North Carolina Newspapers

    ■ - m \
a V
luried in the Gray that
He Wore in the
After many months of suffering
Joseph Carey passed away at his
htnr Saturday. He was 83 years old
the 14th of last February- and was
bora ■ Griffins township where he!
lived all his life except for four years j
when he sojsarceyed into the Wilder
nra where he slept in the trenches
in mad and water at night and fought
for what was considered right in the
Perhaps no man wore the Confed
erate Gray with more honor than did
Joseph Corey for four years, ami few
nen cherished its cause and the reco
lectioas thereof more warmly than be
He had so well preserved his uni
form of «>• year* ago that it was used
as his burial suit kr-p-ark wa.- also
placed in his coffin
A large crowd assembled at th*
home Sunday afternoon where funeral
services were conducted by W. I!
Harrington, t C. Stone anil A. J.
Manning. After the services the hod .
was taken to the burying of his
father at th? Claudius Roberson farm
and buried
Mr. Corey was the last of a large
family of children. His wife only reach
ed the grave a few months ago. He
leaves six children. L K Corey and
Alex Corey of Jamesville ami D. *
Corey «f Boston. Mass.; Mrs. * K
IT' ilxrk Waimmston: Mrs. C. R
l*ii ik'assn of Baltimore and Mrs. C. H.
Moore cf Graham. Virginia.
Mr. a%d Mrs. M. J. Davis gat - th«
Senior Class of the High School a
uncial eyetittg Friday, May It Pink
rvies in silver vases and bas
kets artistically carried out the class
color ttheme in the receiving room -
A lively game. "Searching for My
ÜBrje" started tho program of ac
tivities. Mass Carrie Lee I'eele re
presenting Big - Bluff College wo :
tnt place and for her athletic feat
was awarded a smaU W. H. S. per
aaat ~Kntranee to Big Bluff College"
—iked the door of the parlor. To
enter Big Muff College the candidate
were to pass three entrance eianin? -
lions. Miss Myrtle Wynne and Mr
Bryant  arstarphen winning highest
hi an. rr oa history and public speakin ;
receivv-l a class of "24 leatherette
ba skirt contain ing class poems writ
ten by the hostess The rending of
these offorded wholesome amusement
The stndents then exchanged partner -
far the geography test. Miss M>-rtl
Wynne scored highest in this also. TV-
Has* asimsl was presented to her.
After the entrance tests the candi
dates were received in the dining roam
by Miss HartsMd. Here they four*l
their places, which were designated by
tiny diplomas tied m old rose and sil
ver ribbon, and enrh bearing the
Mne of a senior. These diplomas ear
taon of faalificatins for entrance to
Big Bluff as expected. Fat's decrees
mere then rend After which refresh
white ice cream and cakelets mstrli-
Al this i lining added sentiment, sis
dad the paach served at the beginning
ai the i is jag
When the gnests returned to the
pnrtor they foumi magazines, acissors.
ptmrli. ifthia and all the necessary
teals for asalring picture Journals of
each other. This task furnished u
how ef well-earned fun. Jast before
■tn| "good night" enrh wninr drew
stwtislira far his or her diary now
the daas. She was ant forgotten at
any time. Puttie's fortune, journal and
hag etnas mates. Nevertheless her
i> II rr was Ml Professor Wolff of
tte High School was amde aa b.nor
ary mi mill of the class far the even
The Sensor Class knots eight un
ton shanU he peaaad of her hays and
N'nlh Carathm as freshmen next year.
, They are Misses Vefana Harrison,
Mnttie Perry, Carrie Lee M, Pat tie
Harris, Myrtle Wynne, Messrs. WB
Kam Hodges, Bryant and
far Pwiwliii WWR UKT >3l attend
Smallwood Threatened Woman Life and by
Carefully Laid Plans Is Enabled
To Escape Hands of Law
The blackest, dirtiest end mist brv
ta! crime in the history of U il
liamston was committed last Satur
day night w'nen Lock Smallwood of
Bertie county assaulted Mrs Alena
Kelley. wife of Carl Kelly, at her
home in the apartment over the F. h
Hodges store.
Mrs. Kelly who work- in the Citv
Fruit Store an Main street went to
her home about 11 odork where slw?
lav-down on the bed to rest and rea>:
She did not undress bat palled a
blanket over herself. In about a hall
hour her husband anil Look Small
wood who she hail known for some
time ard who ha-1 been a clo-e frienu
of her hiL-banii for several years,
came in.
Sma!lwooii was to spend the night,
usinsr the apartjnent usually ocrupie>l
by Mr. Harrison a Plymouth contrac
tor when in town and who is Mr.
Kelly's employer.
Smallwood brought two fnei>l- to
Wiiliamston from Bertie county anil
asked Kelly if he woukl not take his
car ami carry them home which Kelly
did Mrs. Kelly still rrciinin?
and reading just as when her husbam'
After Kelly hail departed. Small
wood went to her bed and sat down
on the side of the bed. He was told by
Mrs. Kelly to get away which he re
fused to do. After his refusing to
get away, Mrs. Kelly attempted to
get up when Smallwood caught her
ami forced her back on the bed. chok
ing her anil bruising her throat, her
arm ami scratching her breast She
screamed so that it was heard by a
number of people, but she was -o bad
I) choked that she could not continue
to scream ami the hearers of the
flrst scream thought little or nothin?
more about it until later.
After accomplishing his purpose, be
then told her that if she toM it It*,
would kill her. For some time she was j
heard begging and crying Tim* hear- j
ing it however, thinking it was a db- j
turhance between she and her husband.!
were slow to interfere. Sonart-me there j
after Sheriff Roberson and Chief of
Police J. O. Manning who had been
away from town came and listening
in bear! Smallwood ray "If you tell
it. dxmn you, I will kill you" Then
it was that the Chief went to the door
and ilemamled entrance, gting in he
expected to find Mr and Mrs Kelly,
but saw he was mistaken when be j
found the man to be l»ck Small** oil. ]
Chief Manning found Mrs Killyl
badly frightened _n.l deathly pa>
Smallwood took the Boor and told
fie police the trouble wa, that her
husband hal gone off with his (Sniall
scod'n car and she Wft. uneasy and
nervous about it. WhJe Mrs. Kelly
wzs in her frightened condition she
did not tell it. renumbering the threat
mule by Smallwood Smallwood*>
statement threw the officers off his
,r a«"k ami they bad no clue to hoM
When Mr. Kelly came hb wife told
him jast what had happened, but be
fore Smallwood could he attested, he
had skipped
Much sympathy is felt for Mrs. KtSy
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly aao>ved to Will «■.
ston early in the year ard >ince their
arrival, Mr. Kelly hi worked with
the WOlianuton Tinning and Plumbing
company and Mrs. Kelly has been em
ployed at the City Fruit and Vegetable
Mtart. Mrs. Kelly is only fifteen jean
eld, she being warned soon after she
reached the age of fourteen. To nuke
the crime more .brutal. Mrs. Kelly is
in a delecate state by several Months.
Smallwood is thought to have left
for some northern 'point. Careful
watch is being made by the official
and it is hoped that they wil brin?
him to quick justice.
"The Minister's Wife's New Bonnet"
a comedy, wil be staged by local
talent in the City Hall tonight at ts
Clean, whole mi entertainment
along with barrels mf fw for those
who attend. The prweveda vil go to
the prsnatiaa of the Baptist Aid So
ody and is being staged by Circles
4 and « of that Society.
"linesues of WaanT aa anasaal
attractica has been, soured fay the
w9 fae mat id lonasnsu i lining at
IM o'clock. Litsd Barrynaore is In
the cast and bis poisiri ipruki far
the nsL
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, May 20,1924.
j Comnrnxmient Fxerrises of the J
Cintldi anal High School I
'«ill l«*in Friday night. Slat 2L A,
. Terr interesting program ha> hm I
plaruJ athl it will be' of interest to]
i On Friday night >t S P. M ibrt
•grammar mraiie.- will present a piai..
I'lnci* Si ainl thp Sun l!«n> Oak",
arnl »i opi-retta The Flower \.Bp-
Sur|*ris-,' l're>enta:i.«n of (vrtiftratf
to the grammar rra.le >tnWM> wil!
! iiso tak» place at that time
I Mr?. Warren H. Biggs will give her
rousieal recital Saturiiav Fmn
all report many g.*oii -elect ior- wiß
be nemii'mi as Mrs. Kiggs has been
careful in selecting her number-
Su:.d*y morning at the
i church at 11 Oil o'clock. Pr«>!ess«»r H
| K Spence, hea 1 of the Theolocwal
; at Trinity I'ollege will lie- .
I liver the hanalumte -ermon to the j
i senior class of the high school Ihi
l Spenee conies to us highly mwnmeiki
led and is a very KOO>! speaker
[ On Monday nirl.l. Mr Shirley, local
| pastor of the Kaptist church will >ie
.liver an a Aire.- at the High Sdunl
! auditorium.
I'r Sam Small of Ihe Aiurnmi
I Anti Saloon league a>Urr.v4>i a L»e
jau>iir!ce at the liupti-t charrb here
last Sunday evening at * o'clock.
l»r. Small cilkl the must important
days ui history, capping the>:» oIT mUK
the one when Nation-wide fr»t..aiU-r
was nude possible.
Out >ide his witty remark- be men
tioned the one great I'urpo e. ~l'rwfci
bit ton, not for the obi anil gray haired
like he wa-, but l*rohibition for IW
>ake of hi- children and oar (Kiklre- -
the future citizen# of Anenra* He
menlioneil the fact that the trend of
several congrei-men's artmit- wa t-> j
seek light wines ami leterayr-. and to|
this he matte a very striking appeal!
to the member* -f all the r'uir e- '"* l
help eomltat any such thine
j Or. Small has been in tie ertiiej.
about forty years ami Un.-'. Us* •
speech wa.-> a bit beloo the averse i
o«.e. he touched the key note to n;
fut«ii ami the next rew.liw. t
future when he said. "I'roK Hil - 1, not
for the oM but for Americas, future
children" He «Ut wonbi
and could happen to America b> re
femnjr bark to times and conddaon>
before the \\ wrU War. u-ing the down
fall of the Orman Umpire to iilw>
trate his point. In his |> ech be stated
that the Almightx had not -eterted
Americajust for u- to live »i die
in but for a roach greater rase, and
to establish that rau-e a ilnnkef. na
tion was not nreiM therefore Nataoa
wnle Prohibition for America now aa«f
Sat unlay night, a colored aaa who
had parked hb Ford on the -treet in
Iront of Anderson CravfuniV stare,
made a serious mistake when he push
ed the clutch rather tkaa the nwne
gear while his engine wa» insiiiat at
a fast speed.
The man had finished liippiaj am*
was attempting to "hack out" bat in
stead of doing «o he went forward
sending his car over the sadewaM aakd
into the store window So far as the
store was concerned, it —it hi the
shock but a seventy-five dollar plate
glass window wa» broken nii the
strain. As an explanation, tho calor
ed man said he was »impl> »ia| ■
instructing his feet and the Ford. a>
a result, went the wrong dimtiw.
Hon. Lindsay Wiir.n, urdilali far
coagrex-s from the frt niaaJ
district will speak in the school awdtt
torium in Jantesvdle Friday aight,
I May 23. 1924. On the following night
' Mr. V.arren will speak at the Ciitj
! He-use in Crtfins townshfp.
i Everyone is cordially invited, and a'
I -wcial iaaitalisa is itlmli I to the
On Friday night May 3*. Mr. War-,
at Bear Grass Satardsy Ught. May Bl- !
1 Mr. MJ. Davis left this ~i , '
Irrt He «■ ittona t
Went to the Supreme
Court Bench In
! Chief Ju-tice Walter ilarh ».f the
I North Carol ma Supreme Court. die>l
jat his hone m Ralegh yesterday of
The Chief Jnstxe wa- stricken ill
at his nrsalence at r«»r S— Uy ami
■ wa- uncow-cMW- all nnrfct.
| Jw-tice Clark comptaine«i ,»f brirr
lacwei* Sor»say BKTT.IL- !«S dress*.! I
| for church a* *swal Ahoct ten o'chvk
•b* l*y down ami his phy-man Or
Haert Haywood wa- urr.nv>ne.i H ■
I wa- pat to bed ami oroere.i to be ke|.;
•inset. Two honr- later he MI.M;
laj»-evl irto aatie.Vkti-re-
Throochoat the pnoent term of th-
SwpreWM- Court the If-tel Jw-tue ha
workem very harvL It has hen a trow i
ed term ami He entire member .' J ( .
la- been taxed a> N has not been in
>ear- He carried his fall -hare of
bonier, ami those cl«--e-t to him ohserv
that tie -tea 1 " was brtii-ninj to
aenth cpon him tnonrh tje hue-elf
•aflftl to note it wasU t>4 de-i-t
from the wtm» rt ewraor
The tluef JaMare »«I!J tuive heeti
years old ant Ami : He ha
on the beach for .t* tear-. Iw
c irr I*.? bis -ervnv as a uper ««r mart
J « I* IM be inl to the
Suprme Coart ami n l«o«S was made
ch.ef jn-t*re. la mUn*.« to hi- judi
cial labors he foumt 1., .jo a treat
oral of writiac and amor hi* works
»- the three «d«rv traru-lation of the
t".«-Ual otary . Ja-twe I lark was a
laesteaaat Colawel m the Confeder
armies at the a#e of 17. the yemf
ever t« hrar that rar k
Windsor School (loses
Successful Session
The ria .aatinr fome, of the
Wi:»l-or Hirh were Ml Ma>
«ah ami 14th an! bmarlri to a fit
luk* rle-e a very >«m--ful vtar of
one of the most r -cho •*
systems in the stale
The Harcalaare-ate -enmc was le
ItTered by the Rev Ih W l» M«-
j fc ' 1 1-aor I Hill The ""l*ar-«-o~ ;«rea -t»
■ erf Me of the mo-t powerful -erm«-» -
[ever leard m Iki- vmnity. 11l- ta«k
was rode Sent with ph3«o«>t. iral a.'-
jvice and r«4 oalv the Ktaluir. I*;t
I also every mrmber «f t»-e entire .m
Jwe was deefly moved hy hi* pro
found words
I J">l«r*- Fraects l» Winston fare the
i5«-ry aUre-- The t>pic was "tt'.««l
row W i-.o" ami never in tie- !■• ! «.!>
of the town-falk did the "to»vert.««r"
iac*|m« Lan-eif better The inspiring
[topar irrml to lead iLxelf with all
|iU B-spratoa to the -peaker. makmr
him even awe ehopier.t than is hi
w*a« The citnenry of Hertie were
hoi m thru praises a. claiming it af
a ma-terpwve worthy to be place.l j
with the a ilna best orations-
The di|*oi- were piesen!e«l in a
u way. the umthers of tie irraal '
aate- haviar the fcmtr of rninr the
-hcepikiu Those rraduatu.r were
Mwe» Mary KlWnlfe Rnea. Kurenia
Sesious, Esther Wake Oatlinr. Mai >
Khode> CifilaM. Essie Mirell Flora
M.'cheM and Hrrahelh H.a,i
Anaif the nnirkiMe achieve
wnt* of the year a few tand out
pranineutly A rU» in l*wU>r Health
was >arrewfaHv condurte>i hy tlie
leahh ilrpi. Or J E Snuth A class
a CMursdip was c»Aducted b) Mr
T C. Taykr. Superintendent oi the
Windsor PuM* School* This Hassj
UN a Uo* felt want in lie rurri j
rulam Some of the activities of the
Ham were as fallows: A town clean
ap was r«ndft» i with ahvioady bene
Anal results A rialiu concert was
spin ii mi and Miss llmdie ICose
Knox. North •'anlimV most notesl
Tnlmi t wa- -ecared as soloti-t The
(faw aleo had A W. Mclean. J. W
bailey acd I M Mee-kms to deliver
»MMI I« Thus the school has be
come a real caasmuait) center, the
ill ill toward which all educator*
strive The r M plr have been rrv-en a',
eppartuait) to hrar the best speakers
■uiiim ami. thru the medium of
■lain i by 4MtsL and lecturers by
authorities, have imui anpiaiate>l
with the Shake-periaa Tra«edies.
Sa trreat ha* been the interest it
this dasi in Cliiwhip that Baquirie
have been itaiwd frum all parts of
■ii Hit II Much af the rmeresa of Ut
>rbo«l mmt iU activities has baen d>»
to the mud af the Superintendei r
Mr-T. C Tayfar a ft i af t-V
Uumiai af North Carolina. After
|a I »i»al record aft the I'aivervity.
head af„Jhr local arhi I ajiti HI ard
Bowen Now In Washington Hospital Is Holding
His Own, No Better, No Worse, According
* To Message At Three O'clock Today
1 ! 1
The Superior of Martir
County in at U dliamstmi.
C. C. i yen, : >t ng. uj*v hrsri
the sail new- of the >;eath of thr
MJIK! lliirf J tsl K*** .f the VjrL J
Carolina Suunfme C.-ui aajtmi f .
ur.til Sen n'tiivk T»rsU\ no;
The liar h\ u:an.iik'X~ vote in wr - .)-
tiiM of the distiiuruishrrf serv tee- it?
the great Jurist to the State and 
■Nation. tir itx
WHEKKAS. lioath ha.- claimed It*- reman.- of \\ alter t 'ark
thief Justice of the \-«rth |
Sunrpmc Court. who ha- servM hi
-late a- a i lii« . . •iealteatirc 1 1> life J
ai«l laU>r- to it - ;i'oral anal spintus'!
ieve!o|>m> nt. a. a brave ai*>i curat '
e«u- -otiiirr. :>• it.- S;nse of nee>i ar»: a.- |
a meat Juri -t whu-e ia-triful im>-
i"ii- »ill ever -tart- 1 a- a bulwark j
protection to the riclit- and liUrtiel
of a IIOMV p»«.|»ie.
WHKIiI'AS. ti»e valuable erv s.-v- cf i
Chief Iti'iliiv *"ark wil! k- errat!) j
mi >*->! hy all th.- {ic-ple of the State
ri!KI!KI"*>UK it irxiliM l-» tl.ej
Martin County Itar that expre--
our .leepe-t regret-- in the love >.f one j
of North Carolina'* mo-t dtstintu!-h«  '
fitiren-. and e* tend to hi- family, hi-I
frirmts and his State our heartfelt
Sijmeil: Members of the Martin
County liar a- follow-
II- M. Stubb-.A. It IhinmiiK- I uke
I aitih. Clayton M» It \ Critcher..
II M Stuhb-. l-"ll»-rt S IVel. \V heeler
Martin, llutrh llortun. I! iHike
Critc'ier. ItoU rt I. C«d»urn. J C
Smith. J. S. I'eel
Infant Child Dies
The infant daurtiter cf Mr. and
Mrv. W'abldetoii died Sa'.urdav morn
inr at the honK of it- parent.- on
Cl sirrh treet The death of the lul>>
if ««r«e of tlie >»l>lest that ever «
nrml in U llaiik 'nn ..rxl the far- I
enls have the -ympathy of tlie entire |
.-ommunity in their dee;. rrief at tlie
li> of their chil.! and f«-r the irav
th:.t it died.
Saturday no>rnii.r. Mr-, Wahbleto;,
l)i»U|!ht tkil the inky was -leepii.s*
later titan u
. •*1 U ft it in 2 room while
'h- did her ku«»eli l>l work, and w hen
went to sre what *!• the Umilm'
rh-* f..uinl tli.-t it wa- le id The moth
— r tha'Urht that it "must have p. t un
•ierneath tlie- rovers krini; tlx- nirht
•id on »rr .uit of Iter ilnfre.« -lie
s unable to hear it try, and wa
•tranrled to -leath
I Ihe funeral -ervwere (••iniuct
oi from tlie itikkixtr - undai a.'lej;
man v.itli Rev. It I- Shirley «.f tlw
'»!• no.rij Itapti.- 1 Church£liiiir
a.:.1 hi- choir
|T m> int-rment t»ok place in tlx- ruUli
li » at the home of it» jrrat^lparrnls
The j>up.l - of lis* IwJ school ar
Eu:»K through with their regular tin.l
elimination- this week Some of the
pupil.- are fortunate em-u,-t. to e>
cape the ayoh, l«> lavm; k.-|.! the.r
yearly avera r*~ aU-ve VWe wish "em
all >wm» re»rar.ile-» whether they
take the eianb or not.
The rumencc-merit rierriao will he
Iteld in the school auditorium wit
Kr»da) micht. The tear her* have been their pupils for the pa-t sev
eral month* for the occasion ami a
very entertaining program i.- a-.-ureil
I'icnic at Rea 4 s Beach
On Sat unlay at n«ne o'clock U>e
sixth and seventh grade- of tt* local
tchool with their teacher. (.lad>
Benjamin lixl a few other frier d- left
in cars far Kea\- beach whe.e they
spe. t the day picr.icinr l*.--p.te the
cdlntM of the weather they a!l en
joyed the water ami -pent BMU-1 of
the day swuaminr A delißhtful lunch
wa.- carried which wae enjoyed at mid
Other chaperone- who acroaipanied
the children were. Mr*. Carrie bi(p
William.-. Mrv L Whitley. Miss
Frances Thomas. Mrv C B Has-ell.
Mayor John I- Haskell and Mr. G. W
IbnlMa. '
lawjlie Ha—ell. MHha Wynne
■ad Harry A. Birrs ndand to
Greenvde Scrslay
Saturday nmht about ten thirty '
cluck, \\ ill \\ aters ini rtr)
i wouß«lfii Henry ftVi en u*
( tiie store of Krahin SprlUr wir the'
iuoiiukc iivt-r whan. Anvnucg ;o a
statement mailr by Waters t» the t
Xar.olk |k'lky 1(h I
'culmination of a trip or. Sacupiai »f-i
tor noon when Will Waters. I>n:k lUr. !
ais.l Henry it,>«vn a trip
t». sv! whi»kej and upor. irturiii e
uecanu- engaue-i in a frmi.ll> jrku
men: on ;he w iiarf ; n.t during the (
cmr-v 11 tt hirh ln>ttya tvrame j:far
a.ed and -la|»|* ■ i \\ ater - Tht- nui>i
idi :ied Water- an.i h«- wertt t-» hi*;
ht me arsl (,-ot h.> an.i tif. u,i
town lo Ret an.i then rrent Uki
i~.:o«n the hill" ami found l« kr n u.
uhin . : ;>-ltar~s >;..r# art«i -hot him. i
he a tint her i>Uik h>! troinr -n ■
! Bowvn's luii cau-mc hini to hate
j several hemorrhage.- .from uha- ~ *-•
i !»• J Mi :nucii liliHki that he v..1 rs..:
Ic*;«wtoi t 1 lite f.«r several h--irv
J Bower was able U» walk nw»t uf the j
)*-»> to lEiCits l*rusc -tore »here iv |
was o 1 ven fir-'t aid by l»r II I; T«rk|'
and was then ru-he.l to the Ha--hir.|r-1
hospital where he wa> reported al
! ! *' o'clock today a- ifttmr J
i - well a- coul.l he expected. but a- J
|b.-inc in a very critical -tate
| Water- spent the nicht tn or near _
W ilia Ills ton. having cV3.tol the •
I sheriff an.i t'ie deputies that nu'ht a '
!he was seen early ne\t mornm* at j
Spellar's store again I Kit he left short r
It after seven o'cU k Sunday nit ritir./ |
| for Norfolk b> car *ith Willie Am j'
-troin,. a colore.! hoy who u-.rk-d for*'
■ him. driving.
When Water- wa arrested in \..r j
jfolk | loti distance IrU-^oie E
-a«re- ha villi; been >erit there, he *a]
arrt'-ttil soon after his arr.val m,
t.rafiby street 1 he exonerated the
l*K'o boy and told hin» to raicy hi
car tiack home and put it m»>T
hed and he ii.Mht, " I dtlil think
I'll have any more u-e fur it mma",
AcruiiiinK to \orfolk pup* 1.. Will!
is in a |i:t if ill condition ar..| they say -
that he broke down when he «a. jail j
ed and fell to the fl-.r f ryl''•"l. -JJ
bow l*»i I ever do a thinir hke tbatV|
•ml be lias w-artte.l to keep in touch f
with William-ton to hf [. t out how#
l'-oweii is l ettin;- aloft* an>l they -ay j
he i, much srieinl over lite crit».-a. |
coiHlition of hi.- fr:eml
Shenn Kober-on left thi> n« ;r>!ic |
f«r Noifolk v.liere he will get Water j
and bring bun home f.»r tn si. at j
r'viiic here tomorrow tmut It* fam
ilies of both Waters and |{o«efi hate
the j o.pat hy of the-r frien-i s«t tie
conii-tunrt). e-|>eciall> i'«e age I fajhej
■f Water.- win, has been in ill healtl
: 1 waiiy wuntk-. -■
* .-.fot-al term of tl»e Superior
t'ourt of M.irtm Count) 1- beuifr hrkl
lx ,'ii.:uii-' v.--teniay J»lye t" t"
l.yo i ainl will contmi'je the
ren.aoniei of tiie »eek \±; U.
ci\:l ca-r-- are to lie trni. ni.-t oil
tb *-•:! l«eui|f of tt.e !.»« tire ..«t' kite.: j
thai do I. .1 appeal to the court fc*u~r• ,
loungers ai.d litakmit; it a little Kar l
to find em uuh bt-la»oler- to auk - u-.
a jury.
' Im- i xtermely bu-y sea-0~. t>» •
k -ep& f:nmen in the 6eM aiel mi 1 1
from the court Itouse
ISi shop Darst
Here Yesterday
hishop Thomas C*. 1 *U t ma-ie all
visit to the Church of tW Aaver.t : 1
yrstenlay mormni; for the purple of ,1
baptizing Itavid I'uflw, the littie •« .
of Mr. arid Mrs. 11. C. Karwes of •
Murfree-boro, who were the r«r>l> of I
Mrs. Irene Smith while in :on The 1
baptisinal service n> held at 10:3 -
ami at II o'clock, the Kite of I'm 1
Urination was adminuster*»l to two/
carxlidates. The Bishop matle a short *
:diirt»t to those conhnneit, and after
tlie dose of the cerrire. he n*rt the j
\ e-try ami discussed with them the -
calling of a permanent rector to the.
parish. After the noon hour, theji
Bishop iwctored to Waduuctoa tail
hoard the 3:2U train there.
At the Sunday mori.l". service at 1
tlie Church of the Advewt. Maif> I
I .ray. the infant ut Mr. and Mrs. W. 1
E. Dunn, wa* knptixed by tie rector.
Rev. J. E Warner. The tigkt anvire
was the last to lie held by the Mctor, I
who will leave in ahout a uuk for I
his home in Nova Scatw. I
Mr. J« White mt sftal
Monday night in the city.
liSTAiiUbHEI) 1898
Kvery County in District
Had Full Delegation
\ V Itemsy of W N. C..
•»r»e of t:e -J a.e' - lead.flf bankers was
.■!«t»i Utwtor o? t e Tvhnero t.row
irr- ' «-»»peralive Asso.nation. al a rreel
,'- -Z of t' e of
|tV Association for the Ist I>i-tnrt
;of Notts CarH rsia Mil fiere Satnniay.
,V*y iTlfc as o'clnck.
ih-'.nrt i- of fol
*" c c"Ui :jes. Heaufort w,t}> four
!•' lecate-; IVrTie. Hertford with ;v»
'def_je-. K-lsrecombe with nine .iele
ste- ar-l VI -e,.' vl 1 five
I very cear!; ha i ".i 'u'l >ieles»tH»n
'i a- iVid*-:
I* O Moore. Crocwrriiiy. I* K
W -* '.j "1.-r. t*h?r!p.- Sr-iall-
W II T>re !bth.
' !* I r-retop-. S. II ler!-
jii-ss. p-cHvp.. II I" TJr >wn. ('■ "t«e.
.* I I—el*--. T rlifcro, W !! -rne.
I f-rlwr.i J 1 lKii»rv R.fkv V =nt.
'!-* K.ickt M-m- t. H Cor-
I laVV'-rn John K lav r---*ce.
!. "-4e*a r>e. \' jie le. r>. Col»-! a ; ne.
. \.«ur' T I\ e t I'oher-onviPe. A.
I Rehurl Roberi.Vnville. C. A. Kub
!*fs*w. R-ihrrMHivirw. J Arthur Wynn.
, William-tor Cha M I "eel. Williams
n>* mserine *a- on,ania*d by elec-
I :-nr M; John I; of t!er
c*-4ifii\ chairivufi *n»i t' A.
timber «e. of Mart-n -errri in
TV chairman na-'r- • a -' ..rt 'alk
l-htlinitir the |«ir. j>e of the meeting
tie importance of eU-c' ;»•; ; «»o«l
,naen .director
II Mr l» lawrrnce of I'.ieecomhe
■■ar.ii then place-i Mr A V !ii.-niy
lof l'.«u'..i! county in 'H.m*-ation \f-
Ker many -|Jer-.1.-l trilnite were nai.i
Mr IHinia> a- a lea-ne-- ma:i. S«ark
!er. farmer.'the' Vote wa.- call*-' and
'Mi Dnntay ra- unanimm. lv '«-nL
A resolution wa- i«a t l>. a vi-ani
vote evpre--inr the 'hank- 2nd
sppiwiaticn of the Assoriatiun to Mr
J V. CpSab. the retiriiti; .'ireetor. for
". he -|4e- -.1 J ' .# rv:re he~lris L i*M#ml
pie Association iluriric t' e last •AO
! tear- ami the chair wa- .lirecte.l to
s slat a committee t ( . drrtft .uch
."-■lntMi W C Man»i;nif. C A.
'l* ar>«l J.'IT I were ap
j *i-mt*»l a> -uch committee
1 Here was a fine spirit .«-rta;din|t
(Use meeting aixt much enthu-iasm
i] anwnr tie «lelegates ami vLsi
, " ther> beinr a much larver
["•er of v'--rt«ii- than *eley;:te (.r>-.-nt
'ho came fr.-.n every- cutint) in the
j.i -tret
Mr Ihwtii the newly elected .iirer
■or has leri one of the A -ia * hui I*s
t -upj-irter - ah>! -te'r -ler
«r year- ard lu- contac; with larre
- nuke hirr. e-pec la it (ifltsl for
-he b#e p.i* to which le ha- betn
At her buair o:. :l»e \. |; Tay'or
arm war llaiinllon. Mi .. Ku.'k Ed
r-uwl-ou |u- ol away >"r»l:i) after
»«ai al tour o'clock after an attack
"• -cut.- |»lle£ia which had ua!y ;ast
• s| f„t al«at t* . week-
TW «*vea-«d was a us., lit. r 1; Mr.
a ivi Mi s John Bowen a:» nurrwi Mr.
I- I. li-MKni-ou eaii> 11 her life.
She e- a member of '.lie l .Ti.trve
Baptist Ctmrcii at Sprii., Green and
during lier entire life sse Was a le
-.ote.; follower of tlie c.eed sV pru
fc -e-l Her .leatla i> ually - s.l m
i»e ua> the mother of children
afl of »h«.m survive he: ami nw-st of
the chiklmi are very* i'er life
S was 1 .ten to her ehikirea ami the fnl
fiu.rie of the homely dutie» sal site
will be creatlt nil- -e-l as a kiing
nailer ami faithful wif-
The funeral took plree at tl.» Jack
iLrKcrit place yesterday aften.w at
Itwo tnirty o'clock with Chirr l-on S.
t'»»me of Bear Crass oS.-Latiiur.
1 here wa- a larve crowd of NOfms ; B-;
fnemts ami ac.|uaintar.t - in altew-
I 4Gaidar's candy giib will iie lie at
traction at the Strand .he Int
. ler part of this week. Trie rt day. Er»-
j i*J and Saturday t. f Stx Hm is
fans will have a chance tn vary their
theatre menu. The c«Hpcrv is wn
paced of ten pf plr and has shown
in aaany places this warn.
! Mr. and Mis. Jaw G. Ot t.-J two
JcUdreu and Mm Hihb uf
■ Ibttw sprat Swhy in tsti «ik
M Hwlwrt M si tibflv

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