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gNT»np«!if!r rrmis** -
\*»lU»in»ton, North Cnrobo-i
S*ib«« ripti*-T» Pric«-
(Strictly Cash in Advaaee)
1 year - *
6 months - "®®
8 months 1
Entered at the Pout Office at Wil
■amston. North Carolina •« second
lass matter.
FRIDAY, MAY 16. 1924.
'Who -v 11 tie Democratic iVondnri
tial candidate be? Distit.LJ - less cor
tail. Is U-,e nt,.Hwer gi>'>n t*» "> a:
que; 'on than to the question of Ui
Rei'i Mican candidate. It is generally
coii • led that Mr. McAdoo may go in
to th? convention with forty-live or
fift; per cent of the delegates in
struct eth for him; But it is likewise
con . .led that Mr. McAdoo has faded
to capture the imagination either of
his party or the country. Indeed. •»'>
iou defection has occurred in quar
ters where McAdoo support might
have been reasonably expected. I h«'
Democratic field is still an open one.
The casual mention of Josephus
Daniels, as a" possible candidate, lias
sparked more public'ami partisan in
terest than the political press re
flect. Mr. Daniels, it is true, promptly
announced that he was not a -candi
date, and his state, North Carolina,
did not name an;, delegtes fur him.
Nevertheless hi name etHne-with the
effect of light and hope to thousand
of Democrat;', lie represents qualiti*'
which are too in present
politics. He stands for . oni" ot tin 1
best achievements in public life. In
fact the naming of Dunul.. a i.
possibility threw on element into the
situatioti v.hich i uiv yet have i?s*i» T "-
, tant results.
Every Presidential convention | oes
through three stages. First .there i.-
the complimentary introduction of
various candidates, "fuvorite sons,
"available timber," "receptive party
wheel-horses," and all- the rest. I hat j
over, the convention settles down into I
its second stage, the fig 111 between
candidates who really count. Ihe im
politic thing about stlong convention
candidates i. tin:', they evoke a.-
strong opposition. When a convent ion
readies' a deadlock tliroui li the do
termination and strength of two can
didates, it h-giia to slip into ii
third Stage, the search for compi..
mise cund.da'e-. f>■ r "the d.nk ho.
v. hose modesty h:'.- c;.atid n> on: ...
lilul whose pa record render-
acceptable to all lact. of: .
It may be that ii the third stag,
of the Deniociattc national come.,
the name of a nii'i like Josepiiu.-
Ilaniels wjjl ionic with unifying po>\
er and carry off the nomination fa n
the stronger conUnders. Spoal.' .
generally, the Democrats could co:
ceivably do much worse than nai •
Mr. Daniels."
Dehorn lmlependent.
It is gratifying to sec the great
leaders of our country getting to
gether,. looking for some way to sup the manufacture, selling and
carrying of pistols.
It is a great menace to the safety
and peace of the people \yhen e\e>ry
coward in the land has his pociiets
stuffed with pistols.
VFhere is much sign of someswetion
The America* Bar Association recent
ly gave the matter consideration
Numerous bills are before Congress,
dealing with the nuisance.
American cowards murder more
people with pistols every year than
all of Kurope. The chief cause is, wc
leave them so handy and in such abun
dance. Cut out pistols and stop many
murder*. /
' *
What ia a Diplomat? Many defini
tions of a diplomat have been given.
Some have said a diplomat was one
who could settle trouble now ajid
fcaep it settled a long time. Others
1 liave said a diplomat is one who can
j stand before, your face, take for his
own use the thing.; that rightly be
long to you, smile himself and keep
you smilinp all the time.
The most recent definition is given
in parable, thus, "If a gypsy horse
trailer should get into high diploma
tic circles, he would look buck upon
( his former life as one of honest toil."
. It really looks as if mast of io«-
. diplomats of today arc seeking to
cheat ami rob each other.
The diplomat who carries the larjr
est stick and has the largest puise
occupys the seat at the head of the
table while the small fellow is found
perched here and there on footstools
and found in lowly places.
Diplomacy i> good in principle but
is, doubtless, pretty raw in practice.
Hilly Sunday is more than a wonder
For a man to travel and preach and
plead with sinners the nation over and
not lie absent from the pulpit in .'l2
i'eaJC. is rather remarkable. And then
he d:d not give up. he was forced to
stop on account of sickness.
I'o! it »«•--. a- the game is being play
id n, the sight of the American poo
pie. is a sad exhibition of pe ly maul
.•i!ne -..
A goo,l word now and _ is
betti r than a million bad i
i ol; S MHI d)l II i til.LONi
So;, I tea n 1'i..0 >': >'' r bushel.
Jo !.ua I  oitrain. K I' 1 > -1
id I HI. I", !'! t
Tl. • legist rat ion I!:. ■ I for Martin
'oui.ty will l;e ipeneil of tfril'ay.
!nii :,rd as : iiinaif - ■ ■ t r three
week- f. r the legetra i : of votes fol
'•••• I'ianur;. ei. June ai'.-f"a!. o tne
... "i'!ar November ( lectioa. ou
ii'iU. i . if you are nyi i'ored. as
■or cannot vote for y our'friends un-
0.... your are 'I he following named
re the' registrar.
7ami-. vll lo Tov.T^frtp - Johtt D. I.illey
\\ ill ams Township John X. Hopkins
_jrrtt ns lownslpp Knh r: 1 ■ '•' t 'eelei
'• at tira-. Town, hip J.ivia I; ,(cr
. ltn..ton i'owi, hip C W . Keith
r.ia.U J ■ Ay,,',
lob.'r oi vill-' i' vvii '• •t. . I.i e
' M t'oif! ; •  i i t. .i .
• :•! ir I'o ft i'-iv nship \S i.iti
nilton Township i'. A'. I . nil..nil. oi Ne.»' Toui. I.iji T.J.'. .' : on
\>r;. i. 'ectfu'ly,
I. ,M. Ll IvlvAS, t iia4111...:.
«' -II I ti \\. Stcnj-ii; .
•'art a ' 'nuhty I!«. i: d of I!!.
X'tMIMS'l K \ KlltS NO I Ml-:
Having this i iay qualified a • ail .
n i ; rate,  T. A. of the estate of
i h.ine \\ . Coltram, late of iVlai'.in
• •■a' .in or before Apiil IMb. or
iii'y, s'otice is hereby g.vei: to
! .. holding c'aifis a 'st i state to present them fi'!' ']).Vy"
1 is noti- e will bo plead in bar of theii
All |II I - on. iiifle'ited to said estate
lie ••-tjtie. teil to «.iiiie forward and
• il: • immediate payment of same.
V April Ml. PJIM
MA\DA V I Mil I;Y.
.'.linix. i' r A iii U\
Mi ll MS. It notes \«> I l«"K
I ...via,: this day eualiiied a. adi.i:.
»'.i::t..r of the e late «d Joseph Karly
•h ei a -e.l. late of M.-.rtin County, N" rti
.. tiii- is to notify-nil |H»r.>ei...
ii... . r claims against the estate of
d i'e e.j to exhibit to the
| •!.• i s • ;;:od on er
if ; .1. V.i'J", oi notic" w.i!! be
r'. .1 d ir bar of t'.eir re. overy. Al!
a. indebted to th.e c tate will
>' "a ■ i.i :k- in n.i ! : te utttlenwt.
Me ih.- L'!»tl. day \pril. 11(24.
1! A. I'AK'Y, Adininistralor o'
lo Kail; , deceit -ed.
r 4 29-4t
l ade.- and by virtue of the author
v c»i:taiiud in a certain deed of trust
■ A(."ute.i b> I J Milican on the,9th
-lay of J. :.iar\ 1 anil of record in
'he public registry of Martin County
in Hook C» 2, page 144.,t0 secure cer
tain notes of e-en dale therewith, and
the conditions therein contained not
having been complied with and'at the
request of the parties interested, the
undersigned Trustee will on Monday
the 26th day of May 1924 at 12 o'-
clock M. in front of the Court Mouse
Door of Martin County in' Williams
• ton. North Carolina, offer for sale, at
. public auction, to the highest bidilef
for cash, the following described pro
perty, to-wit:
* Beginning at comer, of Mrs/ Bettie
Gi:rga,nus lot on Washington Road;
thence Hloni? said road about . r >tl feet
to corner of A, J Hritt lot about 210
feet to R. A. Lloyd lot; thence along
R.-A. Uoytl lot about 50 feet to Mrs.
liettie Gurganus lot; tnence along her
lot 210 feet to tho beginning, coi.-
> taining one-fourth acre moYe or less.
This the 26th day of April, 1924.
s 5-2-*t
I - :•
I nder and by virtue of the power
s of sale contained in that certain deed
- of trust executed -o the undersigned
trustee on the 7th day oi December,
n Marin County Public Registry in
jlnok H- 2. jiage 410. securing certain
aonds of even date and tenor theie
*" .vith, and the stipulations in said deed
. ,f trust not hiving been complied
vith and at the request of the holder
" if said bonds, the undersigned trustee
" vil 1 on the sth day of June, 3H24, at
~ 1 li.oo o'clock, noon, in front of the
:ourt iiouse door of Martin County,
0 dfer at pubi c audio: to the hixh
■s-t bidder, for cah. the following
lescribed lands:
I'irst 1 ract—Beginning al a small
p Tine on the Hamilton Road at the
e southeast corner of !-».t No. !: thence
1 South 46 West 2H' poles to the ru»
•t" i'» ards Swamp at the Southwest
s corner of lot No. 1; thence down the
,-un of saiil Swamp to the corner of
ot No. S; th«-iice North 46 West a
>.'»ut 2'K) to a ps».-i * ft 1 '*7 t hap
I Road; thence Noril IT West 30
i;,le up s: id r«.ao to a |>oint between
he Hamilton airf Ia ? Cljap« f Roads;
r i.eiice Northwardlj along the V*
I iari.- line "J«i - the b?g nn: ig.
. or'air ir■ • 6.1 ST.'-, more or le.- s.
Si.on! Tra ' at a p.««t |
■ i t ; 1 C a|e,' Koa-' at
1 as! corner t.f v ... 2: thence So' th
ti V. I- Dole !'| t .e run of
,V;ir Sv.ur;;;.; »?,•».« ' ,*1: tie vnr
.l.l ei. ~ -. - (.* aid t Jo. epn
1,,f'■ I * rii.-! tie r, a 1,..,. tin- .-aid
if.'ly lin ti *ia Log ' tiJ:;*! Road;
11' i 1 "iorth ap a 1 ail: yard; to
h> 1.1 ■ Mi?,. . c«: .a 'or. a." acres
.or- or 1.
Tnis the 6i:. o;*y * ' .day, 11*24.
NOi i( K «>i >ALK
I'nder aiei by v.rtue of the author
ly loiitai: ••. 1 a ceriai!; I *ei-ii of I
irust e.M'C'ute.: «»> A* Spruill and
•vife, oil the •' .'u'y l.l»17.
nil of lecrd • 't - • » iv.'istr.,
1 Mart;n ' 1 u.:.- . ' I at
.age i 2. • 1..«■ of
v. n datt ■ • !"i t e pu cha e
• f I i'. !, an«l the c«»r - iti-.i. • therein
-'•llitaim .1 • l!«'t !>;:\ .'.■ " I- 01 r«m.plied
villi a' i at the rufary: u'-frit* jwrtH 1 ;
••'eiesti d the U: •.. t> trUstle.
..II no M'. lulaft, '•!:•) 2*»io. 1 '.12,. at
o'clock *1 *-«. fr- r.t of tlie Coo.'
Mouse I'i.or in the l.a.i, , f V ill:.
ton. N  . ' - > • '• • 1 ' 
t«cti»n. to 1 ■■.■•■'■ i-e. . ■■'• u-l
he following dbcnWO j ;.i-- '
I'eiog lot N 7 1 I ink I. «f . 
. 'lfo'.vn Fie f v '
- ".m • aid ei.• - - ■ '
• üblic K
I .an I Div . s N". ' at ; . .
71 to wh. ' • » b l-a.l fol
■ij more «le: «*. o'h ■■■
Thi- the -I'l -v .* in il. 1
J I I'OI'I . Tri'-te v
4 25 41
Under arid by v ir! ne .if tlve p vwi r
of sale 0 ' • i in tliat certain d-ed
of trust 1 iu.ii ami e\ecute«l by I!. A.
' Cray to !. ■ i.iider i"ii»s! Trustee, arid
(tearing the date of February 2nd,
I92t>, and of record >n Itnok A-2- at
page 4Ho of lite Martin County Public
Registry, said .icoi of trust having
been given to secure ti,e payment of
celtuin ilot> of ev.-i: date therewith,
and the te.-ii-.- ae. ' fee lnions therein
•ontained (■■■' iiavioi been complied
with, and at the request of the holder
of said notes. »he ur.dersign«s| Trust«>e
I will, on M the 2nd day of June
1924. a' 12 '• >■': M 1:1 front of th«
Courthouse I'.. •• "! r« i.  '..1 y.
■ll the tow 1 of V. ill Winston N. of
fer for sr.'- a' public auction, to the
highest bio .- for t J>!.. tiie following
deserilied pr. perly 10-uil: -
That certain tract of la id situate |
in the tov. **>f lN>b«. .-01 vdle. North |
, .;• '2 "J /J ' 1 1
"I i -
Screen Doors
1 * ' .- . r . |
-Wo inivo in stock a complete line of- I
P »
Screen Frames (knockdown), Screen Dooio jo
p and £cret.i Wire. All sizes and widths ran*? |
".'I ' - $
r in?T from 21 to 40 Hoih g*alvanizeu
e i iviul black.
f C.D.Carstorphen& Co
t+f~ — . % •• ... ,j
I Carolina, .
r I Beginning at a -.lake in Alice
I ! Grimes' comer of Let No. 11, in the
I ' division of the S. C. Grimes estate
> I runs thence N HS F with Railroad
' i Street to the center of linroes Street,
1 j tnence S 0 1-2 V." *:«.h Grime.- Street
1 i 20(1 feet from the renter of t!» rail
road truck; th«:ice South 8a W to
' Alice Grimes lot No. II; thence N
1 9 1-2 East with Alice Grime.-' line to |
r the beginning, containing OVE-HAL? j
? (i-2) ACRE more rr less, being lot
' Numbers 12 and 13 in the (livirien of
tho S. C. Grimes Estate.
'1 hi- the 29th day of April 1924.
■ 5-2-4J
I have this day •. qualified as execu
tor of the estate of W. J. Johnst-n, |
' | late of Oak City, Martin county. I
: I All persons holding claims against j
! said estate will file .-am* Tor payment j
| on or he fort April "0. 1 925, or this!
. t.otice will !>e pltai«-! in bir of their
'j All persons inde'a'.vl to said e "trite
1 will please make it' meuiate payment.
This April 3t>, 1924
1 i Executor of W. J. Johnson.
j '
i ndet and by v ri .e of the j.o»er
of .-ale contained in a certain i«ed|
of trust executed t' tt ur.'i?ri-i»,t.*«i |
trustee by J. V. (light and wife,l
Julia Might on the ;>»th oay of N'JT. I
1923 which said 'i of trast I.- ofl
| record in tin 1 public r«-tri.-try of Mj; j
i tin County in Book N-2 at (jar-e 4 54. j
i said deed of trust ' av n v Utn |
ito secure the payment >f a ccrt :r |
note of even ilate aid t> n« r th«re-|
j with anil default III:' :ir- been made :r j
the payment of the -aid note a-d
J stipulations contair e*l if the aid deed
of tru-t not been c->.r>|-i t«i
with and at the re« ue.-t »f the hoi "el
•if the said note, the uiider-i"ned trrs
tec wili on Friday the fit l day >? June
1924 at 12 o'clock M, in front of tie
court house door in tl ~ town of \ >l
- North ' atohra «»>r»>r for
-ale to the highest bidder for «t
public auction the Mlowrng .1* cr.V-i
real estate, to-wit:
This property being my one-t» :rrf
;r.>! . "i. i i n --'j . ; t" tlie to- j
w "'house a:.l lot loratt ' •«, j
V. illiatnsloii. Nort ' Carolina I
,ii | ( > t| l( . ->r»perty the l!..r|
'.. i */»s; ! e SpeiW r I
-r Vi ; house and lot i n«1 I' *u' 1 '• r I
Si t e ! t-? v
!, ,t 1 tirtw crcup; an.!, kwrni as the
ff,• A arejif - V iIH; . ..
II : ?V. #-.»h da*.  ' Ma . 192;
K! J'KBT S I'KIT Tn»-t*-*
Mart'ii and I'eel. Atfys.
5-9 It j
I a'!'! by virtue  f l':~ •« :t' • . |
"Tty contained in a certain rirv * r* t—
executed by John Kober-on .
Svlvia Ivolierson, op the !".:i day (' j
I.ti-Uary 191.', ar.-i of roc'o..t
I uhlie registry «»f Mart'n I'.hh Tv i
Hook D-l, page 112. to secure cerfcur |
ioii': of cieii date tiierewith a."*! : h« I
condition- therein cor'ta rie l not !.:>*" j
*i" I '« i coir.j>!ie«l with and at th »•
* i.f the ie's" iritereste-; tl-.
s.n i-r-i'.ri ed Tn s' -e will on Mondry
::«'th day of . lay 1924 tffrr
'de, a. 'll i'clock M. in of i*-.
I'ouit lli'li-e Moor of Mart'!i (. 'F
,i V. iilianistoo. 'Vrth t"ar«Mlna. "at j
X f r.o Via
f en si mich, Sfc-k iMliik.
•r " °;uo down," yom wui ktl
I Tutt's Pills
• II wlut jroa n«a. TWt UtlknA
II tiunuch kuU Bp ik tftum.
pabllc auction, to the highest hiddei
• for cash, the following described pro- |
. I«rtjr:
A house and lot on Main Street in
the town of WOliamston adjoining J.
1 E. Mobley. et ak
1 'Beginning at J. R. Mobley's western
comer or> Main Street; thence up
Main Street thirty five 35» yards;
' Uience about North West parallel with
J. R Mobley's line seventy (70' yards
thence about North East parallel with
Main Street to J. K_ Mobley's line;
• 1-ence thirty five (35) yards to J. R.
Mcbley*s line; thence along said J. R.
Mobley's line seventy (701 yards to
Main Street, containing one-half acre.
This the 26th day of April, 1924.
J. S. RHODES. Trustee.
I Martin & Peel. Attys.
I Under ana by virtue of the author
ity contained in a certain deed of
j trust executed by A'idie L Edwards
ja:;d hife-band E. A. *'-dwards, on the
! Ist day of January 1913. and of re
cord in the public registry of Martin
County ir. Rook P-l page 85 .to se
cure certain note of ?ven date there
with. ar.d the conditions therein con
tained not having been complied with
awl at th* request of the parties in
terested th* uixiersiirned Truste*. will
Weak "1
1 was weak and nenrou
and run-down," writes Mrs.
Edith Sellers, of 466 N Slat
H SC. East St Louis. IIL "I
| couldn't sleep nigkta. I was ao
| restleos. I feit tired and not
in condition to do my work.
I would have such pains in
{ my stomach that I was afraid
M I would get down in bed. . .
jj My mother caw to se« ma
j- and suggestad that I use
Ur Woaa's To* 5
• I felt better after my first
H Lottie. I had a better appe- 8 i
«■ tit*. It atned to strengthen I .
i M ar.d baric f e up. lam so j
H glad to rercmraend Cardul I :
j for t hat it did for me. I I,
I'-* havtst needed a r.y mediciaa Hi
f- s r.. elt» k Caidui, and lam Q
x j fee ing fine." 8
restlessness, |
j| ; "eej lessnt^a —these symp- S
| t as so often are the result B :
L j ».f a weak, run-down coadl- |
g | tii.3, and may develop more B |
g | . tromiy if cot treated in ■ ■
" I ■
ill f you a** nervous and |
u j i -.-down, or suffering from S I
Vj I I w i a.anly weakness, I
a I take Car -uL
SoJJ tuiywhei*
- j E-Vtt 3
-« HMI
I, I
iinrrismt Urns,
aui* (lutitiiauu
Detour Sign!
i For The Latest Styles j
In New Merchandise
I•- \ -
I Harrison Bros. & Co.
n i
—• - *
* ; r - *
son Monday the 26th day of May 1924,
at 12 o'clock M, ■ front mi the Cent
House Door of Martin County. at WB
itamston. North Carolina, offer for
sale, at pnbiie a action, to the high
est bidder, for cash, the following de
scribed property, to-wit:
It being the old Free School Lot in
the Town of WaUamctoa. V C, and
being one half an acre on the Sooth
side of Main stmt and oa the West
side of the Third street next to West
of Haujrhton street, and beinr the
same premises deeded to the public
school by Sylvester Haxsell by deed of.
renin! in Book G-G at page 431, and'
being the same premises now occupied
by O- K. Cowine and the same pnab- ■
es, this day deeded to Addie L- Ed-1
wards by C H. Gudwin.
This the 2Sth dar of April 1924.
A. R. DI CING, Trustee
Martin £ Peel, Attv's.
Under arxl by virtue of the author- .
ity contained in a certain Deed of j
Trust executed by Willie Boston and '
wife Iceleno Boston rn the 14th day j
of April 1919 and of record in the!
4 ;
| To The Citizens Of
City And County
I have irijiiirn! to habile the entire delivery of ice for the
IJbdsey-Lillev Ice Co. this- *kt:. ronmencui- Ma> 1. 19C4- Warors
will go each roorr ibg except Sanday for the of tiling rel ;
frirerators and waiting oa the genera! public. ||
IVices as Follows
1000 pound ticket L„_ $7.00
500 i>ound ticket '• 3.50
200 jjound ticket „ 1.50
300 jxnind block of ice 1.50
Sold at my Ice House
100 pounds : , $ .(JO
.300 pound block 1 J 1.35
(The above prices are same as factory)
Wagons will also go out in the afternoon with &>h abi small
pieces of ice for water ar>i tea.
(Jood Service is My Aim
Phone 372 Williamston, N. C.
a aeeaaaaa sooaaaa, -
pUt registry of Moth Cilj ■
Book A-2 at page 124. to MR cer
tain notes of even date Itoieailh. ami
having been c> mptied with and at (he
reqaest of the patties iirtmaUd the
undersigned Trwstee. wfll mm "■ -nliy
the 26th day of Maj. 1924. at 12 o'-
clock M. m front of the Cowrt Howe
Door of Martin Gouty to the Town of
WiOiamFton. X. C. offer for sale, at
public auction, to the highest bidder
for cash die following property:
Begining at the G P. Pine and ran
, ning North 80 W. 44 petes, theaee N.
E 59 poles to the pabiir road, thence
alonr said mad a 0 L 3C poles,
thence S. 18 west 49 pales to the begin
, nine containing 1? acres more or less,
i This th e24th day of April 1924.
JOHN D. LILLEY. Trwstee.
I ———
j is a |TMgi|tto far Malaria. CUs
' aad Fever. IV*ewe or Bilaas Fever,
j It kills the germt.
I 1 _ *•

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