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. i
Full Quota of Teachers
and Over Has Been
*«s> !
The date for the opening of the
County Summer School at Wfl
liamston is Jane 9th-
The full quota and over of teachers
has been enrolled and prospect far'
the iiimir- are splendid. Teachers
from other counties have asked to
enter, and Superintendent Pope will
■mfa all arrangements to open the
school as scheduled.
On necessary, however, will I
be places for those who Are
coming here. Inquiries hare been made
about board, gad if there are families
who doira to take boarders it will
help greatly to inform SupC Pope a*
early m panße. The session will
held for six weeks, and the teachers
would like to have pleasant quarters
dhile in town. It means something to
have iinahii of the teaching profes
sion to one into the town, and the
citiseas should interest themselves in
to the comfort and pleasure of
this high type of young vomanhm l.
■ %
The Philathea Clafc» of the Memor
ial Baptist Church entertained last
Friday evening at the parsonage, the
home of Rev and Mrs. R. 1- Shirley,
honoring Mrs. A. V. Joywr, who has
been teacher of the class for the past
several years and who has done .-uch
splendid work for them and. also. Mrs.
R_ E. Scruggs who will leave oon
to a«ke her home in Nashville and ,
Miss Frances Thomas of Richn.ond |
who has been a menner of the * >ca! (
school faculty for the past session ami ,
who will leave this week.
The guests were met at the .ioor by \
Mrs. Shirley and invited into the re
rrptioa hall where they were reee.ved
by the guests of honor and from tl.ere
they were taken U> the dining r «ni
where Mrs. Warren H. Biggs served j
After the arrival of all the guests ,
Mrs- Joyner was invited into the liv
ing room where she found a shower '
of packages, a gift from each men-.ber j
of the class in appreciation of her |
faithful service to them as teacher of
their das*. Dainty boxes of horte- |
made sweets were presented to Mrs.
Scruggs and Mis* Thomas.
Pineapple salad with cream dress
ing and mints were served. The wnole
lower floor of the home which has
been recently renovated was thrown
open to the guests and it was attrac
tively decorated for the occasion with
• profusion of pink and white ruses.
R J. Shirl Is for mary yaars the
leading merchant in Hobgood, C.MU
mittod suicide by shooting himself.
Mr. Shields was about SS years fi
and bad been very active in business
and a eery hard worker, running
farms, a large store and a hoteL
About a year ago be lost his wife,
since which time he seemed to Itave
been downcast and in a melancholy
mood. At the first of this year he
turned all of his business over to his
He spent Sunday in Scotland J.'eck
with friendr. apparently in bitter
spirit than usual. Monday morning
however, he seemed somewhat de
pressed. In the early afternoon he
v.-as missed and a search was made
a&d his body was found in the old
store which was recently occupied by
him amd whack a now mm& by his
hoys for a furniture storage house. He
was lying down with his head an
asme books dead, having shot himself
through the head with a pistol.
Mr. Shields had made a splendid
nrreia financially The supposed reas
on for the act being 01 health and
««er the death of h» wife.
- Judge BNphia C Bragaw and Mr.
Claude Can os of Washington were
business visitors here yesterday.
Mr. Jalius S. Peel metered to Kel
fsed Monday.
Mr. and Mis. J. G. Godard. Mr. and
Mra. J. W. Manning and Mr. Miles
H. Wolff ittislil the Shriners con
Rsikj Mil yeaUiday.
Messrs. J. G. Godard, John D. Biggs
and Wheeler Martin wo* in James-
Mr. A Ben Penny of Kalefeh is visits
„ Mr. S. Alexander and Mr. Jack Peal
mt Ptyaasatk visited fi lends fit town
1 !
On Wednesday afternoon from four I
until six Mrs. S. R. Biggs. Jr. was j
hostess to the Twentieth Century Club !
at her home on Watts street The at
I tractive living and dining room of the
home were opened together and white
roses with yellow daises were used in
the living room and pink roses in
'crystal bowls were used ia the din
'ing room.
The program for the afternoon con
sisted of two very interesting papers
bearing on the general topic if study.
"North Carqjina History ". The first
one an essay oa the and Works j
of Charles B. Aycock" was written I'
and read by Mrs. B A. Critcher and
was much enjoyed. The other one on.
The Fruits of the Soil of North
Carolina** was prepared by Mrs. W.
k Parker anjl read by Miss Yella
Andrews. A resume of Current Events
was given by Mrs. Joseph H. Saunders
A business session was held follow
ing the conclusion of the program. An
outine of the plans fo- the coming i
year was maile and discussed in de
tail and new ofirert were elected. Mrs.
Wheeler Martin. Jr. was elected pres
ident. Mrs. Warren H. Biggs, vice
president. Miss Vella Andrews. Sec re- i
tary. and Mrs. Clayton Moore, jj
Treasurer. The program committee j
nameii for the year was composed of .
Mrs. Titus Critcher. Mrs. H. A. i
Critcher ami Mrs. S. K Biggs. Jr.. i
ami for the Book Committee were
named Mrs. F. I*. Barnes. Mrs. H- M.
Stubhs ami Mrs. J. W» Manning In
the absence of the President. Mrs J.
S. Rhodes, the vice-president. Mrs. (
Wheeler Martin. Jr.. presided at thi>
meeting. ,
After the business session ended re
freshments were enjoyed, an ir. course ,
with fancy cakes was served by the |
hostess. The only, guest of the club |
for the afternoon va> Mi« Charlotte j|
WtNxi of Eienton.
Mr. ami Mrs. B F. Ospsland ami
children are visiting friends in the
county. Mrs. Copelaml who will be re
membered as Miss Josie Nolan ami
who left old Dymond City about .'St
years ago and for «|Uite a number of (
years lived at Rich Square. N. C. ami
married Mr. B. F. Copelaml of North
hampton county.
They now lave at Fairhope. Ala.,
but have ben at Guilford College, N*.
C. for several months.
They have five promising boys with
time. They are Walter. Leslie. Howard
Bevan and John.
Miss Annie Crawford, the
pretty young daughter of ex-sheriff
ami Mrs. J. C. Crawford ami who is
attending the North Carolina College
for Wow men has been honored by
being made one of the sponsors of
the business manager of "the Trinity
Chronicle" a weekly newspaper dedi
cated to the promotion of Trinity Col
Her picture appeared in the May
issue of the Chronicle beside that of
Miss Elizabeth Kramer of Elizabeth
City who was sponsor for the editor
Little Miss Gwendola Watts, -t
tractive daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. W.
B. Watts, is celebrating her fourth
birthday anniversary by entertaining
about forty of her little friends. Out
door games wiU be enjoyed for an
hour and then the liUie guests will |
be served ice cream snd cake in the ,
dining room which will be effectively .
decorated for the occasion
Mr. Simon LSley motored to Wash
ingtott last evening to visit his j
brother who is ill ia s hospital then*
Dr. J.'S. Rhodei attended the Shrine
meeting yesterday.
Fanners along the Roanoke river
low grimiii are rejoicing at the run
ner of the (weeding water.- at Wel
•loa and up river points. A Hood now
Too Id make it impin i ihli to make
satisfactory crops this year.
The Roanoke has had * swell for
about three no at hi The kind of a
freshet the old timber folk called a
-starvatisa fn ih«f too deep to haul
and toe shallow tea fis*t.
Mr. Hugh B. Andersen left M. n
day afternoon for Dann where he wBI
he at the Young's hotel with hi* uncle
Mr. C A Bskcr.
Mr. Miles H. Wolff ettended a house
party at Windsor Castle during the
I Messrs. Frank aad Irving Margalis
i and Stan H. HaneU spent Sunday in
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, May-23, 1924.
Uurges Payment of :i
License Tax
j Commissioner Doughtsw Calls Attest J
tioa to Penalty Provissao
Of Law '
Raleigh. N. C.—R. A Dsnghten [
Commissioner of Revenue hns ainiicd
application blanks for licenses requir
ed for practicing professions or en-1
gaging in businesses for which a.
license is required under the provis-i*
ions of the State Revenue Act to all 1 1
parties who secured licenses for the |'
year ending May SI. 1924. This appti- '
cation calls attention to Sec torn >i rf"'
the Revenue Act, providing for a pen
alty for failure to secure license priori
to June Ist or before engaging in the;'
jhusiness made taxable umier the Re-1
venue Act. The penalty of the art n *
reed.-- as follows:
"Each person, firm or corporation;
who engages in any business or prar (
tires any profession for which a lie- jj
ehse is required by this act. except j
where the amount of the tax is con- j (
tingent upon the amount of business j i
transacted shall procure said license'
annually in advance on or before the',
thirty-first day of May. or before en- 3 j
gaging in the business or practicing |
the profession for wh'ch a tax is lev-*,
ied by this act Any person, firm or'
'corporation who engages m any bwsi- •
j ness or practices any profession for ,
(which a license is required by this act ■
|Wi*hout first having procured a license 1,
therefore shall be guilty of a mtsJe 3
meanor. and upon ronrirtMi -Sail tw",
fined or imprisone>i in the discretion 
of the court: Provided, the fine sh?B (,
not be less than twenty per cent of 
the tax in addition to the tax ami the j
cost." j,
" 1
• Jovemor Doughton nllni attenlsnn J
to the fact that the per_alty provided '
is mandatory Ln>l that he is • -iS>ol ]
authority to relieve ar.y one from it j
It is his desire that all person.. lnUe|
for this tax shall make application!
fore >ame promptly secure the brew.-* " ]
prior to Jun" Ist arvl avo»l the nee j a
essity of his having to levy any prn 1
altie&. !j
fi lence in a man who wouM >So that-" j
Aitainst Income Tax j I
"I was in the legislatuie of WlS'.jl
saiii Mi. Mi( oin. 'when Mr Itadey
fought the income tax. toe ata.>aiv j 1
which hii* since relieved the land and]'
personal property owners of over sl. j
IIOIVNM) tax bunieii I heard Mr. Bailey I 1
make hi> famous. "Ho* ami Ham 1
speech, when he turr >1 to Mr. Max-]'
well ami said: "If you want onr rr I'
venue right hcdly. Xsse.;s the lainb «-f ( 1
North Carolina, acres of i'
them, at their market value, as is yourl'
constitutional duty, ami yw mill ret,'
some revenue. All that you cee»» Why 2 1
Utn*t you do it ? Is it to sukr j'
the* corporations shell out once ssore |
"Mr. Ilailey sai.l that", .tevlared Mr !
A large crowd. ie>p«te the nrle I
ment weather, enjoyed the perform i
ance of the "MmL-ter'» Wife's Newj (
Itonnet" which was rnr» j
evening at the St ran. 1 theatre uosler j
the auspices of Circles No. 4 ami  of 1
the Memorial Bapti-t Churrh. umier I
the direction of Mrs. Oscar Amtersocij
ami Mrs. Chloe I^nier
Mrs. Roy Gurgar.u.. Mrs. Kojre. j
Critcher aad Mt- Mar- fly Je)
i.; tcißiieaat «ii»l t'-*.r 2
well, the musical numbers by Mr ]
P. B. Cone. Mrs. L C. Bennett. Mi -I
li-ra Orleans ami M. Maurice Watts!
were- much enjoyetl by!)* andienre. I
1 ' '
}•'- v : - » .
! ■
• .
i-. . •
fi- '
Grammar Grades Will
! Present Si and
the Sunbeam Club 44
The commencement exercises
l» local -chool tnight will bnn)(
Ito a daw U»e 11S3-24 session. one of
'the -va iKtcssful in the history of
'the school. A very interesting; pn»-
|hj> been ami win meet with
! Ugh approval. One of the mo-t highly
j«*cieut Kiaduatini; Htwi. six girts
;a»d three boys, goes out from the
•schoal this year. "
I Tonight the pamnur gravies will
present a play. "Uncle Si ami the
Sunbeam Club" ami an c-peretta an
der the direction of Mrs. Ha—ell TV
certificates for the grammar grade
paptU will be presented tonight,
j A musical recital const, ting of many
| rw 1 -dctwo.- will be remicred tonight
| Mrs. Warm Hirr-. the mibir teach
er. ha.- worked faithfully with her
>duljrs ihtiir the year ami has se
! lected with the greatest care the num
hers on the procrani. :o notliinr Jes
thaa an excellent recital is expected.
Piofessor H. K. S|»'v. hrnl of the
.lenarttper.t at Trinity
Cfcllf** "riil deliver the hacvalureate
smM to ihe ~enk>r Sunday
jmrroin- in the Methodist church at
j II o'clock. I»r. Spruce is highly recom
,rj«-adfd as a eery go «l speaker.
\evt Monday nifht. Mr. Shirley will
; .irlrefr an nldn- - ai the rhool an
Senator Who Heard
"Ham 44 Speech Says
Mr. Bailey Repudiated
Owon Doctrines.
Henderson. X. C. May.— Anfn- W
McLean. candidate for the •iemucrattr
I rnaißitiini for cui ifin.r ha- not m
tx-ned the name of hfc> primary .y
ponent during his entire -peakin
itinerary oier the State, nor did he in
|bi» speech here tonight before a re
presewtative crowd of Vance' n>ut\
I ciliww-. bat tonight for the first time
a speaker from the same platform
rant in the Raleigh lawyer's mar
Former Senator R S McToin. who
helped open the stump mreting. >a»l.
, ~Jo-iah W. Iladey. who lays claim to
to democratic party principles, ha* en
tarred the democratic party more than
all the repuhl trans put together Mr
IRa3ey advocated the revaluation act.
and ashed me to vote for it. which I
did. Then in CO .lays' time Mr Kailet
i turned right arouml and fought the
bill whirh lie hail helped to ret thru
I rauiat trust. n»r ran I hare an) con. j
McCoin, "ami he also said in the -an>
speech. "Why in North Caruluu ho£s
are valued at less than I pa. for a
Lam. goat>. jack.- ami lad) jacks, etc..
are very low «lown\"
public doesn't know", •Wrlaret
sli Mf'»iii, "nor do I know rha'
*»at with the money Mr Itaile) x> i
tinted fio mthe corporation' to fight j
the passage of the inr.ime tax am-r»l
Cr lit I ii on the legi.-l.dive mnwitil
t'' Uat coii-nleixd the i:urome tax law
and was a member of the legi-latuir
ln-L PLMOI this fine mrastire to re
Itete the farmer".
I* recall also**. sal.l Mr. Mri ua.
"that Mr I'aaley supported the segie
ifiliui niea - ore in «hk he arftanlo)
taking all of the tax money pad in
by railway ami other publar utilil)
corporation* away from the route
'and gating it to the state, ami aL-o U
' lake tbe tax off of unanprui e-l Uul
Jaixl leave lie bunlen on the CuHivatr-i
Iai re- of trie little larmer.
" M . friend from Mr. Mc
Jsan, wl«o will soon speak to >ou~.
'J sir! Mr. • on., " voir.! ami wwrkd for
(the adoption of the income tax law
| ■turn relieved the farmer and lar -l
I and per-onal property owner. He ha
llways -toad four *«|uare for the hot
mtere-t- of the people. I know y«ri
• ill be gla-l to listen to him.*"
lb concluding his remarks. Mr Mc
Coin «•_■( the endorsement gi««n Car.
delate McLean by the late Conpir .
man (Taol* K itch in. recently nvle
public by the distinguished -imaxM
•talesman'* son. Mills Kitchin. and
which was found in the late congress
mi-.n"- own handwrfting among hi*
pr*-~oeal effect- m hi- desk. The ee
oor-e-mmt of Mr. Mclean by the bte
c--. rre-.-m.-r. impres-ed many in the
Mr >orge I-ouis Mad re. Mr. Cooper
P rry an ■ Pete Rascoe of Vim* >«r
psJMd through here Sunday.
*lr Frank Hitch of Kiientoa spent
•he week-end in town.
Mr? ftirk Taylor and little dngh-
U r left today for Tarboro where they
* all make their home in the future.
A large number of the young peo
ple enjoyed a hay ride to oar town
h.4 evening. There am ahoat ltd)
fixe of them.
Mr. Harrison Endorses
Mr. A. W. McLean
IVar Kd:tor-
I am not a politician. 1 have never
held public «6r« either elective or ap
pointive. I have never asked anyone
to vote for me for any oflkv, ami up
to a few weeks ago I had never -o far
as I can recall asked an > one to voto
for any other person for puulic office
I belong to no machine or faction.
For over 14 years of m life I liv
ed an Cumoerlami County. I went there
in IM to accept my first po-ilion af
ter leaving school, taring the hr-t
years I spent ir. thai county I learned
to know Mr Angus Wilton Mr I ear
who ts now a camikiate for tiovernor
of oXrth Carolina in the IVmocratic
primary to he held on June 7th next.
I am for Mr. McLe-ar* hecau-e he is
ami has wvn L!I his life a >lirt
farmer His first work t> haul
turpeatine to market on an ox cart and
to pull a hell cord aero— a mule's I
1 am for Mr Mrlear. becau-e he Is
a plain every .lay bu-ine.-.- man. K«-a-i I
a -ketch «»f b»s life to see Jiow much
he has !«(* f..r his c«untv and section
I am for Mr Mdr-in hecau-e he
■Joes thing-: he doe- rn»f dream them
-all -iav loe ; Read a -ketch of hi.- life
a»i -ee what he ha- to his credit.
» am f.-r Mr Mcl esn hecau-e I he-1
lieve him to he the verj, hr-t i|Ualifie.l
man sr \orth ("amlinx for lo vemor
at this particular time.
I am for Mr Mclean hecau-e his
private life ami puMic recoral have
been as clean as a Sound's tooth
Marine known Mr. Mclean for over
-*• yeurs I know you will mak* no mis
take in votiEe for him fur Governor
on June Tik
I will thark you to let me know if
I can count on you to vote ami work
'or Mr Mclean for (nnenwr
v_ V««r friend.
Honoring Mi-s Mata Mitchell of
Oxford ami Ml*. 'A. V Jovner who
wiß sotm leave William-tor- ami mem
her- of th- local school faculty. Mrs
*>-«ar Amlerson gave- a verv >ielirht-
W tea at her on Fist Mam
-treet W«v!ne-da> af"e~R no
The gwe- ts were -e—,H.- ■jl 'ir- >1
by the hostess ami her mother. Mr.-,
i Wheeler Martin. Sr aid invited into
JouUe parh-r- which were very lovely
. an their .*es-oration of p.nk ai-l white
A sala-t cour-e with ice.l tea was
• .ervejl by Mr-- Amh-rscni ami Mi->
Nna I ptmi
Th«>e beside- tlae honoree- »hn en
P»yed tbe h»-pitalitv of the |».pular
>oung ho-te-.- were. Mrs. R I- Shir
i ley. Mrs M J Ila a i-. Mr-. It A Pope.
. Mrs. W. || Harrell. Mis- \ina llarl
hei.l. Mas- .1a.1) - llerijainin. Mi-s Thomi-. Mis- llattie Hirowrr.
Miss Nan, I ptori. Mr Ma.
' tin. Sr, Arthur Andrrton, Mrs
A R IKuiinr Mrs. J I. Williams,
Mrs. C. It Hasaell. aiel Mi - Kthel
I •
AT R1..%"S RKAt H 1111 K>.
'* 1 Lkr.dai night. Mrs. \\. I: Halls
( I ber iariiwfi \ d.ii -r.-n, Johnu e
A. l>dpot. V. ilium rwl l-atn
IU/ *■! jMuiejol to Itr. - lU-ach. ia ■
• «a-t 1 ar« abl be- to p!a> i">r
a £ai4» givc-i b> tie- of
! the learh
. { "l l. was the tir.-t a;ip-.raim- of
tin local orcoe-Ir~ ai.>l they are at j
:ti»otoi curli cr--!it I.MI b, th* I
|*b.urmrr.i af/>i lie .lanc-r- of the
* | ei*iji» The our'" ti_ aril play each
jThors-fey . igfct at tbe l-eacb
, I Mrs. I. J O-apman and on. Mr
[||ja4 (la|Aiii of tinftotk |enl Xun
. j«ta> here witr. Mr a»*l Mr- J I. Wil
Me?-rs. *1 II tiark-n -n-1 S. (all'i
IVe-S atteardol rhurrh at IVar fln-s
Saday and then m-t-mi to Washing i
? ton for tlae ereninr's service at St.
I Peter's Church
I Mr. Lyman lintt n-uiwt W «s!irf- -
. day from Oak Ridge liirtitutr where
f he attended school the past session
Mr. Rdert L Coburn wdl leave f.-r
t Horeta Saturday r.i; ht wh--re he wdl
t attend to lejral basiie - iii J .ck -oi.
vaße. Mr. Coburn will, be in Flora- a
for ahat ten day.-.
r Mr. J. *H. Cohu«a. or Maafkstone.
r. Virginia, was a vn-itor in town this
t Profe -sor H. M. Ain-ier and family
pi i inl through town t. day er,route to
- "Aa-;. ,-et« * county whe -o they til!
r rpal the summer rifhifi; relatives.
Mr. Aiadey k the superintendent of
- the Oak City schools.
■ Mr. A. F Stallmgs of Jame-rille
f wm a pleasant caller at our tfice tc
day- | .
* *>
The final 4mien cf our •lirwt«>r
for i ''J t as (onSrrftt at the annual
meetini? of member- at Raleiefc on
1 uesaia). May 3lh rr-Ulfli in a rv
nurluW- vote of ron&:.Hit.' in tw
'matuurrmtnt of the association *t*n
|22 out of 25 d:r«li>r> w ("■ rrturr'.i
to office-
Only three char re- in the thrw
Utr> re-ulle»S fr> m v.-t nt by
the •iu!> "Kifl «»f our
M.'i.ftfct memb-r- as mn:iarvl t»» five
thanp-» in our
The «mfmor> of North
Carolina ami South CuollSl all neai»-
p>'iitrl the puMir directors of the e
-late-. namely IHner J. !>»&!- fT
V're-nu (lamwe IVe for North ( ;'«
In.a a*?«l E. r Kpp- fc*r Swi!h ("if" I
lina. j
Mth.-uith onS> three new directot
from three -late- were electf-i for th.~
cvminut -erson «»ur in—iV?r- a -*^ii
chose the -IIKT t\ (»' of fj-mrr-lc i l
r-e-> man director who ■ leader-h/p
hr- liri.uthl prx».-re- - a>l -ocre- •
to our association tl'jrinc the |«a t
two years. T*>e rew h;t—rtor- jP> ;•!!
tobacco olanl'r> and n*r who have
also -ncrnilel in hu-ines - ..r bankine
In Yirrira tt K  prom!
n* et planter aril -t-ck firmer. t»»
pm.>len! of the \merxan Nationa"
Rank cf Ounville. .i! -•> prevalent
in.| director of the Airricultural Credit
• '"-(kiration of V ireinia sucreeds
Frank O. MH'ormick a- director of
the larjresl IUKKM crvwinic count \
of the- Sooth - hlt-ihania county. Mr
tlardner wa- •«* of the "first men in
Pittsylvania nxnlt t«» sien the ma:
ketinc contract ami one of the very
lew prominent men in the city of
Danville to hack the cooperative mar*
Valine movement from its!;-*
Mr. Mrt'■■rmick the retirinsr director
whose ile*oted service to the assoc.
it ion f..r tw.» years has emle tre i him
to the membership of ki> district,
states that Mr (ianlrer will Have the
loyal -upffc.rt of the Cftfl memlxr- in
htt-iltanb county.
\ M Duma} of X C
ucceed- J. V. r«M> of Pinetop
another itrrolnl iivculton leader
since its corporation. Mr l>ugiax is
pre- latent of the Fir«t National Rank
of Washinrton. N C. an em - prescient
of the North I'unljm Hankers* As
sociation. vire pre-»nlenl of the Amer
lean Hanker"- Association and a to
bacco planter in Iteaufort county.
In We>tem North Carolina T T
llaw kes ptominrnt farmer and mrrrt
ant of Norlina (litle T
llam- of Maplevdle a- director of I
the a-social ion's cieiilh li>tnrl
where Mr lla*kes Ha- |»en a constant
• upi—rti r of lie cnoperati-.e move
ment from it-s start in Nortti t'aroliu
At the annual of tiae a -
Kalli-ii mrmler- ami director- ir-
KJnrh la-! Tue-«iav a rev lew of our
-a-coml reason «howed an increase i I
deliveries from Its million p'Uint- to
more than IHn million pound- of to I
kacco. irx a-lvaixr |ukl to our I
namUrl.-. on ail rra-ie- at the tun -1
of >Mivery. a rain of ten thou-aiei I
nb> n- U-r - jr 1 saS- - _ to date. of ncr. j
liun half tl- -leliverh- oi l!«- I"--' • !
r pop
■ u new hirhway Iratm; from Uu {
lui.i*luii to the llalifav count > liie.j
11 i- r»-«-,-r»tl> bmi iiumbrroi and mark I
je»! li\ far thv- entire r««a.i is in
Martin r>mi,l> hut we umler-lari-1 tl|~t
: umbri IJ-". will eventually extend to
Halifax, the count) seat of Halifax.
« »unt).
| NUIKWj has cost our count,.
Mrfiel.'.ilkjr less Kail Qvijlui ami ha
l*-rlt one of the cuint)> lest l.vr-i
no-nl - in year.-. I"a---ir; Ihtuarti a t«r»
-ection of the nun ty ami irivinr llani
ilton an uutlrl ha.- meant mudi to'
• hit (own ami to tak *"ity t
which the route faasseo.
• .*.»iini» rH-- the- roa-! ami piiCn. • j
th- numbers at man. point aloi.r the,
1 hisrhway makes travel very ea-> fori
• the -Jransrei
Actunlu [ t« an ?/renlient enter
t-1 in to betweea, the manaren-ei ' of
' tl* Strs.rai theatr»- ami the mar as-er
I »f the iJunlar Candy «iri* the run
joa) ,aras to at the Straml
■ •last nirht. lanirt't ar.l tomorrow
joirht bat -ice to j«»r ukaan rea
, Jon the company failed to appear
ij (The oswai pmrtaa was shown in
I .spite of the fact that the company
faikii to appear The mar-cement as
(} sure- the BW* facs excellent pic
. ! tare., nest week. Several of the pie
i tares to be Un are nee playing in
r ! Norfolk at the WelU theatre.
I t . j
f Mr. Lee Oena, MM the AT devil,
- t* now with Jawt ui BeMower.
baker —filwin, aaar Evctctt.
Two Weeks Term Re
duced to One Week,
Ends Today
In-- most lnuTe-tinsr to rnmf
before the special term of -upenor
twine twin i.ere tills week wao
'be -uit of Mc G. Taylor vs James A_
Everett et aL-. The suit was brought
to recover loss -u-taineil by plaintiff
on account of ilefemlsnt's fa.lure to
perform his contract.
The«- w a .s fought from every
atsarle b> a la rue number of lawyers.
After two .lay. of .-truKtiine the
piamtitf won a veniict in full of his
The decision a.-s no surprise to
those who hear'! the exse ami wai in
accont with the ireneral expectations
of the people.
| rt* next case was Amtncan Wnole
| -ale Corporation vs S. K. Drnc
company This suit was bos..! on a
■(ilTereme of accounting, th * pbin
tilT c!a:n !nir *hat a -pecific >tefi
ar.te )nlaiice was iiue with the yfettf
.int iIL-putins same. Th.? jt'ry fnanl
that certain cre-!its shouM ie riven,
an-1 mluce-' the plairtiJTs ciain t.» the
si»m u.imitte.l .iue by the •ie V -.tant-
Tl>» court which was to hbeen
helif for two weeks an.f for 'he trial
of civil cases only wii! c'os» today
ar.l not rut! the full two «-eeks as
was evi»"ctel.
t>n litli of Ma. the
Mime to a close.
On Thursday niKhi. a very . tere-t
iiijj was rei»ter.ii. ' % +
After the program Mr. K A. Pope,
the ("ouisfv Superinten-tent. tiiaate a
ver\ interesting talk op. "WKat KouM
we io lot ttie uplift of our ."hool"
tin r rnlax the |«eopl.- of the com-
I IUIIUV .assembleil at tk.> -chi« 1 i uihl
'Hi-' where there were r rita?i"ft>. «le
s'lainaU.iii - ami -on if b. the |' 1 y-il of
- sChoiil. ' 1
Mr Joiies Taylor ma-te a very in
pre-sive talk on isiucat 'ip.. He .ielrver
«s| tli.- Tth tr;n!e certificated, pr»-
molinc the pupils of thai ?r>l* to the
Th.- follow-in? priies were a wanted.
Mi s Mamie Crisp ari l Mr Johnnie' '*
lUwl- receiving prizes for having the
be-t ave.aire in -;ielltntr for the year.
Miss Elis Purvis received the next
prue for having the hiirhe>t averute
in the school.
After the proirram. ilinner was -erv
evl, which ever> one e:ijoy»d-
Mrs- Knu'ht, the patron, who leaver
the -chool. was conifra!ulate.l on the
-nlemlkl work remlereil by her dmr
iriar the |iast session.
The li*al relis-f cof- -llttee for the
li-U'iio -ufTerers i.a- ixeixd iloia
• t loiis from as far ai.i as Tew?. Mr.
Th« •mas ) i*rrrti of lie:. *Teia* —e lit
Ihi - iteck for j.i.«t. I°. rhap this «lo
J lit ion iwine- furtlter than yet
j rnei\ eil b> th.- relief cocimiltre It
I si io% ■ us a mail v ho k '.iws bis inigh
| bor.
Mrs. Mary C. Ilainh !) of JaiunviHr
■lieil Thur-.tay frwi an attack of
piieumoiiia la- tiliK -e» -rai liay s.
Mrs. Itarriliill wa- . arl) etghtoae
ycar.s olil, an ' the last of the  hiklrew
of the tale Elder Cl_jto« Moot* to
pass away. She was the sister of
Jame- Edwin Moore, prorainetct law
Iyer of Willianiston.
She first marriel K I ward tJngwr
ami after his -leath she i—ninl Joel
| Iti-.mhill who also dkd du.-iCf the
epiiiemic of influenza zed Mrj.i Annie
JC. Clasprow survives her.
Mrs. Itsrnhill ha>i far mary years ,
been a member of the Priiaitiw Bap
tist church at JaaotSle, ZKI her re
mains will be la ill to rest cr.aier the
shadow of the old church.
The funeral services will be c—
ducted by Elder Sjrlwster Hassefi and
EWer W. B. Harrinrton.
Mrs. S. D. Jeaknis cf Eik-r-
'idled at her hniar TWnday. May It
after »n illneaa lasting far »l«ual
Mrs. W. H. HarreO ittmM the
1 funeral of Mrs. Mary f. BaiaUl afi a
Notice tk» label mm ymm papered

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