North Carolina Newspapers

WiD Run For Two or
Tliree Weeks; Public
to Attend
TWs ■■ to uioact to the frablic
»«—» „ win begin on Jane Ist i
viral is the Methodist church to run
tm or three weeks as we see fit- The
yaUic if urged to attend. We tore
secured Her. Carolyn A. Hosford
evangelist to assist in all
these Meetings- Fran her recommen
dw must be a won.ierful per
sua. You will find some extracts be
low Croat different papers concerairg
her «wL
The Btetiaf will begin with the
Sanda) moraine service which will
be coahcttd by a party of about fif
teen lay— from the Washington
laymen (tab- 1 will be away Hw«lt
the utii it at Hamiltoc- At 3 P- M.
there wfll be a serviice in oar church
contacted by the Laymens Club of
Washington. N. C. This dub is an oat
growth of the Ham-Ramsey meetinr
They go to any place within reach ami
, iHI lart wwiW which we are inform
ed are traly great. They carry a mo*t
excellent baad, a choir of two hundred
- i nirri If our church is run over
which I am sure it will be. we wffl
go m a body to one of the warehouse*
for this meeting.
E_ D DODD. Pastor.
Rorbnru Conner, Roaboro. X C.
-Mm Hooford gets result* at every
service. She has co-operation every
where because she is a strong or
gamier. She is a woman of remark
aUe personality, an ordained nhit
ler who can pray and preach with the
Ml case that sho directs the Chow,
sing* her mlo* or plays her Saao
phone. Thrnont her entire work ooie
feci* the impulse of deep spiritual m
sight and complete conaecration to a
Sumter News, Snmter, S. C.
-Nearly three thousand men ami
nam mere m the andience when the
Hoonrr Chores of MU boys and girb.
■ long. pe——ian matched down th.
Amies m military precision ana tool
mr amid the cuntinaed ap
t loun from the hundreds of pram!
parents and others as eafaaUy promt
men and women of Samtor County
Then begaa a programme of soag*
which training lira the efficiency d
leader. Mia* Hosford. Just hem
MM Hosford managed with only foni
Omrt rehearsals to get this large nam
ber of little onea to so thoronghl)
grasp what she wanted them to do.
and enter into the spirit of the oc
casion with such self confidence and
is hard to renlne MM
when yon know MIM Hosford and her
of lending the old. the mid
die aged, and the young and b-r
abdni to handle either male or fe
male. the mystery isn't sn far from
being solved
The Class Day ezerciam of the
1*24 graduating class of the Wi
liomitoa High School oere held yn
terda> aft trass i in the anditermm
at four o'clock. The stage setting
was eery attractive for the occasion
the das* color* being carried oat m
with doer crepe paper. All the mem
hen of the dass were on the pro
gl —m which was eery interesting,
this »*»« having a reflation far
pi i iti '-~c several bright memhera.
Mr. Bryant Carstarphea was elect**
i shdirtorsi an account of having re
gravis the highest average daring his
high urbonl term.
The programme in fail was carried
oat as fallows:
President's address. Frederick Hoyt;
History. William F. Hodges; Vfcem.
Myrtle Wjrane; Statistics. Sadie Ferry
• Prophecy. Carrie Lee Wd; Doosr.
Pattie Harris; Last Wfll aad Testa
- meat. Bryant Car.tirphen; Chu
Seng. Vilmi Harrison.
Saturday night aft ii:3fi Jnd a few
miles from Winstow Salem. P. H
Eunice At wood were a3 out en a
joy ride when the big car they oere
dnrmg at a high rate of speed tnm
eo over and aB three mere instantly
It seemed that a small battle of
and leaven a widow and fise ihflins.
dm and Mrs- Brwou hmo a bao
hnnd in the piailiHiy aad fire
iiw» an sack a grand scale with aa
«ae Sr. to taU the tale. -
Rev. R. L. Shirley Made
Splendid Address to
a Largre Number
The final exercises of the commence
ment of the Williamston Graded and
High .'ifhinl i were held last night in
the school amlitorium The diplomas
wer epre-ented to the graduates of
the high school and Rev. R. L Shirley
of the lacol Baou-t church made the
address to the cU-s.
The fir-* ruirber .in the prrv~ ,n
was a chorus. -Springtime" by the
high school and then Mr. 11. J. Davis
made a detailed report of the yeai's
work, giving the averajje attendance
by dashes aad naming those who had
made exceptional progress during the
year aad had neither been absent nor
tardy dnrmg the year.
The *alutory address was maie by
William Hodges, a member of the
graduating class and it was followed
by another chonis. -Violet" by the
high school
The address of Mr. K L Shirle)
was very strong and it was delivered
especially neil. The subject for his
speech was taken from the forty
sixth psalm, and was embrace.! in the
words. "The Certainty of God". It wa
oeil carried out by Mr. Shirley who
is a speaker of much ability and hi
presentation of his theme was enjoyed
by the large andieoice. 
Mayor John L HassHl presented
the diplomas in a very attractive
loinnr i to the graduates, who are.
Misses I>ttie Harris, Carrie lee Peel.
Myrtle Wynne and Vdma Harrison,
aad Messrs. WiHtam Hodges, Bryant
Clarntarphee and Frederick Hoyt.
The valedictory address was then
made by Mr. Bryant Carstarphen anil
it was a gem considering it as the
speech of a high school boy. It would
have been worthy as a woik of a man
of catair thought and showed the
exceptional abdiiy of ty voung m»n
The high school girts then sang an
other pretty chorus. "Moon of the
Springtime - which concluded the pro
/rmm for the evening^
Cards me receiTftl in the city
Saturday announcing the marriage of
Mi» Ethel Harris of Williamston to
Mr. Almon Mason Clapp which took
place in Richmond on Satunlay May
the tenth. The announcement was a
surprise to her friends here as they
bad expected the weakling to take
place in June
Miss Harris is the second daughter
of Mrs. Myrtle Stat on Harris ami ti«o
!ale Wdlaam S. Harris and has iJ
ways lived in WiUiamstor. until sho
entered college She graduated from
the WflUanaston High School and then
spent a year at Oxford College, where
sfe finii Tr J the secretarial course.
She meat to Richmond last fall and
entered a business college ami that
is nhit the romance began that cul
minated in her marriage. She is very
papular —ag the younger social set
of the town and she has a wide circle
of friends who regret to learn that
she wfll take up her residence in
Mr. Clapp is originally of Washing
ton. D C hut for the past
years he has been one of the managers
A the rehshditatmn office for World
War veterans in Richmond.
They ate at home now at 204 Fast
FraaUm Street. Richmond. Va
1 The l * reads as fdkws,
Mrs Myrtle Statin Harris
1 announces the marriage
of her daughter
1 Ethel Crawford*
Mr. Almon Mason Clapp
on Saturday May the tenth ~-
' ainilnu hundred and twenty-four
Ridummd, Virginia
" At Hoone
' M last Franklin Street
1 always rend the ads to see.
What boom loan merchants offer me,
* No cam of nae goes oat of town.
Each ad I read hath up and down.
Aad I fiad my hat Isnu stare,
Wan\ aank my aad aad even more,
I save in time aad don't pay freight;
f The gauds are right in weight and
f ***• , - __
From feathered hats to cakes of ice;
f I thank wtj stars far gettiag wise
t And trade m stores that advertise;
i Right here at hanr IH spend my kale,
a No better gauds are sold by aad;
. Thanks to these aoerchants of renown.
e . .
Mr. Chnrtes Sawyer of Windsor am
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday. May 27, 1924.
Shot by WiD Waters
At Store
Saturday May 17
Henry Beweo. who was shod by
Will Waters Saturday night. May IT.
died in the Wa«hmgtaa Hospital Sat
urday May 24. after straggling with
death for seven days.
Ho wen was shot m the back with a
full load of small hack shot, which
entered the right hsx He was taker
immediately after the shos*iag to the
Washington Hospital where aid was
administered bat the xrims wtmnd
finally calmiaated in dentfc.
Mr. Bo wen was Jt years old at the
time of his denth He asaiiied a Mi--
Clark who died a few years ago. leav
;ng two childf r> a girt and a hoy who
row survive tleir •atfrer. He 4"
leaves his mother two toothers a.* 4
tnree sisters-
Trv inteimm: teok a". l*w
Click hcrying gu « ad "Si* u rt>
la i' t. rest at th- side of 1»s i■>
Tr* funeral wt- cw>ior..-i in I!- .
E .l» l%d>i pu t>- ef the "A • " i >J«o
S*et» «tst charr-t.
Frialay afternoon while joy ridmg.
Louise Spellar with two girts, all col
ored. attempted to her
Font around a curve rhcat five mdc
from here on the Windsor n»i. toa?
lost control and nn it mto the ditch
The car made a nose dive and 4>l
three rather preultar Um-. -:JI re
on its ma-ie
two or three iseraoh- as a cart
wheel «4oes an»i oa il fonrs-
The car's driver, law :
■■lfliied a severel> cut arm. all ihe
muscle.- baring beets severed isd the
bone havisg been ma-Sr.l The
other two ocvupaoktjJke-«-apri mp»r>
with the exception «-f a few minor
The Fad was i ■■|lnsi i _il>msli ib
ed, it hardly tear recognizable hriond
the Ford make. It koked as if U«
. far wa> saaking betweva 15 i&i 3"
r mile- per b-ur when t its
, way into the ditch rJ sorted its
j curious actiocs. W mil. or w». cvsebrat
. ing its colored school c—ouim nrrmrnt
, awl several car- from tl. -re cat* over
. to Wtfi.amsloa joy rolmg an! ohile
. rrturmi-K the accoles# wtwH'A
Musical by l*upilsof
Mrs. Warren Bijors
Ob Sjlw»Ui nmif it 6flmi
- pre-ette.l her
pupiL-v in a maoical in the aniNorinm
of the graded school ludiisg A laree
I crowd hrard the jouog onbsorian> de
L spite th einriement that even
, The pmnmsc was
I throughout ami thai wooeMrful pro
. grass has teen amor- by nn-' of O*
I pupil - was «i ■' ■ iisg lleoe ap
, pear in g O' toe ; .ogram were. Kixo
Susie M>\ Uar- 'dl as>d R*» i Forrest
Joyner, * lavhora Joyaer. Miss
, es Dorot'iy MxHm, bora Jbe Stafis
Grace Ta>lor EiarnhlS. Lettir .'«*
| ranny Ra>. Muiam Courtney. Rchccca
and Josephine Haiiimn. Eugenia
Hoyt. Mdb Wynne. Sophie Little.
' Josephine Syfces. Mary Mdissa An
drews. Vdma Haiti on. Margaret
* Joyner. Lacflle lliml. Margaret
Manning. Evelyn Harrmoa. Laura Or
leans and Vdla Andrews.
The solo by liub Misa Grace Kara
bill was very deceit and was admir
ably done for one so }img. It was
enjoyed by the eatwe andietre Tht
solo luuiin by Mimes Vdma Har
rwo and Mary MHitii Andrews wer;
very plm>x aai the lendiimn b)
Mbss Laura Orftcaas of the i oniti
fiom Beethoven was the work of as
ar.U aid was highly appreciated b)
the eatteu ai tic sndi nre The dnet:
>, by Mewses Asiin o s and Hamsoo
HaLtunrud and Joyner and
Orleans w»re also very | ifidn torn
The vocal solo. Tiinna Walti
Song" by Mws Vetla Andrews addtd
d much to the of the pro
gramme. Mrs- Kgg» is to he coogratn
.. hted upon her efforts aad her wort
with ber duos dnrmg the past year
Prv.ifrul Coolodge signed thi
i. Japanese rniluiisn Act yesterday
" making the act effective Jdy Ist.
This hfll bar rriiril ill » ramplr a
ed at any nor dole.
The greatest ■ tnfcnui in the hd
K,m its drte. H shoaid pnhubly hav
+r. ~
Small wood's not lleing
Arrested is no Fault
of Officers
We are agaia printing l>« detail
of the cet avray of SRIZII from
the officer> when he attackr>l Mrs.
hell) Saturday ni*ht a «nk ar» for
tie benefit of tho-e oho .i>! not see
* be article which appeoroi in last Km
ta> "s Knlerprise a- oe un.lerstand
there are some who dot not ->*"e it
In our last issue we -totol thai
1 Sheriff Koherron hear; Small
om.l say. "IHaoa you. I will kill >ou~
1 I>e Sberitf had »ot ihe scene
at that lime and dol n.4 hear it. But.
' those who did hear it u«|uiiesi mt »
t M aid > mall wood statcoi thai he wa
«| -«intone dse. Mr-. hell).
. doc to fright did not correct this
' »t temenl and there nas nothing to
he done but accept the statement
Vle o>lrr-and there «s murh cirti
■ r. m heme made, and to this we
r sill it is unfair; for we have ir
ie-tu'aled the de ourselves and fin-l
thai, Ibctp IM»W« to he placed on
i he .dfirers for not arresting Small
r wool
We wish further lo state that Small
i wood »a» placed um!er arre-t while
( Mr*. Krll> was a.-ked relal
. ing to the matter. She said, and said
I so bexau-e she was so badl> frighten
r ed. that SaaDsooi hail done rothing
f It oras on this statement that Small
scol war release*! The tdher> are
doing everything pos-ible to rapture
the fug.tive arj-1 have high hope> of
rfoinr so.
Let me siag of North Carolina and il -
weallh of colalen store.
Where sfmline liospatality i- met al
every door;
T itb its Strang e v romantic hi-tor> an>l
all that here WHI,
No place or all the continent hi
such a lak to tell
r %here the Ab t marie and Roanoke r#
faim-M' to the -ea.
* And KaW irl brovrht a>lventure to
found a r>Jn>;
There Ihe ohile mar, and the Indian
were Sr-t brouj ht face to face.
Virginia Ikore and Marteo ro—l
samples of each rare.
Where the leaf pine'm p£*t>
ma> be seen on every plain.
And the cotton ami the corn is met
ajram ar.l >et aeain
When the son«biae glows in splendor
over every bill and dale
And thr noomn beam- 1100 l ir. lovdi
oess the rivers and the vale
"" And cbarminr ladies gracefully re
rtmed in iineclad bowers
* And men are born to Chivalry, amid
this iaad of Bowers.
~ And care-free yontb and maidens are
display inr man) a charm »
* While all is joy and hopefulness
there's naught that seem to harm
1 But pare ami level) innocence pro
claim in joyais glee
*• foisimo North Carolina and the
Sunny South for me.
( Saturday night at >W. Earl Garrett
k mt Williamston and Miss Naomi Bry
an of Rohersoovdlr were nuried al
the residence of A J Manning "
Mr. Gnrrett is well lino u■ in WG
j »—as he attended oriiool ben
some years ago He is a very pros
* prions j ouiig farmer living near thii
r 'lcily Miss Bryan is a school teachei
j having taagbt during the part ses
■ sioa m Pitt coomty
»t j
• been better if it had been dated i
W | hundred year* ago. H would doabtlem
>e have beta better.
Many Office Holders To
Succeed Them
All candidate.- for o u-l\ »&ce>
have fileal applicatioi>- with the ojub
ty boarl of dectsons and the) will l
be voted on at the primary or. June
ihe seventh.
Tiko-e filing appiicati>>n.- are a- fol
ror the iwibc of Ke|or-enlal nc- ,
Clayton M>vnr. Jo-epr I. ll«!l>U)
For ShrnJ II T. Kt* and A !
B Avers.
For Register of I Vol—Sjhe-terj
I'eel an-l J S. Get--inger.
Foc Judge of tV Recorder's Court
J C. Smith arei K 1. I obar
Fi»r County *\>«nir.i- »>«*r-. Jane- '
vdle aiki W ilium- Toon-hip C_ A
Askew. I. I*. Hdisia\ ar*l John N j
(■r.lfir, ami Itear Grass Towc-hips—
W. B. Harringl.-r. ai»d Her ri C t»reen.
The ahpve are Ihe only name- thai
J will appear ois Ihe ticket for the
l-nnun. there beire or.l> o-nles
. laitl for the "tier ct>w.t> dßce-.
Th*—e hol-iinc idipr- in Ihe r -unlv .
iisi oho have r- "pp~i!>-f aisi are
•iectared the nominee-, are. I
County Sune*or—T_ Jones Tailor 1
, For Cotuaer—F I- I'dwank
For  "unli TriM-urrr—('. Ii Car '
■ -tarphen
For Solirito: of the Kecoriser'-
. ( ■•art—Flbert S. I'eet
| For Coanty l omini -Mio— \\ il
liai:i-lon and Foplar opint —II M .
I Hurra-.
Crass R>«a>l- an>i Rober-vnv ilie
" J. G.. Bamhill.
> Hamilton abl l»*»re Nest— T. I
. Stole. Jr.
> For Count) l-ar\l of F^uraio-n —I
• Jno A. I»et-:nrer. k It. l"raof«»r»l.|
. Nathan W II Holli-'ay an-! I
i I! M. Won ley. all Bio! to succwoi I
» them-dves.
(There was is> rush of (iioUute ii I
the office of the Chairman of the Coun j
' |y lloaid of IJertaoois bul there vra.-
' as man) as one candsbtf for eieiy j
' oCire on the list evcept for loon mi- '
1 saoter for Williamston «nd
" I'on! !*•»i'-l.ip-. Mr. 11. M ISurra-
IV:inun of Ihe CsHonl) Hoard of
Flrction- in .-ueepuie up Ihe rniml
r fi«nd the vacanci and acceploi it on
hi- own behalf
Reception For Mrs. A. V.
Joyner and Miss Joyner
r I last evenmr from n«ne until etever>
I Mr.. A. V. Joiner aid hrr dauchter.!
IMi-s Margaret Jo) ner.*Wre eotertjiri
led at 2M informal reception by lliv
Icarrird lirl White at Ihe' hoonr of
■Mr J W. Mar,hi- r oe fhurvh -treet
J The home was very pcrilil • •ircor
|atr-l. pink ai»l white rose- m cry -la!
II bowls ami p».k a'»l whale in
l-ilier ia-e- making an attractive lark
||gruor?d for tbo-e receivioc.
I Mrs. Manning met the first- vt thr
|k«r and introduced thrmfelo the le
Iceiving line of Ibe ho-te-s. |
»IMiss White. Ihe hooiorees. Mr- Joiner
laml Mb-- Jo) wr aid Mr-. R. I. Shir
I IMiciou- punch wa> enrol hi Mi
ll C. A. Hair.-oc. from tie luck r*cep
ti« hall. A mu-oal pooeram wa- the
,| form of entertainment for lie fieri
it-g Mrs. L C. Bennett. Mrs. P. B
f .Core saar solo- ami Mr- W heeler
'Martin Jr. and Mr- Warrea Bigg
t played too dorts. all the smbrr- he
jing greatl) enjoied. An ire coor was
r .Iteu served, the color -chrme of pink
an-l white beinr carr>»l out in the
I ices- The refreshment.- were served by
the little friend- of Mis- Margaret
-IThey were Misses So h James. Mar
|Kwrite Cooke. lociUe lla-eil. Kurenia
d.Ho)t ar.d Uuabeth tiurjraoo-
J ' The other- uere Mr- .W.
ejH. Ilarreil. Mr-. C. A. Harrison. Mrs.
It. II Harruon. Miss Mala M:lchrl!.
|Mi - R 1. Shirley. Mrs. la»rnw
" j Fed. Mrs- RG. liarr. on. Mr War
►- J ren Birr-. Mrs. I_ C. Kennett. Mrs
P. B. Cone. Mrs. Wheeler Martin Jr ,
eiMi -. A R Daaiat. Mrs. John D.
j Biggs. Mrs. C B Ha-sell. Mr- A. T
Crawford. Mrs Carrie Burg- Williams,
Mrs. J. L William-, and Mrs- Anna
d . Durham, \. C, May 2« Bywom
Itelote. of Asbevdle. K. C, a stodenl
»l Trinity college, was instantly kdl
* 'ed near the college early this mora
h | ing, when be attempted to >imp from
a Soot hen pasjewge/ Ink.
*1 The yoclh's body later was foum
I ijcar the tracks by a rnnpmmoi, wb
_ 'did not jamp Thr bam pau« thi
m point at a fast rate. P-ekote was re
p, turn inr from a weekend visit ti
t : .. . . . ..
i !
He Declares 4 Things
Are Essential To
Attain Success
IV H. K of Trinity Col
the >er 1
' rrv.n to tfcr rf*>> of the
• hucfc >dio#l Sun. lay mornme at the
' MrtivaiU church Ti* other churches
•of the torn had ih> nvmii.e ►en ice
fanJ the church «- well |urke.l
I*r Sjmvy took for his subject.
'nrin>" w-ir.c i- a test the
I*Ar»i me ~hall ~ee what will become *
of his .ireams"" found in tieti: 37 J' J
| The IWtor han.ile>! the subject so |
■ e!that the h«ar arl a half servne I
J -eewx.t short.
Four special thine* were ieclare I |
!es-et.tul to attain success which were. .
*"L.>ok~. "Watch" a*hl "Wan"!
lln substance he said me must na-' i
' -access or we will never ret it. th- '■
; -IU.M I, the business or professional
mar. must mart an.i then it is just
as essential to work as it is to mli t
The fellow who wants a'>! Is unwi"
lir.*. to Kork is not «-ntitle»i to win In
fact work properly placed is tlx- win
nine factor in every movement Yet
w.-rk may nut am tiecau-e it nui not
,ie properly planned and directed. IV
) ne*»i to watch raiißvt he o* erl«'ki' i
' Frequently the best opportunities i«ass
(by when we are not watchinc. Men
are almays wan*»l to match as one
| of the mos* solemn obligations the
1-oUirr has is to wratch; so It is the
Marty of every man to watch Wait
lis the ea».~-i r.-»juirrnv-nt. for «uctes .
: vl'.Soue it trie- our p.'
!mv* frequently. We ire too anxious
tv reap, heece will w. wait.
Tie >eriii.-n ma just ; litt'o different
1 'Ti-n -jii-if mt - hear as it at tilths
I jw-T - i«t « f the rvatu-e of a lecture
aiki m ii\ jUi-ta:ion of beautiful
Some people -a»l it c.»uM no! lie
■ione I'are them For principal 11. M
r Amsley aavl Supt. I'ope the
-hallcnffe In cwatsM) aem* Martin
[ t'ujnty can boost another classified
bis h school. All requirements for
, classification al Oak City liave been
met. Today Oak City llurh Schiml is
rate.) as hirh as I'idiersOiiviHe or
Williamston Hifli School.*. They are
' listed at rr.-up 11. "lass 11. There is
r\~.m higher up in the State's classifi
cation of kifh schools, The public L»
i watchin- t» see which mill le the first
. to move hsjrher than the present
cla-sificat ion.
Anwnr the requirement• necessary
f are m»re pupils in Hush School, bet
ter libraries ao>l more use of same,
lluir rspiipment to assist teachers in
I trakißg, ai'l teachers holding retjuir
« «d ceitificates We molMlet mliuh
i -c!»4 will bt first.
r .
Had Rim lia A Khknt Trip At
lluirl Mitaa'k Mill Here Far
• Several lh>*
p t'ansieii. x C_. Ma> 21. blvar.l 1.
- Keokr. a prominent business man of
Charlotte, N". C. was instantly' killer!
r about seven miles north of Caimlen. on
1 the Cam.ten t "harlot U road. thin a?
terr--« ab«t 6 o'clock, when his tour
► u,f car -k>I.M in the ?aiil ai..l
1 tirntfl over, pinning him arxl his wife
f beneath Mr 4«e»ler was ha.llycru-h
f ei are! was "jka«t /tln-n evtracte.l by
- Mcvpai.t- 1 of a passing far Mr
- Keesler suffered ony buries Sibout
• the fare and is not seriously hurt
' t harlotle Untreated
lHstr.s~j.iß|r news of the .leath of
Edward I- hec-ler. prominent busi
'• U2t of t"harlotte mita national!)
• kr-owe in buiH.njr ar.d loan circles,
received by relatives here, shocked
the community when it spreal rap
- idly aaonr mar.y of has friends in
' the city last nijfht Ti«e first to heal
** of the fatal accident was Kmrard Y
*• h-eier only son of the victim of the
• automobile turnover.
According to information frorr
("ankien. Mrs. Keesler was pinned be
nea'th the automobile also, but wa.-
but injured .seriously She was taker
m to a hospital ia Camden. There was
i* no Me el'e in the car with Mr. a»l
I- Mrs. Keesler.
>- Hr. and Mrs KeeUer left Char
■ lotte yesterday afternoon about 1
•'dock to visit his sister. Mrs. J
d Swtn Khame. in Camden. Mr. K«es
■oiler had returned Friday nijfht fron
as Wiliamstan. X. C. whet* he had bee:
e «o a fehinc trip at Staton's mil pan
to' since Toe-day He was ia ill healU
when k went to WBtiaantan Tan
Their Many Friends Re
gret Their
Lea Yin?
Rev aifct Mr* J E. Warner left
I Saturkiay for tr.e-.r bene IT, t
They merit to lbaslti« to spun!
several .lays wrsenf Mr. Warner filled
his la-st app».r.trracc; ir. the »>;.ite»l
States in his enured there ar I from
tnere they will -O \> KiiislMi lo visit
frier,«is urt ! T> ihey will
leave for Boston, rrart -r.f that jJace
{•»n the
| m ill po to the»r >v»re ir t'ara-ii
Rev. ar,.i Mrs Uaiter came to Wil
|liamst«»B .tanr.f the fall of IKi": to
I sper .l the winter or M*»ii»t of tie
I severity of the t'ar>!iaic whaler meath
ler. ar.i .iunns: thesr -lay here have
en.leare»( their-elves ;« ] c-rrV >f
j frier,.is who kerrh r* cr*-" th-ir »ie
: jarturv
Mr. Warner is a nan m*vi. ha- ha«i
a wiie u t%f real ii-s of
life He was »w>rr m X «va S.-ot _ .--rxl
was broucht a*, mtth fine
opportunities an.- Mn-leir- ten
vironment of hr.- K-»«-e heir*: i.H>ve
the aveeace
In his eariy life 'e ma- ce-
mith various Mi-ire-s,s
was en!t-te«i m the |tr! > arnt f*r
-nrral years b®; he rave ap e\*n
thinjr el-e an»f enter*-: s*e tH'ristry
at the ace of matsnJT. He ieeamf a
im-mher of the clency of iv "' urch
of KmrLan.t an.l -erve- i- h-
li >ce-e until he was snprraf-nuated
when he came S «s* 4 oe antwt of
his health.
He ha- -pent the winters in North
Carolina for the pi-t severe! years,
servinr churches un»ier the charcc of
l!isH«>p Ihr-t that harfrno: to »*ee«l
, >. -apply mint ter for a -birt perio.l
Mr Warner fe* rwoett arv! rentle
>n.i has and a-e- the that
.-omroon sense He j well
in the events-of the day and
, Mu - the capQcitv I* see- tSir.r- a they
ire and to properly a?ha-* himself to
nest asy .-itsitm
r !>ur[iii- his | ;ay in W J3iajnsl-n he
, has written a aomlaer of tcom- an-i
r many of then very m.-p"riT.c r.rxi m -
it ctrurtrve In thas n i■» of IW Filter
f pr_se we reprwinne t e *nr. "North
r Carolina" which wa- a r* -jl'. of the
i ii: spiration the scenery the era!—
 ileur of the Soatb' arvl e-pecially
r North Carolina OMafdeal with the
i fraea.ilir.ess of the rmet nr- of the
, Southern pe..pte wtucb he ars( his
wife have rwervett fr.-m r*«.ple over
, the State and ft-an the Sooth.
I Mr an.l Mrs. Wair*r have two
I sons who have taiaed pr»*nir>erire in
their native n«,ln. raaaia Rev. Ih
V Warrjer. -ene' overseas mith
the Canadian army for six years, re
turninr with the ra.- k of Major in
the Itritr-i* army n«l 'leu I ■ (J.
Warner of I —lilana Oi tario wtw is , in
charre of a tarre zisl mp-rlant
pur : -h in latkia
We hup l tbe Rev a'.»■ Mr-s. Warner
a ill speed nat) m»ry- mti.ler- in our
midst aid tKat Ije j« pV of o'jr
. .-wnimunity ru; hive th^
!ev*e of Mku cp m B ;*. Ihew..
lnvita?ior.s have t*eti irteiiol in
the city b> fraesait- s.f Mary
J W a.tsworth JLB*I t«*-> r»*i
t Mr lluvrll Wa>i-w>'rth the
hu«®r of yoaar pcesence
at the loarriace of bis sister
I .
Mr J t *idta l.vons
on Saturvtay aft-re«e June the
Seventh, at .tour at tlie
l*rrsbitrrM» tli||i(i. New C.
( Tbe tbe apprwachiitK
rnarriaare of Miss Wadsvrorth wdl be
of much interest to ber many frii-nds
in W illtaMk-toe Miss WaMiswortli is
' t well known aM very popular in Wil-
I- - lianKston. She has visited i«ertp several
years as the rwst of Mrs. J. G.
Godard. ai>i ber sister. Mrs. I. W".
•I | Watts. Jr
h i Mr. Lyoa t» a irenbri of tbe facul
n ( ty of the Cniversaty of North Caro
r t lina an>i tbey will make their home in
f. Chapel Hill
e - ■■ i
Mi s Eva IVele is ruitinr frteivls
n in Robersonviße this week.
Mbnes Mala Mitchell aai Nina
us nrultr of the total school
r. faculty dwrtoar tbe past season, left
ls for their homes in Wake Forest this
r- day tat Mt mrb toytui .1 upon his
t ret arm
I. Tba My was reported to have been
I- badly Mt dated to tbe crash vrbea the
in machine, which was a large Stude
■n htai amtancd. Mr. Keesler was
id braoed ami crashed abo«t the ckest,
th head a*4 tors. His bead was crashed
s-'beneath the car. k anas arid.
-» '

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