North Carolina Newspapers

State vs Latimer for assadt spa*
Mrs. J. F. Jackson, James MlitUe, 13
year old grandson of Mr. aiul Mrs. J.
F. Jackson and Jackson three
aad one-lialf year* old child of J. K
Jackson and the one who was kidnap
ed. was the next case tallei and it
created much intere.-t in the court
room as 1-atiiner is also charged «rkfc
kidnapn. the little Jackson cnnl
chibl which rase is now being tried.
The first witness, called in the
was Mr. J. S. Jackson, the son of Mr
J. F. Jackson, an.l his testimony b(m»t
inquiry was that his ilanghter. Lois
went to live with her rrandianrnu in
September 1 '.123. that he Kail worked ir
Norfolk for ten year;; in a shoe storr
and that ho was in Washington. X. C
on May 31. 1924 an.l that he wa thr
father of Ui« Jacksoii.
The nest witness was Mrs. Jackson
the plaintiff, herself and her testimony
wa* explicit and convincing. She
that she knew Earl lalimrr and tha*
he came to her home May 30th whe*
I«er husband was in the fiehb ahotit a
quarter of a mile away from the kea«
at about eight o'clock in the nwmini
and that she and the two chiMree
were the only one* at home
She continued, saying that I-atimet
stopped his car ami worked on H
far some minutes ami then came a
ami aske-1 for water, saw the littfc
girl and picked her up ai»l ran U.
the gate where he was met by a
woman who got out of the car aad
gavellie child to her while it w*»
screaming ami trying to get away. H«
then turned and ftreil at Iter (Mr»
Jackson • and told her if she caun* any
further he would kill her. She further
tated that she ha.l not seen the
woman in the car until she took tfci
child at the gala. This completed lh»
testimony of the chief witnes- of th
plaint iff.
James Mizdle, grand son of Mr
ami Mrs. J. F. Jackson, was called am*
he testified that he was at-the haunt
of hi> grandfather on the 3®th of
May and witnemeil what kis grand
mother had told.
Then. Mr. Jackson, husband of one
of the plaintiffs, was put on the
stand. He said, **l was working oa my
farm, one fourth of a mile away
from the house at eight o'clock ia Ik
morning when James Micelle called
me. ami said that somebody had cim»
ami stolen Lois ami shot at ht-
Grand ma.
"I went to the house ami talked »
few minutes to my wife ami left, fel
lowing the car tracks for about on*
half a mile ami found to nan ia a
ditch hank ami the front wheel brake*
al of this taking about twenty o»
twenty five minutes from the thaaa
that they had assaulted my wife amt
The State then rested its case after
the testimony of Mr. Jackson.
The defense took the case ami the
first witness put on the »tami by
them was the defemlaat. Earl I-at laser
His testimony was, "I live ia PW!
Lack. Virginia, ami I nam from my
home on Tuesday A. M. in six aad
one half hours ami reached the Jack
mm home about four o'clock ia the
v I "Cora Jackson had been my wife
aad then she married Mr. Jackson, ami,
she is the mother of the child. Lam
J ark son. whom we took after rtartaj ;
the Jackson home about eight o'clock j
ia the aa*rab« mm May 3*h. aad ritel
was ia the car when I went ia ~tte|
yard. I did not see the children natal I
I was in the yard, bat before "toppiar l
the car we had seen a chill ia the
ynid but it had tamed ami meat hack
When Jaaaes weat to the well far
water for aae. 1 took up the child, Lais,
aad carried her ami handed her to
her mother/*
iaquio" ofthe defease exceptiag that
he added he was on the appssite side
af the car from Mrs. J. F. Jjiii
ahe a he fired the pistol
DIES OF rouns
Anna Elisabeth, the two year oU
ddd af Mr. aad Mrs. A. E Miaaiag
af JamesvUe. died Saaday after ae
attack of eelitie.
Jast a year ago Mr. ad Mrs. Maa-
V aing had the misfortwae to laae a
kiU from the «am* dmac The laaa
.*mt the two childrea ia sack a short
periad increase, the hanwur of Ra
parents and friewd*.
The m* ianal took place at the K.
R. Maaaiag buryin- I."— L Mwlay
The faawrel niie was
* He was then cross examined by the
3 lawyer* for the State and to them he
- that be had lived at I"ort
* Lock three or four years, had married
L Mrs. Jackson twelve years ago and
' they haJ one chSil and she had it now.
1 He stated that be did not know how
1 «Jg our she fcad gotten a divorce
a act he thought it was about sever.
* years age aid that he had been in
haava, at the time. And lie said that
f when he hau been gone al»ur -even
years he arxi traveled and lived in
® ai*»e state and that to finalU dec ideal
-o come turn* and mchoi Virginia
three or foar year- ago.
He further said that Mrs. Jackson
.ame !» his hoim- reoer.tly ar.d toS!
Jia w*»at she want.-d .(one ami that
si» wife kiiew slat she ha.i a-k.d
•im to do. to coioe to North Carolina
•ml get her rhikl frotn the Jacksons.
According to his statement, they
-aiaae to North Carolina in a Podge
ar acd when they reached llymoutl
hey |«d up tbe ear curtain- so Mr.
Wwadd isot recognize them aid
.hen drove past the Jack am home sev
-ral times o« Tuesday. Ikedne.-day and
f>.ur*day w«l when they saw Mr.
!ack»on in the flebi they went in. He
ad that he went on one -sle ami
he wuman on l!.e other.
la answer ta counsel for the -tale
a* to arhero lie spent the nigh: le
taking tlie chd.i he said that
3r» Jackson •pent the night at Mrs.
dear's and that he stayed on the road
•fter going to a negro Biggs* to stay
«• did But He denied that Mrs. Jack
«L ■ffil Rriifc lam
He An admitted tiiat he left hi.-
iaoi. wife who ta mv Mrs Cora J ark I
on ami Lbesr child «nd that he ile*-
eitnl them
Tha next witness cat lei was Aaron
-Itggo. enlaced, who stated that he
.ivml Me mile from Itanln- ami one |
•alf aule fram J ante* \ tile ami that
ae kuv lalism Thurxlay I'. M.
Sheriff Head of Washington county,
she ai rested Latimer, was called toj
.ha stand He t«atifie»i that he
h# oefendaat at the hotel at Mackcy «
after raaac to bis room in the hotel |
afcere he found with ho coal!
aarf bat off lie sat-1 that l^tinter!
-old him he was from Hon College |
ad that he denied leint lie ina» th it!
we was lomhmj* for until he was il»ul!
ae half mde from Mac key .- when ,
*af«»«nl l«e was the man want I
Ikon «.dli»m ami A. K Ihanninrl
pA» for the state ami 11. W StuUol
aid W. L. Whitley for the >lefeaa>e I
Jmi re Komi ma-ie a very -hod I
•harm, giving the ca-e to the jury I
at Kill TW jury, after •leliheratinc I
.« oolr fifteen mic.ute- returraed a j
verdict of guilty.
■ daapiag Case Arawtd Mark latereol
The kadaapang case in which Earil
la, I imr wa> charge,! with the ksl
tapaac of the gramtchihl of Mr. ami
Mrs. J. F. Jackson of Harden- aad
lae daaghter of Mr. ami Mrs. J. S.
Jacioa a few weeks, ago from the
Soase of tha grandpa rents, was called
thio afterxmoa and it was heard by
people from all sectioaas of the county
»*-' » ***■*' ■ lhalower eml
lof the cwaaaty esperiadly.
Mr. ami Mrs J. f*. Jack~on are
j epurated, he sow lives in Washiag
jtaa where he is employed in the A.
I ami I'- store ami Mrs Jackson lives
I m .Waft aad Since September llt»
■their aaly child, Lais, a little girl af
j thiee mmd one half year* of age has
| rriileil at the hoaw of her gramlpar
ral. Mr. aaad Mrs. J. F. Jarksua.
lEari I ■liaaer is a former hwshai-d
af Mrs. Jackasa's and she said that
he pcaaaimvl ta hefrierid her shooH
, _ she ever aaeed him. He Haiais that she
' waaAed her little girl and asfad him
j ta help her art the child back froaa its
i g■ laaptii al i- and that was why hej
r ami ta North Carolina with his farm- j
' er wife ami too the child as he did. j
i* Oa this particular cijr*e, the jury
aetaamu a verdict af not guilty.
'| / .
' Mr. 2Mb Teer of Durham was m
I I tan Maaday. Mr. Teer a baSdiag the
I road fram the Washiagtoa uiaaaty
Mr. Teer ia the moa who jerhap.
gave the limed he ihe cm ever piiea
,'a North Carolina, when he fed the
{great Saath American digaaatarin, thr
North Carolina State Highway Cam
ixaxial athna stalex ami Ihaarxada af
l 1" * * **" " h
M . MM. &.* -
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, June 17, 1924.
To ilace Tra\ cling Sales
men on Read At
Early Date
The Nassef Manufacturing com
pany ha- now been in ofieration for
s over two vreks ami is now runninie
p at a little over half capacity. The
1 company still needs a goodly num
' her of operators althoucii tl.,- woik is
' getm.g well organised an«l nany
- fini-.' .d garments are bring turnevl out
r daily
f Th? quarters are very attractive,
i Tl»-- ,-ewins i.H»m is ver\ »e!l lighted,
i has a larm number of «ii.,i.»ws aisl
I is very conifortable during the hot
i days. Tlx- work is not a; :.ll -tret:
i u- u>. Htctt c;ty licinsr mil f-»r oper-
I at.. - .- the l_ar«l machines.
i It is irterestini; to see It «w quick
ly a pair of overalls can IM, m ule with
i the elortric driven It t- only
! a i:vaster of a few minute- vhen the
[ cloth is placed uisler the iili. hine and
! when it is turred out ir- ■ '«e hape of
i over a'l- '* he tnc>hed overall is well
ma»le really a neat type of w»rk
r mr trou-er.- of coca odor. This type
» of overall is a l-ttle more expensive
and murh mote -er\ioe.ih!e than the
I average type.
l| At the pre.-sei-.t the company has no
1 1rave! mi' salesman, but intemi- to
I I (dace one on the road in a very feo
Iday*. It is anier-iood that hi- terrl
, I tor i. or that of the company. wi!l
11 he limiirl to t'arolinas ar.«l Yir-
I riria. '"ie>e throe states fumL-hinr
Is rea«ly r:.iLet for products.
Tl*? Counr il of State in se-.-ioii y*«-
I tenbty a maiufii.>U> ap|»roval
|of th? proposal. «f Governor Morit-iOt
Ito call a spf-cia! >e«siaa of tlie legi>-
Lttr • to ron-ider the rer>mmen>la-
I I son* of the Ship and Water Traas
' I p«rtataun C»nmission.
I Th?  Governor will call the -e^sion
Ito begin Acjrust 7th.
Tli-re i> already -.. me ev sience of
a fia h! ot this subject w;hich will.
■ very likely, reach lart'c- proportion
'j(■ fore the matter is er.ied.
i j Mr-. I ury Samson, one of the obi
J e-t citizens of the Darden neclMn of
• the county d-ed yestenlay in Norfolk.
'Virginia. Mrs. Sam.-on left her hoate
ISatar>iay y«l vi-ile-l ber br-»ther. ei
shenff ."ack on in l*l> mouth until I
Sar.lay mien the went to Norfolk
|to vi-it her four children who re-sle
I there. On Momlay morning i-he suffer
ed a •!coke of ap.plexy ami dietl a
few mii.ute- afterward.-.
The Utlf will be taken hack to
Ithe obi honaostead near Dar>len- for
lir.terme- t which mill take pl .ee to
aiorrow. Uler W. It. Harrington, her
11 pastor, will conduct tl»e funetal *er
Mayor J. L Ha.-sell reeeive.l the
('»!■*-nr letter from "anlen, ;reen A
( —i-iiiaay of ?>»• York City welcoaninr
the ddegralet from this section to the
Ufrfialic r.Hi»enlK.n to be l>ehl in
New York next week As there are
amy peofje from this county aiming
to attend the coi.veation we print the
letter as follows:
"O-i June 34th the National Drmo
ciatar ("otv«uttoo will open in New
York. IVuaihly you or at lea-t some
of you. acquaintance* may be ha this
city a: that time.
i 'We vuh to take this opportunity
of offering you the facilities of our
other-; the use of our -teiaofrraphic
furres ano every service in our power
to render. It is gohag to be oar effort
jto make ocr Southern friends entirely
lat ha ■' and as closely in a Southern
I atawo pi-err as possible aaad we extern!
ev- ry hospitality in our power to offer
aaad tna-t that you will avail yoaraelf
of aay searbe that we can render.
We l -ok fcrwanl to the plea-ure of
a visit from you.
Yours very truly.
« Exchaage Place. New York City.
Jwmm 14 lMi
How. R G. ABshrooks who wraaJ
ia this district as solicitor for mote
tha* tea yean wax a haiaiai »■ visitor
■ T «*■ resterday. Mr. Alhroob
j Wt quite natural excrpt he appears
i yuMLii than when be was carrying
|»he lui liaaawi drtirs of tbe solicitor
' kM'u . m-nakr . £:M i ,»p . .
(Vi a-lungto(i Daily New-i
At lie close of the State editors
Convention at Morehea.l City last
lriday night a series of resolution
were submitted by J. A. t>shorne of
the Daily News. Washington, chair
man of the resolution committee,
which commaad more than passinc
attention, as it show- the state edi
tor* are keejdtig tab on the Rrowtn
ard .letelopeewat of thi.- «;reat state
in mote way* than one.
The principal resolution* endorsed
by the vonwntion- were a- follow-:
"Ke-olved by the North Carolina
I "res- Association, in annual convcn
tion a-semble«l; that it i- the sense
of this hoiiy that the general assem
bly of North Carolina at its next
nrsular -e--K.n -houbl amei«i tlie
state primary law to provsle that
tlie primary elections I* heh« on the same a- the natn-nal
aisi neral election.-. in-te.ul of on This chamre woubi en
aide the returns to he ,n.»ie an-l a
vohl so much aerko.,- on the Sab
Other res>dutioa>s .nl»|itr>i *hv tlie j
c.-nvention emlorse |»H Irrni ii:.! an!
waterway .Sevelopnu-t t as a mea-ure
of reli.-f ftom'.-. iii- freicht
rates; eiulorsa the pn>p>-al for ar.
ei .hi month- nimmum term
in tlie -tate ami expre—e- tesrret that
s. n>? 'e* .papers in the state habit
iu.!!> teier to an.l -late offi
cL,!s in terms of di-re-pevt Thi
la:ter re-cdution call- attention to
.'!■ n»ie of ethics a-h.ptrd |»>t year|
b> . ihe press association, copie- of
■ lith are to tie print..! in car.i form
aid distributed anaont: tlie members
foe posting in their idficf-
The resolutions .lealini; with |>ort
terminals ami water*ays reatls:
"IU- -olve.l. that the state' p»rt
te:minal an.l ship twaamissoHß report
a> pn-.-entrd L- one of Ihe nto-l far
acacl.utg ar.l important movei-aent
t-> In atauuarate>l in the .-tale for
Mite year.- ami that it i- the sen-o
of this My mat tbe state walor
• ,)s houbl be Htdire.l to the full
e»t evtent thereby relief
K the reduction of freight rale> N to
the entire state.**
The »cbc«l term re-olutoMi says:
"Ue-*dvel that this association is
in favor of an en ht month- srho>d
turn, ami that ay ooa as practicable
the oral assembly pas.- a law to
pot tins into effect."
Another resolution rea,l-:
"IU -olve»l that tlie reneral i.ein
My al its next tegular -e -i,»n f>t -.
a law prohihitinf the erection of
pi icing of any advertisina; signs a
hi..* any stale highway."
Judge lieorge W Connor ha- been
*{ |s,ii.le>l »fi the Supreme I ourt
la--ach by t0.vr C1...1 Morrison.
Tl* varawy raueil by Ile ap j
|. .ntnient of 4udge Connor to the
j.rr-me Court wa- filled by the ap
poilment of M. V. liarnhiN of
M'Hjn! to the Judee-hip in tl*
ord district.
Wiliianastoi. u l«» be tie -eene oTI
I ' I
e -real hall rain?
is gwing to be pl..yed between the
re -alar local team and the baasine^-
buy> ami men of the town.
It is not km>wn •'cfinitely who will
ie;ire-e«t the bia»u«». men hut it is
kem; HHnoted that Gas Hal I uon.
IV le Fowdt-n, I»r Cone. C. D. Car
ktarphea. H I' Cunningham, ltill
M .an:ng. Noah 'iodard, Joe Isdanl
aid others will participate.
Tlie game will .-tart at fowr thirty.
Tie praeeols of the game will go to
tbe local ball team. Your support will
be appreciated. Turn out. help saip
port the boys ami forget your trouble.-,
that « if you have any.
.-'tale T rea-u re i l>n It I jcy sold
SIOjKAjbW worth of road brimlr on
Momlay of that The hsrnlr will
bear iatereot at Ira than 4 1-2 per
I rent aad this is tbe lowest rata of
interest paid since the war.
Mr. Lacy al>o borrowed S2JOOUfiUO
for sixty days at tbe extreaely law
rate r.f 2 1-2 per cent interest which
if the lowest rate ever paid by tbe
State tt North Carolina.
Oar Hate is able la make as gaod
rates as aay other state in tbe aaloa
—• - I
l»araca-l k hi]a(hea Meet-!
in« To Be Held In
Raleigh Next Year
At the 21th annual session of the
state ISaraca-ll.ilalhea convention
which liegan session at KeUI-ville last
1 "Hjur-day ami which came to a do-?
on Sutuiay evenjng following the con
serration service cumturtol by Ke*.
John 1». Vi ilii:tm>, a prominent Wil
lianiston ouinan, Mr.-. II Uo-e. »a
--' made»nt of the I'hilathea- for
;l-e coming year.
Mrs. IJo.r la- ser\isi a- pre-ident J
of the HiiU.hra c!„-s of the \v t! I
liam-ton Moi.ioii.J liaptL-t Church foil
one year and ha.- taken a very acti*»|
part in the work «f iter cLu- aiwi is. I
I t!ie state w..ik, es|«fia!ly during tne
post two years. It v.a- iju-te an hon«r
Ilia! has Ix-en lie-tovral upon Mi-
Ro-*- for tin* liaiaca I'lulathea m»>\
men! is a very vast oi.e in North
Carolina ami many prominent peopi,-
»ie eiigagtii in-carry ing on it.- work
At llie consecration services on Sun
•iay evening. Mrs. Uose ar.l Mr \V F.
I'enney of llen.lersonville as I'hilathe.i
ami I'ar.ic.i Association presnient-.
t respectively places! en-Idem.- on tl*
rostrum for the I'hilathea- aisl the
llaracas wlien J. I. Currin Its I the
nienHiruil meeting.
lialeich was -electin by a inianimou
• vole a- tlie conventiitii city for
an,! at this meeting Mrs. Kose wtll al the l*hilaLJi i meet.u_*s.
V\ illiam-ton aiu»i a thousand drops
of rain ar.d a hand iull of base hill
fans laged a come luck Fri,la> u(
leiiMsi.ii and defeated the Grime-land
farr'iM cs to a ten to six count. Tin
*a» the seeorul gante to l>e playe,!
. la twn n tlie l.ical> ami the Griiik-.-l.irui
boy.-, tlie first lieing piayel at Crime
laml aisl Was lost by tbe local-.
The Kanx' was |Jaye.| on a irwi-lt
field making the game a bit -k>w.
While there was no individual .-tar
iiil. on either side Uiere was ci.nsi-t
aney. With this victory in tl.e |«r
ci ntai e columns. William.ton Iw>w
slaiwl- uf the Mm da- ...
Ilritt pitrbe I a very Consistent ,-ao»e
for th * locals hut in the -ivth ai*t--« J
the i ante wa- iee»l liewa.. relK-tcl by
J«—e llarrell.
The attemlance was pior due to tlsi'
■nrleiiient weatlier.
Aufos Crash on Wash
inulon-l Sis.
______ i
Moi .lay, Mr. Fa-son l.illey wa- leav
ing town, going out Wii-hutgtoft
.t ie«-t Jusl liefore reaching Ihe t
|!l.u; .lofi ..ireel jumtioii, lw» young •
jlaalie. froni Wind-or came out of
llaughton street and cut aero-.- al#»i,
i-f Mr I.lib > Instead of dealing hir >
tinek. a- Irf- eipedcil, tlie girl- placed
their h-ft back wheel ju-t ahead «»f j
his left front wheel, cau.-ing a con j
Isiab ralde acciilent, however hurting |
the cars only.
Tho-e who Kaw tbe acci.b-nt at- }
Itiihuteal it to the thoughtle...-ne> - of |
I the yit**-ir l * ,l y •'rivi '" »***' -bmoghi J
jtliat Mr.!ey was >• (m way re- j
s|mii-ihle for tlie acchlent. " I
Smart Set Howard* Cigarette Haaok
iag for New Fad of
Takuag Sau>
Uwkiii, June IC—Fashion's eteraaal
swing arouml a circle Is .shown by the {
new.- t fad of May fair boudoir, and |
the smagt night dub. . It is >nuff tak-1
** I
TobacconL-ls report a falling off in |
cigarette rales to Women and a definite J
increase in the enn-urnption of -nuff. I
The recent stati-ment of .lector-!
that cigarette sanoki.'ig L respon.-iMe ■
for the prevalent throat troubles may g
have given impetus to the new move- *
Tlie two trades most concerned—
the tobacconists and th* jewelers—
have not been greatly affected by
tbe new fashion. The tobacconists
have -witched from cigarettes to Miaff
and tbe jeweler has fornd a ready
aale far jeweled snuff boxes. I
Dr. D. T. Taylor of Waskingoa is]
m town today where he ha* been I
called as aartonexs in the W. H. Water*
| Dr. J. P. Thigpen left Moatday for i
I Wrb—w.l where be w»« recede medi- !
treatment for a few days.
If* June term of the Sup**rt(rr
of Martin county i.. in -ion
here this *«-. V with
IU--.J o! t .VI toil pre I.iitis; ali«l Svlk'
it« r «*»«iais i.illiuin af TarU>ri> pro-«■ -
I oil i.ira--court spirit --eCi>»-.t
ia» kin.;,, :,i> ;,ie waitiiis* ami watch in*,
ct.- -o to trie fact that court
'--• on t• ;e calhsi. Tin- juror- for
lh»- an Hdf iiU'»Uy fiirnwhi ami
thc_> v.eie ai.&iot£. to j;e: on the jurj
tisat «ui,. ~. . t!.r« u> li toe t|uirk«'-t.
!*v a! of juror wcie
:*ir\ v'« t back home to at
tr>Mi :« ti *i lailiiiliK.
I '»-• i;ru.,. j-r; »a- n..i.ui .uxi Juu
I' ! iiey .- a -a. u 'ii as iiit-maii.
Ju-F *•" .-or.i announces! lie wuulil
R--; ; .:.i _ . .a.„e *.,. .he t'ri.ri.l
*«. cv t:»- gesipcal iii of ti
friinr- known a. common law rrinir>
»a> too well eslalfii-iie.l in th«' numi
of ti* jur.irv for i not to un.ier
•tami «i«! Iho lav »a- violated Ami
thai a li«>*kile* oi tin* xiolati r - of
the things |*rvlitbitdi by legislative w
Cita -.t roikl he rea«ll!\ a cert anas I b>
c. n.riuiiicititiK with the solicitor M«
■ n.pha»ire«l the fact that no |>ui;t*h
?'wn coul.l In- mete*l out without a
!earin»r before the I;I:IIII! jury an«l that
a- n-emiwj- of the court they n«« it
lo\ to cf that crmir is re- train
oi At a that supposed criminal- shouhi
n >t lv clpa»>i without court trial.
1 Ihe fir-t caa- to I** brought u»> wa
that «f Safe against law rence W ot»l
ar«l for transporting li«|Uor. This ca-e
raim- fr»m tlx- Uecor.ler's Court on
appeal by the • iefemlant. Itut, throuv•
H» (ouii'vl, he withdrew the appral
\IK K l'_ St 111 H.V.S
A\|t I Will.\ I.KAMM.
Mr. ami Mrs. IJ. I- Scr-iut;- am'
I:: tie -on ami jaui'liter. Rov Jr. am!
I;>r4»a) left thi. morning by motor
i>.r Nashville wliere they * ill
their home while Mr Scnifus cor
struct - a rua.l from Nashville to Ca.-
They came to Wjllianiston in Oct
,J*-r, 1922, since which time Mr
ScrwgCs ha - -e«l the huihlimr
«»f «lb«- \\'inl-4>r-WiJßam-ton riKul ami
tie Hamilton llohi-00,1 roa*l Wlih
' they have :ua«h- their re>!l«nce in tt il
.lumOoa they have jraine«l tl.e frh twl
-hip «f all U«" peo|»!e of the town
ami Iwlh .Mr. »n! Mrs-. SCWKK- will
I.- rreatlr mi->nl hy their frieiuls a
»11 chihlren who have lieen h>%
evl ai»i a-liuire-1 l«v everyone
(LL KFCttltltS ISSI »:i>
• "Ij.i 4is.ii the eltorts of Mr. 11. S.
'(■wturi, lacal I-**i. on iealer. ai>
liLM>n uwiM-rs in this section will
fle al:«'nJr»i tlx- o|i|mrtumt y of l«-ar
■ r.jr all im |->lix>n n-creat ions is.-«*e«
month. Mr. Courtney wilh sev
hjl >»-■ t-aiisoia«h a!ers ha.- torm**l
u, ..t, cii'h. This dub Mill receive
[each month hit the new recreation
ji at the Kli.-on lalmratorie an-l
I will l«- to keep the records
j for -ne .lay HuritiK the ila> Mr
■  Miln»i will ii.vile all K.ii-am owner.-
■to his stare •> that they niiirht hear
Ithe ami if they sh"uM happen
[ta a iwnnl an order for -a-iie
ran he |J jci-I All onh-r- will he ship-
I jtf«l out immediately afterwarl.
■ This Cllli will I* of much help t..
tall |jli-ni owners in that the r*runL.
I* ill he hroutrht to their 'loor. Here
I t..fol* i| has heen iinpo.— ilJe for the
Imailer "leahr" to |wrchase all the
I new reeieatiori- ami this club will lie
m,f value to hoth owner aiol ilealer.
j Mr Courtney denim every K.lison
I owner in this section to leave his
lor her name with him so that he ran
J inforr-: each memlier just what lay
■ the records mill lie here.
I The 'eheme has not yet been trie»l
• l>at it i* unilerstcMMl that it will lie put
j into effect very shortly.
1 Mr. K»!?lor:-
Fedinj; .leejJ > irratefui to my
frenih who -o K*-nerously i>up|»rtel
Me in the i piimary Juir. 7th, an*l
knowing that it will be impossible for
me t« personally tiiank each awl every
l«ae, -mm A •> my le*ire, may I not
leipre-s through the colunuts of yowr
paper my appreciation.
I -hall justify the cw
fchnee itpinKii. ami trust that I may
.be mt farther service to tha County
ud State. I am,
PatthfaHy yovrs.
' ' ' '.Jt-* ' afi
toiß sißMiumo?; txriitu
_. i - —_j,
'"and t* oriKinai -eiilence of siut» fine
'' an-i taei.ty .ta>> in jail «":i- acri
»iih ti* >aii sei.Ur.if ii. oo .K .a .i uii
| til November ice lir.«l ih»s
-: State v i 1.. i> t->in~...a -oii, .har»?e«l
| with hoasehreakibK- This ha.:
' l**i: (Mit.iivM ior ju.ii;i a-nt from tiie
. | March ti mi of >u|ei i. i t'ouit. The
i ic.i-e »i. dupwoi oi by p»> m..!it «f
i tw-t.
IK MJ'.I; VS M. I ■•an IL, ahunaioi men:
, jcapu. ir»i cont . uo.l
. j Stat.* vs He*, r. •m-, ... r\ ins
Icunce-aieal ~.. .tail with
>lea.:>y wea|«-a. ho"'.. !h * .lays in
|rir-t ca* 3J.-i four on the
|> :t» . i oa.l
State la i-iaf; Silvrrtitorn. mariu
I f.taTtun»! li. »!-•» S.; v.i . in.;: (.lea.i
_ I KUi'ty .. F JL II INI A 1.,1 II, P
i' fu>!.
. I State v. .Sal-hur>. forsrery IV
. fermia _6 cyilt) ami wa- .*n -
I 'ei fi . • H i. i :, r • . morn I
i j>rl . t !«•(.. i rim
f •«:>*•
- V ater- for ti« L . He,.ry
, I' I »itl !». «»ie»! in.h.1.,.k u i- ui».ter
r -;«■»! t" J(t M«J:vit>r w ii! not try
. ft.*- «-a «- l«r f:i-t .i*»j'r«- mur.ier
i ill.' e\ ►wiici' a- ta. lieei* stalls! by
t • \caf *H« -«>• the -h atuf is
t li-.-t Water- am! lU.wen iia«l ha. ...rae
. «u. .'r tr.-'itdp- h«rr hr' f . > rp thT- Tirni
I (.iabout." "Water- rtnT
h >n»e. Ki. t»n. Mcuiwi -}iei' a»«l
, » eat r«ack to look for |tow«-n. :.iir.»r
- Is m k n lleabtii Speller"- -tan- . «t>i;
f - ir.i ite-. He i«i«slclely ..pen. ftf
i vp»n |U>wef. tie loa.i -triku: * h>m
i i i the hack aifl wi rt into lit»- ti:*i.l
» , ,HH r
I ea«—eeatir ■* *M iartrr.
.TIKT.I I: I H.I -I \n»ir»>
t.IVKN «« H \\ J Ml. . KRM
,1 I'rtslet «»-k-l»"jrVa. June It*. —C.
i Coow.ty pha«ie>i KUilty lefore
r ,'u.Sr.* h il I- ChichesUr in i'ar.-
I r.« t'irruit -uil. at l!owiin« ' reen.
t the !«>iirtnu~! charijiiisf hie with
: INJUOR ARD ha ii;T .1
'.ill in hi- -ion. lie w:. -en
r.-nce«l to $3«" fir«e ami sixty «'■> *
j ii! C««iway was ie!ea-«sl on -Itt(
, loml ut!?:! (h» Hrt.d«-i term o co.'rt
I «he*i I - ;!til -#-?.lence w il! eirn
f I' nwav i- a* ir»»niinent eiiir II of
'"a r>-line c> unt\ ami ii. * tin m" er of
11,.> nMi.ily •lemorratic *. He.
\ »a- a meu.her of the le"islati ,e for
I nne term a« the .ieV.-ate from  ,-iro
»:i.\. Mii. mh»i» ins
l:i s* s%Tl i:i»\\
|*ev I" 1' l»i«i«l of the Me l.o«li t
• . tiurrh *u»l a nto.-t t»u-y .lay la ' S;it
ui iay ll«- »a- rtilmr olf 'lie
1 h-jirw nuetinr »*. M m lay i rami:
, .1 »a *..|»ie I«4I n'fivr up e ohi
a: t-» ffiike it i --k hral.-l »«*» > en he
wa- intriniiiiol t»ae to con-, o the
. i. e very jur-ent h mess
t Kac»« lim' >: «t- a call to .win *
• !: ppi couph 2 in *e»ll« k. One c«- |de lie
. rarrie.i luck to the Methoili t church
I ami matimj I'-em then- Th. were
i M -* li»ta Hari*r ar«l Mr. I- lie C.
Jli!clrfil of lleaufart county Mrs.
Milrhrtl. »> the of * ami
r Vr-_ J \ Harper ami Mr. M: '*ll ii
i tie -on -.f Mr ami Mr» X. K. i:tchell
■ famslse- re >le«ts of I aufoit
• rounty.
The ir-il o«;de wa> marrie ' in the
■ c« arthott-e hi ISeotiier! They
. u. c-r M.- Kutl. >.-telle (Iray -I U.-.
I.:vcrence J. !Jlev Mr-. I ill* the
• ila'Jr'.let of Mi. ami Mr... J • • rJ>
> of l"itt county arsl Mr. l.ille; is th^
► -on of Mr. a»! Mr>. Gdtnfd 1 Iley of
this county
i SK' L Ki:i» AT MAYOR'S I .T'U'K
r , ——
City licen-e for the year '.'fl*
I can !»' -edithl at the oAce of the
I Mayor Chance.- for licen e wi! lie 0.-ie
•foliar. All cilitnu who own ear mat
have a -pecial c.ty license o or be
fore July l»t, 1924.
I J. I. HAK Ml.
- . i {', '
r, .
II |n aw aramnt of the lw
r I which took place last U'ednc .lay IN
f 'the Tar Heel we ,thr. u*h an
t'amr, bM to carry the nan..- of lit
rjtle Mk ViHrinu WOliams, ajfhw.
lof Mr. ami Mi*. W- It WBtt •*. «* »
ilitii-i J_"- «n« priaa ie th> rreap
If .two. dehiM ■ aai I with a r«U
We Rtift fcl the little Ktrfh
I w*s .mill hat it waa not
jlaaM in f m. inwl a

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