North Carolina Newspapers

    ■' - .
AO Sections of Martin Coaiuy Were Represented
While Large Crowd of Supporters from
Washington Motored Over to Hear Him
Hoaday nifhi at tight o'clock at
the cNithowsr, Hon. Lindsay C War
ren spoke for an hoar and one half to
a «ril filled boose, there being around
450 or SMO people present. Out of this
■umber were about one kuKltfti and
fifty of Mr. Warren's friends from
his home town who came with him.
He was otroiiuroJ by Ma>or J no.!
L Hat *4; and by H W. Stubhs. x.ho j
spoke in very high terms of Mr. War- j,
At the >tart Mr. Wanen stated that |
he had not come to crack stale jokes {
nor to nake a h.--hi ootid ing speech ■
nor to make a general review of the
good works of the IVmocratic party.
Bat sad ihat God had piw a Wash
ington in a da) of peril, a Lincoln
and a Robert E. Lee in the days of
strife and division and a Woodrow •
Wilson when all the war dogs of j
Earope were barking and darkness ',
hovered over the earth and that now I
prospects were bright for a demo- ■
cratic victory.
Some of the principal planks men- j
tioned in his platform were:
That he would do all that he could j
for Eastern North Carolina ami he!
was tired of hearing about the lost
provinces of Western Carolina, but
that he wanted something done for
Hyde. Tyrrell. Washington and Mar
tin counties.
He advocated more state and fed
eral money to be spent for roads.
If he was nominated 1 and elected for
Congress he was going to ally him
self with the best agricultural in
terests of the country and would vote
for all the good and against all the
had things for farmers.
He was for the protection of game
and lUh by legislation.
He favored the soldier- bones and
he said that be had the endorsement
of the American Legion of both
Washington and Keaafort counties.
Mil W— — ol ii ii dated that he was
the only candidate that had promised
to give his fall time to the duties of
the oflkr and bad promised not to
come home to practice law.
Tbeae were the things that Mr. War
ren said he expected to do and to
stand for if he was favored with
nomination and election.
It was • generally understood that
Mr. Warrea would reply to an answer
that Mr. W. T. Ward had ma.le to
an attack that W. O. Saunders of
Elizabeth City had made upon him
and us which answer Ward had p»-
UOned the political career of Warren.
Mr. Warren's reply was written out
and he read it from the manuscript.
Each item was taken up separately
aad the first was, "Can Mr. Warren
deny that he was employed by the
millionaire Duke. not as a lawyer but
as a paid Inbhli .t ?"
la answer. Mr. Warren made full
denial of this charge stating that he
was a lawyer far Mr. Duke and that
he spate before a legislative com
mittee for ha
The lecand charge. "Can Mr. Warren
deny that he did tecerie money for
libhj inn far the mseiim picture
trast la answer to this question.
Mr. Warrea stated emphatically, "No".
The third charge that be was cm
ployed by the backs to lobby for
them was also denied in his reply. He
stated though, that he had been em
ployed as attorney to have a typo
graphical mwm corrected. Ta the
charge that had been employed by
them. he dated that he had not been
them, he stated tha he had not been.
IVe it»lesaem ia the Ward article
that he had append the transporta
tion bffi ha ■ arip* with reaerva
The rpeecb mt Mr. Warren was
very forceful and was wefl delivered.
Mr. aad Nn M. J. Davis left yes
terday aftemooa far Warrentoa. the
htae of Mr. Davis, abut they wfll
visit relative* for a month before go
m* to Weak End to spend the re
mninder of the I with Mrs.
Davis' pan la Mr. and Mrs. Davis
have many Triends who regret tJtot
■eat year aa Mr. Dm ha* been m
■ for the past three jean aad
has very ably aad riuiriiutiisilj per-
Mr. aad Mrs. Davis
greatly m the church life of the toura.
jid church aad they hnve been very
- a.
' - -3
The County Agents report for the i
month of May follows and continues
to show the real work and progress
beinir naiie by the Agent. According
to the report a car of poultry will be
loaded at Wilu.i ton in the near
| future. It is very piea-::.v; to note
! that Mtrtin cour.t; supplied ajOPO
pour..i> •{ the pL-ul.ry loa.:o; and ship
i ped front Washington to Northern
1 points.
! The report follows:
24 days spent in held w.-.rk.
3 days sper! in office work.
15! raifereiKY with farmers ii re
gards to farming.
I.V letters written.
| 68 farm- visited.
I 3 meetings held with ar, attendance
of 2TTarmer>v.
lW'hogs treateil this month m=k
| ing a total of 1199 hogs treated for
the months of April and May.
j Advised 1C farmers in regards to
: permanent pastures-
Advised 34 farmers in regards to
using fertilizers.
Advised 37 farmers as to growing
cotton unaler weevil conditions.
A«hrised 8 farmers in regards to
caring for orchard*.
The County Agent of Reaufort coun
ty* and 1 at Washington assisted the
farmers to sell over two car lots of
poultry which were loaded at Wash
ington. the best information I have at
present is that Martin furnished a
bout 5/mn pourK of poultry. The pre
vailing prices ar? 21 cents for hens.
10 cents for roosters and Xi to 40
cents for broilers per T*»urvi lam
planning in the near future to load a
Car at Williamston. I am also plan
ning to sell off the surplu- hogs in
the same manner when such occurs.
92S miles traveled in performing my
duties in the couaty.
County Agent.
Saturday afternoon, Mr. Cecil Hook
er and Mtw Ann* leggeti tripped
"o»n the hall of the Udliam.-ton
court house to the time of a wedding
march and into the Register of Deeds'
office and demanded marriage license.
They approached the Register of
Deols in a very commanding manner,
*a> ing "We want license, we want
to get married and we are old enough".
Miu Cooke, aa assistant to the
Register of Deeds and a relative of
the beautiful aouli-be bride, knew
too wefl that Miss Leggett was only
a child. While the cor.trover-y was
being carried on. the sheriff was di
rected to arrest and hold the couple
antd they could be taken back to
Plymouth, their home.
Soon after the mother and undo
of the girl arrived and took her home.
The mother said her daughter was yet
under 14 years of age.
The young man was held. He said
he had a pistol in his car and intended
to use it. Examination revealed the
presence of the pistol and he was re
quired to put up bond for his appear
ance before Judge Smith.
It has reached my ears that the
- Former Superintendent of Public In
- struct ion of Martia County. Rev. Asa
J. Manning, has been accused by par
, ties in Martia County with being
short ia bis accounts, and that Mr.
Manning was unable to explain some
of the accounts, which tend to show
that be was personally advantaged by
Ike method ia keeping the books of
the Board af Education of Martin
- County. There is nothing ia the re
■ part mt the Auditor that indicates this,
I and the audit was not published be
- came mt the fact that the Board of
- Education frit that the expense of
- publishing the same was not justi
i M
tj The aadk is m the office of the Board
» of Education af Martia Coaaty and
-!amy he men by any citiaea wha de
> sires to do SOL
I * His aafair to Mr. Manning to say
- that he took one cent, or received one
! penny mt funds mt the County of
i Martia other thaa his salary.
L! Years respectfally.
fi Couaty Attorney.
jjune 3rd, UN.
Willianision. Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, June 3, 1924.
lie Aided in Kidnaping
Child at Request of ,
! Former Wife
j Friday night at a late hour. Sheriff j
Joe Rrid of Washington couaty cap- j
' lured Robert E. Latimer of Port Lock ;
■ Norfolk. Latimer is 2» years old and J
has had fairly good opportunities at- j
•tending E«on College !or two years. He ;
married Cora Farr-- when be was 17. j
g. owing cTtter he bccafre 3 rover.
He claims that his wife. Cora Far-]
r:.-, procured a divorr.'- en he was i.
away. 1 hey had one chiM. now 12 I
years old Some years tier she mar ■ |
ric I Saaford Jackson trho lived with 11
her several years and i!*% had one j,
child, the or* abducted iast week 1
| I
l-it inter says that Mrs J.a.kson came
to him Monday, which wasntbe first J,
time they Had spoken in 9 years, ami ',
asked hint to bring her North Caro
lina to get the child serf init he felt j
duty bound to help her. that they
crossed the -OUR»: Tuesday I»L hung
around the Jackson home until the
abduction. He further states that they
spent two night in a Wa-hinglor,
hotel and a third night he carried her
her to a farm hon*. «here she spent
the ni ;ht while he surveyed the terri
tory. trying to formulate a plan to
get the child. I atLmer says he is an
automobile salesira.n for L S. lias
night ani is married but (Ml his wife
•loes not know where he is and that
he thinks it would rnjuirr ton much
cheek to a-k her to tune u«l help
hint out of his trouble.
Latimer was given a hearing today
before Judge J. C. Smith to answer
the charge of kidnapung by force,
assault with a deadly weapon and
carrying a concealed vtapuo.
Notice of a charge ustder the Fed
eral White Slave Act wa- aL-o given.
The bond wa* fixed at s3jUno which
he failed to give and was I
to jail.
I attmer say*, bo has no idea where
the child an>i its mother are.
his position
Wdlamston. N. C.
Jure i, 1924.
Why I am asking the Democratic
voters of Martin courtly for lie «ffir
of Register of lke«d>.
Ist. That there are msk very much
neftW impr»vemer.t> whwh should b*
' nunto in the office of Register of
' Deed-*, and if I -boold be made llegl .
' ter of I>toL I, »«tL lite 4i;«p«rt of
the county will mak-,
• especially in the Cross Index. All
those who have occasion to make at»-
■ stract- in other coor.tae» can «e tliat
1 we need mask rnpwsienU
2mt, Tlat it seemed to have fallen
! to my lot to be a public servant al
' most all my life, and at that class of
' work whirh has taken ne out before
' day, an.f after night, tbrough beat and
' cohi, through ram and - now. atterwl
" ing court when >nkp»tianf, arxl final -
f ly was pni>l by fiLsg my tirket for an
' account which can never be collected.
syi \est>;r PEEL
Sylvester PM Lpon being inter
P viewe.l this snorning by The Enter
prise correspondent viciously denounc
es! the toctirw being used against him
in his campaign for the Democratic
nomination for Regiitor of Deeds for
Martin County.
f Many voters throughout the County
are lead to believe that Sylvester Peel
f «s seeking the office for the benefit of
* his children, and doe i not especially
• desire it for himself alone
- - "In all cry thirty years of activity
? in the Democratic Pirty." quoted Mr
r. Peel, "never before have I known
e such a virion', hue, harmful and in
v siduou* lie to he circulated m order
V to defeat a candidate fur office.
>f Mr Peel risg mat I that his chfl
n dren all have hutinesis connections,
more or lc», of their own, and they
in no way have ever thought of such
a thing as rmmmg the office.
> f In all respect to the methods used
,f by that slimy, trade making political
machine vrbich k said to exist in Mar
tin County, Mr. Peel said that he could
d see no necessity mt it stooping to
sack infamy as the lie now being
-I believe", he concluded, -that my
y opponent is this campaign is abso
* ■ iwore that sack a lie is be
,f Nf hrosdemt. and would
object to it, as my dealings with him
k|i ■ I ne of hit
J Mr. Alen M. Warren mt Wilson Ir
The question of being representee
in the legislature by farmers i> al
ways occupying the minds of the
people about election eadh year.
In this respect Martin Couaty has
been blessed, as many will say. and
perhaps, should say it- There have
[been men of the type of Joseph B.
I Coffield. 7ohn W. Mannirr. and Au
j gustus Whitley", who were farmers
land good ones, too. Tfcet were fine
men and represented the county with
honor. One lawyer, the Hon Harry W .
I Stubbs, has serve*! Martir in th#
I I-egislature until he almost became a
' fixture. A (rtan-v at the rttenther. froir
Martin for Tfam past will show that
i nearly all the have
b»en farmers. Whether the farmer is
bettor equipped for law makir r
l>e a debatable que-tun. but IJO one
has the time or inclination to discuss
| Ihe ijuestion now. For the vast two
| terms Martin has been represented by
the Hon. Clayton Mwre. aiki there
are none who can'truihfuDy -ai that
he has not met the t- -tie- «r»sh honor.
Very few men hav» r r into proaii
nence more quk-kiy that ha~ Mr
Moore, and his influence is felt annw
his fellow member of the legislature
Mr. Moore is a lawyer, and menaher
of the firm of Durtninr. S««n> ai»i
llorton. arul like his father, the late
James Edwin M»«>re. i- a -launch
democrat, firm in his convirtiocis. ar*l
measures up to the full -t vSure of a
Carolinian. He is horre-; ar»H frank,
fights in the open and re-pecls his
opponents. No man t> perfect. ar*l the
friends of Mr. Moore are not claim
iiiff perfection for Km. (mi feel that
in this age when tra.;»cre is We key
note of business and C"*rnr«e«t. it
would be unwise Rot to return him to
the legislature, when so nary, im
|N>rtant measures are to brought
u|i foi di>cusssion and passage. He ha
evor.Wn the friend of the farmer, and
his voice has been lifted to.- them
wherever a mea-ure for Iteii relief
has come liefore the l egi blurc. U"K»t
we neel is not any -fwcial vocation or
profession, but a man who ca* aad
will stand for the advancement of the
-vhole people, and stock a mara o Clay-'
ton Mooro, who frc asking to be re
turned to fVe legislature. Why not
vote for him on June 7th?
Harrell and Jinrs Boys of W ffiiaui
sion Vs. Eilley and Cuhm of
t;rffim Townkip
On Satuniay aftemoor. the Wdliam
don base ball team journeyed out to
Griffins township and rrnvd hurt- aAd
words with the local boys of that
Tlit re was no individual starring on
either side with the exception of the
pitchers and the catcher-. Lyman
Itritt was credited with striking out
twenty-three men. The duanwokd like
unto the boys was very slow and as a
result the game was not very sensa
tional and,thrilling to the spectator*
The attendance was wry guod
The loie up for the
was as follow-: Julian Hurr 1 ), Je.-sie
Harrell, Hill llarrell. tt illan Clyde
Hartell, H»wrli Taylor. Boyd Hight.
Lyman Britt, Charles Jam*-.- ami
Harry C. James.
The score at the eod of the
stood 3 to 1 in favor of the Wdliams
ton boys.
FrieruLs of "l rs. J. E. Rmdgerson.
I mother of Mr. Jno. L Rjdger»ou and
an old resilient "f WHiim tiim will
' regret to know that she offered a fall
last week, breaking her arm and pain
fully but not sericud; hurtirg her
head in the fall. She vai at the home
i of her ilanghter, Mrs. Sawyer in
Elizabeth City at the time of the ar
• client.
Mr. Miles Wolff left this morning
i for his home at Concord after spend
ing the past year in WXsamston ai
| principal of the Wfllsamdton High
I school and as athletic director of th
. school. Mr. Wolff has proven hm.e4!
| a very proficient teacher and diractm
, of school activities. He has ben wry
[ Popular in the social and irlitiiii lift
of the tow* and has a wide carle at
r friends who regret bis depnrtore.
i Miss Daisy Vyur entertained a
■ honor of the fifth birthday mt be
little nephew. IWuj»tia Everett Man
nine, the yomrg son mt Mr. and Mn
r John A. Mssema. loot Friday after
mm from foM Mia aix o'clock. Th
15t; People of WashiniGr
ion Attend The
The Washington Church Eederatior.
held a fine meeting in the Methodist
church here Sunuay afterru»>« at S'
There were aout l.V> of the good
pevqde of Washington prr-e- t. Mr
C. tl. Morri ■, presiilent of the Eeder
atk>n. v;. in cliar.-e of the procram.
Tie orvhestrc. toinposeil of young
men. wa. sj4er..iu!. The leader, t'apt.j
Z. M. p. it . ha- >-iver. the class h;e
Mr. J. I". S|«arrt>w led the service
ami tiok the 21th chapter of Luke a
tbe hase of his talk Me tie
subject so well that all ur>UrsTood ;t.
His lescr:pti»>n of '.he e;trit n:oru:.r ,
visit to t»io S«»vi.»ur"s To:?tb. ar •! the I
cerie of the angels wa- fti-re-ol in!
such clearness that it very i"»
press he
After Mr. Sparrow had tiui-hed
mar•* of lie r»uriher present were call
ed cp.n. who responded with fervent I
ars! -psritual words, \mong the '
ber wa.- I'r John W. William-, form j
eriy of Everett. He. a- wrll as morel
than a dozen other-. s|»»ke with I
-urh -pirituai eanie.-tne>- tha! a .te--p
impression w a.- nuoie on everyone j
preent a- he gave testimony of the
great li»ve the Father ard lis- j
reign in the hearts and live- of men \
There s. nothing in tie t>-wn of.
Washington mote lielpful to th- c«.m '
munity than its Church Fe»terat..>ii j
witch is cmjK«-e>i «»f Chri-tian people
with their selfishness remove»l. ju-t
the kind of religion that help- ai>i
W«---e- those who |»» se-- it jmi those j
who liv«- under its influence l"hurcr.
lines are eliminated in this ir«»»i work
Whatever criticism.- may he ma!e
aarain-t evangelistic eeting-. the mee;
ing leld by Mr. Ilam in Washington
hrocHit feJ and broaler vt-tvtts of
' the reliK ion of Chri--t to marty people
in Washington arxl the community.
We hope to have frequent vi-it
fmm the Washington Federation ot
tTiurche-. We need their prayers and
their visitic
I wi-h to thank my friend.- for
tte mo-t hearty -tipport they h.i\e
given me in my cat!«iwlacy for l: .-
-entativ,* from Mart-.n county
I liate asked my opponent to cor
rect the absolutely untrue -tatfm»-nt
that is being male conceminir my in
I tentiori- for running for the Hour
of Representatives. I ha\ - t>-l-l Mr
Moore that I am rea«l> to htm
before the entire people oft any oi
all the issues before the people
I am only a man arid I want to 4o
I the manly thing and if my frseivt- slay
r j with me I am over tne top with
.la big majoiity oil Jut • the -«
lAin I I will do all I can for tie roa>i
project.- or anything else that th*
(aeopie want their representative to
s j ladte.- and gentlemen, llere is only
p oie thing that I want to lu, tui is
e ' to rer.ler service. 1 am rot a lawyer.
I know, and I am glad that I am
,4 tad. for I think that -pcct*l profe
; sion Iva.- been repreentoi lor?
e " enough.
' If lam selecte>l as your Represen
tative, I hope to he able to rive > *>u
the be-t service in every way. 1 am
for all essential improvements an-l
I certainly stand for the bigge-t return
to (he people for all putdac money
4 Again thanking you f-.r all pa-l
II favors arwl promising faithful servin
II to you if elected to the high rJSee »l
■ Representative in the legislature ol
r I North 'arolina.
e • Yours for the most faithful -errice
!- William-ton. N. C_, June 2. !WI.
g I think, from my intimate arquain
I- tance with him for many years, tha
* Mr Syhrester Peel is well qfualilted fo
b Register of flee*!- He i- a very truth
* ful. honest ami accurate war. an-
If very kind and obliging, and I am -ar
• r that, if and elected, h
7 would faithfully perform the dotie
re of the office. I do not know anythin:
*t against the qualifications of any othe
candidate for this
Williamston. K. C. June S. 1924
in little guests were entertained with mm
er door games during the afternoon the
a- delicious refreshments, consisting a
x. ice cream, cakes, candies and fruit
r- "ere served by Miss Wynne ami Mr
L _ FF E
he Manning.
!-. s c. ar,.i grr'.lti .»-n of Hjrtir. Co.. '
i * plfa ur recvi.i:a. " rye to
• you ml per-. r«i»r-:n{ !:'-«■ ean
•iwiary »i Jm.- ~i 1_ lltditiay .»• nr -,
ipn -cnUlivf of Matt:r o-unl). I have
known Mr. Ilolthia; h-iw I»r or rif j
!t*r. uir> an>i ihrim this lime I
!a»e .-pent o»in>fc*raWe lime in hi- j
(Kinpan\ ars! I Kitif i!n) - found j
kim to he an rtfifieM - man i
aii a hich ior.«si Christian tentle !
M. l.olliiiay »i-" ar*i ra.-e> J j
on 3 larin -till o*li> al>l li\oi; 1
ti viiw f:i;ni uf>.' which !«e slattfl j
It - i. r.-z hi> ab iity an-! *
i- r. tar ,».-r an*) la-itr - nui.. tti*|
j- -' c" "•..irtii. «.-irlhinr»; him J
f. r ( aoni> IVmonstrator until the,
i*!a; «a» 1 "to not haie to
c.."i >i»sr attention to t!w work he j
.i-j v i«i)«* iimNi-triiar, for you all;
k -» thf v. rk fcr .I*l ;> a:--; |
jyoo only K.iv to I. ok * her trav. li,
It' ti'Uih t in R. •! a:*y j
I I t«- - -r- rT*N '. «-f Suvur an: j
• r-wine i- a ).\ir.z nv-r.u j
ir.- it !.» a mar *h». iri hs- other]
.«iutir> io |*rform for hi« monty.
In work. Mr 11-Mrb) ta
lalway> inv: a lea*U r. W!ifv ih|T that
!h* >ucrr » of our future riwrjth'ii
pta-pen-i-st very mur > upon the c-Juca
tf!>a! ai. ant aire- we rive it He ev
I r»r*-.—es an earne-t .le-tre to -ee a
I I owi ivn-«Ji.ia!oi ! in every ii>
' 1 1r?c*. of thf county affcl «f el«1ol re
,»re « atative. pierce- himself !.> »-rk
ito that effect.
i In toad «i rl. Mr llo?i»iay"s op-j
■ lonfit- cLain* a>| tKe h"Hir ai-i I i
it h.hiM Sunk frwaily to let
llhem have it -incr that U If* only
Ithii c they -ieeir. worth raratM-rii;); a-
I a frrilr. to four year- in ■ ■Jhr.- I wi>l.
to say in tilts. roßitfti"n that the
{ imimU nt ha emi
' 1 >•>»! « ik in Mart in county arxi le
11 servo mu-h cnxtt ai>i I want tlw
■ I |»T|ilt to fir cre»trt mkrr it i- tu.-
Ibu* h»-fore >ou omkm. |.ins all tin
licmlit. I invite * on. Mr voter to a.-!:
i . ~~i
r|> ur urn tuti r aha*, per c.-nt oi
■ [the m..i» . pent «i the state roatls m
I Mart.n county Ka> been funji-hf»i by
-lite State entirely abl how n.urli
woik we have |a»i for.
I After jou have heard IhM
I ■(•je-tion- i 1 thi-.k you
I will' believe me when I »s-urf you
that, if the r»mmi«Mier- w JI put up
money in the future as they have in
the pa-t. J--e Holl*iay ran have mmr
r roa-I- built in Martin county. too.
rj 5..» rv|«ull> to the la-tie-, wouM
I you like To help put in a man to r* pre
-••• t Marlirt maitl, with ability
enough to nuk' a »«nr>« in hi> un-
I -fertakinjTs ar»-i a rrr»t-I so rlean th.-t
. his o|.f«i«t.t- have to admit that hi
r character i witK«t lelnih A mat
r whom y.Mi (wj.| point your brother,
n sister. «ki or liaarMrr to as a living
, iw-M of O-.rrstian citneri-hap
In rowlit-K-g, Mr Voter. I want to
a-k y«.u «-re .|w tH>r. Ila- there fvir
I f*»r. a lean in Martir o.u»ty th::t
m-re for the malt or woman who
I .dually r»»>M help that Mr Hoi
If lay ? If you krx.w Mr. Ilollflay. ai.-
wer thi- i»f-tinß. ar»t if you Won't
kn>« I:m he - are to. out atwsul
| Him r. r» to the pJ- on Satur-t.iy
* laiol rive h:ia '.our \ote He leserr«--
? ]:t. let'- rrake the oM hr»y fwl that
r " we ap;»reriate what he has «sone f«.t
* u- in the pa-t
Yoor- truly.
I.AVin M
J—tn ■», X. C. R. K |».
* IVfarhini en ict. will he t>ehi at
' Rvhlirk- llnne by Pa-tor R I. Shir
ley at ''4 p m Mil >utxiay Thu
■ «nif» i> to take the pjare of the oirf
* to rave been hehl la t Sumlay l»u1
hirh water prevent*-! the» pa-toi
from rearhinr the rhurrh ii> time foi
the service. Kvery b*»ly com sally- invit
«•. e.l.
I*:min R%ti« PRIM\R\ ji NE •
We ..the neighbor
a- -talent-. piayMate*. an 4 believers ii
■t our neiirhbor teacher an>l comra-t
ar wi-h to coffimeoi Joseph L Holliday t
b- you ar»! a-k your injiridtd -uppor
>1 for him as a rar*i»>!ate for count;
re rrprvnUtnr for Martia county. Wi
he are «ili*r to lend bin to you iM sa;
e* as we .io it that he is sober, dear
«r *ble. a rood thinker, and sprakei
er To say all. he is a full rautrj man ar>
worthy of any trad piaceol upon hin
Here is to kim nooiintwa and hop
nr we have oaay more like him.
_ H. f. IVeie. W. O. IVele. R. H Pfeek
«t R- C. Rodpers. W. P. Hoodley. J. I
- ■ -
fn rrftf
its ML-srs Mary Clyde and Sae Ltfpt
mlspt* yesterday ■ Hertford an
* /Si.
I >efinite Circumstances
IMace Her Asre At
113 Years
Su a.! Jolley. Martin county".- ohi
!.- t wt.iie vvom ir. :n>l iw>r-ap i"ie
i.'. the State, .li.ti May "*. '. J
honv or" Mr. Charlie Sexton, far
Mr.v J«>1! ■> : e>i at 11 Fr»isy
j i.i -ht fri*m ' * sr* >(' t *>- sit
jt'iii: in h«r i'tr..r wh.-rt--W .•»»•! She
|ha«}.!roneil tier own «.-!• "rf- .'urirc the
!«iay ami al.-o a few ,'"ce- for Jlr
1 Sert.rj.
Mrs JolU-y wa-he»!. iri>r»>i. wa^keti
t .irouixl the tort rvn >i» .. --rstewi -r cer.
"Nt! house a. rk ar.-i k'itoi fce'.vefn
t it " a rr (Kirt of fcer life. t"p
jui.t.l about two y>>..r ~ o -he rut her
lov.i v. «o«l ar, ! lilt t'...s »l. a Use
j fori- -l ami ruttir ' th-- tree, h^'-elf.
ller aee is not exactly k-own.
J though she v. - .. k oM. '
Infinite rircim-tatifi fiio her
J are "i the nei-hhiTh • ■' of t-home
! mentioned «l:»te It i- »•••*•. 5 -,.*n
that .-he * .i- more tlutr: t£o \e -1. of
Mr.-. Joliey was one of sh*~ ««-■ e
'«rr.«lalil» > nn-i reliuhle types .>'■ iu-r--
»?is, pri fei rinir to live al»v.
Her !«>.!% was hurieo a! t»e hjty
iitiT cruuml at the R ti Sevt«»n farm,
sirar Jame-ville Saturita* Rev Saw
yer. (la tor of the Baptist rm« 'i of
j llymo«ith cnniiurtol the fu.-ieral
Mrs. hui k L lln«c, a -sell k
t!ii ltc!ove>! c.tizen of i m.f -vslle t wn
-hi;«. •!>*>! at her h.>ti.e Saturday
•-vmiii't at S:£-> after an attj.k of
t> l iiiii.l f« ver ami an j*ut( a'tack  f
hriisht'.i Mrs- itr«-m« sras
. ju-t in tl.e prime of he- U'e ar.i in
her t i 'K«'. a- n'"th' r itr-! —-.fe -he will
1 A
fo rrwltv al'ii i» the tywP ,
always lived she wtll t»» in: e» hy
a mle circle of frimt* I»e •wo:.-*«i
wits before her mar-iaire to Mr. I:.* m
aUu! twenty five \ears :■ -■•. Mt-s
Mamie Hantison. ; .htt>-">:e- if ri
'' atvl Mary K*'/a M..n)i-si of art ~
Jamesville. She was nwr }«er
of the fhri-tian chufrh."*heir;c a n»m
municant of the church a! J. n--«ville
~ for many year-.
k Tlie funeral -erv ice- were c>-r> jucte>«l
from tlie re-hience h'y lirv. A J Jl.ui-
I nine »f Williamston an»i '.W iß'emwet
was niaile In the ol i far«ily trpwtery
if the ItroWn family ar»l tS* j4«e
a here she had alway - ma«ie her ln-me.
\ 1.1 ri;e ciincourse of fraem«l- fr tr. all
eciion- of the courty w* re i-. atlen
• fanre at the funeral.
" Hon "layton M-«>re.
' William-ton. N". C.
L -I»»ar Sir:
V I am iroine to r.»te for you as Mar
*■ tin fi.unt r»|ir» ental te teau-r I
' Mirrc you can attl will S«" of the
r irreate.-t jo-jiiif -ervice to thi- -«■-
t?on of the State an-l Martir. t"oU"«tv *n
particular in the Stale's rwotn Iwj.fciifMf
Yoar- traly.
Williamston. X. C.
K May JWh. !tr_M.
Mr. Sl tUJ til WASHIKCTON" r '
The foilo*. intf fetter wais -ent to as
II fr»tn Mr. T. Jarv is Sw-ar. nal  -Late
,r i tlealer of Wi hirrtwi Mr Ssr* is
,r ' very con-.*ierate in chat to tbe Wi
'' 1 1 lam-ton people parki * while
visitine in Wi-hirxtop. Ibe Idler fol
| lows;
1 Dear Sir:
1 hare notices I on several Mieasioßfi,
' when we H»l some ira-aa! lttractioa
in Washiniftoo that the rwl people
*• of Williamston are always good pa
,n trons of our City. Ooe of our p*«t ~
to cient parking space for tbe pcblir. I
rt am writing this for Ike htnft of oar
'> sister town. WILLIAMSO N". I 'uw
'* space sufficient to take eai* of a Hoot
. twenty cars which is a!wa- : open for
"• the good town of WdHawa a aad its
«- .ING SPACE for aay mmt 'nr your
are always glad to «* yot
If. Yours tn-ly.
Opposite City Hal.
. . -t
4 Mr. a*d Mrs. Raanaae Hukmr oo «f

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