*a»ber
of the primitive bapCzd cbcrrh at
Skewarkee The utrnscd aril! take
place this afterr.wc. at tbe faaniy
burying trround near the «*t
place. The funeral senws wdl be
conducted by Elder Syheder Has>dt.
ResoMior Inttidi'r d
At Hertford Moetw"
By Judrre P. Winsto"
| lliat we eipres.- u-sr tlask> at>d
gratification itm ■ tbe South Atlantic
Coast Highway tA atst.a di rt_-
to commit tiul abtfatul xs
-ociatiofi to % tiasse in rasJk and cf I-srta Cudas ilyt
way Hiujat Na. :0 mmm i ti i »t««i by
our State lliflhwav C»ua» •ia r as a
primary pro jack asd of iitwol need
ard importance.
I ... . ...
V.'e tLs- :.'la.e
r inn tj .lerd it - fortWr aid am!
CHuanpatEt tn tbe rniii jdrtii t oi
North Caniisa highway Psnjfrt No.
40, bat not at the eipn»e or detri
ment of Project No. 3b by seducing
its raak as a highway of ftiaan and
nattuaal importance a- kAtUfuf de
dared by tbe North Canduaa High
way Cnunu -ioa aad to tbe con
-t ruction of which apoa He faith of j
such designated in— Ises. ton.- a zti
citixrns have ■ >u.- ard
made invest mm Is aa the strength
lina Highway Cnwsii to take im
mediate and VKtnci step* fur «■»-
pic-ting - hard swrffariac a sixteen
foot real from the hsimUe actus» tbe
i'joanoke River at Wtßandm to toe
Virginia line: ard we irre tbe coan
ties ami towns ilsu.r tbe route to
make liberal cprdnbuiuj.j. an| sab
»ci jplinsi to aid p tbe spaady com
ptetian of that work
| Miss CkrWtiae kot Lt*
! from Mid Tebarg whne -he bas been
attend «chaal far tbe pmt* several
Messrs. W. H. Goka, «Bba C
J'arreil. James and W. C. Mauuf,
Jr. motsred to Smiay.
Ballots mailed to 96.0t>0 members ot
the Tobacco Growers Cooperative .As
sociation in 130 counties of North
I Carolina, South Carolina ami Virginia
will be counted in scores of court
houses throughout the tobacco area
this Saturday, May 10. The associated
tobacco growers that day will
name the men who >hoo-e their di
rectors for the third season of cooper
ative marketing, and the chairmen of
the county associations of tobacco
growers will certify the names of the
electoral delegates to the Kaleif-h
headquarters of the marketing as
sociation when they complete the
count of ballots next Sutuniay after-
More than 343.1 >liO.Cot> p>unds of
' tobawii have been receive*! by the
marketing association iltiring the fir-t
twoyears of operation and the large
majority of this weed has been sold
■iat prices which associated official- de
clare are far higher than would have
J been possible without the farmers' own
organization for orderly selling.
I Filial statements recentl> received
.by thousands of associated farmers' in
j South Carolina and bonier counties of
North Carolina show that the associ
ation received $66.93 for its l>est
vrrappcrs; $69.16 for its best leaf;
on its high grade cutter- ami
SIBOO to SI9OO |ter hundred for its'
be>t prinung and lug- delivered from
tlw South Carolina belt in 1922. Ac
cording to the association's final state
ments received by mora than 10.1100
tsrrners of the South Cartdina laelt.
the selling price for this tobacco ha
averaged higher than the valuation
placed upon it by the hankers who
a»ade loans for payments to the co
operative growers tn their Urst year?-
•ieliveries. Member- from S..utH Caro
lira are eery geaerally pleaseil with
the result of their first year's market
ing as received by them in checks
from lieadquarter.- and tubulated on
tbe Anal statements which show price*
that are above the average prices re
*W*V if jHowth Carolinians for their
ouer a term of years.
TJte sale of the few million pound
cf old belt ami Kn.stern North Caro
lina tuhacco.- from the crop of IKK
which are now held by the as-sociation
will be followed by a complete fnancial
statement similar to those already re
oeived by the Co-ops of the South Caro
lina belt, according to James H. Crair
treasurer of the tobacco association
--S I) Frissel
Han. Lindsay C. Warren Will Speak
Friday Morning At The Schml
1 lie commencenieiit exercise.- will
begin at the Kverett school on Thurs
day evening of this week, when a
idofraa will be rendereil om.-i tu.-
•of song.-, lr!ll. an.! a minstrel. ThL
proerani will In-gin at 8 o'clock. f>R
Friday morning at II o'clock ther
will be an ai'ire.-.- delivered by K '
laist ay Warren of Wa-shinriiri.
C-. candidate for congress for this
district. The addre.-.- will be follow .
by a p cnic ami a hall game
On Friday ni;dit at 8 o'clock the
seo» r da.-.- exercises and commence
aent address will be given and award
ing of diplomas will take place. The
public i> invited to attend these ex
lion Lindsay C. Warren will de
liver an addre.-.- at the srhool com
mencement of the Everett .-chool al
Everett next Friday mom-ng at II
Mr. and Mrs leak of Seaboard
were in town ye.-tenlay morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrry Walker of
C res well were the guests of Mr.' ami
Mrs. James G. Statoii on Sunday.
Miss Essie Peel returned to Peters
burg after visiting her mother. Mis.
Mary E. Peel for a week.
Mrs. E. T. Whitehead anal daughter
Mrs. Richard House of Scotland Neck
visited Mrs. C. M. Lanier last week.
Dr. and Mrs. B. L Long of llami!
ton were ia town yesterday.
Mr. E. K. Riddle, superiateadeat of
tbe Hamilton schools, was a visitor ia
town yesterday afternoon
Mr. C D. Anderson of Taibare
spent Sunday afternoon here with
Mrs. Anderson who is visitiag ber
Mr. and Mia. J. H. Britt.
Report Very Favorable
In Every
Following is the report of County
Agent. T. R to the Countt
Commissioners for tbe aurtk of Apru
The rr|wrt is very faverahfe- in every
respect and it is plea-ir-- to m-ie the
activity of wr acer.t. TVe repeat f«l
--lows: v
2! days >peat irs field «»:k
-» days sprint in «-*ke w»-rL
! day arrual leave
HV wit's fsrawrs vr tie
2 * it.- other , >uatf
t rents.
Conference- i ith 7 «pra!i-t-
ft l letter- rrttc
farm- twin'.
II demonstratios.- visrted
~y~ mile- tn-.devi m count;. |*r
forminc my dasie.- a- ewsety arer!
I article- »'re-! fv K«ral paper
6 bullet ir - seat to famaers in cvun
I."® hot- treated for faran-r- p
county for Shis
'*• >•'miKBMU ijrrtrc H-'t-i dvtng
th«* month.
This tw.ti I>r Sill>- fr.»*n thei
State cuar .town for a
few tlay - f'»r par|%»-;nst «-f trj.
£h«* nton»H_ (V *((* * !»« 15
Th»> nw.ti l>i Sill>- fr.»u ihf «Nf«ii.»»we:'t «a- ai t>v .» Mais
Slate IVjj-'rr-!  \rmr »ic :#r i call rar-v fr-m another tun ,/
f«-w .ia\ - f.»r »lw -n «-f tram- lH» c-tv an.l it aa. fovnd 11-»t (In
line wnt« a.-vtit t- m* :.*■ (mi of O • ir .j Co
TH-it to t«» fwtita! .-W*a I *j. afiir a~l iKai with t*» c*.|,>re»
have (ivaiird IJS } -or- for »- farm i*art« am rfaiptnrS
r» dnn»r tlx ■ itk by tS~ fir* TV- —trrhrm
L** ?*■* «ts>> »'"■ «" -&4 rt- cooinit* wrre «.»«!■ aUw?
votfl to rrttuu: lunf. w*o f A*. mm J « a (urtlx oxen*. Si .r
wanted to -r!l |>«!tri in car I uraac*.
Th» «t «a- to hr !-vV>l ib
intrton KMIAT DtK ITT\
The Vuut> Aicm-1 at Wa-h.nrl.rt- XillKlL BIMN i\KIINKSPW
an.l ■»»> -rlf atir |» |uiik( to Lu-i ars
olhet ci at V\i !. !,rl,w ««, t.v- jgih T . t
... .. ,v ««-*•> aifi p i«—- Mtwd n
•>f this mortK «' . , ... I.
u r lUI ilrbCK •! tlw t>ak I .t> ." L >3al will hf
»r -». IWI . . . .. _
f» »Mrht. \| iv i.
K * EAN, ® K % TV- . V.-»,«& -Soo'
***** - „; fS , a 5 Ja
n, nil .» t ■»>.■ *t * Kmeajt*»l lirfcir V.rJsw Ua»'
FIRt I AKTL\ n» piat mil i
On Tlinr> U. a : »M at v •Vkxt !l
cUx ci«l U wr
>uikU> Mlkinr. I««/ Wf.«fr l!w- ri ~
. , , . .. , M ' tkhgh*
t»fva* %>f »b> jLt*t pm-t iVb f»4l »et«- i_ , 1M . ,
, ' onrs> *..11 b it**- j*aM
in tIW Bfci l of l!* | »rd, ! liifc „, * « a .
. . "«C *•" «!j lu t l o>r kit • £T
«r> tKr &re Ml >««iM - xv . . A
_ M TV sf. ait I r».t u tJi
IB? a 6rr at iKe of Mr J , „ . . , , ,
Ir. XatwfL
or* to tb.- C -i«e tlw br-l *«..s
Thr .la «!_.#•■ »», .ro rnrat a , Im| ,^ r |K
»Le are K . (hf . , ak „ |iw>
-e bW a ».a t |.V *f tK
**' C'"* I" fW'luJI) I
Tl* fcr* MiKuatol Ik* tV tul *tw.„l rtnrt^.
t.r) Uk a Itatk wktrfc >» prartjrall}
c n fc» tkr 6., u;i||>n:|K |. mthlLs
r 2T" T" fc 'i* "»« H»K «... NT* tI .M
r«»f. J«MI,
|ing county a -.-«t t - rue ;>e treat
ment to hou's to cwtis! * .-le»a I
have treated 1 Hi locs for C farm
ers durine the moet^
Last week some few days were ae
voted to cettuig farmer-' name> who
wanted to -ell p-u!try m car t
The ear- was to Kr !.o.M n Ma-«
■ The County Am: at M a-hiutwr
zn.l myself are pr*|nariac to U>.i aa
i»ther car at Ua-hragtoo the .MOl
•»f tH- morth »'
May i. IWI
Sunday morning, loax before th«-
hr.-ak of .lay ami |»-t «V» folk
in toe mal-t of tir>r smrdr t lutn
1* r- ? the (iff HI »«ii>M
in t a fire at the s>aMe> of Mr J
G. Maton.
The *i- M irty rnd a
tl.e are cnwp«&> .ucveedoi n. rot:
■>urrj>( the Uur before it ia.! ga«e
too far
Tl»e lire Micuatol from IV bat
tor) in a track w I.IC* i» practically
i iv-uiive-l by the Ha«»e- P* firir
i u».te Ms way apua.d throurh thr
roof. dicMly daa»a«.«bg tl* mall-
It wa.- ( 4ii>: u«« a lie alarm wa
! rw>l in that tie tir Mi v 11
-_ch -oape that it «uhl IM V rwnr
until a man clin>V 1 to t.-|> «.! tb.
t .wer an>i Iwset it Ab4htr tefeci
seen a our trr cvmp*«.y wat»»
lack of trguuilMi-
V b-it the CV rapt Si ? MOl> Is more
•ire drills aid a better vudar or
'.iti2a:on. o taat . !»is an en.
rcerurv arise- that thiai ran h*
"t irailt.l mure ~ e- kl i
The local c teler of oamuert»
i-M k-ep kelp tn b*.«il».c apt* -
-HipuM U a M>r -late of
URLS HIKE TO RfißEß* «» v
villi: S.%TI Kin) M«iß\
Only four members of the heal i.kf
-chanl biking Hub -boae«t ap Satar
■lay moraine for the walk la Rob»rs«r>
vdle. a dkdasee of li mflc
The hike wa- -bedtd a few day -
v el ore at -1 all the m fiubrrs aatacipale>i
•oinc llu .i'i obi esan Luae
-rept into the Ha'- ard a bat le fad- •
to take Ihe »iL:l«ai l>*l twr»l;ii
four. Mi -e- Fraaccs lb-nas laora
Orlears, Patlie Ham- aud Margarer
Manaing Tbe four soa4e it to Rot.
er-or.vJie all right asas iHwud by
motor early Satarday iften>wa
Mrs. G- W. Haidisoa returned Sat
urday night from Rwhmord and
Petersburg after priulu t some time
in a buspital in RirbeiMd as! visitme
her sister, Mrs. F. L Mu-ra in
Mr aad Mrs. Lrßcy Bell Mrs An
ra Ift to aid little Fiance* I lit to of
Tarburo vi-ited hirab at the Brilt
hotel Samday
Mrs- W. R Watt- nitaw I to Win
dsor with Mrs W P. Hurathal last
I Mews- John Henry Edwaid* and
BS HaneU attend tbe Vkgaua
borw Saturdny Tbey made the trip
Atwater's Pharmacy Is
Totally I>estrcyecl.
Other Damage
Akwt twelie-thirty fc.-t ftr.
-cas jJiscvierev in th Bi- a-; huiti
ag b WaJiiaft.tß ar>t t>-v er.t n
•aiWir> wa- pfart*j' ! y con-si. *,l
the Aaires \erj httle o-u.'.r v ls^,n .
b» the >itv -!■» ki>.
t* .iiaes rocfianl to the t >ce Nitl- mr
T*e lower ft.or of the b-jiS. r - t w a
by the At water
ar*i al! the of tV -tore a
| well a- the stock wa- a t—*a! !»..
kahsevi at sl>.i«l> ar>* wa- t^-l»
partially w*>! bv Iwwrance "IV
eww Iks.t over the |*jrr-ar> ma
T *~e«l h\ ih- Can«lwa Teiepf-»--«- ar •-
Telerraah Co for -t-r.-ce of -up
•*! Itt-I no .r -Lrarw T 5 -* »
W Pf>* in *ls® >vy , r
'** s«iil..ijsg «a> sJub.c: bi n!>-
I" I** vi mi!S ,r-!»
; r.. raw* jrJ IV |. II S>r.ikjrl|'.
«!sv e.|U pnfrat ir.( (r r»
•bmarol to the antocrt af ilou
«!"«*• with m-ura-see t . the • ■-., v
"f #-*»• TV .lama ;r to the buijUiii-
P'>'t»r i» f-limj'.wi to h«- a!»va
1 « USI ■HH To lb- tW«
'■• a l-o I•• a-k-p. Vaku.c
total ol Inr
J . j-Ct of tie la-t lefi-Uisr.
'"***• »; !• le ch»-«-«. h»e (want , corn
»i .-r-ier. ar.t fir»- nrsb r of I+-
liuarti of l>tucatM-ri frtxi. Iljt t.-,
t-wa-hip- of l'«e . tt.«> >ea«
-»««• u-i Ihr mn-I'J*
«" •( 'mill I- 1
» ! • I i ifcr >»„*,!.» 31
f«. t.
' - .Ja. .*Jl* u»l Vk illuh- _S» i
C:t -- -r» i lirai '>*», *»>! Uilluk
»» ' i" (ilii I■.»•* !. cWi Eivt
r I** I- «ftiillr 1M j|-. lUn.. ' t
r. il m mc. in %rrtH\n.D
T«» I IXi NEintEH '.IKV4
•»P Vlt V. U_ ItMM'
1 l> N _ .ie, Jr. la I**-;,. .y_«.i •
•! t« fill it* . km «-f Mr
V. »i I j«K-r m IKr Hmij «-f •'*«£.{>
«nuu»u4t> »
IV;U(«. M urrw. .£ !lw ««■-
t-dl tiT* Uv« -rlffl Th> b U-|
(M HM Y*r ttr «JKce ~T Vf aarnl " V -*1
rt While Hr Slktr jr t* i
wll (Ua)i6i -I in lnkii>; u«l r»
*(n*rt f(Mt h- .fclrt f.a
ll* ofot frwi. a |>ml -f iMitt bt
» «»•■ «** with a •(iulifica
im, Inw--:. ud iMnnlt
We *re -■« he »Ji «* •! m!
*•*» la h*> f« r*ar>l)rf.
TW Ku» HMM in mLjri i> I-
ikf TomFu» Tnat. FiitsaiV
-'-I »|}jrf tre fL'fcluf •J
--s lie fWsrr V m>l iadi
"4 a wiil kr «l m iW -I—>t
wj»l i-~4 he tmkn mJjt i»> I l * at
!'«iun .f the ti* tiurk or "ti
udwrurit fei>M «t>r f«r IS' toirn
Thi» u(m k» bees aa4t dncs
*ar> **M)r iJ? the fact that other
p rtoa. have mhi fit U m the place
for outer pnfM> aa*i we hope tfcr v
"nil take 4ae aitwr of the *Wie re
amd ma* at* the pl*r* aitlk
J. L HASSELL, Ma »«r.
Tte sth 4a> of May I»1 Apib ri|iH
Unusual Amount of
Business Disposed of
During- Meeting
T l ' reiruiar monthly ■—|i»n ©f
e of cummisMMKri for lt»r
--1*" •«•>.?> w:s~ hfbi \ - --r*iay at tlx
c»\n h.ii « With fat o«iry imi-
Vr of the ipani present. H. C. G'fn
.mvan. J «; ■»! ff |I
I'a. nr.«rt»n.
An an:our! of
3"* before the tfc»ani oiucb .lis- •* -
ffc»se»t of itt r.ip.«! onltr.
K J il. clerk of the .Sspfriw
' fcr Martin roaittr appairttd
I IS. SU h*. Jr. of Hart: .itoft to fill
ifrir .n the board esa*-
-i »»> »:«■ i**ath . f Mr V. R. Taj'ier.
Tfte pruri«ii„irN of t!w for
-he >ia> ar.- a- follow.:
 («■»!' mou..|. K>ar»! r
that the * ottor, I »rower- Avw atsoa
f*a> a la* i-f •! n-nl- on cvitoa.
i*rlftv%i thai the roai -afpv -- - -or s
of I "f*l ar I'oint toff nw-ip tif ;
to repair the an«l br* - of
♦ut township
K. l*avi.- «f Ha milt' .» * .fcip
*a - rrJea»e., I'nm. p-. iwss f *a\
™ f ; >'o property triproperi; :-.-t
Hryan! !: Tay'or
* tta! fur I** jnar I'oir t .«
hip to fijl th*- \arnrsc- c;.L*- r k tV
*th of N I' Tayl«t
\ |k-titx>n> the v >{••?> of par-
Hr «f »;ntfir> town-hip :■> the ? arm
I-if* -ch«-«4 i-ktn ; f.»r ; |w
al lai rlrtth»n lor :ka>: ia*z wa
Or«ier«.i That .1 tl. Ban Jill *■! all
St- toi'l- u-*.t in K uililsr - * in
Coixtrsonvill-towr.-hip. W. I; Ha'
11! ft on Via authorized U SI tools
n K' p u «ii i«i stjl
n»» vat> in 'hi ; to-.- r»-hio "|1»- uoi>
r«ni >ahl a!i*- •.» lie t'am-**! otta the
oufilv fund
* (' I'it i »;>•. "Rosa
uyn*»t ..f poll tav Pirsi «n;
rrttntleti in lat«- war
!* ' t'.iprii w*\ a|>j« i" t#»l #i
£-'*> at tSe CiuPtj I'.otw
V" hotter n> : k rows. iwl. («
wii o".l ti :!> m»- a- h* iui tbi»»k
•*r --ar> for IV Some. "•
Mall- and Still- were rHr.\ .1 from
tie payment of 11\ on I.~4» acres of
'«■! impr«.!»-rl> lr.-ted in Pteplar IVtnt
townoh i p
Ordered that (' II l'ow?r !■» re
'eased from the payment of tax oft
Sl.'iO pro|>ert> improp-rty !Ulol in
W illian -ton township.
l»«- l--s .-? jur.r- a set- i efar-hete
» this l«a|» r wa, iiniwu to erve at
'* itttl regular terra of .-j[>n»r
ourt for Mai tin touki) trhwb will
ae irkl in June.
.s.i «■ It* last article »«»ncxri .llthe
Martin I ount> Summer Sefcool. Ine ,n
' « -! n llw -ante ha- b«h- i uutly
fii-m "uL-iitf tie countv The ir.,jin
faamln l> >tlil lack.! (c by four or
five, aii I a- th«- tuw L- nutrtti f or:,
tho.-e in Martin «>ho te ire to tak.-
ailiaiitafe of a -chuul i:«Kt iheir'
•l«—l -tiouhl enlist, —» tfiat i'ope
«ia\ t«t- at>le to ft>rn>u!at- pla_' - 'u the
>aiw. It will be rh»ap> r arm! si.-. . coa "•
venient for the white Itacker- oi* tfce
rami) wh«t «le-ire to ran e ifc? . cer
tificate-. to attenii (hi- eft-m* v «*l
in >wir naae to th* ('maty -.•kiu
tefxieiit at once.
Hit- threat tt hite
City contain- ni.«re than M'a'. ti le
tainlftCriit lamp- in l>MUl> i ■ >.tr*
To authorize the rui;vae • r fty
cent piece.- in (ontnKir. .rat U i n' ifae
fannic on Stone Sl.u tan, u4 di
»•* lotliry feVi (T Tfirifijjr, Trosl
tient of the I f. t«t States, n
aim mi t rat.i ti* wort '-.a» Ir.B» a
Ml ha- ieen intrufuc f in tL: ;^.
H illiar .-tow. \. C.
Cmme oa the tfce "paity". Ta* Jan
Hand's playing aal wiVI >.«!k m k>r
ing iC- flmic
Wine from strange g>a*i«i* -- m m ,
fiwa strange lips! W3d« flit ; ea4s
aa dauagereus path- m jgm ma 4 par-
MUt of thnOv.
Sfcaw starts Ml p jl

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